Thursday, 14 July 2011


From Firm Hand Spanking. A young lady feels the paddle.

Paddles are possibly the most widely and frequently used spanking implements. They're so common that the term paddling is another euphemism for spanking whether or not it is being administered with a paddle.

The implement itself seems to be predominantly North American, although it they are used worldwide. They also are used in a number of settings. Many homes have a paddle. They're a fixture in college fraternities and sororities, although these days they tend to be more decorative than anything. Some states in the USA still allow paddling of school students. In days gone by they were used in prisons.

I have a number of paddles at the shop and because of the materials they're made out of and the varying types they are a remarkably versatile implement.

A selection of wooden paddles.

You can get all different sizes made of wood, they're also made out of plastic, leather and the new very dense material lexan. Lexan paddles are quite dense, but light. They allow you to administer a sound paddling and get a very red hot bottom with little likelihood of bruising.

A small, oval lexan paddle.

Then there's one of my personal favourites; a Spencer paddle. This particular item was invented by a school teacher, a Mr Harold Spencer, back in the 1930's, who reasoned that a solid paddle created an air cushion, so holes would allow the air to escape and provide a firmer connection.

A commercially produced Spencer paddle. Imagine the sting this beauty would provide.

Paddles aren't used much at home now, but novelty versions are still popular.

A traditional Heat for the Seat novelty paddle.

Paddles come in all sizes and many materials, they all in my experience give an impressive spanking and due to their variety of sizes can be used for a number of ages and in positions from the traditional over the knee to bending over.


  1. For me, there is absolutely nothing I like better than a wood paddle.

  2. A wooden paddle can certainly set up a nice burn in a deserving posterior, OBB.

  3. OBB is right except the hairbrush. The novlety paddles are still out there and fun way to help get started with a spanking relationship, have a collection of them now.

    Sorority paddles, all one needs to do is visit any off campus book store around a major university and they are right there for the buying.

    We got the paddle in grammer school and had a priest who weilded one in high school.

    Fun post and love Aunty's views on implements.

    Thanks and be well


  4. Thank you. Very well articulated, Aunty Andrea.

    Spanking has always been the magic word to raise the blood, whether the motivator be fear, thrill, or embarrassment. Paddling is a word that most closely rivals. "The paddle," the implement, and "To paddle," the punishment, represent an institution with a provocative place in American culture that many of us can relate to in the most personal ways. The wide variety of shapes, sizes, and materials possible make each paddle an object worthy of our interest.

    I divide the concept into two main forms: the school-type paddling that employs larger paddles applied as a predetermined number of "swats" to the bent-over culprit and across both cheeks of the buttocks, and the paddle-spanking where smaller paddles are used to function in a less formal or regimented way, as does the palm of the hand for what can be described purely as a spanking. There is some gray area between, but regardless the forms represent significant punishment methods not to be taken lightly. Have you ever been threatened with the phrase, "I'm going to blister your bottom"? Pray the words are not being spoken by a person holding a paddle.

  5. Ron, thankyou for your comment and your remembrances. It is always appreciated.
    Franz, again thank you for your insights. You are always welcome at the Spank Shop. Darling, I have been threatened with or uttered nearly every spanking euphemism you could ever think of. If you hear the words 'blistered bottom' and the person saying them is holding a Spencer paddle then you are very likely soon going to be sitting on a genuinely blistered behind.

  6. Thank you for the generous welcome, Ma'am. While I enjoy expressing myself as if I were an authority on these subjects, I am happier to have discovered the blog of someone who is more knowledgeable and experienced than I. This is a real treat for me.

    I find the terms and phrases people use with regard to spanking to be of great interest. The words have real power, even when ambiguity is involved. Take the threats, "You won't be able to sit down for a week," and the aforementioned, "I'm going to blister your bottom." These were both quite common phrases we heard growing up. I certainly did not want to hear them, but were they to be taken literally, or were the words merely hyperbole used to frighten the culprit or to display a heightened sense of purpose on the part of the disciplinarian? And then what is meant, exactly, in regard to the inability to sit down? What exactly is a genuinely blistered behind? I believe there may be several valid answers to these questions. I have only my own limited experiences to go by, and I wish I could know all you know about these subjects, and your opinions about them, as well.

  7. Welcome Franz, great comments and hope you continue to contribute with our Aunty, she is a lovely and genuine lady and the blog is just terrific.

    I have experienced the trouble sitting down which can be a fact, truly. Usually it is a result of the morning after and resulting bruises. No doubt. Blistering to me is more of a phrase as I do not get into the really severe spankings and paddlings but I have seen welts raised on my bottom.

    Regards Aunty,


  8. The phrase "I'm going to paddle your bare bottom until you can't sit down for a week" is second only "You're going to get a spanking over my knee with my hairbrush" on my "hit parade" (pun intended). I was thinking, however, of the "mother's little helper" type of novelty paddle, rather than a fraternity/sorority style one...