Friday, 8 July 2011

First week at school

I'm delighted to present another true life recollection from a reader. When reading please keep in mind that this memory is from nearly half a century ago when attitudes were somewhat different. I would also ask that you realise to write down and share something like this with us takes a great deal of courage.

I was lucky to live somewhat of a charmed life growing up in a friendly, old fashioned neighbourhood in the 1950’s and ‘60’s. Great friends and community. I had two older brothers, I  was always busy. Mom’s plan every day for us was to get outside and stay outside. As a result the summers were wonderful. Now as I approached my first day of kindergarten mom told me I started being a pain. One must note we did not have preschool, you started in kindergarten and it was all day except for the first two days.

I complained, moaned and was just a royal pain in the neck about having to go to school, I wanted to play. It had nothing to do with leaving mom, I wanted to play!

We always took a short family vacation over Labor Day and mom told me the last night of vacation I got a sound bare bottom spanking from her about all my complaining about school.

So off I went the next day with all my friends. Mom walked me there the first day and the second day I walked with my friends. But the first two days were half days so I was out in the yard by 1 playing, so mom said I was happy as could be, not realizing on Monday it school became real and a full day.

 That Monday mom tells me I came home for lunch in a tizzy, was furious about the whole day deal, and was just asking for it. I was warned all during lunch that if I continued to misbehave I would be spanked by my teacher Miss Esposito. Off I went again, totally rebellious about this school ‘thing’.

The afternoon started, and then I made my stand, as mom said, I wanted to be out in the yard. I refused to do a certain task that Miss Esposito asked the class to do, I apparently sat there defiantly. The teacher came over and warned me that I must listen to her, and offered me another chance to do the task. Nothing. I would not budge.

 Miss Esposito, according to mom was a slight young lady, just out of school but she was no nonsense. I was ordered to the cloak-room in the class, which was just a walled off area where our jackets were, but in this room was a desk chair, straight back. I refused, so Miss Esposito took my arm, hauled me into the room, and stood me in the corner.

Apparently a short time later my older brother, a 7th grader, came in the room and tried to talk some sense into me, and told me to behave. He warned me I would be spanked if I did not listen to the teacher. But would I budge? No!

 Miss Esposito came into the cloak-room, she then took my arm, sat in the chair and put me over her knee. She lowered my shorts and spanked me over my underpants. My brother was standing at the opening to the room and witnessed my spanking. Now mom also told me as this was the first spanking of the year, Miss Esposito was making it a sound one, something that the entire class would hear and hopefully not forget.

Apparently I cried loudly, and was soundly spanked over my white underpants by the young teacher. When she was done, I was placed in the corner until my tears stopped.

A picture by Haachi of a teacher disciplining one of her recalcitrant male pupils.

Mom finished the story by telling me that when I got home there was a note in my book bag outlining the spanking I received. Mom told me that she then took me to her bedroom, lowered my pants and underpants and added a good bare bottom spanking, as this was her rule; if you were spanked in school you got spanked when you came home.

She also told me about a hour later I was out in the yard happy as a lark playing with my friends but the next day, I was a model student!


  1. Aunty,

    Bravo, both to you and your reader/writer. I love the real life stories and yes ma'am do appreciate your wonderful readers sharing them with us. It takes some courage.

    This is a nice one and wonder what Miss Esposito looked like? Too bad the writer's mom did not expand on that one!!

    Being spanked in school growing up, I can appreciate the story. And yes same rules applied in my house, you went otk at home if you got spanked in school.

    Many thanks and thanks to the readers, more of these would be great.


  2. Thank you for sharing this story! I like the rule "a spanking in school means another spanking at home".

  3. Thankyou Ron, I have a number of real life experiences sent to me by readers and will publish them in the fullness of time.
    Mutti thankyou for the comment and I also like the rule, I grew up under it.