Sunday, 3 July 2011

Avon Calling - Bared Affair

Bared Affair reporter has a look through an Avon catalog and finds some very interesting items.

The modern mother has two things to be concerned with when it comes to disciplining her daughter.  Most mothers find that spanking is the most effective manner in which to punish an errant girl.  However, in this day and age, mothers also have to be aware of politically correct snoops who might be visiting.  It just wouldn't do to have such a person discover a paddle or strap whose obvious reason for existence is for spanking.  Ding dong, Avon calling comes to the rescue.

In the December sales catalog, I found several items that would make lovely Christmas gifts for the teen girl while serving a dual purpose as an incognito spanking implement.  Daughters will ooh and aah Christmas morning when they discover catalog item number H432 in their stocking.  This hairbrush comes in an assortment of fashion colors that will match any bedroom or bathroom d├ęcor.  The brush also sports a wide, flat back that mothers will find perfect for correcting naughty bottoms.  Our tester, Margaret Wilder, found that the brush, made of sturdy plastic, was strong enough to deliver a sound spanking.  "I liked the size and weight of the brush," reported Mrs. Wilder.  "The handle fit comfortably in my hand, and the results were simply amazing.  Mary has not been so well-behaved in months than she was after a session with that brush."  An added benefit of H432 is that it doesn't look like the typical hairbrush our own mothers used on our backsides.  Snoopy neighbors will think it really is for hair and not for discipline.  At $9.95, you can afford to buy one for each of your daughters.

A brush rather like the one Beth found in her catalog.

Mum or even big sister putting the brush to work.

Another handy item was item M756.  At first look, it appears to be nothing more than a small hand-held mirror.  However, spanking mothers will soon realize that it is the perfect size and shape to use as a paddle.  The mirror is set in a wooden frame, about 4 inches across.  It's about the size of a paddle ball game paddle but much sturdier.  Tester Janet Owen declared the mirror to be a winner after trying it out on her 16 year old.  "Jessica's attitude was 100% better after I took her over my knee and used that mirror on her.  It's made of a heavy enough wood that I didn't have to worry about breaking it across her backside like I did when I used those flimsy paddle ball paddles."  Mothers will discover an added benefit of adding M756 to their implement bag.  Once the spanking is over, the daughter can use the mirror to inspect the results of her misbehavior.  At $14.95, it makes a nice companion to hairbrush H432.  Both items can be left in plain sight on either dresser top or bathroom vanity as a reminder to behave without attracting undue attention to their real purpose.

A mirror that doubles as an effective paddle.

For teen shoppers, girls may be interested in purchasing item L836.  This aloe vera lotion comes in several sizes, from a 2oz travel size to a 16 oz economy size bottle.  "Please don't tell my mom," Mary Wilder asked, "but that lotion is a real butt saver.  After a session with that darn hairbrush, a good coating of that lotion was the only thing that enabled me to sit through class the next day."  The 2 oz size retails for only $2.95, and girls will feel it is money well spent once they feel it sooth their skin after a spanking.  For the frequently naughty, we suggest buying the economy size, which sells for $12.95.

Aloe to soothe the recently naughty bottom.

This Christmas season, when the Avon Lady comes calling, remember that she's not just selling make-up anymore.  She's selling correction tools that any mother will find useful, and as always, they're backed by Avon's money back guarantee.


  1. This is just a wonderful post, thanks and yes I do remember the Avon products. There are a number of very nice drawings out there of Avon and the Fuller Brush sales people. Love it and the brush!
    Thank you ma'am.


  2. My only real concern Ron was that the brush Beth mentioned was made of plastic. My own preference is for wood and as you well know my wood of choice is ebony.

  3. Aunty,

    Yes I agree with some pain, the plastic is a nice fun brush for a starter and novice who wants a hairbrush applied to their bottom. But yes ma'am, for effective spankings, the wood is needed.

    As for the ebony, I am still waiting for my appointment at the Spank Shop to feel one!!