Friday, 29 July 2011

Six of the best

I thought that was a fitting title for this post. All good things must come to an end and so it is with my musings on what to spank with. We have reached the cane, one of the severest and with the hand probably the most traditional of all implements.

Canes have been used to keep order in schools and at homes for as long as anyone can remember. I'm going to include switches in this category. Up until early in the 20th century the cane and the birch were used as punishment in western penal institutions and to punish for offences that did not require imprisonment. It is still the case in a number of eastern countries and canings are believed to be quite common in Malaysia and Indonesia as well as across the middle east.

A selection of canes on display at a Shadow Lane function.

Caning in schools has been traditional for many years. It was very common in British public schools, with even prefects and head boys and girls being allowed to administer the cane to those under them in the school's pecking order. Some of these were quite severe and went well beyond the traditional six of the best, scarily enough they were referred to as beatings.

Many homes and nurseries also kept canes, and it was a rare governess that didn't know how to wield one, I suppose it prepared their charges for boarding school, where in days gone by beatings were common place.

One practice that was common which I absolutely do not agree with was the caning of the outstretched palms. Nature provided the perfect place to cane or spank, and that is the bottom. Hands are not so well padded and have small bones that can be easily broken by application of even a thin length of wood across them.

A caning of the hands.

Although many homes used the cane or the readily available switch, it seemed to be more of a school punishment.

Classic image of a boy being switched over his school mistresses lap.

I'm not a great proponent of either cane or switch. I generally reserve them for the most serious of offences. I have a tree out the back of the shop which provides wonderfully whippy green switches and I have a selection of canes. I remain proud that I have never used the heaviest of these and hope never to do so.

A girl bends over for the cane from Spanking Films UK.

There's quite an art to giving an effective caning, you need to mark the bottom, give it the 'tramlines' without actually breaking the skin. The effects can be rather pretty, especially if you've given the old 'five bar gate'. The first 5 strokes are given vertically with the 6th bisecting them, it creates the effect of an old style country gate on the bottom.

From Cal Star Spanking. A rather unique way of holding the cane whilst being warmed up.

I think caning onto a 'cold' or unprepared bottom is very painful and cruel. I like to 'warm up' the bottom with a hand spanking at the least before applying the cane. The cane has featured in a few of the punishments in the Spank Shop stories by Seegee, and whilst I don't have any great affinity for the implement I can't rule out giving it again in the future.

I hope everyone has enjoyed this series. I had fun writing it and thinking back on my experiences with them all.


  1. Thanks Aunty Andrea for the tutorial on canes.

    The largest variety of canes I have ever seen was in a building within Kew Gardens, London, UK.

    My friends were admiring the plants and I was wondereing what each variety would feel like on my bum. LOL

    Thanks again,

  2. Your series on spanking implements has been very educational and a delight to read. I have no experience with canes but, of course, they are so prevalent in both the history of corporal punishment and contemporary spanking entertainment, I feel as if they have an important place in my fascination for spanking and discipline. The switch is not completely foreign to me, and it intrigues me as well. I'm repelled by the harsh or excessive use of the cane, but I like to see a caning administered with restraint by an authority figure who is adept at the practice. If I were facing corporal punishment myself, I think the cane would not be my first choice by far.

    Thank you, Aunty Andrea.

  3. I have intimate knowledge of the cane, my latest encounter being earlier today. At present I am sitting very gingerly on a very fluffy pillow after a visit to my Aunty Shan. It was supposed to be a party, well I suppose it was for aunty Shan. I was offered a cup of tea, introduced to my "cousins" and soon found myself bare butt over the lovely Shan's lap being sound spanked. once all 5 "nephews" had their first spanking it was my turn again, during some Question and answer time Aunty Shan found out my behaviour, while an improvement on last month decided it needed correction so it was over the sofa with me, my shorts and underwear went south to pool around my ankles. Aunty decided my bottom had cooled down too much and promptly warmed it using a varied selection including a prison strap, 3 inches wide and 3/8ths of an inch thick.This was followed by 12 of the best with junior cane. The last 6 were very hard especially the 12th and final stroke.

  4. What wonderful comments, Joey, Franz and Mario. I wish I could have all 3 of you bent over in my parlour offering your bottoms up for the kiss of my cane!
    I had experienced the cane, but found it a very unpleasant experience, however when I started the shop I knew it may be occasionally necessary to administer it so made a study of it and other implements. I found some quite fascinating information out.
    Mario, I do sympathise with you, darling, but we both know you earned that chastisement.

  5. Thank you Aunty, however I hope you won't be too upset if I don't take you up on your offer of a caning in the near future.


  6. Bittersweet posting Aunty, I love this series and the chance it gave us to learn about how your mind works. Thanks for that.

    Hate the cane period! Never been switched but the school marm shot makes it look interesting.

    Wonderful posting, thanks you