Friday, 17 June 2011

'The Spank Shop - Devon and Darcy'

Today I present to you an account written by Seegee of two of the naughtiest young ladies I've ever had visit the shop; Devon and Darcy Waynwright. Please sit back and enjoy seeing them get what they so richly deserved.

Katherine looked up in astonishment from the pinkening oval bottom draped over her lap, and rested her hand numbly on the simmering buttocks, thinking at the same time: 'Why did I believe anything Darcy or Devon told me?'

The girl occupying the blonde eighteen year old's lap was Devon Waynwright, standing in the doorway was Devon's mother; Martha, Katherine's aunt, with Martha was Devon's twin sister Darcy. Martha Waynwright's lips were compressed into a tight line and had one of her arms not been in a sling, both of them would have been folded disapprovingly over her impressive bosom, standing beside her mother was an excited Darcy, pointing and exclaimed "See! I told you Mama! Kathy is spanking Devon!"

"So, I see," Martha said tersely, her grey eyes fixing her niece, "Devon," she addressed her daughter, "please get up off Katherine's lap and cover your bottom."

"Yes, Mama." Devon replied quietly, clambering off her cousin's lap and retrieving her panties and sweatpants.

While Devon dressed herself in a corner and whispered to her sister, Martha spoke to Katherine. "Katherine Jane what on earth possessed you?"

Katherine felt like crying, if her aunt was using her middle name then that meant she was furious, whenever Katherine's mother used her full name it usually presaged a period of prolonged pain, one after which sitting was an extremely uncomfortable activity. "She asked me to, Aunty Martha."

Martha looked over at the two girls, Darcy sympathising with her sister, and offering to rub her bottom. The girls mother shook her head and stared at her niece "You expect me to believe that my fifteen year old daughter asked you to bare her bottom, put her over your knee and smack her?"

Katherine squirmed and worried her lower lip with her teeth. "It wasn't exactly like that, they said that you wanted me to spank them."

Martha let out a long breath and then called "Darcy, Devon, come here please."

The twins trotted over to be by their mother's side. "Yes, Mama." they chorused politely.

"Katherine has said that you told her that I wanted you spanked and that is why she was spanking Devon."

Devon's face flushed and her black eyes widened "Fibber!" she gasped, putting her hands over her mouth.

"Mama," Darcy said sensibly, "why would we tell Katherine to spank us and then I'd go tell you that she was spanking Dev?"

"Mama," Devon addressed her mother, "did you ask Kathy to spank us?" and then the girl pouted.

"No, of course I didn't, Devon!" Martha snapped. "Kathy go to your room and stay there please, while I try to work out what do about this."

"You don't believe me?" Katherine asked plaintively, close to tears.

"Kathy, don't push it, young lady. I am this close," Martha held up her thumb and forefinger with them almost touching, "to putting you on the first bus home."

Katherine sat down on the bed in her aunt's guest bedroom and uttered a most unladylike word, then wondered why when the twins had come to her and said, 'Mama caught us sneaking a drink from her gin and sent us to you for a spanking,' that she had not questioned it. She understood why Aunty Martha could not spank the two little hellions, having broken her arm a week previously. That was why Katherine was there in the first place. Martha could not look after the house and two mischievous teenagers with a broken arm, so Katherine had been drafted in to help out. Katherine knew that her cousins were insufferable brats, and their worst behaviour had been on full display ever since the eighteen year old arrived, they had a sixth sense of when their mother was around and immediately behaved like butter would not melt in their mouths when she was on the scene, but Martha was not present they were horrid. That was why she had been so eager to believe the story and spank the girls. She had chosen Devon to go first, because of the two of them she was usually the ring leader. Darcy seemed to content to follow the other twins lead most times. Now she was probably going to be sent home in disgrace. Her mother would be waiting at the door, hairbrush in hand and the dream of being allowed to attend university away from home next year would remain just that...a dream. Her mother would use this as evidence that Katherine was not mature enough to be allowed to live out of the parental house alone.

Martha sat down heavily at her kitchen table, and absent mindedly thanked Darcy as the girl set a cup of coffee in front of her. Martha sipped her coffee and wondered out loud, "What do I do now?"

Hearing the question, Devon and Darcy stopped their conversation and looked at their mother.

"What do you mean, Mama?" Devon probed.

"Well, I can't keep up with the cleaning and the cooking with my arm, and you two can't do it all either. That's why I asked Aunty Pauline to borrow Katherine."

"Why can't Kathy stay here?" Darcy asked innocently.

"Darcy, do you not remember that your cousin just spanked your sister and lied to me about it?" Martha asked archly. "I can't let that go. Your aunt would be furious for a start."

"Do you mean that Kathy should be punished?" Devon asked, a glint in her dark eyes.

"Yes, although I'm sure her mother will deal with that once I call her," Martha answered in a defeated tone.

"You mean Aunty Pauline will spank Kathy?" Darcy said.

The girls exchanged a look, they knew that their aunt spanked, and that she spanked hard and often, they had been lucky to escape trips over her knee or a number of occasions throughout their youth. Martha nodded.

"Why not send her to the Spank Shop?" Devon suggested.

Martha looked up, surprise in her own grey eyes.

"You know Mama, in town." Darcy prompted.

"Yes, I know the place, Darcy. Could I really send Kathy there, though? Isn't it only for children?"

"No Mama," Devon supplied helpfully, "I heard Jenny Travers went there recently and she's older than Katherine."

"Here Mama," Darcy brought the phone to her mother, "it's ringing."

"Good afternoon, Spank Shop. This is Kimberley, may I help you?" the bright tones of the unique establishment's perky teenage receptionist, Kimberley Kennedy, rang in Martha Waynwright's ear.

"Uh yes....," Martha began hesitantly, "is that Kimberley Kennedy?"

"Yes ma'am. To whom am I speaking?"

"Gabrielle Kennedy's eldest girl?"

"Yes ma'am, Gabrielle is my mother."

"This is Martha Waynwright, Kimberley."

"Hello Mrs Waynwright," Kimberley's voice was almost gleeful when she discovered who she was speaking with, if ever any two teens needed a trip over Aunty Andrea's lap, it was the Waynwright twins. "Is this for Devon or Darcy?"

"Neither, young lady. I think I should speak with your employer. Andrea, isn't it?"

An abashed Kimberley said, "Yes, ma'am. Miss Andrea owns the shop. Please hold while I check if she can speak with you at present."

There was a brief pause and then Kimberley was back on the line saying in a businesslike manner, "Putting you through now, Mrs Waynwright."

The next voice on the phone was a soft, cultured female tone. "Andrea Mahoney. How may I assist you, Mrs Waynwright?"

"Oh - Martha please, Ms Mahoney." Martha immediately tried to assure the lady on the other end of the phone.

There was a smile in Andrea's voice as she replied, "Only if you promise to call me Andrea, Martha."

"It's a deal, Andrea," Martha said, beginning to feel at ease for the first time since Darcy had handed her the receiver.

"Kimberley informs me that you have teenage twins that may require my attention."

Martha's lips pursed and thinned - the presumption of that Kennedy girl! "I did inform young Kimberley that I was NOT calling about my daughters."

Andrea laughed with a rich throaty chuckle. "You'll have to forgive Kimmy, Martha. She has a tendency to think she knows everything from her lofty height of eighteen years. I'll discuss her assumptions about clients with her later. If not your daughters, to what do I owe the pleasure of your call?"

"It's my niece." Martha replied, feeling nervous again.

"Your niece?" Andrea probed.

"She's staying with me and there was an incident today. I wasn't sure what to do and my daughters suggested you as a solution."

"Well, I can probably provide one of those, Martha," Andrea conceded, "is there any reason why this could not be handled in house, so to speak?"

Martha sighed, "I broke my arm a few weeks ago. That's largely why Kathy is here, she's been helping me around the house."

"Oh, I am sorry to hear that, Martha." Andrea commiserated, genuine compassion in her voice. "May I ask how old Kathy is?"

"She's eighteen."

There was  a brief pause, and then Andrea's voice resumed the conversation "Eighteen? That rather complicates things...." Martha heard a noise in the background that sounded remarkably like sobbing and Andrea's irritated voice scolding, "Oh hush Jonathan! Aunty Andrea can barely hold a phone conversation over your ridiculous caterwauling. If you don't settle down I'll give you something to really cry about!" Martha's eyes opened wide as she overheard the telling off, then Andrea's smooth voice was back. "I do apologize for Jonathan's concert, Martha. Little boys can be like that when they have their bottoms smacked."

"Jonathan is how old, Andrea?"

There was a shrug in the disciplinarian's voice as she off handedly replied "Twenty nine." She ignored the shocked gasp on the other end, and blithely continued. "With Kathy being eighteen and a legal adult I'll need you to come in and before I can punish her she needs to sign a legal document exempting me from prosecution. May I put you back to Kim so she can arrange a time? I have a young man who seems to need a little something extra from Mrs Paddle at present."

"Yes, Andrea." a stunned Martha agreed.

"Lovely. I'll just pop you back to Kim now and see you soon."

After Martha had made arrangements with Kimberley she reflected on her daughter's behaviour. The girls had been unexpected and her boyfriend had run off when Martha became pregnant, as a result she had raised the twins alone, and while she had always tried to do her best, she sometimes wondered if she had done the right thing by them regarding discipline. Both had been occasionally spanked until they were twelve, but then she felt that they were too old, and Martha clearly remembered that resentment towards her own mother's spankings past that age had fractured their relationship, on the other hand her sister; Pauline, used corporal punishment very effectively with Katherine and there was no doubting that Katherine was a far better behaved child than either Devon or Darcy.

In their room, the girls lay on their beds discussing how their plans had worked. The girls had beds side by side. Darcy lay the right way up, staring at the ceiling, Devon's head rested on the end of the bed, her legs were up in the air and she was examining her recently painted toenails. "Oh that was soooo cool!" Devon enthused, her black eyes shining.

"Getting your bum smacked?" Darcy asked, winding one long strand of jet hair around a finger. Devon was a little odd like that, she actually enjoyed being spanked, it made her wet. She was always trying to play games with spanking forfeits in the hope that she could get a smack or two.

"Not that, silly!" Devon giggled. "Although Kathy can hit pretty hard. Getting her busted. Can you just imagine that Andrea lady spanking her...mmmmmm....."

"I dunno, Dev'." Darcy said doubtfully to her sister's lustful murmur. Devon didn't just like being smacked, she liked watching other people get it. The Spank Shop had been an obsession with her ever since it opened.

"True, Kimberley would be even better. She is so totally hot!"

"I feel bad about getting Kathy into trouble." Darcy said to deaf ears, Devon's hand had disappeared under the waistband of her sweatpants and her fingers had gone diligently to work.

Darcy shook her head in disgust, huffed out a breath, put her iPod earphones in, turned the volume up high and closed her eyes.

Andrea sipped her tea, and watched a tightly black skirted bottom mince it's painful way out to reception. She did not understand why the girl did not learn, the snippy bank teller had become one of her most regular customers. Rarely a month went by that she wasn't sent by her employer to have a burning hot fire lit under that tight skirt. The teller had just roared her way through a searching session with the tawse over Andrea's lap. If that did not teach her to hold her tongue nothing would. As Andrea sipped the hot beverage she looked out the window at the grey skies and the drizzling mist. What a dreary day, spanking Martha Waynwright's niece may be just the thing to brighten it up a little.

Katherine's heart fell to her knees as she passed the bank teller on the way into Clarkstown's unique business: The Spank Shop. This was an adult, in her twenties and there were still tear tracks on the woman's face. The bell tinkled merrily as Martha and her daughters and niece entered the shop. Kimberley looked across from her computer screen and said cheerily, "Good afternoon, Mrs Waynwright. Welcome to the Spank Shop. If you and the girls would like to take a seat I'll just see if Miss Andrea is available yet."

Before Kimberley could enter Andrea's parlour, another woman entered the shop. Before she could say anything, Kimberley immediately answered the lady's quizzical look with, "Mum is still finishing Tommy up. He should be under the brush right now. If you listen hard enough you can probably hear him yelling. I'll get you some tea in a moment if you want, ma'am."

The new woman smiled, took a seat near to a closed door, from which the faint sounds of a boy being spanked could be heard, inclined her head at Martha and the three teens, crossed her legs, picked up a magazine and began to leaf through it.

"Oh my goodness!" Martha exclaimed as Kimberley disappeared into the parlour.

The stunning blonde receptionist reappeared seconds later, fluffing her clouds of honey hair and said, "Miss Andrea can see you now. Go right through, please."

As Martha, her twins and niece entered, they could hear Kimberley saying, "It's white and two, isn't it, Mrs Elliott?"

Although Martha, Devon and Darcy had never officially been introduced to Andrea they recognised her face from local shopping and church. Katherine appraised the woman, as she rose from her chair by the fire to welcome them. She was tall and willowy, but not at all frail, she had long, lustrous, wavy chestnut hair and jade green eyes. "Good afternoon, Martha I am pleased to see you." She held out her hand to the grey-eyed lady with one arm in a sling. Martha shook Andrea's hand, and was ushered onto a couch.

"This must be Devon and Darcy." Andrea appraised the olive skinned twins, who were neatly attired in skirts and blouses. "Yes ma'am." Darcy dropped a curtsey, Devon stared open mouthed, she was in love, and then started when her sister elbowed her sharply, "Uhhh yeah, miss."

"Please take a seat on the couch." Andrea offered, and then to Katherine. "Katherine, I think we'll have you next to your aunt, dear."

On shaking legs, the girl sank to the couch next to her frowning aunt. Katherine sat gingerly, well forward on the edge of the sofa.

"Tea, coffee?" Andrea asked.

"Coffee, please, Andrea." Martha said, and then the girls chimed in, "Oh yes, I'd love a coffee," from Devon. And, "me too, please, Mama," from Darcy.

Andrea hid a smile, and buzzed for Kimberley.

In short order Kimberley's blonde halo appeared around the door "Yes ma'am!" she trilled.

"Could we have some coffee in here, please dear?"

"Right away, ma'am."

"Three cups, Kim." Andrea said before the girl could exit to the kitchen.

"Three?" Kimberley queried, spinning on the spot, her perfect brow furrowing.

"Martha and the twins. My tea is still warm."

"The twins?" Kimberley repeated, her blue eyes sparking, and narrowing in on the grinning teens on couch.

"They're clients and they've asked for coffee, Kim."

"But, but....," Kimberley said impotently.

Andrea raised an eyebrow, and she gave the girl a look she knew only too well.

Kimberley let out a deep breath, her lips compressed and she turned to the kitchen. No one in the parlour heard her mutter, "Coffee! I know what I'd like to give them, and it's not coffee!"

Andrea looked Katherine up and down. The troubled eighteen year old was a very attractive girl, tall and slender, with full breasts, she had fair skin and there was a dusting of freckles across her nose, her eyes were a light blue and her hair was long and very blonde, it was tied in a lose pony tail that hung down her back. She had dressed appropriately in a long, flowing white dress, with sturdy, closed toe canvas shoes, she had been wearing a quilted, hooded parka over it, which she had hung on the coat rack before sitting down. Andrea passed a form across to Katherine with a pen clipped to it and said, "Katherine, I need you to sign that first. Read it and if you're okay with it, sign your name and give it back to me. It's a release."

Katherine nodded. "Yes ma'am, Aunty Martha mentioned it."

"Good girl. Please ask me if you have any questions at all. Your comfort is important to me," Andrea paused at the girl's bemused expression, "Well it is until you're over my lap in any case."

On the couch, Devon could not take her eyes away from Andrea. It would be an absolute privilege to watch this lady in action. Even her voice was heavenly; that soft, cultured drawl.

Katherine was reading intently through the release, knowing all the time that she would sign it no matter what it said, Andrea may be able to spank her bottom to a ball of red hot agony, but she could not prevent her from going away to university, when Kimberley reentered. The receptionist bore a tray holding a medium sized carafe of plunger coffee, cups and saucers, a jug of milk and a sugar bowl, as well as a plate of biscuits. She put the tray down and picked up a large glass of water, which she set in front of Katherine with a reassuring smile.

"Thankyou," Katherine said, the gratitude obvious in her tone and her eyes.

"How do you take your coffee, ma'am?" Kimberley asked Martha.

"White and one, please dear," the grey-eyed lady replied, beginning to relax amongst the genteel setting.

Kimberley handed Martha a steaming cup, and then looked at the twins, the girls were discussing how many sugars and whether or not they wanted milk. Kimberley's lips compressed and she began to scowl. Seeing that her daughters were deliberately being provocative, Martha said firmly, "They'll both have white and two, Kimberley."

The blonde teenager prepared the coffee, set it in front of the twins, tucked the tray under her arm and flounced out of the room.

"I've signed this, Miss Andrea," Katherine said quietly, holding the form out, and taking a sip of her water.

"Thankyou, dear," Andrea said, taking the form and filing it, before sitting and fixing the girl and her aunt with a clear green gaze. "Now we need to find out why Katherine is here and what I can do about it."

Martha sighed. "It's really rather unusual, Andrea. As I advised on the phone, and you can now see, I have an injury. I borrowed Katherine from my sister to help me around the house. Darcy woke me from a nap yesterday afternoon with the news that Katherine was spanking Devon."

"It hurt, too!" Devon pouted.

Andrea's eyes flashed. "If I require clarification from you, young lady, I will ask. Until then I would advise you to be quiet, and if you are addressing me then you will refer to me as ma'am, Miss Andrea, or Aunty Andrea, if you would prefer."

Abashed, Devon gulped, and hid her blazing cheeks by sipping her coffee, and looking out at the room over the rim of the cup.

"Did Katherine not have spanking privileges over the girls?" Andrea asked Martha.

The girl's mother flushed, and replied, "I haven't spanked Devon or Darcy since they were twelve, so no, Katherine did not have permission to spank them."

Andrea nodded, the fact that Martha had not put either of the twins over her knee since before their teens spoke volumes to the professional disciplinarian. It also puzzled her, Katherine did not seem the willful type, and she would have had to have been aware that her cousins were not spanked generally.

"Katherine," Andrea spoke to the nervous girl, "Why did you spank Devon?"

Knowing she would not be believed, Katherine decided to tell the truth, she took a deep breath, and answered, "She asked me to, ma'am."

Andrea's eyes widened, and she said, "I beg your pardon?"

Katherine repeated herself.

Martha shook her head sadly. "That was my reaction. Can you honestly imagine any girl asking for such a thing?"
Andrea's first thought was that she had a few clients who would, and wondered briefly if one or both of the Waynwright girls were like that.

Katherine squirmed. "They told me that Aunty Martha wanted me to spank them."

"Oh, fibber!" Devon immediately squealed, and followed it up quickly to Andrea with a, "Sorry ma'am."

"Why exactly did Devon and Darcy say that Martha wanted you to spank them, Katherine?" Andrea asked, trying to get to the bottom of it.

"Darcy said they'd been at Aunty Martha's gin," Katherine offered.

"Have you?" a slightly amused Andrea asked the girls on the couch.

Devon kept her eyes down, Darcy nearly choked on her coffee, before replying in a scandalized voice, "No ma'am!"

"Katherine you do realise how silly this sounds?" Andrea asked the miserable blonde.

"Yes, ma'am," Katherine murmured, dropping her eyes.

"If you're going to stick to that story, and the girls are denying it, given how insane it sounds I don't have any other option but to spank you and spank you very soundly, young lady."

"Yes, Miss Andrea."

Martha sat back and sipped her coffee approvingly. On the couch Devon and Darcy exchanged grins.

"Go into the other room please, Kathy. I think we'll call you Kathy from now on, Katherine is just a little too adult for a little girl who tells fibs and is about to receive a hot stinging bottom over Aunty's lap. You'll find an apron on the bed there. Take off all your clothes and put the apron on. You'll also do me the favour of visiting the bathroom while you're in there. That was a large glass of water you just drank, and Aunty doesn't want a nervous child having an accident over her lap."

Katherine nodded, and went to the indicated door on one side of the room.

Martha and Andrea discussed things in general, and Devon and Darcy giggled with each other over their coffee, while Katherine was getting herself ready for her chastisement. Katherine reappeared at the door and stood there hesitantly. She was wearing an apron that ended just above her knees. The apron had a picture of a cartoon deer with a cartoon baby bear standing just at the deer's cotton top tail and the embroidered words: 'For the little dear with the bare behind.' Given the juvenile nature of the garment she was wearing Katherine's cheeks were glowing red with embarrassment.

"Oh, isn't that darling!" Andrea exclaimed, clapping her hands together.

A smile played across Martha's lips, and she commented, "How adorable."

Devon's eyes sparkled, and even Darcy giggled at what her older cousin was wearing.

"Go to the corner please, Kathy and stand there facing the wall while we get your hiding ready," Andrea told the blushing teenager.

Once she was in position Katherine grimaced. Post spanking corner time with a bare backside, mandatory at her house, was bad enough, but to have to do it while waiting for the punishment with her younger cousins watching was intolerable. She had not liked Andrea's choice of words, either, 'hiding' had a rather ominous sound to it.

Katherine stood in the corner, hearing the hum of conversation behind her, but not distinguishing any words. She heard the clink and rattle of crockery and cutlery. There was a breath of cool air in the parlour, that wafted across her twitching buttocks, as the door to reception opened, and Kimberley came in to clear things away. The girl remarked, "Oh, they're lovely and white, they should redden up nicely over your lap, Aunty Andrea," as she saw Katherine's well displayed rear end in the corner.

"Turn around, please Kathy," Andrea's smooth voice ordered once Kimberley had left.

Katherine gulped and turned. Her aunt had moved to the armchair that Andrea had occupied and the chestnut haired disciplinarian was seated on the middle of the couch that she and her aunt had been sitting on earlier. The girls were still on the opposite sofa, where they had a ringside seat to the proceedings.

"Come and stand by Aunty's knee, please darling," Andrea commanded.

On slightly wobbly legs Katherine walked the short distance to the lounge. She was even more nervous than when her mother spanked her, and she supposed it was due to familiarity. Her mother had a routine, possibly Andrea did too, but Katherine did not know what it was.

Andrea's clear jade eyes looked into Katherine's nervous blue ones, and the girl shivered. "You had quite a feeling of power when you put Devon over your knee, didn't you Kathy?"

" not really ma'am," Katherine replied politely in a small voice.

"No?" Andrea asked, and she seemed genuinely puzzled. "Does Mummy spank you, Kathy?"

"Yes, Miss Andrea."

"And you've never wanted to spank anyone else?"

"Well, yes, I have, but that wasn't how it was with Devon. She told me that Aunty Martha had asked me to..."

Andrea let out a put upon sigh. "If you're going to stick to this fiction, Kathy I'm afraid I'm going to have to spank the lying right out of you."

"But it's not a lie, ma'am!" Katherine wailed, as Andrea took told of her wrist and expertly tipped the girl over her lap.

This was a position Katherine was familiar with. It had become less common as she got older, but even now at eighteen years of age she was still spanked by her mother with an almost monotonous regularity. The last time had been a month ago for back chatting her mother. She should have learned her lesson, but at times her mother infuriated her beyond belief.

Andrea's palm glided across Katherine's upturned buttocks. "So nice and smooth," the chestnut haired disciplinarian cooed. "Very tender, they'll take a good slapping before they redden up." The woman assessed the bottom waiting her ministrations.

Darcy sipped her coffee, dark eyes wide over the rim of her cup.

Devon was on the edge of the couch, her eyes glittering in anticipation of what she was about to see.

Katherine trembled, as Andrea's hand lifted away from her tingling rump, and she tried not to tense, because she knew what was coming, and she was aware from bitter experience that clenching the gluteal muscles only made it hurt more. "Legs apart, please Kathy." Andrea's voice commanded, and it sounded a million miles away.

Katherine winced. Andrea was an expert, she knew that when a girl was being spanked one way of relieving the hurt was to cross and kick the legs, if you parted your legs it was impossible to cross them, and it made it harder to kick.

"Way apart," Andrea ordered. "I want full access to the entire surface of those delightful cheeks, young lady."

CRACK! A hard experienced palm smacked one cotton ball soft, white cheek. Darcy jumped, and nearly spilled her coffee. She quickly put the cup on the saucer. Devon's lips parted and a pink tongue flicked out to moisten them. Katherine jumped and gasped as the sting of the first slap registered, as that pain reached it's crescendo, Andrea's hand impacted on the other buttock. This time Katherine squealed and squirmed. The third spank was dead centre, and elicited a yelp from Katherine. The fact that her legs were spread had opened her cheeks up, and allowed Andrea's hand to sear the tender protected interior flesh, and this intensified what the girl was experiencing.

Once Andrea had sprinkled hard deliberate slaps to the upturned buttocks entire surface, producing a fetching pink flush, she settled into a steady rhythm. The chestnut haired woman's hard hand impacted on the right cheek, then the left, in the centre, high, low, one inside and then the thighs. For the most part Katherine bore the assault with the stoicism of the regularly spanked. She wriggled and squirmed as her tender nether regions started to gain colour and the temperature rose, but she only yelped when Andrea's hand cracked in between her globes or strayed onto the tops of her thighs. Katherine was crying, but it was not because of the pain, it was due to humiliation and injustice. It was bad enough that she was eighteen years old and had been draped bare arsed over the lap of a woman she did not even know, and was having her backside whacked by that very same woman, just as if she were a naughty ten year old, but that it was taking place in front of her bratty fifteen year old cousins who had in fact engineered the entire thing, that was too much to bear.

The reactions of the three other occupants in the room as they witnessed the punishment in  progress was intriguing. Devon could barely contain herself, her cheeks were flushed, and her dark eyes shone. She had set her coffee cup down, and was sitting on her hands to stop herself from thrusting at least one set of fingers down her panties, the crotch of which was now uncomfortably damp. Darcy desperately wanted to tear her gaze away from Katherine's ordeal, but she could not, she tried, but a loud slap or a yell from her cousin drew her eyes back to the fascinating scene in front of her, she wriggled in her seat, and was becoming aware of an insistent pressure on her bladder. Martha's eyes were on her niece's chastisement, but her mind was elsewhere. She was watching Kathy be spanked, but in her mind she could see her sister; Pauline, writhing over their mother's lap as her hand rose and fell, in the teenage girl's mind was the knowledge that once Mummy was finished with Pauline, she was taking her place over those stern thighs.

Although she had only been over the lap for a few minutes it seemed like an eternity to Katherine when the last slap landed, the cracking sound echoing around the room, rising over the soft crackling of the fire in the grate, and Andrea's soft voice said as if it were coming from a long distance away. "You may get up now, Kathy."

With a sob, Katherine eased herself off Andrea's skirted lap, and stood stiffly, her hands immediately went behind her, and the woman seated in the chair ordered firmly, "Do not rub your bottom, young lady!"

Katherine's hands halted inches from her smouldering hindquarters, and she could actually feel the heat radiating onto her palms.

"Go to the corner, please and put your hands on your head, Kathy," Andrea commanded.

With as much dignity as she could manage, Katherine blinked back her tears, turned her back and walked straight backed to the corner, standing to attention and lacing her hands over her head.

"Nose to the wall," Andrea clarified sharply.

Katherine frowned, but shuffled forward until her nose was touching the wall.

"She can take orders," Andrea said to Martha, "which is why I find her refusal to admit she lied so unusual."

"I have to admit it is out of character," Martha replied, lifting her coffee cup to find it empty.

Andrea sipped her tea, and then said, "I'll ring Kimberley for some fresh coffee, Martha. Then we'll discuss the rest of Kathy's tanning. If the brush can't get her to admit she lied I'll see what a soapy wash cloth and the threat of the tawse to follow can do."

Katherine shuddered as she heard what she was in for. Devon sighed dreamily, and Darcy almost started to cry.

Katherine had no intention of admitting guilt. She did not care how severely she was punished, she would not give Devon and Darcy the satisfaction of hearing her admit she lied, when she had not. She heard Kimberley come in, express admiration over the state of her bottom, and bring Aunty Martha a hot cup of coffee.

"Kathy, please turn around and come to me, young lady," Andrea's cultured voice commanded.

Keeping her hands atop her head Katherine turned, and her heart sank when she saw what Andrea held in one hand. An ebony hairbrush, it had a long handle, and a flat oval back. Katherine was sure it had a wicked sting, and she was in no doubt after her warm up that Andrea was an expert at wielding it.

"Hands off head, please, miss!" Andrea said sharply.

Katherine complied, and Andrea tapped her lap with the head of the brush. Katherine bent and lay over the woman's lap. she grunted as Andrea put an arm around her waist and lifted her into position.

Devon was barely breathing and neither was Darcy, but for entirely different reasons. Katherine shivered and trembled, feeling her cheeks clench, as Andrea placed the brush bristle side down on her still pulsing bottom, scratching it gently. Katherine tried to get her breathing under control and not climb down off the lap when Andrea dragged the brushes cool flat back over her still hot red backside.

"You've felt the brush before, haven't you, Kathy?" Andrea cooed.

"Yes Aunty," Katherine whimpered.

"And Aunty's little girl doesn't like the brush, does she?" Andrea teased.

"No, Aunty." Katherine replied, feeling tears of shame prick her eyes.

"Now Kathy," Andrea continued in a conversational tone, raising the brush, "if you'd just tell Aunty Andrea and Aunty Martha that you were lying about Devon I'll just finish you up with a hot little session with my favourite hairbrush here and then you can go home."

Katherine took a deep breath and murmured, "No, Aunty Andrea."

"No what, Kathy?" Andrea asked, an edge to her normally calm voice.

"No, Aunty Andrea, I did not lie." Katherine replied, her voice gaining strength.

"Oh Kathy," Andrea sighed, "I am so sorry to hear that."

The next thing out of Katherine's mouth was a scream as the hairbrush splatted forcefully down across one twitching hemisphere. Katherine's legs kicked wildly and the hairbrush cracked across the other cheek.

Not really wanting to watch the hairbrushing, as it brought back too many unpleasant memories of the same treatment at her mother's hands, Martha turned away from the punishment in progress, and was spared the spectacle of her niece's legs flailing madly. Martha tried to block out the girls wails in response to the loud slapping of the brushes back across her tender and flaring red backside. Martha looked at her daughters, and frowned. Their reactions to what was happening was in stark contrast. Darcy was visibly distressed, and jerked each time Andrea's hairbrush impacted with her cousin's bottom. Devon on the other hand was watching the chastisement intently, the look in her eyes looked disturbingly like ecstasy. Martha had noticed that spanking had an unusual effect on one of the twins, and it was one of the reasons she had stopped using corporal punishment on the girls. A suspicion started to form in her mind that Katherine was in fact telling the truth, and it was her daughters that had lied.

Neither of the twins had ever felt the hairbrush, their mother had threatened to take her hairbrush to them a few times when they were still spanked, but she had never followed through. They were both acquainted with the flat side of the humble wooden spoon, and on one memorable occasion the leather sole of a slipper. Darcy and Devon both assumed that their hairbrush was a slightly larger, heavier and therefore harder version of the spoon and the slipper. Katherine was a veteran spankee, and if the brush was causing this level of histrionics from her then it must really sting. Darcy could stand it no longer, she had thought that Katherine would have broken by now and just admitted she had lied to spare herself further pain, but it was now apparent that she was not going to do that and only one or both of the twins confessing could prevent Andrea from making sitting a distant memory for their cousin.

On shaking legs Darcy stood, and said in a loud voice "Miss Andrea," her voice cracking alarmingly on the second syllable of the attractive disciplinarian's name.

The brush paused in its downward descent, and Andrea's jade eyes looked directly at Darcy. Darcy quailed before that blazing stare. "You, young lady had better have a very good reason for interrupting me in the middle of a spanking."

Darcy's tongue flicked out to moisten her very dry lips, and she whispered, "Yes, Miss Andrea."

"Well, let's hear it, miss." Andrea commanded, setting her brush down. "Kathy won't appreciate you making her wait for the rest of her hiding."

Katherine took the respite to get her breath and trying to stem the flow of tears, her bottom throbbed and pulsated over Andrea's firm lap.

"It's about what Kathy said, ma'am." Darcy began in a small voice, staring at her toes.

"Yes, Darcy," Andrea prompted. "Raise your voice please. and look at me when you speak."

"Yes, ma'am." Darcy raised her head, and took a deep breath before continuing. "Kathy isn't lying."

"Darce! No!" Devon squeaked, jumping to her feet, and looking at her twin urgently.

"Quiet Devon!" Martha ordered her daughter. "I want to hear what Darcy has to say."

Devon sank back into her seat, and put her head back.

"Darcy, please tell me in your words exactly what did happen." Andrea said.

"Yes, ma'am." although she knew that she and Devon were going to be really sore after this it did make her feel good to be getting everything out in the open. "Devon and I thought that it would be fun to get Kathy into trouble."

"What?" Martha asked, voice and eyebrows rising.

"It wasn't meant to get this far. It was just that once Devon was over Kathy's lap it all sort of happened," Darcy confessed miserably.

"Why are you confessing, Darcy?" Andrea asked, her voice gentle.

"'am, you were giving Kathy the hairbrush and it looked like it really hurt. That was wrong. We didn't want her hurt, just given a bit of a spanking."

Andrea nodded, and then looked at the other twin, seated on the couch "Devon?" she asked.

"Yeah," the girl sighed.

Andrea's eyes flashed at the informal form of address, but she did not say anything. "Is Darcy telling the truth? I remind you to phrase your answer respectfully, young lady."

"Yes ma'am," Devon said bluntly, shaking her head., "She's telling the truth."

"Oh my God!" Martha mumbled, her face bright red. "I'm so embarrassed and so sorry."

"You heard all that?" Andrea asked the red bottomed, up ended girl over her lap.

"Yes, ma'am." Katherine murmured.

"Get up please, sweetheart. I apologize for what's happened. You can go and get changed. Your aunt and I need to have a chat about the actions of your cousins."

"Thankyou, Miss Andrea." Katherine said, levering herself off Andrea's lap, and limping to the bedroom.

Devon and Darcy were about to take their seats on the couch again when Andrea's voice held them in place, "Don't you two even dare to think about sitting down again!"

The twins exchanged worried looks, and immediately stood up straight, eyes at their toes.

"Andrea," Martha began, "I am so dreadfully sorry. You cannot believe how embarrassed I am."

"Martha," Andrea said in a reasonable tone, "Please do not blame yourself. Girls the ages of the twins are very practised liars. They seem to think the world is against them and will do anything for what they perceive to be fun. Isn't that right, girls?"

"Yes ma'am." the two chastened teens murmured.

"It's not me you should be apologising to, Martha. It's Katherine who you should be saying sorry to."

"Oh I will Andrea, I will." Martha promised. "I'll do whatever I can to make it up to her."

Andrea smiled, her green eyes sparkling. "I think I may be able to help you out a little there." She sipped her tea and then asked Martha "What would your Mum have done to you if you'd pulled a trick like this?"

A genuine look of discomfort crossed Martha Waynwright's face, and she replied softly, "I dread to think. I believe sitting down would have become a distant memory."

"Yes, my mother would have been the same. Now I know with your arm you can't really pay the girls out properly at present, but we're in the perfect place for that. Do I have your permission to give the girls what they were so happy to see Katherine get?"

"You most certainly do!" Martha replied firmly.

Darcy's heart sank, and her bottom began to twitch, Devon hid a smile, this was a challenge, her bottom also tingled, but for entirely different reasons.

"How is that going to make Katherine feel better, though?" Martha asked.

"Martha, if you'll trust in me, we'll see when she reappears from the changing room." Andrea said mysteriously.

No sooner had the words left Andrea's lips than Katherine emerged from the bedroom. She was dressed in the same clothes she had entered the shop wearing, and she had washed her face, it bore the marks of fresh scrubbing.

Andrea smiled at the teenager reassuringly, and patted the couch beside her, "Kathy, come and sit with me, sweetheart."

Katherine accepted the offer, and then as soon as the seat of her white dress contacted the cushion of the sofa, rose up with an exclamation of discomfort. Andrea winced and immediately apologised, "I'm sorry Katherine. You're bound to be a bit tender back there for a little while." She reached behind her and produced a pink cushion with embroidery on one side. It showed a well spanked backside and had the stitched lettering 'I got spanked by Aunty Andrea at the Spank Shop!' "Here, sit on this."

Katherine eased herself onto the cushion, and sighed.

"What is that?" Martha asked with interest.

"The souvenir cushions?" Andrea replied. "They're Kimberley's idea."

"You sell them?"

"Yes, some parents like their little ones to have a reminder of their time here."

"I may have to purchase a pair." Martha said mildly, ignoring the hot blushes on the cheeks of her teenage daughters.

"We were just discussing you, Katherine," Andrea addressed the girl.

"Me?" Katherine asked, wondering what else this awful afternoon had in store for her.

"It was nothing bad, dear." Andrea said quickly, sensing the girl's discomfort, and wanting to put her at ease again. "Your aunt has indicated that she wants your cousins disciplined and I am willing to provide that chastisement, but as there are two of them I could probably use another strong arm and firm palm to assist me. You're the injured party here, Katherine. Would you like to help me give Devon and Darcy what they were so eager to see you get?"

A smile spread across Martha's face. Devon and Darcy's faces grew long. Katherine considered the offer, and then replied "Miss Andrea, if you think I could help you I'd be pleased to do what I can to teach my cousins that lying is not a clever thing to do."

"Excellent!" Andrea exclaimed, clapping her hands. She immediately rang through to reception to speak with Kimberley. "Kimmy."

"Yes, Miss Andrea." came the polite response from the blonde receptionist.

"Can you please go into the change room and lay out a couple of aprons."

"For?" the girl queried.

"Devon and Darcy."

The words had barely left the disciplinarian's lips before there was a joyful, "Yes, ma'am!" from Kimberley and the connection was abruptly cut.

Andrea shut the device down with a smile at her employee's response.

While Andrea had been making preparations for the twins punishment, Katherine and her aunt had been involved in a quiet conversation.

"Are you okay with this, Aunty Martha?"

"Oh yes, dear. The girls played a very unpleasant trick on you and I had hoped I'd raised them better. I think I may have to put smacked bottoms back into my parental tool box after this afternoon, and as I can't spank either of them myself at present, and we don't want Andrea to have to do too much work I think it is only fair that you get some measure of revenge on my two daughters. I hope it will also serve some way as part of my apology to you, Kathy."

Katherine nodded, "I think it will, Aunty Martha. I don't blame you for this. I only wish you had believed me initially, although Devon and Darcy were very convincing."

"I'll be taking you at your word from now on, Kathy," Martha reassured her niece.

Devon and Darcy were still standing uncomfortably in front of the couch, both too nervous to move unless given permission, they looked at each other and around the room. They were both agitated for different reasons. Darcy was remembering the last spanking her mother had given her and how much that had stung her twelve year old rear, Andrea was likely to spank a good deal harder, and she was not looking forward to experiencing that first hand, she was also aware of a pressing need to relieve herself. Devon's thoughts were elsewhere, she knew the spanking would hurt, but it was more what would happen to her loins that concerned her. She had become moist whilst watching Katherine's spanking, she was not exactly sure of her reaction over Andrea's oh so inviting lap, she was going to find it very hard to control herself. Being an experienced disciplinarian and knowing that the act of being spanked could provoke all sorts of reactions from the recipient, Andrea was fully aware that Devon got some sort of sexual charge when it came to corporal punishment. The trick was to make it as unpleasant as possible, she had some ideas in mind, unfortunately it would also mean that Darcy would be disciplined in the same way, but she should have considered that when she consented to go along with her twins cruel manipulation of the situation with her cousin and mother.

Andrea spoke "Go to the bedroom, please girls. Miss Kimberley should have laid out some aprons similar to the one Katherine wore, put them on and come back out here. If Miss Kimberley is still in the room I would advise you to be polite to her. She has a very hard hand and little tolerance for poorly behaved children."

Darcy swallowed hard as she turned to make her way to the bedroom. A smile flitted across Devon's face, seeing how tough Kimberley Kennedy really was seemed like a good challenge to her.

After a few minutes Devon and Darcy reappeared in the parlour, clad in the humiliating garments that Andrea used for purposes of modesty and as a tool to put her clients in the right frame of mind for receiving a childish form of discipline. Devon's apron was decorated with pictures of the popular Forever Friends bears, getting up to some sort of cute hijinks in the kitchen. Darcy was wearing an apron that had the images of three of the Disney Princesses emblazoned across it.

"Don't you look, sweet?" Andrea cooed. "Good enough to eat."

Martha and Katherine nodded agreement. The girls blushed to the roots of their hair. Devon was aroused by the thought of corporal punishment, but the aprons were just an exercise in embarrassment. Darcy was too occupied with thoughts of the fires that Andrea and Katherine would light on her behind to care much what she was wearing, all she knew was that her bottom was uncomfortably bare.

"Do a spin so Mummy, Katherine and I can all have a good look at you, girls."

Obediently the twins turned slowly on the spot.

"Darcy, come here to me, sweetheart. Devon you'll be with Miss Katherine, so go to her please."

Darcy's heart sank, she had thought at least she would be going over her cousin's lap and she doubted that Katherine could spank quite as hard as Aunty Andrea. Devon was a little disappointed. Katherine had a nice lap and a hard hand, but she was certain that Andrea would be more exciting and she had already briefly experienced her cousin's discipline and to Devon variety was the spice of life.

Darcy stood trembling by Andrea's knee.

"Did you tinkle, darling?" she asked the nervous girl.

Not trusting herself to speak, Darcy nodded quickly.

"Good, we wouldn't want you having an accident over my lap. Aunty would get quite cross if that happened, and I'm sure you don't want that, do you, Darcy?"

"No, ma'am." Darcy whispered in a wavering voice, feeling her eyes fill with tears.

"Did you go, Devon?" Andrea asked the remaining twin, who was staring at Katherine's waiting lap.

"Yes Miss," Devon answered.

"I'm sure Katherine will appreciate that."

Andrea reached out and her hand encircled Darcy's wrist. she tugged gently, saying, "Let's get your bottom up over Aunty's lap, Darcy."

The girl sprawled awkwardly over the chestnut haired disciplinarian's thighs. "Lift your legs up onto the couch, sweetie. It'll help support you when you start kicking, and you will kick, missy. It's nothing to be ashamed of, you won't be able to help it."

As Darcy raised her legs Andrea shifted the girl on her lap, so that her bottom was dead centre and pointing at the ceiling.

Meanwhile Devon had draped herself over Katherine's lap, and was being shifted into a more comfortable position for her cousin to apply palm to bottom.

"Not quite so amusing, is it now Devon?" Katherine asked, letting her hand rest gently on the girl's left buttock.

"No, ma'am," Devon answered, feeling her bottom tingle in anticipation of the coming whacking.

"You're sorry, aren't you Darcy?" Andrea queried, as she stroked and fondled the girl's oval cheeks, watching them pimple with gooseflesh.

"Yes, Aunty," Darcy replied in a quivering voice.

"Funny how little girls are sorry when they're about to be spanked. You'll be a lot sorrier soon, little girl, that I guarantee."

Andrea picked up a red ribbon from the table near her, gathered Darcy's hair up in a shimmering midnight curtain and tied it neatly in a long ponytail. "We want to get that out of the way, darling. It will become nasty otherwise and you have such lovely hair."

Seeing what Andrea had done with Darcy, Katherine reached up behind herself and undid the green ribbon that Andrea had secured her hair with, and took Devon's out of the way, murmuring something similar to the girl.

Darcy wriggled, wondering when the spanking would start. She was totally unprepared when Andrea's hand landed with a loud smack across one cheek. She yelped and jumped, Darcy was still recovering from the first spank when a second stinging slap was landed on the opposite hemisphere. After Andrea had covered both buttocks with a sprinkling of spanks, and they were beginning to roll from side to side as a rosy flush suffused their surface, she settled into a steady rhythm, spanking the bottom over her lap methodically, judging by heat and colour which area needed her attention. Andrea looked across to Katherine to see how the girl was faring with her cousin. Devon did not make as much noise and was less of a wriggler than her sister, but she wasn't enjoying the older girl's attentions. Katherine did not have Andrea's experience, or her strength, but she knew what she was doing. Andrea has always found that being spanked gave one the knowledge of how to deliver one. Katherine held Devon firmly with one hand and she spanked hard and rapidly with the other. Devon was finding to her regret that being spanked by her angry cousin was not quite the arousing adventure she had thought it may be.

Andrea deals with Devon Waynwright.

Darcy's bottom was glowing brightly, and Andrea could feel waves of heat emanating from the hot flesh, although Andrea could continue this pace for some time yet, Darcy was crying freely, tears rolling down her cheeks, her ankles were crossing and uncrossing madly as she tried to alleviate some of the stinging pain that Andrea's firm palm was delivering. Andrea swiped one slap across both cheeks eliciting a howl from Darcy and determined that the girl was simmering nicely and had been well prepared for the second stage of her chastisement. Devon also had a hot red rear and her gasps told Andrea that tears were also close for her, Katherine was nearing the end of her endurance, her slaps were not as frequent and lacked some of their earlier authority, a sheen of perspiration beaded the girl's forehead. Andrea caught the older girl's eye and nodded to let her know that she could now bring a halt to proceedings. Katherine administered one more hearty smack, which got a satisfying squeal from Devon, and stopped, resting her spanking hand lightly on the twins steaming buttock.

Both the girls lay limply over the laps of their spankers, not daring to move as neither were sure if their punishment was at an end or not. Darcy was trying to stop herself crying and bring her breathing under control. Devon could now feel the heat in her backside and squirmed as the pleasurable feeling flooded through her loins. "Up!" Andrea commanded briskly and the girls were helped off the laps and onto their feet.

"No rubbing," Andrea warned as hands twitched towards their boiling globes. "Middle of the room, please girls, so we can all have a good look at you."

The girls stood uncomfortably in the middle of the room, knowing that the three females could see their hot, bare, scarlet bottoms.  Darcy blubbered uncaring. In contrast Devon heard her sister's sobs and could not prevent a derisive curl of her lip as her own face was dry, although it had been a near run thing and had Andrea allowed things to continue much longer tears would have been streaming down her cheeks as well.

Andrea made the twins stand in place for a full minute to afford everyone a good view and allow Darcy to get her crying under control. Then the green eyed disciplinarian spoke again, "Darcy, Devon go to the cupboard and open it."

The girls walked the few steps to the large, double doored piece of furniture that dominated the room and each took a handle and pulled gently. The doors swung open and the twins could not suppress gasps of astonishment and dismay. The cupboard was a chastised child's worst nightmare. It was full of straps and paddles, canes and wooden spoons of all sizes, there were spanking slippers and hairbrushes, a horrid implement that resembled a small cat of nine tails hung from a hook, its leather tails swinging, there was even an old fashioned bamboo carpet beater leaning on one side of the cupboard. Andrea allowed her two victims to soak in the full impact of the cupboard's contents before giving them further instruction "Devon, please pick up the black hairbrush." Devon leaned in and put her hand around the indicated object, lifting it carefully out and cradling it against her body. "Darcy, you will see another brush of a lighter wood, it's made of Koa. Please take that out." Darcy picked up the other brush and regarded it as if it were a venomous animal, she winced as she felt its full weight.

"Darcy, go to your cousin and hand her the brush."

Darcy almost heaved a sigh of relief. She would have preferred the spanking to be over, but if she was going to receive the brush at least she felt Katherine to be a less severe and experienced wielder of the implement.

"Devon, I'm afraid that means you're with me, dear."

In some ways this was what Devon had wanted. There was something extraordinarily arousing to her about being draped across Andrea's firm thighs and having her stinging hemispheres scorched by the green eyed, chestnut haired woman.

"Before you accept the brush, Katherine," Andrea advised the teenager. "Ensure that Darcy politely asks you for her spanking."

With a smile the blond girl nodded and looked up at her cousin expectantly.

Darcy held out the hairbrush and stammered, "Will you please spank me, Katherine ma'am?"

Katherine's face broke out into a seraphic smile and she replied, "Of course I will, darling. Let's get you arranged over my lap."

While Darcy was being settled over Katherine's knee Andrea looked at Devon.

Devon let out a long breath and offered Andrea her favourite ebony hairbrush with the words, "Please give me a good hard spanking with your hairbrush, Aunty Andrea."

Andrea accepted the brush and said "It's time for your bottom to make Mrs Hairbrushes intimate acquaintance, Devon. Lay across my lap and I'll kindle the fire."

Andrea idly glided the brushes smooth, flat, cool oval back across Devon's still twitching rosy buttocks, she looked across at Katherine who slowly drew the head of the brush down each of Darcy's cheeks. The girl jerked and trembled as her cousin teased her. Martha was watching with interest as she sipped her coffee. A loud crack rang out in the room, closely followed by an even louder yelp as the sting of hairbrushes first kiss seared its way into Darcy's right rotundity. Andrea smiled and smacked her brush firmly across the centre of Devon's upturned backside. Devon closed her eyes tightly and grunted as she felt the unyielding impact of the ebony hairbrush.

Both ladies settled into a steady rhythm, their brushes beating a steady tattoo of hot stinging pain on the upturned buttocks in their laps, the cracking of the brushes across plump adolescent hindquarters accompanied by the answering squeals and cries from the girls.

Darcy in particular was taking her chastisement hard. She wriggled vigorously over Katherine's lap, desperately trying to twist her burning backside out of the path of the merciless hairbrush, her legs kicked wildly, tears rolled down her cheeks and her nose was streaming, she threw her head back as she wailed out her displeasure, her normally pretty features screwed up in a picture of soundly spanked misery. Andrea noticed that Darcy's desperate gyrations were making it quite difficult for Katherine to hold her in place. "Katherine," she advised, "give Darcy a concentrated set on her sit spot, that should get her attention, then let her know that unless she settles down you'll continue to scald her where she sits."

Katherine nodded and then proceeded to take the older ladies advice. Initially Darcy let out an anguished howl as the brush scorched her upper thighs, Katherine raised her voice over her cousins histrionics. "Darcy, simmer down, miss, or I'll have to keep on spanking you there, young lady."

With obvious effort of will Darcy slowed her kicking legs down so that they were waving gently and her wriggling became less frantic. Katherine changed the tempo of the spanking, deliberately firm, deliberate smacks, taking care to land each one on a different part of the buttocks. Darcy yelled, apologised and cried, but she did not attempt to get off her cousin's lap or escape her grasp.

While observing and advising the nineteen year old, Andrea had not missed a beat in Devon's hiding. Devon took her punishment far better than her twin, she yelped and squirmed, her legs crossed and uncrossed and she had turned on the waterworks, but overall she accepted her spanking graciously. Andrea heard Devon moan and then noticed the way she was wriggling, that was when she felt some moisture in the front of the girl's apron. Andrea's lips pursed and her brows drew together in a frown, the little minx was getting off on this! It was not an entirely foreign reaction to the disciplinarian. Devon was not the only client who experienced intense feelings of arousal during the application of corporal punishment. Andrea had to admit to having felt it herself on occasion, although she had been older than Devon when it first occurred. This was meant to be a punishment and if Devon was sexually aroused, then she was not being adequately punished. Right from the time Darcy had confessed Andrea had in mind a little addition after the brush, she had been hoping it may not be necessary, but the best way to chastise someone who found certain levels of pain enjoyable was to administer something that was too painful to be hidden by sexual arousal. Unfortunately Darcy would also have to experience this, but the girls had committed the same crime and should be disciplined equally. Katherine had completed her spanking of Darcy and laid her hairbrush aside as the fifteen year old lay limply over her lap and bawled. Andrea brought Devon's brushing to a blazing climax with a blistering volley right on the sit spot that opened up the girl's lungs.

Once the girls were installed in opposite corners, hands laced over their sweat sodden locks Andrea regarded the cozy scene with satisfaction and then asked Katherine, "Do you think they've been sufficiently punished?"

The eighteen year old wrinkled her nose before replying, "Yes and no, ma'am."

"Yes and no?" Andrea echoed.

"Well, they have been spanked very soundly, but I haven't heard Devon really apologise for what she did and I think Darcy only said it because of the fire in her backside. Mum wouldn't have let me off with a hand and hairbrush spanking for this."

Martha nodded her own agreement, well aware of how strict her sister was when it came to Katherine's upbringing.

"What would your mother do, Katherine?"

"She'd get the strap out for sure, Miss Andrea."

"I rather thought that may be the case. I personally don't feel strapping is the correct course of action here. How do you feel about a switch, Katherine?"

"I hate them." Katherine replied with a shudder, she had only been switched three times, and it was not an experience she recalled fondly or had any desire to repeat.

"Do you think Devon and Darcy could benefit from application of a whippy green switch?"

"Oh yes!" Katherine replied enthusiastically.

"Once the girls have cut us some switches we'll have them over the sofa arms for a striping," Andrea announced.

"Ummm...Miss Andrea." Katherine said hesitantly. "I've never used a switch before."

"Oh bother!" Andrea exclaimed. They were a difficult implement to use if one had no previous experience and she would rather that Katherine not learn on the job.

"Couldn't they be switched separately by you?" Martha suggested.

"They could," Andrea agreed, "However we've given them their hidings side by side so far and I think the switchings will be beneficial if they can see each others distress as it's happening."

Both Martha and her niece saw the sense of Andrea's method. Andrea seemed to have an idea and buzzed through to reception.

"Yes ma'am!" Kimberley answered promptly.

"Are you busy at the moment, Kim?"

"No, Miss Andrea. It's deadly quiet out here. The next appointment is Mum's and that's not for another forty five minutes."

"Excellent!" Andrea beamed. "Can you come here for a bit, and bring your clasp knife with you, please. Before you do that can you also ask Gabrielle to come in?"

"Absolutely, ma'am!" Kimberley replied enthusiastically.

Kimberley arrived beaming in the parlour. "Mum will be in soon, Miss Andrea."

"Thankyou Kimberley. Have you got your knife?"

"Yes ma'am."

"Very good. I want you to take the girls outside and cut a couple of whippy green switches. You know what I want."

"Oh yes!" Kimberley responded, feeling her bottom twitch with the mention of switches. Kimberley had not been switched often, but it had happened and the memory was very keen.

Kimberley look at the girls and appreciated their glowing red cabooses for a moment before clapping her hands loudly and saying "Devon, Darcy, turn around and come to me, please."

The girls obediently turned, and Devon could not suppress a grimace at seeing the smiling adolescent receptionist standing in the middle of the room. Kimberley waited until the twins stood close to her, one on either side and spread her arms "Hold hands," she said. The girls exchanged a look, but each took one of Kimberley's hands. It was obvious that the receptionist knew how humiliating being treated like very young children was and it was her motivation for the act. "Now we're going to go out to Aunty Andrea's back garden and see if we can find some nice, stingy switches for your naughty little bottoms."

Swinging hands with Devon and Darcy, Kimberley exited to the garden out the back of the shop.

Gabrielle entered the parlour. "Andrea," she began, "Kimmy said you wanted me in here."

"Yes, I need someone who knows their way around a switch."

"Oooh lovely!" Gabrielle exclaimed, her blue eyes lighting up the mention of switches.

"I believe you know Martha," Andrea started her introductions. "This is her niece Katherine."

"Hi Martha." Gabrielle greeted the woman with a friendly smile, and then directed her attentions to Katherine on the couch. "Nice to meet you, Katherine."

"You too Miss Gabrielle and you can call me Kathy, if you like."

Gabrielle grinned "Unless you're about to take a trip over my lap, sweetheart it's just Gabrielle." she looked at Andrea again. "I assume that Martha's presence means her two are about to be switched."

Andrea nodded.

"Two more deserving bottoms I can't imagine. I'm surprised you haven't brought them here before, Martha."

Martha's cheeks coloured as she replied "I hadn't believed there was a need before, but I don't think this will be the last time Devon and Darcy make a visit here."

"Where are the terrible twins?" Gabrielle asked.

"Outside with Kimberley, cutting switches." Andrea explained.

Gabrielle went to the window and looked out, seeing two glowing red bottoms through the garden's green foliage, the water from a recent rain shower still dripping from the leaves. Kimberley was instructing the girls in how to select and cut an appropriate switch.

"What a darling scene!" Gabrielle exclaimed. "Those aprons are ever so cute, Andrea."

"Yes, the Disney one is new. I think Kimberley only took delivery last week."

"It's ideal, I must see how my Chelsea looks in that."

Kimberley entered with two very apprehensive looking twins in tow. The clasp knife was in one hand and she held two freshly cut branches in the other. "Will these do, Miss Andrea?" the blonde teenager asked, holding out the switches for her employer's attention.

"Oh yes!" Andrea approved enthusiastically. "They're a good length and they should be very whippy."

"I'll just peel and dry them off then." Kimberley responded, taking the switches back from Andrea and heading to the bathroom to complete the preparation of the implements of chastisement.

"I'm sure that you two know Mrs Kennedy." Andrea said to the twins.

Two dark heads nodded and they murmured "Hello Mrs Kennedy."

Gabrielle gave the girls a predatory smile and said, "We're not quite so formal here, girls. It's Aunty Gabrielle while you're under my switch."

Darcy swallowed hard and looked as if her tears were about to begin anew. Devon took a deep breath and then both girls tried out the sound of, "Yes, Aunty Gabrielle."

"Lovely," Gabrielle purred, her blue eyes shining.

"We'll have you over the couch, girls," Andrea instructed. "Devon, you're with me. Darcy, go to Aunty Gabrielle."

The girls were taken to opposite ends of the sofa and bent over the arms so that they faced each other and their bottoms jutted out saucily.

"Well, you have been well spanked, haven't you?" Gabrielle asked Darcy, admiring the bright red of the fifteen year old's backside, and then running her hand gently down it's still simmering surface. Darcy shivered, but remained in place and replied, "Yes, Aunty Gabrielle."

"Whose handiwork is this, sweetheart? Aunty Andrea?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"Oh, don't give me all the credit, Darcy." Andrea scolded. "Your cousin gave you a very impressive brushing."

Darcy started to cry again. Gabrielle favoured Katherine with a warm smile and the compliment. "You should be proud of yourself, Kathy. You've done an excellent job grilling that rump."

Katherine blushed, but preened under the praise. Kimberley emerged from the bathroom brandishing two freshly cut and prepared switches. She handed one to her mother and the other to Andrea.

"I'd love to stay and watch, but I need to keep an eye on reception." Kimberley made her apologies and retreated back to the outer room.

"Ordinarily I'd think a spanking and a brushing were sufficient for two little minxes like you," Andrea told the girls, stepping around behind Devon's twitching rear, "But what you did calls for some more strenuous measures. I'd wager neither of you have ever been switched before and I'd also be willing to bet that after Aunty Gabrielle and I are done with these two lovely branches Kimberley harvested for us that you'll never want to be again."

Gabrielle followed Andrea's example and took up position behind Darcy.

Darcy had her head buried in the couches cushions as she sobbed. Devon too had her head down, she had not expected the switching and all the lovely feelings the brushing had given her had now faded and she was very aware of how hot and sore her hindquarters were. Devon had never been switched, but she knew girls who had been and they made it sound like a rather frightening and painful experience. Gabrielle looked across at Andrea and mouthed "How many?"

From Spanked Sweeties. Darcy Waynwright prepares for a taste of the switch.

Ensuring that neither girl was watching Andrea tucked the switch under her arm and held up one hand with all five fingers splayed out and the forefinger of the other hand. Gabrielle nodded and took a step back, she swished the branch through the air experimentally a few times and watched Darcy's bottom clench reflexively each time the girl heard the switches passage through the air. Andrea had guaged the switches weight and length from the time Kimberley handed it to her and did not need any practice swings. She tapped it against Devon's trembling rump and ordered sternly, "Brace your legs back Devon and get that bottom up good and high. Push it out!"

Darcy heard Andrea's instructions to her sister and immediately did as Andrea had said. Gabrielle smiled. She did like an obedient and compliant child under the switch, it made the experience so much easier for everyone.

Gabrielle drew the switch back, brought it swinging through the air and slashed it across Darcy's knee hollows. The girl let out a shriek and scissor kicked her legs madly, balancing on the sofa arm. Andrea did the same to the backs of Devon's knees and elicited a similar response with an incoherent, "Oh God that hurtsssss!" Devon had to concentrate very hard not to let an expletive burst forth. She was certain that Andrea would be the type to wash a swearing mouth out. Devon's aunt had once washed her mouth out with soap. It had been a humiliating and unpleasant ordeal. Even years later Devon could still taste the soap in her mouth, she did not want it to happen again.

The ladies second stroke landed on the girls thighs, between knee hollows and the swell of their buttocks. There were screams from both Devon and Darcy. Darcy was crying hard, her nose was running and she could barely breathe. Devon was handling it better, but she too was wondering what she ever thought was pleasurable about this and the lovely moist warmth she had felt flooding her loins when Andrea spanked her with the back of the hairbrush was a distant memory and in no way worth what she was currently going through.

The third stripe of the switch struck the sit spot. Darcy roared and kicked her legs. Devon's reaction was identical. The difference being that when told to get her legs back down and get in place for the next stroke she did so. Darcy did not. She seemed unable to hear Gabrielle, she simply sagged over the arm of the couch and blubbered over and over, "No more. I'm sorry."

The girl's distressed state did not bother Gabrielle over much. Darcy Waynwright was not the first child who had become hysterical during a punishment. It was something that both she and Andrea experienced on a semi regular basis at the shop and the ladies knew how to deal with it. Martha Waynwright's concerned expression said that she wanted to rescue her daughter. Gabrielle needed to reassure her first.

"Were you ever switched, Martha?"

The woman nodded.

"Now when it was happening wouldn't you have done or said anything to make it stop?"

With an understanding smile Martha nodded and relaxed. She trusted that neither Andrea or Gabrielle wanted to genuinely hurt the twins, just ensure that they were sufficiently disciplined.

Gabrielle put a hand gently on Darcy's heaving back to hold her in position and leant down so that her mouth was level with the bawling girl's ear. "Darcy." she murmured and waited for the girl to settle and respond with a sobbed, "Yes." something that created a saliva bubble on one side of her lips.

"You're nearly done, sweetheart, do you think you can be a big brave girl for Aunty Gabrielle and accept the rest of your switching?"

"I'll try." Darcy blubbed.

"Good girl," Gabrielle cooed, "Now put your feet on the floor, push your bottom up nice and high and make Aunty Gabrielle proud of you."

Devon had received her final three strokes while Gabrielle calmed Darcy down. She lay limply over the sofa arm, bawling and hiccuping, as she tried to settle herself. Her bottom was on fire, it throbbed and she could feel the raised welts that the switch had left on it. As Darcy screeched her way through the stripes that Gabrielle was leaving on her backside Andrea lifted the girl to her feet and looked at. Tears were still streaming down her face, she had gone red in the face from crying and yelling, her reddened cheeks were covered with a mixture of salty tears, saliva, mucus from her runny nose and sweat. "Oh darling," Andrea said affectionately as she took a tissue from a holder on the table next to her, and proceeded to clean her face, "you look a mess now. Let Aunty Andrea clean you up before we put you in the corner for some cool down time."

Devon nodded wordlessly. Andrea held a fresh tissue up to her nose and instructed, "Blow." then she turned Devon to the corner and pushed her gently towards it with the order, "Hands on head, please Devon. No rubbing or I may have to get my strap out for you."

With a shudder at the thought of her freshly switched rear also being strapped, Devon placed her hands atop her head.

Gabrielle had finished Darcy's switching and cleaned the girl's face, she was currently hugging her and murmuring soothingly in her ear as she occasionally gave the steaming buttocks a vigorous rub.

"I think Aunty Andrea wants you in the corner, too sweetheart." With an arm around Darcy's trembling shoulders she led her to the corner opposite Devon and placed her in it, nose to the wall "Hands," Gabrielle reminded Darcy gently.

With a miserable sniffle the teenager laced her hands over her sweat sodden, shimmering raven black locks.

From California Star. Gabrielle Kennedy poses with a switch and the well spanked rumps of the Waynwright twins.

While the girls sobbed and steamed in the corner Kimberley asked if anyone wanted coffee or tea and served refreshments. After a fresh cup of tea Andrea ordered the girls to turn around and face the room. They both stood there, uncomfortably aware that all eyes were on them.

"You can rub your bottoms, if you wish," Andrea said and smiled warmly as two sets of hands flew to roasting behinds and began to rub rapidly. "Now you have some apologies and some thanks to give," Andrea said, her green eyes on the two teenagers.

Darcy began and it was clear she was trying to hold the tears back "I'm sorry for lying to Mummy about Kathy and thanks to Aunty Andrea, Aunty Gabrielle and Kathy I won't do it again."

"Good girl," Andrea complimented her and clapped, before looking pointedly at Devon.

The other twin took her hands away from her seat and gave a halting speech. "I'm sorry I lied to Mummy. I won't ever do it again and thanks to Aunty Andrea and Kathy for spanking me."

Katherine looked at both girls and said evenly, "Apology accepted."

Gabrielle stood and apologised. "It was my privilege to switch you, Darcy. I hope I won't have to do it again. I am sorry, but I've got another appointment to get ready for, so I'm going to have to spank and run."

She left the room.

Andrea spoke. "I'm glad you confessed to save your cousin from more punishment and embarrassment. I'm pleased you felt I disciplined you properly. Go into the bedroom and change into your clothes. If you're very good Miss Kimberley may even give you some lotion for your bottoms."

Andrea, Martha and Katherine were chatting animatedly, when the girls emerged from the bedroom. Their faces had been washed and they looked demure in their skirts and blouses, the only sign that they'd recently had their seats well warmed was the stiff way they walked and the pained looks on their pretty faces.

"You can pick up the cushions from Kimberley on the way out, Martha," Andrea was telling the grey eyed lady.

"I'd like if they could have the girls names on them," Martha commented.

"Kimberley can do that for you, but she'd need some time."

"Oh, that would be fine," Martha replied, her eyes sparkling, "The girls can pick them up on their next visit."

Darcy and Devon's faces fell.

Martha looked at them and said cheerfully, "And you were both so happy to come here before it was your bottoms that were to be burned. Come on girls, let's go and pay Miss Kimberley for your well deserved spankings - and no they will not be the last you two get."

Once the Waynwrights had left the shop Andrea poured herself another steaming cup of tea, she crossed her long, slender legs and leaned back in her chair, she sipped her tea and then looked out the window. A seraphic smile broke out on her face as she saw the sun begin to shine through the grey clouds outside.


  1. Wow, now I took your advice and sat back and totally enjoyed, wonderful lines, thank you. Besides the obvious spankings and story lines, I love the phares like ...'under the brush..." or ... spank and run..." Awesome. Day is now off to a major happy start.

    Thank you

  2. As I mentioned in my introduction, Ron, I've rarely had two more deserving clients than Devon and Darcy Waynwright. Pleased to get your day off to a bright start.