Friday, 26 August 2011

Owwww that hurts!

While I unwind and recover from my vacation I was perusing some picture sites and found a few photos that I really liked. One thing I try to do when I spank a young lady or man is open their lungs up and get them yelling. These 3 photos from Girl Spanks Girl and Firm Hand Spanking illustrate that perfectly for me, they're also rather cute.


  1. Very cute Aunty Andrea. Thank you.

  2. The cute factor is there all right, it is however, the ouch factor that causes the lungs to open. For me normally on the second or third spank of the hair brush or after a particularly hard stroke of Aunties Cane.


  3. Thank you Joey and Mario.
    Oh yes, Mario the cane or a sustained barrage of hair brush spanks will not only open the lungs it will also start the tear ducts flowing.

  4. Aunty, even as a self-confirmed "spankee", I have to admit that there's something I find very ... um... attention grabbing about a cute young lady in mid-spank reaction as depicted in these photos! I'm not even sure why! *blush*

    On the other hand, the first two 'recipients' here - Amelia Jane Rutherford and Michaela McGowen - are two ladies I would sincerely love to have make ME react that way. ;)

    Incidentally, I've always loved your phrase (and desire to) "open their lungs up" in regards to a young man or lady you are spanking... and I can't imagine anyone remaining stoic over your lap for long! :)