Tuesday, 5 July 2011

'The Spank Shop - Priya'

I invite you all to enjoy a recent visit to the Spank Shop paid by a staff member from the town's excellent high school.

“Milk and sugar, Sharon?” Andrea asked the elegant, older lady seated across from her.
“One of each, please Andie.” Sharon Johnson replied, and then accepted the steaming cup of tea from her hostess once the milk and sugar had been added.
Andrea picked up her own cup, blew on it to cool the steaming liquid, sipped and asked “So to what do I owe the pleasure of your company? You don’t want me to perform another out call do you? Kim and I would be happy if you did.”
Sharon sipped her own tea, and smiled “No, I believe any of my students that require spanking get sent to you direct, Andrea.”
“I’ve seen Eric a few times,” Andrea commented, mentioning the name of a young bully that she had been called to the local high school, of which Sharon Johnson was Headmistress, to spank, “but never Paige.”
“Ahhh no,” Sharon replied carefully, “Paige was actually removed from school not long after you spanked her. She’s been sent to a boarding school where I believe they offer firm old fashioned discipline.”
“Good,” Andrea said firmly, a glint in her emerald eyes, “that young lady needs it.”
Sharon nodded in agreement.

“So if it’s not a student, why are you here?’ Andrea asked.
The headmistress sipped her tea, and a light flush crept into her cheeks.
“Oh my goodness!” Andrea exclaimed. “You don’t want a trip over Aunty Andrea’s knee, do you, Sharon?”
Sharon Johnson nearly choked on the mouthful of tea she had just taken.
“Oh no!” she protested. “I must have made myself misunderstood, dear. I haven’t come to see you about a student, but rather a member of staff.”
Andrea’s eyes became very interested. “You’ll have to explain it all to me, Sharon. Kimberley knows all the staff and a lot of the students, but I’m nowhere near as familiar.”
“Oh, Kim won’t know Ms Balakrishnan. She’s an Indian lass who only joined the school this year.”

“What has she done to incur your wrath so early in her career?” Andrea asked.
“She’s a rather forthright and determined young woman. She has very definite ideas about the curriculum, and they don’t always match what the education board insists that we teach.”
“Surely that’s a condition of employment?”
“Oh it is,” Sharon assured the chestnut haired disciplinarian, “but she’s been able to get away with it up until now because of her students.”
“Her students?”
“The kids love her, Andie. They’d never do anything to get her in trouble.”
“That’s a good thing, and I’m proud of them for that sort of loyalty.”
“As am I, but Ms Balakrishnan’s actions are causing them problems. Her Year 9 history students mostly failed a test just last week, because she had not prepared them for the work on the test.”
“Oh, I remember that! I got a few sent to me for it.”
“You spanked them?”
“I spanked two of them, but not for that test. Once I ascertained they’d studied I sent them home with a note explaining the reasons.”
“That may have been why I received complaints from parents about young Priya.” Mrs Johnson mused.

Andrea sipped her tea, and thought about what Sharon Johnson had told her. She knew what the headmistress wanted, and she felt personally that Priya Balakrishnan sounded like a young lady in desperate need of a good hot bottom, but there were problems.
“Sharon, you do know that Miss Balakrishnan will have to agree to this before I can do anything, and from what you’ve just told me she does not sound like the sort of girl who will front up here willingly.”
“No,” Sharon sighed, setting her cup down in its saucer with a soft click, “I wish it were thirty years ago.”
“Thirty years ago?” a bemused Andrea inquired, one perfect eyebrow slightly raised.
“That was when I was a young teacher.” Sharon explained.
“Things were handled differently then?”
“They most certainly were.”  the headmistress confirmed. “My first headmistress was Miss Abigial Grandison, and she did not stand for any nonsense. I know if I’d behaved with her the way Priya has with me that I would have found sitting down an extremely uncomfortable proposition.”

“Wait,” Andrea interrupted, “you mean to say that the headmistress spanked the teachers?”
Sharon nodded, a smile playing across her lips “It wasn’t that uncommon then, and Miss Grandison was most definitely what they refer to as ‘old school’.”
“Did she also discipline the students?”
“Oh frequently. Hardly a week went by when there weren’t multiple canings taking place in her office.”
“This is fascinating.” Andrea murmured, her green eyes shining.
“Miss Grandison was tough, but fair, Andrea. Every member of staff received at least one spanking a year. That was mandatory. We had the option of presenting ourselves so that we could be disciplined at a time of our own choosing. It was actually better for you to front up yourself rather than wait and make her chase you.”
“If you did it yourself then you got six of the best, if she had to chase you she increased it to twelve.”
“So, she caned her staff?”
“Absolutely. You could also be chastised for infractions of the rules. Miss Balakrishnan would be facing a twelver I am positive.”

“What actually happened?” Andrea asked before she could stop herself. She had never heard of this before, and imagining the elegant and sophisticated Sharon Johnson bending over for a caning was quite an interesting thought.
Sharon smiled at Andrea, she knew that the disciplinarian was getting quite a kick out of this, and to tell the truth the reminiscence was not all painful. Abigail Grandison had been a handsome woman, and Sharon had harboured a girlish crush on her strict boss during her time at her first school.

“The procedure varied a little depending on whether it was your mandatory swishing, or something that you had to be disciplined for.” Sharon began, running a hand through her mane of light blonde hair.
“I can’t imagine you needed to be disciplined often.” Andrea remarked.
Sharon chuckled “I was younger then, and like many young ladies, inclined to be silly from time to time. There were other teachers who ended up before Miss Grandison more often, but I was called to the headmistresses office my share of times.”
“Surely it was not done during school hours!” Andrea exclaimed. “That would set a dreadful example for the students.”
“No,” Sharon admitted, “Headmistress Grandison was careful not to punish the staff during school hours. She sent a note, and you went to her after school.”
Andrea sat back, crossed her legs and listened to her friend’s tale.
“The worst thing, aside from that actual spanking, was having to sign the punishment book. She kept two, one for the children; that was on display in the secretary’s office, and the other for us teachers. That book never left Miss Grandison’s office, it resided in the locked bottom drawer of her filing cabinet, but it was always out on the desk when you entered for chastisement.”
Andrea smiled and sipped her tea, Abigail Grandison sounded like a lady after her own heart.

“You had to fill in the book with your name, age and the offence. Miss Grandison would enter the punishment, and then make you sign it. Once that was done you stood in front of her desk and were scolded, you had to remain standing there, hands on head, while Miss Grandison gathered the punishment implements. She always hand spanked first, so it was very embarrassing to be undressed by her, she did that personally. She trusted us to lay over her lap, but she shifted us into position, in many ways she was not unlike you, Andrea.”
The tall, willowy disciplinarian preened under the praise.
“Once she had you simmering, then it was up and bending over touching your toes for the cane or the strap.”
“Oh, she used a strap, too?” Andrea inquired.
“She preferred the cane, my she could make even a grown man howl under that, but she did also use a good stout strap on occasion.”
“It sounds all very scary.” Andrea told Sharon.
The older woman laughed “It certainly was at the time, but it made me a better teacher and a better person, Andie. Priya could certainly benefit from a headmistress like Miss Abigail Grandison.”
“She’d put me out of business.” Andrea chuckled.

Miss Abigail Grandison canes one of her teachers.

“Since I can’t do to Priya what was done to me, I’ve come to you.” Sharon said.
“Do you think she’ll agree to come here, though?”
“She will if I don’t give her any choice in the matter.” Sharon told Andrea, her mouth firming.
“Whatever do you mean?”
“The department didn’t tell us the full story about Priya when they sent her to the school. Her qualifications were excellent, she had solid references and she presents very well. I was not aware that we were her third school since graduating. Had I known that, I may have thought much more carefully before agreeing to take her on.”
Andrea was beginning to see what Sharon had meant by not giving her defiant young teacher a choice.
“She loves teaching and she does love her students, they like her too, but she’ll be told that she either comes here for a ‘chat’ to you about her responsibilities and her professional behavior, or I’ll report this to the department.”
“What would happen if you did that?”
“I don’t know exactly,” Sharon admitted, “but I have a source that tells me Priya is on her last strike. At the least she’d be made do some sort of retraining, at worst she’d be dismissed. That would be a shame, because she is a good and passionate teacher.”
“Well, I think faced with that I’m probably the lesser of two evils.” Andrea said with a grin. “So when can I expect to see Miss Balakrishnan?”

Priya Balakrishnan, swept the hood of her soft black leather jacket off her curtain of silky, jet-black hair, scowled out at the inclement weather that had caused her to raise the hood in the first place, and then looked at the shingle directly above her head. The Spank Shop. What a completely insane idea. When Priya had first been posted to Clarkstown High School and been told about the town’s rather unusual business she had thought it was part of an elaborate practical joke. In the coming months she had found out that it was nothing of the sort. The shop was real, its function was exactly what it sounded like, and if anything business was booming. Priya had many ways to spend a Friday morning off school, but this was not one of them.

Naughty teacher Priya Balakrishnan.

An attractive blonde girl brushed past Priya as the Indian girl entered the shop, making the bell above the door chime merrily. “See you next week, Tiff.” Another pretty blonde girl, seated behind a desk, called to the back of the departing client. The girl looked up at the newcomer, favoured her with a dazzling smile and said brightly “You must be Priya.”
A little taken aback at the greeting, it was not at all what she had been led to expect by the woman who had sent her to the shop; her employer Headmistress Sharon Johnson, Priya responded uncertainly “Ummm…yes…I am. You’re Andrea?”
The girl laughed musically “Oh no! I’m Kimberley. Aunty Andrea is expecting you. You can go right in.” and Kimberley indicated a door to one side.

“You must be wondering what this is all about.” Andrea said to Priya, once the girl was seated across from her.
Priya looked into the dancing red flames in the parlour’s fireplace, and thought about how to answer.
Kimberley entered the room bearing a tray loaded with a gently steaming teapot, cups, saucers and milk and sugar.
“Oh thank you Kimberley,” Andrea said graciously to the girl, “you’re a darling.”
“Yes, ma’am.” the blonde replied politely, setting everything down on the coffee table, and leaving the room.
“How do you take your tea, Priya?” Andrea asked, picking up the pot and a cup.
“A dash of milk and one sugar, thank you.” Priya answered.
Once the girl had been furnished with tea, Andrea made herself a cup, and reposed her earlier question.

Priya blew on her tea to cool it, and took an experimental sip, it gave her time to formulate an answer to Andrea’s question. Priya had never seen Andrea, she had not been at school the day Andrea and Kimberley visited to discipline Eric Stadler and Paige Dunmore, so she had not known what to expect. This attractive, elegantly dressed and genteel woman was not the image she had built up in her head. “Sharon sent me here.” Priya settled on the briefest reply she could think of.
Andrea frowned, and corrected the girl gently “Headmistress Johnson sent you here.”
Priya rolled her eyes “We gave up on that outmoded form of address in the nineteen fifties.”
Andrea sipped tea to hide her smile, Priya was going to be a challenge. Good. She was just in the mood.
“You abuse children here,” Priya continued, “I’m rather surprised no one has reported you to the authorities.”
Andrea chuckled richly, Priya was not the first person to make the claim.
“If administering well needed discipline with the parents consent is considered abuse, then yes I am guilty of that. As for reporting me to the authorities I work closely with people in the community such as the police and the judiciary in providing some of that discipline, so I doubt I’m likely to be reported, Priya.”
The teacher was taken aback, she had not known that Andrea worked with the local police or the legal system in the town.
“While a good percentage of my clientele is juvenile I have a number of adults that also visit me from time to time. You’re far from the oldest lady I’ve had in this very parlour.”
“Oh.” Priya said, concentrating on her tea.

“Now why don’t you tell me your story and how you came to be here.” Andrea invited.
“Hasn’t Sha…Headmistress Johnson already told you that?” Priya asked.
“She told me her side of the story, I’d like to hear yours.”
Priya squirmed a little, what was it about this woman’s green eyes that made you want to tell her the truth?
“I took it upon myself to teach the curriculum I wanted, not the one set by the department and a handful of my students failed a test on the set material.”
Andrea nodded “That was what Mrs Johnson told me, although I believe it was more than a handful of students.”
Priya blushed.
“You do know that some parents have called for your dismissal?”
The girl nodded, her hair shaking with the movement “Headmistress Johnson did tell me that before she sent me here.”

While Priya drank her tea and looked around nervously, trying to see what put people in such fear of this room, her students spoke in awed tones about ‘Aunty’ Andrea’s ‘spanking room’, Andrea examined the girl. She was very attractive. Andrea could see why her male students liked her and she imagined a good many of the girls wanted to be like her. She wasn’t very tall, slightly more so than Kimberley, who was petite, but still a good deal shorter than Andrea herself. She had smooth glowing, dusky brown skin, large dark expressive eyes and straight, shining healthy ebony hair. She dressed more like one of her students than a teacher. Andrea couldn’t see the tops of the leather boots she wore, but she was certain that they went almost up to her knees. They were a style that Kimberley referred to as  ‘CFM’ boots. She wore tight, faded and artfully ripped blue jeans. The loose t-shirt had the name of a popular band emblazoned across the girl’s large breasts, and over it was a soft black leather jacket with the ubiquitous hood that was so in vogue. Priya’s mode of dress was part of the problem, Andrea felt. The girl wanted to be one of her students, she may have felt that helped her connect with them. While not an educator herself, Andrea felt that there had to be a level of disconnection between pupil and teacher, dressing a specific way was one method of reinforcing that difference.

“Priya, why don’t you simply teach the set curriculum?” Andrea asked the defiant young teacher.
“I’ve never liked it,” the girl answered, “it’s stupid and boring. The children prefer what I teach.”
“Just because you don’t like or agree with something is not sufficient reason to simply not do it.”
Priya’s hot dark eyes told Andrea that she did not agree.
Andrea continued reasonably “I don’t particularly like paying taxes, but I do it because if I don’t I’ll probably be arrested and imprisoned. Priya, as an adult there are going to be things that we do not like or agree with that we are required to do. If you don’t agree with the curriculum there are ways to change it, simply not teaching it, and thereby disadvantaging your students, is not the way to do so.”
Priya lowered her head and sulked.
“All is not lost, darling.” Andrea told her. “I’m going to spank you,” the girl’s head came up, and her eyes were wide and desperate, “that’s what I do, but it’s better than being sacked, isn’t it?”
Priya nodded her shimmering dark head softly.
“It will be unpleasant, but I hope it will teach you that actions have consequences and the right and the wrong way to go about things can have very different outcomes. Now, I’ll need you to sign this release, finish up your tea and get you all ready for a good old fashioned smack bottom.”

Priya stared numbly at the form Andrea had put in front of her. That was something Sharon Johnson had told her about. Once she heard about the legal document Priya harboured thoughts of not signing it, until Mrs Johnson told her that if she did not agree to be disciplined she would be having a conversation with a disciplinary board from the department of education. Priya loved teaching and she loved the kids she taught, she did not think life would be worth living if she were not allowed to teach and develop young minds. Feeling as if she were using someone else’s hand, Priya picked up the pen clipped to the form and signed it slowly, before handing it back to the serene, chestnut haired, green eyed woman across from her.

Andrea put the form away, and smiled at Priya, the girl squirmed. Andrea’s gaze reminded her of how a cat she had once owned used to regard a mouse. “Now that’s behind us, Priya we need to set a couple of ground rules. For the duration of this visit I will require you to refer to me as ma’am or Miss, you may call me Aunty if that makes you more comfortable, many of my clients do. When I give you an order I expect to be obeyed without question. I will not do anything to hurt you, and you will have to trust me. Is that all clear, sweetie?”
Suddenly dry mouthed, Priya swallowed hard and nodded.
Andrea smiled, and licked her lips “The required response, Priya is: ‘yes ma’am, I understand.’ Now shall we try that again?”
Priya had to force the words out “Yes ma’am, I understand.”
“Lovely.” Andrea responded warmly. “I think we’re almost ready to get started.”
Knowing that this was all so near made Priya uncomfortable, and her bladder was insisting that she attend it.
“Miss.” she said urgently.
“Yes, sweetheart.” Andrea answered almost absently.
“I need to go to the bathroom, ma’am.  Please.”
“Of course you may, darling. I should have suggested it myself. Off you go. We wouldn’t want you having an accident over Aunty’s lap.”
Face burning, Priya rose from the couch and scurried to the door Andrea had indicated.

With the sound of a freshly flushed toilet still in her ears, Priya exited the ensuite, and reentered Andrea’s parlour. Andrea had seated herself on the couch. The table had been cleared of the tea things, and the only thing she could see on its surface was an old fashioned wooden school ruler. Priya wrinkled her nose, she did not understand what the long thin slat of wood was doing there, it seemed very out of place. Draped across the back of the chair Priya had occupied was a length of dark red material, the young teacher had no idea what that was. “All better now?” Andrea inquired.
“Yes, ma’am.” Priya sighed.
“It’s always a relief when you really need to go.” the chestnut haired woman remarked casually.
Priya stood and looked around the room, not sure what was expected of her now.
“Have you ever been spanked before, Priya?” Andrea asked, her green eyes intense.
“Nno Miss.” Priya stammered. The girl’s parents had been well off enough to be able to hire amahs to look after her and her two siblings. An amah would rather lose a limb than allow anyone, including their parents, lay a hand on one of their beloved charges. By the time Priya had been old enough to no longer need an amah, she was considered too old to be spanked.
“Never mind, you’re far from the first girl I’ve had in here with a ‘virgin’ bottom. You just relax and I’ll get you through this.”
Relax! Priya thought and fought down the urge to laugh hysterically. This woman was preparing to punish her quite soundly, and advising her to relax about it.
“First I’ll need you to strip.” Andrea said benignly.
“Strip?” Priya was so surprised she forgot the honorific.
Andrea ignored the slip, but replied calmly “Of course. I really do wish Sharon had given you some more information before sending you here. I ALWAYS spank on the bare bottom and you’ll need to remove your jeans and panties for that, Priya. While we’re at it, we may as well get everything off. It’s not like you have anything that I haven’t seen before.”

Priya stood and stared at Andrea as if the woman had just slapped her face. Andrea sat back on the couch, and stared the girl down. Priya averted her eyes, and meekly started to remove her clothes. Andrea’s eyes never left the younger woman. She had to admit Priya had a good body. Her skin was clear and that same dusky colour all over, except for her full breasts and buttocks, which were both a shade lighter. The girl’s bottom was gorgeous, it looked like two firm ripe peaches side by side. Despite the fact that Andrea was being paid to spank Priya, she was going to enjoy this job. She would have to do something nice for Sharon Johnson for giving her this opportunity.

Priya blushed in humiliation at being naked and looked up and down by Andrea. She put one hand in front of her groin and the other across her breasts in a vain attempt to shield them from view.  “Oh Priya!” Andrea said scornfully. “Stop being so silly.  There’s only you and I here. We’re both female, and you honestly don’t have anything to be ashamed of.”
Priya nodded, fighting back tears, and although the room was in no way cold with the blazing fire, she shivered.
“We’ll soon have you warm as toast, sweetie.” Andrea assured the girl, then she rose and removed the garment Priya had noticed when she reentered the room.  Reaching out the hand that was trying to cover her chest, Priya took the length of red cloth that Andrea was offering her. She examined it, and in the process even forgot that she was standing in Andrea’s parlour in the altogether.

What Priya was holding in her hands looked remarkably like an apron. It was a plain dark red, but with a black line drawing of two bread rolls side by side, they had the appearance of an upturned bottom. Little curlicues of steam rose from the surface of the rolls, and the legend under them said ‘Hot Buns’. Could this day get any more bizarre? Priya thought to herself. She held the apron out and looked at Andrea in mute appeal.

“It’s a spanking apron, dear. You put it on. You seemed embarrassed to be nude, so this is the ideal solution. It preserves modesty while still leaving your bottom uncovered for easy access.” Andrea smiled at the girl.
Swallowing her pride, Priya slipped into the apron. The insubstantial garment was a little too small for her, and her big breasts threatened to spill out of it. Andrea watched her with a smile playing across her full lips and her emerald eyes sparkling. The apron was a new one, she had been dying to get a chance to have a client who could wear it, and Priya was the first one who would fit into it. The red was a wonderful guide as to what colour she wanted the bottom in it. “Priya, come to me, sweetness.” she said kindly to the girl. “Let Aunty Andrea help you fit into the apron and tie it up for you.”
As Andrea shifted the apron to sit it more comfortably on the girl she let her hands linger over Priya’s very ample breasts, and even felt the nipples start to swell and harden under her palms. Reluctantly Andrea moved her hands and turned Priya so that she could tie the strings of the apron snugly with a nice neat bow. “Oh yes, gorgeous.” she murmured, patting Priya’s full womanly buttocks, and watching them quiver.

Priya turned and looked at Andrea, she folded her hands demurely in front of herself and blushed gently under the appraising gaze. “Priya,” Andrea began in her cultured drawl, “you are adorable, but I suspect you’re long overdue a good old fashioned spanking, sweetheart. Over Aunty Andrea’s lap, please.” and she patted her lap as she settled herself into the middle of the couch.

Priya stood by Andrea’s lap and tried to retain some semblance of dignity as she lay herself over it. “Good girl,” Andrea complimented her, and began to lift her legs and shift her into a more central position, “now we just need to get you nice and comfy.”
Once Priya’s pale half moons were located in the middle of Andrea’s lap she patted them fondly, and the girl felt Andrea drawing her shiny raven hair back from her face. “You’ve got lovely hair, Priya and I’m just going to tie it back for you. We don’t want it getting all messy when you start to cry.”
What Andrea said did not alarm Priya, she had expected that a spanking would make her cry, everyone said that they did, it was the calm almost off hand manner in which Andrea said it that chilled the girl to the bone.

Andrea fondled, stroked, pinched and teased the buttocks in her lap. The girl’s skin was silky smooth, her globes were beautifully rounded. They were paler than the rest of her body, with the exception of her firm bouncy breasts, and Andrea could barely wait to see what they looked like as her palm heated and reddened them. For the moment she was enjoying herself playing with them, and watching Priya’s reactions to it. Partly why she had done it for so long was because of how the young teacher was behaving. She was not at all uncomfortable, in fact she seemed to be positively enjoying the attention. Andrea filed that away for the future and refocused herself on the task at hand. She was being paid to give Priya Balakrishnan a good old fashioned spanking and a roasting hot bottom, and that was exactly what she was going to do.

Priya tried to relax by breathing deeply and concentrating on loosening her muscles. The girl had never been on the receiving end of corporal punishment, but she had attended teacher’s college with an English girl who had gone to a strict boarding school, and the students had been subject to the slipper and cane. The girl had horrified her fellow trainees with stories of being bent over for six of the best from the headmistress cane or being placed over the lap of a teacher, the matron and even a prefect for a slippering on the bare bottom. She had told the others that she knew it sounded daft, but the discipline had been easier to take if you tried to relax your gluteal muscles. Priya had just achieved that state when a loud CRACK rang out around the room, followed immediately by a hot stinging sensation flooding through one cheek. Priya hissed in pain and before she could react the sound of palm on bottom reverberated through the parlour, and her left cheek felt like her right one.

Once she had delivered six firm spanks to Priya’s delightful derriere, Andrea settled into a steady rhythm. Her hard, accurate palm bouncing first off one twitching buttock to impact on its twin immediately after. Priya writhed and gasped, her long slender legs waved in a futile effort to dampen down the fire that Andrea was expertly kindling on her stinging bottom. Andrea had to admit that she was enjoying herself. The girl’s bottom was remarkably resilient and the smooth globes had a lovely consistency. The slightly darker complexion had reddened up beautifully, and she was glowing rosily. Her rosebud flashed in and out of view, winking cheekily as the girl’s legs waved around, her cheeks clenching reflexively as the hard slaps continued to rain down relentlessly.

Priya gets her warm up from Andrea.

When the fire had built to a raging inferno, and the tears were streaming endlessly from Priya’s dark eyes Andrea landed two very hard smacks right to the girl’s upper thighs, which made her cry out loudly and then stopped. Priya lay limply over Andrea’s firm thighs, gasped, cried and hiccupped. She felt the back of Andrea’s hand rest gently on her bottom, as the chestnut haired lady with the bewitching green eyes tested the temperature of her rump. Andrea whistled softly as she felt how hot Priya’s rear was. No matter how many first timers she spanked, the rapid way their backside’s heated up never ceased to amaze her.

Wondering why the next slap had not landed Priya asked tremulously “Is my spanking over, ma’am?”
Andrea’s response was to stop her gentle stroking of the simmering hemispheres, and chuckle richly. “Oh no, Priya darling. It’s a long way from over. We’re just getting started, dear.”
Getting started? Priya thought with alarm. This was just getting started? What on earth else could this woman do to her?

Priya felt Andrea reach across her, and the woman’s breasts press gently and warmly down on her bare back. It surprised the girl how much she liked that feeling. Priya did not believe herself to be gay, but she could not deny that the close proximity to this beautiful mature woman was definitely turning her on. She surprised herself with sudden moisture at her groin. Andrea picked up the ruler and then felt a wetness beneath her. She smiled and then frowned. Neither she or Priya were meant to be enjoying this.

Andrea placed the ruler on Priya’s glowing bottom, and began to slide the thin slat of wood around them. Priya whimpered and squirmed. “Do you know what this is, Priya?” Andrea asked as she teased the girl with the ruler.
“I don’t know, Miss.” Priya replied in a quavering voice.
“You’re not even going to guess?” Andrea pressed in a slightly miffed tone.
“I don’t know, ma’am.” Priya wailed miserably, her tears starting again.
Andrea realized that she was upsetting the girl more than she needed to, and stopped her teasing. She held the ruler in front of Priya’s face, and asked gently “Do you know what this is, darling?”
“It’s a ruler, Aunty.” Priya replied, her voice breaking.
“Have you ever seen one like this before, honey?”
“Yes, ma’am, at school.”
“I used to use one like this when I was a schoolgirl, Priya. Some of the teachers used to spank us with them. I thought seeing as you’re a schoolteacher I’d tailor my punishment of you to use school related items. This seems ideal.”
Priya hung her head and started to cry harder. Andrea’s hand had been bad enough, what would a wooden stick feel like?

Andrea laid the wood on in hard, measured smacks. She started high on the bottom and moved downwards, covering the crowns, the sit spot and the thighs. Those that struck Priya’s tender thighs made her howl and kick wildly as her legs caught alight. “Owwww! Ouuuucchhhhh! I’m sorreee! Aunteeee! It hurtsssss! I’ll bee good!” the girl yelled incoherently, ready to say anything to stop that awful stinging. She had once been bitten by a fire ant. It felt as if an entire nest had descended on her bottom all at once.

Priya was busy crying, her nose running and saliva flying from her mouth that she did not even realize Andrea had stopped spanking her at first.  The first she became aware and returned from the numb, wailing headspace she had retreated into was when she heard the ruler click softly, as Andrea set it down on the table, and then felt Andrea’s soothing palm massaging her aching hindquarters. “Oh so red and hot.” Andrea cooed.
“Is it over, ma’am?” Priya asked pathetically through her tears.
“Almost, darling. Almost.” Andrea told her. “Do you think you can stand up or do you want Aunty’s help?”
Priya suddenly realized with the question that the strength had gone completely out of her legs, and she did not trust them to support her. “Can you help me, please Aunty?” she requested.
“My pleasure, sweetness,” Andrea said affectionately, putting an arm around the girl’s waist assisting her to a standing position, holding her as Priya steadied. “Oh aren’t we a sight?” Andrea murmured, looking at Priya’s tear, snot, sweat and saliva stained chin and cheeks. Andrea plucked some tissues from a box near her and cleaned up the girl’s face. “Now, Priya, Aunty wants you to stand in the corner like a good little soldier and not peek while she gets something for you.”

Priya shuffled to the corner and stood there awkwardly, not sure what was expected of her. “Honey?” Andrea inquired. “Weren’t you ever sent to the naughty corner?”
Priya shook her head “No, ma’am.”
“Did your parents never discipline you, child?”
“I had an amah…nanny, miss.”
Andrea’s eyebrows rose and she understood why Priya was so willful. “Face the wall, place your hands on your head and do not even think about rubbing those cheeks. I didn’t go to all the trouble of bringing them to the boil to have you rub it away, young lady.”
Priya blinked back tears and clamped down on a sigh, but did as told. She was in no doubt that Andrea could and would make her good deal more miserable if she displeased the tall, stern woman at all.

After a few moments Andrea said gently “Please turn around, Priya.”
The girl did as asked and looked at Andrea, the disciplinarian had changed her skirt and held an object in one hand, she hefted the object and asked Priya “Have you ever seen one of these before, dear?”
“No, ma’am.”
“But you do know what it is?” Andrea pressed, she had seen Priya’s eyes widen in alarm when she caught sight of it.
“Yes,  ma’am.”
“What is it, young lady?”
“It’s a paddle, miss.”
“How did you know what it was even though you’d never actually seen one before?”
“I’ve heard about them, Miss Andrea.”
“This one is particularly special, Priya.” Andrea continued. “Shall I tell you why?” she asked rhetorically. “This is a genuine board of education, an actual school paddle.” Priya’s eyes were fixed on the implement, it was wide and broad, it also looked thick and heavy, the words ‘Board of Education’ had been written on one side in thick black stencils. “I had to purchase it online. I haven’t used it often, but I thought we would remain with the school theme.”
Priya opened her mouth to protest and Andrea forestalled her with an upraised finger “I know paddling is not allowed in schools here and even when corporal punishment was, it was not the preferred option. Would you rather I used a cane?”
“No ma’am!” Priya blurted, shaking her head wildly, making the long ponytail Andrea had tied her hair back into whip from side to side.
“I thought so.” Andrea said, tapping the paddle against her leg ominously.

Priya is placed over the couch and examined prior to her paddling.

Andrea pointed to a heavy wooden desk in one corner of the room and said to Priya “If you go to the desk and look down you will see two strips of tape on the floor. Put your toes on the tape, lean forward, place your hands flat on the desk, straighten your legs and push your bottom up good and high for Aunty Andrea.”
Priya whimpered, knowing what was coming, but forced herself to obey.
Andrea took up position behind the girl, watching her scarlet twitching globes. “I won’t make you count the strokes, Priya, but I will insist that you remain in position. Do you think you can do that for Aunty?”
“I can try, Aunty.” Priya stammered. “Hhow many am I ggoing to get?”
Andrea shrugged “I think it’s best that you don’t know, sweetheart. You just trust Aunty to keep count.”
Priya swallowed hard and tried to slow her pounding heart down.
Andrea lined the bottom up, drew the paddle back and let it fly. The board struck Priya’s buttocks with a resounding CRACK. As the girl’s cheeks flattened under the impact she rose up on her toes and let out a cry of pure anguish.

In reception the sound of the paddle striking home and Priya’s answering howl floated out and made Kimberley jump and murmur “Ouch!”
There was a young blond boy sitting nervously on a chair in reception, his name was Roger and his mother had recently dropped him off. She was doing some shopping and expected to return to a soundly smacked son. Roger flinched and started to cry. Kimberley cast flashing sapphire eyes at the parlour. The younger ones were always difficult to deal with if they got really upset and they’d been known to wet themselves in reception. Kimberley slipped out from behind her desk and knelt down in front of the boy “Roger.” she said gently. “Look at me, honey. Are you okay?”
Another crack and a scream emanated from Andrea’s parlour.
“What’s happening in there, Miss Kimberley?” the boy said, his voice breaking.
“Aunty Andrea’s paddling a naughty girl.”
“I don’t want to be paddled, Aunty Kimberley.” Roger stammered, starting to cry.
Kimberley reached up and stroked his hair “It’s okay, baby, you won’t be. You’ll just get a good spanking over Aunty Andrea’s lap.”
The boy’s lip was quivering, and he looked with genuine terror at the closed door of the parlour.
Kimberley said clearly, but reassuringly “Roger, would you rather I spanked you, darling? I won’t use a paddle, I promise.”
“Could you, Aunty Kimberley?” the boy asked hopefully.
Kimberley nodded, giving the boy a dazzling smile “I just need to check something with Aunty Andrea, but very soon young man you’ll be over my lap getting a soundly smacked bottom.”

Andrea rang through to the parlour. Andrea picked it up quickly and answered “Kimberley, this had better be serious young lady. I am in the middle of Priya’s hiding.”
“We can hear that out here, ma’am. Young Roger Townsend is a little distressed and I thought to settle him down I could spank him, he seems to prefer that option.”
“You’re not going to go easy on him, because he turned on the waterworks are you Kimberley Susan?”
“Aunty!” Kimberley sounded shocked.
Andrea laughed, she was really very fond of Kimberley and the girl took her work seriously. “Who’s going to look after Priya if you’re scorching Roger’s hams?”
“I can get everything ready, ma’am. All you have to do is accept payment. There’s no one here at present and by the time our next client arrives I should be well and truly done with Roger.”
“Okay then, spank away please Kimberley.”
“Thankyou, Aunty.”
“Yes, ma’am.”
“Well done, darling. Great initiative.”
Smiling broadly Kimberley hung up the phone, and went to Roger. She held out her hand to the boy and led him to the room that her mother generally worked from when she was at the shop part time.

Andrea counted the sixth stroke of the paddle out and set the board of education down. “You’re cooked.” She told Priya. The girl collapsed across the desk in a flood of tears, her hands flew to her bottom and stopped as she remembered what Andrea had said when she installed her in the corner.
“Go ahead and rub, you deserve a dance.” Andrea told her.
Priya stood up, both hands clasped to her burning nates, rubbing furiously as she hopped around the room, tears streaming down her face. Andrea watched the performance for a minute or two, it was really very entertaining, she then called a halt, folded a crying Priya in her arms and rubbed the girl’s back, whispering soothing words into her ear. She finished off by gliding her hands over the girl’s scalded hindquarters, “They are steaming, Priya. I could boil the kettle on them. Speaking of which I could use a cup of tea and I’m sure you could too.”

At first Priya was confused and did not see what Andrea was inferring, but as those jade eyes looked at her, she realized that she was being asked to make the tea. As Priya turned and padded towards the kitchen, Andrea said lightly “I’m white and one, darling.”
When Priya returned with two steaming mugs Andrea was settled on the couch, legs crossed. She accepted the tea with thanks, blew the steam away and sipped. Priya waited nervously until Andrea smiled, and pronounced “Nectar of the Gods. You make a lovely cup of tea, sweetness. Now come and sit next to Aunty Andrea.”
Priya settled in next to Andrea’s warm body, and snuggled, before sipping her own tea.
Andrea put an arm around Priya, and hugged her, she stroked the girl’s long silky hair ,and asked “How do you feel now?”
“Silly and sore.” Priya admitted, then took another sip.
“Sore I can understand. I’d be surprised and disappointed if you weren’t, but silly?”
“I shouldn’t have done it, Aunty.” Priya admitted, her tears starting again. “There were other, better ways of handling things.”
“Don’t cry, darling.” Andrea said affectionately. “It’ll make your tea all salty. Let Aunty Andrea take those tears away.”

Priya turned her face towards the beautiful woman, Andrea drew it close and gently kissed Priya’s tears, then gave the girl a long, slow sensuous kiss on the lips. Priya broke away first and her large dark eyes stared at Andrea with a mixture of shock and desire. Andrea smiled and licked her lips. She took some tissues from a box, and cleaned Priya’s face, holding them to her nose and instructing “Blow.” Priya blew noisily, and then let Andrea wipe her nose like a small child.
The two women cuddled as they drank their tea.

While Priya dressed, Andrea went into reception and found the girl’s paperwork left for her by Kimberley. She could hear the sound of the her receptionist spanking up a storm in the other parlour, and wondered idly if young Roger was regretting his decision to accept his punishment from the teenager.

Priya walked rather stiffly out of the parlour, but put a brave face on. She took the money out of her purse and handed it over. “May I have a receipt, please ma’am?”
“I’m not tax deductible, Priya.” Andrea said with a grin.
Priya managed a giggle “It’s for Headmistress Johnson.”
Andrea nodded and wrote up the receipt for the girl. As she gave it to Priya she included her card and said “My after hours number is also on there, Priya. Please feel free to call me any time.”
A delicate flush of embarrassment Priya whispered “I may just do that, Miss Andrea.”
“Don’t be a stranger.” Andrea said to the girl as she left the shop. Andrea leaned back in Kimberley’s chair and sighed contentedly. Did anyone have a better job than she did?


  1. Steamy hot here in NJ and I am now steamy hot as well. What a great story, and just when we were immersed in Priya's long hard spanking, we get a shot at Aunty Kimberly and Alex. Lucky man Alex is to be taken over the knee of the lovely Aunty Kimberly, that is just hot.

    Priya's story was so well done as she was as well. We were lead on a journey and a nice sound spanking, I loved the lines " Priya’s pale half moons were located in the middle of Andrea’s lap", that is a spot we all long to be and soon!!

    Amazing story, was taken on a lovely ride in THe Spank Shop. By the way, Priya is hot!

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  2. Kimberley takes her job seriously, Ron, and she's good with some of our younger clients.
    Priya is a very attractive young lady and we love her here at the Spank Shop.

  3. No doubt Aunty, wonderful young lady she is.

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