Thursday, 16 June 2011


The second post in my musing about spanking implements. The humble wooden spoon.

The wooden spoon, an innocuous enough looking implement, but one that can strike fear into the hearts of naughty children and set bottoms tingling.

The wooden spoon tends to be thought of as something that is most commonly employed on the buttocks of younger children. It's not as heavy as say a hairbrush, but stings more than Mum's hand, while at the same time saving wear and tear on the maternal palm.

A realistic depiction of a good old fashioned wooden spoon spanking.

Because wooden spoons reside in the kitchen that's where they are most often put to use, they're quick to hand.

They have a number of advantages, they're generally fairly inexpensive (although the cheaper ones have a tendency to break, many boast of how many spoons Mum broke over their backsides. It doesn't mean they were being spanked too hard, it just means Mum should have spent a little more on the implement), readily available and as they're multifunctional no one gets an odd look from a curious clerk when purchasing one. Spoons can as easily be used to stir the soup as chastise an errant posterior, although for hygiene reasons I'd advocate having two: one for cooking and one for spanking.

While the spoon in the picture above is the most common type and most easily available they come in a number of sizes and if you really wanted to you could also substitute a sturdy wooden spatula. There are stories from years gone by of large wooden spoons being used by cooks to discipline the younger girls under their charge in the households of the aristocracy.

I quite like the spoon for younger clients and I find that it can transport the older ones back to the days of their childhood.


  1. Good day Aunty,

    I love your musings!

    This one hit, sorry about the pun, home for me. There were three basic spankings in my house. The spoon Ma'am was used for the quick, no questions asked spankings from mom and my aunts. Were fast and hard, the drawing above really brings bacik some memories for me, that was me a number of times growing up. I would say most of my friend's moms used the spoon the same way, fast, hard discipline. The other two, off topic, were the otk hand spankings that were delayed somewhat and were related to some lecturing. The last one was marched or waiting in mom's or aunt's bedroom for a long hard hairbrushing!

    I was spanked with the spoon a few times in the past few year by my "aunt" and honestly I forgot how it stings and well really leaves the reminders on the sit spots. Ouch.

    Thank you for the memories.


  2. Well said, Aunty and Ron!


  3. Tee BOTH kinds of spooning!!

  4. Carla,

    So do I, especially after the first spooning!!


  5. My mom has a really wicked one, it is about 24 inches long and the actual spoon is nearly 2 inches wide and 3 inches long. It imparts a very nasty sting, mom alternates one spank concave side, next spank the opposite side, there are two faces inked on the spoon, one a smiley face and the other a sad face.


  6. Thanks to all of you for commenting on this topic. Spoons have a kind of homey feel to me, probably because as a little girl it was Mum's weapon do jour when I was naughty.
    Ron, one day I would love for you to put these experiences of yours down, they would be a marvelous addition to the blog and possibly be a good Glowing Globes Gazette article.
    Mario what an adorable spoon. I'm sure that spoon made you both smile and cry.

  7. Aunty,

    Thank you, I would love to, just need to figure out the evenue and I guess where to start.

    Your blog is just so inspiring and thought provoking. Hot too, opps, that was naughty.

    Thanks and be well.


  8. Ron, please take your time. I m happy that I can give you some food for thought.

  9. For me, the wooden spoon is very much a 'Mummy' spanking implement, and I agree that for a grown-up boy like myself, it's a humbling as well as stingingly painful implement, calling to mind childish feelings; it's hard to feel all grown up and mature when "Mummy's kitchen helper" is working your poor botty over something fierce!

    Since the spoon can be used to deliver a really fast-paced, relentless spanking too, it's lack of 'heft' (compared to a hairbrush or paddle) is soon forgotten!

    Not to mention the noise of a spoon spanking... those sharp little 'pops' as bright red ovals blossom and blend across a naughty bare bottom only adds to the 'experience'.

    And a long-handled spoon is perfect for delivering 'extra measure' inner thigh stingers, too... unfortunately! :(

    'Mummy's' spoon is definitely more than meets the eye, IMO, and easily underestimated.