Friday, 22 July 2011

'Phi Gamma Beta 2'

In this, the second of the Phi Gamma Beta series, the girls find out what it is to be under the severe discipline of big sister Nicole for a weekend.
Warning: there are scenes in this story that have been judged to depict quite severe discipline, it is also quite long.

From CF Shots. The 3 first years get their bottoms smacked.

From CF Shots. The aftermath of a typical Friday night at Phi Gamma Beta.

From Firm Hand spanking. Jessica has had her paddling, now for the switch.

From Spanking Dollars. Emma displays her freshly switched rear.

Amy Mathieson lay face down on her bed and sobbed. She put one hand back behind her and gently rubbed the livid, dark purple weals that criss crossed her cherry red bottom and upper thighs. Weals like that could only be left by one thing and that was vicious application of a whippy green switch.

Amy was a freshman member of the college's most exclusive sorority: Phi Gamma Beta. Her mother and her older sister had both been eminent members of the same sorority. A position in Phi Gamma Beta was hotly sought after and even given some of the organisations eccentricities every girl on campus wanted to be a PGB girl. The sorority's current members included the girl most likely to be college valedictorian: Denise, the volleyball captain: Naomi, the cheer leading captain: Shauna and the dramatic societies leading actress: Nicole. Many of the graduates went on to become famous and successful. The sisterhood's current housemother: an elegant, softly spoken, black lady called Stevie put it down to the application of strict discipline within the house, including the Friday night paddling sessions that every member was expected to endure.

Amy was the sorority's 'pet'. She was an intelligent, pretty, polite girl with a sunny disposition and all the sisters loved her. All, but one. It was customary in the sorority to assign the freshmen a big sister; a senior who was prepared to care for her and guide her in the ways of the sisterhood and the college itself. Part of that care included administering physical discipline when necessary. This year as there were only three freshmen admitted to the sorority and four seniors or 'big sisters' as they were also known currently in residence one girl had had to forego the privilege of having a 'little sister' assigned to her. That senior had been the curly haired brunette Denise. She intended to be the school valedictorian and felt that the more time she had to devote to her studies the better. This year the three new girls had received the following assignments. The tall, chestnut haired rebel Jessica had been given into the care of the petite blonde cheerleader Shauna. The strawberry blonde, boarding school girl Emma had drawn the strict, busty redhead Nicole and flame haired, good girl Amy had been chosen by the tall, athletic, raven haired Naomi.

Amy loved Naomi and she could not imagine getting a better mentor. Whilst all the girls were subject to discipline over the knees or under the paddles of their 'big sisters' or Stevie the only paddlings Amy ever seemed to get were the weekly paddling sessions that everyone received. Jessica's rebellious nature seemed to get her regular trips over the knees of Shauna and Stevie. Emma, whilst she did not do a lot wrong, had found that Nicole was a hard task mistress and was spanked for far more than she actually deserved. Naomi would, and had spanked Amy, if it was needed, but it rarely was.

"Why?" Amy blubbered, the welts on her bottom and legs stinging fiercely, "Why did you have to go to that stupid tournament?" Amy asked no one in particular, addressing the question to her tear soaked pillow.

Stevie kept order in the house and whilst everyone was answerable to her the four seniors had a fair bit of autonomy and they were in charge in Stevie's absence. This weekend the black lady was attending a conference of teachers and so had left the seniors in charge. It was however a busy week on the sporting calendar. Shauna had gone with the cheer leaders to an out of town game, Naomi was leading her volley ball team in a regional tournament and was not expected back until mid week. That left Denise and Nicole in charge. Denise had elected to spend Saturday at the library and that meant the rest of the girls were prey to Nicole's less than tender mercies.  

Reflecting on it Amy realised that Emma must have known that they were in for a rough day. The strawberry blonde did everything, but get down on her knees and beg, Denise to stay and study at home. "I'd like to, sweetheart," the brunette had said to the girl's overtures as Emma served her with a breakfast cup of coffee, "but the library has a better internet connection than the house and it has resources I need that I can't get access to here."

Breakfast itself had been the first warning sign that things under Nicole's control were very different to those under Stevie's.

During pledge week the three new girls had been expected to be at the beck and call of any other sister in the sorority. After their acceptance and initial Friday night paddling things had settled down. The three youngest members of Phi Gamma Beta were still expected to do as an older sister told them or ordered them, but they were not generally asked to do anything inconsequential or silly and everyone pulled their weight around the house. Breakfast was often an informal affair. The girls all prepared their own and during the week most of them had time for nothing more than a piece of toast and a cup of coffee. On weekends it got more elaborate, however each girl generally made her own breakfast. Amy had made breakfast in bed for Naomi on occasion, but that had been something she had done out of her own self volition, not something she had been ordered to do. Emma was generally the first one in the kitchen on Saturday and Sunday as she made Nicole's breakfast and then served it to her in bed. Shauna usually woke well before Jessica and as Shauna hardly ever ate breakfast it was not really an issue.

When Amy and Jessica wandered into the kitchen yawning on this morning, still rubbing their well warmed bottoms from the previous night's weekly paddling session Emma was in an apron, bustling about making breakfast for a relaxed looking Nicole, still in her negligee, seated at the dining table, sipping coffee.

"Hello sleepyheads." Nicole greeted the other two girls, raising her cup.

"Good morning, Nicole." the girls said rather nervously.

"Well you had better get into aprons and help Emma with breakfast." Nicole suggested.

"Huh?" a confused Jessica said.

"It won't make itself, Jessica and Emma will not be making breakfast for everyone by herself." Nicole said sharply.

Amy released an inward groan, but went toward the kitchen, she knew better than to argue with the flame haired senior.

Jessica was either still half asleep or in a particularly defiant mood, because she came right back at Nicole "What do you mean make breakfast for everyone? That's not how it works, Nicole. Owwwww!"

Nicole had quickly risen from her seat and her hard, quick hand was slapping the seat of Jessica's thin, tight pajama shorts "You will do as you are told and you will do it when you are told. Now get in the kitchen now!" each word was punctuated with a stinging slap and Jessica was sent scurrying into the kitchen with one last loud SMACK landing on the her pert round bottom.   

"Jeez!" Jessica whined as she tied an apron around her waist. "What bug is up her butt?"

"None," a subdued Emma explained, "she's always like this, you guys just don't see it because Stevie, Naomi and Shauna shield you."

"Sorry, honey." Amy told her friend, giving her a quick hug.

Emma disengaged from the embrace and flipped the eggs frying in the pan "Yeah, life is a bitch." she murmured.

"No, that's Nicole." Jessica giggled, setting a kettle on the gas ring.

Even Emma chuckled at that, poking the bacon with her spatula "Yeah, you can joke about it, but she's in charge today and if I were you Amy I'd be really really careful."

"Me!" the shocked redhead exclaimed, getting plates and bowls out of the crockery cupboard. "What did I do?"

Emma shrugged as she transferred the bacon and eggs from pan to plate "Nothing, but Nicole is jealous of how everyone likes you so much and you know she hates Naomi. If she gets any, and I mean ANY, excuse to paddle your behind she will take it."

As the other girls came down to breakfast Nicole advised them that Emma, Amy and Jessica had volunteered to make and serve the morning meal this morning. Most of the girls were delighted and accepted the special treatment without comment. "Well this is a treat." Heather said as she sat down. "Now can we have anything we want?"

"As long as we have the ingredients in the kitchen." Nicole advised her.

"Oh yummy!" Heather exclaimed, licking her pink lips and smiling at Amy "Okay Amy, sweetie, coffee to begin, then scrambled eggs on toast with two sausages."

Amy nodded and committed the order to memory before turning to Johanna. The blonde swimmer was about to give her own breakfast order when Nicole's hand reached out and smacked Amy's thigh hard, making her jump and squeal "Amy!" Nicole scolded. "If you try and remember everything you will only make a mistake. Now go into the kitchen and get a notepad and pen, bring the wooden spoon out with you too. I've got a feeling I'm going to need it."

Amy scurried back into the kitchen to do as she was told.

Denise raised an eyebrow at Jessica, taking her order, when she was told about the making and serving of breakfast, but the three girls knew better than to contradict what Nicole had said. The shaking of the spoon at the tall brunette by Nicole when Denise could not see it also convinced her to keep her silence.

Once Denise had quickly eaten and left both Amy and Jessica were bent over the table by Nicole and had their pajama bottoms whisked down for a quick dose of the wooden spoon on their bare, pink bottoms for some imagined infraction.

Once everyone had completed breakfast the three youngest members of the sorority sank gratefully onto chairs around the kitchen table. Emma had just taken her first sip of tea and Amy bitten into a slice of cold toast when Nicole's strident voice startled them "Emma, Amy and Jessica! Just what do you think you are doing young ladies?"

"Ummm...having breakfast. We didn't get a chance earlier." Jessica explained. "Everyone else has.....ooooowww!" the girl was abruptly cut off as Nicole hauled her to her feet, holding her by her ear.

"You do not have time for breakfast. You should have woken earlier. Now get upstairs and washed and dressed. Wear old clothes. I have work for you all to do."

"Hurry! Hurry! Hurry!" she urged administering a firm smack to each teen's pert rear end as they rushed past her.

Amy dressed herself in an old pair of jeans, a thick cable knit jumper, it was late autumn and there was a nip in the air, and a pair of battered running shoes. She met up with Jessica, wearing a pair of cargo pants, sneakers and a fleecy windcheater, on the way down the stairs, "Did we fall through some wormhole in time and space and wind up in a hell dimension?" the brunette asked her redheaded friend.

"Yeah, Dimension Nicole." Amy sighed.

The three freshmen had to line up at the foot of the stairs to be inspected by Nicole. "Hmmmmm...," the flame haired senior mused, "I suppose you will do. Now would you like to know what fun I have planned for you?"

It was a purely rhetorical question and not one of the girls volunteered an answer.

Nicole continued, her green eyes sparkling "As you know the sisterhood has some extensive gardens and grounds. Our gardener has been injured recently and been unable to do a complete job. I think it would be a lovely present for Stevie if she arrived home from her conference to see our gardens restored to a magnificent autumnal state, don't you?"

There were murmurs of assent from the trio.

"I'm so glad you agree," Nicole beamed, clapping her hands, "now you will find everything you need in the gardening shed. Hop to it. Quickly now!"

As the girls turned with sighs and began to file reluctantly to the shed Nicole's sharp voice told them "Girls! If the work is not done to my satisfaction by five o'clock this evening then three little bottoms are going to be soundly switched!"

"Switched!" Amy exclaimed, spinning around to face Nicole, her green eyes wide. "You can't switch us! Only Stevie is allowed to do that and even then she has to...."

"Amy!" Nicole barked, cutting the outraged first year student off. "Stevie is not here. I am the sister in charge and if I decide to switch you then you will be switched. If the work is not done to my satisfaction then you will all be switched and I don't think Emma and Jessica would be very happy if you were the cause of their switchings, do you, young lady?"

Amy dropped her head and mumbled "No, Nicole."

Nicole put a painted red nail under Amy's chin and forced her head up so that she was looking the girl in the eye "From now on, my dear you can call me ma'am or Miss Nicole."

Hating herself for giving in Amy forced out from between clenched teeth "Yes ma'am."

"Much better, now seeing as you dislike yard work so much you can take your sweet little cakes into the kitchen and make me a glass of iced tea before joining your sisters in the yard."

Amy was so annoyed she briefly contemplated putting arsenic in Nicole's tea, but restrained herself and then joined the other two in the yard, muttering to herself "I hope you choke on it."

Nicole settled herself into a chair on the sorority house's verandah where she could see the girls at their labour and read through her latest script. The three girls threw themselves into the work with a will, none of them wanted to feel the switch. The worst Amy and Jessica had ever experienced on their bottoms was a sturdy wooden paddle. Emma had been caned once at boarding school. It had been six of the best across her knickers and left a set of blue black tramlines across her bottom, she could not imagine anything hurting more than the cane, but she thought a switch, especially one with Nicole on the other end of it, would come a close second.

What made their work doubly hard was Nicole herself. They all knew that she was doing it deliberately. Once she saw that they were getting on top of the work she called one of them over. She wanted more tea, a pillow, she needed help with learning her lines, she wanted lunch. Putting her own bottom at great personal risk Jessica managed to slap three sandwiches together and smuggle them out. They gobbled the hastily prepared food down behind the gardener's shed and had to wash it down with water from the garden hose. Five o'clock approached, other sisters returned from classes, study and activities, and Amy, Jessica and Emma knew that they were not going to be finished by Nicole's deadline. They were dirty, hungry and exhausted and they were still not going to finish the task they had been set. Then again that had been the point of it, they were not supposed to complete it, that would have spoiled Nicole's plans altogether.

The rest of the sorority watched wide eyed from the verandah as Nicole inspected the work done by the sisterhood's three youngest members. "Emma, Amy and Jessica," Nicole said sadly, "I must admit I am very surprised. Surprised and saddened. You had all day to do this and you still didn't complete it. I honestly thought we taught our girls better than that. Well I promised you a switching and a switching is what you shall have."

Jessica started to cry, Amy fought the tears back but felt the prickling of them at the backs of her eyes a dry eyed Emma glared her defiance back at Nicole. Nicole handed a clasp knife to a dark haired senior by the name of Veronica. "Ronnie, could you be a dear and help the children cut some nice fresh switches. I want them green and whippy. Cut a couple of extras too. If one breaks I want a replacement handy."

Veronica did not look happy at what she was being asked to do, but Nicole was the sister in charge with Stevie away and Denise at the library. She knew that refusal could well mean she would join the three younger girls in their switching.

"C'mon." she muttered, taking Amy by the hand and leading the girls into a grove of trees to garner the instruments of punishment.

Amy, Jessica and Emma had to make and serve dinner, but they were not permitted to eat anything. Whilst the others enjoyed their dinner they had to stand in opposite corners of the dining room, facing the wall with their hands on their heads. After dinner Nicole invited everyone into the living room and asked Heather if she would not mind putting on some coffee and tea. "Girls," she addressed herself to the three in the corners, "you will go upstairs and take a long hot bath. I want those bottoms nicely tenderised. After your bath you will get into your nightclothes and come back to the living room to take your well deserved whippings like big girls."

The girls drew a hot bath and helped to wash each other. There were a lot of tears and a great many reassuring hugs. They all felt that the closeness would somehow get them through the ordeal to follow. The girls were dressed for bed in their nightclothes. Amy was wearing a pair of short red satin pj's, Jessica looked very pretty in her frilly pink and white babydoll nightie and Emma had a demure, long skyblue nightdress on.

"Well aren't you a sight?" Nicole smiled from where she sat, in the big armchair by the fire, that was usually occupied by Stevie. "Aren't they adorable girls?"

There was an uneasy murmuring around the room as the rest of the sorority agreed with the dominant redhead.

"I think I'll have you over my knee for a good warmup before proceeding with the rest of the punishment." Nicole told the girls with relish, licking her lips.

The three younger girls stood in front of Nicole, their legs trembling and butterflies fluttering in their stomachs. Dry mouthed Amy's tongue flickered out and tried to moisten her lips. Jessica's brown eyes slid nervously to the coffee table, apart from the switches that they had cut with Veronica earlier there was also Nicole's sorority paddle. She doubted that their punishment would be complete with just the over the knee hand spanking and the switching. Only last night they had all felt the weight of that paddle and because Shauna and Naomi had been away Nicole and Denise had been allowed to give double swats. Due to her conference and the cheerleaders and the volleyball players commitments Stevie had been forced to administer her regular Friday night paddling of the senior sisters on Thursday. That had made Nicole very grumpy on Friday night and all the girls bottoms still smarted from the paddling she had given the previous night.

Nicole smiled at the girls, her green eye shining as she sang to herself "Oh who to choose, who to choose?" she lifted her hand and extended one red lacquered fingernail whilst saying "Eeny meeny miny mo, catch a naughty little girl by the toe, if she hollers let her go, not very likely, eeny meeny miny mo!"

Amy suppressed a groan as she saw that finger pointing directly at her. Nicole chuckled throatily, and crooked her finger at the redheaded junior "You're first, dear. C'mon into my parlour said the spider to the fly."

Amy stepped forward on wobbly legs and stood submissively as Nicole lowered her short pajama pants. She stepped out of them and allowed herself to be guided across Nicole's lap. As Nicole gently rubbed the tender hemispheres she cooed "You are such a thoughtful child, Amy. These pretty little pj's of yours provide me with a perfect guide to how red I should make your darling bottom."

Amy's response was an inward hiss of breath as Nicole's firm palm impacted sharply across her bottom and left two perfect pink handprints. Amy was soon kicking and squealing as the room filled with the sound of Nicole's rapidly smacking hand and the bottom over her knee went from white to pink to a hotly blushing red.

"Ooohhhhh," Nicole murmured, placing the back of her spanking hand on Amy's glowing red rear, "you're done. Nice and hot."

Amy cried in response.

"Okay up you get, into the corner and no rubbing or Aunty Nicole will have to respank."

Amy did as she was told silently and placed her hands on top of her head.

"Jessie, you're next for a lesson over my knee, dear." Nicole told the gulping brunette.

Nicole turned Jessica around, lifted the back of her short little nightie up and pinned it in place and then removed her frilly white panties. Jessica went unresisting over Nicole's knee and one of the watching sisters: Shania, a dark haired medicine major was concerned that the tall brunette may actually be going into shock. Shania's fears were put to rest as the spanking commenced. Jessica began to yell and kick vigorously while Nicole spanked fire into her lovely round derriere which soon turned a scorching lobster red. She was crying constantly when Nicole tested the temperature and pronounced her 'done to a turn' before sending her to the opposite corner from Amy.

"And now for my own darling Emma." Nicole told her 'little sister' with a big smile.

Emma's fists clenched and she kept her eyes on the floor and her lips clamped tightly shut, because she wanted to hit Nicole, burn holes in the redhead with her eyes and call her every hateful name under the sun. She walked stiff legged to her 'big sister', spoiled the older girl's fun by lifting her own nightdress and taking off her own underwear before laying over a stunned Nicole's knee. Nicole's lips pursed and thinned "Emma," SPANK "I" SPANK SPANK "did" SPANK SPANK SPANK "not" SPANK SPANK SPANK SPANK "give you permission to remove your own panties." Nicole punctuated each word with a volley of stinging slaps, she was livid that Emma had deprived her of the joy of baring the bottom herself. Emma wriggled and squirmed under the barrage of scalding smacks, but she did not utter a sound beyond the occasional grunt and her eyes remained dry. Her bottom was an angry hot red when Nicole was done and the redhead had worked herself into quite a lather. Nicole exhaled huffily and lifted Emma off her lap sending her to the corner with an exasperated SLAP and a promise that the strawberry blonde would soon be wailing.

Nicole took a wobbly legged Amy by the wrist and led her back to the chair pausing briefly to collect the paddle from the coffee table. Amy's floodgates broke and the tears began to course down her cheeks when the saw the paddle in Nicole's capable hand and she was blubbering as Nicole placed her face down over her lap again. "Such a cry baby," Nicole told Amy, beginning a vigorous paddling and filling the room with Amy's howls and the loud cracking of the sturdy paddle against the tender flaming cheeks, "Naomi is far too gentle with you. I must have a word with her about that."

Amy lay across Nicole's firm thighs, her bottom throbbing and burning, eyes and nose streaming, sweat soaked strands of fire red hair plastered to her cheeks. "Up we get," Nicole told her in a distant sounding voice, patting her bottom gently and even that contact made Amy whimper pitifully, "into the corner with you. Heather, help her please. Your little friend Jessica has an appointment over my knee now."

"Ow! Ow! Ow!" Jessica yelped as Nicole led her from the corner to the chair with a firm grip on her ear.

A determined Nicole arranged the gangly form of Jessica over her slender knees and applied the paddle with a will to the still glowing bottom over her knee. Jessica howled and kicked as the paddle cracked down mercilessly across her tender bottom cheeks again and again. Flattening each hemisphere and then letting them plump out again flaming red. Nicole swept the paddle across Jessica's oval rear end one last time and was rewarded with an answering screech from the near hysterical brunette. Nicole helped Jessica to her feet, looked with great satisfaction at a tear stained, snot covered face and ordered her back into her corner.

An ominous silence settled over the room as Nicole faced Emma. "Emma," Nicole said softly into that silence, "come here please and get over my knee."

Knowing that she was in for an extremely searing dose of the paddle across her flame haired sister's knee Emma offered no comment, but did as she was told.

"You, young lady, are going to learn that you do not do anything until I tell you to do it." Nicole told the younger girl, smacking the paddle down viciously after each word. Emma squirmed and grunted as the unyielding surface of the paddle contacted her all too soft derriere and turned already rosy flesh a deep rich red. Nicole wielded the paddle with a great deal of strength and let the sting of each stroke settle in before delivering the next blistering swat. At the halfway point Emma was unable to hold it back any longer and her will broke. The tears started to flow freely and her mouth opened and the wails hit the air. "I told you!" Nicole sang triumphantly, continuing to paddle firmly until she was satisfied that she had ensured complete and total compliance from the blubbering strawberry blonde over her knee.

Emma was sent to the corner and Amy's ordeal continued. The petite redhead was directed to bend over the couch and push her bottom out for her switching. Amy could not help her reaction. At the word 'switching' she stopped dead and her entire body started to shake and tremble. Two of the other girls had to move her to the couch and bend her over it. Johanna was asked to hold Amy's arms as Nicole was sure that the girl would be unable to keep position by herself. Nicole selected a slender switch and whipped it through the air, noting to herself that Veronica had chosen well. If they were all like this then the switching was going to be a punishment to remember.

Amy's screams split the silence as Nicole placed twelve stinging, livid stripes of fire across the younger girls flaming red bottom and thighs. Amy was completely uncontrollable when Nicole allowed her up. Her legs buckled beneath her and she collapsed to the floor. The older girl made a noise of disgust at Amy's 'weakness' and told Johanna to pick her up. The tall blonde did so and supported Amy as she led her back to the corner incoherently sobbing "'m sorry. 'm sorry."

Jessica turned and stared wide eyed at Nicole bending a fresh switch almost double in her capable hands. Nicole let one end of the switch go and it whipped up violently. Jessica gulped and blurted "I need to go to the bathroom."

"Whatever for?" Nicole asked in an exasperated tone.

Jessica hopped from foot to foot and whispered "I need to pee."

"Very well." Nicole sighed. "You can go and you can have six extra strokes for it as well. Heather go with her, make sure she doesn't dawdle."

"Thankyou." Jessica bobbed a curtsey and fled up the stairs with Heather trailing behind.

Tears of fear already streaming down her face Jessica limped down the staircase with a grim faced Heather following her. Heather chivvied the tall brunette to the couch and bent her over it. "Brace your legs, please, Jessica." Nicole instructed. "I want that skinny behind of yours pushed well out. Johanna I'll need you to hold her arms. I know this one. She never does as she's told, do you?" Nicole inquired, tapping Jessica's outthrust bottom with the switch and watching with amusement as the girl's dull red behind flinched reflexively.

Nicole stood back, planted her feet firmly, lined Jessica's rear end up and whipped the switch through the air. Jessica screamed and bucked over the couch as a line of red fire rippled across the centre of her still throbbing bottom. Nicole switched mercilessly and reduced the rebellious first year to a sobbing mess over the couch. Her bottom, a strawberry red from the earlier spanking and paddling, displayed raised weals from the switch and there were six angry red lines where Nicole had whipped the tender flesh of her thighs. "That's the first twelve." Nicole said breathlessly, cheeks flushed with more than just physical exertion. "You have six more coming for not being able to control your bladder."

"Puhleesse, Muhmuhmiss, pleeeeese, can't I....can't I have them later?" Jessica begged, almost incoherent.

Nicole cocked her flaming red head to one side and considered the request "No." she replied and it was almost drowned out by Jessica's howl as she accompanied it with a savage stroke across the centre of the girl's buttocks, a stroke that neatly overlapped an earlier one. Nicole delivered six well measured stripes. The first one across the centre, one up high, one down low on the sit spot, which elicited a high pitched scream from Jessica. The first stroke across her thighs, made her legs dance uncontrollably, the second one down lower got a roar and Johanna had difficulty holding her in place. Nicole stood back and waited for Jessica to be brought back under control and then savagely cut her last stroke across the tender backs of Jessica's legs. Jessica bellowed, Johanna let her go and she shot up wailing "Oh God! Oh God! Ohhhhhh God!" her hands flew to her abused rear and she began to rub vigorously, hopping from foot to foot in pain. There was a hissed intake of breath around the room. No Phi Gamma Beta girl was allowed to rub her bottom after punishment unless given permission. Nicole's lips compressed into a thin line. Jessica ceased rubbing slowly as she realised her gaffe. "No please, please, please," she pleaded desperately, backing away from the busty senior with the switch, "no, no, no. I didn't mean it. I couldn't help it. I forgot."

Jessica looked pathetic, her hair was in disarray, strands were across her face, some plastered there with tears, snot and sweat. Her eyes were reddened and swollen, tears still trickling down her face, her nose was streaming and her bottom was a scarlet mess. Nicole shook her head "We will let it go just this once, young lady. Into the corner NOW! Hands on head!"

Almost wetting herself in relief. Jessica scurried to the corner and did as she had been ordered. The only sound in the room was the soft sobbing of Amy and the harder, gulping, hiccoughing cries of Jessica.

"Emma," Nicole spoke, her voice sounding like the bell of doom, "your turn. Do you need to go to the toilet or can I trust you to control your bladder?"

The strawberry blonde took a deep breath and replied in as steady a voice as she could manage "No, ma'am. I can keep my reactions under control."

"I very much doubt that," Nicole said, her full lips quirking up in a cruel smile, "are you going to turn around or do I have to get someone to fetch you?"

Emma turned and replied innocently, while knowing that she was being insolent "I had not yet been given permission to turn and we are not allowed to do anything without being given permission when on'am."

"I know the rules Emma. I am sure you are going to remember them by the end of this evening. Come here and bend over the couch."

As Emma walked straight backed to the couch, she reflected that if Nicole really knew the rules she would not be doing this. Her first term at boarding school had taught her that life could be a lot less painful if she knew the rules before entering into anything. Those experiences had prompted her to read the sorority's charter. The senior sisters were permitted to exercise discipline as they saw fit and they did indeed act as the housemother if that lady was absent for any reason. The two punishments that they had to still obtain permission to administer were the switch and the cane. Emma had considered pointing that out to Nicole, but she knew the redhead's temper and from bitter experience as Nicole's 'little sister' knew that her bottom would pay the price if she spoiled the older girl's 'fun'.

Emma bent over the couch and thrust her glowing red bottom out without being asked. Johanna made to hold her wrists. Emma bared her teeth at the broad shouldered swimmer and waved her away. Johanna shrugged and sashayed back into the watching group of girls. "Oh, we're going to be a tough girl, are we?" Nicole asked mockingly as she settled herself into position and drew the switch back. "If you break position sweetheart then we will just go back to the start. We'll see how tough your tushie is."

The switch whipped through the air and cracked across Emma's left hindquarter, Nicole left it there long enough to ignite the spank and paddle tenderized flesh. Emma grunted, but refused to give Nicole any more satisfaction. Nicole's lips tightened and she really put her arm into the second stroke, which bit cruelly into Emma's right buttock. Emma grit her teeth and her hands curled into tight fists. As the third stroke slashed across both cheeks Emma felt the tears leak from her eyes, but she held the cries back. Nicole put more and more force into the strokes, desperately trying to get a reaction from Emma and break the girl down. On the eighth stroke the switch snapped, the jagged edge tore a thin trickle of blood from Emma's sorely abused bottom. With an exasperated sound Nicole tossed the broken branch aside carelessly and a dark haired junior called Carole yelped in surprise and just managed to pull her head out of the way to avoid the two flying pieces of wood. Nicole snatched up another switch and delivered two strokes in quick succession, one backhanded and a gasp of pain escaped Emma's lips. Nicole smiled, she was getting there. She carefully and very deliberately laid one stroke across a vivid red line she had placed on Emma's thighs. Hating herself for it Emma howled. Nicole licked her lips and her cheeks glowed with excitement, the twelfth and final stroke was dead centre and elicited a full blooded scream from Emma. Emma quickly brought herself under control remembering Nicole's promise to recommence the switching from the start if she broke position before being granted permission.

Although it was only a minute that Nicole spent admiring Emma's dancing scarlet hemispheres, it seemed like forever to the sobbing blonde. "Alright Emma you may join Amy and Jessica in the corner. No rubbing, mind you."

Emma swallowed her tears, straightened up stiffly and hobbled to the corner wincing in discomfort as her blazing cheeks rubbed gently against each other.

Nicole asked one of the watching girls to make her a cup of tea and the three switched girls had to stand in their corners, bottoms throbbing, twitching and stinging unbearably while Nicole sipped her tea and admired her 'handiwork' on the girl's reddened rumps.

 "Alright," the redhead said, draining her cup and setting it in it's saucer with a click, "you three may go to your rooms, but if I hear so much as a peep from any of you, then you will sorely regret it and I do mean sorely."

"Yes ma'am." the girls chorused, turning, bobbing quick curtseys and then fleeing up the stairs as quickly as their aching behinds would let them.

That had been hours ago, Amy reflected, fresh tears soaking her pillow, she wanted to go to sleep and forget that it had all happened, hope that it had only been a bad dream, but the pain in her bottom would not let her get comfortable and sleep.

Denise removed the jug of milk from the microwave and poured herself a glass of the steaming hot liquid. She settled into a kitchen chair, wrapped her hands around the warm glass, closed her eyes and sipped blissfully. It had been a hard day of study at the library and although she had arrived back at the house late she had still been surprised to find everyone, but Johanna, in bed. The blonde had muttered something about it not being a pleasant day and the three youngest sisters being the cause of it before heading to bed herself. Denise had shrugged and made herself some hot milk to help her sleep.

The curly haired brunette's eyes snapped open as the kitchen door clicked "Naomi!" she exclaimed in surprise as the tall, athletic brunette entered the kitchen and dumped her sports holdall on the floor. "What happened to the volleyball tournament?"

Naomi grimaced and held up a bandage swathed hand "I tried to block a spiked ball and it bent my hand back and snapped it." she explained.

"Ouch!" Denise winced in sympathy.

"Is the rest of that milk warm?" Naomi asked.

Denise nodded "I just made it."

"I'd kill for a glass."

"Help yourself." Denise invited her.

Naomi fixed herself a glass of milk and seated herself across from Denise "What's going on? It's eleven on a Saturday night and everyone is in bed."

Denise shook her head "I know. It's weird. I got back from the library about half an hour ago. Johanna was the only one up, she was washing a cup out, she said something about some unpleasantness with the three little ones and took herself to bed."

"Unpleasantness?" Naomi asked, concern in her voice. "And my Amy was involved."

Denise shrugged "I don't know the full story. I wasn't here. That's just what Johanna said. I assume Amy is in bed, you can ask her yourself."

"Oh I will," Naomi promised, "believe me, I will."

Naomi finished her milk, picked up her holdall, shouldered it, and bid Denise a good night before she walked wearily up the stairs. It had been a long drive back to the college and the boy who had offered her a lift had a small car. Naomi's long legs needed room to stretch out and there had not been much to spare in the little vehicle. Naomi shook out her long black tresses and paused at the door to her room as she heard quiet sobbing. She frowned. Amy was not spanked often and whilst she cried when she was, this had to be hours after the event. To be still blubbering was not like Amy at all. Jessica yes, Naomi had rarely met such a cry baby as the rebellious brunette, but Amy and Emma prided themselves on their self control.

Naomi opened the door and entered quietly, she lowered her bag to the floor, closed the door behind her and asked into the darkness "Amy?"

Amy spun, leapt off her bed and flew at Naomi with a joyous, sobbed "N'omie!" Even as the excited eighteen year old's enthusiastic greeting pushed her back onto her own bed Naomi smiled at Amy's childish nickname for her. It always made her feel like the redhead's real sister when she used a secret name like that corruption of her own. Something that only they shared. She laughed initially as slender arms wrapped themselves tight around her and Amy burrowed into her lap, then became concerned as Amy cried into her breast.

"Amy, honey? What's wrong, baby?"

Amy just bawled.

"Sweetie, let go of me for a sec and I'll turn the light on."

Naomi disengaged herself from her distraught room mate and flicked the light switch. What she saw made her catch her breath. A puffy faced, swollen eyed Amy stood in the centre of the room, dressed only in the top of her red satin pyjamas, the ginger triangle of hair between her legs on full view, but it was her back end that concerned Naomi. Her buttocks were a deep angry red and both they and her thighs were crisscrossed with raised, livid stripes. "Amy, what happened?" Naomi asked, her green eyes open wide.

A tearful Amy hugged Naomi close and blubbered out the days events, ending on the vicious punishment meted out by Nicole.

Naomi grew angrier and angrier as Amy babbled out her tale of woe. Tight lipped and with dark eyes flashing, spots of colour standing out on her high cheeks, she removed Amy's arms from around her, sat the girl gently on the bed and stalked towards the door "N'omie!" Amy wailed miserably.

"I'll be back." the tall brunette promised.

The door slammed shut behind her and she stormed down the hall to Nicole's room. Denise met her halfway there "Whoa!" she exclaimed. "What's going on?"

Her voice shaking with anger, Naomi asked "Did you hear what that bitch," pointing down the hall to Nicole's door, "did today?"

Denise shook her cap of brown curls "No, I was at the library all day, Naomi."

"She set the three girls an impossible task and then spanked them when they couldn't complete it."

Denise chuckled "Okay, that's not nice, but that's Nicole. I don't think an occasional undeserved hot bottom will hurt any of those three. I can remember getting my share when I was a freshman."

"So can I, but it was not a simple hot bottom, Den'. She switched them!"

Denise's eyes went wide in shock "She what?! That's not allowed!"

"Exactly, so I'm going to smack that cow down!"

"Hold it, slugger!" Denise cautioned Naomi, placing a hand on her chest. "Firstly, Nicole is no lightweight and with your busted hand she may just be able to take you, Naomi. Secondly, Stevie is going to blister the both of you if you get into a cat fight with her."

"What can I do?" an upset Naomi asked.

"Come with me," Denise requested, laying a finger alongside her nose, and intoned in a nasal imitation of the imbecilic Baldrick from Blackadder "I have a cunning plan."

Nicole blinked, rubbed sleep from her eyes, sat up in bed, yawned and fluffed her mane of lustrous red curls. She looked around the room and saw that the other bed, normally occupied by Emma, was empty. It was also neatly made. Nicole frowned. That was interesting. Today was Sunday, it was the only day that she allowed Emma to sleep in, although she still expected breakfast in bed. It was a rare privilege that the younger girl generally took advantage of. Of course Nicole was sure that Emma's little backside was still extremely sore and that may have driven her out of bed a little earlier. Nicole smiled to herself and luxuriated in the warmth that remembrance of the previous night's punishment kindled within her. She swung her legs out of bed and threw on a filmy negligee. It was time for a morning cup of coffee to wake herself up.

Nicole padded out of her room and was almost at the stairs when she was met by Denise "Good morning Den'!" she said brightly.

"Hi Nic'!" the brunette returned the greeting.

"Have you seen, Emma?" the redhead asked. "The little minx got up early and didn't let me know. She could have at least brought me a cup of coffee."

Denise chuckled "Well, it is Sunday, Nicole. Look do you have a few moments?"

Nicole's brows drew together in a frown "Yes, why?"

"Well, I'd like to have a chat about us being the mistresses of the house."

"Oh, really?" Nicole asked, her interest level rising.

"Really. Look, I feel a little guilty about the whole thing. I've been so busy with study and all that I haven't paid enough attention to the fact that I am a senior girl and although I don't have a little sister I do still have responsibilities and maybe I'm neglecting those. This weekend with Stevie, Naomi and Shauna absent would be a perfect time to address that and I should have been here to back you up yesterday, but I left you to handle it all. I want to discuss house discipline and maybe I can give you some time off today and look after all the housemother issues myself."

"Denise, that would be great." Nicole beamed. "Can you give me half an hour to get washed and dressed?"

Denise shook her head "No, I want to start right now. I'll arrange for one of the girls to bring some refreshment to Stevie's study, meet me there."

"Okay." a surprised, but happy Nicole said as Denise dashed off in the direction of the kitchen.

Nicole sauntered to the study, whistling tunelessly to herself. What a surprise that Denise wanted to take a more active role in discipline. A pleasant surprise, though. It would be good for Denise too. The girl was far too obsessed with her studies. Nicole pushed open the door to Stevie's study and the whistle died on her lips.

Seated behind her big desk, with her arms crossed in front of her, and her generous lips compressed into a thin, angry line was Stevie. Her normally calm brown eyes were hard and stern. She had travelled through the night after the late phone call from Denise and Naomi. She had not slept and the two senior girls with assistance from the three younger girls had helped her to look her usual immaculate self.

"Stevie!" Nicole croaked and then looked around the study at the occupants. Lined up against the far wall were Amy, Jessica and Emma. Denise was lounging in a chair on one side of the desk and Naomi stood beside the other side of the desk with one hand behind her back and the other clenched in a tight fist by her hip. "Naomi!" Nicole exclaimed. "What the he...What are you doing here?"

"I got back last night." the volleyballer explained, holding up her broken hand. "The tournament ended early for me."

"Oh, what a shame." Nicole said with not a shred of sincerity and even had to drop her head to hide a malicious smile.

"Just as well she did, young lady." Stevie spoke for the first time and Nicole shivered. She knew from experience that when Stevie called any of the sisters 'young lady' that they were about to feel her wrath, usually in the form of the horrid, little rubber paddle the black housemother had christened Ms Sting.

"Ummm...why is that Stevie?" Nicole asked. "I do hope they didn't bring you back from your conference unnecessarily."

"No, I do not think they did. Not at all, particularly given how deeply what they told me disturbs me."

"I can't think what that would be." Nicole replied innocently.

Stevie took a deep breath. The door opened and Heather stood there holding a tray with a coffee pot and cups. "Jessica, could you please take that from Heather and pour us all out a cup?" Naomi asked.

The tall brunette nodded and did as she was asked.

Nicole licked her lips in anticipation of the hot, refreshing beverage and then counted the cups. There were only six cups, but seven people. Jessica poured out six steaming cups of coffee, added milk and sugar as required and then handed them out to Stevie, Denise, Naomi, Amy and Emma, taking one for herself. Stevie answered Nicole's quizzical look "You don't need any coffee just yet, my girl. Your mouth is going to be far too busy explaining your behaviour yesterday." 

"Yesterday?" Nicole asked, feigned confusion in her voice.

"Yes, why don't you tell us all how you beat the shit out of Amy, Jessica and Emma?" Naomi shouted hotly.

"Naomi!" Stevie's voice cracked like a whip. "You know I do not tolerate that kind of language in this house. I will let that pass, because of your emotional attachment to Amy, but if there is a repeat you will be eating a bar of soap and your bottom will have a chat to Ms Sting, am I understood?"

"Yes ma'am. I'm sorry." Naomi replied politely, lowering her head.

"Now, I will put it a little more eloquently than Naomi," Stevie said, "please tell us how you disciplined Amy, Jessica and Emma yesterday."

"Uhhhhh...well," Nicole began her explanation, clearing her suddenly dry throat, "they failed to complete a task I had given them in the allotted time, so I punished them. That is my right and privilege as a senior."

Stevie sipped her coffee, put the cup down and her stern brown eyes fixed Nicole "That does not answer my question, Nicole. Yes, it is your right and privilege as a senior to punish the younger girls. You are also correct that if they do not do as you ask them that they should expect to have their bottoms warmed." Nicole beamed at the praise. "However," Stevie intoned and the triumphant look on Nicole's face vanished, "both the task set and the punishment administered must be within reason."

"They were!" Nicole insisted. "All I asked them to do was a little gardening. They had all day to do it, too. The fact that they didn't do it was due to sheer laziness."

Jessica opened her mouth to protest, then closed it quickly at a warning glance from Denise over the rim of her coffee cup.

Stevie exhaled, she might have known Nicole would be difficult about this "Nicole, are you aware that the sorority employs a gardener?"

"Yes ma'am."

"Why did you find it necessary, then to ask Amy, Emma and Jessica to do the gardens?"

"Mister Dilhooley is injured and he hasn't been able to do his job as completely as usual."

"Mister Dilhooley's medical condition is none of your concern and he has arranged for a contractor to come in and cover for him."

"I didn't know that!" Nicole protested.

"Never mind." Stevie told her, her palms positively itched to spank the girl, she was positively asking for it. "Tell us how you punished the girls."

"Well," despite her nervousness at Stevie's reaction when she got to the switching, Nicole could not help getting excited at the remembrance of the girl's glowing, twitching reddened and striped bottoms as she paddled and switched them, "I gathered everyone else to show them what happens to lazy, indolent children," over by the wall, Amy's fists clenched reflexively and her fingernails made little crescent moons in the palms of her hands, "then I began their spanking. I put them over my knee and spanked each of them in turn."

"With what?" Denise asked.

"My hand." Nicole replied and then tartly asked. "Do you warm up with something else, Denise?"

"Enough!" Stevie said sharply to prevent the brewing fight. "Nicole, please continue."

"Then I paddled Amy, Jessica and Emma over my knee again."

"Come on, Nicole," Naomi baited, "tell us how you whipped them. We all know you want to."

"Naomi," Stevie cautioned, "if I have to speak to you again you can wait outside in the hall and then your bottom will have a long talk with Ms Sting."

"Yes, Stevie, ma'am." Naomi sighed and fell silent again.

"Before Naomi interrupted I was going to say that I switched the girls after their paddling, I did NOT whip them!" Nicole finished.

Stevie withdrew a document from the drawer of her desk, she riffled through it, found the page she was looking for, turned the corner of the page down, placed the document on her desk and slid it across to Nicole. "That, Nicole, is the sorority's charter. It contains the rules we govern the sisterhood by. The section I have indicated deals with the discipline handed out by the senior sisters to the younger members of the sorority. Read that to me please Nicole."

Nicole reached out and with trembling hands she raised the charter and tried to focus through eyes that were filling with tears of concern for the continued wellbeing of her pert rear end. "A senior sister is permitted to administer discipline to all younger sisters as she sees fit and is particularly responsible for the behaviour of the first years, especially a 'little' sister." she looked at Stevie expectantly.  

The black lady flicked out one perfectly manicured nail and said "Go on."

Nicole took a breath and continued to read "When the housemother is not present the senior sister or sisters are expected to act in her capacity with regards to administering discipline to all younger members of the sorority."

Nicole paused and her green eyes went to Stevie again.

"You're almost there, my girl. Keep reading." the housemother commanded.

Nicole's eyes went back to the document and she read on in a faltering voice "Girls may be spanked, paddled and even strapped if the senior sister or sisters see fit. On no account is the cane or switch to be used unless the agreement of the housemother is obtained prior to administering that punishment." Nicole's voice trailed off and she gulped.

"Yes, that was what I waiting for." Stevie confirmed.

"Did I leave a contact number?" Stevie asked unexpectedly.

"Yes!" Denise answered quickly.

"Thankyou, Denise. Was Nicole aware of that number?"

"Yes!" Denise chimed in again, a smirk in her voice.

Stevie shot the brunette a warning look, but said nothing about it. "Nicole, I do not recall receiving a call or even a message last evening before you switched the girls."

"I...I...I...." Nicole stammered.

"You did not call me," Stevie began, rising to her feet, "because you knew what my answer would be and you did not want a little thing like the rules spoiling your fun!" she thundered, normally placid brown eyes blazing.

Nicole burst into tears in the face of the tirade.

"I have examined the girl's bottoms, Nicole and they are in quite a state. I do not know what possessed you. I know you have some unusual desires, but there is no excuse for your actions. You set the girls an impossible, unnecessary task and then punished them far too severely when they understandably failed to complete it to your satisfaction."

Nicole desperately tried to get her tears under control as Stevie scolded her.

"Do you have any idea how wealthy or powerful Jessica's father is, Nicole?"

The redhead's green eyes registered her confusion at the odd question and she mumbled "No, ma'am."

"Well, I can assure you that he is extremely wealthy and a very powerful man. If Jessica were of a mind to complain to him about this incident he could quite easily have this sorority shut down."

There were gasps around the room.

"Fortunately," Stevie continued, "Jessica has matured enough since becoming a Phi Gamma Beta girl to realise that your actions should not condemn the sorority so her father will not find out about this. I can't really tell the Dean either. The man has rather new age ideas on corporal punishment and frowns upon it. He has even tried to have paddling banned. I've had to tell him that it is purely a symbolic action as has Howard the housefather of Phi Sigma Magna. If he knew of this, rest assured Nicole, you would be summarily expelled and the sorority would be put on watch and sanctioned severely. Do you have any idea of the position your actions have put me in?"

"I guess not, ma'am." Nicole murmured, her brimming jade eyes fixed on her toes.

"No, you guess not." Stevie echoed, steepling her fingers in front of her face.

Desperately searching for an excuse Nicole blurted "You let Jade switch Tina during my first year."

Amy gasped and her mouth opened in an 'o' of surprise. Jade was her older sister and the thought of her loving, caring big sister switching anyone was a shock to her.

"Yes, I did." Stevie agreed with Nicole. "There were extenuating circumstances there, Nicole. I will not discuss Tina's behaviour with you, but she earned that switching. At the time I had a sprained wrist, so I asked Jade to administer the punishment. I was present the entire time and the switching was carried out under my strict supervision. This situation does not compare, so you do not have a precedent there, young lady."

Nicole worried her lower lip with perfect white teeth and wished she was a law major.

"Nicole what you did was wrong and I am afraid I have to punish you and punish you severely."

"Oh no please!" the redhead pleaded, resisting an impulse to fall on her knees. "I'll do anything Stevie, but don't beat me."

"A beating is only part of what I have planned, Nicole."

The tears filled Nicole's green eyes and spilled down her cheeks which had spots of bright red colour.

"Now, Nicole," Stevie began to deliver her judgement, "you have a choice here. You can accept my punishment or you can leave the sorority."

"Oh no!" Nicole begged. "I'm a senior. I can't leave now!"

"Very well," Stevie continued, her brown eyes holding a fidgeting Nicole's gaze, "you will be spanked and very soundly. Denise will administer some of it as Naomi is unable to and Amy, Jessica and Emma will administer the rest as they are the injured parties."

"Oh God no!" Nicole wailed and this time she did fall on her knees to beg with the stern housemother. "I'll lose all their respect!"

"Funny you should say that, Nicole. That is another section of your punishment. You have demonstrated that you do not have sufficient self control to have a 'little' sister or to behave and be treated as a senior. Starting tonight, as long as Emma is agreed, her 'big' sister will be Denise."

Emma blushed and said "Thankyou ma'am and thankyou Denise."

The brunette smiled and her face coloured as she murmured "No problem, kiddo. Just don't interfere with my studies and I'm sure we'll get along fine."

"Nicole, you will also be treated as a pledge and I will take over your sistership. If you prove to me that you can behave and treat others with respect then I will restore your status as a senior sister, you will not however regain guardianship of Emma. Is that understood?"

"Yes ma'am." Nicole sniffed, climbing miserably to her feet and brushing the knees of her negligee off.

"Now the last part of the punishment fits the crime, young lady. I will not switch you," relief flooded through Nicole's face, "I am going to do something that I rarely do and do not enjoy, but in this case it is warranted and that is a good caning."

Nicole's entire body shook and she stood there in front of everyone in the room and bawled as she felt the fingers of cold anticipation creep over her bottom. 

Stevie took charge. "Emma, would you be so good as to take the coffee things back to the kitchen?" the strawberry blonde curtsied, gathered the cups onto the tray and disappeared out the study door. "Naomi, I keep the cane in my cupboard there," Stevie indicated a tall cupboard by one window, "please take it out and bring it to me." Naomi calmly crossed to the cupboard and opened it. Stevie looked at Nicole and clicked her tongue against the roof of her mouth. "Denise, can you please escort Nicole to the bathroom? I don't want her soiling the rug and in her current state she is likely to do just that." Denise nodded, rose from her chair, took a firm grip on Nicole's elbow and led her unresisting to the toilet. "Amy and Jessica bring the paddles to the couch, please."

The girls picked up their own personalized paddles and the one with Emma's name on it and laid them out on the couch. One on each cushion. Stevie smiled down at the sorority implements of correction and murmured "Perfect."

A frowning Naomi handed Stevie the cane. "You have a problem, Naomi?" Stevie asked, swishing the thin whippy length of wood through the air experimentally.

"Sort of." Naomi hedged.

"And that is?"

"Why don't you just expel her? She deserves it. You saw the state of the girl's bottoms and she broke a switch on Emma and just kept going. She gets off on it, Stevie!"

"Yes, she does, Naomi. That is in part my fault. I knew about Nicole's predilection for causing pain when she became a senior. I hoped that having responsibility for another sister may have an effect on it, but she became drunk with the power. So I feel in part responsible for what happened and if I expel Nicole, then I'm giving up on her. The other reason is that if Nicole is expelled then questions will be asked. I have mentioned the Dean's misgivings about how we run things here at Phi Gamma Beta. I'm very concerned that the answers to those questions will lead him to shut the sorority down. Believe me, Naomi, Nicole will have great difficulty sitting down for the next week and she will be under my close, personal supervision for at least the rest of this semester."

"Okay." Naomi muttered. "I'm still not happy."

"Maybe not, Naomi, but if you attempt to make this into a personal vendetta, young lady then you too will feel the length of this cane across your hindquarters, is that understood?"

"Yes, ma'am." Naomi said lowering her head, she then smiled as Amy gave her a warm hug to reassure her.

Nicole re-entered the room followed by a stern faced Denise. "Are you ready, Nicole?" Stevie asked, standing before the flame haired senior, cane in hand.

Nicole gulped and answered in a faltering voice "Yes ma'am."

Stevie nodded curtly. "Very well, then. We shall begin."

With a self satisfied smile on her face Jessica placed Stevie's 'spanking chair' in the middle of the room. Denise seated herself on it and grinned up at Nicole. All of the colour drained from her face and she felt her knees weaken. She had never found herself over the knee of the prospective valedictorian, but she had seen the reactions of others spanked by her, Emma among them, and it had been obvious from the kicking and squealing that Denise possessed a very hard palm indeed. She consoled herself with the fact that Naomi had a broken hand, she was sure that the tall brunette's indignation that her precious Amy had been switched and her dislike of Nicole would lend strength to her already volleyball powered arm and give her the mother of all spankings.

"Naomi, can you please prepare Nicole?" Stevie requested.

"I can do that, ma'am." Nicole advanced, hitching up her negligee.

Stevie stepped across and slapped Nicole's hands sharply "Uh! Uh! Uh!" she scolded. "Naughty little pledges in this sorority do not speak unless spoken to and they are not given the option to bare their own bottoms. Naomi, please do the honours."

"With pleasure." Naomi said as she stepped forward and turned Nicole so that the redhead's back faced her.

Naomi took a firm grip on the back of the filmy negligee, made a muttered comment that it was inappropriate night wear, which was noted by Stevie, hauled it well up Nicole's back and fastened it in place with a safety pin. Spots of bright red colour stood out on the imperious senior's cheeks. Nicole gasped as Naomi hooked her fingers into the waistband of Nicole's pink thong panties and whisked them down to her ankles, Nicole stumbled out of them and looked down ashamedly as Naomi twirled them around her finger like a trophy. Stevie shook her head disapprovingly and ordered Naomi "Throw them in the fire. Good Phi Gamma Beta girls do not wear such scandalous garments."

With a chuckle Naomi tossed the insubstantial underwear on the flames in the fireplace.

Denise smiled up at a furiously blushing Nicole and patted her lap invitingly. Nicole tried to move, but found that her legs would not obey her. Denise frowned and then Naomi took matters into her own hands. Using the thumb and forefinger of her good hand she took a firm grip on Nicole's ear and dragged the squealing girl over to Denise where the threw her in an undignified sprawl across Denise's waiting knees. Denise laughed and shifted Nicole into position. Bent over Denise's knees, Nicole's tall body allowed her toes to touch the rug and her fingertips brushed the floor on the other side of the chair. Denise crossed her legs and this pushed Nicole's pretty cotton ball white bottom up higher and tightened it. Jessica winced. She had been in that position before and knew from bitter experience that a spanking on a tight bottom hurt considerably more than one on a relaxed backside.

Nicole grit her teeth and tried to hold position as Denise rubbed her hand across the upturned mounds gently and then teasingly scratched her nails along the pristine surface. The curly haired brunette giggled as lines of gooseflesh appeared along the path her nails took. Without any warning a crack rang out around the room as Denise's firm palm impacted across the centre of Nicole's waiting buttocks. Nicole cried out once and Denise put an arm around the girl's waist to hold her in place. SPANK SPANK SPANK SPANK. The hand smacked down firmly, rebounding from cheek to cheek, leaving a blushing pink hand print each time. Nicole's yelps and squeals got louder and her legs waved lazily in the air keeping time with Denise's stinging slaps. Nicole wriggled her hips from side to side in an effort to avoid the punishing palm. Denise scolded as she spanked hard and with a steady rhythm "Think its fun to spank the girls, do you? How much fun is it, Nicole?"

Nicole did not answer, but wailed and felt the tears slide down her heated cheeks. The temperature of them was nothing to the one that Denise was igniting in her bottom. The weekly paddling was mild compared to this. It hurt, but that was only seen by Stevie and the other three seniors. Amy, Jessica and Emma were watching this and while she could not see their faces, she just knew the three little snots were smiling.

"Ow! Ow! Ow!"

"Oh God, Nicole!" Denise exclaimed, not missing a beat of the spanking. "You are such a cry baby. This is just a smackbottom. You've still got three paddlings and a caning to come. God only knows what histrionics they'll produce."

Denise made her smacks quicker and beat a rapid tattoo on Nicole's bounding, rolling bottom. It was a deep, rich red and it felt as hot as a steaming bowl of tomato soup. With four more hearty slaps, two to each glowing cheek Denise brought Nicole's first ordeal to its blistering end. She helped the blubbering girl off her lap and sat back in the chair Nicole stood in the middle of the room and cried her shame and pain out, not caring who saw her or what they thought.

Stevie waited for the wails to quieten down into gulping sobs and said softly "Assume the position over the couch, Nicole."

"Ppplease Sssteeeveee..." Nicole stammered through her sobs.

"Assume the position, Nicole." Stevie repeated sternly. "You do not want to make me say it again, young lady."

Swallowing down her sobs Nicole limped to the couch and bend over it.

"Nice and high." Stevie commanded. "Go on thrust that bottom out. I want the girls to have a prominent target to aim at."

Nicole braced her feet on the floor and with noises of pain and embarrassment pushed her blazing red bottom well out. She looked over at Denise through tear filled eyes and saw with no little satisfaction that the girl with the cap of curly brown hair was wrapping an ice filled cloth around her spanking hand.

Amy picked up her paddle, gripped the handle tightly and looked at it with a giddy feeling. She had never before paddled anyone else and it was an odd feeling. "Take a deep breath, sweetie." Naomi advised. "Line up that big target of Nicole's and POW! Let her have it! If you feel your resolve faltering, darling, remember those nasty welts on your heinie."

Amy took a deep breath, looked at Nicole's glowing bottom, her eyes shone, she pulled the paddle way back, took careful aim and POP!

Nicole howled as she felt the paddle's smooth surface crack against her stinging, simmering bottom. CRACK! "That's for the gardening!"

SMACK "That's for not letting us have any lunch!"

SPLAT "That's for not giving us anything to drink!"

SLAP "That's for the spanking!"

SPANK "That's for the paddling!"

SMACK SPANK CRACK SPLAT "And these are for the switching!"

Ten times Amy slammed the paddle across Nicole's bottom and as Jessica picked up her paddle Nicole collapsed into a howling, crimson bottomed mess over the back of the couch.  

Jessica took up position behind Nicole and stared though bright shining eyes at the pulsating scarlet bottom over the couch. Idly she wondered if her own backside looked like that after a paddling. "Jessica, honey," Naomi broke in, "If I were you I'd stand the other side. Amy has given that side a good workout and while she did her best to cover both cheeks the right one got it worse than the left. I think you should even them up."

To Nicole's shame and anguish Jessica laughed musically and took Naomi's advice. The first eight swats got agonized howls and wails as Jessica thudded the wooden slat into her bottom again and again, relighting fires that had only just dampened a little. Nicole felt her bottom flare and throb with each full smack. The last two were the worst though. Jessica swung the paddle upwards and connected with the overhang of Nicole's buttocks. The area where thighs and bottom joined, the so called sit spot. Nicole screamed as Jessica cracked the paddle up into that sensitive area and the force of the strokes pushed her up high on her toes. "Oh God that felt great!" Jessica breathed as she put the paddle down and Emma stepped forward, paddle gripped in a determined fist.

Emma had wanted to do this nearly all semester and now that she had her opportunity she was going to make it count "Brace your legs!" Emma snapped at the bawling Nicole. "Push that bottom out! You better hold position or I will make you regret it, little girl!"

Nicole realised with a shock as she heard the words through a haze of pain that they were almost word for word what she had often said to the strawberry blonde first year. She had no further time to dwell on it as Emma went to work. "You hit me," SPANK, "over and over" CRACK, "again, whether I did right or wrong," SMACK, "all the time!" SPLAT "Nothing was ever," SLAP, "good enough," SPANK, "for you!" SMACK "Was it," CRACK, "Nicole?" SPLAT SMACK. Nicole collapsed in a flood of tears, wailing as Emma dropped the paddle and fell to her knees her own face awash with tears.

Denise lifted Emma to her feet and enfolded her in a deep embrace talking to her soothingly and drying the tears "It's okay, darling. Big sister is here. That's it, it's all over now. Just cry it out, baby."

While Denise gentled the overwrought Emma down Stevie ordered Nicole "Stand up. Go to that corner. Hands on head and do not even think about rubbing, young lady."

Nicole stood trembling in the corner, nose pressed to the wall, her bottom aflame and throbbing dully, tears streaming down her face, sticky strands of red hair plastered to her face by a combination of sweat, tears and snot, her nose ran unchecked.

Stevie settled the girls down on the couch, Amy snuggled into Naomi's lap and Emma was cuddled by Denise, Jessica managed to squeeze herself in the middle of the couch in between the other girls. The elegant black housemother waited silently, examining Nicole's well spanked bottom, when the colour had faded to a deep strawberry red she barked "Nicole! It is time for your caning. Come to the middle of the room."

Nicole pushed herself away from the wall and on rubbery legs waddled to the centre of the room.

Stevie looked her up and down and commanded "Bend over and touch your toes."

With a whimper Nicole did as she was bidden.

"Nicole," Stevie told her sternly, "I have decided to give you twelve strokes of the cane. You will count each one, thank me and request another. If you break position or try to avoid a stroke I will give that one again. If you fail to count correctly, thank me or ask for another one I will administer that stroke again. Do you understand?"

"Yes ma'am." Nicole sniffled.

"Good. We shall begin."

Stevie stood behind and a little to the side of Nicole. She carefully measured the distance with the cane and tapped it gently against Nicole's bottom, watching it flinch. Stevie was an experienced caner and she knew that the power of the stroke was not really in the swing, it was the flick of the wrist that created the sting. The cane whipped across Nicole's glowing rounded cheeks dead centre. Nicole howled. "One, thankyou ma'am. Please may I have another?"

Stevie smiled and wondered how many strokes it would take before the redhead forgot or made a mistake. She flicked the thin, stinging length of wood down a little lower. Nicole hissed in pain and her knees bent slightly. She straightened up quickly and gasped "Two thankyou ma'am. May I have more please?"

The next stroke landed above the first one and got a squeal and one leg lifted and bent before being place back in the floor. Nicole managed out with a wavering voice "Three, thankyou miss. Please give me another."

Stroke four was across the sit spot and elicited a scream from Nicole and she was hard put to blubber out "Fuhfuhour, thuhthanksss Stevie. Muhmore please."

Stevie whipped the next three strokes across the backs of Nicole's thighs. The girl managed to count correctly, thank Stevie and request more, but she was crying constantly and the effort of maintaining position was extreme. The eighth stroke was placed directly on top of the first. Nicole wailed and blinked away tears "Nuhnine. Thankyou ma'am. May I have another, miss?"

Stevie lowered the cane "What number was that, Nicole?"


"Really? You distinctly said nine."

"I heard nine." Naomi agreed with a warm smile.

"Oh God!" Nicole whimpered. "Please Stevie, I can't take more, please."

A tear sliding down her face Amy pleaded "Please don't cane her any more Stevie. She's been punished enough."

The black lady faced the sweet natured redhead and favoured her with a gentle smile "You're an angel, Amy. If your sisters Jessica and Emma agree with you I will bring Nicole's ordeal to an end."

Jessica rolled her eyes and exhaled, she looked at Nicole's bottom and winced before agreeing "Yeah, she's had enough. It makes my butt hurt, just looking at her."

Emma's eyes travelled up and down Nicole's welted and bruised, blazing red bottom. She knew from her own experience with the cane that there would be ridges and black tramlines left by the whippy length of wood and she agreed "Caning is awful. On top of what Denise did and her paddling eight with the cane is more than enough."

"Well Nicole, it would appear that your sisters have let you off four strokes. Sisters that you savagely abused yesterday. You owe them thanks. You may stand. You will apologize to Amy, Jessica and Emma."

Grimacing in pain Nicole stood and with tears still trickling down her blotched face she looked at the girls on the couch "I am sorry for what I did to you. Thankyou for showing me some mercy."

The girls exchanged glances and nodded in acknowledgement of the apology.

Stevie held the cane under Nicole's nose "Kiss the instrument of correction." she instructed.

Nicole bent her head on the long, slender, graceful neck and gently placed her lips on the cane's length. She raised her head and said clearly "Thankyou Miss Stevie."

"It was my pleasure dear. Now go to my room. You will be staying with me until further notice. Tomorrow will be the first day of your new life."


  1. Aunty, congratulations, this is an amazing entry and posting, what a very hot story and love this sorority, wow. Some sound and very hard spankings are given. You ventured out a little bit and love it. Just great reading and a story I will digest and read again and again.

    Thanks so much for the effort and the hot hot bottoms and lines.

    Be well

  2. Thankyou for reading and commenting Ron. It was quite an intense time at the sorority.