Friday, 15 July 2011

Cousin El - Guest Post

I have another story from a reader to present to you. This time a tale of why it is never wise to not do as an older cousin tells you.

Right about this time I am sure our hero is wonder why he simply didn't do as told. The drawing is by F.S.T.

My mom’s sister and her family; two boys and one girl, lived about an hour from our home. Mom’s mother was bedridden for years and her and my grandfather lived with my Aunt. We spent a lot of time at their house, and this story is as clear as if it happened yesterday, although it was actually 1962.

Mom and I went to spend the night at my Aunt’s; the ladies were going shopping to one of the new malls that had opened. I was to stay home with my cousin; El. El was 20 at the time, a senior in college, and a nursing student. El was my favorite as she babysat me a lot growing up.

This day El came home from her summer job at a local hospital. She was tired and told me that dinner would be at 5 as she needed to get some rest. I went out in the yard with her brother, Bob. He was 13 and a real brat. We were playing catch when El came out and told us she was going to so some work for school in her room. I was told not to leave the yard, but Bob was free to do what he wanted,  as long as he stayed away from the railroad tracks.

El; in her white nurse’s uniform, disappeared into the house, and Bob immediately took off. I knew he was heading for the forbidden railroad tracks. I stood there for a moment, and then followed. The tracks were two blocks away via back yards, and I knew them well.

Once there I was cool, part of a group of teenagers playing on the tracks, they were electric overhead lines, so no immediate danger we all thought. As the commuter trains came by, horns blowing we did the usual. Placed cans, bottles, tree limbs on the line tracks and watched the train run them over and crush them. Before we knew it time was gone. We noticed the half hour increments were now more like every 10 minutes. Oh Lord it was rush hour!!!

Bob bolted, leaving me standing there. I ran to my Aunt’s house, only to be greeted by El, walking down the yard in her white nurses uniform and she was furious. She yelled for Bob, but he was long gone. She took me by the hand, said nothing and tugged me all the way to the house, in the door, through the kitchen and up the stairs.

El was a slender tall girl and she still is, but she was strong. When we got up to the second floor, she put me face first in a corner and told me not to dare move! I heard her moving around in her room, but had no clue what my favorite cousin and babysitter was about to do.

I heard her tell me to turn around, and there standing the door way of her room was El, holding my Aunt’s hairbrush. El was in her full white slip!

She ordered me into her room, she sat on the bench of her vanity,  unsnapped my jeans and lowered them to the floor. She was chastising me about not listening to her, about leaving the yard, and mostly about the dangers of the train tracks. She also told me how disappointed she was in my not behaving for her.

El lowered me over her lap, and tugged my white underpants down. She then uttered the words no one  ever believes, ‘that what she was about to do would hurt her more than me!’ Ha!!!

El was in a sorority, and as she told me many years later she was an accomplished spanker and paddler.

My dear cousin then delivered as hard a bare bottom hairbrush spanking as I ever had at this point of my life. She spanked me hard, fast and for a very long time. I was crying and begging but El was upset, and let my bottom know in no uncertain terms. I was very well spanked.

I remember almost falling off her lap but she locked her left arm around me, held me tight, and finished off my bare bottom with my Aunt’s brush.

She stopped and pulled up my underpants, but left the jeans off, and marched me back to the corner. I was crying hysterically.

After a while, El came back to me. She was now dressed in regular cloths, she handed me my pants and told me to meet her in the kitchen for dinner. When I got there, she calmly reviewed why she brushed me, and I apologized for not obeying her rules. Els then gave me a memorable hug and kiss, and told me she loved me. El then also told me the day’s events and spanking would remain between her and me, she would not tell my mom.

Our day ended as it always did, except I ate dinner standing up!

15 years ago while at her house El and I actually talked about this spanking. I was teasing her, and she threatened to repeat the spanking right there at Thanksgiving dinner. We laughed and talked about it. El never had me over her knee again, once was enough for me!


  1. Aunty,

    Thank you again for posting this nice story, reminds me of my growing up and I love when you post readers stories. Obviously this was a lesson learned the hard way but thanks for the story, fun to read.

    Be well and thanks,

  2. I think El was an excellent caring relative, who did what was needed. That young man was lucky to have her looking out for him.