Monday, 6 June 2011

'The Spank Shop - Karen'

Seegee and I hope you enjoy this account of a naughty young celebrity who found her way over my lap.
The accompanying pictures are a series from Real Spankings that I thought captured the spirit of the story.

Kimberley Kennedy, receptionist for the unique Clarkstown establishment; the Spank Shop, glared at the Excel spreadsheet on her computer monitor and frowned. How could this have happened? Somehow two people had been booked for exactly the same time on the same day. The stunningly attractive, blonde, adolescent receptionist prided herself on her book work and this was very unlike her. If she could not work this out and reschedule someone, then the two clients who had been inadvertently booked at the same time would not be only ones getting their bottoms warmed by the shop's elegant and competent proprietress; Andrea Mahoney. A soft sob came from one of the corners of the room and Kimberley looked up. A teenage girl with short brown hair, wearing a yellow apron that was open in the back, stood in the corner, hands on head, sporting the unmistakable evidence of a sound spanking on her plump bottom. "It won't be long, Pammy," Kimberley told the girl kindly, "and Penny and Paul will soon be joining you in the corners."

The girl in the corner was one of the Harper triplets. Unfortunately for Pam, Andrea had chosen to spank her first. Sister Penelope was over Andrea's knee as they spoke, having her own situpon spanked to a scorching lobster red by the experienced disciplinarian. The third triplet; Paul was in a different room being attended to by Gabrielle Kennedy, Kimberley's mother. The Clarkstown matron was a part time employee and Kimberley would be willing to bet that the young man was probably wishing he had never met Aunty Gabrielle, as she was now spanking fire into every part of his bottom using a stout rectangular oak hairbrush, which had in fact been supplied by the children's mother. If Kimberley was quiet and listened hard she could hear both teens being chastised. There was the crack of leather meeting tender buttock flesh from Andrea's parlour and Kimberley winced as Penny wailed in reply. Andrea was using the leather sole of a broad, supple bedroom slipper to punish the girl's derriere and Kimberley knew from painful experience just how much that stung. From the other room came the sound of a flat, heavy hairbrush striking an unprotected male backside and answering howls from Paul. Kimberley gave a low whistle, her mother was really roasting Paul, plenty of trips over that same maternal lap had taught Kimberley a healthy respect for the strength of her mother's arm and her thoroughness when she had a brush in hand. With effort Kimberley shut her ears to the noises emanating from the rooms and the accompanying mental images of glowing red bottoms writhing as slipper and hairbrush heated them to furnace like temperatures.

"How could you have been so stupid, Kimberley Susan?" the girl asked herself, once again examining her spreadsheet. She had not even made the bookings on a day her mother was working, if she had there would not be a problem. One of the clients was an adult, so would probably not easily be able to alter times, the other one was a minor. Kimberley knew the child's guardian, an aunt, who had booked the appointment, she had her hand on the phone just about to ring the lady and see if they could reschedule when the bell above the door tinkled. Kimberley's hand left the telephone receiver and she turned to greet the new arrivals. Her cheery welcome died on her lips as she saw who was entering the shop.

Joelle Clemenceau and a tall, slender blonde girl. Kimberley knew Mademoiselle Joelle Clemenceau and did not like her one bit. The haughty French woman was an old friend of Andrea's. On the first occasion that she and Kimberley had encountered each other the receptionist had taken an instant dislike to the older woman's arrogant manner and been extraordinarily insolent to her. This had led to their second meeting being an extended journey for Kimberley over Joelle's lap. Kimberley's cheeks still burned with embarrassment whenever she recalled that long and unpleasant morning. Her only interaction with the French lady since that had been by phone and she had been at pains to be extremely polite. For reasons Kimberley did not understand Aunty Andrea was friends with Joelle and she felt sure that if she was not at least civil to Joelle then word would get back to her employer and her bottom would be again roasted. Kimberley would accept the occasional spanking from Andrea for things like making a mistake with the appointments, but there was something shaming about getting one for being rude to Joelle and she hated feeling that she had somehow let Andrea down.

It was not the presence of the French lady that had tongue tied Kimberley, it was her companion. That face and form were famous the world over, they belonged to Karen 'KM' Moore, one of the world's most successful and well known supermodels. The woman advertised everything from soft drink to luxury sports cars. Kimberley was like many girls her age impressed by beautiful, self assured, wealthy and famous women not that much older than her, such as the world renowned 'KM'. What on earth would Karen Moore be doing here? Kimberley knew that Joelle worked in the fashion industry, but the fact that she knew someone like 'KM' really impressed the teenager.

"Mademoiselle Clemenceau." Kimberley greeted Joelle coolly.

"Bonjour Kimberlee," Joelle replied brightly, in her accented English. "is Andee free?"

"She's with a client at present ma'am." Kimberley responded respectfully. "May I offer you and your friend some refreshment whilst I inform her you are here and wait for her to finish up?"

"That would be magnifique, Kimberlee, merci. Do you know Karen?"

"Only by reputation, ma'am."

Joelle nodded her head and made introductions "Kimberlee Kennedee meet Karen Moore."

"Delighted." Kimberley smiled at the somewhat sullen supermodel.

"Yeah, whatever." Karen said, without even looking at the receptionist.

Kimberley hid her scowl. Yes, the woman was famous, but would it have hurt to at least acknowledge her presence? "What would you and Miss Moore like to drink Mademoiselle Clemenceau?"

"Cafe au lait, s'il vous plait." Joelle responded.

Kimberley smiled, she had anticipated the lady's request, Joelle loved her coffee with milk.

"Water, imported, in a glass." Karen said, folding herself elegantly into a chair and for the first time noticing that there was a red bottomed teenager decorating a corner.

Kimberley went into the kitchen, she put the kettle on for Joelle's coffee and then opened the refrigerator and stared at the jug of iced water that was kept there for clients. What was imported water? Karen must have meant Perrier or something. Kimberley had never really seen the point of bottled water in developed countries with regular supplies of clean drinking water, especially when you were in a city or a suburb. Tap water was perfectly fine to drink and it cost considerably less. It would not have surprised the teenager to learn that bottled water was just tap water in a fancy container with some marketable name. In any case there was nothing like that in the shop's refrigerator. Kimberley shrugged and took the jug of iced water out, poured some into a sparkling clean glass and then prepared Joelle's coffee.

Joelle accepted her coffee with thanks and Karen had to be gently advised that her water was there, she was still staring at Pamela Harper's glowing red bottom. Joelle blew on her coffee to cool it and then sipped delicately, the smile she directed Kimberley's way told the girl that she enjoyed the beverage. Karen sipped her water and then scowled into the glass. "Is this what I asked for?" she enquired imperiously.

Kimberley tossed her mane of golden hair and favoured the model with a dazzling smile "I poured it myself." she replied, casually avoiding answering the question.

Karen let it slide and then went to the issue that genuinely concerned her. "What happened to her?" she asked, indicating the sobbing teenager in the corner.

Kimberley laughed "Pammy was a naughty girl and had her bottom burned by Aunty Andrea. Her sister is getting her situpon scorched as we speak and her brother is over my mother's lap having his rump roasted."

There was something in the playful way Kimberley spoke about the punishments that chilled Karen to the bone. She mouthed the words 'Oh my God!' and directed a look of horror at Joelle. The French lady sipped her coffee and smiled seraphically.

"I'll just see if Miss Andrea will be long, ma'am." Kimberley offered.

"Merci, Kimberlee." Joelle thanked her.

"Miss Andrea." Kimberley spoke into the intercom.

The device crackled and sound floated through it into reception: CRACK! OOOWWWOOOHHHHOOOO! "What is it, Kimberley? I am right in the middle of Penelope's hiding."

"Oh yes, I can hear that, ma'am. She's putting on a nice little concert. You have a visitor."

There was another loud report of slipper striking tender buttock flesh and an answering howl, then Andrea spoke again "Who is it, Kim?"

"It's Mademoiselle Clemenceau, miss."


"Yes, ma'am and she has a....," Kimberley searched for a word to describe Karen and then looked at Joelle for assistance, the French woman mouthed the word 'client' and Kimberley finished off, "client for you."

"Lovely," Andrea said, and applied another lusty stroke of her slipper to Penelope Harper's frantically wriggling, scarlet rear end and was rewarded with a squeal and a heartfelt "I'm sorrreeeee!", "Penny will soon be cooked and I'll send her out, you can let Joelle and her customer in then, dear."

"Yes, ma'am." Kimberley cut the connection and told a smiling Joelle and a stunned Karen. "She won't be long."

Karen sipped her water and kept casting worried looks at Pamela's glowing bottom in the corner. Kimberley had been telling the truth and it was not long before the door to Andrea's parlour opened and Pamela's sister; Penelope emerged. The girl was also dressed in a yellow apron and tears were streaming down her face. Her hands hovered over a tomato red bottom and Andrea's voice said sharply "Try to rub that bottom, young lady and you can march it right back in here. I've got a two tailed tawse that would fit your rump nicely."

Penelope's back stiffened and she gulped hard, before clenching her hands into fists to prevent them from touching her super heated back end, and trying to soothe some of the ache that Andrea's slipper had given to her. Kimberley rose from her chair and said to Joelle and Karen, "Mademoiselle Clemenceau, Miss Moore, if you would like to go through, Miss Andrea will see you now."

"Merci, Kimberlee," Joelle told the receptionist, rising and coaxing an obviously reluctant Karen to follow her, "come on, cherie. Andee will not bite."

Kimberley had her arm around Penelope Harper's shaking shoulders and was saying gently to the soundly spanked teenager "C'mon, Penny. Let's get you into a corner. Paul will be joining you and Pam soon. Mum's almost done with him. You'd better put your hands on your head, sweetheart. You don't want to have to go over Aunty Kimberley's lap for another dose because you rubbed without permission."

Andrea was seated in her favourite armchair by the fireplace, she was relaxed with one silk sheathed leg crossed over the other, she greeted the two newcomers with a seraphic smile "Joelle, Miss Moore, it is a pleasure."

"You know me?" Karen queried as she took a seat next to Joelle on a sofa.

One of the professional disciplinarians perfectly sculpted eyebrows rose at the question "I think you're being falsely modest there, young lady. You have one of the world's most well known faces and bodies. Can I offer either of you refreshment?"

"Kimberlee attended to us, Andee." Joelle answered for both.

"I don't think my water was imported." Karen muttered with a scowl.

Andrea ignored the complaint and rang through to Kimberley for tea.

"Now how can I assist here?" Andrea asked turning her attention to Joelle and Karen. She would not say so, but she had to admit that she was impressed by the supermodel's attendance. She knew that Joelle worked in the fashion industry, but she had no idea that her friend was so well connected that she could bring one of the world's top supermodels to Clarkstown and actually get her to come to the shop.

Seeing as Karen was obviously not going to answer Joelle stepped in "You may 'ave 'eard about Karen's exploits off the catwalk." she began.

"Oh yes." Andrea smiled, remembering the articles that were in the magazines Kimberley often brought in. The girl was notorious for her wealthy famous friends and her party lifestyle. Although Karen advertised one of the worlds most expensive luxury sports cars and even owned one she was not allowed to drive it as her licence had been suspended for driving whilst over the legal blood alcohol limit. That was typical of what was written about 'KM'.

"Karen 'as been a particularly naughty fille." Joelle continued, ignoring the angry flush on the model's cheeks as she was talked about like a disobedient five year old. "At a party last week she left the club after dawn and missed a photo shoot."

"Joelle," Andrea interrupted, "that's not good, but I hardly think it's grounds to bring her here."

"If that was all it was that is true, Andee. Do not interrupt me, cherie. It's rude." she scolded her friend gently. She turned to Karen "Would you like to finish, Karen?"

The girl emitted a put upon sigh and drawled "If I must." she turned to Andrea. "I was busted with cocaine."

Andrea's eyes narrowed, but she was prevented from taking things any further at Kimberley entered the parlour bearing a steaming cup of tea, she placed this on the small table by Andrea's chair, "Thanks, Kim." Andrea told her pretty blonde receptionist softly and Kimberley retreated silently. Andrea picked up her tea, blew on it to cool it, and then sipped delicately. "Cocaine is illegal." she told Karen.

"I know that." the model retorted.

"Why did you have it?"

"Are you with the narcotics squad?" Karen shot back.

Andrea shook her head in dismay and sipped her tea.

Joelle glared at the model, her lips pursed and then spoke with Andrea as if Karen were not there. "Karen's manager and major sponsor were able to convince the police not to press charges once they had confiscated the cocaine and keep it out of the papers."

"It was a little blow, lots of people do way worse and nothing happens." Karen defended herself.

"It's an illegal substance and with good reason, Miss Moore." Andrea reminded the girl.

"If this was an isolated incident there would be no problem," Joelle explained, "but this was the straw that broke the camel's back as you say. Karen's sponsor called me in, I 'ave 'ad success with difficult filles before."

"La fessee." Andrea said with a grin.

"Oui." Joelle agreed.

"So why are you here? Couldn't you have simply put Karen over your knee?"

"Hey!" Karen broke in. "I'm right here, don't I get to say anything about this?"

"Did you take the cocaine and were you forced into it?" Andrea asked sternly.

"Yes and no."

"Then no you do not get to say anything about this. You made a choice and maybe it's high time you learnt that your choices have consequences."

Karen looked as if Andrea had slapped her face, it was unlikely anyone had ever spoken to her like that in her life. Her mouth opened and then snapped shut, she sat back in the couch, staring into her lap, refusing to meet Andrea's glittering green eyes.

"So why didn't you deal with her, Joelle?" Andrea asked.

The French woman made a face "I would 'ave loved to, cherie, but as I 'ave a vested interest it was considered tres impossible."

"I'm still not sure how I can help here, Joelle."

Joelle smiled "Karen's contract says that if she transgresses in the way she 'as, then they can fire 'er."


"They don't want to lose 'er services. She is a good model. On the other 'and, they do not want 'er to get away as you say 'scot free'. I suggested you."

"She's a grown woman, Joelle."

"You 'ave other adult clients, Andee."

"Well, yes," Andrea admitted, "but they come to me of their own volition usually and they're not world famous super models."

"I'm still sitting here." Karen reminded the two women.

"Karen," Andrea said coolly, turning her green eyed gaze again on the model, "young ladies who knowingly and willingly break the law and prove how very young they are don't get to speak whilst the adults are talking. Now you can remain sitting there and speak when spoken to, or you can go out and sit in reception whilst Joelle and I discuss the matter of your behaviour."

Karen fumed, but nodded her agreement. The thought of sitting alone in the reception room with the sobbing, red bottomed teenagers in the corners creeped her out and whilst she would never admit it there was something scary about that Kimberley girl.

"What Karen needs to learn," Joelle said, "is that 'er actions 'ave consequences and that those consequences are not always pleasant. I know you can do that, Andee."

"What happens if I don't agree to this?"

Joelle's expression grew sad "Karen will be fired and she may find it 'ard to get work. This would be a great tragedy, not just for the modelling world, but also for Karen. She needs a 'ot bottom, Andee."

Andrea sighed and then looked at the sullen girl on the couch. She was not sure of Karen's exact age, but she did not think it was much over twenty and already the super model seemed far too jaded for one of her tender years. If her discipline could make Karen see the error of her ways and alter her behaviour then that could possibly have a flow on effect of encouraging all the adolescents and young women who idolised the model of following in her foot steps and adopting a clean living philosophy. This could only be a good thing. "Okay, Joelle. I'll do it. We'll need to get Kimberley in here to book her in and it will need to be a lengthy session."

"Oui." Joelle agreed, satisfaction in her voice.

Andrea depressed the button on her interoffice intercom and it crackled into life. From the sounds that could be heard through the device it appeared as if Kimberley was dealing with the mother of the Harper triplets. "Oh yes Mrs Harper," the receptionist could be heard saying enthusiastically, "very well spanked. Pam got Miss Andrea's little leather paddle and Penny was soundly slippered. Mum took your hairbrush to Paul's rear. Reddened up beautifully didn't he?" the girl paused and then said into the intercom "Yes, Miss Andrea?"

"Can you please come in here for a moment, Kim and bring the appointment book with you, dear."

"Yes ma'am," the teenager said respectfully, "I'll just finish up with Mrs Harper and be there directly."

Kimberley stood on one side of the room, the large leather bound appointment book held over her ample bosom. "How long are you and Karen going to be here, Joelle?" Andrea asked.

The French woman shrugged in a very Gallic manner and said casually "Until late next week, Karen needs to be in New York on Friday morning."

"Can we do anything with that time frame, Kim?" Andrea inquired of her receptionist.

Kimberley opened the book and shook out her cloud of honey blonde hair as she perused the columns.

"Kim," Andrea instructed the girl, "I'll want approximately two hours with Karen and due to her profile I think we'd need to have a window of about thirty minutes on either side of that so that she can get in and out discreetly."

"Mmmmmm....," Kimberley said, her brow furrowing as she studied the book, "that makes it wait, I've got it! Next Wednesday, we're free from ten until three. Judge Thornley has Melanie booked in at three fifteen."

"Does that suit?" Andrea asked Joelle.

"C'est magnifique!" Joelle replied enthusiastically.

"Excellent!" Andrea beamed while Karen scowled. "Book that in, Kim. Karen can arrive here at eleven and leave with a wonderfully hot bottom a couple of hours later. That should also allow us to fit in at least one more appointment between now and then for another client if we have to."

"Okay, Miss Andrea." Kimberley replied, flicking her hair and then flouncing out of the room to enter the details into her spreadsheet and wondering how she was going to sit on the news that her boss was going to spank 'KM'.

Andrea smiled warmly at the sullen model on the couch and said "Karen, it looks as if you and I are soon going to become very well acquainted."

"Unless my lawyers can do what I pay them for and find some way out of the stupid contract." the model muttered.

Apparently the super model's lawyers had not been able to find a loophole in her contract, because at eleven sharp on the appointed Wednesday the Spank Shop's doorbell tinkled merrily as Joelle Clemenceau entered with a hesitant and nervous Karen Moore in tow. "'Allo Kimberlee!" the French lady greeted the pretty blonde receptionist cheerily.

"Good morning, Mademoiselle Clemenceau, Karen."

"How come I don't get a Ms Moore?" Karen demanded of Joelle about Kimberley's informal greeting.

"You are not Ms Moore, cherie." Joelle informed her charge. "You are a naughty little fille, 'ere for la fessee."

Karen shook her head, she had problems following Joelle's 'franglish' at times, but she assumed what she had just said translated as: 'You are a naughty little girl here for a spanking.'

"Would you like a cup of coffee, Mademoiselle Clemenceau?" Kimberley offered politely, knowing that anything less was likely to earn her an unpleasant journey over Andrea's capable lap.

"Merci, but non, Kimberlee. I cannot stay. I will be back in two hours to collect Karen. Au revoir Karen."

As Karen watched the French woman leave she felt like a lonely child whose one and only friend in the playground had just left. It was true that Karen did not even much like Joelle, in her opinion the woman was a loon, but she was at least familiar, and although Karen knew it was silly, the Spank Shop scared her.

Kimberley tried to give the lost looking girl a reassuring smile and said warmly "Miss Andrea is expecting you, you can go right through."

Karen took a deep breath and then entered the door that led from reception into Andrea's parlour. Andrea was in the same chair by the fire, that she had been sitting in when Karen had met her with Joelle. Andrea smiled at Karen "Hello dear, please take a seat. You're on time, that's good."

Her throat suddenly tight as she gazed down at the disciplinarian, her long, athletic legs sheathed in nylon stockings beneath the sensible skirt she was wearing were crossed over each other, Karen was only able to nod before sitting on the edge of the indicated couch.

Seeing the girl's obvious discomfort Andrea inquired kindly "Would you like anything to drink before we get started, Karen?"

"Could I have a cup of peppermint tea, please?" Karen asked in a small voice.

"Please what?" Andrea asked the girl in a firm voice.

At first Karen seemed confused, then she remembered the previous meeting and that Andrea insisted on being called ma'am or miss by her clients. "Please, miss." she amended her request.

"Much better." Andrea smiled and called for Kimberley.

"Yes ma'am?" the receptionist asked, appearing in the room.

"Karen has asked for a cup of peppermint tea and I'd like one also, Kim. We do have some, don't we?" Andrea tended to prefer the traditional tea blends, but she knew that her receptionist did occasionally like herbal or flavoured tea. Privately Andrea thought that Karen's choice was a good one, peppermint tea was good for stress and it would also relax Andrea herself. Neither woman spoke and they heard the kettle sing in the kitchen and the clink of crockery and cutlery as Kimberley prepared the tea. The blonde teenager soon reappeared bearing a tray on which was a small pot of tea, tendrils of steam curling out the spout, two china cups and saucers and spoons. Kimberley set the tray down on the coffee table, between Andrea's chair and the couch that Karen was sitting on, and poured the tea. The hot liquid splashed into the cup and clouds of steam rose from it. Kimberley handed a cup to Andrea and waited for her to blow on it to cool it and sip, she let out a contented sigh and Kimberley poured a second cup which she handed to Karen, she then gathered up the tray and the pot and whisked them back into the kitchen. "I find a nice hot cup of tea so relaxing," Andrea said, "don't you, Karen? Something just to settle jangling nerves."

Karen sipped and as she felt the tea slide down her throat and warm her inside she nodded and murmured "Yes ma'am."

"You've never been spanked before, have you, Karen?"

"No, Miss Andrea."

"Then I am sure that pretty pampered bottom of yours is tingling. Once you've finished your tea I have some paperwork and then we can get you all hot and bothered over my knee."

The casual way that Andrea, and Joelle for that matter, spoke about spanking, including all the cute euphemisms that they used unsettled Karen. She had some friends who did it for fun when they were high or used it as an aid to sexual pleasure, but she had the feeling that there was not going to be anything at all fun about what took place here.

Karen finished her tea and set the cup down in the saucer with a click and had to admit that already she felt better, calmer, more settled, the butterflies that had been in her tummy when she walked in had stopped fluttering around. "All done?" Andrea inquired. Karen nodded and Andrea rang again for Kimberley. The girl swept into the room, collected the cups, saucers and spoons and disappeared back into the kitchen. Andrea picked up a folder that had been sitting on the small round table next to her chair, extracted an official looking form and a pen, then set them down in front of Karen. "Sign that," she said, "and we can get started."

Karen made no move, but looked down at the form with all its legalese and asked "What is this?"

Andrea's full red lips pursed at the omission of any honorific, but until the model had signed the release form there was not a lot she could do about it. "It's a release form." she explained. "As you are an adult, Karen, I cannot legally discipline you physically until you sign that. It protects me from legal action further down the track if you try to sue me for assault."

Karen's eyes narrowed as she tried to follow the forms fine print and she asked "So, if I don't sign this, you won't spank me?"

Andrea took a deep breath, sat back in her chair and steepled her fingers in front of her face, it was not the first time someone had tried this tactic, it rarely worked and it would not be successful this time. "No, I won't, but if you walk out of here unspanked I don't fancy your chances of retaining your principal sponsor."

"There are other sponsors." Karen argued.

"That's true, but there are also other models, ones who don't have drugs offences on their records."

"I don't have any drugs offences." Karen denied hotly.

"And just how long do you think that will remain the case once your sponsors are not covering up your indiscretions or having charges dropped? Do you honestly think if you weren't 'KM' with all your money, lucrative advertising deals, and the teams of publicists and lawyers that those companies who pay for you to represent them, that your last little experience with 'blow' as you so quaintly called it would have remained out of the media or kept you out of court?"

Stung by the rebuke, but knowing that every word of it was true Karen answered in small voice "No, ma'am." and fighting back tears of anger and humiliation she quickly scrawled her signature on the indicated areas of the release form in front of her. Andrea removed it and the pen from the table and replaced them back in the folder.

Andrea looked at Karen, who was now shifting nervously on the edge of the couch, knowing that the promised spanking was imminent. "Karen, do you need to visit the bathroom, dear?"

The model immediately felt colour and heat flood into her cheeks, up until that moment she had not actually been aware of a need to relieve her bladder, but she realised what her nervous shifting on the couch must have looked like to Andrea and now all of a sudden she did need to go to the toilet. She nodded.

Andrea smiled, "It's nothing to be embarrassed about and it is better for both of us than you having an accident over my lap. The bathroom is just through there," the willowy disciplinarian indicated a door to one side of the room, "you'll need to go through the change room to get to it. On your way back you will notice that there are five aprons laid on the bed. You will take off all your clothes, fold them neatly and put them on the bed and then put on one of the aprons and come back out here."

Karen frowned and thought 'Aprons? What was this woman on about?' "What for?" she asked.

Andrea's green eyes suddenly became serious "We need to get some things straight, Karen. Once you signed that form you agreed to not only be disciplined by me, but to do as I told you and you also agreed to show me the proper respect, that means that when you speak to me you address me as ma'am, miss or Aunty Andrea if you wish. Is that understood?"

"Oh puhleese!" Karen exclaimed rolling her eyes.

Andrea let out one short, sharp breath and rose gracefully, she took a few strides to where Karen sat on the edge of the couch, and taking the girl's ear firmly between forefinger and thumb, hauled her protesting to her feet. She spun Karen around and planted a number of hard slaps to the seat of her snugly filled designer jeans scolding her "You will do as you are told, without argument and you will address me properly. Is that understood?"

"Yes!" Karen squealed, dancing as she tried to avoid Andrea's punishing palm.

SLAP! "Yes what?" Andrea demanded.

"Yes ma'am." Karen yelped.

"Much better, now get your little behind into the change room and when you return you had better be wearing an apron and nothing else." she propelled Karen towards the changing room with another firm slap to her backside.

Karen went through the bedroom and straight to the toilet. She got her business in there done and washed her hands thoroughly. She closed the bathroom door behind her and looked around the bedroom. As Andrea had told her there were indeed five aprons spread out across the foot of the bed. Karen took one of the garments between her thumb and forefinger and lifted it up to examine it. She made a face, for someone used to haute couture as a matter of course the aprons were rather gauche. With a sigh Karen began to disrobe, she was seriously going to kill Indiana, the heiress who had provided the cocaine on the night she had been busted. Karen folded her jeans and placed them on the bed, she was only in her panties and bra when she stopped and started to seriously wonder what she was doing. Why didn't she just put her clothes back on and walk out? Okay, she would lose a sponsor, but she was KM. Others would sponsor her. Karen had just reached for her jeans when she heard Andrea's voice outside. "What is going on in there, young lady? You should be out here and in the corner by now. You do not want me to have to come in there, which I will do if you are not out here and in an apron by the time I count to ten. One...."

All of the model's resolve fled, she moved her had away from the folded denims and immediately took off her bra and slipped out of her thong panties. She selected the first apron that came to hand and put it on quickly, even managing to tie it up at the back, being the veteran of many fashion shows she knew how to dress in haste and had worn more awkward clothes than the apron, then took a deep breath and padded barefoot out into the parlour.

Andrea was still in her chair by the fire, Karen kept her eyes on the merrily flickering flames so that she would not see the sheer delight in the older woman's eyes at how the proud and famous model had been forced into wearing a humiliating apron that showed off most of her well known body. "Well, well, well," Andrea said, a self satisfied tone to her voice, "don't we just look adorable?"

Karen felt her cheeks burn and closed her eyes so that she would not start to cry.

"Come over here and let Aunty Andrea have a good look at you, darling."

Silently Karen approached the chestnut haired lady in the armchair. She allowed Andrea to turn her and examine her from in front and behind. When the disciplinarian saw that Karen had tied the apron up in back without assistance she exclaimed. "What a clever girl you are!"

Then she felt Andrea's hands pull her lustrous blonde hair back from her face and gather it in a pony tail, she did not say anything, but turned and looked at the other woman. Andrea smiled and explained "To keep it away from your face. You'll cry and your nose may run too, dear. Your hair is lovely, but we don't want it all messed up with tears, snot and saliva." Hearing that ominous prediction Karen's heart fell, and she felt her knees weaken as Andrea used a hair tie to put the girl's hair in a loose pony tail at her back.

"Let's see you walk, Karen." Andrea commanded once she had tied the hair back.

"Walk, ma'am?" Karen asked, confused.

"It's not every day I have the chance to see a real live supermodel give me a show wearing one of my garments." Andrea said with a grin.

Karen was tempted to say 'You have got to be kidding!', but the memory of those sizzling smacks Andrea had given her for disrespect earlier still lingered and that had been over denim, her bottom now had no protection at all. She said nothing, but the scowl on her face spoke volumes. With a huffed sigh Karen strode aggressively down the room, stopped and pushed her backside out, turned gracefully and stalked back to where Andrea sat watching appreciatively, stopped again and stuck her bottom out, one hand on her hip. Her blue eyes assessed Andrea angrily. Andrea, her own jade eyes shining, clapped her hands and said "Wonderful! Absolutely wonderful! Go and change into another one and let me see that." Four more times Karen had to change aprons and parade them as if she were on a catwalk for Andrea. When she was done, and standing before the lady who was going to spank her, dressed in a baby pink apron with pictures of roses all over it, pouting, Andrea mused "Now which one was the best? Which one did you prefer, Karen?"

"I didn't really like any of them, Miss Andrea." Karen replied truthfully and politely.

"No, I can imagine they're a far cry from what you're used to, young lady. My personal favourite was the red one with the white hearts, the background colour will give me a good guide as to what colour I need your bottom to be. You know what to do now, 'Miss about to be spanked'."

Karen sighed, rolled her eyes, but turned and headed for the bedroom again to change into the apron Andrea had spoken about.

"Oh, you're a fast learner, Miss Moore, I will give you that." Andrea remarked as she watched the model's delightful bottom wiggle it's way to the door.

Karen returned wearing the heart covered apron and saw that there was a large ebony, oval hairbrush laying on the coffee table, it had not been there before. Karen did not say anything about it, but she frowned. It had never happened to her, but she had heard stories from other girls who were spanked as children and she had also read a few spanking stories on the 'net. Hairbrushes featured prominently. She rather doubted that the one on the table was to be used to brush either her golden tresses or Andrea's chestnut locks.

"Into the corner please, Karen." Andrea instructed. "Face the wall, leave your hands by your side or put them on your head. I will call for you when I am ready."

Dry mouthed, Karen nodded and made her way to the corner on ever more reluctant legs. She stared at the wall and left her hands by her side, clenched into tight fists. She could not see anything, but she could hear Andrea moving around the room, humming tunelessly to herself. Her bottom tingled uncontrollably and fingers of icy anticipation wound their way up the hemispheres, Karen took deep breaths trying to calm the madly fluttering butterflies in her tummy.

Finally Andrea's soft drawl brought Karen's stomach churning wait to an end. "Turn around and come stand by Aunty Andrea's knee, please dear."

Karen turned and walked slowly to where Andrea was sitting on the couch. She licked her dry lips and kept her eyes fixed firmly on her bare feet, willing them to cross the short distance from the corner to the couch. She stopped when she was at Andrea's silk covered knees, she let her eyes move up to the dark pleated skirt arranged across the woman's lap and the sober, light coloured blouse, then to Andrea's long, elegant neck and finally rested on those serene jade eyes.

Andrea looked up at the model and smiled gently "My, you're nervous, Karen. I wonder why that would be?"

Barely trusting herself to speak Karen whispered "I've never been spanked before, ma'am."

"I know that darling. It's why you've been so very naughty, but never you mind Aunty Andrea will take care of that. We'll have that little bottom of yours roasting over my lap in no time at all."

Karen knew that it was absolutely insane, but there was some small part of her that was actually beginning to welcome what Andrea was about to do to her.

"Across my lap please, Karen." Andrea instructed, her face and voice becoming sterner.

Karen's blue eyes filled with tears and she stared down at the lap.

Andrea looked up and asked "Whatever is the matter, Karen?"

"I don't know how to....." Karen's voice faltered, "how to get over...."

Andrea's face broke into a soft smile, "That's okay, sweetheart. Let me help you." Andrea's arm encircled Karen's slender waist, "You're trembling like a leaf, Karen. If you're cold I'll warm you up nice and quickly."

Karen bit the retort back, she was shivering because she was petrified of what was about to happen to her, although she knew that Andrea was only teasing and trying to put her at ease. Andrea's other had reached out and took hold of Karen's wrist. She tugged and put pressure on the girl's back and Karen tumbled over the waiting lap in an undignified sprawl of arms and legs. "Upsa daisy!" Andrea exclaimed cheerfully. "Here we are, where you need to be, sweetie, over my lap with an upturned, bare behind. Now let's just get you arranged a little, we don't want you wriggling off, do we?"

Andrea lifted Karen's skyscraper legs onto the couch, so that she was fully supported and shifted the bottom to the centre of her lap. Once Karen was draped over her lap she examined the backside settled in there. For a long time Andrea had considered Kimberley or Tiffany; the young nurse she spanked on Friday mornings, to have the best bottoms she had ever had the pleasure of dealing with, but that title had just gone to Karen. No wonder the woman was a model, if ever there was a bottom deserving the title of perfect Karen Moore possessed it. Karen's derriere was breathtaking. The girl was a lovely golden brown all other, she either took the sun in the altogether or she used a tanning bed when completely nude, because there was not a tan line in sight. Karen's rear was firm and perfectly round without being muscular and it was still delightfully tender, the legacy of never having been spanked in her life. Andrea could not help herself, she was lovingly fondling and squeezing those incredible buttocks, sighing to herself as she did so. Karen was just wishing that Andrea would start the spanking, the quicker it was done the faster she could get out of the shop and put the entire humiliating episode behind her. Although Andrea was enjoying the feel of Karen's unblemished hemispheres she was also doing it to heighten the sense of anticipation and to relax the girl slightly. Spanking a tightly clenched bottom did two things, it made the spanking hurt more and it also hurt the hand of the spanker more than was necessary.

Andrea paused in her loving stroking of the girl and spoke to her "There are times when I wish that I could have the mothers of girls, such as yourself Karen, over my lap. She should share in this spanking with you. It is her refusal to properly chastise you as a child that has allowed you to view the sort of behaviour that got you here as acceptable. If your mother had warmed your delightful derriere a time or two I doubt this would be happening right now."

The words were just sinking into Karen's mind when a loud CRACK broke the silence of the room. The sound had just registered and then a stinging pain shot through the girl's left cheek. "Owwwww!" Karen squealed and bucked over Andrea's lap. The perfect hand print that Andrea's first slap had left on the model's right buttock was just beginning to bloom pink when Andrea delivered the second spank to the centre of the left globe. "Ouch!" Karen yelped and her legs kicked.

"We're just getting started, dear." Andrea informed the kicking girl over her lap and landed a third smack in the middle of both cheeks, being rewarded with a wail of distress as the pain registered. Andrea commenced spanking with a steady rhythm, her hard, experienced palm rebounding off first one rapidly reddening hemisphere and then the other in turn. Karen howled and roared, her legs kicked and flailed wildly as she squirmed vigorously on Andrea's lap, her bottom writhing and trying desperately to avoid that viciously accurate spanking palm. Once Andrea was satisfied that the entire surface of Karen's rump was the same all over red as the background of the apron she wore and she could feel the waves of heat emanating from the super heated rear end she attacked the sit spot. That tender area where thighs and bottom met, so called because it was situated exactly where one placed their weight when they sat down. "Oh my God!" Karen bellowed as a volley of stinging slaps crashed down there. "Please stop! Please stop! I'll be good! Please stop!" the girl babbled mindlessly as the backs of her legs caught fire under Andrea's onslaught. Without pausing Andrea raised her voice to be heard over Karen's wild protests and cries of pain "What was that, young lady?"

"I'll be good, I promise." Karen bawled, tears leaking out her eyes and streaming down her cheeks.

"You'll be good, you promise, what?" Andrea asked, continuing to smack steadily away.

"Ma'am, miss, Aunty Andrea!" Karen bellowed, willing to say anything if the woman would just stop smacking her bottom.

"Much better." Andrea pronounced landing a particularly hearty slap to the middle of Karen's bouncing glowing red buttocks.

Karen lay over Andrea's lap and bawled, not caring what she looked like. Andrea sat back and shook her hand to get some feeling back into it. The girl's bottom was tender, but toned and it took some hard spanking to impart the sort of sting that Andrea wanted her to feel. She exhaled and then took a tissue from a box on a table at one end of the couch, she used that to wipe her brow. It was not easy to hold a fit young lady like Karen over her lap whilst spanking her with the other hand and the girl struggling mightily to avoid the scorching she was receiving.

"You may get up, Karen," Andrea told the girl, "but if you so much as think of rubbing your bottom you can lay right back down and get double what you just received."

"Yes ma'am." Karen murmured and slowly eased herself off Andrea's lap, wincing as she felt the muscles of her seared bottom move and cause fresh aches and pains. She stood in front of Andrea, staring at her feet, tears trickling down her face, where the collected at her chin to splash unnoticed onto the wooden floorboards. "Put your hands in front of you where I can see them." Andrea ordered. Karen moved her twitching fingers from where they hovered behind her heat shimmering caboose and clasped them demurely in front of herself. "Look at me, Karen." Andrea ordered and then used one red lacquered finger nail to push the girl's chin up and make her look into her eyes.

"How do you feel?" she asked.

"Sore and hot, ma'am." Karen replied.

Andrea grinned "Spankings generally have that effect, that's why they are punishments. Do you feel anything else?"

"Silly, embarrassed, miss."

"Good," Andrea pronounced, "we're having the desired effect then. Back to the corner."

"Ma'am?" Karen asked before going to the directed corner.

"Yes Karen?"

"May I ask a question, please?"

Andrea's expression was quizzical, but she nodded.

"What if I walk out of here when we're done and do the same sort that got me spanked in the first place, miss?"

"That's a very astute question, Karen." Andrea complimented the owner of the glowing red backside. "We're not done yet, and as we have a long painful way to go I very much doubt you'll be doing much for the next week aside from working out how to sit down comfortably. Secondly, my hope is that whenever you are tempted to do one of those silly things that got you here you will remember this afternoon. If however you do not do so then your new contract has an 'Aunty Andrea' clause inserted. You will be sent back here and we'll go through this again."

"Won't I get used to the spankings, ma'am?"

Andrea chuckled throatily "I don't think a child ever gets used to my spankings, dear. However we'll 'up' the punishment." Andrea stood and crossed to the large cupboard on one wall and opened its double doors. Karen gasped as a startling array of punishment implements was revealed. "This is my 'war chest'. Next time you may be introduced to the tawse or a heavy strap," Andrea took a broad, thick, stiff leather strap and drew it lovingly across her palm, "this is 'the Igniter', it is a brave and stubborn bottom that can stand much of it before they are begging for mercy and promising that they will never ever be naughty again and meaning it. If there is a third time, and I sincerely hope that there is not one of those, then as you can see I have quite a few canes from a short, light nursery cane that can be used over the knee, to a long, heavy senior school cane that will have even adults roaring their displeasure and pain whilst bent over receiving six of the very best. I can also send you outside to cut a switch from one of the trees in the yard. They produce wonderfully whippy ones and going outside sporting a glowing red bottom from your 'warmup' to cut and trim the very branch that will soon be striping your buttocks and legs is no fun at all. Does that answer your question?"

Karen gulped and whimpered "Yes, ma'am." before turning and going back to her corner. She pressed in and laced her hands on top of her sweat sodden golden locks.

Andrea settled herself back in her comfortable armchair and flicked casually through a magazine whilst treating herself to frequent glances at Karen's marvellous rear end, while she waited for the girl's bottom to cool off and recover enough to receive a lengthy session with the hairbrush.

When Karen's backside was the colour of strawberry ice cream, but considerably warmer than the frozen confection, Andrea rose from her chair, sat back down in the middle of the three seater lounge and placed her favourite ebony hairbrush on a table within easy reach from the couch. She then ordered Karen to come back to her. Holding back the tears Karen looked down again at the waiting lap. "We have now come to the second part of your chastisement, Karen." Andrea told her.

"Second part, ma'am?" Karen asked in a despairing voice.

"Oh yes, that little session with my hand was merely the warm up," Andrea cheerfully informed the miserable super model, "this is the main course, darling. A long, hard hairbrushing."

It took all of Karen's self control not to burst out wailing there and then, she suppressed a shudder of revulsion as she looked with loathing and dread at the black wooden hairbrush laying innocently on the small end table.

"You see Karen," Andrea said, guiding the girl back over her lap, "I do care about the youth of today and that means caring about the sort of example they are being set. You, as a popular and successful person, are setting that example. I could show you pictures of people suffering from long term drug addiction or tell you horror stories, but you would only listen dutifully, think that will never happen to me, and continue on your merry way. Do not even think of denying that, young lady! I know that's exactly what you'd do, at your age, with your money and freedom I would have been the same, that is if my mother had not cared enough to frequently warm my bottom, and teach me that actions have consequences and those consequences may not always be much fun."

"I could handle it, ma'am." Karen protested from her undignified position over Andrea's lap.

"I am certain that you thought you could, but the courts and the streets are full of people who thought that they could handle it. I won't see that happen to you and I won't let it happen to any poor innocent who thought that because 'KM' does it they can too."

With the last word of the lecture delivered the hairbrush took over.

Karen had not thought anything could be as painful as the hand spanking once the sting and the burn settled in, she soon learned just how wrong she had been. From the first stinging slap of the polished brushes flat, unyielding oval back the girl felt as if she had just been stung by fire ants.....a lot of them. As Andrea was lifting the brush for the second stroke the first one bit in, and Karen lifted her head and howled. She continued to yell, wail, kick and scream as the brush delivered waves of fiery hot pain to her tender, pampered, but perfectly formed derriere. Tears streamed down her face to soak the material of the couch, Karen could taste that her nose was running and as her head waved wildly from side to side she was glad that Andrea had tied her hair back, because she was sure that by now it would be a mess with tears, sweat, snot and saliva.

For her own part Andrea was finding spanking the supermodel quite a chore. The girl was strong and because of what the brush was doing to her hindquarters she was putting up a vigourous struggle, so Andrea had to work hard to hold her in place. Generally she liked it when her clients frantically rolled their backside from side to side in desperate attempts to avoid the hairbrush's kiss, because what it usually did was only allow Andrea to paddle an area that would ordinarily miss the brushes tender ministration, but with Karen she required extra muscle power to keep her over the la, she was very glad of her weekly workout on the tennis court.

"Owwwww! Ouch! Aaahhhhhhhhh!" Karen bawled, her bottom a ball of glowing, red hot pain.

"Learning a lesson, are we?" Andrea asked, raising her voice to be heard over the girl's histrionics. She paused briefly to wipe a sheen of perspiration from her brow.

"Yes, ma'am! Yes!" the girl wailed, hoping that would bring an end to the spanking.

"What are you learning, Karen?"

"Not to take drugs, ever! Miss....ooowwwww! It hurtsssss!"

"It is a spanking, silly girl, they hurt, it is what they do, young lady."

"Owwwww! Aunty Andrea, I've been spanked enough!"

That was precisely the wrong thing to say. Andrea herself decided when the person over her lap had been spanked enough.

"Do you think so, Karen?" Andrea snapped, cracking the brushes back down across the tops of the girl's thighs, making her jerk and squeal. "I decide when you have been spanked sufficiently, young lady, not you. Do you understand that?"

Andrea underlined her point with a scorching volley to the crease where the model's silken thighs and delightful bottom met, often referred to as the sit spot or alternatively the spank spot.

"Owwww! Aaaahhhhhhhh. Yessss ma'am! I understand."

"What do you understand, Karen?" Andrea asked, easing the smacks to allow the girl to answer coherently.

"You decide when my spanking is over ma'am, not me." Karen sobbed contritely.

"Very good, we are making progress." Andrea said with a smile and set the brush aside.

Karen lay over the stern lap of the gorgeous disciplinarian and cried, big racking, coughing sobs that shook her body.

Andrea allowed the girl to cry and realise that this section of her chastisement had come to an end and then she whispered softly into Karen's ear "You may get up now, darling."

Carefully Karen climbed off Andrea's lap, with her body still trembling willed herself to stand up ,and with her hands twitching over her steaming bottom, but too scared to touch the roasted globes, faced Andrea. A smile playing over her generous lips, Andrea asked "Would you like to rub your bottom, Karen?" A frown of indecision crossed the girl's face, because she wondered if it were some sort of trick question. Finally she decided to attempt the truth "Oh God! Yes please, ma'am!"

Andrea chuckled and said "I do not generally allow this, but as you are the very picture of misery, sweetie, you may rub until I tell you to stop."

Karen's hands flew to her backside and were soon pressed firmly against the glowing globes, vigorously rubbing the scorched flesh, her eyes closed, lips open and an expression of ecstasy on her beautiful, tear streaked face. Andrea sat back, watching Karen rub her buttocks and dance around the room, although she knew it should not do this, the sight was stirring feelings deep within her and she could feel a moistness in her groin, an expression of annoyance marred her smooth regular features, she was going to have to take time out after the end of this session to pleasure herself. "Karen," Andrea said sharply, "you can stop that silliness now and get back to your corner, I don't want a peep out of you until I say so, or there will be another protracted visit over my lap."

With a gulp Karen removed her soothing hands from her stinging glutes, her eyes snapped open and she scurried to the corner, placing her hands atop her head and pressing in.

Andrea was cleaning herself up with a tissue and just wiping her sticky fingers when there was a gentle knock on the door. With a guilty start she disposed of the tissue and answered breathlessly "Yes." The door opened a crack and Kimberley peeked in. "Miss Andrea?"

"Yes, Kim. I do remember asking expressly not to be disturbed during this appointment."

The girl blushed and she felt her bottom tingle, Andrea had a habit of reinforcing her commands at the shop with Kimberley face down over her lap. Being disturbed when having requested not to be was a spankable offence. "I know, ma'am, but Mrs Holden called. Can we bring Brendan's appointment forward?"

"How far forward?"

"About half an hour following Karen's departure."

"Oh darn!" Andrea exclaimed. "See if you can get her to agree to at least fifteen minutes after that, if not then young Brendan will have to do without a heated posterior this time."

"Okay," Kimberley said slowly, it was rare of Andrea to refuse business, "I think thirty minutes is enough time that Karen and Brendan won't overlap...."

"Kimberley Susan Kennedy!" Andrea said in a tone that made the receptionist jump. "I am the owner of the business, your employer, what I say goes, not if ands or buts. If you want to argue about it, my hairbrush is here and ready for use. I have no problem with you joining Karen in Red Bottom Corner. Talk to Mrs Holden, if she won't budge then cancel the appointment. Scoot!"

A red faced Kimberley closed the door and fled.

Andrea sank back into the couch and sighed, she did not like being so hard on Kimberley, the girl was like a little sister to her, but if did not have a bit of time to 'relieve' herself after Karen had departed she would explode.

"Karen, you may turn around and come to me, dear." Andrea told the girl with the blazing red heinie.

Karen took a deep breath, removed her hands from her head and took the now familiar journey to the couch.

Andrea looked up at the expectant girl. "Karen, do you think you've been sufficiently punished now?"

The super model frowned "I have a feeling that you're going to say no if I say yes," and then surprised even herself by adding, "Aunty."

"You are starting to understand how things are here at the Spank Shop, darling. Now let me ask you another question. At any time during your behaviour in the past twelve months did you ever think things were just getting too out of control and want to stop them, but just didn't know how?"

Karen considered the question, it was very valid, there had been a number of times in the last crazy year that she had wanted to do exactly what Andrea said. She dropped her head and said "Yes, ma'am."

Andrea nodded "I hope what we're doing here today will give you the courage and the motivation to do that, sweetness. Now let me ask you again do you think you've been sufficiently punished?"

Taking a deep breath Karen answered in a small, unsteady voice "No, Aunty Andrea."

"You just made me a very proud woman, Karen. Take a little walk with me to the punishment cupboard."

Andrea stood and put an arm around Karen, with her hand cupping a hot buttock they walked the few steps to the punishment cupboard, Andrea opened it and her arm immediately had to support Karen's waist as the younger woman's knees sagged

when she was once again confronted with the array of straps, paddles and canes that the cupboard contained. "Now, this is not something I do with everyone, dear, but I think you've earned it. You need a little extra something to finish you off, ordinarily I would make that choice with no input from you. I want you you to choose your own poison,"

Karen's eyes bulged as she stared at the implements hanging on hooks and laid out in front of her. Trying to select something that would not do too much damage to her already well spanked rear end, but at the same time be judged as suitable by the strict disciplinarian standing next to her was no easy task for a spoilt, privileged woman like 'KM'.

Karen's trembling hand reached out and wavered as she tried to choose the right thing. It hovered for a moment over the thick leather strap that Andrea had ominously referred to earlier as 'The Igniter', but she discounted that, knowing that the fear of the implement was likely to make her disgrace herself before the first stroke had even landed. Then her eye landed on a small, clear, rectangular paddle with holes drilled through it. She very nearly selected it, but then remembered that a friend of hers who had played spanking games with her boyfriend had told her that the clear material was called lexan and it stung like fury, it was nothing she ever wanted to feel again. That was when Karen saw the paddle, it was a broad paddle, with a long handle and a thin blade, that would hurt, but not as bad as some of the other implements. She closed her hand around the paddle's handle, extracted it and handed it to Andrea with a hopeful smile.

"My old sorority paddle," Andrea mused, taking it from Karen, "you're sure, darling? This packs quite a wallop."

Not trusting herself to speak, Karen nodded.

"Okay then, go to the couch, bend over it, straighten your knees and push your bottom out nice and high."

Karen turned and did as she was told.

Andrea took up position behind the girl and marvelled again at the buttocks presented for her attention; sheer perfection. In fact, Andrea thought, they looked even better painted that hot scarlet than they had when they were golden brown. "You're going to get twelve with this paddle, Karen. They will hurt, I can promise you that, but you could have chosen worse, there are other things in there that can do more damage with less effort. I'll count the strokes in my head and I won't ask you to keep count, I will however request that you remain in position, if you don't we'll do that stroke over again and you won't want that, young lady. Ready?"

"Yes, Aunty."

Andrea did not reply, but drew the paddle back and let fly. The first stroke caught Karen on the lower part of her bottom and lifted her onto her toes. She let out a scream of anguish and had to hang onto the couch hard to prevent herself from breaking position and earning an extra stroke. Andrea lowered the paddle and frowned. There was no way Karen was going to be able to maintain this for the whole twelve searing strokes, she would need assistance. She went to the door, opened it and called "Kim, I need you in here, darling."

The blonde receptionist appeared in the room with one of her nuclear powered smiles and asked "How can I help you, ma'am?"

"I'm paddling, Karen and I don't think she can hold position without help. Can you hold her hands and coax her to the end of her ordeal?"

"Of course, ma'am." Kimberley agreed and went to the front of the coach, she knelt and looked into Karen's eyes, brimming with tears. Kimberley held out her hands and said "Hold my hands, Karen. You can squeeze them as hard as you like and we'll get through this together, okay?"

Karen nodded and clasped the outstretched hands.

"How many is she getting, Miss Andrea?"?"Twelve, she's had one."

"See," Kimberley said encouragingly to Karen, "you've already taken one, only eleven to go."

The second stroke landed. Karen's back arched and she howled "Oh My God!"

"I know it really hurts, doesn't it?" Kimberley asked rhetorically, to keep Karen's mind focussed elsewhere. "One more and you'll be into single figures."

As the third stroke whipped down Karen's breath hissed out and Kimberley winced in pain as the grip tightened. "You're doing great, Karen, but don't break my hands, okay."

The fourth stroke was aimed right across the crowns of Karen's buttocks and landed home with a meaty smack, Karen bellowed and tears started to spill from her eyes. "Nine left, Karen."

Karen tried to focus on the blurry face with the beautiful blue eyes in front of her and squeezed the warm hands in her own palms as the paddle seared its way across her already burning bottom. "Oh God! Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!" she babbled and her feet moved up and down madly as Andrea landed stroke number eight right on the sit spot. "Keep going, Karen. We're nearly there." Kimberley tried to help Karen get through it.

As the twelfth stroke scalded Karen's incandescent situpon she roared and lifted right up on her toes, Kimberley grimaced as yet again her hands were painfully crushed, she saw Karen trying to climb over the back of the couch. "No!" she warned. "No, Karen! That was twelve! Do that and you'll get another one."

Karen was in a world that had been narrowed down to the furnace being expertly stoked in her backside, but she heard the magic number 'Twelve' and realised her ordeal was at an end. She let go of Kimberley's hands and collapsed in a sobbing, heaving mess over the back of the sofa, blubbering uncontrollably.

Kimberley stood and wrung her hands, "Do you need me for anything else, Miss Andrea?" she asked, trying to massage life back into her fingers.

"No, dear, thankyou very much. I can handle it from here."

As the receptionist closed the door behind her Andrea guided Karen to the front of the lounge, seated herself on it and drew the sobbing girl onto her lap. She felt Karen's superheated bottom spread an enjoyable warmth throughout her groin. "There, there," she whispered soothingly, enfolding Karen in an embrace and resting the girl's head on her bosom, "all over now, darling. All over now. You're Aunty Andrea's well spanked girl now. I know you're sorry and you'll do better in the future."

She stroked Karen's hair gently as the model's hot, wet tears soaked the breast of her blouse.

It took some time for Karen to calm herself sufficiently to resume her place in the corner. Thirty minutes after the paddling Andrea was relaxed in her favourite chair, cup of tea in hand, with Karen's glowing red bottom decorating the corner. The only noise in the cosy parlour was the crackling of the fire. Andrea heard the shop's bell in reception and Kimberley's breezy "Good afternoon, Mademoiselle Clemenceau. Karen should be doing her corner time with Aunty Andrea. You can go right in, ma'am."

"It sounds like Aunty Joelle has arrived to pick you up, sweetheart." Andrea told Karen, putting her tea cup down and greeting her old friend.

Six months following Karen's memorable bottom roasting Andrea was relaxing after administering an extremely sound spanking, with one of the Harper triplets blubbering red bottomed in the corner, after a searching session with the slipper. She was flicking through a magazine and saw a picture of Karen 'KM' Moore, looking somewhat more composed than she had those months ago in Andrea's parlour, there was a paragraph that was disappointed in tone accompanying the picture and it said that former party girl 'KM' had been so well behaved that no matter how hard they tried they could not find anything scandalous to write about her. Andrea put the magazine down and sipped her tea with a seraphic smile on her face as she murmured "I love my job."


  1. Aunty,

    "A long, hard hairbrushing", I almost fell off my chair. Wow, and the threats to Kimberly, made me blush. Great story line and so fun to read. Aunty Gabrielle, taking the brush to Paul, well wish it was me!!

    Thank you so much for a terrific story, really fun to read and man, lots going on in all the rooms!!

    Be well and regards

  2. Thanks Ron. I always know we're in for a busy time when Petra Harper appears at the shop. She has 3 after all and they nearly always seem to be naughty at the same time.

  3. And clearly Auntie Andrea is there to make things right! Busy or not, you always get to the bottom of the issues.

    Many thanks,