Wednesday, 22 June 2011

'The Spank Shop - Roddy' Guest Fiction

I am very pleased and proud to present a brand spanking new piece of Spank Shop fiction written by the lovely J. Wackford Colton (also known as Lincoln).


Roderick Mackay-Stevens


J Wackford Colton
(With due acknowledgements to Seegee).

It was getting towards the end of a warm summer’s afternoon, and Kimberley, receptionist and general factotum of “The Spank Shop”, was finding herself less employed than usual. Miss Andrea was dealing with her final client of the day, 10 year old Bobbie Miller, who was attending for his usual weekly appointment with his mother. Soon it would be going home time.

Kimberley closed her eyes, and was contemplating life in general and her love life in particular. What was it about her that had caused to be dumped yet again by one of her boyfriends? She hadn’t particularly liked this last one, so it was adding insult to injury when he told her in very graphic terms to go and get lost. The worst of it was that the selection of eligible young men in her small town was rapidly diminishing. Was she destined to become an old maid? She sighed, and thought of that nice Prince William who had recently married the love of his life Kate Middleton. How stupid were those British aristocrats who looked down their noses at her because her mum was a former flight attendant. Mind you, it was a pity Wills hadn’t met her, Kimberley, first. It would have sounded good to be described as the Deputy Chief Executive of a thriving business, as she walked down the aisle of Westminster Abbey.

As she mused she heard the front door open. Opening her eyes she gasped. There was Prince William himself! What was he doing here? Gradually her eyes focussed, and she realised that her imagination had taken hold of her. What she was looking at was a very good-looking young man close to her own age, but definitely not the Royal Prince. For a start, he had a full head of hair. Nevertheless he was dressed like Wills and brother Harry in a smart blazer and flannels, and sporting a formal tie, presumably of his old school, with the characteristic handkerchief peeping out of his breast pocket. When he spoke it was in the modulated tones of an expensive English public school.

“Good afternoon, Ma’am,” he said politely, “Might I be addressing the proprietor of this establishment?”

Kimberley blushed, and almost purred. Here was somebody very special.

“No, the proprietor and chief executive is Miss Andrea, who is at present with a client. I’m her PA, so perhaps I could help you?”

“Well, I hope so!” the boy started uncertainly, “The fact is – and it’s a little embarrassing – I would like to book myself in for a caning!”

Kimberley’s eyes nearly popped out of her head. This was too good to be true! She would have liked nothing better than this delicious boy draped over her lap with his pants round his ankles, and then giving him a good hand or hairbrush spanking, followed by an evening of fantastic sex! Then she pulled herself together. For one thing, Andrea had already made it graphically clear to Kimberley that any moonlighting with clients would meet with swift and painful retribution, and she had no wish to repeat her previous experience.

“I’m afraid it doesn’t quite work like that,” she said, “Miss Andrea will have to interview you and decide whether she will accept you as a client. Only then will an appointment be made for appropriate disciplinary measures. Incidentally, we don’t do S and M. The spankings you order and pay for are purely punitive.”

At that point there came a sound of a series of slaps came from Andrea’s office, punctuated be yelps of anguish from the unfortunate Bobbie. Obviously the talking to had finished, and the bare bottom spanking had begun. It wouldn’t be long before Andrea became available. The boy raised his eyebrows, but said nothing.

“It’s nearly closing time, but I’ll see if Miss Andrea can see you before we go, if you’d just like to wait a few more minutes. What is your name by the way?”

“I’m Roderick Mackay-Stevens, though my friends call me Roddy. I’m on a year’s business course at the University. It was actually Professor Julia Harrison who suggested I came here.”

“Indeed!” Kimberley replied, “Well, Miss Andrea and Professor Harrison go back a long way. I’m sure if she has recommended you, Miss Andrea will be very happy to accept you as a client.”

“Well then, Miss Andrea and my Dad have something in common!” Roddy said smiling, “I don’t know how they met, but the Professor and Dad have been friends for many years!”

At that moment the door to the inner room opened and a very tearful Bobbie Miller emerged clutching his mother’s hand. Mrs Miller quickly paid Kimberley, and said

“This time next week OK?” Kimberley nodded.

“Please Mum, NO!” Bobbie said desperately, “I’ll be a good boy now I promise!”

“If your behaviour improves, I can always cancel the appointment, but until then, it’s Auntie Andrea every week!”

“Oh Mum!” Bobbie burst into tears again, but his mother unsympathetically dragged him out of the shop.

“Wow!” Roddy said, “That was a very sad boy!”

“We aim to please,” Kimberley said smiling, “but the recipient of our service doesn’t always appreciate that fact! Just wait here please, and I’ll have a word with Miss Andrea.”

Kimberley went into Andrea’s office and closed the door. Andrea smiled at her.

“It’s been a long but highly productive day, and I’m now looking forward to a plunge in the pool, and then curling up with a nice long cooling drink!”

“Actually I have another client for you,” Kimberley replied, “a very presentable young man from England. I was hoping you’d be able to see him before you left.”

“Not another of your young men, please!” Andrea replied wearily, “Can’t it wait until tomorrow? I’ve had enough for one day.”

“Oh please, just this once!” Kimberley said pleadingly, “Besides, Professor Harrison herself sent him here.”

“Julia Harrison did? Why didn’t you say so you silly girl? Send him in at once!”

Kimberley sighed, but was well used to her employer’s changes of mood. She beckoned to Roddy, and ushered him in to Andrea’s office.

“Mr Roderick Mackay-Stevens!” she announced grandly, “Shall I make tea?”

“That would be lovely!” Andrea replied, her good humour fully restored.

“Would you by any chance have Earl Grey tea?” Roddy asked politely.

“Believe it or not, even in this uncivilised part of the former British Empire, we do have such things as different varieties of tea leaf.” Kimberley replied in a rather irritated tone.

“That’s quite enough from you, Miss!” Andrea said sharply, “Just bring in the tea, and then return to your desk.”

Kimberley flounced out. Andrea sighed again.

“Kimberley is a delightful girl, and a very efficient receptionist, but occasionally she has to be taken down a peg, and I think the time is rapidly coming when she is due for a session over my lap.”

“I can assure you she has been courtesy itself, and was most helpful.” Roddy said quickly. He had no wish to jeopardise what looked like becoming a very promising date.

“I’m glad to hear you say so.” Andrea said, “But it won’t save her bottom from a long overdue spanking unless she bucks her ideas up.”

At that point Kimberley returned with the tea tray, and poured out two steaming cups of tea.

“Will there be anything further?” she asked, “Would you like me to stay and take notes?”

“That will not be necessary.” Andrea said firmly. “Return to your desk and stay there until I send for you.”

Again Kimberley flounced out after glaring at her employer.

“Now Mr Mackay-Stevens,” Andrea said, pulling a foolscap pad towards her, “Perhaps you can tell me why you are here and, in particular, why Professor Harrison feels we can be of benefit to you.”

“Well Andrea, It’s quite a long story, but do call me Roddy.”

“I will certainly do that,” Andrea said with a smile, “but you will call me either Miss Andrea or Auntie Andrea. Perhaps you could start at the beginning.”

“Well – er – Miss Andrea, I left school last July, and I’m due to go up to Oxford in September next year. I’ve always wanted to have a year out before University, and my Dad suggested that instead of back packing, I should do something constructive. It was then he contacted Professor Harrison, who is an old friend of his, and she agreed to take me on a year’s business studies course, which is how I come to be here.”

“Very interesting,” Andrea said, “but you still haven’t answered my original question.”

“I’m coming to that, but before I do, I’d like to say something about my old school.”

“If you must – go ahead.” Andrea said wearily, “But time is getting on and I hope you can keep it brief.”

“I’ll try!” Roddy said smiling, “I went to a school called Cheltonbury College. You may possibly have heard of it.”

“Indeed I have, it has a wonderful reputation, almost on a level with Eton, Harrow and Winchester.”

Roddy stiffened a bit.

“Well, we would argue that it is way above those three, but let that pass! What isn’t in doubt is the level of academic achievement, which is fantastic, and it is due to their method of three weekly assessments. Every three weeks everybody, from the newest pupil to a senior boy in his last term is graded A, B, C or D in each subject. A is excellent, B satisfactory, C poor, and D unacceptable. The actual marks are irrelevant. It is purely based on the effort made. It is quite usual for the less academically gifted to be graded say a B for 30%, but for an intelligent pupil to be graded C or D for 70%, if the master thinks the latter has been coasting.”

“Once again, I don’t see how this concerns me.” Andrea replied, pointedly looking at her watch.

“It probably will when I explain the sanctions imposed. Anything less than a B results in a caning, two strokes for each C and four strokes for each D. Even if the rest were A’s and you only had one C, you would still get your two strokes. During my first term, I got two D’s and three C’s. Fourteen very painful strokes! It never happened again, I made sure of that! But even in my last term, when I was Head of School, I still got four strokes for two C’s.”

“Forgive me, Roddy,” Andrea said, “but I might be missing something here. Surely all corporal punishment has been banned in schools now?”

Again, Roddy smiled.

“You underestimate the determination of the governors, teachers, parents and indeed boys to keep things as they always were. When this ruling came out, the school launched a long and very complicated legal challenge, and obtained a stay of execution until the action was settled. It went right up to the House of Lords, which at that time was the Supreme Court. Of course they lost, but in the meantime they had relocated the school to a chateau in France. The school used to be in a highly desirable residential area in West London. They were able sell the site to a property developer, fit out the new school, and still have change in their pocket.”

“Surely the French would not have been too happy at accepting a school employing corporal punishment? After all it was a European ruling.”

“On the contrary, (or should I say Au Contraire), the French welcomed us with open arms! They have always regarded European rules as being required to be observed by all the other EU members apart from themselves. The only problem we had was that we were swamped by applications from French parents!”

Andrea had been making a few notes as Roddy spoke, but now slammed down her pen and glared at Roddy.

“Once again, I have to bring you back to the reason for your being here.” She said irritably. “Can you please bring matters to a point?”

“I’m so sorry,” Roddy said reddening, “but I wanted to give you the background of why I think I need you to give me a caning. I have to admit I haven’t been as diligent as I should have been on this business course, and I was summoned for an interview with Professor Harrison.”

Here he smiled again.

“She can be pretty terrifying at times. Anyway she told me she was giving me an official warning, and was also going to write to Dad. It was then that I told her what would have happened to me at school if this had occurred, and she suggested that I contact you and that if I did, she would withdraw the warning and not involve Dad.”

“At last we have got there!” said Andrea with a sigh of relief, “I will of course have to seek confirmation from Professor Harrison, but subject to that, I am happy to accept you as a client.”

“I am so grateful!” Roddy said, “Thank you so much!”

“I shouldn’t be so hasty in your gratitude!” Andrea said firmly. “We don’t do token spankings! A punitive spanking is exactly what it says on the tin! It will be very painful, and you won’t wish to repeat the experience.”

“I understand that, and I wouldn’t have come to see you if I didn’t feel it were necessary.”

In spite of herself, Andrea found herself attracted by this young man, but still spoke sternly.

“For a start, anyone who comes here for punishment, always starts with a warm-up across the knee bare bottom hand spanking. You would be no exception to this rule”

“I understand.”

“Also, the extent and severity of the punishment is decided by me. There is no way you can back out once the process has started. You will see it through to the end however painful.”

“I appreciate that,” Roddy said, “but it is a caning I need.”

“And a caning is exactly what you will get! But if I decide on additional punishment, that is also what you will get!”

Roddy winced, but nevertheless nodded to signify agreement.

“One final thing, if you are under 18 you will need parental consent, however inconvenient.”

“I am over 18,” Roddy said, feeling in the inside pocket of his blazer. “I have here my UK passport which gives my date of birth.”

“That is excellent, we can now proceed.” She then buzzed Kimberley who very rapidly came in the office. Andrea wondered if her ear had been pinned to the keyhole. If it had, that would be something else to add to the list of misdemeanours which would lead to a spanking.

“Kimberley dear,” she said with a deceptively sweet smile, “Would you please make out a contract for Roddy, and also make a copy of his passport on the page showing his photo and personal details. You can then pin that to our copy of the contract.”

“I felt sure you would accept Mr Mackay-Stevens as a client,” Kimberley said, “so I have already printed out two copies. All they need is Roddy’s and your signatures. I’ve checked your diary, and you can fit him in next Wednesday at 3.00 p.m.”

“You are so, so attentive,” Andrea said, whilst grinding her teeth, “I really must show my appreciation in a decisive manner one of these days.”

Kimberley blanched a bit. She knew exactly what form Andrea’s appreciation would take. In the meantime Roddy had signed his copy of the agreement, and asked,
“If there’s nothing else Miss Andrea, may I go?”

“Of course my dear, I am really looking forward to next Wednesday.”

On his way out, Roddy hesitated, and then turned back to Andrea.

“Could I make a special request? Our school uniform, apart from special occasions when we wore blazers and long trousers, was always grey shirts, grey sweaters and grey shorts, right up to the day we left. Could I please be caned in my grey shorts?”

“I’m more than happy to accommodate you!” Andrea said smiling, “And now, if there is nothing else, it really is time you went home!”

Roddy hastily took his leave, but as Kimberley showed him out he said,

“Perhaps you and I could meet for a drink one night after work?”

“I’d like nothing better,” Kimberley gushed, “but do call me Kim, as long as you remember that when you come next Wednesday, I am ‘Miss Kimberley’.”

That evening, after Andrea had bathed and changed into her nightdress, she poured herself a large gin and tonic and rang Julia Harrison. After the usual pleasantries, she told her about Roddy’s visit to the Spank Shop.

“Ah yes, Roddy!” Julia said, “Such a nice young boy! His father is chairman of a mining company, with branches over here. That was how I came to meet him when he was a director of the local branch. We had a fling for a month or two, but it never came to anything.”

“Does Roddy know this?” Andrea asked.

“No, and I don’t want him to either. It’s all past history, and I’m also friendly with his mother. I don’t want to upset her or Roddy.”

“Well, it seems that Roddy is going to be very upset in the near future, although in a different way!” Andrea said with a smile. “Are you happy about me dealing with him?”

“Very much so! Roddy is a very bright young man, but he spends far too much time on the cricket or rugby pitches, and his studies are suffering. He needs the kind of short sharp shock you can provide.”

“Well he’ll certainly get that, although I rather suspect he doesn’t quite know what he’s letting himself in for!”

Next Wednesday afternoon, Kimberley was all of a dither. She and Roddy had met a couple of times in the meantime, and had gone out for a drink the first time, and for a candle-lit dinner the second time. She was careful not to disclose this to Andrea, who held  firm views about her consorting with clients. She was very fond of Roddy, and hoped that after he’d recovered from his appointment with Andrea, they could go out on a regular basis. At 2.45 p.m. the door opened, and in came Roddy. Kimberley couldn’t restrain herself from giggling. This previously immaculately dressed young man was wearing an open-necked grey shirt and short-sleeved sweater, with a schoolboy’s grey shorts. Instead of looking like a mature 18 year old, he looked like a 14 or 15 year old.

A uniform similar to that worn by Roddy to his caning.

“Roddy, why are you wearing those ridiculous clothes?” she said laughing.

“They’re not ridiculous – they're what I used to wear at school, Kim.” He said crossly.

“Miss Kimberley, if you don’t mind!”

At that moment an attractive 18 year old girl emerged from Andrea’s office, weeping copiously and rubbing the seat of her jeans.

“Roberta!” Roddy said in surprise. “What brings you here?”

Roberta said nothing, but paid Kimberley and left.

“She’s on my course!” Roddy said, “Why is she here, Miss Kimberley?”

“Sorry, Roddy.” Kimberley replied, “Client confidentiality you understand. But it’s now time for your appointment.”

She led Roddy through, and Andrea stood up and greeted him with a smile. He could not help noticing a slipper and a large hairbrush, which had obviously recently been put to good use on the unfortunate Roberta.

“Now Roddy, my poppet, it is time for Auntie Andrea to deal with your lack of diligence on your business studies course. Miss Kimberley will take you through to the bedroom to get ready. I think you may need this, Kimmy.” She passed Kimberley a short thick leather strap.

“Thank you Miss Andrea. Follow me, Roddy!”

They went through into the bedroom, to find a Spank Shop apron on the bed with a Union Jack on the front.

“You don’t seriously mean me to put this on, Kim? Owww!”

Kimberley had cracked her leather strap over the back of his shorts.

“For the last time, I am Miss Kimberley!” she snapped. “Next time you’ll get it on the bare!”

“Sorry, Miss Kimberley!”

“Apology accepted. Now get those clothes off, and put your apron on. The bathroom is through there; make use of it if you need to! We don’t want any accidents do we!” she said, as if addressing an 8 year old boy.

“Yes Miss Kimberley.” Roddy said submissively, “Are you going to stay here while I change?”

“I am! Miss Andrea has given me the task of ensuring you are properly attired for your spanking, and I intend to see that you are!”

Rather self-consciously, Roddy took all his clothes off. Kimberley felt a tingle of excitement at seeing his perfectly formed naked body, and his not inconsiderable equipment in his nether regions. We’ll meet again, she thought wickedly.

She helped him on with his apron and tied a bow at the back. A protrusion at the front of his apron was all too obvious. Roddy seemed embarrassed.

“What am I going to do, Kim? Oh! OUCH!!”

The belt had cracked again on his bare backside.

“You are going to get rid of it, with or without my help! Get into the bathroom!”

A few minutes later they emerged. The swelling on the front of Roddy’s apron had disappeared, Kimberley was wiping her hands on a towel and smiling smugly. They went through to Andrea’s office.

“Thank you Kimberley, you can go back to your desk now. But I will need you to stay behind after work. There are one or two policy issues we need to discuss.”

Kimberley’s face fell. Discussions of policy issues were usually conducted with her being draped over Andrea’s knee. Had she been discovered dating Roddy? Nevertheless, she returned to the front office as bidden.

“Now Roddy darling, why don’t you join me on the sofa?” Andrea gave him a big smile, and sat down in the middle, and patted the cushion to her right. Roddy thought this was all very strange, as he had come to be caned, but he sat down beside Andrea.

“It is a great disappointment to both Professor Harrison and I, that a boy with all the advantages that you have, not to mention a good deal of intelligence, should produce such poor results. That is what I am determined to put right.”

Suddenly before he realised what was happening, Andrea had seized Roddy, and with long practised skill had flicked his body over her knee and pinioned his arms behind his back. Instinctively he struggled and tried to escape.

“Don’t be silly Roddy,” Andrea said sharply, “Keep still or it will be the worse for you!”

Before he could take it in, the smacks started. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!

“You (SMACK!) are a very (SMACK!) lazy (SMACK!) young man (SMACK!)! What are you? (SMACK!)”

“Ow – ow - ow! I’ve been very lazy!”

“But you (SMACK!) are going (SMACK!) to improve (SMACK!) aren’t you?”

“Ouch!! Yes – I promise! Oooh!”

After a dozen or so extra smacks Andrea lifted the boy off her knee. Roddy was a pitiful sight, tears were streaming down his cheeks and his bottom was a bright shade of red.

From Women Spanking Men. Andrea gives Roddy his 'warmup' over her lap.

“I don’t think I need a caning after that!” he said tearfully.

“You don’t get away with it as easy as that!” Andrea said firmly. “A caning is what you are paying for and it is what you are going to get! Go and put your school uniform on!”

Obediently Roddy went into the bedroom, and returned wearing his shirt and shorts. Andrea went over to a large cupboard, and withdrew a thin yellow rattan cane, which she swished menacingly through the air.

“Now you can assume the position that you are all too used to I believe!”

Roddy went white, but bent forward in a position all too well known by English schoolboys of a previous generation.

“Lower please, and let see that bottom as high as possible for Auntie Andrea!”

“Yes Auntie Andrea!”

Andrea was quite gratified he had used the word “Auntie” for the first time.

“Six of the best is the traditional punishment in English schools I believe!” she said tapping the cane on Roddy’s posterior. She then drew the cane back, and whipped it through the air to land with a satisfying thwack! Roddy gave a strangled cry of pain but knew better than to move from his position. Five strokes followed in rapid succession. The tears were again falling down Roddy’s cheeks but he stayed bent over.

“You may stand up now Roddy.”

“Thank you Auntie Andrea, thank God it’s over.”

“Oh no, it is not!” Andrea said, “It is now time for a proper caning, but first you can drop those shorts!”

Roddy went pale and his hands shook.

“Please No! I’ve had the caning I ordered, now please let me go.”

“If you don’t do as you are told, I will be telling Professor Harrison that your punishment was insufficient, and that she should issue the warning and write to your father. Wouldn’t that be a waste of what you have just gone through?”

Trembling, Roddy unfastened his shorts and let them fall round his ankles. Without being told, he also pulled down his underpants.

“Good Boy! Now I want you to count each stroke, and to thank me after each one!”

Andrea put the cane away, and withdrew a second one, which was much thicker than the first. With the minimum arrisonHaof delay she whipped the cane back and brought it down with a thwack!

“Oooo! One, thank you Auntie Andrea!”


“Aah! Two, thank you Auntie Andrea!”


“Ouch!! Three, thank you Auntie Andrea!”

So the thwacks went on until,

“OWW!! Twenty Auntie Andrea.”

Only then did Andrea lay down her cane.

From Hard Spanking Vixens. Roddy is caned.

“Right! Go to the bedroom, take off those clothes and put your apron back on again. Then it’s corner time in reception!”

“B-b-but people will see me there! Can’t I do it in here?” Roddy asked desperately.

“Of course they will see you - that is the whole point! Now get in there!”

Roddy made his way to the front office and took up his position in the corner. Kimberley whistled.

“That is one well caned bottom! I think you are going to need lots of TLC tonight.”

“Not tonight Kim - Miss Kimberley – please! I just want to rest up and try to recover!”

After 20 minutes, during which time, to Roddy’s great relief, nobody had walked into the shop, Andrea came out from the her office.

“OK young man, you can get dressed now. I’m keeping your school clothes for the time being, and I’ve laid out a clean pair of Jeans and a T-shirt in the bedroom for you to go home in. You can return them on your next visit.”

“There isn’t going to be another visit,” said Roddy slowly, “I’ve learnt my lesson this time.”

“On the contrary,” Andrea said with a smile, “I am booking you in for three weeks hence. You told me at great length about your school’s three weekly assessments, and how effective you thought they were. Well, Professor Harrison and I are adopting the same system. I’m putting you down for a consultation every three weeks until further notice, and don’t you dare break the appointments!”

It was a very chastened Roddy who left that evening. After he had gone, Andrea smiled at Kimberley and said,

“You know, it’s not the money that makes our business so enjoyable, it’s the feeling that we have done some good in this strange world. This reminds me, it is now time for your periodic assessment, Kimberley. My office now!”

Kimberley sighed resignedly. Roddy had declined her offer for TLC, but it seemed she was going to need some from somebody that evening.


  1. My congratulations, what a nice fun story, wow and Aunty did not disappoint, loved it. Also I enjoyed the byplay and second level story of the lovely Kimberly being called into the office, ouch, bet her bottom was nice and red.

    great story, thank you


  2. Thanks Ron, all the congratulations are due to Lincoln, who wrote this. Kimmy does redden up beautifully, she steamed a little when she read this, but I think she was secretly pleased with what you wrote.

  3. well congrats to Lincoln.

    Kimmy is amazing!