Wednesday, 24 August 2011


I'm back my darlings! I'm very very busy as work has piled up in my absence and people have been *gasp* forced into giving spankings without my helping hand. I hope to get back to a regular posting schedule soon, once Kimmy and I get caught up.

In the meantime Bad Tushy has some pictures of what happens when Aunty goes on holiday. It means Mums have to spank their own misbehaving teenage daughters!

They rarely give me the eye roll when I start scolding and take hold of the ear.

This is a good start, but at this point Miss Teenage Attitude's denim skirt should at least be off or around her ankles. That's far too much protection for Mum's poor hand to make an impression on her daughter's shapely rear end.

The ear hold is good and effective, but those pants really have to go southward. I think I may need to book both this young lady and her mother in for a session to show them how it should be done.

Off to set fire to some deserving derrieres!


  1. Welcome back, Andrea, you have been missed!


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  3. Welcome back. Nice post. Thanks.


  4. Aristotle and Joey thank you for your kind welcomes. I'm very glad to be back home, as nice as vacationing can be, there is as they say 'no place like home'.
    Xavier thank you for your kind offer. Our blogs seem to be focussing on different areas of the same interest, but don't quite meet. I do appreciate your offer, though.

  5. Hi Aunty,

    Welcome home. I am back as well and need to catch up with my reading. Nice post and missed you.

    Will write later when I get to all the stories.

    Glad you well Aunty

  6. Thank you, Ron. As we were fortuitously on vacation at the same time my updates haven't piled up too much, although I do soon hope to get back into the swing of things, once the stream of bottoms through the shop dwindles to more manageable levels.