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A star learns you're never too old to be spanked - Debbie Downunder

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Nicole Kidman finds out the hard way that you are never too old to be 'Mummy's little girl'

After over a year of traveling the world on behalf of this magazine, last month your reporter was once again home sweet home - well, almost. A quick shopping stop in Sydney was virtually unavoidable before heading back to Melbourne. Whilst examining a Morrissey top in a boutique, I happened to meet up with Antonia Kidman-Hawley, the younger sister of Hollywood heavyweight Nicole Kidman. As our parents are friends, we were delighted to see each other, and headed to a harbourside cafΘ for a coffee and a catch up.

Nicole Kidman's little sister Antonia is always happy to tell tales about her older sibling.

Once Mrs Kidman-Hawley had heard about some of my travels, I asked how things were with famous big sister Nicole. The world has not heard much about her since her less than well-received star turn in 'Bewitched.' Rumour had it that she had spent a lot of time in Sydney with her family.

Mrs Kidman-Hawley giggled, sipped her coffee and smiled into her cup. "Nic has been in a bit of trouble at home," she began. That raised my eyebrows.

"Since her breakup with Tom [Cruise, her former husband], she's made a few bad choices as regards men. There was Lenny Kravitz, rumours about Russell Crowe before he got married, and then Steve Bing." Antonia Kidman-Hawley made a face as she mentioned the ill-mannered billionaire playboy. "Seeing how upset each breakup made her, Mum put her foot down."

According to her sister, Ms Kidman was now required to bring her 'prospective suitors' home to a family dinner before being permitted to start a romantic relationship. Only if her parents approved would she receive permission to date them. And how did the famous movie star, used to being pampered and catered to, react?

"Not well at all," Mrs Kidman-Hawley replied with an impish smile. "I was there at the time. Honestly, sometimes Nic is her own worst enemy. She glared at Mum, shook her head, declared that she was a grown woman, an Oscar winner and a Hollywood superstar, and that she would not be treated like a teenager! Then she stamped her foot. If any of my children did that they'd get a smacked bottom, and rightly so," she declared hotly.

It was a telling observation by Nicole Kidman's younger sister, based on what happened next. "Mum looked her in the eye and said evenly, 'Nicole, you may be a grown woman and an Oscar winner, and even a Hollywood superstar, but you are still my daughter and my little girl. If you insist on behaving like a child, then I will treat you like one. Come here, please.' I'd heard that tone more often than I cared to remember, and my knees just turned to jelly."

The flame haired actress may be a big star, but her mother still knows how to turn her bottom the same shade as her famous locks.

Guiding the Star Over Mummy's Knee

"What happened?" I pressed, my coffee forgotten and my head filling with memories of the last time that I had witnessed Ms Kidman being spanked. (See "Redheads And Red Bottoms" by Debbie Downunder, in which fellow star Bette Midler took the flame-haired actress over her knee and lit a flame in the woman's perky backside.)

"Nicole knew what was going to happen, she must have. She went as red as her hair and went slowly to meet her fate. Mummy put a hand behind her back and guided her over the knee, telling her 'I do not enjoy this, Nicole, but it would appear that it is necessary and long overdue.' As she lifted Nic's dress and lowered her panties she asked me, 'Would you hand me my hairbrush, Antonia?' I was numb and I felt really bad for Nic. I haven't felt the brush in years, but I could remember how much it stung and how hot your bottom got under it. Mum really knows how to use one."

And how did Ms Kidman behave - as a grown-up who knew she had done wrong, or as a little brat who resisted her just deserts?

"She was pretty good about it, really," Mrs Kidman-Hawley reflected. "I could tell that she was embarrassed, but she didn't make any fuss when the dress was lifted and the panties came down; it was almost like she was used to it!"

That got a snort from me, for I had been privy to a disciplinary session at which Bette Midler had ordered the haughty actress over her knee. Not only had the statuesque Aussie complied, but it seemed to be a regular thing for the two stars.

"Sometimes a girl just needs to go over her mother figure's lap," Ms Kidman had confided when we spoke last year.

And as for the punishment itself?

"Mum caressed her bottom a little," Mrs Kidman-Hawley recalled, "and then whack, down came that brush. You know Nicole is in her late thirties, but when she was over Mummy's knee she turned into a little girl. Our mother knew how to use the brush to paint her delectable derriere a hot, blushing scarlet. Nic was kicking and squealing and begging. 'No, Mummeeee! I'll be good! I promise!' She sounded just like my kids do when they're settled in over my lap, and they're a lot younger than their Aunt Nicole."

One might wonder if there have been any tantrums since. But that was not the case, according to her sister. "She even brought her new boyfriend home to meet Mum and Dad; he actually seems quite nice. That was once she learned to sit down again," Mrs Kidman-Hawley giggled.

Originally published in Bared Affair, Issue 3.10


  1. Wow, this lady is always one I would love to have over my knee and one who at times seems to be asking for a good spanking. Love the repeat of the story.

    Funny I saw her husband in concert recently and he has written a lovely song about their marriage. Beautiful in fact. It does make me wonder if her husband who is a John Wayne type being a real cowboy and well he seems so strong and confident, plus he sings and plays the guitar like no one's businss but I wonder if he spanks her. Would not surprise me at all.

    Thanks and be well

  2. Debbie wrote a couple of stories about 'our Nic'. They're two of my favourites, Ron. Mainly because I'd love to have that porcelain bottom simmering under my hand.

  3. Now that would be a wonderful sight to see, ma'am!