Friday, 22 July 2011

Strapped in

Now we have come to the strap in my overview of implements for spanking.

The strap is a remarkably versatile implement and can be used to refer to a number of different types of strap. Whilst paddles and brushes can be made out of a number of substances straps are really only ever made of leather. The term can be used to refer to anything from the belt that holds up trousers to the old fashioned prison strap. They come in a number of lengths, thicknesses and weights. They are used at home (for me and my sister an encounter with my father's strap was something to be feared), in schools (many headmasters have had a sturdy strap for discipline purposes in their offices) and even in prisons, although it's use has been outlawed now.

A selection of leather straps.

The term strap can also refer to the feared Scottish tawse, especially the famous lochgelly.

Three lochgelly tawses, the two and three tailed variety.

It's stretching the definition a bit, but I feel that the French martinet also fits into the category of strap. I have a martinet, which my friend Joelle sent me as a present, I don't use it often, but it has been very effective when I have. I think it's whiplike appearance adds to the effectiveness of it.

I'm not personally a big user of straps, mainly because I find them difficult to apply in the over the knee position, which I prefer and it adds an intimacy to the punishment which many of my clients have said tearfully adds to the experience of attending the Spank Shop. They can be used over the lap, though, as this photo from Spanking Headquarters attests.

Like the cane the strap can produce the most lovely marks.

There is something almost artistic about the symettrical strap marks on this young ladies upraised bottom. The strap has been left laying beside her casually as a reminder. Image from Punished Females.

I tend to administer the strap most with the recipient bending over the back of the sofa or my desk. This is because I favour a longer, heavier length of leather. I also use apply it's full length, not doubled over as in the picture from Spanking Headquarters.

I don't have too many repeat offenders for a second encounter with my strap.


  1. Another amazing posting on your thoughts, thank you Aunty.

    You and your sister and the strap from Dad, no wonder you are a traditional spanker.

    I too am not fond of the strap as I like contact with my lap or my bottom! But it does leave wonderful marks and well feels interesting after a long hand spanking!

    Love the personal thoughts, thank you ma'am.


  2. I only received a belt at boarding school once, so I'm not very knowledgeable about straps. They sound scary to me, and I bet the strap makes a truly effective threat if you know your disciplinarian has a strap and will use it if necessary. I've thought about strappings before, and I imagine them much like you do it, Aunty Andrea... a relatively long, heavy strip of leather applied full length. Yes, scary! Do you reserve the strap for very serious and/or repeated misbehavior?

  3. I was raised very traditionally, Ron. I'm sure I had complaints about it at the time, but it served to instill strong values in me and make me the lady I am today.
    Franz, I do understand your feelings on the strap. I share them to a certain extent. Some schools strap the hands, the tawse is particularly good for this. I don't generally agree with strapping the hands, too easy to cause some real long lasting damage. The bottom is ideally designed by nature to be spanked. I tend to reserve my straps for the more serious and repeated misbehaviour, it's also something I mostly use on the older clients.