Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Aunty and her hairbrush - Readers Story

One of my lovely readers has sent me a story about why he should always obey his Aunt.

From artist Stephanie Burke. Aunt puts her hairbrush to good use.

And Sassy Bottoms provides us with the bottom rubbing aftermath.

Aunt Peg was the youngest of my mom’s sisters; she lived with her son John and daughter Margaret on the edge of NJ over looking Upper Eastside of Manhattan. Aunt Peg; like all her sisters, was a spanker. I actually heard and saw my cousin Margaret spanked a couple of times.

I was 11 years old, spending the night with Aunt Peg, and was outside with my cousin John, who was 8. We were playing in the street, but my mind wanted an adventure.

Now directly across the street from the house was the employee lot for the infamous Palisades Park, an outdoor amusement park. There were a long set of stairs from the lot that led to the Park. We took that route a number of times with mom and Aunt Peg to go to the Park.

Aunt Peg was inside, doing what I do not recall, and after a ton of convincing; I got John to come along for an adventure. He was scared to death, and knew we’d get spanked if we were caught, but off we went all the same.

We made our way to the top and sort of just hung around outside the gate, actually I was trying to find a way to get in without paying but could not find one. John was a mess, and started to cry thinking we were going to be caught. Eventually I agreed to make our way home.

We came down the long stairs slowly, but then I heard John cry out loud. As we looked down, there at the bottom of the stairs was Aunt Peg. She was in a light dress and had an apron around her waist. Her expression…well, no need to tell you we were in trouble.

She lambasted us when we got to the bottom of the stairs, grabbed John’s arm, turned him around and landed to spanks to his legs and bottom. The same thing happened to me, but I was telling her it was my fault and not John’s. She took each of us by a hand, and marched us across the street, up the stoop, into the house and immediately up the stairs in the house.

We were left standing outside of Aunt Peg’s bedroom door. She walked into the bathroom and returned with a wooden hairbrush, just like my mom’s and my other aunt’s brush.

John was crying, and I was telling her it was my fault.

John was led into her room, the door closed, and for a few moments silence followed by the sounds of a very hard spanking. I stood there my legs shaking as my Aunt Peg spanked her son soundly. Now I have heard and seen her spank before, but must say this sounded a lot worse than I ever saw.

After what seemed forever the spanking stopped, John came bursting out of the room hysterically crying, and ran to his room. I watched him close the door and turned to see Aunt Peg right in my face.

There was no discussion, she grabbed my hand and pulled me into her room. She sat down in a straight back chair, lowered my shorts and pulled me right over her knee. I had never spanked by Aunt Peg before and never was again, but she proceeded to spank my underpants really hard with her hand. After a short while she stopped, I felt her move around, and I looked back to see her with the brush in her hand. Aunt Peg then delivered as hard a brushing as I could recall over my underpants. I was a sobbing, crying mess when she was done. I can recall her brush and the sound of it. It hurt like heck.

I was sent to my room in tears and remained there for the rest of the day.

Aunt Peg came to get me for dinner, grabbed my hand and hugged me really hard. She said she was sorry she spanked me, but I deserved it. No doubts. She told me she would not tell mom and that the episode was done and finished. We enjoyed a happy, sore bottomed barbeque with the family.


  1. Love when you post real stories from your readers!

    Hairbrush makes it's mark!


  2. Thankyou for the comment, Ron. The hairbrush certainly does make a mark.

  3. I really enjoy Stephanie Burke's work, thank for posting.