Tuesday, 21 June 2011

A ruling from Aunty Andrea

I realise that title sounds a little scarier than it actually is. No need to worry followers, don't let your little bottoms tingle in anticipation unless you really want them to. I just thought it was a novel way to entitle my third post in the ongoing series about spanking implements, and this time the ruler is up.

Rulers tend to be a punishment mostly done at school, although Rose Kennedy once famously and humourously recounted that she used to spank Bobby's bottom with a ruler growing up. I think the ruler is mostly used at schools, because the humble wooden school ruler that I remember being attached by a rubber band to my pencil case as a grade schooler was close to hand for teachers. I had one that used to refer to it as 'sword fighting', due to the tendency of the boys in particular to use their rulers to fence with. You didn't want to get into a sword fight with that lady, not unless you wanted stinging legs.

A wooden school ruler of the type I, and I suspect many of you, remember.

Although growing up I mostly experienced a ruler of the type shown above, and in fact used them on my sister and friends when we played 'school', there's also the larger version; the yardstick, which is administered more like the paddle.

I have a few rulers at the shop, they're like thin paddles. They're very useful for making an older client feel like a naughty school child and they also get into some of the harder to attack spots. They're particularly effective on the backs of legs, right at the knee hollows.

From Real Spankings, a young lady feels the ruler on her bare bottom, her panties proving totally ineffective as over once they were secured in between her cheeks.

I'll leave you with that lovely image.


  1. Aunty,

    I love these posts.

    I never felt the ruler until about two years ago when my "Aunt" when we were speaking on the phone before I went over her lap asked me to bring the 18 inch ruler I had on my desk. Well, I was shocked, after a long hand spanking, the ruler was used on my bottom and stung like nobody's business. Also I agree as would my "Aunt", the ruler was able to spank some tough to get to areas of my bottom.

    Love it and yes Ma'am, the rules does bring you back to days of old and for me adds to my spankings.

    Great post, thank you.


  2. I'm very pleased you're enjoying this series. I have a number of implements left in my 'war chest' to speak about yet. You never felt the ruler at school? You must have been a very well behaved young man.

  3. Aunty Ma'am,

    I love the series and look forward to your next post.

    Very much to the contrary Aunty, although I did get away with a lot but in my NJ Catholic school, spankings were almost daily but the nuns never used the ruler except for accross your palm. We were either paddled in the class room which was perhaps the least painful. But if one were called into the Principals office, with her assistant, your bottom was paddled but over your underpants. The real "bad" trip was an incredibly long walk to the end of the school, you then turned right and entered thru a locked door which was a hallway to the convent. In this small hallway was a straight back chair and another viewing chair. When you went there, your bottom was bared and you were placed otk for a long and very heavy brushing with a long handled cloths brush. One of the younger novice nuns would be the witness to your spanking. Now I will tell you I visited each many times but the trip to the convent hall way was followed by dismissal for the day dierctly out the door into the waiting car of your mom!! Yes Ma'am, another even harder brushing would follow at home. One thing so that readers won't think it creepy, any visit to the convent or in fact the principals office, we always subject to a call home for the Principal to get permission from your mom. The younger classes, you were simply spanked otk by the teacher in the classroom.

    I then went to Catholic high school where a very large fraternity paddle was used with great force in the library. Not much to say there as the priest's were brutal but nothing but a hard paddle over your pants!

    Sorry for the long response but please never accuse me of being well behaved! LOL!

    Much respect and regards,

  4. I won't make that mistake again, Ron. Your accounts of discipline growing up are quite fascinating. I would love to one day do a series comprised of this.

  5. Wow, really? I always thought they were of interest to me alone. It was a fun time looking back but yes ma'am, spanking was prevelant in my world.

    Not sure how I can share with you but would be glad to assist.


  6. Ron, send me an email at ssauntyandrea@gmail.com, and we'll discuss it there.

  7. Aunty, I totally agree about the "back to school" emotions of a ruler spanking... I'm sure many of your older clients have felt a lot less 'grown up' after a dose of one of your wooden rulers!

    They also work well, IMO, when enforcing 'scholastic' discipline even outside the classroom, be it not doing homework, poor school reports, etc. and even in 'office' situations too. I'm sure many an office junior has felt their boss' ruler across their young bottoms and/or thighs on their first day at work! :P

    I do like that a rulering can be given OTK (with a short, traditional ruler) or standing (with a 'yardstick')... some of my earliest memories of childhood 'spanky thoughts' was over female teachers and the large, meter-long wooden blackboard rulers at my school. *blush*

    And yes... a narrow ruler can sting and burn those hard-to-reach areas of a spankee that they previously never knew could even be targeted! :(

    Your observation (clearly based on experience) on how a ruler can be "particularly effective on the backs of legs, right at the knee hollows" sounds like a very 'educational' technique... am I right?