Friday, 1 July 2011

If the slipper fits

In my on going implement series we have reached the slipper.

An old fashioned slipper that can be used to warm bottoms as well as feet.

Slippering seems to be a largely English punishment and it's mostly used by English Mums and Dads as well as a few teachers. While the term slippering refers to a spanking administered with the sole of an old fashioned slipper it's a bit of a misnomer as it is not always a slipper that is used. A number of schools use the rubber sole of a plimsoll, in fact I had a PE teacher that used to do this to errant students. In Australia it's not uncommon for a rubber thong (type of sandal) to be used across a naughty bottom.

I do have slippers in the shop and I find it a rather cosy way of giving a spanking, it's most effective on younger clients, although it has opened up the lungs of some of the older ones too. It seems largely maternal.

I'll conclude this with two visual aids.

An angry mother slippers her naughty daughter. The spankee might be the delectable Rosaleen Young.

A mother from a bygone day chastises her offspring. I can't work out if the girl in the background has just been slippered or if she's crying because she knows what's about to befall her.


  1. Aunty,

    With all respect and appreciation to your writers, I do love these posts the best.

    Now the slipper is one domestic implement that my bottom has never felt. Neither growing up or as an adult when I need correction from my Aunts. I love the lines and makes me even more interested in feeling the business end of a slipper.

    Very wonderful posting, thank you.


  2. Thank you, Ron. I am very much enjoying writing them.

  3. Aunty, there's something very maternal about a slippering, especially when given with an 'actual' slipper.

    It seems to me the perfect implement for a hot, stingy "goodnight" bedtime spanking before a tearful tucking-in (unless the recipient has been particularly naughty that day, in which case a bedtime hairbrushing may be more likely! :( ).

    The slipper would also fit well with a cosy over-the-lap-on-the-couch smacking in front of a roaring fireplace (Aunty's parlor?) with a mug of steaming cocoa, followed by a nice cuddle sitting on that same lap for good boys and girls... or a dose of cornertime for naughty ones! :)

    Plimsoll and sneaker spankings, on the other hand, scream 'school gym or locker room' to me, stinging smacks delivered by an athletic gym teacher or aerobics instructor.