Friday, 1 July 2011

'The Spank Shop - Cameron'

Sometimes young people make silly decisions, this story is about one such decision and it's outcome

Kimberley Kennedy left her younger brother’s bedroom, after having tucked the young man in for the night, and felt pretty good about herself. The beautiful eighteen year old’s parents had gone away for the weekend and left her in charge of the house and her two younger sisters and one younger brother. Now things had settled down Kimberley was going to pop some corn and settle down on the couch with a romantic comedy, maybe something with Sandra Bullock.

The blonde teenager was searching the pantry for the bag of microwave popcorn she had hidden there earlier in the week, and thinking to herself that if one of her siblings had taken it there would be a hot bottom before the weekend was out. Her back was turned as her sixteen-year-old sister; Chelsea, breezed into the kitchen dressed for a night out, and said a quick  “Hi Kim. Bye Kim.”

The older girl turned, and barked “Freeze!”
Cursing under her breath, Chelsea stopped and faced her sister.
“Where exactly do you think you’re going?” Kimberley asked.
“Out.” Chelsea said, defiantly.
Kimberley’s azure eyes flashed at her sister’s tone, and she said “That’s not an answer, Chelsea, and you know it. Out where?”
“A party.”
Kimberley kept her temper, what she really wanted to do was shake her sister for her surly behavior, but that would not get her anywhere when Chelsea was in a stubborn mood.

“Whose party?” Kimberley probed.
The younger girl started to look uncomfortable, and replied “Cameron’s.”
“Cameron? Cameron Worth?”
Chelsea nodded.
“How do you know Worthless? He’s my age and why did he invite you to a party?”
Chelsea said nothing.
“I’m waiting, young lady.”
“Kim, do you have to be such a pain about this?” Chelsea complained.
“You’re going to get a pain somewhere soon, if you don’t dial down the attitude, miss.” Kimberley told her sister sternly.
“Kim, Natalie is waiting for me!” Chelsea whined.

“Natalie Stevens!” Kimberley exclaimed. “I should have guessed. Let me see the invitation.”
“We’re not six years old!” Chelsea retorted.
Kimberley felt her palm itch, but said “How did he invite you, then?”
“What? Let me see!” Kimberley took a firm grip on Chelsea’s wrist, and dragged her over to the family computer.
“Log on.” she ordered her sister.

With a put upon sigh Chelsea logged onto Cameron Worth’s Facebook page. Kimberley looked at the computer screen and her eyes got wider the longer she looked. “Chel’, he has over a thousand friends here!”
“Yeah, he’s pretty cool.”
“No, he’s not. What if they all turn up? You’re not going.”
“Kim!” Chelsea protested.
“No way, Chel’. Mum left me in charge. This thing could turn into a riot.”
Chelsea glared at her sister and decided to play her trump card “Mum said I could go.”

Kimberley looked at her sister and smiled “Mum said you could go to a party held by an eighteen year old boy, who sent his invites out via Facebook? This is the same mother who raised both of us?”
“Yes.” Chelsea said firmly.
Kimberley produced a cell phone and flipped it open “You won’t mind if I call her then, just to check.”
The colour drained from Chelsea’s face.
“It’s ringing.” Kimberley informed her sister and then showed her the phone so she could see that it was indeed dialing MUM.
“I lied.” Chelsea said frantically. “Mum didn’t say I could go.”
Kimberley snapped the phone shut.
“What am I going to do about Nat?” Chelsea asked miserably. “She’ll be waiting.”
“I can fix that.” Kimberley said calmly, picking up the cordless phone from its cradle and dialing the Stevens’ number.
“Oh God!” Chelsea moaned, her face turning red. “She’s going to think I’m the biggest dork out.”

“Hi, Mrs Stevens. It’s Kimberley Kennedy.”
Chelsea watched and listened.
“Oh you were expecting me? Yes, Mum and Dad are away, so I’m looking after the twins and Chelsea.”
There was a brief silence as Kimberley listened to Violet Stevens.
“So, Natalie won’t be going either? Chelsea will be relieved to hear that. Cameron always was a bit foolish, imagine sending an open invitation over Facebook. I’m sure if you call me on Monday we can probably fit Natalie in. Thanks Mrs Stevens. Have a nice night.”

“All sorted.” Kimberley smiled at her sister.
Chelsea did not say anything, but pouted.
“You have a choice to make, Chelsea Meaghan.” the eighteen-year-old told her younger sibling.
“What?” Chelsea sulked.
“You can take that sulky look off your face, go upstairs, change into your pj’s and join me on the couch for some popcorn and a fluffy rom com, or you can go over my lap and have an early bedtime with a hot bottom to keep you company. Your decision, Chelsea.”
Chelsea’s shoulders dropped, and she sighed. As she ascended the stairs to her bedroom, she called over her shoulder “Can we at least watch something fairly current? Maybe with Katherine Heigl or Ryan Reynolds in it.”

Kimberley was singing softly along with her iPod as she approached her place of employment, Clarkstown’s most unique establishment; the Spank Shop, run by Andrea Mahoney, or Aunty Andrea as many of her clients and Kimberley often knew her. There was a small line of people waiting outside as Kimberley crossed the road. The song she was singing died on her lips as she caught side of the crowd at the door. Kimberley turned her iPod off and put it in her bag, then checked her watch to see if she had not somehow arrived late. No, it was still well before nine. The shop did not open until nine, and she knew for a fact that their first scheduled client was not due until nine fifteen. The girl had intended to use the time to get everything ready for the days work, lay a fire in reception, get herself a cup of tea and see if Andrea wanted any refreshment before a day of smacked bottoms. What was going on?

Kimberley was assailed by a number of people waiting, mostly angry parents. She tried to placate them as best she could, unlocked the door, ushered everyone in, and politely asked them to wait while she checked with Andrea. The disciplinarian was dressed and seated in her favourite chair by the fire, a steaming mug of coffee was in her hand. “Good morning, Kimmy. What is the racket outside?”
“We’ve got customers, ma’am.” Kimberley replied nervously.
“What?” Andrea asked, one sculpted eyebrow raising. “It’s not like you to book people in before we’re due to start business.”
“I didn’t, Aunty.  Your first scheduled appointment is not until nine fifteen. These people were waiting when I got here. They’re mostly parents with mid to late teens.”
Andrea’s expression was obviously puzzled. “Give me time to finish my coffee, Kim, and we’ll see if we can’t satisfy some new customers.”
“Yes, ma’am. I’ll need a few minutes to get details anyway. They’re all new to the shop.”

By ten o’clock that morning Kimberley was completely over Mondays. She had barely had time to breathe with all the clients that were streaming in and out of the shop. The really odd thing was that they were almost all older teens, and a lot of them were first timers. The receptionist had been kept busy updating her spreadsheets and databases. She had not had time for a cup of tea. She was concerned that the stress was affecting her hair, she had not been able to brush it, and it felt flat and lifeless. Kimberley hated things affecting her routine and this morning was doing that, she had had to juggle appointments, move regulars and alter other scheduled appointments. She had even called her mother and obtained her agreement to come in and help. The way it was going she would have to see if Chelsea could fill in on reception, while she helped Andrea and her mother out with the spankings.

The phone rang and Kimberley snatched it up, it was from Andrea’s parlour, trying to put a smile in her voice she answered “Yes, ma’am?”
“Do you have any corners free, Kim?”
Kimberley looked around at the glowing bottoms decorating reception, and started to answer “No…wait…Mr Sims has just come to collect his two, so I’ll have two free soon.”
“Lovely, I’ll send Kaylah and Stacey out.”
The prickly local shopkeeper Mr Sims, marched his girls out of the shop, and two brown haired teens emerged from the parlour. They were best friends, but looked almost alike enough to pass for sisters. Both were wearing the aprons, which preserved modesty, but left the bottom bare and allowed easy access. The two girls were still crying hard as they limped out of the parlour. Kimberley ordered the girls to corners, and instructed them to place their hands on their head. Ordinarily the teenage receptionist really appreciated the sight of freshly roasted bottoms in reception, but this morning she was too stressed to care that much. A critical eye told her that Kaylah had probably received the tawse, while Stacy’s bottom bore the marks of a paddle or one of Andrea’s horrible rectangular paddle shaped hairbrushes.

The girl was just about to go back to her increasingly complicated Excel schedule for the day and the rest of the week, when the bell over the door rang cheerfully, and petite blonde policewoman Tania Wheeler entered. Kimberley looked up and said with the first real hint of enthusiasm all morning “Hi Tania! How are you?”
The young officer offered a smile, and replied “I’m okay, honey. Can I see Andrea, please?”
Kimberley’s eyes scanned the room, and she said “We’re kinda busy.”
“It’s important, Kim.”
Kimberley sighed “Okay, I’ll see what I can do.” and she picked up the phone.

“Miss Andrea, Tan…Constable Wheeler is here. She wants to see you, no she didn’t say what about, but it’s important. Okay, I can put the kettle on, yes, ma’am.”
Kimberley turned to Tania, and said “You can go through…what happened to your eye?” as the policewoman turned, Kimberley caught sight of a very impressive black eye and deeply bruised cheekbone.
Tania winced “That’s kind of what I need to talk to Andrea about, Kim.”
As Tania disappeared into the parlour, Violet Stevens entered the shop with a glum looking Natalie in tow. “Hi Mrs Stevens, Natalie.” Kimberley greeted the pair. “Miss Andrea is with someone at present, but won’t be long, can I offer you some coffee while you wait, ma’am?”
“That would be heavenly, dear.” Violet Stevens smiled.

Just as Kimberley was about to make the coffee Andrea rang from the parlour “Yes, ma’am?”
“Can you come in here with the appointment book, Kim? What’s happened to the coffee?”
“Ummm…I’m really busy, Miss Andrea. I’ll get the coffee, but I can’t leave reception for long.”
“Is there anyone you can ask to keep an eye on it?”
“Well…not…wait, Mrs Stevens, could I ask you to please keep an eye on reception? I need to see Miss Andrea briefly.”
Violet Stevens chuckled “I’d be delighted, darling. Do I get a discount on Natalie’s smacking?”
Kimberley seemed a little nonplussed, until Violet reassured her “Only kidding, dear.”

Kimberley quickly put on and made some coffee, she took a cup out to Violet Stevens in reception and carried two more into Andrea and Tania. Tania was extremely grateful “I’ve been dying for one of these, Kim. Thanks.”
Andrea accepted her own drink with a graceful incline of her head and after taking a sip explained. “Tania has shed some light on the extraordinary happenings of this morning, Kimberley. We have not, as I have theorized on more than one occasion, fallen through a wormhole in time and space to an alternate reality.” Andrea’s playfulness earned a smile from Tania over the rim of her cup, and a giggle from Kimberley.

“Apparently there was a party on Saturday night. A young man by the name of Cameron Worth used Facebook to advertise his party and it got rather out of hand.” Andrea told Kimberley.
“I knew it!” Kimberley said.
The blonde policewoman and the chestnut haired disciplinarian both looked at her.
“You knew about this, Kimmy?” Andrea asked.
“Well, sort of,” Kimberley replied nervously, “Chel’ was trying to go to it on Saturday night, but I stopped her. Only Worthless would do something that stupid. Probably thinks it will impress that pack of Neanderthals he hangs out with.”
“You know this boy, Kimberley?” Andrea probed.
“Not well, ma’am. He’s my age and he went to my school.”
“So, he’s a university student, Tania?”
Kimberley answered for the young police officer “No, Aunty. He left school when he turned sixteen, he’s got a job as an apprentice cabinet maker.”
“Please tell Kimberley what you told me, Tania.” Andrea invited the policewoman.

“As Andrea said, and you seemed to already know, Kim, Cameron sent out his invites via Facebook, and it spelled a recipe for disaster. There were far too many kids for the house to contain and it spilled out onto the street, that’s when the neighbours called us. The kids at the party didn’t take too well to being told to turn off the music and go home. Most of them were either drunk or on something. Things escalated and they started throwing stuff. That was how I got this little memento,” Tania winced, and pointed at her bruised face and eye, “someone lobbed an empty beer bottle at me. We eventually had to call in the riot squad.”
“Obviously a lot of parents weren’t happy about their offspring being at a riot.” Andrea summed up, and looked at her aching hand.
Kimberley made a sympathetic face and offered “I can get you some ice for that hand, ma’am. I rang Mum, too and she’ll be here before twelve. She wasn’t happy, though.”
Andrea sipped coffee, and smiled at her receptionist “I’ll make it up to Gabrielle, I promise.”
“I wouldn’t fancy being one of hers this afternoon.” Kimberley said. “Mum spanks hard enough when she’s not cross.”

An out of control party, similar to that held by young Cameron Worthington.

“I’m glad we have all this cleared up, Tania, but why exactly have you brought the issue to us?”
“Technically Cameron broke a few laws, so we hauled him up before a judge.”
“Let me guess,” Andrea broke in, “Sandra Thornley?”
Tania nodded her golden head “What you did for her nephew made a real impression on her.”
“I remember, Nicky!” Kimberley exclaimed. “That was fun!”
Andrea frowned at her receptionist, and the girl immediately shut her mouth. “How is Nicholas?” she asked.
“Apparently very happy, he’s stopped seeing the people he was hanging out with and is planning a career in graphic design.”
Andrea smiled into her cup.

“We can charge Cameron, but really they’re not strong charges and if the media get hold of this, he’s already had agents contact him, they’ll have a field day with it. We look incompetent and as if we’re cracking down on some kid who wanted to have a party because he’s made us look stupid.”
“The cult of celebrity these days.” Andrea sighed sadly.
“If we do go down the legal route, although any half decent lawyer will get this kid off with nothing more than community service, we do have to investigate further and he doesn’t want that.”
“Why not?” Kimberley asked, naively.
“Not all the kids with alcohol were old enough and I think there may have been some illicit drugs there. If I was Cameron there are people out there I wouldn’t want angry at me for bringing them to police attention.”
“Oh.” Kimberley said, with a becoming blush.

‘He’s agreed to alternative punishment.” Tania told the two ladies.
“Meaning a visit to the Spank Shop.” Andrea deduced.
Tania nodded.
“When do you want to do it?” she asked.
“As soon as possible. Today would be ideal.”
“I agree.” Andrea said. “Kim, put young Cameron in the book.”
“I can’t do it.” Kimberley said firmly.
Andrea turned emerald eyes on her receptionist, and said in a dangerous tone “Can’t is not a word I like to have you use around me, young lady.”
Kimberley stood her ground “We’re booked solid, ma’am. There is not a free spot in the schedule. I’ve got Mum coming in, Mrs Stevens is watching reception for me. As soon as a corner empties someone else fills it. It cannot be done, not today. This is a court ordered punishment, Aunty. Cameron’s eighteen years old, there’s not much of him, but he’s fairly tough. It won’t be enough to just put him over your knee and smack his bottom a few times.”
“Well said, Kimberley!” Tania complimented the girl. “She’s right. Cameron will require the full treatment to do this properly.”

Andrea fumed, she hated not being able to organize something like this, and Cameron Worth sounded as if he was long overdue a trip across her maternal lap.
“I do have a possible solution.” Kimberley said shyly.
Andrea and Tania looked at her.
“We could do it after five.” the girl suggested.
“We close at five, Kimberley.” Andrea informed her.
“It’s the only way we can do it today.” Kimberley responded, and the look in her cornflower blue eyes suggested that she was not about to be moved on this point.
Tania spoke up “It will actually work better that way. Gives us time to do the necessary paperwork, let’s Cameron stew for a while and also avoids media attention, they won’t be expecting anything to happen after five.”
Andrea sighed and shook her head “Book it in, Kim.”

Kimberley said goodbye to their last client, and glanced at the clock. Five minutes to five. They had made it with some time to spare. Kimberley did a little bit of prep work for Cameron on her spreadsheet, and then the bell over the door rang merrily. Tania Wheeler entered with a young man slouching along behind her. Kimberley assessed Cameron, he had not changed since school, and she could only imagine what Andrea’s reaction to the outlandishly dressed young man would be.

He had a baseball cap on his head, twisted so that the bill pointed to the left, bleached blonde dreadlocks peeked out from under it. He was wearing huge sunglasses, even though it was not bright outside, they gave him the look of an insect. He lowered the glasses slightly, and looked at Kimberley “Kennedy.” he drawled by way of greeting.
Kimberley hid a grin, Aunty Andrea was going to have fun breaking him down, and she would get to at least listen to every single minute of it. “Cameron.” she returned the greeting.
“That’s Miss Kimberley, to you, young man!” Tania hissed at Cameron.
The boy looked at the police officer, and at Kimberley, and snorted “Yeah, right.”
“Aunty Andrea is expecting you, you can go right in.”

Tania entered first, with Cameron following a pace or two behind, looking around at everything, trying to get a feel for the place. Andrea had to contain a fit of giggles when she saw her client. He was wearing a baseball cap and some ridiculous sunglasses, even though he was now inside and it was not light enough out to need either accessory. He had a ripped t-shirt and a denim jacket on and a pair of baggy faded jeans that almost left his buttocks uncovered, if it were not for the waistband of a pair of boxer shorts that peeked over the jeans. His feet were clad in a pair of battered workboots. Andrea could also see some bleached blond dreadlocks under the cap. The girls at the hairdressing salon next door to her shop had confessed that the hairstyle was the bane of their existence. They took forever to do and they were expensive. Andrea had to wonder why Cameron had bothered to get them, they did nothing to enhance his appearance.  What passed for fashionable among modern youth eluded Andrea’s understanding.

“Good afternoon, Tania.” she greeted the police officer. “I assume the young man with you is Cameron?”
Tania gave Andrea a wan smile and a nod.
“Welcome to the Spank Shop, Cameron.” Andrea said with a gentle smile.
“Uhhh yeah, hi.” Cameron mumbled at the knockout seated in the armchair by the fire. He had seen Andrea before, but never at close quarters. She was older, but she was hot. Among his circle of friends she would be referred to as a MILF. Maybe this would not be so bad after all.
Tania was about to tell Cameron that Andrea was to be referred to properly, when Andrea herself intervened. “As you’re new here, Cameron I won’t smack you for that, but I will explain a few rules here and then if you get your bottom smacked it will be entirely your fault.”
Cameron was too stunned to reply, who did this hot chick think he was that she could talk about smacking his bum like a little kid?
“You will speak only when spoken to, when you address anyone here, and that includes Constable Wheeler and Kimberley, you will do so respectfully. Constable Wheeler is to be called Constable or ma’am. Kimberley and I are Miss, ma’am or Aunty if you like. Do you understand me?”
Cameron wanted to tell her where she could stick her rules, but something about the green eyes holding his gaze told him that would be a very bad idea, so he nodded, and said slowly “Yes, Miss.”
“Lovely.” Andrea smiled. “Now, as we’re inside, darling I think we can dispense with the hat and the glasses. Please take them off and lay them on the table. Kimberley will make certain that they are returned to you before you leave.”

Cameron’s brain was trying to process this. He had been receiving texts about this place all day, mostly from guests at his party who had been sent there and weren’t happy about it. They made Andrea sound like a cross between the female Terminator from the Sarah Connor Chronicles and the X-Men’s Mystique. She had both of them covered in the looks department, but she wasn’t a total bitch about things. Okay, the whole call me Miss, ma’am or Aunty was weird, but she’d been quite nice about the hat and the glasses, and he’d worn them largely to piss people off. He did as he was asked, and Andrea favoured him with a smile “Ahhh, now we can see your baby blues.”

She rang a bell and Kimberley appeared, smiling, in the door way “Yes, ma’am?”
“I’d like some tea and I’m sure Tania would also.” she cast a quizzical gaze at the young policewoman.
“I’d love a cup.” Tania confirmed.
“So would I.” Cameron said.
Andrea sighed, as Tania smiled and Kimberley grinned.

Andrea hauled the boy to his feet by his ear, she unsnapped his jeans and let them fall to his ankles, she reached down and planted hard, stinging slaps on his bare legs, scolding him as she did so “I just said you spoke only when spoken to, Cameron and when you answer you do so with respect. Now sit down and do not say another word unless you are asked a question.”
Cameron tried to avoid the slaps, but Andrea had him by the ear and she was strong, she also knew exactly where to hit. He dragged his jeans up and sat, staring at her.

Kimberley collected Cameron’s things and disappeared into the kitchen. She emerged a few minutes later with a tea tray bearing a pot of tea, two cups, milk and sugar. She poured a cup for Andrea, added milk and sugar, then handed it to her employer, she did the same for Tania, who accepted the steaming cup with thanks.
Kimberley breezed out with words to just call her if anything else was needed. Andrea looked at Cameron , who was now seated on the couch uncomfortably. “Cameron,” Andrea addressed him, “as this is a court ordered punishment and you’re over eighteen, there’s nothing for you to sign, you can go to the bedroom,” she indicated a door on one wall, “and get ready for your smacking.”

Cameron found himself in a bedroom with a bathroom to one side and a wardrobe along one wall. He sat down on the bed and wondered what on earth ‘get ready’ meant. While Cameron was sitting there trying to work it out Kimberley entered the room. “What are you doing just sitting there?” she asked.
“She,” he began, and Kimberley glared at him, “uuuhhh…Miss Andrea sent me here to get ready.”
“Then hadn’t you better be getting ready?” the girl demanded.
That was it, Cameron had had enough, he had to take shit from the cops, and that Andrea chick, but not Kennedy. He stood up and said back at her “What the bloody hell does that mean?”
Kimberley’s blue eyes blazed, and spots of colour rose on her cheeks “Cameron, you are to call me Miss Kimberley, and if you ask nicely I may tell you, otherwise I’ll report this conversation to Miss Andrea, and she’ll wash your mouth out with soap.”
Cameron was going to retort, but he caught Kimberley’s expression, and her fists were on her hips. He knew she was small, blonde and undeniably cute, but there had always been something about her that said ‘Don’t fuck with me.’
“What does Miss Andrea want me to do, Miss Kimberley?” Cameron asked from between gritted teeth. He wouldn’t even be here if he wasn’t scared that further police investigation would uncover the illegal drugs at the party and get his legs broken by some seriously scary individuals.
“Now, that didn’t hurt, did it?” Kimberley asked sweetly.
“Guess not.” Cameron muttered.
Kimberley gave him a hard look “Cameron, are you dumb or deaf? Forget to call me Miss or ma’am again, and I will spank you, and I’ll tell Aunty Andrea as well.”
“Yes, Miss Kimberley.”
“You’re really going to suffer over Aunty’s lap, Cam.” Kimberley informed her former schoolmate. “What she means by getting ready is first going to the toilet…”
Cameron interrupted “What if I don’t need to go to the toilet…ma’am?”
“You’re getting there,” Kimberley conceded, “but I could have sworn I heard Aunty Andrea say something about you not speaking unless you were spoken to.”
Cameron held his tongue with difficulty.
“After the toilet you can get changed.”
Cameron looked at Kimberley, one finger idly toying with a dreadlock and raised his hand. Kimberley had to clamp down on a fit of giggles. “Yes, Cameron?”

“Look Kim…Miss, I really don’t need to go.”
Kimberley shrugged “A lot of people think that before, Cam. All I know is that if you had the chance to go and didn’t then had an accident over Aunty Andrea’s lap, she’s not going to be happy and you really don’t want to make her cross.”
Cameron’s thoughts went to the stern eyed lady with the long muscular legs, and he agreed silently with Kimberley that he did not want to upset Andrea Mahoney.
“That’s it, Miss?” Cameron asked. “I just have to pee?”
Kimberley laughed and said “That’s part of it. You go potty and I’ll let you know the rest when you get back out here.”

“All empty now?” Kimberley asked, as Cameron reentered the room.
The boy nodded.
“You really needed to go, didn’t you?”
“Yes, ma’am.”
“I know, it’s the weirdest thing. You can be not thinking about it all but once the two magic words are put together: spanked bottom, all of a sudden you’re busting to go.”
Cameron was having a hard time believing how casually this former cheerleader spoke about spanking and all the cute little euphemisms she used. “Okay, well the second part, Cam, is the apron.” Kimberley pointed to the bed, where an apron covered with pictures of Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh sat. Cameron picked it up, looked at it critically and said “Serious?”
“That should be serious, Miss Kimberley, and yeah dead serious.”
Cameron could not help himself “But look at it, Miss!” he complained. “It’s got pictures of that cartoon donkey all over it.”
“It’s sweet,” Kimberley said of the apron, “and thinking about how miserable you’ll be over Aunty Andrea’s lap Eeyore is entirely appropriate. Now, no more arguments. Strip and put it on.”

“Strip?” Cameron asked, staring at Kimberley.
“What now?” Kimberley demanded, so exasperated that she forgot to scold for not calling her Miss or ma’am.
“Are you going to stay here, Miss?”
“Someone has to get your clothes.” Then she saw Cameron blush.
“Oh, please don’t tell me you’re shy. I guess it was all talk on the playground.” Kimberley took pity on the boy, he was obviously very embarrassed, so many spanking virgins were. “Okay, I’ll turn my back while you get your gear off. Let me know when you’re done.”
Kimberley faced the wall for a minute and then heard a gentle “Done, Miss.”
She turned around to see Cameron standing in the apron, looking very uncomfortable, his clothes lay in a pile on the floor. “It looks really cute,” she remarked of the apron. “Turn around so I can do it up.” Cameron did as told and Kimberley tied the apron up with neat bows, treating herself to good look at Cameron’s pristine white, firm, muscular buttocks and trying to imagine what they’d look like glowing red. “You’re done.” she announced, and gave his bottom a playful slap to send him back into the parlour.
Andrea and Tania were sipping tea, and talking when Cameron reentered. “Oh my goodness!” Andrea exclaimed, putting her teacup down. “You’re so pretty you take my breath away, Cameron.”
Cameron felt his cheeks burn, and knew he was blushing all over.
“He’s dressed far more appropriately now.” Tania agreed, her face darkening.
Kimberley appeared back in the room to save Cameron from further discussion. “Do you need anything else, ma’am?” she inquired.
“Not just yet, Kim. My teacup could do with a refill, though.”
As Kimberley poured more tea into Andrea’s cup she whispered to her employer “Cameron’s a virgin, Miss.”
“I rather thought he might be.” Andrea replied, stirring her tea. “Did he go tinkle?”
Kimberley chuckled, and gave Cameron a look “Yes, ma’am. I made certain of that.”

“Cameron, come to Aunty Andrea, please dear.” Andrea ordered.
Wondering if this was the start of his spanking, Cameron went to Andrea.
“When I spank you sweetheart, you’re going to cry. Your nose will probably run and you’ll sweat and you may even drool.”
Cameron blanched.
“This hair of yours is going to get in the way, and we don’t want to get it all messy, so if you’d like to bend down I’ll just put it up for you.”
Cameron lowered his head, and felt Andrea gather up his dreadlocks and fasten them. Andrea hid a smile when he straightened up, the top of his head resembled a blonde palm tree.
“That’s better.” Andrea said.
“Thankyou, ma’am.” Cameron murmured.
“My pleasure, darling.”

Tania cleared her throat loudly, and Andrea looked across at the policewoman.
Tania pointed to Cameron’s groin.
Andrea followed the pointing finger and sighed.
“Do you think we should do something about it?” Tania asked hopefully.
Andrea considered the request, she knew what Tania was suggesting and what she wanted to do, but she did not feel that it was necessary on this occasion, besides she had the feeling that Cameron may enjoy it.
“I do.” Andrea replied and Tania’s eyes lit up.

“Cameron, please look at the table and tell me what is on it.” Andrea requested.
Cameron’s eye went to the table, and he examined the item Andrea had placed on it. “It’s a paddle, ma’am.”
“It is indeed, but it’s not a normal paddle, is it?”
“Ummm…no Miss, it has holes all over it.” Cameron answered.
“Very observant, Cameron. Pick it up, bring it to me, and I’ll explain about the holes. This may have the added additional benefit of calming you down a little bit as well.”
Cameron winced as the act of leaning over to pick up the paddle made him painfully aware of his incredibly hard and erect penis. He held the paddle gingerly as if he were afraid it may bite, and handed it to Andrea.

The chestnut haired woman held the paddle up so that Cameron could see it’s entire wide, hole drilled surface. “Now, Cameron you may think that the holes in this paddle reduce it’s effectiveness. Nothing could be further from the truth, dear. It’s called a Spencer Paddle, in honour of it’s inventor; Harold Spencer. Mr Spencer, bless his little cotton socks, was a schoolteacher in the 1930’s, and quite correctly reasoned that the holes allow air to escape when the paddle flies through the air, so it gives a firmer connection. If applied right it can also bring up these gorgeous little blisters that hurt like fury. Are you imagining my Spencer paddle connecting with your tender, bare, virgin bottom, Cameron?” Andrea teased, swatting the paddle into her hand with a firm splat.
Cameron felt a shiver go through his entire body, his sphincter contracted and his previously erect member shriveled.
Andrea kept her jade eyes on the groin of his apron, and watched the bulge lower and disappear with a growing smile “No need to answer, Aunty darling. I can see that my words have made their impression. Now let’s pop Mrs Spencer Paddle back on the table and get you over Aunty’s lap for your warm up.”

The feared Spencer Paddle doing what it does best.

Although disappointed that she had not been allowed to take Cameron into the bathroom to relieve him of his excitement, Tania still licked her lips, and sat forward on the couch, eyes shining, to watch Cameron’s spanking, as Andrea took hold of his wrist and expertly flipped him over her muscular thighs. The policewoman’s black eye and bruised face hurt and she had a score to settle with Cameron Worth.

Out in reception Kimberley sat with her feet propped up on an ottoman, steaming cup of tea close to hand and leafed through a magazine. The girl had the door to the parlour wide open, and she listened to proceedings with a broad smile on her face. Cameron Worth had this coming for years.

Cameron had never been properly spanked in all his eighteen years. The most consecutive swats he had ever received had been what Andrea did to him earlier for disrespect. The position he now found himself in was unfamiliar, humiliating and extremely undignified. Andrea rested one of her slender fingered hands gently on his left buttock, while her other hand teased his right cheek by scraping her red lacquered nails up and down it’s surface lightly. The movement sent tingles through Cameron’s nether regions and made him wriggle. Andrea switched globes and chuckled throatily at the boy’s struggles, she stopped for a moment and watched his cheeks loosen and relax. “Perfect.” she whispered to herself, and unleashed a barrage of stinging smacks on the twitching alabaster half moons positioned over her lap.
Cameron jerked and squirmed and roared “Holy crap!”
Andrea’s generous lips pursed, and she paused in her chastisement to say “I’ll let that one pass, young man. Say it, or something like it again, though and I’ll soap that mouth out thoroughly before putting the tawse to you. You’ll do a lot more than yell if I have to do that, my boy.”
“Sorry, ma’am.” Cameron mumbled, feeling tears of shame prick his eyes.
“Forgiven.” Andrea agreed, and continued her rapid fire smacking. Cameron confined his protests to ouches and owwws, and gasps of pain as the tall disciplinarian kindled a hot burning fire in his buttocks and upper thighs.

After what seemed a searing eternity to Cameron, but had in actuality only been a few minutes, Andrea’s hand ceased its merciless descent. Cameron hiccupped and sobbed over her lap, and tried to get his breath back, while his waving legs stopped slowly and he attempted to locate the floor with his toes again. Andrea’s hand described languid circles over the eighteen year old’s simmering bottom, and she asked “How do you feel, Cameron?”
“Sore, ma’am.”
“Just that?”
“Hot, too, Miss.”
“Oh yes, sweetheart, you’re hot, you’re positively steaming, darling, but I know we can get these gorgeous cheeks a lot hotter and redder. Can’t we, Tania?”
“Oh yes, Andrea!” the policewoman agreed enthusiastically. “You can make them feel like Cameron just sat on a hissing stove and at the moment they’re red, but I’ve seen you get them like an overripe tomato and ready to glow in the dark.”
Andrea smiled and even blushed at the younger woman’s compliments. “Did you hear that, Cameron?”
“Yes, ma’am.” a frightened sounding Cameron murmured.
“Doesn’t sound like much fun, does it?” Andrea asked rhetorically. “That’s good, because naughty little boys who hold huge parties that upset the community don’t get to have fun. They get to have very hot bottoms and cry. Up you get.”

From Girls Smacking Boys. Andrea goes to work on Cameron's bottom.

With trembling arms Cameron levered himself awkwardly to his feet, and once he was standing his hands moved immediately towards his stinging rear. This was something Andrea had anticipated and she said calmly “Cameron, I did not go to all the trouble of bringing your bottom to the boil only to have you rub it away. Touch your backside before I give you permission and I will apply a ruler to your hands and ask Kimberley to cut a switch to use on your hindquarters.”
Cameron’s tear filled eyes grew wide, and he clenched his hands into tight fists by his side.

“Turn around and face the wall, Cameron.” Andrea ordered, then she asked Tania. “Do you happen to have a coin, Tania?”
“A coin, ma’am?” a surprised Tania repeated.
“Five or ten cents would be ideal.”
Frowning, Tania flicked open the leather pouch she wore on her belt and rummaged through it, her fingers emerged holding a shiny ten cent coin.
“Oh, lovely.” Andrea smiled, she rose gracefully from her chair and accepted the coin from Tania. Andrea then went to the wall and held the ten cent piece to it at about the level of Cameron’s nose.
“Now, Cameron,” she instructed, “what Aunty wants you to do is get your nose into this corner. You are to hold this coin to the wall with your nose. If the coin drops you take another journey over my lap, and you still don’t get out of the paddle and the other delights I have planned for you. I’m sure my hairbrush would love to make your acquaintance.”

With a gulp, Cameron approached the wall, and pressed his nose to the coin Andrea held there. “Well, we have established that you can follow orders,” Andrea said, moving away from the wall, “put your hands on your head where they won’t be tempted to do any mischief and I can see them the entire time.”

“Kimberley,” Andrea called, not bothering to use the phone or her bell, she knew her receptionist, and Kimberley would be listening to every single moment of this with a broad smile on her pretty face.
“Yes, ma’am.” the girl appeared at the door in double quick time, smiling.
“I think we could use a fresh pot of tea, darling.”
“Delighted.” Kimberley said, moving to gather up the used cups, saucers and teapot.
As she bustled about she shot glances at Cameron’s glowing and twitching rump and remarked with a giggle “I should just put the kettle on Cameron’s bottom. The water would boil in no time.”

Once Kimberley had made a fresh pot of tea and the two ladies had steaming cups in hand, Andrea nodded at the girl, who poured herself a cup of tea and leaned on the doorjamb to drink it and listen to the scolding. Both Tania and Kimberley appreciated Andrea’s scoldings. The woman was world class and if they gave out gold medals for it, she would be certain to win one.

“Cameron,” Andrea began, “did your parents know you had planned the party?”
“No, ma’am.” Cameron said, his voice muffled by the fact that he was facing the wall.
“So you abused their trust?”
“Yes, Miss.”
“We’re off to a wonderful start then.” Andrea mused, sipping her tea.  “From what Constable Wheeler told me earlier you didn’t plan this party.”
“No, ma’am.”
“That’s a fib, though isn’t it?” Andrea pressed.
Kimberley smiled into her teacup. Andrea was so good at this. She should have been a lawyer, she picked holes in peoples stories with ease, she liked her clients to admit that they deserved the spanking. Cameron would be lucky if Aunty Andrea didn’t make him request it.
“You sent out invitations via Facebook weeks ago, before your parents even left. Some of your guests were contacted a long time ago. You had alcohol and snacks arranged. You planned this, Cameron, and it’s now blown up in your face.”
Cameron’s cheeks burned with shame and he felt his tears start again.
“I’m sorry, Aunty Andrea.” he sobbed.

“It’s not me you should be apologizing to Cameron.” Andrea told him, her voice icy. “Admittedly I have to stay open longer than usual to set your backside alight, but I’m getting paid for it. You should be saying sorry to your neighbours who were woken up by the noise and music, and who had their children frightened by the behavior of your guests, had their property damaged and invaded.”
Cameron started to cry harder.
“You should be telling Constable Wheeler how sorry you are for what happened to her face. A lot of your guests deserve an apology for the sore bottoms your actions earned them here today. Most of all you owe your parents an apology for the shame what you did brought on them.”
Kimberley’s mouth dropped open at the blistering scolding. If she had been Cameron she would have been a blubbering mess at the end of that. Cameron was sniffing and crying and he was obviously finding it hard to keep the coin pressed to the wall.

“Kimberley,” Andrea said to her receptionist, “can you please get the coin from the wall?”
Kimberley put her finger on the edge of the coin and whispered to Cameron to remove his nose. The blonde teen made a face as she peeled the coin from the wall, and said “It’s got snot all over it!”
Andrea rolled her eyes and advised “Clean it and your hands, and then ensure that you replace it for Constable Wheeler.”
“Yes, ma’am.” Kimberley responded politely, disappearing into the kitchen.

“Turn around, Cameron.” Andrea commanded the sobbing boy.
Cameron swallowed a sob and tried to regain some measure of dignity.
“Go to the couch and bend over the back of it.” Andrea told Cameron.
The boy was able to walk a little easier now that the fires in his rear end had died down a little during his corner time. Tania rose from the couch as Cameron went around the back of it, she took a seat in one of the armchairs. Cameron lowered himself over the back of the sofa, feeling the soft material of the furniture press into his apron covered midriff as he allowed it to take most of his weight. “Good.” Andrea complimented him. “You are definitely learning, child.”
Andrea rose elegantly and picked up the paddle on the table. She showed it to Cameron and asked “You remember Mrs Spencer from earlier, don’t you sweetheart?”
Cameron did not trust himself to speak, so nodded.
“Now you get to see if what I told you is true.” Andrea smiled, and went around to take up position behind the teenager and examine his twitching rosy red buttocks.

“Legs wide apart, please Cameron.” Andrea directed her client. “I want to cover as much of your naughty little cheeks as I can, young man.”
With a whimper Cameron did as told. Andrea smiled. She drew the paddle back and lined up the target “If I were you, mister I’d try to focus on something. Look at Constable Wheeler, it may help you.”
“Here I am, darling.” Tania said brightly to Cameron.
SPLAT! The paddle impacted on Cameron’s buttocks and he howled. Before he could recover from that stroke Andrea laid on another one, she swept this one upwards, and lifted the boy up onto his toes with a scream. After only two strokes his bottom had flared red, and he was struggling to stay in position. “Legs apart.” Andrea reminded sharply, before delivering another searing swat. Cameron knew that there was little he could do, he simply tried to focus on Tania’s smiling face through tear blurred eyes, and think of anything other than the fire raging through his hindquarters. Andrea had settled into a nice steady rhythm, the paddle alternating between cheeks, concentrating on getting an even heat and colour right across the offered up hemispheres. Cameron had stopped roaring and was simply bawling, his face screwed up in pain. Andrea was monitoring the state of Cameron’s rear, she judged that she was close to blistering with the paddle and did not want to do that, he lay limply over the couch, his bottom throbbing.

Andrea lowered the paddle and let it hang down by her leg. She looked at Cameron’s fiery derriere and let out a long breath. There was a sheen of perspiration on her forehead, she plucked a tissue from a box and wiped her face. “Tania,” she said to the rapt police officer, “I’m just going to get a couple of things for Cameron. Would you mind cleaning him up, please?”
At first Tania seemed a little confused, then she realized that boy’s face was an absolute mess. Tears trickled down his face, he was red from crying, he was perspiring heavily, his nose was running and his cheeks and chin were covered with a mixture, of tears, sweat, mucus and saliva. Tania stood, and took a few tissues from the box that Andrea kept there permanently. She covered her hand with one and raised Cameron’s head not ungently. “Aren’t you a sight?” she cooed.
Cameron cried.
“Not quite so clever now, eh?”
Tania used some of the tissues to clean the boy’s face, which made him feel even younger than Andrea’s talk and paddling had. She held a wad of tissues to his nose and instructed gently “Blow.”
Cameron excavated his nostrils noisily, and Tania gave him an encouraging smile. “You’re getting there, sweetheart.”
“There’s more, ma’am?” an exhausted and sore Cameron asked.
“Oh yes, darling, there’s more.” Tania assured the boy as Andrea came back carrying an old fashioned crook handled cane and a broad, thick leather strap.

Andrea stood in front of Cameron again, and the boy looked up at her through red, swollen eyes. Andrea held up the cane so that he could see it, and flexed it ominously. “As you knew what a paddle was, Cameron, I’m guessing you’ve seen one of these before, too.”
“Yes, Aunty.”
“What is it?”
“It’s a cane, ma’am.”
“Yes, it is Cameron. It’s a light rattan cane and can really stripe a naughty boy or girl’s bottom. I don’t particularly like caning and rarely do it, but in your case, sweetheart, it’s needed. When I agreed to discipline you I was told that it had to be severe. It doesn’t get much more severe than the cane, young man.”

Cameron took a deep, shuddering breath and did his best to bury his face in the sofa cushions. “Kimberley,” Andrea called to the girl in reception, “we’re going to need you in here, sweetheart.”
Kimberley was soon in the room, smiling. “Yes, ma’am.”
“I’m going to cane, Cameron,” there was a whimper from the couch, “I’ll need you and Tania to keep count and hold his hands. If his behavior during his paddling was anything to judge by he won’t be able to hold position without help.”
Kimberley took Tania’s hand and led her to the couch. She knelt in front of it and Tania copied her example. “Cam’,” Kimberley said gently, “look at us, sweetie.”
Cameron raised his head, and looked into Kimberley’s cornflower blue eyes.
Kimberley smiled “Now hold our hands. Aunty Tania and I are going to help get you through this.”
Cameron asked in a barely audible voice “Will it hurt, Miss Kimberley?”
“Oh yes, Cameron.” Kimberley answered seriously. “It’s going to hurt. Don’t try to be brave, it won’t make it sting any less.”

Andrea lined Cameron’s bottom up, drew the cane back and brought it whistling through the air, it struck directly across the centre of his buttocks. Cameron rose up onto his toes and screamed. As he settled back down, the two girls holding his hands counted together “One.”
Andrea landed the second stroke right on the sit spot where thighs and buttocks joined. Cameron felt as if she had just cut him in half, he bellowed his pain incoherently and kicked his legs wildly, as Tania and Kimberley chorused “Two.”
Andrea stood back to avoid the flailing feet, and said sternly “Cameron, if you cannot stop kicking like that I will have to ask Miss Kimberley to secure a strap around your legs to prevent it.”
Cameron nodded and blubbered “’m sorry, Miss.”
“Oh, you will be, my boy,” Andrea vowed ominously, her lips tight, “you will be.”
The third searing stroke of the cane landed high up on Cameron’s bottom, just under his tailbone. As the cane rose and fell Cameron’s world became one of hot red pain. He was dimly aware of the girl’s pressure on his hands when his struggles intensified each time that vicious rod of merciless rattan cut into his backside. He could no longer see them properly through his tears, and he kept his eyes tightly shut a lot of the time. He couldn’t hear the girls count through the blood roaring through his ears. He could feel the cane cuts, though. They were hot swollen ridges that were oddly separate from the rest of his bum, that felt as Kimberley had joked earlier, hot enough to boil a kettle on.

Cameron did not hear Tania and Kimberley sing out “Twelve.” He was unaware of Andrea tossing the cane lightly on the couch beside him and telling Kimberley to replace it and bring her some baby oil.
“Baby oil?” Kimberley queried. “Really, ma’am?”
“Kimberley Susan,” Andrea said to her receptionist firmly, “who exactly is the employer here, young lady?”
“You are, ma’am.” Kimberley said contritely, knowing that she was on very thin ice when Andrea used her two first names.
“Wasn’t it you who said, and I quote ‘it won’t be enough to just put him over your knee and smack his bottom a few times.’?”
“Yes, ma’am.” Kimberley said with a blush.
“Get the baby oil, please.”
“Yes, miss.” and the girl scurried to do as she had been told.

“Do you need to me to apply it, Aunty Andrea?” Kimberley asked as she returned with a bottle of oil, a towel and a bowl of water.
“You do a very good job, sweetness, but I think Tania can help out here. I’m told she has some experience.”
Tania blushed, and sipped her tea to hide her embarrassment. She was unaware that Andrea knew about her disciplining of Gabrielle Kennedy for persistent breaking of the town’s speed limits.
Cameron was dimly aware that the ladies were talking, but did not understand any of it. He shuddered and moaned in pleasure as the baby oil made contact with his superheated and bruised hindquarters. The feeling of Tania’s small, soft hands gently massaging it in, and covering his bottom with a thin film of the material was also pleasurable and slightly arousing, he could even feel his member coming to life under the apron, but willed it back into going away for fear of what would happen if he were not able to control himself.

Andrea waited until Tania had Cameron’s buttocks shining with a thin film of baby oil, she stepped back and shook out the strap. Tania went to sit back down, but was commanded by Andrea “Stay.”
The long, broad, thick length of leather sang through the air and slapped across Cameron’s left cheek with a loud CRACK and a bellowed “Fffffff…fruitloops!” from Cameron as partway through the word he realized where he was and what the penalty for saying ‘fuck’ under a strap wielded by Andrea might be.
The second stroke of the strap cracked across his right hemisphere and got a roared “Sssshhhhugar!” from poor Cameron.

Andrea held the strap out to Tania and offered “Would you like a turn? Gabrielle tells me you know your way around a strap and you did well with Robin that time. Cameron is after all why you have a decent shiner, dear.”
Tania’s eyes lit up at the offer “Really? Can I?”
“Be my guest,” Andrea smiled at her friend, “two strokes, one across the left bottom cheek and then one on the right just like I did, darling.”
Tania cracked the leather down savagely, saying “This is for your friend propositioning me.”
The second stroke exploded across Cameron’s right buttock, and Tania said “And this is for the black eye!”

Andrea took the strap back from Tania, and delivered four strokes sideways across Cameron’s glowing bottom, starting at the sit spot and moving all the way up his backside. This done, she gave the strap to Tania who repeated the dose. Cameron simply lay over the couch and bawled. His bottom was on fire and it glowed a deep, rich cherry red. Andrea applied a further six scalding strokes, and then set the strap down on a table.
“We’re done.” she said with a tone of finality.

Tania helped a crying Cameron into a corner, and arranged his hands on top of his head and his sodden dreadlocks.
Kimberley made tea for herself, Andrea and Tania and even brought a steaming mug of cocoa out to Cameron. She set the mug on the mantelpiece next to Cameron, and murmured in his ear “It’s very hot, be careful when you drink it.”
“Thanks Miss Kimberley.” Cameron breathed.
While Cameron sipped his cocoa and gradually recovered the ladies drank their tea and discussed Cameron and his misdeeds.

“Cameron,” Andrea said clearly, “you may turn around.”
The boy did so and the chestnut haired disciplinarian asked “What are you going to do now, darling? Once you’ve left here.”
“I’m going to go home and apologize to Mum and Dad and the neighbours. I’ll try and pay them back for any damage done.”
“You have learned something, darling. Actions have consequences and we’re not always going to enjoy those consequences, but it’s better than landing in jail, isn’t it?”
“Oh yes, ma’am.” Cameron nodded, then he looked at Tania, wincing at the sight of her bruised face. “I’m sorry about what happened, Constable Wheeler.”
“You didn’t throw the bottle, Cameron, and I think the state of your backside more than covers it, dear. Get dressed and we’ll get you home to Mum and Dad.”

As Tania was discussing something with Kimberley, Cameron limped into reception, his bottom obviously still very sore. Kimberley called him over to sign his name in her book and while he did it advised “Cam’, when you get home, take a really hot shower, hot as you can stand it and make sure that plenty of the water gets on your bum. It’ll get really red.”
“Redder than it is now?”
Kimberley giggled and said “Well maybe not, but it will help the bruising come out quicker and you won’t sit comfortably for a few days, but believe me the hot shower thing works.”
“Thanks.” Cameron said, with a blush.
“You know if you stopped doing stuff to impress those idiots you hang around with, you may actually get a date.”
“You offering?”
Kimberley laughed “I’ve got a boyfriend, but I have friends who might find you worth a chance.”

As Cameron was about to leave his phone rang, he fished it out of his pocket and looked at the screen, he winced and answered “Cameron.”
There was silence as he listened to the calling party.
“Yeah, look thanks for the interest and the interview, but I’m not interested. I did something stupid and now I’d just like to get on with my life.”
Cameron disconnected the call and fell in behind Tania.

Andrea had watched from the doorway of her parlour, and she smiled. It had been a long and interesting day, but what she had just seen made her job seem very worthwhile.


  1. Amazing story and that is some spanking. Amazing Aunty, hot as hell!


  2. Why thank you, Ron. Your comments are appreciated. I always try to make an impression on those that are sent to me for court ordered discipline.