Saturday, 11 June 2011

'The Spank Shop - Jenny'

On this fine Sunday I am happy to present you with one of my favourite and most rewarding experiences from the Spank Shop. I was ever so pleased Seegee wrote this one up and he had lots of input from Kimberly and I. The images that accompany it are from Premium Spanking, Quality Spanking and School Girl Spanking. They just seemed to capture the feeling of the afternoon so well that I had to include them.

Andrea spanks Jenny, while stepmother Gloria observes.

A pair of 'Jennybuns' glow over my lap.

Jenny protests as the panties go south.

Jenny starts to cry as the 'red bottom fairy' does her work.

Tuesday afternoon in early Autumn, and things were running smoothly at Clarkstown's most unique business venture: The Spank Shop. Proprietress Andrea Mahoney's most recent customer; pretty, red haired, freckle faced sandwich shop employee Christina Walker had just left the shop, rubbing the seat of her skirt after receiving a sound hairbrushing for getting customer's orders wrong one time too many. The shop was a family business, and 20 year old Christina's parents had found that a session over Andrea's lap was a far more effective method of improving their daughter's work performance than docking wages or cutting hours. Andrea was in her parlour relaxing with a cup of hot tea and did not have another booking for 45 minutes. The shop's gorgeous blonde teenage receptionist; Kimberley Kennedy was using the time to browse one of the shop's vendors website, they had a new range of paddles and straps and Andrea was considering adding to her 'war chest'. The bell over the door tingled and Kimberley looked up, expecting to see young Simon Zerbriski and his mother, they were due to see Andrea's part time employee; Gabrielle Kennedy, Kimberley's mother, for an attitude adjustment for Simon. The words 'You're early!' were on Kimberley's lips when she was confronted with an unexpected sight.

"Mrs Travers!" the girl exclaimed, as a tall, slim, elegantly dressed lady in her mid twenties with an impressive mane of orange hair, sauntered into the shop.

"Hi Kim," the woman greeted the receptionist, "how are you?"

"I'm good, ma'am. How can I help you?"

"Is Andrea free? By the way it's Gloria, Mrs Travers is my mother in law."

"I'll check on Miss Andrea for you." Kimberley responded politely. "Unless she says it's okay I have to call you Mrs Travers, it's not respectful to use your first name."

Gloria Travers seemed a little surprised by the refusal to use the familiar form of address, but smiled all the same "Thanks Kim."

Kimberley stood and asked "Would you like a cup of coffee or tea before I check on Miss Andrea?"

"No thanks, dear. I'm good."

Kimberley fussed with her halo of immaculately cared for golden hair and nodded, she entered Andrea's parlour and asked gently "Miss Andrea?"

"Yes, Kimmy?" Andrea replied, setting down her tea cup.

"Mrs Travers is here asking to see you, can I show her in?"

Andrea shrugged "I don't see why not, but who is Mrs Travers?"

At times, not being a native of Clarkstown Andrea could not always place people by name, Kimberley on the other hand seemed to possess an encyclopedic knowledge of the goings on in the town. "Mrs Gloria Travers, she's in her mid 20's, 25 I think. She married Bob Travers, much older than her and very successful, he has a daughter; Jenny, she's a year or so older than me. Plenty of tongues wagged about the marriage."

"Oh, I bet they did." Andrea murmured. She was under no illusions about her neighbours in the town, they loved to gossip. "Show her in please, darling. I'm now curious about what she wants, and under no circumstances are you to ask her unless I give you permission, young lady!"

"Yes, ma'am." Kimberley retreated from the room.

"You can go through, Mrs Travers." Kimberley told Gloria, and the woman stood gracefully and entered the parlour.

Just as Gloria Travers was leaving reception the door to the office that Gabrielle Kennedy used when she was working opened, and an older version of Kimberley leant against the door jamb. "Is my two o'clock here yet, Kimmy?"

"Not yet, Mum. They've got fifteen minutes."

"Oh, I know that. I wanted to chat with Cindy about Simon. I'm thinking we may need to add a few cane strokes to his visits. He's getting older and a dose of the stick won't do him any harm."

Kimberley wrinkled her nose, she did not like the cane as an implement of correction, "I think a good leathering would be better." she voiced her opinion. "The short, two tailed tawse over your lap should set his cheeks aflame."

"Oh Kim!" Gabrielle exclaimed, clapping her hands together. "That's an excellent suggestion. I came out here because I heard voices. Did I hear the name Travers?"

"Yes Mum."

"Jennifer is here?"

"No, it was her step mother; Gloria."

"Gloria Travers is in there, talking to Andrea?"

"Uh huh." Kimberley affirmed, turning her attention back to the selection of tawses displayed on the computer monitor on the website of "Bottom Burners, Inc".

"I wonder if Bob has sent her here to have her backside warmed. There would not be many young wives more deserving." Gabrielle muttered sourly.

"I don't know, Mum. I was told not to ask." Kimberley replied shortly, hoping to end the conversation. She had no problem with Gloria Travers and was not sure why so many of the Clarkstown matrons did. Yes, she had married a wealthy and successful man many years her senior, but from what she had seen of the Travers' they were happy and Bob Travers had not been happy for a long time after his wife passed away.

Seeing that her daughter was not going to indulge in any gossip Gabrielle drifted back into her office with instructions to let her know the moment the Zerbriski's arrived.

In Andrea's parlour a rather nervous Gloria Travers was being welcomed warmly by Andrea herself. Gloria had never before visited the shop, although she had heard about it and what went on behind it's doors. Not really moving in the circles that contained people who utilised the services that Andrea offered Gloria had not been to the shop and she had not met Andrea socially, although she did know Gabrielle Kennedy and her eldest daughter; Kimberley, who was Andrea's receptionist. Gloria and Kimberley had one thing in common, they had both been captain of the local high school's cheerleading team, in fact Gloria had been asked to publicly present Kimberley with the honour when the eldest Kennedy girl had won it.

"So how may I help you, Gloria?" Andrea asked, with a smile.

"I'm not actually sure than you can, Ms Mahoney." Gloria replied, rather helplessly.

"Try me, I may surprise you, and unless you're here to have your bottom warmed it's Andy."

"Ummmm no....Ms....Andy, I'm not."

"Well, good to know that, Gloria. Take a seat please," the chestnut haired disciplinarian motioned to a comfortable looking chair facing her own, "would you like a cup of tea?"

Although refreshment had been the furthest thing from Gloria Travers mind when Kimberley had initially offered, she now realised how much she would love the steadying influence of tea, it would at least give her something to do with her hands, which had begun to flutter about as her nerves jangled.

"Yes, Andy, that would be lovely."

Andrea favoured Gloria with another reassuring smile as she poured out a cup of tea and handed it to the now seated young wife.

"I don't know what it is about tea, but I find it calms people wonderfully and helps get relationships off to such a civilized start." Andrea commented as Gloria sipped her tea and then sighed in blissful contentment.

"I don't know how much you know about me." Gloria began, setting her cup down on a table next to her chair.

"Only what Kimmy told me earlier. That you're married to an older man and that you have a stepdaughter."

"Yes, Jenny." the younger woman sighed. "She's what I'm here about actually."

Andrea sipped her own tea and studied Gloria Travers, the moment she had mentioned her stepdaughter the nerves had returned, she picked up her cup in a trembling hand and took a quick drink.

"I don't know if Kim told you, but Jenny is nineteen and that makes her only six years younger than me." Gloria blushed before continuing. "Bob is many years my senior, but he's a lovely man and so needed someone after his wife died five years ago."

Andrea nodded "I understand, Gloria and I don't judge, although I wouldn't be surprised if not all of Clarkstown society was so forgiving."

Gloria frowned "They're not, thankyou Andy. I'm Jenny's stepmother, but in age and a lot of other ways I'm more like a big sister or the cool aunt."

Andrea laughed at the 'cool aunt' comment. Her older sister; Sarah, had two children who often referred to Andrea as their 'cool Aunty Andrea', that was of course unless she had to spank them, in which case she was 'mean Aunty Andrea'.

"Why is that a problem, Gloria?" she asked.

Gloria sighed unhappily "It wasn't at first, in fact it was great. I'm an only, so having a little sister was fantastic. Jenny and I discussed all sorts of things, clothes, boys.....When it became obvious that Bob and I were going to be married the relationship changed."

"How did it change?"

"Jenny didn't want to go shopping with me anymore, in fact she refused to be seen in public with Bob and I. It got worse once we were married. Bob travels a lot for work, so that means Jenny and I are by ourselves a great deal. I try to be a mother to her, but she doesn't want it, she's argumentative, sullen, she doesn't do anything she's asked, it goes on and God forbid I actually try and have a conversation with her."

"She sounds like a pretty normal, obnoxious teen, Gloria. I have quite a stream of them through here, usually over my lap for a good bottom reddening experience."

"Do you know, Andy, I'd agree with you if Jenny were fourteen or fifteen, but she's nineteen, she should have grown out of that by now. How old is Kimberley?"

"Kim's eighteen, going on about thirty eight by the way she acts at times." Andrea chuckled fondly.

"That's what I mean," Gloria insisted, "would she behave the way I described how Jenny is?"

"No fear," Andrea replied, "she'd be over my knee quick smart if she did, that was if her Mum; Gabrielle, had not already nipped it in the bud."

"If only it were that easy with Jenny." Gloria said, sadly, and finished off her tea.

"Gloria if you weren't looking at spanking Jennifer as a solution why did you come here?" Andrea asked, perceptively.

"I don't know, Andy. I'm sorry I've wasted your time."

Although Andrea hated to lose a client, it was not the motivation that made her say "I do not believe so, Gloria, please stay."

As Gloria slid back into her chair Andrea glanced at the clock, she made a noise of irritation with her tongue and quickly rang reception.

"Yes ma'am!" Kimberley answered brightly.

"Is my two thirty here yet, Kimmy?"

"Not yet, ma'am, but I expect them any moment."

"Hmmm.....can you put them back or get your Mum to handle it?"

"Mum's still roasting Simon's backside, but she'll be free by then." Kimberley answered, mentally trying to juggle the afternoon's schedule.

"Okay, Kim, do that. I need a little longer with Mrs Travers."

"Yes, Aunty Andrea." the receptionist answered, before ringing off and going to her spreadsheet to make the necessary alterations.

Andrea smiled at the somewhat nervous Gloria to put her at ease again, poured herself a fresh cup of tea and settled back in her chair, crossing one long, nylon sheathed leg over the other "I have to ask again, why did you come to see me if you had no intention of having Jennifer spanked?"

Gloria seemed a little uncomfortable with the question, but admitted "It was actually Bob's suggestion."

"I don't believe I've ever met Mr Travers. I wonder why he would have suggested here as an answer. Maybe Gabrielle recommended us to him."

"Oh no!" Gloria laughed musically. "When I discussed Jenny's behaviour with him he said that she wasn't too old for a good spanking."

"If that's the case why doesn't he do it?"

"Bob has never raised a hand to Jennifer, in fact he'd hardly ever even shouted at her. When Jenny's Mum; Martha, was alive, she looked after all of the discipline, and yes I do think that included the occasional smacking. This was something that she and Bob agreed on, he thinks that all discipline issues with female children should be dealt with by the mother."

"Oh what a wonderful cop out." Andrea said somewhat scornfully.

"That may be the case, Andy, but it's what my husband believes."

"Does Bob know that you were coming to see me to solve Jennifer's behavioural issues?"

"No, but he said he felt that her mother, or stepmother, should handle it, he did not specify that I had to administer the spanking personally."

"What a useful loophole." Andrea chuckled throatily. "Now that we've decided that young Jenny needs her derriere reddened we need to get her down here, over my lap and under my palm."

"That's the second problem." Gloria sighed.


"She's nineteen, Andy. I can't simply grab her by the ear and haul her down here."

"No," Andrea sipped her tea, "more's the pity, of course if you could do that you could more than likely deal with Miss Jenny yourself. There is one other thing I haven't mentioned that may also be a fly in the ointment."

"What?" Gloria asked anxiously, her heart sinking.

"I have forms to protect myself. When I'm dealing with minors, under the age of eighteen the parent or guardian can sign them, however with a client Jennifer's age she will have to sign them herself, it's so that I can't be sued down the track."

"So Jenny has to agree to let you spank her?"


"I can talk to her and see if I can at least get her to meet you. Would that be okay?"

"I can work around it, Gloria. Ring when you're ready to have that meeting, in the meantime I'll speak to Kimberley. She's close to Jenny's age and she's no stranger to a good old fashioned spanking, even at eighteen years old, she may be able to help Jenny come to terms with the idea of a glowing posterior, I hope that we can even have Jennifer be the recipient of a good hot bottom from her very own stepmother."

Gloria blushed.

"Gloria from what you've told me, Jennifer is in desperate need of a maternal figure and that includes loving, motherly chastisement. We'll have her backside heating over your lap in no time at all, dear."

Gloria took a deep breath and another drink of tea.

"Finish up your tea, see Kimmy on the way out, explain the situation and let her know that she may have make an appointment on the fly. I'm useless at that sort of thing, but Kim is a whiz at it."

The following Tuesday Gloria was again at the Spank Shop, this time with her teenage step daughter; Jennifer, in tow. As the two women entered the shop, they could be heard arguing. "Gloria, I honestly don't know how you think bringing me here to be beaten by a total stranger will improve our relationship." Jennifer said to her step mother in exasperated tones.

In an equally frazzled voice Gloria replied "That isn't what is going to happen and you know it, Jenny. You may not even be spanked, but you will at least talk about the subject."

"If Daddy hadn't insisted on it there's no way I'd have let you do this to me." the blonde girl hissed and then flounced her way across the room, before sitting down hard on one of the chairs provided for customers.

Kimberley smiled reassuringly at Gloria and said "I'll let Miss Andrea know that you are here, Mrs Travers."

Gloria looked around the room as she patted her fiery locks back into place and was relieved to see that they had been booked in during one of the shop's rare quiet moments and at present there were no glowing bottoms in the corners. She cast a look at Kimberley who was talking quietly to Andrea on the phone. The receptionist winked at her and her eyes slid to the door behind her indicating that there was a spanking in progress in the room that Gabrielle used in her capacity as a part time disciplinarian. Gloria breathed a sigh of relief, she doubted that she would have been able to get Jennifer to stay in the establishment if there had been public evidence of the shop's business. It was true that the girl knew what went on there, but seeing it displayed had made clients resolve break and Jennifer had been so hard to coax to the shop in the first place, even then it had taken a heated conversation on the phone between her and her father to make her agree to this appointment.

Kimberley put down the phone and said to Gloria, "You can go through Mrs Travers, Miss Andrea is expecting you."

Gloria stood and Jennifer looked quizzically at her step mother, again Kimberley spoke up. "You and I will be having a little talk, Jenny, while Mrs Travers speaks with Aunty Andrea." Kimberley stood and announced. "I'll just put the kettle on for you and Aunty Andrea, Mrs Travers," she crooked her finger at Jennifer, "you can help me make the tea, Jenny and then we'll have a talk over a cuppa in the kitchen, just girl talk."

Jennifer gave her step mother an odd look, but followed Kimberley's shapely rear into the kitchen.

Once in the kitchen Kimberley began to bustle about preparing tea. "Will you get some cups and plates from the cupboard above you, Jenny and hand me the big white pot, please?" Utilising her height Jennifer reached up easily and took down the pot, passed it to Kimberley, who filled it with hot water from the sink and swirled it around to warm the pot and ensure that the tea would not go cold. Jennifer began to put the cups and saucers on a tray as Kimberley put the kettle on. The two girls worked in mostly silence as they got things ready. The kettle sang, Kimberley took it off the stove and made a fresh pot of tea. She picked up the now full tray, and as she carried it into Andrea's parlour, said over her shoulder. "Would you mind making a couple of mugs for us, Jenny. I'm white and one, okay."

When Kimberley returned to the kitchen, with the tea tray tucked under her arm Jennifer was seated at the table, a steaming mug of tea in front of her and another one on the table for Kimberley. "Thanks Jenny, you're a love." Kimberley said, sitting down and cupping her hands around the mug of tea, she blew steam across the table and took her first experimental sip, then sighed with pleasure.

"No problem." Jennifer said, sipping from her own mug.

"I bet you're wondering what this is all about." Kimberley said, a smile playing across her lips as she regarded Jenny over the rim of her cup.

"Sort of," Jenny admitted, "Gloria told me that I was going to get a spanking to make me treat her better. I mean, I know what happens here, but it's just weird. I don't see how having some stranger beat me will make me like Gloria more."

Kimberley could not help giggling at Jennifer's description of the Spank Shop and Andrea.

She also had to set the girl straight. "Firstly I wouldn't call what happens here a beating. You should know, Jenny, the difference between a loving spanking and a beating."

"I don't know the lady who runs this place and having her spank me scares me, Kim. That's a beating."

Kimberley leant forward and lowered her voice "Aunty Andrea's not like that, Jenny. In some ways I'd rather be spanked by her than my mother."

Jenny's blue eyes widened "Really?"

Kimberley nodded and sipped her tea again.

The revelation seemed to settle Jennifer a little, thinking about it though, the confession should not have surprised her. Due to the age difference Kimberley and Jennifer were not close friends, but the families knew each other and like many neighbourhood kids Jennifer found Gabrielle Kennedy more than a little scary and being spanked by her was not something she would have ever wanted to experience.

"Why are you treating Gloria meanly?" Kimberley asked. "She seems pretty cool to me."

Jennifer sighed and pushed her tea away "She is or rather she was."

"Was?" Kimberley probed. "What changed?"

"She married my Dad." Jennifer replied hotly.

"So she suddenly changed and became a nasty stepmother?"

Jennifer's nose wrinkled "No."

"So just because she married your father you gave her attitude?" Kimberley sounded disapproving.

Jennifer's eyes dropped and she nodded.

"That's really not on, Jennifer. Gloria makes your Dad happy."

"I know." Jenny said in a small ashamed voice. "I just can't help it, she's not my Mum."

"Jenny, I don't think she's trying to be. She just wants to be your friend and maybe mother you a little. Let me ask you something, what would your mother do if she knew how you were behaving?"

Jennifer became evasive, refusing to meet Kimberley's gaze "I dunno."

Kimberley's voice took on an authoritative tone "I think you do know what she'd do. She'd put you over her knee for a good spanking."

"How you know my mother spanked?" Jennifer asked the receptionist.

Kimberley laughed musically "Come on, Jenny! I met your mother, I was at some of your birthday parties, she was a spanking mum."

Jennifer blushed deeply, because Kimberley was very right.

"You've admitted that what you're doing to Gloria is wrong, what Aunty Andrea is proposing to do is show you how wrong that is and punish you just like your mum did and help you and Gloria to get along better. Is there something wrong with that?"

"No, not put that way."

"Now how did your mum spank you, Jenny?"

Jennifer could not help it, but thinking of her maternal discipline sessions made her eyes mist over as a deep sense of loss hit her and she ached at the thought she would never be draped over her mother's soft thighs again and have her mother speak softly to her and cuddle her once the spanking was over while she sobbed quietly in the maternal lap.

"The same way your mum spanks you I expect Kim." Jenny answered.

"Oh c'mon!" Kimberley complained. "I need more than that. All mums do it differently, anyway. Mum and Aunty Andrea are different in the way they spank."

"I haven't been spanked since I was fourteen, Kim."

"You've forgotten?"

"No," Jenny replied, somewhat ruefully, "Mummy made sure I never forgot."

Kimberley laughed in response, she was sure Jennifer was feeling that very familiar tingle in her bottom as she shifted a little in the kitchen chair.

"You want to know about the whole ritual, don't you?" Jennifer asked.

Cornflower blue eyes shining, Kimberley nodded.

Jennifer got ready to explain it all, some girls were like Kimberley they absolutely adored hearing about how their friends were spanked, there were others who loved to talk about it. Jenny was neither, but she suddenly did feel a need to talk about her mother and the spankings, the juvenile chastisements were something that had been shared between mother and daughter, there had never been anyone else present and in many ways, somewhat oddly, Jennifer had often reflected that they helped form a bond between her and her mother.

"It didn't happen all that often," Jennifer started, "when I was little, before I turned ten, I think I was getting about one a week, they weren't all the full works, some of them were just a few slaps on the backside to make me mind."

Kimberley sipped her tea and nodded.

"It changed once I reached double figures. For one thing the wooden spoon stayed in the kitchen and was replaced by the hairbrush. Mum had two, one for brushing hair and the other for burning Jennybuns."

Kimberley winced in sympathy and commented "My mum's the same. Two brushes and I don't think one has ever seen a head of hair."

"After I was ten I got them less often, maybe once a month, in fact when I was thirteen I only got three for the whole year."

"Wow!" Kimberley exclaimed. "You did better than me. I think mum's lap was the place I spent most of my time the year I turned thirteen."

"Believe me, Kim, the three I did get that year counted." Jennifer assured the other girl. "I used to get a little warm up before the spoon when I was a kid, but then another mum told my mum that it was better to give a proper spanking with the hand before the spoon, so she did that and boy did it hurt! It did have the effect of meaning I didn't get spanked as much."

Kimberley shook her head "Mothers should not be allowed to talk to each other about spanking, they pick up all these tips that we daughters would really prefer they not know about."

Jennifer had to laugh at the comment. "I was always bare bottom."

"There isn't any other way to spank." Kimberley assured Jennifer.

"Mum said it was so she could see and feel how red and hot my bottom was getting so that she didn't overspank. She called it a visit from the red bottom fairy."

"Oh that's so cute!" Kimberley exclaimed.

"Yes," Jennifer nodded, starting to cry gently, "it was a special thing between mum and I."

Kimberley asked Jennifer "So do you think you're ready to talk to Aunty Andrea and see if you can fix this thing between you and your stepmother?"

What Kimberley was essentially saying was: 'Do you accept that you've been in the wrong and will you take good smacking from Andrea for it?'

Jennifer took a deep breath, looked up into Kimberley's earnest face as the receptionist got to her feet, squared her shoulders and said firmly "Yes."

Once Kimberley had served tea to Andrea and Gloria she gathered up the tea tray and disappeared into the kitchen to have her conversation with Jennifer. Andrea sipped her tea and sighed in contentment "Kimberley makes a lovely cup of tea, she's a good receptionist, but even if she weren't she'd be worth keeping on purely because she knows how to make tea properly."

Gloria sipped from her own cup and smiled, although she had to agree with Andrea, it was a very nice cup of tea.

"Now, Gloria," Andrea said, setting her cup down on the small table beside her chair and sitting back, crossing her long nylon sheathed legs, "let's talk a little more about what you want me to do for you and Jenny."

"I'm hoping that a smacked bottom will make her see that there are consequences for her actions and that the fear of getting another one will keep her behaving at least until she leaves home."

A shadow crossed Andrea's clear green eyes and she looked a little sad "That's not really what I do here, Gloria. I think it will take a lot more than one smacked bottom, Jenny will probably need her little situpon scorched from time to time after this one and neither of us want her to fear them. You don't want her to behave because she's scared, you want her to behave because she loves you and doesn't want to disappoint you. I'm actually hoping after today that Jennifer will accept her bottom roastings from you, although I wouldn't mind if she comes here once in a while for some Aunty Andrea style discipline."

"Why do you think it will take regular spankings, Andrea?" a slightly perplexed Gloria asked.

"Prior to her mother's passing I'd say that Jenny was spanked relatively often. She needs the structure that discipline provided and given that her mother departed five years ago, she's got five years of spanking to make up for, those five years were some of the most pivotal developmental years in any young persons life. Effectively Jennifer is still fourteen years old in many ways. It's been my experience that fourteen year old girls need to have their backsides blistered on an average of once a month. I know mine was at that age and even then I think I missed out on a few hidings that I should have gotten."

"Fourteen?' Gloria mused, running a hand absent mindedly through her flaming hair. "I've often thought that Jenny is a little immature for her age. There could be some merit to what you say, but spanking? That I'm not so sure about."

"It's often a question of how you were raised, Gloria. Tell me, were you spanked growing up?"

Gloria shrugged "Isn't everyone? It's part of growing up."

Andrea hid a smile in her cup and asked "Tell me how you define a spanking?"

"Well, I know here it's whole over the knee, bare bottom thing, but a few slaps to the buttocks or legs is a spanking to me."

"It's a fine line, Gloria, but that's where you are wrong. Tell me about how you were spanked?"

Again Gloria shrugged "I can't really remember. I know I got smacked sometimes. It hurt. I cried, mum hugged me, that was it."

"So you never got a proper, old fashioned spanking?"

Gloria's eyes sparkled and her lips quirked upwards in a grin "I never said that, Andy."

"Okay, then tell me about your last proper spanking."

Gloria initially frowned as she tried to dredge up a long forgotten memory and also gave Andrea a brief glare for making her remember something that she had not particularly wanted to recall. As the feelings of that afternoon flooded back to her she blushed deeply.

"Remembered, have we?" Andrea asked, green eyes sparkling, smile playing over her lips above her teacup.

Unconsciously Gloria replied "Yes, ma'am." the woman was obviously unaware that she had used the honourific. It was a common reaction when someone recalled something from childhood, they relived it, however briefly.

"So what happened, Gloria?"

"I'd done something at school, I was about twelve and thought I was all grown up. If I remember correctly I cheeked a teacher and got a note sent home. When Mum asked me about it I gave her an earful as well."

Andrea's expression showed that she was a little surprised.

"I had a mouth when I was a kid." Gloria confessed a little shamefacedly.

"And that was why Mummy spanked you?"

Gloria nodded.

"Good," Andrea pronounced firmly, "little girls with fresh mouths need their botties smacked until they're glowing red."

The flush on the redhead's face deepened.

"So tell me what exactly your mother did to you?"

"Andrea, do I have to?" Gloria complained. "It's so embarrassing."

Andrea shrugged and set her cup down on the saucer "You don't have to, but you want me to spank Jennifer and you can't even tell me about your last spanking. We're going to have a difficult time ahead of us."

Gloria sighed deeply and began to relive the humiliating experience for Andrea "Mum told me how naughty I'd been and asked me to tell her what she'd told me would happen if I got a note sent home from school. I complained saying that the teacher was lying and she deserved it anyway that's when I let fly at Mum with a stream of insults."

"Ooopssss!" Andrea exclaimed. "That always got me a cherry red situpon."

"Next thing I knew Mum was dragging me over her lap, my skirt was swept up and my panties went south and then Mum's hand was slapping down hard across my backside. She hadn't spanked me for a few years, but it hurt just as much, in no time at all my bottom was on fire and I was kicking and yelling. After what seemed forever, but was probably only a couple of minutes Mum let me up. I thought it was over, so I jumped off and went hopping around rubbing my bum and doing the spank dance."

Andrea's smile widened, she remembered doing that dance very well and had seen many of her clients also perform it in this very room. "It wasn't over, was it?" Andrea asked.

Gloria shook her head slowly "Mum told me to stop that silly dancing, stand in the middle of the room with my hands on my head and wait for her."

"Oh oh," Andrea played along, "that sounds ominous."

"It was, when Mummy came back she had a hairbrush in her hand. I never got anything other than the hand unless it was really serious and the last time had been ages ago. I was already crying from the hand spanking, but then I started to cry really hard. Mum took me by the wrist, sat down and pulled me back over her lap, then spanked me with the brush. Oh my God how that thing hurt! She kept it up until I'd gone past screaming, my entire bottom felt like it was about to burst into flame and I was just laying limply over her knee blubbering like a baby. She stood me up, told me that she loved me and that she never wanted to have to do that again. I had a good long cuddle on her lap and was put to bed."

"How totally adorable. She never had to spank you again?"

Gloria shook her head and then said with an impish smile "I'm pretty sure I did some things that I know other mothers would have spanked for, but she never spanked me again. I was pretty well behaved really."

"Do you think the same thing would help Jenny? Bear in mind that in many ways she is only fourteen, despite her chronological age, and that's only two years your senior when you had your last trip over the maternal lap."

"I do Andrea, I really do. I hadn't realised quite how much until you made me remember that bottom warming Mummy gave me and the effect it had on me. Jenny is behaving exactly the way I did when I was twelve."

"Lovely, let's get young Jennifer out here and see if she and Kimberley made any headway with their girl to girl chat."

Andrea called for Kimberley and the girl appeared in the parlour, hands clasped demurely in front of her. "How did things go with Jennifer?" Andrea asked.

"Oh really good, ma'am!" Kimberley replied enthusiastically. "We had a great chat and she knows that she's done the wrong thing and needs to be disciplined for it."

Gloria's eyebrows rose and even Andrea was visibly impressed "I don't know how you do what you do, Kimmy, but you are a marvel. Give Mrs Travers and I a few details and then we'll see about warming Jennifer's seat for her."

Kimberley exited the parlour and looked at a nervous Jennifer seated gingerly on the edge of a chair, "You're up." she told the nineteen year old.

Jennifer stood up and took a deep breath, squared her shoulders and prepared to enter the parlour. Kimberley gave her a reassuring smile and said "It won't hurt....much."

Jennifer attempted her own worried smile and went through the door.

Jennifer Travers had never actually met the famous Aunty Andrea face to face. She had seen the woman and thought that she looked somewhat formidable. She had also heard others speak about being spanked by her and the thought sent a shiver through her. The woman smacked bottoms for a living, she had to be good at it. The lady in question was seated in a comfortable armchair by a cheery fire, one long, shapely nylon sheathed leg was crossed over the other and she was sipping tea from a fine bone china cup. In a chair on the other side of the fire was Jennifer's pretty young step mother, the flame haired Gloria. She too was drinking tea and regarding her step daughter curiously.

"I believe you and Kimberley had a little chat." Andrea began.

Not trusting herself to speak Jennifer nodded wordlessly.

"Kimberley said that you accepted you have treated Gloria; your step mother unfairly, and that you should be punished for it. Is that true, Jennifer?"

Licking her suddenly dry lips Jennifer swallowed hard and croaked "Yes ma'am."

"I understand that your mother was the only person that has ever punished you in the past, Jenny."

"That's true, miss."

"How would your mother have dealt with this sort of disrespect, Jennifer Anne?"

Jennifer's blue eyes widened, her middle name, Andrea knew her middle name. Oh crap! She was in so much trouble, you always were when an adult used both of your first names. It was like a knell of doom. "Ummm....she would have spanked me ma'am."

"Spanked you how?"

Jennifer closed her eyes and felt a tear squeeze out as she managed to stammer "Guh...good and huh...hard...on....on my bbbare bbbottom, miss."

"Well Jennifer Anne, your step mother and I have spoken and we think a good hot bottom is exactly what you need, darling."

Jenny kept her eyes closed, let out a long breath and raised her face to the ceiling. That was it. Her fate had been decided. She was going to be leaving the shop with a blazing, sore bottom under her jeans and she was probably going to spend the night sleeping on her tummy if she had judged Andrea's bottom smacking ability correctly. "Jennifer?" Andrea said softly, jolting the girl back to the here and now. "Would you like to prepare for your spanking while I and your step mother discuss things?"

"Prepare, ma'am?" a confused Jennifer asked.

"Are you nervous, dear?"

Jennifer nodded.

"That's what I mean, sweetheart. Nervous little girls sometimes have reactions they would rather not have."

Jennifer blushed as she realised what Andrea was getting at. She had only ever wet herself once during a spanking, she had been very young at the time, but from that day on her mother always ensured that the girl visited the bathroom prior to a good bottom reddening.

'Off you go, sweetie." Andrea dismissed her jumpy client as Jennifer headed to the toilet.

Feeling relieved, Jennifer emerged from the adjoining room and saw that Andrea and her stepmother were getting ready for her chastisement. The tea things had been removed and there was a hairbrush on the coffee table. The way it lay there it had been made look as if it was an almost careless act. Jennifer knew it was intended to convey a message. The brush was not unlike the one her mother had used on her. It was broad and oval with a wide flat back, it was made of a jet black wood and Jennifer would have bet the bristles had never seen so much as a single strand of hair. At least the two ladies were not going to make Jenny suffer the indignity of having to fetch her own punishment implement the way her mother often had. First she had her bottom well warmed by hand and then was ordered off the maternal lap and had to pad through the house, with her rosy nates on display, to get the hairbrush from the master bedroom and hand it to her mother before draping herself back over the waiting lap for the rest of her spanking.

"Feel better now, darling?" Andrea inquired politely.

"Yes, thankyou, ma'am." Jennifer replied.

"You can call me Aunty Andrea if it would make you feel better, Jenny."

"Thankyou, mi...Aunty Andrea." Jennifer answered, trying the cosy name out and finding that it did tend to relax her a little and make the prospect of what was coming a little less frightening.

Andrea produced some paperwork which she set out on the table.

"Jennifer as you are over eighteen and legally an adult I need you to sign a release form. Gloria has already signed it as your nominated guardian."

Jennifer's blue eyes clouded, and she frowned "Why do I have to sign anything, Aunty?"

"It's a legal document, sweetheart. It's for my protection. It says that you consent to your punishment and prevents you from suing me down the track if some clever lawyer talks to you."

"Do I have to sign it, Aunty?"

Andrea shrugged "Not at all, you're an adult, it's your choice."

Gloria looked at her stepdaughter and pleaded "Please sign it, Jenny. We can put everything behind us once you do and see if we can make a happier future for all of us, me, you and your Dad."

Hearing her father invoked broke any resistance Jennifer may have been feeling. She picked up the pen, scanned the page quickly and scrawled her signature on the indicated line.

"Lovely," Andrea said with a broad smile, gathering up the papers and placing them on a table near her chair for Kimberley to file later, "now we can get to the business at hand."

Jennifer stood by demurely, hands clasped in front of her, she kept her eyes focussed on the tops of her white trainers, not wanting to look at Andrea or Gloria.

"Do you have anything you wish to say, Jenny?" Andrea asked.

Last words of the condemned, Jennifer thought to herself. She took a deep breath and in very sincere tones said "I'm very sorry for how I have behaved, Aunty Andrea."

"I am pleased to hear that, sweetheart, but in the brief time I have known you I have found you to be a polite and well behaved young lady. It's not really me you should be apologizing to, darling. It's your stepmother. Now you turn to her and say 'I am very sorry for how I have treated you, Mummy. Please forgive me.'"

The colour drained from Jennifer's face, she dropped her head and said in a small voice "I can't do that, Aunty."

Andrea's green eyes darkened and her expression became stern "Why ever not?"

"She's not my mother." Jennifer whimpered, cringing from the blazing look in Andrea's eyes.

"You're calling me Aunty Andrea and I'm not your real aunt." Andrea countered.

"That's different, ma'am."

"I do not see how. Gloria provides for you and looks after you exactly how your real mother did. I am hoping that we will have her providing the same discipline after today. You genuinely feel sorry about how you have behaved and yet you cannot say sorry in a respectful manner."

Jennifer became stubborn "I am sorry Aunty Andrea, but I cannot call her Mummy."

Andrea realised that pushing the girl harder would only upset everyone and accomplish nothing, so she considered an alternative "Alright, Jennifer. I am disappointed, but I can see your point," she began in a reasonable tone, "however you do need to apologise to your step mother. You can't call her Mrs Travers, that is just silly, ma'am is far too formal for a mother daughter relationship and Gloria does not show the proper respect. How about we try Mummy Gloria?" Seeing the girl's doubtful look she urged. "Go on try it out."

"Mummy Gloria." Jennifer said softly and then sighed, she turned to face Gloria and said to the flame haired young step mother. "I'm very sorry about how I have treated you. I've been a real brat. Can you please forgive me, Mummy Gloria?"

At first Gloria's eyes welled up with tears and then she said "Of course I do, darling."

"Thankyou Mummy Gloria." Jennifer said, relief evident in her voice. She looked at Andrea and asked "Do I still need a spanking, Aunty?"

Andrea chuckled throatily and answered "Little ones always trying to get out of a stinging tail. Yes, Jennifer Anne you most definitely do need a spanking. A good, hard, old fashioned, over the knee, bare bottom spanking."

Each descriptive word sent a shiver through Jennifer's entire body.

"Generally with a girl like you I'd ask her to wear an apron, but as we're all big girls here I think we can dispense with the uniform. Please strip Jennifer." Andrea ordered.

"Completely, ma'am?" an incredulous Jennifer asked.

"Yes, completely," Andrea confirmed, "is there any other way to spank?"

Jennifer nodded and acutely aware of the four eyes on her began to disrobe. First was the plain blue t-shirt. Jennifer lifted her arms and peeled off the shirt, handing it to her stepmother. She kicked off her trainers and used her feet to push them under a chair. The buttons on her tight navy blue denims were unsnapped and she skinned them off, with a smile Gloria accepted them, folded them and set them beside her chair, placing the folded shirt on top of them. Reaching behind her back Jennifer undid the strap on her bra and brought her arms forward, the thin straps fell down her arms and she removed her bra. Blushing she took off her plain white briefs. Jennifer looked at Andrea, shivering a little, but not because it was cold in the room. "Corner." was all the chestnut haired disciplinarian said. The tall blonde turned to go to the corner and was told "Socks, too, sweetheart." Jennifer let out her breath, removed her sockettes as elegantly as she could and gave them to Andrea who tucked them into the trainers under a chair. "Now you just stand there like a good little girl, while Mummy Gloria and I get things ready for a visit from the red bottom fairy."

Hearing her mother's euphemism for a spanking brought tears to Jennifer's blue eyes as she stared at the wall of her corner.

It seemed an eternity as Jennifer stood and shivered naked in the corner. The room was not at all cold, the crackling fire in the grate saw to that, but the knowledge of what was about to happen to her and the fact that she was not wearing a stitch made the adolescent shake unconsciously. Although Jennifer thought that the wait to be called would never end it was in actuality only a handful of minutes. Finally she heard Andrea's cultured drawl calling "Jenny, turn around please and come to Aunty Andrea."

Jennifer turned and forcing herself not to use her hands to shield her nakedness looked towards the chair where Andrea had been sitting when the disciplinarian had ordered her into the corner. The girl's blue eyes showed their surprise when she saw that Andrea was not there, but was instead seated in the middle of a long sofa. Jennifer did not say anything, but gave Andrea a quizzical look. The woman chuckled deeply and explained "For the older clients, and you're quite a tall child, I usually spank them whilst seated on the couch. It will provide support for both your upper and lower body. It will make it easier for me to hold you and harder for you to wriggle off, and we don't want that, do we?"

Jennifer had a response in mind that it would not be an undesirable outcome from her point of view, but bit down on her tongue and answered politely "No, Aunty Andrea."

"Come over here, sweetness and let's get you all settled."

As Jennifer trotted obediently to stand by the chestnut haired lady's knee, she noticed that her stepmother had drawn up a ringside seat and was leaning forward, her jade eyes shining in anticipation of the promised chastisement. Jennifer's initial emotion was one of resentment, but then remembering some of the things she had said to Gloria and some of the rudeness she had displayed she had to admit that she too would have viewed the spanking with no small level of satisfaction.

"Good girl," Andrea complimented Jennifer, as she stood tall and proud by the elegantly skirted knees, "now bend over," Andrea placed her hand on the small of Jennifer's slender back and applied slight pressure, Jennifer folded her long form over Andrea's knee, "lift your legs, darling." Jennifer arranged them so her skyscraper legs were resting on the couch. "Good, lovely," Andrea cooed, as she shifted the girl's position in her lap and with an arm around her waist snugged her in tightly, "now, Jennykins," Jennifer blushed as the childish appellation was applied to her, she did not know Andrea did this, but spanking the ages of the children she often did seemed to have instilled within the willowy woman a maternal knack of knowing how to say the most embarrassing thing at precisely the right moment, "get your cool little cakes up nice and high so Aunty Andrea's hand can cook them up good and hot before Mrs Hairbrush puts them on the high flame for a while." Jennifer groaned inwardly as Andrea confirmed that the hairbrush she had seen on the table earlier would be used on her tender backside, she had no time for further thought as Andrea's slim hand commenced the assault.

Andrea's first slap landed high on Jennifer's upturned buttocks, eliciting a squeal and a kick, Andrea placed her next smack lower and proceeded to work downwards, each spank was hard and deliberate. Experienced spanker that she was, Andrea allowed the impact of each blow to settle in, and waited for the sting to be felt before delivering the next one. Jennifer's pale half moons had taken on a light pink flush as Andrea's hand worked it's way up and down their length. It had been five years since Jennifer had last been in this position, and she had largely forgotten exactly how painful an expertly administered bottom warming could be. Andrea's hand really stung, she knew exactly where and how to spank, she left enough time between each smack just long enough for Jennifer to feel it before slapping again. As Jennifer felt the heat rise and the sting settle in she yelped, squealed and gasped, her legs waved about, and she was heedless that she was showing her charms to Andrea and her stepmother, as she tried to escape the hard, unerringly accurate palm.

Andrea looked down at the squirming, pinkening bottom over her lap and then at Gloria. The woman's eyes were shining, and her breath coming in short gasps, even as Andrea looked at the flame haired young stepmother she saw a pink tongue flick out and lick her lips quickly. Andrea then turned her attention back to the wriggling Jennifer and asked "Beginning to regret being such a cheeky little miss to Mummy Gloria?"

"Yes, Aunty Andrea!" Jennifer yelped miserably.

"Well then hopefully this is having the desired effect, Jennifer Anne."

"Yes it is, ma'am." Jennifer replied respectfully.

"Good." Andrea said and then unleashed a blistering volley that all landed on the crowns of Jennifer's hindquarters.

"Owwwwww!" Jennifer howled and bucked up and down in a futile attempt to rid her bottom of the sting.

Andrea's mouth firmed as she was forced to hold Jennifer down and then her hand visited fire high up on the increasingly sore globes held firmly in her lap.

Jennifer was gasping as the burning sensation in the top of her backside began to die down only to let go with a full throated yell as Andrea's experienced palm beat a tattoo on the lower part of her rear end, the so called sit or spank spot where thighs and glutes joined. "Aaaaahhhhhh please Aunty Andrea!" she roared. "It hurrrtsssss!"

"It's a spanking." Andrea calmly informed the girl, painting her left cheek bright red, "it is meant to hurt, silly girl." and repeated the procedure on the right side, much to Jennifer's distress.

"Now this, Gloria," Andrea informed the observer, as she continued to smack Jennifer's bottom in a leisurely manner eliciting whimpers and moans from the cherry bottomed occupant in her lap, "is what Jennifer's bottom should look like every time she cheeks you or disobeys your commands." then she turned her attention back to Jennifer who was crying steadily, tears flowing unchecked from her eyes to dampen the arm of the sofa. "She's such a big baby, imagine a grown up girl like her making all this fuss over a childish smack bottom. The brush will really give her something to cry about." Andrea scolded scornfully.

Hearing that only made Jennifer cry harder.

Jennifer sobbed and blubbered, tasting that her nose had started to run. Andrea held the girl in place, and shook her spanking hand. Jennifer had quite a firm rump and that had been a sound spanking. Sensing that some of the punishment had ended Jennifer used one forearm to wipe her streaming nose angrily. Both ladies saw the movement and smiled at each other. It had not taken a lot to transform Jennifer from an angry rebellious young woman on the cusp of adulthood into a crying, crimson bottomed little child.

Andrea held her hand out to Gloria and requested "Hand me the brush, please Gloria."

Hearing that Andrea was asking for the brush Jennifer became frantic, she wriggled vigorously and started to plead "Please ma'am. Please Aunty Andrea, not the brush, please. I'll be good. I promise. I will. Please don't use the hairbrush."

"You've felt the brush then before, Jenny?"

"Yes, Aunty." Jennifer sobbed. "I hate the hairbrush. It hurts. I'll be good, I will. You don't have to brush me."

"You know, Gloria." Andrea addressed the lady sitting across from her as she rested the hairbrush, bristle side down ,on Jennifer's twitching, scarlet cheeks. "It never ceases to amaze me how much naughty children promise they'll be good when I bring out my hairbrush."

"It's certainly had that effect on our Jenny." Gloria agreed, sipping her tea briefly to moisten her lips.

"The problem is, Jenny," Andrea spoke again to her client, "that I know you'll be good AFTER I've applied my brush to your bottom, but you have not yet paid for what you did BEFORE you found yourself over Aunty Andrea's lap. What was your Mummy's brush like?"

Jennifer closed her eyes and fat tears squeezed out as she replied hesitantly "It was big and broad, it was made out of wood, a dark wood, I think Mummy said it was cherry...."

"Oh yes," Andrea said softly, "cherry wood makes an excellent hairbrush. Mine is ebony. Please go on, Jennifer, darling."

"It felt cool before Mummy used it, but then it burned like fire. It was the worst thing in the world, ma'am."

"At the time, sweetness, I am sure it felt like the worst thing in the world, but do you know what the real worst thing in the world was?"

Jennifer frowned, she could feel Andrea sliding the brush's smooth, flat back in slow teasing circles around her still simmering buttocks, but she did not know what the question was getting at "No, Aunty Andrea." she confessed.

"The real worst thing in the world, Jennifer, dear was that you had been so naughty and disappointed your Mummy so much that she had to take up her brush and scorch your willful disobedient bottom with it. Just like Aunty Andrea has to do now."

The next sound in the room was the splat as the brush cracked down across the centre of Jennifer's left cheek, quickly answered by a lusty howl from the girl. Another crack like a gunshot rang out in the room, as Andrea smacked the brush down across Jennifer's right buttock, a louder howl coming from the recipient as her long legs scissor kicked wildly. Andrea held the struggling teenager firmly with an arm around the slender waist and applied the brush vigorously. Jennifer wailed and screamed her pain and displeasure, her legs kicked rapidly, drumming a tattoo on the end of the couch, her sizzling red rump pumped up and down frantically and rolled crazily from side to side as she desperately tried to avoid the brush's searing kisses. Andrea took Jennifer to the point of hysterics and beyond, by the time that the final spank of the brush had been administered Jennifer lay limply over the apex of Andrea's crossed legs, her body shaking with large hiccoughing sobs. Andrea took a deep breath and set the brush down. She spoke gently to the girl draped over her lap "Jenny, Jennifer, darling. It's over now, child. You may get up. I'll let you have a little dance before you go to the corner."

With another sob Jennifer climbed awkwardly from Andrea's lap and her hands flew to her abused rear end, rubbing madly at the burning sting and Andrea could not hide a smile as the girl went into her war dance, desperately trying to soothe her buttocks. Andrea was using a tissue to wipe at the sheen of perspiration across the top of her chest and on her brow, the girl had not been easy to hold in place and spanking was strenuous exercise. She rang the bell in reception to signal Kimberley for fresh tea and then told Jennifer "You can stop that silly dancing and rubbing now, young lady and go to Mummy Gloria. Ask her to wipe your nose for you."

Reluctantly moving her hands from her simmering buttocks Jennifer hopped across to a smiling Gloria, and blubbered "Ccan you please wipe my nose, Mmmummy Gloria?"

"Pleased to, darling." Gloria said, plucking a tissue from a box on the table next to her chair. "Come here and let Mummy Gloria clean you up, little one."

Warily Jennifer moved close to Gloria and lowered her face. Gloria gently wiped snot from Jennifer's tear and saliva covered face. She discarded the soiled napkin and took a fresh one, which she held to Jennifer's still dribbling nose and instructed softly "Blow."

Feeling about six years old Jennifer blew noisily into the tissue, getting a giggle from Gloria and an indulgent smile from Andrea. Gloria tossed the second tissue away, and then using a third cleaned up the tears, saliva and sweat from the rest of the well spanked girl's face, turned her to face the corner and with a playful swat across her glowing cherry red behind sent her there with the word "Go!"

Jennifer limped over to the corner, pressed in tightly and laced her hands over her sweat sodden blonde tresses. Her shimmering red buttocks jiggling sweetly with each gentle sob.

Jennifer heard the door open as Kimberley entered with a fresh pot of tea for Andrea and Gloria. The receptionist served the tea and took away the used things, although she did linger long enough to get a good eyeful of the girl's soundly spanked backside. "Now Gloria, we're almost done." Andrea told her client, blowing on her steaming tea to cool it and then taking an experimental sip, sighing with pleasure and leaning back on the couch. "You've seen what should happen to your little Jennykins situpon if she gives you any trouble."

"I certainly have." Gloria agreed, sipping her own tea, admiring Andrea's handiwork on her step daughter's bottom.

"The challenge for you now," Andrea began, running a hand through her lustrous chestnut locks, "is to see if you learned from watching me and if you can do the same to Jennifer."

"Spank her?' Gloria said doubtfully.

"Yes, change places with me on the couch, call her over, lay her across your lap and burn those buns." Andrea said firmly.

"But you just spanked her so soundly." Gloria argued.

"She's a teenage girl," Andrea dismissed the protest, "they have resilient rear ends that were made to be smacked. Don't forget Jenny has 5 years of spankings to make up for too."

"I don't know, Andy, I just...." Gloria prevaricated lamely.

Andrea set her cup down into it's saucer with a loud click that made Gloria jump and then turned her blazing green eyes on the younger woman. "Gloria I spanked Jennifer in good faith and on the understanding that you would take on the responsibility for disciplining the girl. You are now attempting to back out of that."

"Well I never actually agreed to....." Gloria began, genuinely scared of Andrea, then tried a different tack, "you can't insist that all your clients spank their offspring as well as you doing it."

Andrea calmed herself a little and explained to Gloria "I have a number of arrangements with parents and guardians, Gloria. For reasons that are too numerous to list not everyone is able to roast their own darlings backsides and I do that for them. In your case, Gloria, other than your own mindset, there is no reason why you cannot put Jenny over your knee and give her the caring chastisement she so desperately needs. I'd like it if you could bring her to me for a refresher every couple of months, but you should be capable of handling the day to day and week to week discipline issues yourself, just like a real mother does."

Gloria's perfect white upper teeth worried her bottom lip, but at length she stood up and went to the couch. Andrea smiled up at her and rose gracefully, crossing to her own comfortable chair where she would have a good view of proceedings. Gloria sat and smoothed her skirt over her thighs and knees. She cleared her throat and then said clearly in stern tones "Jennifer Anne Travers, turn around and come here, young lady."

Andrea nodded in approval and noted the shiver that went through Jennifer's slender form at hearing the command voiced in that manner. Jennifer turned slowly and saw where Gloria was sitting, her heart sank. The punishment was not over. Her only consolation was that Gloria could not possibly spank as hard as Andrea. On wobbly legs Jennifer made her way to Gloria. Gloria looked at her tall step daughter, she could see the triangle of down blonde fluff between her legs and felt her own a stirring of moist warmth in her own sex and her nipples started to harden. Gloria put her hand up and took hold of Jennifer's slender hand, grasping it and pulling the girl over her outstretched lap. "There we are." Gloria said. "How does this feel, Jenny?"

"Ummmm.....okay....Mummy Gloria." Jennifer answered uncertainly, squirming a little as Gloria's hand fondled and stroked her twitching red buttocks.

"Smack them." Andrea mouthed at Gloria.

Gloria frowned, raised her hand then smacked it down across Jennifer's right cheek. As slaps went the blow was not really that hard, it lacked conviction, but Jennifer had already been so well spanked that her bottom was extremely sensitive and she let out a distressed squeal. Satisfied with that Gloria's hand cracked down across the left globe. Again Jennifer yelped. Letting out a noise of contentment Gloria commenced a steady rain of spanks, she soon had Jennifer's bottom flaring red and the girl bucked and jerked over her lap, forcing her to tighten the grip to hold her in place. "Give her thighs a workout." Andrea advised. "I went easy on those."

"No Mummy Gloria!" Jennifer wailed. "Not my thighs, that really hurtsssssss!"

Her protest fell on deaf ears and a blistering volley was laid across the lightly pink upper thighs, Jennifer's howl of "Nooooo please, Mummmeeeeee!" became one long keening wail and she was soon bawling and kicking hard.

Andrea noticed that Gloria was wincing as she smacked and knew that the younger lady was hurting her hand, unused as it was to soundly spanking a firm pair of deserving adolescent buns. She picked up her ebony hairbrush and held it out. Gloria saw the offered implement, her green eyes shone with an expression of gratitude, she stopped spanking, allowing Jennifer a chance to heave up loud sobs and whimpers draped over her lap, and Gloria curled her hand around the hairbrushes long handle. Gloria lined up the wobbling glowing cherry red buttocks and let fly with the brush. Jennifer screamed and tried to levitate off the lap as the brush struck home and seared her backside. Getting the feel of the brush Gloria began to alternate her spanks, first one side, then the other, the back's greater width allowed her to cover a bigger area, she started high up and worked the brush all the way down to her step daughter's sit spots, something that really opened up the teenager's lungs. "Are you going to behave now?" Gloria demanded, after one scorching set of slaps.

"Yes Mummy Gloria!" Jennifer blubbered.

"Spread her legs," Andrea advised, sipping tea serenely, "it really stings there."

"Spread your legs, please Jennifer Anne." Gloria commanded, voice hard.

"Oh no, please not there, Mummy Gloria," Jennifer begged, "it really really hurts." despite the plea she did as she was told and opened her legs.

Concerned by the girl's tone Gloria looked at Andrea.

Andrea nodded, but mouthed "Not too many." she held up six fingers.

Gloria returned the nod and her grip around the brushes handle tightened.

"Don't choke it." Andrea told her.

Gloria relaxed her hold a little and brought the brush singing down. It impacted on the creamy white flesh of Jennifer's inside thigh turning it a bright red and got a loud howl. At her desk in reception Kimberley winced and the colour drained from the face of a young man waiting his turn over Andrea's lap. Kimberley turned her attention back to her computer screen and murmured "They must be doing her inside thighs."

Jennifer lay chest heaving, eyes and nose streaming, bottom feeling on fire. Gloria set the brush down on the sofa's arm and placed her hand on the blazing backside "Goodness!" she exclaimed, immediately lifting her hand. "We could boil the kettle on those, Jennykins."

"Yes, Mummy." Jennifer cried.

"Are you going to treat me with proper respect now, little girl?" Gloria asked.

"Yes Mummy Gloria."

"I am pleased to hear that Jennifer Anne, because I will have no hesitation from now on in turning you over my lap and roasting your little tomatoes. If I have to keep you hot and bare every day then I will do so, young lady."

She helped the crying girl to her feet and settled her into the lap, enjoying the feeling of the still steaming buttocks in her lap. She gently cleaned the tears, saliva, sweat and mucus from the girl's face and then let Jennifer rest her cheek on her bosom.

Andrea favoured the sweet mother daughter scene with a seraphic smile, sipped her tea and said "Lovely."

Once Jennifer was in the bedroom, changing back into her clothes Andrea and Gloria discussed the session and what should happen to the now chastened step daughter. "I was amazed at how well she took it." Gloria enthused.

"Like a duck to water." Andrea told her. "Seeing as how she was brought up with it I thought she may accept the reintroduction with not too much fuss. Jennifer probably knows she needs spanking and in some ways it allows her to revert to being a little girl and feeling protected and loved. I doubt she's felt that way since her mother passed. At first you'll more than likely need to pop her over the knee weekly. It won't always be a barn burner like we just gave her, but she will need heat to the seat applied regularly. I'd like to see her back here once every couple of months too for a refresher."

"I think I'd enjoy that too Andrea." Gloria said, refilling her tea cup.

There was a noise of discomfort from the bedroom. Andrea giggled "She just tried to put on her jeans. I don't envy her, trying to squeeze freshly spanked flesh into those. I like to make bigger girls wear corsets, compacting the just spanked globes is an exquisite pain and it keeps the bottom nice and hot for hours."

Gloria felt a delicious shudder go through her at the thought.

"You need to get a hairbrush." Andrea said.

"I've got one." Gloria told her, patting her own well cared for rusty locks.

"You need one for spanking only. Try and get one like mine, made of a dark wood. There's a shop at the mall which sells a quality line. Make sure you take Jennifer with you when you purchase it, it will be a good humbling experience for her. Don't worry if the staff and other shoppers know it's for spanking her naughty bare bottom."

Gloria let out a laugh.

"When you get her home today I'd put her in jammies, the younger the better. Give her something light for supper like toast and hot soup, then put her to bed."

"Sounds like a quiet night for me." Gloria said with a laugh as Jennifer reappeared, dressed as she was when she first entered the shop, she was still wincing.

"Jenny, dear," Andrea said to the girl, "can you please wait out front while I finish with your mother?"

"Yes, ma'am." the girl said, dropping a curtsey and gratefully fleeing the room.

"I didn't want to say this in front of Jennifer." Andrea said at Gloria's quizzical look as she had believed they were completed.

"What was that?" a suspicious Gloria asked.

"I had a call from your husband the other day. Something about a maxed out credit card."

Gloria went bright red.

"Will I tell Kimberley to book in some time next week?"

Gloria winced, but nodded.

"Lovely," Andrea said in her cultured drawl, "make sure you bring your new hairbrush with you, it will be a good christening for it."


  1. Ah, wow, a cherry wood hairbrush spanking at it's best, wow this story is very hot, like her bottom. I love the opening paragraph with the young lady rubbing her skirt after a nice brushing. Great story line. And yes we all will wait to read about Gloria and her new hairbrush being christened!!

    Thank you ma'am.


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