Wednesday, 13 July 2011

'Phi Gamma Beta 1'

I regret to report that we've run out of Seegee Spank Shop originals, but he is working on another one, so they will continue to appear her as he writes them. Instead I present for your enjoyment the ladies of the spanking sorority Phi Gamma Beta.

From Firmhand Spanking. Jessica does her red bottomed corner time after yet another spanking.

From Quality Spanking. A typical Friday night at the sorority house of Phi Gamma Beta.

From Spanked Sweeties. Housemother Stevie hands out some sorority discipline to one of 'her girls'.

Amy looked around at the confused scene around her and sighed. She had rarely felt so alone in her entire life. The pretty, petite eighteen year old was at her first day of college. She had always done well at high school, and at least there she knew where she was. This sunny late summer day she had no idea. She was supposed to report to her sorority house of Phi Gamma Beta to sign up as a pledge, and begin her orientation, but at the moment all she could see were students rushing to and from buildings in a confused melee. She set her suitcases down on the pavement and consulted a crumpled piece of paper in her hand. It was meant to be a map of the campus, but at the moment it may have as well been written in Chinese for all the sense she could make of it. She was meant to be at the sorority house by ten am sharp. Her older sister and her mother, who had both been members of Phi Gamma Beta had advised her that discipline in the sisterhood was strict and any infraction of the rules, including tardiness, was punished severely. Amy looked at her watch, five minutes to ten. She felt like bursting into tears, for all she knew the house could be on the other side of the campus. She was going to be the first pledge in history that was expelled before even making it to the sorority house.

There was nothing else for it, she had to ask someone. She screwed up all her courage and walked a few paces to a tall, tanned, attractive, athletically built dark haired girl a few years her senior in conversation with a friend. "Excuse me?" Amy interrupted their conversation politely.

The girl stopped talking to her friend and looked down at the nervous freshman "Yes?" she inquired.

"I'm looking for the Phi Gamma Beta sorority house, is it nearby?" 

"Phi Gamma Beta? Are you a new pledge?" the girl asked, a smile playing across her full lips.

"Amy. Amy Mathieson and yes, I am."

The girl's bewitching green eyes sparkled, she lifted one finely muscled golden arm and pointed languidly at a large, double storied house just across the manicured green lawn and said "That's Phi Gamma Beta, honey and if you're a new pledge you had better get a move on or they'll boot your pretty little behind right out. Registration closes at ten sharp."

"Thankyou." Amy said, whirling to pick up her cases.

"You're welcome and from now on you had better call me ma'am, sweetie, because I'm one of your big sisters, that is providing you can get over there in the next three minutes."

Amy felt a blush creeping up her freckled cheeks "Yes ma'am." she snapped over her shoulder, picking up her bags and hustling as fast as they would allow her. She squealed as her new 'big sister' calmly took a step towards her and planted a firm swat on her firm, round little bottom.

Breathing heavily and perspiring with exertion and nerves Amy struggled up the grassy hill and heaved her luggage up the sorority house's steps. She planted the cases on the wide verandah's wooden decking and looked at her watch: one minute to ten "Phew!" she gasped and sat down heavily on one of her suitcases.

The other two girls standing near the door looked at her.

One was a tall, very slender girl with a rebellious set to her face and long, shimmering chestnut locks that hung halfway down her back. The girl standing next to her was shorter, with a slightly plump, but pretty figure, a clear, smooth complexion, startling blue eyes and shoulder length, curly strawberry blonde hair.

The tall brunette held out a hand to Amy and said " "Jessica Sterling."

Amy took the offered hand, shook it and introduced herself "Amy, Amy Mathieson."

The blonde smiled at Amy, gave her a hand and said "Emma Casey."

Amy shook that hand too and nodded.

The door swung open and all three girls stared at it, hearts pounding.

Standing in the open doorway was a tall, well built black lady with short frizzy black hair and elegantly dressed. She smiled at the three girls and inquired with a soft drawl "Amy, Emma and Jessica?"

The girls nodded vigorously.

"I'm Stevie. Your housemother. Come on in."

With relieved sighs the girls allowed Stevie to hustle them inside.

"Welcome to Phi Gamma Beta." Stevie greeted the girls, shaking each of the hands firmly as she took their names. "Leave your things there," she directed, pointing at the foot of the stairs, "one of the girls will take them to your assigned rooms. For now let's have a little chat in my parlour."

The girls followed Stevie's straight broad back to her parlour.

The room was large and well appointed. It had a large armchair set up by a big fireplace that was currently cold and empty, but would warm up the room nicely in the colder months. There were two large leather couches sitting in front of and to the side of a sturdy, low coffee table. Near the big double windows was a huge mahogany desk, this was obviously where Stevie did some of her work. A computer monitor was set up on the desk and a large ledger lay open on the desks surface.

Stevie ushered the girls onto the couch and settled into the armchair, crossing her long legs before ringing a bell on the small table next to her chair. A red headed girl maybe a year or two older than the three sitting nervously on the couch came in, she was wearing an apron, upon which she was wiping her hands "Yes ma'am?" she asked.

"Heather," Stevie began, "these are your three prospective new sisters: Amy, Emma and Jessica, we'd like some refreshment whilst I explain the dos and don'ts of Phi Gamma Beta to them. Can you organize that please, dear?"

"Yes ma'am." Heather replied with a curtsey, before departing the room.

"You have maids, here?" Jessica asked Stevie.

Stevie let out a long loud laugh "Goodness no! Didn't you hear me, Jessica? I said that Heather was your sister. All the girls, with the exception of seniors, are expected to serve during the day and at dinner. Once we've got you settled in, it will be your job all of your pledge week. Generally it's rotated."

Jessica's face paled and she sank back into the couch. Serving! She hated serving! At home they had maids to serve them.

Emma sighed. This was no different to boarding school. Everyone had been expected to serve at table there. If you couldn't you had better be able to produce a pretty good reason, unless your bottom wanted to talk to matron's slipper. She had hoped she would not have to do it at college, but it wouldn't be that bad really. C'est la vie.

Amy hid a smile. She wasn't elated at having to serve the other girls, like some sort of maid, but at least she had been expecting it. Sometimes having a big sister could be useful.

Heather reappeared bearing a tray with a large teapot, steam gently curling from it's spout, four cups and saucers and a milk jug, sugar bowl and four teaspoons, there was also a plate with some biscuits on it. Heather set the tray on the table and lay everything out. She poured a cup of tea, the hot liquid splashing into the cup and producing clouds of steam, she added milk and sugar, placed a spoon on the saucer next to the cup and handed it to Stevie. The black lady accepted it with a smile and the warning "It had better be to my liking Heather, I'm sure you don't want another chat with Ms Sting, just yet, young lady."

"No ma'am." the girl whispered with a wince and a rub of her pert bottom. "How do you take your tea, please?" she asked the three girls.

As they told her their preferences Stevie advised "Make the most of it while you can girls. Most of your first year at Phi Gamma Beta will be spent learning how to please your sisters, not having them please you."

The girls sat back uncomfortably as Stevie looked at them over the rim of her teacup. Her slightly slanted black eyes assessing them all mentally. Jessica was a spoilt brat. She came from a wealthy family. She had been given everything she had ever wanted. She threw tantrums when she did not get what she wanted. Her family had made her join Phi Gamma Beta to instill discipline in her life. Stevie was an expert at that and she taught 'her girls' well. She sat easily enough now, but that would soon change. Emma was essentially well behaved, but she was attractive and she knew it and often flirted, she lost her usual common sense around boys and the few genuine beatings she had received in her life had been as a direct result of this flirtatious nature. Amy was a good girl, a little shy, both her mother and her sister had been popular and important members of the sorority, it was hoped that the youngest Mathieson girl would follow in their footsteps. On what little she knew of them so far Stevie could see Amy Mathieson as being the standout of the trio.

"What do you know about our little sisterhood?" Stevie asked unexpectedly, breaking the uneasy silence.

"It's one of the smallest, but hardest to enter sororities on campus." Emma answered, her cup paused halfway to her lips.

Stevie nodded and asked "Why is that?"

"Academic standards and the fact that many sisters have good connections external to the sorority." Jessica replied, setting her now empty cup down and nibbling on a biscuit.

"Good, good," Stevie encouraged, "how do we keep the high standards we have set?"

Amy swallowed a mouthful of tea and said one word "Discipline."

Stevie lowered her cup and treated the girls to a dazzling smile "Correct."

"Do any of you know what form that discipline takes?"

Before any of the girls could answer, Stevie spoke again, directly to Amy "Amy Mathieson? You would be Jade Mathieson's sister? Carla Winterley's daughter?"

"Yes ma'am." Amy said softly.

Stevie smiled, her almond shaped eyes going back through the years "I thought so. Your sister was a handful, let me tell you and the tricks your mother and I got up to, well best not give you ideas. I'm sure they've told you a little about how we keep our girls well behaved."

"Not really ma'am," Amy replied, shifting uncomfortably as she realized all eyes in the room were on her, "they just said it was strict and I would respond well to it."

"You will," Stevie reassured her, "you all will. As none of you seem to be aware of some of our traditions I will fill you in. Please feel free to avail yourself of more tea. There's plenty in the pot and we will be here for a little while yet."

Stevie settled into her chair and warmed to her topic "Amy said that we instill discipline in our girls and that is what we do. Discipline is enforced on a regular basis by all sisters and myself. There is a weekly discipline session every Friday night and all sisters are required to attend. Any failure to attend results in immediate dismissal from the sorority."

Jessica refilled her cup, sipped her tea, licked her frosted pink lips and asked in a small voice "What form does the discipline take, Stevie?"

Stevie's black eyes fixed the girl and she answered the question with one of her own "Have you ever been spanked, Jessica?"

The tall girl was so shocked at the question she nearly dropped her cup " I haven't."

"Hmmm...pity." Stevie sniffed. "It would have done you a world of good, young lady. You will be spanked here."

"What?" Jessica blurted, standing up. "I'm out of here!"

"Sit down!" Stevie's voice cracked like a whip and made Emma and Amy jump.

A defiant look in her hazel eyes Jessica remained on her feet.

Stevie let a long breath out between her full lips, set her cup and saucer down on the table with a click and with an extremely quick movement stood, took a firm grip on Jessica's wrist and slapped her thighs hard, punctuating each stinging blow with a word "I said sit down, little girl!" she jerked Jessica back into her seat and held her there by the shoulders. "You can leave the sorority if you wish, Jessica, but you will do me the courtesy of at least listening to the rest of my talk. Do you understand that?

"Yes." Jessica muttered insolently, her eyes on the floor.

Stevie let go of one slender shoulder, placed one well manicured forefinger under Jessica's chin and used it to lift the girl's face "Look at me when you speak and when you answer me it is Ma'am or Miss Stevie. Do you understand me?"

Jessica let out a huffy breath and remembering the stinging in her thighs said between gritted teeth "Yes ma'am."

"I should also tell you one more thing before you make a hasty decision about the sorority and your membership too, Jessica. Your father has spoken to me at length about your application. He will understand if you are rejected at the end of your pledge period, but if you leave before that or if you deliberately try to fail the pledge then your weekly allowance will be cut off."

Jessica gasped and then murmured softly "Yes ma'am."

"Good," Stevie said with a smile going back to her seat, "now that that little bit of unpleasantness is behind us I will continue."   

"There is a pecking order in the sisterhood. You have to understand that you three as initially pledges and then freshmen are at the bottom of that order. I am at the top of the totem, immediately followed by the four senior sisters, below them are the other senior students, then juniors and then sophomores, you are at the bottom. Do you understand that?"

The girls nodded wordlessly.

"What do you think being lowest in the house means?"

Emma sighed, she had been through this before at boarding school. They had a similar system. Top were the teachers and others in authority, then the prefects and head girls, older students and last of all came the youngest and newest students. Teachers, matrons and other adult staff members of course had the right to discipline the students. In Emma's experience that discipline generally involved her bare bottom and cane, strap, hairbrush, slipper and if she were lucky the hand. The prefects and the head girls also had permission to spank the girls under their guidance if they found it necessary. Emma had been a prefect in her final year and because she was concerned about unfairly spanking had not administered that many and been one of the most popular prefects in her house. "It means ma'am that we are required to do whatever a senior member of the sisterhood requests."

"Very good Emma." Stevie congratulated the strawberry blonde. "What do you think will happen if you do not do as a senior member asks?"

Emma swallowed hard and said softly "We'll be spanked, ma'am."

Stevie nodded "That is correct, Emma. Any member of the sorority above you, and that means EVERYONE, has the authority to spank you if you do not obey a reasonable request. Now because we do have a lot of rules and you cannot be expected to remember them all just from our little chat you will be given some guidance."

Stevie picked up a small bell and rang it.

The three girls heads all turned towards the door as it opened and four older girls filed in. With a shock Amy saw that one of them was the girl she had asked for directions to the house. "These are four ladies that you will get to know very well, girls" Stevie told them with a smile, "meet your new big sisters, our senior sisters."

The older girls looked at the three pledges and smiled at them.

Stevie rose from her chair and stood by the four newcomers. She placed a hand on the shoulder of one girl; a petite blonde with long wavy hair, a fair creamy complexion and bewitching blue eyes "This is Shauna," the girl smiled, her eyes lingering on Jessica and she licked her pale pink lips, Stevie touched the hand of the next girl in line, a tall, slender girl with a head of close cropped black curls and large brown eyes full of expression "Denise,", Denise sized the girls up without letting her eyes stay too long on any one girl, Stevie pointed at a girl with flaming red curls and dancing green eyes "Nicole," the girl placed a hand on one of her full hips and pointed her large breasts aggressively out at the girls while her eyes settled on Emma who squeezed back into the couch, "and last, but not least Naomi." Steve introduced the tall, tanned girl with the athletic build and the shimmering sheet of jet-black hair and cool green eyes. "Pleasure." the tall girl said languidly.

"Girls, this is Jessica, Emma and Amy."

"We've met," Naomi said, "at least Amy and I have. The poor child needed directions to the house earlier."

Stevie looked down at the three girls on the couch and then at the four older girls standing next to her and said "Well, girls unfortunately we only have three pledges this year, now I know it is custom to assign each pledge a big sister to guide her and discipline her through her pledge period and in fact most of her freshman year, but this year we have more senior sisters than pledges. Someone is going to have to miss out."

Denise raised her hand and said politely "Stevie, I've got a very full class list this year and if I want to make valedictorian I don't think I'll have sufficient time to devote to teaching a pledge."

"You don't want a little sister, Denise?" Stevie asked.

Denise's brown eyes sparkled as they swept across the trio huddled on the couch and she replied "I'd love one and they're all absolutely adorable, but I just don't think I'll have the time to do a good job."

Stevie nodded "Very well. Now would you three like me to choose or do you each have someone in mind for your new little sister?"

"Can we choose, Stevie, please?" Shauna pleaded.

"You may," Stevie told them, "but any fights about which girl you would each like to adopt and Stevie will have to spank."

Nicole winced at the word and her hand unconsciously rubbed her full round bottom.

"Can I go first?" Shauna asked, flicking her hair and looking at the girls.

Stevie nodded and picked up her tea, sipping it and watching the scene over the rim of her cup as Shauna made her choice.

Shauna strutted up and down the length of the couch, looking intently at each girl, her pink tongue flicking out occasionally to lick her lips. "My goodness, who to choose, who to choose," she purred, "you are all so cute, I could just eat you all up, but I can only pick one. Emma," and the blonde pledge sat up straight as Shauna's blue eyes fixed her, then the older girl moved on at looked directly at Amy, "Amy," Shauna murmured and the girl took a deep breath before Shauna took another step and this time stood in front of Jessica "Jessica." she whispered. The brunette looked at the blonde sorority member and pouted defiantly. Shauna smiled, this one would be fun to tame. She moved past the couch, reciting the three names to herself and then spun, her eyes on Jessica "You," she commanded, "you come to me."

Jessica rose and walked on rubbery legs to the petite girl, she took Shauna's hand and stood next to her.

Stevie nodded approvingly and looked at Nicole "Would you like to go next, Nicole?"

"Yes, thankyou Stevie." the redhead replied and strode to the couch.

She looked at the two girls still seated on the couch, her green eyes fell on Amy and looked at the girl's shoulder length, straight red hair, she shook her head "No, two proper redheads in the one room, it just wouldn't work." she switched her gaze to Emma, "You, honey, you're mine." and she held out a hand. Emma took a deep breath and allowed the redheaded sorority sister to pull her to her feet and lead her to the middle of the room where Shauna and Jessica stood.

Naomi laughed and looked at Amy, sitting by herself on the couch "It looks like you and me, kiddo."

Amy blushed as Naomi sat next to her and gave her a cuddle "Mathieson?" Naomi said wonderingly, "You said your surname was Mathieson, didn't you?"

"Yes ma'am." Amy whispered.

"Is Jade Mathieson your sister?"

Amy nodded.

"Oh dear," Naomi chuckled, "life is funny. She was my big sister my freshman year and I lost count of the times she roasted my behind. We're going to have soooo much fun!"

Shauna and Nicole led Jessica and Emma to the couch and sat down, one couple either side of Naomi and Amy. Stevie settled herself back into her chair and Denise leaned against the mantle. "Well you all look nicely matched. I was just advising the girls of how we keep up our standards at Phi Gamma Beta."

Denise chuckled throatily and the three 'big sisters' on the couch smiled at their new 'little sisters'.

"Do you know what would look really lovely?" Stevie asked.

All the girls shook their heads, questions in their eyes.

"I think it would be darling if the little ones were all snuggled up in their big sisters laps."

Shauna, Nicole and Naomi exchanged grins and Naomi immediately gathered Amy into her lap. "There we are darling." she said to the younger girl, cuddling her. Amy blushed furiously, but made no attempt to escape Naomi's hug.

Nicole easily took the smaller Emma into her lap and pressed the girls head to her ample bosom as she stroked the strawberry blonde tresses.

Shauna had more difficulty with Jessica and the tall brunette was going to resist, until she saw the warning look in Stevie's eyes and she allowed the petite blonde to settle her into her lap. Jessica was so much taller than Shauna she looked rather comical nestled in the smaller girl's lap and had to rest her chin on Shauna's shoulder, she lay there, sighed and scowled at the wall as Shauna gently rubbed her back.

Stevie rang her bell again and Heather appeared at the door.

Her eyes widened a little at the scene on the couch and she fought back giggles, although she had been in a similar position the previous year. "More tea, please Heather. I know I could use another cup and I'm sure Denise, Shauna, Nicole and Naomi would love some."

The girls nodded enthusiastically as Heather bustled out with the tea things.

The five women sipped their tea and chatted while the three big sisters stroked and cuddled the younger girls nestled into their laps. "Did you tell the little ones about Friday night, Stevie?" Nicole asked.

"Not entirely." the black lady replied with a smile.

"What happens on Friday night?" Jessica asked.

Shauna looked at her new 'little sister' and scolded gently "Manners, sweetheart. In this house little girls ask permission to speak and you call your elders ma'am or miss in public. Is that understood?"

Jessica took a deep breath and fought to control her temper, but answered in a level voice "Yes ma'am. May I ask what happens on Friday nights?"

Naomi brushed a lock of hair from Amy's forehead and answered "Its discipline night, Jessie. You get paddled."

Jessica gasped and Emma requested permission to speak "Why are we paddled?" she seemed confused.

Stevie clarified it for her "It isn't just you sweetness. All the girls are paddled on Friday night. That includes your big sisters. It's a way of keeping up standards and discipline. Spankings are administered at other times when behaviour warrants it, but Friday night takes care of any little misdemeanours that may not have been noticed and after the first few I think that the three of you will all agree that you feel better for them."

Shauna nodded her agreement and commented "It's nice to know that someone cares enough to discipline us."

Amy sighed in Naomi's lap, no wonder her mother and sister had been evasive about exactly what happened in the sorority. She would not have wanted to join a sisterhood where you got spanked once a week whether you deserved it or not.

Nicole drained her teacup and placed it back in its saucer on the table "I don't think our three little ones have ever been spanked before."

"Of course they have, Nic." Shauna disagreed with her friend.

Naomi looked into Amy's green eyes and asked "Is that true, sweetie? Are you a spanking virgin? I find it hard to believe with Jade as your sister."

Amy's eyes went wide and she stammered "Nnno...I..I've bbeen spanked before."

"Well that settles that." Shauna said triumph in her blue eyes.

Nicole refused to concede victory to the blonde "Not yet, we know Amy has been spanked before, but what about my little one? Emma?"

Emma sighed and closed her eyes before answering "No ma'am. I have been spanked." and then she added. "Lots."

"Oooohhhh lots," Nicole laughed, "well you'll love it here then."

"See, Nic, I told you. There's no way you can get to be eighteen years old with an unspanked bottom."

Jessica shook her head, she was going to regret this, she just knew it, but she had to say it, besides she had the feeling that if she did not come clean Stevie would rat on her anyway. "Uhhhh ma'am, Miss Shauna." she said hesitantly.

"Yes darling." Shauna prompted her.

"I've...I've never...ummm...been...spanked." the last word was so soft that it was almost inaudible, but everyone in the room heard it crystal clear.

Shauna's cornflower blue eyes widened and she asked in incredulous tones "Never?"

Jessica shook her head, her cheeks blazing.

"Not even once."

Jessica shook her head again, more vigorously this time.

"You poor darling!" Shauna cried, pressing the tall brunette's head to her perky little bosom.

Nicole licked her lips and smiled evilly at Stevie "Stevie," she began sweetly, "do you think that maybe we could give the girls a good old fashioned Phi Gamma Beta welcome?"  

"Welcome?" a nervous Amy asked.

"Just a little spanking." Nicole clarified, her green eyes sparkling.

"But we haven't done anything wrong." Emma protested.

"It's not because you've done anything wrong," Shauna explained, "that's why it's not a proper spanking. This one will put a bit of colour into your cheeks and warm you up a little. You'll hardly even feel it. It's kind of like a welcome to the sisterhood."

"We've all gone through it." Denise said over the rim of her teacup.

"How is it given?" Amy asked from within the protective circle of Naomi's arms.

"Bare bottom of course," Stevie advised, "over your big sisters knees."

"Can we do it, Stevie?" Nicole almost begged.

Stevie nodded "I don't see any reason why not."

The girl's eyes all widened and Jessica looked as if she were about to burst into tears. Emma sighed and calmly laid over Nicole's waiting knees "My goodness!" she exclaimed. "You almost seem eager to get this spanking."

"Eager to get it over and done with, ma'am." Emma clarified from her time-honoured position over the redhead's knees.

"Lift your hips please, Emma sweetie." Nicole ordered. The strawberry blonde girl did as requested and her dress was turned up and panties skinned down to knee hollows. The other girl's oohhheed and aaahheed as Emma's smooth white bottom was exposed to their gaze.

Amy was more hesitant, but she copied Emma's example "Good girl." Naomi complimented her as she stretched out over the brunette's knee. "Lift up." she told Amy.

The petite redhead raised her hips and her skirt was raised and her pretty pink panties were lowered to her ankles. More noises of approval as her pert white buttocks were exposed to the room.

Jessica proved to be more of a challenge. She bolted off Shauna's knee and ran for the door. Denise moved quickly and caught her before she had taken more than three steps. Jessica struggled, but Denise was stronger than she looked and easily wrestled the tall girl to Shauna's side. Shauna smoothed her pleated skirt out over her thighs and asked "Can you please bare her for me, Denise? I think she's a wriggler."

Holding Jessica under control Denise smiled at her 'sister' and calmly undid and tugged Jessica's hipsters to her knees and easily removed the girl's red thong panties.

"I'll be confiscating those," Stevie informed her through pursed lips, "Shauna when you get upstairs to your room can you make sure Jessica doesn't have anything else so inappropriate and replace it with something more becoming a young Phi Gamma Beta lady."

"Of course, ma'am." Shauna replied as she settled a miserable Jessica into perfect spanking position, rubbing her small hand over the tender white upturned bottom.

The spanking began. Denise and Stevie observed through shining eyes as they sipped their tea. Shauna, Emma and Naomi were all experienced spankers and three firm slaps rang out in unison. They spanked smoothly and steadily without really spanking hard. The three white bottoms began to pinken up under the rising and falling palms as they slapped away. The girls smiled as they began to feel the rising heat from the bouncing adolescent bottoms over their knees. Each of the girls took their welcoming spankings differently. Jessica yelped and squealed and squirmed and wriggled until an exasperated Shauna exclaimed "Oh stop being such a baby over a little smackbottom! If you keep it up I'll fetch my paddle and really give you something to cry about!" Jessica continued to wriggle, but suffered the assault in silence.

Emma lay unmoving over Nicole's knee, occasionally gasping and wincing under the familiar impact of slender experienced hand on smooth creamy upturned bottom. "My you are an experienced spankee," Nicole told her younger charge, "I can see I'm going to have my work cut out to make an impression on this bottom." Emma emitted a put upon sigh, why had she expected college to be different from boarding school?

Amy let out the occasional yelp when Naomi's hard hand struck a more tender area and her legs kicked gently when that happened. She was a well-behaved girl for the most part and as a result had not been spanked often growing up. She had not felt the sting of her mother's palm for the last three years so while this was not a totally novel experience it was not one she was used to. She felt the smart of Naomi's hand on her tender white hemispheres and she had to admit that the slowly rising heat was not entirely without pleasure, she wriggled a little as she felt a warmth in front as well as behind. Naomi administered a stinging slap with a satisfied "That's a lovely rosy glow and I can feel that she's nice and toasty warm now."

The three girls stood in front of their 'sisters', hands held by their sides, bottoms glowing rosily and a pleasurable warmth suffusing them. "Show Aunty Stevie and Denise your pretty pink bottoms." Nicole, her green eyes sparkling told the girls as they squirmed under the appraising gazes of the sorority mother and the senior sister. "Well done." Stevie told Shauna, Nicole and Naomi who preened under the praise. "Now thank your big sisters for your warm welcome to the sisterhood and then you can cover up and your new big sisters will escort you to your rooms and go over the rules with you."

Three muffled thankyous were mumbled and the girls smiled up at their sisters and told them that it was a pleasure, then panties and hipsters were pulled up and skirts and dresses lowered again.

When the girls and the three pledges had retired to their rooms and Denise had also left the parlour Stevie sat back in her big leather armchair and thought about the three pledges and the appropriateness of their new big 'sisters'. The four senior sisters had earned their positions within the ranks of the sorority and all four were respected outside of the sisterhood. Denise was the most likely candidate for college valedictorian and this was no small achievement. Shauna captained the college's cheer leading team and as they were an award winning combination this too was something that was respected, in fact Shauna had entered the college on a scholarship awarded for her excellence as a cheerleader. Nicole was a leading member of the college's dramatic society and regularly earned the female leads in the society's productions, she was also an accomplished singer and dancer. Naomi was vice captain of the college's district champion volleyball team. Stevie was very pleased with the achievements of her four deputies and all deserved their status as senior sisters of Phi Gamma Beta. However she had some misgivings about the girl's ability to look after their new pledges. Stevie poured herself another cup of tea and sat back to sip it contemplatively as she went through the matchups of pledge to sister in her head.

It was a pity Denise had elected not to look after a pledge. The curly haired brunette was an effective disciplinarian, she was strict and stern, but fair, she was also more than physically capable of handling any younger girl that wanted to struggle. She would have been a perfect big sister for the willful and spoiled Jessica, however Denise had decided to devote the majority of her time to her studies, this was in itself admirable, but it left Shauna to take over Jessica's initiation into the sisterhood. Stevie liked Shauna and she admired the girl's ability in her chosen field and the way that she fitted that in with her study and continued to produce good grades as well as undertake a demanding and time consuming activity. However Jessica was a good deal taller than the cheerleader and she was also a strong, young lady. Shauna would not spare the girl regular trips over her knee if they were required, and Stevie had a feeling that they would be, but she would still have keep an eye on the two and make sure that Shauna had her strong hand or one of the other senior's hands to rely on if it became necessary. The pairing of Nicole and Emma did not concern her as much. In fact she was more concerned for the state of Emma's bottom than she was for Nicole's ability to discipline her. Nicole was one of the few girls that Stevie had ever had through the sorority that actually enjoyed administering the spankings. The other girls did it as a necessity, but Nicole actually received pleasure from doing it. It was just as well Emma's previous experiences at the boarding school had prepared her bottom for frequent and hard corporal punishment, because Nicole would take absolutely every opportunity to get the blonde's blushing hindquarters over her knee and bouncing rosily under her paddle. Emma's boarding school had also instilled discipline and an ability to follow orders in her, both of these should stand her in good stead as the stern Nicole's 'little sister'. Amy and Naomi gave her no worries at all. Naomi was a good physical match for the delicate youngest Mathieson. She did not take after her sister at all either, which was good, for while Jade had been a lovely girl, she had also been very mischievous and in her first year at Phi Gamma Beta had almost set a record for rides over Stevie's knee for a session with Ms Sting in the parlour. She had recovered from that first turbulent year to become a well-behaved and valuable member of the sisterhood and in fact had been Naomi's 'big sister' in the tall brunette's freshman year. Amy would be a good girl and Stevie felt that Naomi's friendship and sisterhood would bring the petite redhead out of herself a little. Amy's one major fault was that she was too shy. Naomi would be a good, nurturing sister for the girl.

Amy sat down on her bed and looked at Naomi. The older girl glanced across at her from behind her shimmering curtain of jet-black hair. "Questions?" she asked with a smile.

"Why was I spanked?" Amy asked, not at all pleased.

Naomi sat down next to her "Did it hurt?"

Amy wrinkled her nose "Not really, stung a bit."

"You liked it when you got all warm. I could tell."

Amy blushed "Ummm...yes."

Naomi put an arm around the younger girl's shoulders and rubbed her comfortingly "Look, Amy, sweetie. That was just a little initiation. We've all gone through it. I got it. Your sister, Jade, did it to me and she got it when she joined. Even Stevie and your Mum went over another sister's knees when they joined the sisterhood. It's just like having to swallow a guppy when you join a kid's clubhouse and believe me I know from bitter experience that it is more fun and less disgusting than swallowing a guppy."

Amy looked at Naomi to see if she was serious and then giggled as she saw the look in the tall girl's sparkling black eyes.

"You'll be fine, Amy. Just do what you're told when you're told and the only spanking you'll get will be Friday night's paddling."

Amy's green eyes misted over as the paddling was mentioned "Does that have to happen and will it hurt?"

"Yes and yes." Naomi answered truthfully. "Let's talk about that when we get to it, huh? Now we have to get you unpacked and ready for dinner to meet the rest of the girls."

The rest of the week was a blur for the three freshmen. There were classes to organize and books to buy and read, new classmates and teachers to meet, societies and sporting clubs to look at and consider, they also had to get ready for the Saturday night mixer when the Phi Gamma Beta girls met the Phi Sigma Magna boys and of course the rest of their sisters and Stevie kept them very busy at the Phi Gamma Beta house. Each of the girls handled things differently.

Amy did what she was told, when she was told and she did it without complaint. As a result of her compliance and her willingness to succeed she earned herself a lot of smiles from everyone and compliments flowed to Naomi and Amy glowed whenever her tall, attractive big sister showed her appreciation of her little sister's good behaviour. This also meant that Amy's pert, round, little bottom remained unspanked.

Emma was not quite as lucky. She accepted discipline and took orders well, her strict boarding school had prepared her well for that and as the week wore on and Emma's behaviour did nothing to earn her a trip even over the eager to spank Nicole's knee the redhead became increasingly frustrated and searched desperately for reasons to turn Emma's pretty behind a scorching hot red. It was the middle of the week when Emma's weakness made itself obvious. It was time for afternoon tea and the house captain of Phi Sigma Magna; Scott dropped around for a visit. Scott was a tall, well-built, good-looking boy and he was also the star player and captain of the school football team. Emma was immediately struck by the boy's good looks. She was called out of the kitchen where she was washing dishes to attend to the girls and Scott. Emma wandered out, wiping her hands on her apron. She spied Scott sitting there and blushed furiously, she unconsciously started trying to order her tousled strawberry blonde locks. "Hi," she beamed at Scott, "I'm Emma."

"Hey Emma," the boy drawled with a smile of his own, "I'm Scott. Pleased to meet you."

"Emma," Nicole said in what everyone else recognized as a warning tone, "you know how a Phi Gamma Beta pledge greets a superior and that is not it, young lady."

Emma blushed even redder, sighed and curtseyed to Scott "I apologize for my forwardness, sir. I am naughty little pledge Emma. Please forgive me."

Scott chuckled "That's okay, honey. You're forgiven."

"Oh Scotty!" Nicole scolded. "You're too soft. She should get at least one crack with the paddle for that."

Scott laughed "She's just being a kid, Nic. Keep it up, sweetie and you'll be the one getting cracked with a paddle."

Nicole's cheeks flushed pink and she ordered sharply "Emma! We'd like cocoa and quickly or that paddle will most definitely come into play."

Emma dropped another curtsey and hurried to comply, her bottom tingling with anticipation of what Nicole would do if she did not do as told.

Emma put the milk on to boil and whilst she waited she stayed close to the door where she could see Scott. Where she stood she could also be seen by the handsome fraternity boy and he smiled and winked at the girl. So intent was Emma on flirting with Scott that she forgot all about the milk boiling on the stove and did not even hear or smell it boil over. Denise however did. "Emma!" she shouted. "What do you think you are doing?"

Nicole's attention was diverted from Scott and her green eyes shone as she saw her chance spring up. "What?" she asked, her voice rising dangerously, she stood and crossed quickly to the kitchen.

Emma squealed as Nicole's fingers took a firm grip on her ear and hauled her back into the kitchen. The remaining girls and Scott chatted as the sound of a paddle striking a bottom rang out from the kitchen accompanied by Emma's yelps.

Nicole reappeared from the kitchen, her cheeks flushed with exertion and excitement, she settled herself back on the couch and apologized "I am sorry about that. Emma will be out with refreshments directly."

A shamefaced Emma shuffled out from the kitchen with a tray bearing four steaming mugs of cocoa. She set the tray on the table and handed the mugs out. "Do we have anything to say Emma?" Nicole asked as she picked up her mug and arched an eyebrow.

Emma winced and blushed then stammered out "I..I am sssorry for lletting th..the muhmilk boil over. I...I wuhwill beuhbe spspanked for it."

"Oh yes you will." Nicole promised her. "Go stand in the corner while we have our cocoa."

Emma walked over to the corner and pressed into it.

"Emma, honey," Nicole called softly, "bare bottom please."

Emma's cheeks burned brightly as she pushed her panties down and lifted her skirt, knowing that Scott could see her bare bottom.

"Nice and white." Carole, one of the juniors remarked.

"Not for long, I bet." Denise said with a giggle, before turning her attention to her cocoa.

Nicole finished her cocoa, set her mug down and called "Emma, over here please. No don't bother pulling your pants back up, they won't be staying there for long."

An embarrassed Emma, her pants around her knees hobbled over to Nicole. Emma hung her head and used her strawberry blonde locks to hide her flaming cheeks.

"Look at me, Emma." Nicole commanded.

Emma did as she was asked.

"The paddle." Nicole ordered.

Emma reached into a pocket of her apron and produced a round, sturdy looking ping pong paddle. The name Emma was emblazoned in bright red letters on one side of the paddle. She handed it to Nicole. Nicole accepted the implement and looked up at Emma while slapping it meaningfully into her palm.

"You know that you let the milk boil over because you were too busy making eyes at Scott?" Nicole told the girl.

"Yes ma'am." Emma said with a nod.

"Now while I can understand that you are interested in Scott as he is a very attractive young man," the boy blushed at Nicole's words, "you simply cannot allow yourself to be diverted from a task that has been set you just because there happens to be a good looking young man there. What if you find one of your lecturers attractive? You'll never get any work done and fail the course. Phi Gamma Beta girls do not fail! Do you understand that Emma?"

"Yes ma'am." Emma whispered, her cheeks flaming.

"You still have to have that lesson reinforced and here at Phi Gamma Beta we believe that the best reinforcement is over the knee on the bare bottom. Take your paddle and give it to Scott, ask him to paddle you good and hard."

Emma closed her blue eyes and fat tears squeezed out of them.

Scott smiled lazily and reclined back on the couch as he demurred "No, that's okay, Nic. She needs a whipping, but not from me. Besides my arm is tired from paddling our pledges."

Nicole pouted and Emma heaved a silent sigh of relief. She had at least been spared what to her would have been the ultimate humiliation.

"Very well," Emma huffed, "take the paddle to Carole and ask her for your first paddling."

Emma accepted the paddle and waddled over to Carole "Would you please paddle my naughty little bottom, Miss Carole."

Carole shook her black hair out and smiled up at Emma "I'd be delighted, darling. Now you stretch out over my knee and your paddle will do the rest, sweetness."

Emma handed the paddle to the smiling junior and lay over the waiting knees.

"Thanks Nicole," Carole said as she positioned Emma in her lap, "us juniors don't get to do this nearly enough."

"No problem, Carole," Nicole said, raising her voice to be heard over the pops of the paddle as Carole applied it enthusiastically to Emma's upturned, creamy white bottom, and Emma's answering squeals, "I remember thinking the same thing when I was a junior."

After a steady five minutes of paddling Emma was bucking and jerking and kicking over Carole's lap and her bottom had gone from creamy white to hot glowing red.

"That's one hot little wagon." Scott remarked with a dazzling smile.

"It most certainly is." Denise agreed.

WHAP WHAP WHAP WHAP! Carole smacked the sturdy little circle of wood across Emma's glowing red globes as the girl yelped and promised to be good.

"Not nearly as hot as it is going to be." Nicole said ominously. "She's had enough from you now Carole. It's Denise's turn."

"Oh lovely!" Denise exclaimed as a sobbing Emma levered herself awkwardly off Carole's lap, thanked the pretty brunette junior for the paddling and limped over to Denise.

Emma stood in front of Denise and sniffled "Would you please spank me, Miss Denise?"

"You know I'd love to do that, sweetheart."

The curly haired hopeful valedictorian accepted the cute paddle from Emma's hand and patted her lap.

A trembling Emma draped herself over Denise's lap and lay there shivering.

"Shivering?" Denise asked, cupping one of Emma's blazing cheeks and squeezing it gently. "Aunty Denise will have to warm you up and she knows just how to do that."

Denise cracked the paddle down smartly making Emma jump and yell. "I know it doesn't feel like it right now, Emma," CRACK SMACK SLAP SPANK, "but this is good for you and will do you a world of good in your future life."

Emma's hot red buns, wriggled and bounded as Denise competently spanked up a blazing little fire in them. Tears streamed down Emma's cheeks and she promised not to ever let the milk boil over again as Denise paddled her sternly and paid particular attention to the tender sit spot where thighs and bottom joined. When Denise had scalded that ever so tender area so that it's blushing hot scarlet matched the rest of Emma's stinging rear end she put the paddle aside and allowed the girl up. Denise placed her arms around Emma's slender, shaking body and hugged her tightly whispering "Be brave, darling. Be brave."

She released the crying teenager and placed the paddle in her apron pocket then turned her around and gave her a gentle shove in Nicole's direction "Now go and get a proper spanking from your big sister, Nicole."

Crying harder than before Emma shuffled over to Nicole and stood in front of her. "I bet we're feeling pretty foolish now, aren't we?" the redhead asked Emma.

Emma nodded wordlessly, hiding her face with her hair.

"Do you have anything to ask me, young lady?"

"Please paddle my naughty bottom, Aunty Nicole."

"Good girl, now hand me your paddle."

Emma reached into the pocket of her apron, fumbled the horrid little implement out and handed it to the grinning girl on the couch.

Nicole took the paddle and placed it on the arm of the couch, within easy reach, she reached up and took Emma's wrist and then guided her over her knee. "Now," she grunted as she lifted Emma's legs up onto the couch, "this is where you belong my girl and where I am sure you will be spending a lot more time."

Emma sniffed in reply.

Nicole picked up the paddle, placed it on the stinging red flesh of Emma's well-spanked rear and glided the smooth surface gently over the steaming rump. "Mmmmmm," she murmured, lifted the paddle off and squeezed the warmed cheeks affectionately, "lovely and toasty warm, but we want them hot and stinging."

She raised the paddle and brought it down with two stinging cracks, one dead centre of each glowing globe, she settled into a steady rhythm, scolding Emma as she did so "You let the milk boil over, young lady," CRACK SMACK SPANK SLAP, "and you let it boil over because you did not pay attention," another blistering volley seared the crease where Emma's thighs joined her bottom, "do I have your attention now?"

"Yes ma'am!" Emma howled, kicking her legs wildly to futilely try and quench the fires Nicole's paddling had lit in her behind.

"We'll just make sure that you've learned that lesson, little girl." Nicole told her pledge as she slapped the paddle down across Emma's still alabaster white thighs, moving the spanking implement up and down the girl's madly wriggling legs until it was the same blazing scarlet as her bottom from knee hollows to the stinging sit spot.

"I'll beeeeee gooooodddd!" Emma howled and when that had no effect screamed "I'm suhsuhsssorrrreeeeee Aunteeeeeeeeeeee!"

Nicole cracked the paddle down one more time, then set it aside, she picked up a safety pin, pinned the seat of Emma's dress up to the back of it, well clear of her bottom and removed the panties from her still gently kicking legs and helped her to her feet. She gave Emma a tight hug and then turned the sobbing, hiccoughing girl to the corner and ordered "You go stand there quietly, hands on head, with your hot, glowing, sore red situpon as an example of what happens to Phi Gamma Beta girls who do not pay attention to what they are doing."

Emma pressed into the corner, did as she was told and stood there, burning bottom like a beacon with tears streaming down her cheeks.

Jessica's first real spanking was administered later that same evening. It had in fact surprised everyone in the sorority that she had managed to stay unspanked for that long. It was after dinner and the majority of the girls were settling down in the common room to study. One of the girls, a pretty, tall, blonde haired sophomore by the name of Johanna had forgotten her books and asked Jessica to fetch them for her. Jessica had come from a privileged background where she rarely had to lift so much as a finger for herself to this house where she was expected to do chores for herself and others and also to pick up after them. Had Shauna made the request she would have done it, but this girl was not even a senior and she was not her 'big sister'. Jessica was trying to rejig her course schedule to fit photography in and was not in the mood to be asked to do something as trivial as fetch someone else's books. She looked up from her schedule, her brown eyes regarding the slender blonde "Are your legs painted on or something?" she asked insolently.

Johanna's blue eyes sparkled with amusement, she liked a challenge "No, they are not, but I am not a pledge, young lady. You are. When any full fledged member of the sisterhood asks you to do something, you are required to do it or pay the penalty and I don't think you really want to pay that penalty my girl. Fetch my"

The room went silent as everyone watched the battle of wills between the cool sophomore and the rebellious pledge. Jessica's eyes did not waver and she said clearly "Fuck you!"

Johanna was so shocked she could not even respond, she just sat there open mouthed, staring at Jessica. Everyone else had also been stunned into silence. Stevie appeared at the doorway to her parlour, hands on hips, her lips were pursed into a thin line, her eyes blazed. "I sincerely hope for your sake you didn't say what I just thought you did, little girl." she said clearly.

Jessica's face crumpled and she put her face in her hands and started to cry.

Stevie blew out a long breath and crossed the room to where Jessica sat crying. She took a firm grip on the girl's ear and hauled her to feet. Jessica squealed as Stevie dragged her by the earlobe up the stairs. 

All the eyes in the common room watched Stevie drag the struggling, squealing Jessica up the stairs. Once on the second floor landing, she turned left. Most of the girls winced and a few twisted their mouths as if they were sucking on lemons. One of the bathrooms was in that direction. There was only one reason after her outburst that Stevie would be taking Jessica to a bathroom. The next words out of Stevie's mouth clinched it "You have a dirty mouth, young lady, it needs to be thoroughly washed out."

The next sounds were Jessica's frantic "No! No! Not that. I won't say it agai....uuummmfffggghhhhh!" the rest of her protest was drowned out as Stevie lathered up and thrust a soapy washcloth into Jessica's mouth. The girls downstairs strained to listen as Stevie rubbed the foul tasting cloth all over Jessica's teeth, gums and tongue. The washcloth was removed when Jessica started to gag and was obviously going to be sick. Stevie tossed the cloth in the bathtub, turned on the wash basin tap and with a firm grip on the back of the girl's neck forced her head under the tap. "Rinse." she commanded.

Jessica eagerly took the water from the tap into her mouth and repeatedly rinsed and spat the water out until Stevie turned off the faucet and hauled Jessica upright again.

She looked at the wet eyed, hiccoughing girl and took her wrist in a tight grip, before she pulled Jessica out of the bathroom she used her free hand to snatch up a fresh bar of soap and a long handled bathbrush. A sniffling Jessica followed Stevie down the stairs, her head hanging down. Stevie paraded Jessica through the centre of the room and stood her in front of Johanna. "You have an apology to make to Miss Johanna, Jessica."

"I'm 'm...sssorry for sswearing yuhyou, Mmiss JohJohanna." Jessica stammered, stumbling over the words.

"I just bet you are." Johanna replied with a smile at Stevie.

"You're going to mean those words very soon, young lady." the housemother told Jessica.

Jessica's head swung around to look at Stevie, startlement evident in her deep brown eyes. She had believed her punishment complete with the mouth soaping, but something in Stevie's tone and words told her that it was far from over.

Stevie handed Johanna the bathbrush and said "Centre floor is now yours, Johanna. As you are the injured party you can do the honours. Little Miss Jessica will also be having a chat with Ms Sting later, but for now I think the bathbrush should suffice."

"Yes ma'am." Johanna said with relish, accepting the brush from Stevie.

Jessica stood there in front of Johanna, who was seated on a low backed chair almost in the middle of the room in front of the fire. Jessica shifted nervously from foot to foot, her hands clasped in front of her. Stevie went to a comfortable armchair and settled into it to view proceedings.

Johanna looked up at the now contrite Jessica and hid a smile. Nearly everyone in the sorority, except for pledges, got to administer spankings at one time or another, but sophomores not as often as juniors or the seniors and the senior sisters and rarely someone as pretty as Jessica. Johanna would be a good spanker for Jessica. Like the rebellious pledge she was tall, she was also a leading member of the college's swimming team and therefore was a strong girl with broad shoulders and powerful arms. Jessica was not going to enjoy any time spent over Johanna's firm lap. "Well it looks like someone's potty mouth has earned her a sore bottom." Johanna told Jessica matter of factly as she placed her hands on the girl's hips and moved her around to her right to turn her over her knee. As she hooked her thumbs into the waistband of Jessica's hipsters and started to lower them, Jessica shuddered and looked pleadingly at Johanna.

"Oh yes," the blonde junior told her, "these are coming down."

Jessica squirmed as her panties to were lowered "Not bare!" she begged.

"There simply isn't any other way, my dear." Johanna informed her. "Now there is no need to be embarrassed. We're all big girls here, you haven't got anything that we haven't all seen before."

The other girls seated in the common room, murmured their assent.

As Jessica was upended over Johanna's knee she protested "Does it have to be in front of everyone?"

"My goodness!" Johanna exclaimed, blue eyes sparkling. "You weren't half this shy when you were telling everyone what you thought of me."

Jessica took a deep shuddering breath as Johanna's firm right palm caressed the tender white, twitching globes in her lap. "Mmmmm...," she cooed, "so cool and soft. The bath brush will remedy that."

Jessica squirmed and moaned.

Johanna picked up the brush and placed it bristle side down on Jessica's goose pimpling buttocks. She moved it backwards and forwards slowly, gently scratching the girl's posterior. "Oooohhhh Miss Johanna." Jessica gasped as she felt the bristles scraping softly over her bottom.

"That feels good, darling?"

"It scratches, miss."

"Does it?" Johanna asked wonderingly and raised the brush.

The other girls all looked up from their books.

Stevie smiled and began to unwrap the bar of soap in her hands as she watched the punishment in progress.

Johanna smacked the brushes back hard down across Jessica's right cheek.

"And how does that feel?" she asked as the brush impacted across the girl's trembling hemisphere and left a bright red oval mark.

"Owww! It hurrrtssss!" Jessica yelped and bucked in Johanna's lap.

The tall swimmer tightened her grip and cracked the brush across the left globe, leaving a twin to the glowing red oval on its right neighbour.

"And that?" Johanna asked.

"It hurrrtssss too!" Jessica wailed, her tears beginning to flow again.

For the next seven minutes Johanna expertly set Jessica's bottom on fire. It flamed and bounded as the brush cracked down again and again, it left fiery red ovals everywhere it landed and Johanna made sure that it visited every square inch of the soon blazing bottom nestled in her lap. Jessica yelped, squealed and howled as Johanna made her regret her earlier outburst with every fibre of her being. Tears flooded from her eyes to run down her nose and chin where they dripped onto the rug under Johanna's chair. Jessica's bottom felt as if it were going to catch fire and she was sure it was swollen. She was almost glad Shauna had given her those horrible white, baggy panties, there was no way she would be able to get her usual tight little knickers over her stinging, red posterior. "Aaaahhhhh! Aaaaahhhhhh! Aaaaahhhhoooooooo!" she screamed and arched her back.

Johanna let fly with a blistering volley and then lay the brush down, she looked across at Stevie who nodded.

Johanna let Jessica lay limply over her knee and cry for a minute or two and then helped her to her feet. She held the girl's arms to her sides and looked into her brimming brown eyes "Are you sorry, Jessica?"

"Yes ma'am." the girl hiccoughed.

"Why are you sorry?"

Jessica wanted to say 'Because you spanked me and my bottom hurts like hell', but she had a feeling that would get her another dose of the brush. She paused and thought of a pleasing response "Because I should have done what you told me and I caused you distress and what I said was very naughty."

"Not bad." Johanna conceded. "I think the first time I got that question, I said 'Because I've got a bloody sore bottom!' Of course then my big sister made it a lot sorer. Go over to Aunty Stevie. She's got something for you."

Jessica hobbled over to Stevie, her bottom stinging dreadfully, the pants and underpants tangled around her ankles impeding her progress somewhat. Stevie looked up at the tall pledge. "We're not quite such a loud little miss, now are we?" the housemother asked the still sniffling girl.

"No Aunty Stevie."

"Lift your feet girl," Stevie commanded leaning down and removing Jessica's trousers and underpants and handing them to Amy, "please fold those and leave them on Jessica's bed, Amy. She shan't be needing them for the rest of the evening." Amy nodded and began to neatly fold the clothes. Stevie looked into Jessica's brown eyes and held up the fresh bar of soap. "Open up." she told the girl with a smile.

"Oh no, please Aunty Stevie, not that." the girl pleaded, the memory of the taste of the soapy washcloth still fresh in her mind.

"I won't ask again, Jessica." Stevie said sternly, still holding up the soap bar.

Jessica closed her eyes and opened her mouth wide.

Stevie placed the soap in her mouth gently and ordered "Close, but don't bite down."

Fresh tears spilling from her eyes Jessica closed her mouth around the horrid white soap. Half of the bar protruded from her lips. "Now march to that corner and stand there with your hands on your head until I tell you that you may leave."

Whimpering around the bar of soap Jessica limped into the designated corner and stood there miserably.

Every so often one of the studying girls in the common room would look up from her books and see the sobbing Jessica standing in the corner, her glowing red bottom jiggling with her sobs and little soapy trails of drool spilling out around either side of her mouth and the soap bar in it.

Mercifully Stevie brought the public ordeal to an end as the girls settled in with their evening cocoa. "Jessica turn around and come to me, please."

Jessica did as she was ordered. Stevie was wearing a rubber glove. "Open up, sweetie."

A relieved Jessica did as ordered and the soap was removed. Stevie handed Jessica a glass of water and a bowl. "Rinse." she told her. Jessica gulped, gargled and spat the water into the bowl trying to rid her mouth of the taste of the soap. Stevie placed the saliva covered bar of soap on a dish and removed the glove, she wiped the other hand clean on a cloth and took Jessica's wrist "Now come with me little one. Ms Sting has a few words she wants to say to your posterior."

Some of the other girls watched Jessica's fiery red behind as it disappeared from view behind Stevie's parlour door and winced. Nearly every girl there had endured a conversation with the rubber paddle that Stevie had christened Ms Sting and it was not a pleasant experience.  

Occasionally sounds could be heard emanating from behind the parlour door. Stevie's raised voice scolding Jessica. The girls pleas for mercy. The crack of the paddle as it smacked down across Jessica's already glowing hot red bottom, making it a lot sorer and hotter and redder. Jessica's howls, screams and sobs. A number of the girls looked into their cocoa and remembered their own visits with Ms Sting over Stevie's stern knee.  In their minds eye some of them could see Jessica's scarlet bottom writhing over Stevie's knee as the housemistress applied the paddle with great gusto to her squirming nates. The smacking sounds ceased and Jessica's roars of pain died out. No sound could be heard from the parlour for the next fifteen minutes until the door opened and Jessica limped out. Bottom still blazing like a bonfire and tears still streaming down her face. Heedless of all the eyes on her, Jessica hobbled through the room with gulping sobs and as she mounted the stairs one hand went to her sore bottom and desperately tried to soothe the raging fires that the bath brush and Ms Sting had kindled in it.

Stevie appeared in the doorway, Ms Sting held in one hand, other hand balled into a fist on her generous hip "When Shauna returns from her date could someone please ask her to see me before she goes to her room? We need to discuss Jessica's behaviour tonight."

Then she disappeared back into the parlour, closing the door behind her.

Amy who was nestled in Naomi's arms on the couch whispered to the imposing brunette senior "What does that mean?"

Naomi smiled down at her little sister and whispered back "It means that Jessie has not yet had her final spanking tonight."

Amy sighed unhappily for Jessica and snuggled deeper into Naomi's protective embrace.

That night, tucked into her bed, Amy heard Shauna enter the room. Shauna and Jessica's room was situated next to Naomi and Amy's. Sleepily Amy heard muffled voices, Shauna scolding angrily and Jessica blubbering as she begged. Then the sound of a hairbrush smacking an extremely sore bare bottom and a miserable young girl wailing out her displeasure filled the room next door. Amy started to cry with tears for Jessica, curled herself into a little ball and put the pillow over her head to try and block out the noise of the spanking.

It was Thursday afternoon. Jessica had only just gotten used to sitting down and some of the girls were around the kitchen table discussing the pledges. Heather the sophomore who had served the three pledges on their first day sipped her coffee and said "It didn't take anywhere near as long to spank all the pledges last year and there were more of us."

"We haven't spanked them all yet, Heather." Nicole said, finishing her coffee and motioning to Emma to clean the empty mug. The girl complied without comment. She had no wish to end up back over her 'big sisters' knee again.

"Oh yeah, Amy hasn't had her bottom warmed yet." Heather reflected. 

"And I would like it to stay that way," Naomi said with a smile, "as I am sure my little Amy would." she added, reaching down and patting the redhead's bottom beneath her pleated skirt. "Get me a cup of coffee, please sweetheart."

"Yes miss." Amy replied brightly and bounced off to do as Naomi had asked.

At that moment there was a loud crash and an angry shout hit the air.

Amy whirled from the bench where she was making Naomi's coffee and saw a broken teapot and cups on the kitchen floor, a distraught Jessica standing over it and an angry senior called Veronica haranguing her furiously. "You stupid girl!" Veronica shouted. "Look what you have done!"

"I'm sorry Miss Veronica." Jessica apologized. "I didn't mean it."

"I don't expect you did, but it happened because you were trying to carry too much all at once."

"I didn't want to make two trips." Jessica tried to defend herself.

Veronica exhaled angrily and commanded "Clean it up!"

Jessica dropped to her knees and immediately began to sweep up the broken crockery.

Shauna breezed into the kitchen, blonde hair like a golden cloud around her beautiful face "What's all the fuss?"

Veronica jerked a thumb at the kneeling Jessica.

Shauna's blue eyes went wide "Oh Jessie!" she exclaimed. "What happened here?"

Jessica sniffled and raised a tear stained face to her big sister and she mumbled "I din't mean it."

"Of course you didn't." Shauna said kindly and then asked the other girls "What did she do?"

Veronica answered "She was trying to carry too much and lost the lot."

Shauna pursed her lips and said "I see. Jessica when you have cleaned that mess up bring me the big wooden spoon, young lady."

This brought on fresh tears from Jessica who was in no doubt of what Shauna was going to use the spoon for and where.

Jessica shuffled out, holding the big spoon and handed it to Shauna. The petite blonde cheerleader was just about to order her naughty brunette 'sister' over her knee when the door to the house opened and a female voice called out "Shauna! Are you here, honey?"

Shauna looked away from Jessica and called out "I'm in the kitchen, Mercedes."

A gorgeous brunette with a shining page boy cut, wearing a cheerleader's skirt and sweater bounced into the kitchen "You ready?" she asked Shauna.

"Ready?" a confused Shauna asked.

"First practice of the season, silly." Mercedes clarified.

Shauna went bright red and her hand flew to her mouth "Oh! Is that today? I thought it was tomorrow."

Mercedes shook her head "Nope it's today and coach will paddle our butts if we're late."

"Okay, wait a sec. I'll just go up and get my stuff."

Shauna flew up the stairs and returned wearing her uniform and carrying her pom poms. "Okay, let's go." she told Mercedes.

"Shauna," Nicole's voice stopped her as she was halfway out the door, "aren't you forgetting something?"  

The blonde whirled "Forgetting some...." her voice died in her throat as she saw the expectant Jessica still waiting by the table. "Oh. Darn! Jessie still needs her hiding. I can't miss practice...." inspiration struck her. "Nic, would you be a darling and spank Jessie for me. I'll do the same for you if you ever need Emma's bottom warmed."

A smile spread across Nicole's face and she said "I'd be delighted, Shauna and I don't think you'll ever need to repay the favour, sweetheart."

Jessica's heart sank as Shauna vanished out the door and Nicole smiled at her and licked her lips like a cat expecting cream. "Right now, Jessica, walk your pretty little behind right over here to Aunty Nicole. Bring the spoon with you sweetie."

Jessica made her way to Nicole's chair on trembling legs. She had seen what Nicole had done to Emma yesterday and she knew from the redhead's expression that she had adored spanking the girl's bottom.

"Hand me the spoon, darling."

With a shaking hand Jessica gave Nicole the spoon. It was a larger than usual wooden spoon with a long handle, a shallow depression for the bowl and a hard flat back. It hung by a thong on a hook in the kitchen. It was never used for cooking and all the sisters called it the spanking spoon.

"Stand by my knee, please Jessie." Nicole ordered. Reluctantly Jessica did as she was ordered and stood next to Nicole's knee, she kept her head down and clasped her hands demurely in front of herself.

Nicole put the spoon down, she reached out and lifted Jessica's skirt, she removed some safety pins from her pocket, pinned the brunette's skirt well clear of her bottom and then calmly lowered Jessica's panties to her ankles. Jessica blushed furiously as the other girls looked at her appraisingly and one commented on the interesting shape that she had shaved her dark thatch of pubic hair into. Nicole laughed at the comment and turned Jessica over her knee. She lifted Jessica's bare bottom up high for her spanking. She looked at the upturned bottom in her lap and said "My, it's still all pink and warm from last night. Johanna spanks hard, doesn't she?"

"Yes ma'am." Jessica said to the floor.

"And Ms Sting? I bet that hurt."

"Yes ma'am." Jessica repeated.

"Good, because you were very naughty and deserved a really hard spanking, didn't you?"

Fighting back tears Jessica replied again "Yes ma'am."

"Yes ma'am, yes ma'am." Nicole mimicked the girl over her knee and Jessica shivered and waved her legs about involuntarily as Nicole's long red lacquered fingernails scraped gently across the upturned bottom. Nicole ran her hand, slowly, teasingly over the waiting bottom. The redhead loved drawing out the punishment, making the spankee wait as long as possible, building the anticipation until the girl over her knee felt like she would burst.

"Have you ever had the spoon before, Jessie?"

"No ma'am." Jessica answered as the first tears began to fall.

"Well this will be a novel experience, won't it?" Nicole asked as she picked up the spoon with one hand while continuing to stroke, knead and tease Nicole's buttocks with the other.

"Yes Aunty Nicole." Jessica sobbed.

"Your little pink bottom is going to sting and bounce under Mrs Wooden Spoon's gentle attention." Nicole told Jessica as she placed the hard, unyielding surface of the spoons back on Jessica's pinkened rear end and watched it flinch with amusement.

Before Jessica could draw breath the spoon flashed up and down and cracked quickly and hard across both cheeks. Two oval spots of red flared and Jessica stiffened out over Nicole's knee and hissed in pain. Nicole smiled and adjusted her aim slightly. Two more patches of brighter red bloomed higher on Jessica's dusky pink buttocks. Nicole set her jaw and went to work. Jessica howled as Nicole concentrated a stinging barrage of the spoon on Jessica's sit spot. It blazed like a fire and the tears began to fall. Some of the other girls around the table, watched appraisingly and shook their heads as Jessica squirmed and rolled her bottom from side to side to avoid fresh explosions of pain. It was all to no avail. Nicole held her easily in place and planted the spoon's stinging kisses where she wanted. Amy returned to the table with Naomi's coffee and handed it to her. She did not want to watch Jessica's ordeal, but she could not help herself, it was the focus of the room. Naomi saw her 'little sisters' distress and circled her waist with a comforting arm. "It's okay, darling," she whispered, "it's not you and Jessie needs to learn discipline."

"Yes," Amy sniffed, "but I don't want to see her hurt."

Naomi smiled, such a gentle child was Amy, then drew the redheaded teenager onto her knee and turned her face to her bosom and let her sit there and stroked her back as Nicole soundly spanked Jessica. When a blubbering, red bottomed Jessica was installed in the corner with a grinning Nicole admiring her handiwork Amy got off Naomi's knee and cleared things away before being asked to be excused to her room.

The three pledges were very nervous on Friday. This was the day which had been hinted at on day one and all the girls spoke in awe of the Friday night paddling sessions. Jessica was convinced that if she were spanked again her bottom would spontaneously combust. Emma was no stranger to regimented punishment, but the girls in Phi Gamma Beta were too serious about their paddling for her liking. Amy was just plain scared, she had not been spanked this week, except for the gentle welcoming bottom warming, in fact she had not been spanked for two years and she did not want the unbroken run to really end.

Everyone attended dinner and it was a quiet affair. The four senior sisters were awarded more than their usual measure of respect from every other girl there as Shauna, Nicole, Naomi and Denise would have every other girl's bottom at the mercy of their paddles later that evening. No one wanted to give any one of the girls a reason to paddle any harder than was absolutely necessary. Even the four older girls were rather subdued as they knew that their own bottoms would soon be dancing under Stevie's application of the paddle.

When dinner was finished the girls all retired to their rooms to change into their night clothes and prepare themselves for the forthcoming paddling. Amy changed into her pretty pink shorty pajamas and sat on her bed to look at Naomi as the statuesque girl put on her own mauve silk pajamas. "You're beautiful." she breathed.

Naomi turned to look at the younger girl, smiled and said "Well, thankyou sweetheart, you're absolutely adorable."

She sat next to Amy and put an affectionate arm around the smaller girl's shoulders "How you feeling, kiddo?"

"Nervous." Amy confessed.

"About the paddling?"

"Uh huh." Amy nodded.

"It will hurt, but it's not that bad, we all get it you know?"

"I know, but I still don't want a sore bottom."

"Well it won't be anywhere near as sore as Jessie's will be."

"Poor Jessie." Amy murmured.

"It's doing her good, Amy. She's lucky anyway, imagine how often she'd have been spanked if Nicole were her sister instead of Shauna."

"Nicole likes it, doesn't she? The spanking I mean."

Naomi nodded "Yes, sweetie, she does. She gets off on it. If she ever bothers you though, you tell me or Stevie okay? Promise?"

"I promise." Amy whispered.

"Good girl." Naomi said, gathering Amy to her.

"Naomi?" Amy asked into the older girl's breast.

"Yes." Naomi answered as she gently rubbed Amy's back through her thin cotton pajama top, enjoying the feel of the younger girl's firm, nubile body against hers.

"What's the paddling like?"

"I told you, it hurts."

Amy shivered and then continued "I know that, but how do they do it, how many do we get?"

"That'd spoil the surprise." Naomi said with a grin.

"It's not a surprise I want." Amy countered with a pout.

Naomi broke the embrace and held Amy out at arms length, looking into her green eyes.

"You really want to know this?"

"Yes ma'am."

"Okay. Well it will begin with each sister giving you a swat."

Amy quickly counted that in her head and said "Twenty," in a quavering voice, "there are twenty other girls."

"Yes there are," Naomi confirmed, "then each of the senior sisters, including Denise will give you ten more and they'll be good whacks."

Amy added that up and took a deep breath.

"Following that," Naomi continued, "Stevie will take over and give you twenty more."

"Eighty!" Amy squealed. "That's eighty swats!"

Naomi laughed "It sure is, kiddo."

Amy's hands covered her pert bottom "I don't think my tender little heinie can take that many."

Naomi chuckled throatily "Amy, your little tuckus is not as tender as you think it is and it can take that and more, my dear. I do, however know a way that may make it a little easier for you to endure though, darling."

"How?" Amy asked, wondering if Naomi had some 'butt toughening' cream.

"A spanking." Naomi replied brightly.

"A spanking?" a confused Amy echoed, her brow crinkling with concern. How could a spanking make a paddling easier to take? Surely it would hurt more on a freshly spanked behind.

Naomi laughed at the younger girl's confusion and explained "You remember that welcome spanking I gave you?"

"Yes." Amy said.

"Did that hurt?"

Amy considered it "Sort of, it stung a little."

"Did it make you feel all nice and warm in front as well as back?"

"Yes.' Amy answered truthfully with a blush.

"This will be like that, but even gentler. What it will do is produce a lovely pink flush on those pretty, pert hemispheres of yours and when the other girls see that they may go easier on you."

"Okay." Amy said uncertainly.

Naomi patted her lap and ordered "Over you go darling."

Amy lowered herself into Naomi's welcoming lap. The older girl hooked her fingers into Amy's tight, pink pajama shorts. "Naomi!" Amy protested, her green eyes fixing her 'older sister'.

"What?" Naomi asked, pausing with the pajama's halfway down Amy's hips.

"Bare! Does it have to be bare?"

"Amy Susan Mathieson," Naomi told her, and Amy's bottom tingled as she heard her full name used, that was what her mother always called her before a spanking, "ALL spankings have to be on the bare bottom, young lady. Otherwise how can I tell if I'm getting the right colour?"

"Alright." Amy sighed, settling back down over Naomi's knees, feeling as if she had been duped. Naomi had made up all this gentle spanking stuff just to get her over her knee.

Naomi lowered the pants and fastened them around Amy's knee hollows with a deft twist. She doubted that Amy would kick during this, but better to be safe than sorry. She glided her hand across the upturned bottom, marveling at its alabaster whiteness and the firm springy consistency of the girl's rounded rear end. She raised her hand and brought it down with a firm, but not too hard smack across the centre of the bottom. Amy gasped and raised up gently then settled down again as Naomi delivered two more smart smacks on either side of the first one. "Your sister did this to me before my first weekly paddling." Naomi told Amy as the redhead squirmed a little and the bottom took on a gentle pink tinge.

"Really?" Amy asked, actually enjoying the regular not too hard smacks that Naomi was sprinkling all over her slowly warming bottom.

"Oh yes," Naomi told her, continuing to lazily spank the rolling petunia pink bottom, "she did it every week after that too. Your sister was a good big sister, sweetheart and I'm sure in time you will be too."

Amy yelped and bucked as Naomi landed an extra hard spank and announced "You're done."

Amy bounced off Naomi's lap and looked at the older girl, her green eyes shining, but not with tears.

"How did that feel?"


"In what way?" Naomi asked with one of her dazzling smiles.

"It was a spanking, but it didn't really hurt."

"I told you. How does your rump feel?"

"Warm and tingly, but it doesn't hurt."

"That's right," Naomi nodded, "because it's already been warmed the paddle won't sting quite as much, you'll still feel it, but it does hurt less on a prewarmed bottom. Take a look at them, sweetie." Naomi offered, pointing at the mirror.

Amy shuffled across so she was in line with the long oval mirror and examined her bottom over her shoulder.

"Oh wow!" she exclaimed happily. "It looks great Naomi, it's the same colour as my jammies!" she giggled. "Thanks!" and then she tripped over her pajama pants as she leaned forward to hug the older girl. Naomi caught her, gave her a hug and a quick rub, then pulled her pants up and said "Now, let's get you downstairs for your paddling."

When Amy and Naomi stepped into the common room the rest of the sorority were all standing and sitting in the night clothes. Stevie was settled into a comfortable armchair, a steaming cup of tea on the small circular table by her armrest. "So nice of you to join us." she said sarcastically, but smiled to soften it and let the girls know it was not a genuine criticism. Shauna giggled and played fondly with Jessica's hair, the tall brunette pledge was obviously very nervous and shifted from foot to foot.

"Shauna?" Stevie asked, noticing Jessica's restlessness. "Has Jessie been to the bathroom? We wouldn't want any little accidents, would we?"

"No ma'am." Shauna answered and then asked Jessica quietly. "Did you go, sweetie?"

Not trusting herself to speak Jessica nodded.

Shauna turned to Stevie and answered "She's been. She's just a little nervous about the paddling."

Stevie fixed the rebellious brunette and reassured her "It will hurt, Jessie and more because you've been spanked so often this week, but it won't be like the little encounter you had with Ms Sting the other night."

There was a couch in the middle of the room and three full size sorority paddles sat on it, one on each cushion. The business side was a light wood, polished to a glossy sheen. The other side was painted red with the sorority's greek characters painted in yellow. On the handle of each paddle was a name. A different name on each handle. One said Amy, one said Emma and the third said Jessica.

Stevie drew everyone's attention to the couch and spoke "Girls, as you know the first Friday night paddling of the school year is a special one. It is the night we welcome our new pledges as fully fledged members of the sisterhood. This year we have three pledges: Amy, Emma and Jessica. I am pleased and proud to announce that while it has not necessarily been an easy week for the three girls and we've had plenty of red bottoms and tears, all the girls have passed their pledge week and we will accept them as Phi Gamma Beta girls."

There was applause from the gathered girls and each 'big sister' hugged her furiously blushing younger charge tightly and congratulated her.

Stevie sipped her tea and waited for everyone to settle down and then continued "For the rest of the year our newest sisters will continue to room with and be guided by their big sisters and still be subject to discipline from all of you if it is required, but they are now proper Phi Gamma Beta girls and I am sure they will represent our old and prestigious sisterhood proudly."

Again applause and hugs were forthcoming and Stevie had to wait before she could finish

"Now as you all know we have a way of welcoming new sisters, so if everyone is ready the senior sisters can assist our three new girls into position we'll get started and I'm sure you'll all join me in three cheers for our new sisters: Amy, Emma and Jessica."

The girls were led to the couch with the cheers of their new sisters ringing in their ears. Their 'big sisters' talked to them reassuringly as they bared their bottoms. Amy's short pink pajama pants slid down her legs to finish at her ankles and Naomi bent her over the couch with a whispered "Be brave, kiddo."

Shauna undid the string on Jessica's flannel pajamas and she slipped them past the slender hips and down her legs and bent her over with a gentle" It won't hurt that much, honest, sweetheart."

Nicole grinned wickedly at Emma, lifted her long green night dress up past her bottom and pinned it high up her back, then lowered the small white briefs she wore under it. As she placed the blonde in position over the couch she said softly "Make Aunty Nicole proud, darling."

The other girls examined the three bottoms bent over the couch and pushed out to receive their first paddling as Phi Gamma Beta girls. Due to her height or lack of it, Amy's middle was resting on the upper cushion of the couch and she would be able to push into that when the paddle struck her bottom, which was still pink from Naomi's earlier gentle attention. Jessica standing next to her stood tall and her hands rested on the front cushion of the couch, but she would not be able to press into the couch as she was paddled unless she bent her legs and that was not permitted. Her slim, oval buttocks still showed a pink flush from Nicole's wooden spoon spanking of the previous afternoon. Emma bent over the couch like a pro, her round, firm bottom pushed up high to receive the kiss of the paddle.

"Alright," Stevie announced, "who wants to be first?"

Heather's hand shot up "Ooohhh me! Me! Please Stevie! I was the first to get walloped last year!"

Stevie shrugged "That sounds fair."

Heather almost ran to the couch to pick up a paddle.

"One word of caution girls," Stevie warned, "this is a welcoming paddling, not a chance to settle any grievances, the swats are to be firm, but not bottom bursters and if I see anyone overdoing it or trying to sneak more than their one allotted spank then you will change places with the new girl, receive the rest of her paddling and your own afterwards. Understood?"

"Yes Stevie." the girls chorused.

Heather's grip tightened around Amy's paddle and she asked "I'm still first, right?"

"Yes Heather," Stevie confirmed, "you may still go first."

Grinning broadly and holding Amy's paddle Heather strode around the couch and took up position behind the petite redhead with the paddle gripped in both hands like a softball bat. She planted her feet and looked at the round pink target. She noticed the pink flush and said "It looks as if someone has already been a naughty girl tonight."

Without any further warning the paddle swept down and there was a loud POP as it connected with Amy's outthrust bottom. Amy gasped, but held position. Heather handed the paddle to a smiling Johanna and moved onto Jessica. Another POP and Jessica yelped. Johanna moved onto Jessica as the next girl in line took position behind Amy. The paddle in Heather's double fisted grip impacted firmly on Emma's beautifully presented plump rear and although it stung the blonde only winced.

On and on the paddling went. After each girl cracked the bent over freshman sister she handed the paddle to the next girl in line and they had their swat. Once every girl had whapped Amy, Jessica and Emma the three girls had glowing red behinds, tears were flowing freely from Jessica's eyes, Amy could feel herself holding the tears in and even Emma's eyes were shining.

Each girl had a different technique. Some were like Heather and brought the paddle crashing down with a double fisted grip, some held it with a single fisted grip and swung it from way behind themselves, some twisted their wrists, some flicked the paddle across the bottom flesh, others liked to push the stroke through, some spanked upwards, others spanked downwards. Some were harder and some were lighter. Although they did try to be fair, it seemed that Jessica's bratty behaviour of the week earned her harder swats than the better behaved Amy or Emma. In fact because Amy was such a sweetheart and many of the girls thought of her as a little sister she got off relatively lightly in comparison.

As Amy, Jessica and Emma stood there, feeling the sting in their blazing bottoms ease off to a dull throbbing Stevie spoke. "Now each girl has had her introductory paddling from the sisters it is now time for our senior sisters to exercise their privileges. The senior sisters paddle all the girls each Friday night and as this is your first weekly paddling Amy, Jessica and Emma you get to receive ten full blooded swats from each senior sister and that includes Denise. In fact Denise seeing as you do not have a 'little sister' this year you may go first."

Denise smiled and nodded, however Nicole pouted at that announcement.

Denise stepped forward and picked up Amy's paddle.

Amy closed her eyes, tried not to whimper and straightened her legs so that she offered Denise a good target. Naomi caught Amy's eye as she opened them again, smiled encouragingly at the younger girl and mouthed "Good girl." at her.

Denise stood behind Amy, watching the twitching red bottom, raised the paddle and took careful aim.

CRACK! The paddle smacked onto Amy's strawberry red bottom, she gasped and lifted up onto her tiptoes. ONE! The girls chorused in unison. Denise waited for Amy to lower and then delivered her second spank. A squeal and a loud TWO from the assembled girls. The third firm spank got a loud OW. Four had Amy's bottom dancing. Five produced the tears and by ten Amy lay limply over the couch, hiccoughing sobs coming from her mouth, tears streaming down her face. She had little time to reflect as Denise handed the paddle to a wickedly smiling Nicole. As Denise moved onto Jessica the tall brunette's howls began as the paddle smacked smartly onto her hotly glowing sit upon. Amy roared and rolled her bottom from side to side as Nicole smacked the paddle down nastily. "Ten!" Stevie counted firmly.

Nicole stopped in mid swat and looked at Stevie quizzically "Are you sure, ma'am?" she inquired. "I was counting and I make it eight."

Stevie arched an eyebrow and said firmly "I NEVER count wrong, young lady. You have had your ten swats of Amy's bottom, please move on, unless you would prefer to take Amy's place and I'll let her give you ten swats."

Nicole paled and handed the paddle to a patiently waiting Shauna and took over from Denise on Jessica's burning bottom.

The room filled with the wails of three very soundly paddled young ladies as Shauna, Nicole and Denise applied the paddles with a will. Shauna was gentler than Denise or Nicole, but she still stung Amy's abused bottom all the same. If what Naomi had said was true and a paddling stung more on an unwarmed bottom she shuddered to think what agony Jessica and Emma were going through right now.

Amy felt her legs buckle as she heard Naomi's warm voice say "Thanks, sweetheart I'll take her from here."

Then her yells split the air as Naomi paddled her sternly.

Amy sagged against the couch and tried to catch her breath. Her bottom felt as if it were about to catch fire, tears flowed unchecked down her cheeks and her nose was streaming. Hair was plastered to her face with sweat. Next to her Jessica wailed as Naomi dealt with her. Emma roared as Shauna whaled into her cherry red, furnace hot rump. Amy desperately wanted to rub her bottom, but she knew that every other Phi Gamma Beta girl was watching and to break now would shame Naomi and she was not about to do that. With an effort she kept her hands on the couch and away from her steaming backside. At long last Naomi delivered her tenth and final swat to a blubbering Emma and set the paddle aside. Three writhing red rear ends decorated the back of the couch.

Stevie stood and crossed to the couch "My turn," she said with a smile, "and I do enjoy this part of the year."

She picked up Amy's paddle and measured the distance to the raspberry red bottom presented over the back of the couch. Amy screwed her eyes shut and her hands clenched into fists as she prepared herself for the onslaught. Twenty firm, quick stinging smacks peppered her bottom. She yelped, squealed, jumped and cried, but it was not as bad as what she expected and when Stevie helped her to her feet and hugged her, she was able to smile and hug the older lady and even thank her for the paddling. Naomi watched proudly as back straight Amy limped into a corner and stood there obediently, hands on head, nose pressed into the wall and glowing red bottom standing out like beacon.

Jessica and Emma were dealt with in a similar fashion and each was installed in a corner. Stevie made herself another pot of tea whilst the rest of the girls, excepting Denise, Nicole, Shauna and Naomi, bared their bottoms and presented themselves for their paddling. The four senior girls retrieved their own personal paddles. They were exactly the same as the three that had been used on the three red bottomed pledges, except that the names on the handles were different. Stevie settled back into her chair and told the girls that they may begin. For the next half hour or so the room filled with the crack of hard wooden paddle against tender young bottom flesh and the howls and squeals of the paddled sorority girls. When all twenty girls sported glowing tomato red bottoms and the four senior sisters were panting with the exertion of delivering so many good paddlings Stevie called a halt. The four seniors massaged each others aching arms and shoulders. The paddled girls lay over the couches and cried. Stevie sipped her tea and smiled. How she loved Friday nights.

"Amy, Jessica and Emma you may now leave and go to your rooms. Your sisters will be up to join you later."

The three girls came out of their corners. Their eyes widened at the sight of all the red bottoms in the room, they curtseyed and thanked Stevie and all the other girls for their paddlings and clutching their own hard earned paddles pulled up their pants and lowered their nightdresses and limped silently up to their rooms.

Amy lay in her bed, trying to ignore the throbbing in her bottom and the moist warmth in her front and wondered what was happening to Naomi. She did not know for sure, but she doubted that any Phi Gamma Beta girl got out of Friday night without a soundly paddled rear end, that included senior sisters. She did not have long to wonder. The door opened and a gently sobbing Naomi entered slowly.

"Naomi?" Amy asked sleepily, raising her tousled head from the pillow.

"It's me sweetie." Naomi husked.

"Are you crying?" she inquired.

"Yes." Naomi sniffled.

"How come?"

"Everyone gets a paddled butt on Friday and that includes us seniors, darling." Naomi explained.

"Does it hurt?"

"Does yours?"


Suddenly Amy stiffened as Naomi's long, firm, warm body slipped in beside hers.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

"Would you like me to soothe your bottom?"


"Then just relax and let Aunty Naomi guide you, baby."

Amy relaxed and sighed as Naomi's long fingered hands glided across her hips and gently cupped her burning cheeks and pulled her into her lithe body.

Amy slipped her own slim arms around Naomi's slender waist and placed her small hands over Naomi's still hot buttocks and she fell asleep with her cheek resting on one full breast and her hands cupped around a hot bottom. She could hardly wait until next Friday.


  1. Breathless from this story, amazing soroity and amazing spankings with "tomato red bottoms", holy cra*, this was terrific, thank you.



  2. So pleased that you enjoyed your first encounter with the girls, Ron. I was a little concerned with the length of the story that people may not want to read it. And please watch your language, young man.

  3. Yes ma'am, sorry for that.

    It is just a wonderful story and well worth the effort to read and read again as I just did.

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