Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Update from Kimberley Susan: Family Affair

Hello to everyone! Aunty Andrea has been incredibly busy and is having a rest with a nice hot cup of tea, so gave me permission to post something of personal interest.

I had no idea how to entertain all you lovely people, so I went to my usual place of interest and started viewing images hoping to be hit with inspiration, lest Aunty Andrea hit me with something else!

I found this photo set of two young ladies being spanked by their parents. I've gone through this with Chelsea on a number of occasions and I thought people may enjoy it. It's from Premium Spanking and it's quite well done, and I feel rather tasteful given the subject matter.

Ahhh...I know that expression well.

Ouch! In our house this is usually done the other way around. Mummy smacks my naughty bottom over her knee, while Daddy watches.

He let her keep her heels on? This never happens to me, I can understand it too, I can get my legs pretty high once the sting settles in.

Ohhhh. I can hear her squealing from here.

Now both parents get involved and I've seen that expression on Chelsea's face once this happens.

And it ends with two glowing red bottoms presented over their parents laps.


  1. The last picture of four red globes is pricless. It appears that the girl on the right was a lot naughtier.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing and lending a hand to Aunty Andrea who I assume is getting some well earned rest.

    Love the dual spanking, very hot!

    Be well

  3. two essentials in domestic discipline are consistency of approach and to present a united front when confronted with someone being naughty, as so well illustrated here..


  4. When I saw this post of Kimberley's I was delighted with what she'd done and thought it may get some complimentary comments, so I am glad this has happened and I am sure Kim will be too.
    I agree Joey, it seems that the young lady on the right got a double spanking, one from each of her parents, whereas her sister only went over Dad's knee.
    It was a very hot spanking, Ron. In more ways than one.
    Recidavist, I totally agree that parents need to present a united front when it comes to disciplining their disobedient offspring. It was that way for me and my sister and I often find it with the parents who bring their children to the shop.

  5. My parents were fully united on the spanking issue. When we were younger, Mom was at home all day while Dad was at work, and Mom handled most of the discipline. When we were older, spankings were delayed if needed until both parents were home, and both were present when one of us was being punished. It made it twice as tough to talk your way out of trouble when you had two parents lecturing and having none of your excuses or arguments. They had already discussed it between themselves and decided what was needed, so unless I could come up with some really convincing new information to show my innocence, I was doomed to face the consequences. Thank you, Kimberley, for sharing this excellent example of united parental discipline.

  6. Franz, thank you for the comment and the story. I was raised in much the same way you have been, and Kimberley has also been brought up that way. Even now at 18 she is not deemed too big or too old to find herself over her parents laps if they feel it's warranted.