Saturday, 27 August 2011


Being back and dealing with the bottoms that come in and out of the shop prompted me to think about the practice of corner time.

I use it a lot here, before, during and after the spankings. In some cases I use it because the client has requested it and other times it's at my discretion. My version of cornertime is the time honoured, bare bottom, hands on head picture, and it's much the same for those that do public cornertime in reception watched over carefully by Kimmy.

Cornertime can also be used in lieu of punishment, as famously extolled by the Supernanny and her 'naughty corner' for misbehaving tots.

I find it an almost essential part of a proper spanking, and it's a lovely extension of the entire ritual. It does not just benefit the spankee, but also the spanker.

Cornertime after a sound spanking allows the freshly spanked bottom time to cool down and give it's owner some reflection and thought about what happened and why. For me spanking is an intensely emotional experience, so I use that post spanking time to have a cup of tea, admire my handiwork and bask in the afterglow.

Here's some pictures that may explain it all.

A freshly spanked young man does his cornertime under the watchful eye of his disciplinarian.

From Platinum Fetish. Cornertime during the spanking.

Someone at Punished Brats isn't enjoying her cornertime.

A cheeky look from the corner at Real Spankings.

Two cornered and spanked young men from the immortal Sassy Bottoms.

The wonderful Clare Fonda arranges two bottoms in the corner from Spanking HQ.


  1. I love ....... To hate being sent to the corner after a long hard otk spanking.

    I love ....... To love sending a well spanked lady to the corner.

    Great post and lines, thank you Aunty


  2. If I had more time to write about this subject, Ron I would have explored that strange duality. Being sent to the corner after a spanking is humiliating and for me an extension of the punishment itself, it's not over until I'm being gently comforted and told that I am forgiven.
    On the other hand I love admiring my handiwork on a soundly spanked bottom steaming gently in the corner whilst I enjoy a cup of tea.

  3. A female top that has spanked me soundly several times uses corner time before and after the spanking. The pre-spanking time is used to get into my head. She playfully scolds me and tells me what I am allowed to say to her. After being soundly spanked and I am in the corner, she asks me if I have learned my lesson and if I promise to behave.
    So, I love every minute of corner time with this awesome top.

  4. Joey, she sounds like an wonderful woman and I am pleased that my post gave you some very happy memories of her.

  5. Cornertime is the ultimate punishment, boring, demanding, humiliating... And the only one where time is free for the punishee for thinking...

  6. Thank you for your comment, Mikklm and welcome to the Spank Shop. I agree with everything you say and it illustrates why it is such an ideal punishment.