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Mothering Classes - Bared Affair

This article from Bared Affair examines how one community has taken on the task of teaching old fashioned mothercare techniques to a new generation.

An old fashioned mother and daughter give lessons to the new generation on the best way to bring up their daughters and nieces

It seems that many of the domestic skills of the past have been eroded by our current fast paced lifestyles. Now those who have held to the old ways are helping the new generation relearn those skills, often in a fun and relaxed manner.

Ladies of today can now take cooking, sewing and knitting classes, once things that were handed down from mother to daughter. One of the lesser mentioned skills that any mother of the past needed was the knowledge of how to soundly spank a naughty young miss. Anne Warren, 58, and daughter Carol Spencer, 36, decided that it was past time that today's young ladies found out what a properly roasted rump felt like.

Mrs Warren, born in the late 1940s, said she was raised on spankings. She knew that any misbehaviour would earn her a trip over her mother's knee and an extended conversation with the back of her hairbrush. The red-haired matron brought her own daughter up the same way, and it was a principle that Mrs Spencer then applied to the rear of her teen-aged daughter Melanie. Melanie is a young sandy blonde who has gone over the laps of both her mother and her grandmother on a regular basis throughout her seventeen years of life.

It was Carol Spencer who first noticed the general misbehaviour of her daughter's classmates and friends. She raised the matter with the mother of one of the girls and was amazed when the mother admitted being in a futile position. She agreed that her daughter could use a dose of the slipper as was common with her at the same age, but the woman did not feel that she had the necessary experience to effectively discipline her daughter.

Although spanking was permitted at Melanie's school, it was an option her homeroom teacher did not take due to a lack of knowledge. Mrs Spencer was stunned; how could mothers and educators not know how to spank? It was a basic mothering and teaching skill. After a discussion, mother and daughter soon advertised a parenting class at the local community centre and extended an invitation to all mothers, aunts and even teachers of teen girls.

A Taboo Subject

Anne Warren is a tall, elegant lady with well styled hair and she has aged gracefully. She laughed when asked about the first meeting of the class. "We had a crowd to begin with. I suppose Carol and I were a little naughty about how we advertised the class. We called it a mothering class, nothing about spanking, although any intelligent mother knows that a soundly smacked bottom is an integral part of child rearing."

But as soon as she broached the now taboo subject and suggested that some of the young ladies in attendance could use a hot bottom, she was verbally attacked. "Carol in particular was wonderful suggesting to some of our detractors that if they had spanked their daughters more often, they would have better behaved offspring. A number of the women walked out."

Carol Spencer picked up the conversation about the first class, self consciously patting her curly black hair into place. "We had a very engaged audience once the people that were not interested had left. Those that had brought their daughters with them had some nervous young madams sitting beside them. After discussing behaviour and the basics of giving a good spanking we had a demonstration. That was where Melanie came in."

Miss Melanie Spencer blushed crimson and then confessed, "I had been a bit of brat that week, back chatting Mum and the like so I guess I deserved that spanking. But it was so embarrassing having my bottom bared in front of all those other women and I knew some of the girls too, my homeroom teacher was even there. I had to go over Mummy's knee and Grandma's too. It was only a hand spanking, but I got two of them and Grandma can really spank hard!"

Mrs Warren smiled and chuckled in the background as her granddaughter continued. "I was bawling when they were done and I had to stand there with my bottom on display, which was now scarlet and felt like I'd sat on a stove! Mummy and Grandma used that as an example of what a well spanked girl should look like and invited the other ladies to come up and feel how hot my cheeks were."

Following that embarrassing confession it was time to speak with some of the regular attendees and get their impressions of the class's effectiveness. Francine Mullens, 44, is one very pleased mother who went to the class not sure what to expect. "I was really at my wits end with Tempany," Mrs Mullens said of her eighteen year old daughter. "I was willing to try almost anything. The minute Anne and Carol mentioned spanking and I saw Mel go over their knees I knew what I had to do."

The next week she dragged her headstrong girl to the class. "I got to give her a good hand spanking and Carol demonstrated the effectiveness of a hairbrush on a girl's bottom. Tempany and I have a lot of time to make up for, so she's getting spanked pretty much at least once a week on average. Each time Carol and Anne show us a new implement I make sure to test it out on Temp's backside. She's going away to college soon and she thinks that it may end the spankings. But her sorority housemother is a friend of mine and I'll be making sure that she gets regular paddlings."

Standing next to her mother, Tempany Mullens, a porcelain-skinned blonde girl, sighed resignedly and rubbed her shapely posterior ruefully.

From Bad Tushy. Carol Spencer demonstrates the proper way to administer an over the knee strapping.

A Return to Old-Fashioned Values

Martha Walters, a matronly lady in her early 60's, admitted that the class gave her an opportunity to influence a family member to return to old-fashioned values. "I really went hoping to give my niece Barbara some advice on to how to handle her daughter Shelly. But after listening to Anne and Carol and the experiences of other mothers, aunts and caregivers, I came to the conclusion that Shelly wasn't the only one who needed her bottom set alight."

Thus Barbara Ellensworth, 37, became the focus of the first class Mrs Walters attended: how to deal with a grown woman who needs her bottom smacked. "That opened up her eyes to the benefits of both taking and giving a spanking," Mrs Walters recalled. "Quite often these days Barbara gets a ride over my knee and then Shelly takes her turn over Barbie's lap. We've all attended the classes regularly and it has made for a happier, more relaxed household. My old paddle gets plenty of use."

Carol Spencer beamed at Mrs Walters' story. "Both Barbie and Shelly have been involved in some of the special classes where the spanked girls get to experience spanking over the knee of someone other than their mother or aunt and they get to feel a different implement." The special session was referred to as a "girl swap" because the adults traded their naughty wards back and forth for practice purposes. "Barbie now has a healthy respect for the tawse and Shelly has begged not to feel 'Aunty' Anne's slipper again. Young Tempany Mullens tearfully told her Mum that 'Aunty' Carol paddles really hard after I had her bouncing around over my knee."

Wendy Stariski, 29, is a teacher at the local school and the homeroom teacher of Melanie Spencer. After being encouraged by Melanie's mum, she now knows how to paddle her students and does so whenever she feels it is needed. "She's known at school as Spanking Stariski and no one wants to be on the wrong end of her paddle," Melanie said with gusto.

"I was honestly frightened to do it, paddle, I mean," Ms Stariski admitted with a blush and a sparkle of her green eyes. "But once I saw how easy it was and how well the girls accepted it I felt empowered somehow. I wasn't the only teacher who felt that way either. These days I even give the other teachers lessons on how to paddle. They often send their regular offenders to me and either witness the paddling themselves or make sure that their class sees it as a message. I've brought girls here for a paddling too. I find a burning bottom a great aid to learning," she grinned.

The look at the motherhood classes ended with the ladies who started it all, Anne Warren and daughter Carol Spencer. "We feel the classes have been a great success and they've certainly made sure that the girls in the area are better behaved," Mrs Spencer said.

"All of the ladies enjoy some of the special classes we've had, like the 'girl swap' that Martha told you about and 'bring your favourite weapon' day. One of our ladies actually video taped a spanking she gave to her daughter and we watched it here then gave her comments on how she could have made it better. The daughters and nieces who were here that day had the refinements demonstrated then and there. There has been such demand that we may even have to expand the classes into other towns nearby."

From Quality Spankings. A well attended class where the instructor certainly knows how to get everyone's attention.

Spanking, a lost art that one community is determined to rediscover.

  Originally published in Bared Affair, Issue 3.11


  1. Not fair that the class was women only. I like to spank and be spanked. Please invite me to your next class.

  2. The ladies that run the classes are very traditional, OBB, and they feel that it is very much a ladies only affair. If enough interest is shown they may start a mens class.

  3. Aunty,

    I will gladly volunteer to be otk for a class relating to spanking naughty males!!

    Wonderful story as always.


  4. The benefits of a smacked bottom are universal, so i'm sure the skills being taught won't be long in getting a wider application....husbands will be the next members of the house brought in line, no doubt, a deserving bottom is after all just that!!

  5. Ron, if the ladies ever require a volunteer I will be sure to keep you in mind.
    Recidavist thank you for the comment and you may have hit on the idea for another article. I'll need to look into that.