Friday, 8 July 2011

The brush off

I don't think it will come as any surprise to my readers that my absolute favourite implement is the hairbrush.

Hairbrushes are like wooden spoons in that they are innocuous household items that are multi functional, although my mother had two hairbrushes. One for brushing hair and one for brushing bottoms, the two were never confused either.

There's something maternal about a hairbrush. The handle is designed to fit a ladies hand and they're so natural. I have seen them described as the symbol of maternal displeasure. They're also perfect for applying with the recipient in the time honoured traditional over the lap position.

I may have published this one before, but it's too good not to get a rerun. This is from Quality Spankings. The incomparable Clare Fonda delivers a text book hairbrush spanking.

Like spoons and paddles, hairbrushes come in a number of types. There's oval ones like the one in Clare's hand in the picture above, there are also round ones and even rectangular ones called paddle brushes (I wonder if the makers are aware of their other use). My assistant Kimberley has a healthy respect for the paddle brush. She refers to them as 'horrid'. I believe her mother Gabrielle swears by them. I prefer my oval ebony brush, but I do agree that a paddle brush can definitely make an impression.

A 'horrid' paddle brush.

Hairbrushes come in a variety of subtances, such as plastic, ivory, silver and wood. Whilst the others will all do the job I don't think you can beat a good old fashioned wooden hairbrush. In years gone by the names of Avon, Fuller and Mason Pearson would send a tingle through the bottom of any disobedient youngster. I've seen hairbrushes for sale referred to as being of 'heirloom quality'. I know of a number of ladies who have handed brushes down from mother to daughter over generations. My own sister has my mother's oak hairbrush, and it's warmed three generations. Again I do wonder if that's what they mean by 'heirloom quality'.

Whilst 'brush' here in the Shop generally means hairbrush it can also refer to an old fashioned clothes or hearthbrush.

I'll leave you with this heart and bottom warming image from the legendary Sassy Bottoms.


  1. The hairbrush is the ultimate symbol of maternal discipline. If Mom was a true practitioner of the old-fashioned hairbrush spanking, every boy and girl living under her roof had one punishment they hated and feared the most. The spanking brush in that house should have been engraved with the message -- "Mom is the BOSS". Yes, a strict mother always has the final say, and you pray her message is NOT going to be imprinted with the back of her hairbrush.

    Imagine a time back in the 1970's in a typical American suburb. Imagine a strict household run by a traditional mother determined to protect her kids from the dangers of a modern world. Now imagine a young teenaged girl and her younger brother finally convincing old-fashioned Mom that they were old enough to go to a safe dance party at a local recreation center, a scheme they had concocted allowing them to actually go to a really cool party they knew of from their friends. Imagine the wild party getting so wild the police showed up, and then picture two unhappy minors being delivered by said police to their mother's front door. If you can see that scene in your head, think about the classic use of the maternal hairbrush times two, and how sorry a sister and brother were about the cool-party plan that had truly backfired.

  2. Delivered at a brisk pace a hairbrush is more than we can take. We escaped the brush as kids. A paddle was bad enough, a brushing OTK would have been horrid for sure.

  3. Aunty,

    More Please!

    What an amazing posting and one I have waited for since you started to post about implements. Yes ma'am the hairbrush is the true maternal implement and one we feared growing up. Being called to mom's room meant a solid dose of her brush!

    Love otk brushings so much. And who would not want to be over Ms. Fonda's knee feeling her brush!

    I as you have teased have a real fascination with your ebony brush. Never felt one but wow the stories I have read!!!

    Thank you Aunty for an amazing post. More Please!


  4. Franz, thank you so much for your comment and your story, greatly appreciated. Welcome to the Spank Shop!
    OBB, yes in the right hands the brush is a truly fearsome implement.
    Ron, I somehow knew you'd like this post. I freely admit that I was also eager to reach this particular post.

  5. Andrea, I have always found the hair brush instils a sense of dread in Mario. Mention the likelihood of using it on his bottom and there is an immediate improvement in his attitude and behaviour. Sulkiness and pouting, not to mention temper tantrums completely disappear following an application of Mom's best friend to his bottom.
    Usually he begins to cry before a single spank has landed and all that is needed is to reinforce the lesson.
    A lovely post my dear, take care


  6. Thank you for your comment, Marta. I have missed you here recently. What a lovely phrase to describe the hairbrush: 'Mom's best friend'.
    Take care, love.

  7. Not that I've ever experienced it personally, but the dreaded "bare bottomed spanking over Mom's knee with her smacking, cracking hairbrush" is number 1 in my fantasy parade.