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Never too old - Bared Affair

This article from Bared Affair examines the truth to the old adage that you are never too old for a good spanking.

Some girls stay at the parental home well past their majority and happily exchange independence for convenience.

It used to be that children could not wait to turn eighteen so that they could move out of the parental home and from under their parents' watchful eye to have some fun on their own. These days things seem to have turned full circle, and it is becoming increasingly common for children to stay at home well after they have reached the age of majority. We spoke to some of the young ladies who have made that choice.

Anastasia Mason is 32, single and upwardly mobile, with a job as an investment banker in Australia's financial capital, Sydney. She makes good money and seems to be an attractive and focused career woman. Appearances can be deceiving, though. The striking brunette beauty does not have a city apartment or a house in the suburbs; she still lives at home with her mother, and her space is the same bedroom where she did her homework at high school.

"I know some people find it weird that I still live with Mother, but I see it as making sense," the young banker said. "I'm an only child, and Mum isn't getting any younger, so I want to be close to her if, God forbid, she should really need me. And as she has no other heirs, why should I buy a house or an apartment in today's over inflated market, when I will have my own home when Mum passes on?"

The logic was rather hard to fault. "I pay minimal rent, and Mum doesn't mind as long as I help out with the bills: power, phone, etc. I get my meals provided and my laundry done."

Miss Mason made it sound like the ideal arrangement. But were there any downsides? The girl blushed before answering in a small voice. "Well, Mum can be a little bit strict and old fashioned."

It seemed as if living at home at her age cramped Miss Mason's style a little. "Oh not at all!" she denied vociferously, turning an alarming shade of red. "I don't have time for boys, with my career, but Mum insists that I call home if I'm going to be late, and it does not go well for me if I don't pull my weight and help with the chores at home, or pay the rent on time."

These appeared to be small sacrifices to make, given the advantages Miss Mason outlined from living at home still. "My job requires a lot of work, and I don't always know ahead of time if I need to stay late. I often bring home work and can't just drop it to put on a load of laundry. Mum doesn't understand that sometimes."

The meaning behind the words 'old fashioned' was beginning to make sense.

Zelda Mason, Anastasia's mother, a severe looking woman in her mid fifties, entered the conversation. "Ana can make all the excuses she wants, but it's my house, therefore my rules. If she is home late and has made me keep dinner waiting or won't pull her weight, or is late with the rent, minimal as it is, then there is only one way to react. And that is firm application of a sturdy hairbrush to her upwardly mobile bottom."

Miss Mason gritted her teeth and blushed again. "Go on, Ana, what happens?" her mother prompted.

With a loud sigh the young woman recited a litany of Mrs Mason's punishment methods. "When I get in Mummy tells me that I'm going to have my botty smacked, and to get ready. I go to my room, remove everything below the waist and take my hairbrush to her for my spanking."

Mrs Mason smiled indulgently at her offspring. "I take my darling over my knee and smack that bottom good and hard until it's glowing red hot. She's usually very well behaved for some time after that."

"Living at home has some disadvantages," Miss Mason said in a shaking voice, her cheeks flaming as red as the older Mason lady claimed she made the girl's hindquarters. "But I'd still rather do that than participate in some of the horror stories I've heard about living in shared homes."

 From Premium Spankings. Anastasia Mason gets a telling off from her mother. There's a hot bottom in this young lady's near future.

Happy at Home, But Trouble Sitting

Briohny Gerrits, a petite, vivacious blonde 25-yearold childcare worker, proudly declares that she still lives with her parents. "I couldn't wait to move out," the Dallas (Texas) native confessed. "As soon as I had finished school and gotten a paying job, I took a house with three girlfriends."

A giggle escaped her pretty pink lips. "It was a nightmare. There were constant arguments about whose turn it was to shop, cook or do the laundry, and then there were fights over what had been bought by the poor girl who actually did the shopping." Miss Gerrits compared her roommates unfavorably with the kids she looks after, and none of them is over six years old!

"It was also hard getting the rent together each week. I get paid well enough, but when you have housemates who spend their rent money on shoes or handbags - well!" Miss Gerrits let out an exasperated breath and a curl on her forehead flew up fetchingly. "I couldn't handle it any longer and begged Mama to take me back, which she did. I do pay rent, but it's not as much, and I am happy to help my mother out. There are still chores to do, but there are never any arguments about them."

Then the bubbly blonde blushed and added: "If there are, then Mama's sorority paddle reddens my bottom. I wish my former housemates could spend a fortnight here; Lana's bottom would match the shoes she bought using her rent money that time," the girl said, referring to one of the friends that she had shared with briefly.

"I have trouble sitting down sometimes, but I know it's for my own good, and I'm much more relaxed since I moved back home. Anyway, running around after children for most of the day means I don't do a lot of sitting at work. And although I'd never admit it to my workmates, a good spanking once in a while does wonders for a girl's stress levels."

From Spanking Money. Briohny has an encounter with her mother's paddle.

Cynthia Woods is a 28-year-old personal assistant and shares a London flat with two female friends. "I haven't lived at my parents' house for years," the chestnut haired girl announced. "I've been on my own since I was 22, and I honestly cannot imagine going back."

"Go on, Cyn," the brunette's friend and flatmate Gloria Chambers urged, "tell them why you really moved out."

Miss Woods's brown eyes flashed as she glared at her friend. "It was the spankings. For as long as I can remember Mummy tanned my backside whenever I did anything naughty."

"Oh, and can Mrs Woods ever blister a butt!" Miss Chambers interjected. "I stayed over a few times growing up," she added with flaming cheeks, making it clear she had firsthand experience receiving spankings from her friend's mother.

"Mummy has a fairly wide opinion of naughtiness," Miss Woods explained, "so that meant I got spanked a lot. It's embarrassing, but bearable when you're a kid, and even as a teen, but being over 20 and still getting turned bare arsed over your mother's lap and having your rear end made hot enough to cook on just isn't cool."

"Then there's that lexan paddle she uses," Miss Chambers interrupted again. "Man! That thing stings!"

"The holes do that." Miss Woods nodded her agreement. "It would cost me less if I lived at home, but my butt would be paying for it. I can bring boys to the flat, and all I get is some teasing from Gloria and Karla, and I can get my own back if they bring someone home. I can stay out all night if I want, and no one but me is responsible."

She allowed that she and her roommates sometimes argue about the chores, but all friends fight occasionally. "Personally, I think girls who are old enough to be out, but don't move and come up with all these reasons, are just scared," Miss Woods continued. "You have to cut the apron strings some time, and stand on your own two feet. I'm not going back. I enjoy my freedom and the fact that I don't get spanked any more."

From Punished Angels. Cynthia Woods displays a freshly spanked pair of cheeks.

'Mamma' Cooks with a Spoon.

Donna Bruschatelli is a forthright, raven haired, olive skinned 29-year-old who works as a legal professional in Milan. She also lives at home with her old fashioned 'Mamma.'

"It's the money, really," Miss Bruschatelli admitted, adjusting her rectangular, black rimmed glasses. "Mamma doesn't make me pay rent, and I like traveling. I do make good money, but I also enjoy going overseas at least once a year. It's a sad reality that the more off the beaten track you get, the more expensive it is."

"You're also not married, Donna," the girl's nineteen-year-old sister Maria pointed out. "The rest of the grown sisters are married. There's no way Mamma would let a single girl move out. She knows what single girls get up to when they're not at home." The siblings shared a laugh at their mother's outdated views.

"Yes," Miss Bruschatelli sighed, sipping her cappuccino, "I suppose I'm lucky she even lets me go on my vacations. Mamma has brought all of us up - there are six of us, all girls - the way she was raised, and that means lots of love and spankings. It is rather embarrassing that she still treats Maria and me the same, though, when there's ten years between us."

"Don't forget to mention the spoon," Maria reminded her sibling.

"Oh yes, the spoon. Mamma doesn't spank us with her hand; she uses this whacking great spoon," the 30-year-old grumbled. "I found out on a trip to Wales that they are, ironically enough, called Love Spoons. They don't give my cullo much loving, I can tell you that."

"When I'm Donna's age, if I'm not married, I want to be taking trips the way she does," her younger sister confessed.

"They're a great escape," Miss Bruschatelli agreed. "I can do what I want and be who I want, and no one knows that I'm still treated like a naughty eight-yearold who is put over her Mommy's knee for a good old fashioned spanking."

"Of course, Mamma seems to know that she's been 'naughty' when she's away," Maria laughed. "Almost the minute she's put her luggage down she's over Mamma's ample lap having her plump little rear spanked to a scorching hot lobster red with the trusty old spoon!" Maria added a giggle, to her big sister's acute embarrassment.

"It's worth it," Miss Bruschatelli asserted. "I have memories of my trips that no spanking can ever take away from me."

From Spanked Sweeties. Mamma Bruschatelli uses her wooden spoon to cook daughter Donna's bottom.

A recent survey by an independent research company into the very phenomenon that this article explores, came up with some interesting statistics. Just over 50% of ladies aged between 20 and 24 admit to living in the parental home, while the figure drops to 22% for young women aged 25 to 29. Of the girls that have remained at home, the majority of them cited financial reasons for doing so.

A mere 6% acknowledged that they were still spanked, although a straw poll done in the Bared Affair offices suggests this number is likely to be far higher. Amongst our interns and younger staff members, most of whom are still at home under their mothers' watchful eyes, 75% still go over their maternal laps when needed. Perhaps it is just that due to the humiliation factor, very few girls would admit to the fact that they were still spanked for misbehaviour.

Originally published in Bared Affair, Issue 4.11


  1. I think all of us think about the things you write about. Still, it is a pleasure to me to have them put into words.

  2. OBB, the articles, I believe were as much fun to think about as they were to write and I hope to read.

  3. Lovely story line my Aunty, fun to read and enjoy. Great effort from Bared Affair but some of us are too old to be spanked, ma'am.

    Well done Aunty, thanks

  4. Ron, you know my feelings on this matter, young man. No one is ever too old to be spanked, and a good way to get that spanking is to argue with Aunty.

  5. I do believe that's the best way for adult daughters, as much if on the giving side there's a caring father. Or both parents.

    If we speak truly about RL in 2011, I would be very glad to share with similar minded parents or young women (eg. over 25 yo) living such situation and acknowledging its fairness.

  6. I love the "Mama cooks with the spoon" comment!


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  8. George and Carla, thank you so much for your comments. George Bared Affair (the publication for which this article was written) focused exclusively on F/F discipline, my Glowing Globes Gazette pieces while being predominantly F/F in content do not have that restriction.
    I thought the cooking comment was very cute too, Carla :).

  9. SOUNDS like there are still mums around who belive in firm disipline

  10. Paul, thank you for the comment and welcome to the Spank Shop, darling. Oh yes, mothers and aunties, young man.