Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Phi Gamma Beta 4

The spanking adventures of the sorority Phi Gamma Beta continue, this time the boys of Phi Sigma Tau come and stay for a rather hot week. This is very long, but I hope those that decide to read enjoy it.

The above photos come from the marvelous Clare Fonda, Miss Ling and Women Spanking Men.

It appeared to be a normal Saturday morning in the Phi Gamma Beta sorority house. Girls were lounging around in their night dresses and pajamas, some were dressed in their street clothes and at least two of the girls were awaiting their turn in the bathroom. Girls sipped coffee and tea or munched on toast, some talked softly, and others were reading or studying. It looked like any ordinary Saturday morning, but it was far from normal.

Phi Gamma Beta, or PGB as it was commonly known, had a relationship with the fraternity of Phi Sigma Magna. The two organisations were fairly close and in many ways mirror images of each other. Every Friday night during school semesters all the girls of PGB were gathered together in the house's common room, and paddled by the senior sisters and the housemother; an elegant, softly spoken black lady called Stevie, the same thing happened to the boys of PST in their common room, although the girls had been told that the boys were paddled considerably harder than their female counterparts. Some of Phi Sigma Tau's 'big brothers' (seniors responsible for the first year students in the fraternity) such as Scott Carter regularly visited the PGB house and some of the PGB 'big sisters'; Shauna and Naomi often hung out at the PST house. This particular year Howard, the housemaster of Phi Sigma Tau, and Stevie had decided to reactivate a long dormant tradition. It was a slight variation on the old 'hell week' concept. The first year boys from PST would be hosted for a week at the PGB house and would have to do the girls work and be subject to regular discipline at the hands of the sisters, especially their first year counterparts. Due to the lateness of the school year there would not be time for Phi Gamma Beta's four first years to return the favour.

The four girls concerned had mixed feelings regarding the experience they were about to undergo. Amy Mathieson, a shy, petite redhead who was regarded as the sorority's resident angel and a second generation sister (both her mother and older sister had been Phi Gamma Beta sisters) was a gentle girl who was rarely spanked, aside from the regular Friday night paddlings, and had no real desire to hand out discipline to anyone else. She knew the PST boys and thought most of them were nice, so did not want to jeopardise any budding friendships by walloping the backside of one of them and being regarded as a 'bitch' from that point on. Because the tradition had been so long dormant none of the current sisters knew how it worked and Stevie refused to do any more than hint at what may happen. The rumour was that each first year would be assigned a boy and they were to take on a mentoring/mistress type role with that boy. Amy sighed and tried to read her novel, but after she had attempted to read the same page fifteen times and been unable to get past the second paragraph, gave up.

Jessica Sterling, a tall, slender brunette with cascading locks of chestnut hair had completely opposite feelings to Amy. Jessica had been a pampered rich girl prior to joining the sorority and had rarely experienced discipline of any kind. The strict and physical chastisement favoured at PGB had been a shock to her system and she still struggled to obey the rules, as a result her pert bottom was often made red and hot. She looked forward to the experience of being on the other end of the spanking, and the idea of having a boy at her mercy appealed to her. What was especially appealing was that she had a particular boy in mind, she had a score to settle with him and settle it she would. Jessica sipped her coffee, lowered the cup and her eyes sparkled with anticipation of the boys arrival.

Emma Casey, a pleasantly plump strawberry blonde, was like Jessica, looking forward to the coming week. All of Emma's previous schooling before tertiary education had been at a strict, old fashioned, girls boarding school. She was well used to corporal punishment at the hands of teachers and older girls before she ever set foot in Phi Gamma Beta's sorority house. In many ways the sorority was like an extension of boarding school. Unlike Amy and Jessica not all of Emma's experience with spanking had been on the receiving end. Senior year prefects and the head girl at her school had been permitted to administer some corporal punishment to younger students if they could find a good enough reason. Slipperings were given on the bare bottom to younger girls in the senior common room and at least one other prefect had to be in attendance as a witness. One thing that was strictly observed was that the reason for the discipline had to be valid. If a girl went running to her form mistress complaining that she had been unfairly slippered by a prefect or even the head girl, then it was taken seriously and investigated. If the complainers claim was invalid then the girl was soundly spanked by her form mistress and the unfairly accused prefect, on the other hand if the younger girl's claim was proven then both the prefect concerned and the head girl were spanked in front of the wrongly chastised student. Although Emma had to admit she enjoyed slippering the younger girls, it was a sort of revenge for all the stinging bottoms she had received over the years, she never did it without good reason. Chloe; the head girl, had a hard palm and could really swing that slipper, knowing the consequences of an unproven claim girls rarely complained, and the school's rules were so strict that it was not to hard to find a good enough reason to spank. One prefect in Emma's senior year had unfairly slippered a girl and after witnessing the consequences, both Chloe and the prefect had been thrashed by the form mistress in front of the junior who had been unfairly punished, Chloe had been livid and every prefect in that year remembered the merciless slippering she had handed out to the girl later that evening. The girl remained a prefect, but did not administer one more spanking that entire school year. Emma shuddered just remembering it. This was different, though, Denise; her 'big sister' had implied that not only were the girls to spank the boys they were to do it regularly and for every and any reason that they could dream up. If Emma had a failing it was that she was considered slightly 'boy crazy' and all the PSM boys were to put it bluntly 'babes'. Having one of those at her beck and call and over her lap, with his firm, round muscular bottom clenching and reddening under her plump little hand could only be described as interesting and desirable. Emma glanced up at the door, sipped her tea to moisten her lips and then went back to reading the newspaper with a contented sigh.

Sally Fairweather was the newest PGB girl. She had begun her schooling at a different institution and had been lucky that Phi Gamma Beta had a vacancy so that she could join the sorority. Her career as a PGB girl had begun less than gloriously, she had managed to lead her three fellow first years into an escapade that had resulted in a severe spanking for all four girls at the hands of their 'big sisters'. Sally was pretty and blonde, she was also a 'party girl', she had met all the Phi Sigma Tau's at various parties and mixers, she tended to gravitate more towards the older members, but the four first year boys met with her approval and had been pronounced 'Barrys' (this was the term Sally used to describe attractive boys in the strange patois that her fellow sisters had christened 'Sallyspeak'). The fact that she and the other girls were allowed to spank the boys was one that she found amusing. The entire concept of the paddling and spanking that went on in the house was to Sally's way of thinking extremely odd. She was probably the biggest baby about the Friday night paddlings, if only her big sister Veronica would give her little warm up spankings the way Naomi did to Amy she may be able to endure them more stoically. Having one of those cute male tushies stretched over her lap waiting for a good smacking was an image that excited Sally, she felt her cheeks heat up, looked around guiltily to see if anyone else was watching and then used the fashion magazine that she had been flicking through to fan her burning face.

There was a soft and hesitant knock at the door and every head swung towards it, eyes shining with anticipation. Stevie rose to her feet, smiled at her expectant 'girls' and crossed to the door, long dress whispering in the sudden silence that had come over the room, broken by the occasional nervous giggle. Stevie opened the door and was confronted by four young men. Her dark eyes assessed them coolly and she asked "Yes?"

"Ummmm....," one of the boys; Colin, a slight youth with round spectacles, stammered "Wwe're from Phi Sig...we...ummmm....were...ttold to come here....." he trailed off as Stevie held the boys with her gaze.

One of the other boys, a powerfully built young man, with short blond hair; Gordon, shouldered his smaller fraternity brother aside roughly and stated "Phi Sig sent us here for hell week."

Stevie's eyes sparkled and a smile played around the corners of her generous mouth "It is not hell week, young man, and when addressing me you are to call me Miss Stevie or Ma'am. I do hope that is understood, I can reinforce the lesson with Miss Sting if you wish."

Gordon sized up the calm, black housemother and said "Yeah, crystal...Miss Stevie." The contempt he put into his tone almost turned the honorific into an insult.

Stevie's eyes narrowed slightly, she knew this one, he was on a sports scholarship, he was a gymnast and very good at it, he was also arrogant, he would need watching and whilst she could not influence the girl's choices she sincerely hoped Amy did not choose Gordon. Amy was a lovely, gentle child and she did not have the strength of will to properly discipline Gordon. Emma, Stevie thought, Emma would be the ideal mentor for this one.

"Well, it would appear that you are all expected, darling boys," Stevie told them brightly, "so come on in out of the cold and let's become better acquainted."

The boys filed in past Stevie, the tall black lady watching them closely, and appreciating their tight young bottoms as they went past her. Once all four were inside, Stevie shut the door firmly behind her and smiled like a cat with cream. "Now, you know my name, but I do not believe we have been properly introduced yet. You first," Stevie pointed to a brown haired boy slightly under six feet, his hair was long, but tied back in a neat pony tail, the boy flushed and was shoved forward by Gordon, he stumbled for a step and then looked around the room, the first girl his gaze fell on was Jessica, the tall brunette's brown eyes narrowed and shone with a predatory gleam. The boy gulped and cleared his throat "I'm Matt....Matthew, a writing and art major...." Once Matthew had stuttered and stammered his way through his introduction Stevie turned her eyes on another boy, he was tall and broad shouldered, with long legs and the tightest, most adorable muscular buttocks, very well shown off in a pair of tight jeans, he brushed a lock of dark hair out of his clear brown eyes, rubbed a hand across an unshaven, lantern jaw and introduced himself "Pat, dance major." Then stepped back and threw a glance in Colin's direction. The slight boy grimaced, but moved forward. Stevie glared at Pat for his brief introduction and this promised retribution, but Sally giggled and her blue eyes sparkled, Pat was a definite 'Barry'.

Colin was initially dumbstruck, then saw a reassuring look from Amy. He and the pretty redhead were lab partners and this gave him courage, he had never been able to voice his attraction to Amy, but he did genuinely like her. Gordon swaggered forward after Colin had completed his little speech, the boy spoke loudly and confidently and Emma carefully filed both the information and the gymnast's cocksure manner away for future reference.

"Are we going to give the boys a proper Phi Gamma Beta welcome, Stevie?" Naomi asked with a glint in her dark eyes.

The housemother smiled and apologized in her soft drawl "How rude of me, Naomi! Of course we must extend a warm welcome to our guests."

The boys exchanged worried looks. The emphasis Stevie had placed on the word warm did not reassure them at all.

"Stand by the couch, please boys." Stevie directed.

"Why?" Gordon asked.

Stevie was about to reply, but Denise was quicker. The curly haired valedictorian uncoiled herself from her chair and took the athlete's chin in a firm grip, the arrogant Gordon found himself looking into blazing brown eyes "You don't ask questions, young man." Denise hissed. "You do as you are told."

Stunned, Gordon went and stood by the couch, the other three followed his example, shooting shocked looks at Denise. Emma's eyes shone with undisguised admiration for her big sister.

"Hands on heads." Stevie commanded.

This time no one questioned the order and it was followed immediately.

"I think Amy, Jessica, Emma and Sally should do the unveiling." Veronica said with a smile from her seat.

"Ooohhhh really?" Sally said eagerly. "Cool."

Heads nodded and the girls stepped up to stand behind the waiting Phi Sigs. Jessica took a firm hold of the waistband of Matthew's trousers and enjoyed the gasp as she yanked them down to his ankles. "What the.....?" Gordon exclaimed as Emma did the same to him. "I wouldn't use the last word of that sentence unless you want a soap sandwich, sweetie." the strawberry blonde advised the sports scholarship holder.

Pat grinned as Sally struggled to get his skintight jeans down over his briefs.

Amy whispered "Sorry." to a furiously blushing Colin as she unbuckled and lowered his pants gently.

Anticipating what was to come Matthew started to bend over the couch "It's lovely that you're so eager, darling," Shauna told the boy with a toss of her blonde curls, "but you haven't been told to do that yet. Jessie, put him out of his misery."

With a wicked laugh Jessica tugged the boy's boxer shorts and watched them float down his legs to join his trousers.

"Now you can bend over." Shauna said.

With a grateful sigh Matthew did as told, at least he was not going to be exposed to the entire household full of girls any longer.

Gordon grimaced as he felt another part of his anatomy respond to what he was seeing. All of the girls were very attractive and most of them were still in nightwear, some of it not leaving a lot to the imagination, even that curly headed smart chick, the one who had grabbed his chin, was hot. He gasped as his shorts were taken down by Emma and as shocked giggles broke out around the room his rampant manhood retreated and cheeks burning he joined Matthew in a bent over position with his muscled abdomen pressing against the top of the couch.

Pat rolled his eyes and then provocatively stuck his firm, bikini brief clad buttocks out for Sally to bare. Sally's blue eyes opened wide and she gave the dancer a shocked giggle before swatting his muscular backside playfully and hooking her fingers into the waistband of his briefs to guide them over the mounds of his rear end and his long, well muscled legs. Gracefully Pat lowered himself over the couch, bottom pushed up invitingly. Colin closed his eyes and as Amy took his underpants down a tear squeezed out from under the lids. "Ummmmm....Amy...." Colin murmured and then yelped as Naomi's hand cracked against his thighs "That's Miss Amy, in this house, young man."

"Yes....yes....sorry Miss Naomi, Muhmiss Amy...." the boy said, close to a torrent of tears.

"Yes, Colin?" Amy asked, coming around to the front of the couch to look into the boy's face and hear him better.

"Am I going to be spanked now?"

"Yes, Colin, that's how we welcome people to Phi Gamma Beta, dear." Naomi answered for her redheaded 'little sister'.

Colin nodded and another tear slid out under his glasses and trickled down his cheek. "Can you please hold my glasses, Miss Amy?" Colin whispered. "They....uhhhhhh....came off during a paddling one other time and a lens got cracked."

Amy smiled encouragingly at the shy intellectual "Of course I will, sweetie."

She reached out and with her green eyes sparkling gently removed the round glasses from his face and folded them up neatly, placing them in the top pocket of her short yellow pajama top.

Stevie had been prowling up and down the line of bent over bottoms, examining the goods on display, she patted Gordon's firm behind and enjoyed watching the boy flinch, Matt's slightly plumper posterior got a suggestive squeeze that made the young man jump and gasp. Stevie ran her fingernails across Pat's ever so perfect, sculpted alabaster white buttocks and grinned as a line of gooseflesh followed the path of the red lacquered nails. Colin got a fondle on his tender twitching derriere that made the boy shift his feet and whimper.

Stevie held out her hand and Belinda; a sophomore with soft brown hair and wide, expressive green eyes placed the handle of the housemother's personalized "thick cedar sorority paddle into the pink palm. Stevie wrapped her hand around the paddle's handle and walked up and down the line of bent over, twitching bottoms, waving the paddle as if deciding who to smack first. CRACK! The paddle rang out as it smacked into Gordon's up thrust bottom. The blow was strong and it pushed the boy down into the back of the couch, but Gordon did not utter a sound. WHACK! The second stroke of the paddle was for Matthew, the boy yelped and one leg left the ground as the paddle left a bright red rectangle across the centre of both chubby cheeks. As Matthew recovered, Jessica giving him a triumphant grin, the paddle hit home against Colin's round quivering bottom, the smallest of the Phi Sigma brothers squealed and tears spilled down his cheeks as the paddle's sting and burn settled in to his tender buttocks. Although Pat hated himself for it, hearing the other three get it made him clench his own backside, but he took the first stroke as well as Gordon and his dancer's balance allowed him to remain in position.

Stevie walked up and down the line handing out hard swats of the paddle, by the time she had reached eight for each boy Matthew and Colin were bawling and both boys felt like their bottoms had been lit on fire. They remained in position, but only barely and their legs were constantly moving as they kicked when each stroke of the paddle reignited the fires in their posteriors and they shifted their weight from foot to foot to relieve some of the pain. They had believed that some of the Phi Sig's, especially Howard the housemaster could paddle hard, but this elegant black lady could have given them lessons in the art. Matthew had never thought eight strokes would be able to do this to him and the almost certain knowledge that Stevie was far from done forced further tears to cascade down his cheeks and soak the back of the couch as he pressed his face into it.

Gordon and Pat were an entirely different proposition. While their backsides were also burning and stinging as the paddling proceeded the two of them were waging a silent battle with each other, Stevie and the paddle. They grunted and gasped, there were agonized hisses of indrawn breath as Stevie struck and allowed the paddle to remain on their bottoms longer than she did with Colin and Matthew, to let the sting settle in. "Sally, Emma!" Stevie barked. "Examine Gordon's and Patrick's faces. Let me know if they are crying."

The two blondes jumped to do their housemother's bidding. Both girls bent over and intently studied the boy's faces. Emma shook her head and let out a disappointed sigh. Sally looked up and reported "No, ma'am. They're both dry."

Stevie gazed down at the eight angry red cheeks bent over the couch and said sternly "Gordon and Patrick I realize that there is some sort of macho honour to be satisfied by taking your medicine stoically, but it will not earn you any points in this house. Matthew and Colin are crying steadily and I want tears from all of you. I can paddle all morning if needs be, but I can promise you that your eyes will not remain dry." She whipped the paddle across all four bottoms quickly as she completed her little speech. Matthew howled and Colin wailed. Realising that he was fighting a loosing battle Pat let out a yelp and to his surprise the tears started to flow. Hearing Pat break also made Gordon release. Tears of pain, anger, frustration and shame started to spill out of his eyes. Emma smiled down at the blubbering gymnast and said patronizingly as if he were a small child "There, that wasn't so hard, was it?"

Before any of the boys could recover their composure Stevie strode up the line again doling out another crack from the paddle and listening to the answering howl from the recipient with a broad smile on her usually serene features. "Well, they're all burning brightly aren't they?" she asked to the air, giving the reddened bottoms over the couch an appraising look. Stevie then set the paddle down with a click on the end table. "Ladies you are now going to give the boys your own welcome to the house. One swat per bottom, per sister. Amy, Jessica, Emma and Sally will sit this out as they will have plenty of time to get to 'know' our guests during the week. The big sisters will go first in alphabetical order."

With a wicked glint in her eye Denise stood up and said "That would be me." She picked up the paddle and lined up Colin's bottom. For the next few minutes the room filled with the sounds of a solid paddle smacking hard against blazing upturned male backsides and the boys answering howls, wails and tearful pleas. Each girl had a big smile on her face as she picked up the paddle and generally a bigger one as they delivered their final swat.

Once the last girl had administered her four spanks to the now dancing, pulsating, throbbing crimson buttocks Stevie ordered the boys to their feet with a stern admonishment not to rub and told them to stand in a line by the trophy cabinet with their hands on their heads so that their hosts could sit back and enjoy the view. The girls all settled in and a Mediterranean looking, dark haired junior by the name of Georgette and a pretty blonde sophomore called Fiona disappeared into the kitchen to prepare refreshments. The boys looked at the trophy filled cabinet through tear filled eyes and tried to concentrate on something other than their burning posteriors. Georgette and Fiona returned with trays containing cups and saucers, a plate of biscuits and two gently steaming pots, coffee and tea.

Pat's nostrils flared as he scented the coffee and he thought of how much he wanted a cup of strong coffee right at this moment. Gordon could feel his face flaming as he stood there bare bottomed and listened to these girls calmly discuss his situation over coffee and tea. Colin was still crying steadily, he liked belonging to the fraternity, but he really could have done without the ordeal that this week promised to be. Matthew tried to get himself under control, but he could not rid his mind of the malevolent look he had seen in Jessica's hazel eyes. If he could turn back time he would, but it was too late now and his backside was going to pay the price.

Stevie clapped her hands and said loudly "Boys! You may pull your pants up and turn around."

With sighs of relief the boys bent and eased their underwear over their inflamed bottoms. As Patrick wriggled into his tight briefs and they scratched across his sore red rump he regretted wearing them in the first place.

The four fraternity brothers turned and faced the smiling group of girls in front of them. Stevie produced an armful of white and red material from a cupboard and held it out. "Now, these are what you will wear whilst you are in the house. Veronica maybe you can show the young men their new wardrobe."

With a smile the statuesque brunette reached out and plucked one of the garments from the pile in the housemother's arms, she shook it out and held it up, it was a white t-shirt with large red lettering across the front and the back that said: PROPERTY OF PHI GAMMA BETA. Gordon groaned, Pat grinned wryly, Matthew sighed and Colin cried. The smiles on the faces of the girls grew. Veronica picked another piece of material from the pile and held it out, it was scarlet and a pair of underpants. "When you are not being disciplined, bathing or sleeping that is what you are to be dressed in. Once we have had the selecting of which boy is with which girl you can go and change into your new clothes."

Emma and Jessica grinned at each other, Sally clapped her hands in delight and giggled, Amy took a deep breath and a worried look appeared in her green eyes. The boys stood by nervously as their four female counterparts stepped into the centre of the room and regarded them. All four boys had preferences for who they would prefer to be with and for varying reasons. Colin knew all four girls, he liked Amy and found Sally funny. Jessica was the sort of girl who had never looked at him twice during High School and now he was in college the situation had not altered, she was a beautiful person and he was the little nerd, he was genuinely worried that she would select him for the express purpose of humiliating him. Emma was very driven to succeed academically and they had studied together in the past, although they were generally competitors academically and he doubted that she would select him as 'hers' if there were some other boy like Gordon or Pat available, Emma liked boys, she liked the good looking, athletic types, not the book worms like Colin.

"Amy," Stevie said in a clear voice, "you may have first selection, dear."

Amy looked at the boys and frowned, Colin lifted his head and blinked at her owlishly.

"Oh!" the sweet natured redhead exclaimed, she suddenly remembered that she still had the boys spectacles tucked into her top pocket. She extracted them and with a smile placed them back on Colin. "Thankyou, Amy." the boy whispered gratefully.

"That's Miss Amy." the girl reminded him gently before rejoining her three sisters in the middle of the room.

"Amy," the housemother reminded the first year, "you still have a selection to make, young lady."

Amy nodded, worried her lower lip with her top teeth for a moment and then said slowly "Colin. I want Colin."

The named boy raised his eyes to the ceiling and heaved a sigh of relief. A tall, blonde, broad shouldered sophomore by the name of Johanna pushed Colin playfully and he went to Amy's side. "Thankyou Miss Amy." Colin told her.

"My pleasure, sweetie." Amy grinned.

There were resigned sighs from the others. Amy was the softest of the four girls, she would have been the best to be assigned to, the next best any of them could hope for was Sally. "Jessica," Stevie called, "your turn now. Let me remind you, girl, that once you select that's it for the week, you cannot change, so please choose carefully."

"Yes ma'am." Jessica answered, looking over the three remaining boys with a predatory grin.

Matthew closed his eyes and prayed silently 'Please don't let it be me. Please don't let it be me.'

"You're all so cute." Jessica cooed, she stepped forward and ran her hand through Gordon's short blond hair, she put a hand on Patrick's rough cheek and let her fingernails trail down it gently, then she stopped in front of Matthew, smiled at him and licked her lips. "Open your eyes, boy." she commanded. "Look at me."

Matthew opened his clear blue eyes and with a gulp stared into Jessica's suddenly cruel hazel ones. "You," the brunette said, "I want you."

Matthew sighed.

"C'mon," Jessica snapped, taking hold of Matt's ear and hauling him out of the line, "get over there!" and she chivvied him into place with playful swats to his already sore bottom.

As Jessica stood next to him, she whispered in his ear menacingly "I did not hear you thank me for selecting you the way Colin did Miss Amy. Don't you like me, boy?"

"Yyes, Miss Jessica." Matthew stammered.

"I'll make you do more than thank me, my boy, I will make you beg before I'm done." the girl vowed, before they both turned their attention to Emma who was making her selection.

Emma's blue eyes flicked from Gordon to Patrick. It was not an easy decision for her to make. They were both attractive boys. Pat had the dancer's lithe, graceful body and a bad boy attitude, it would be a challenge to train him. Gordon on the other hand was also a handsome young man and had been gifted with the clean, powerful physique of a gymnast. What decided her was their reputed scholastic records. Despite his attitude Pat did quite well in his classes, Gordon did not. He had come to the school on an athletic scholarship, as a result he seemed to believe that class work was not all that important. That was a belief that Emma intended to disabuse him of. Emma sashayed towards the two boys, her eyes not giving anything away. She stood in front of them, sizing both of them up and then she placed a hand on Gordon's shoulder. "You're mine." she said firmly.

Gordon let a long breath out and just stopped himself from saying 'Damn!' He was sure he could sweet talk Sally, but not Emma Casey, she learned from Denise and that chick was seriously driven.

Sally stepped forward as a smiling Emma led Gordon by the hand to join her two friends and their selected boys. Sally rolled her eyes and they sparkled as she looked at Pat, who also wore a grin. "Well, babe, guess that means you're stuck with me. This whole choosing thing did my head in, what about you?"

Pat chuckled and rubbed a hand over the stubble covering his lantern jaw before drawling "If that means it was nerve wracking Miss Sally, yeah, it did my head in too."

"Oh you're gonna be fun!" Sally exclaimed going around behind Pat and smacking the seat of his trousers to send him to the rest of the group, Pat winced, on top of the paddling even Sally's small hand caused a slight sting. Sally laughed, she was going to have so much fun this week.

Stevie set down her tea cup and stood up, looking at the girls standing by their chosen boy, with an indulgent smile "Well boys, you may now go into the next room to change into your new clothes. The girls will give you a few moments privacy and will then be in to teach you the rules whilst you are here. Unless you want permanently sore bottoms I do suggest that you pay close attention and don't transgress any of them."

As one the boys sighed and filed past the smiling girls of Phi Gamma Beta, picking up a t-shirt and a pair of the scarlet underpants as they did so.

The girls all smiled at each other and ran to their rooms laughing excitedly, they returned with their own personalized sorority paddles in hand. "I think we've given those young men enough time to get dressed, go in girls and teach them the rules they will live by whilst they are here." Stevie ordered, eyes sparkling over the rim of her tea cup.

Without any warning Amy, Jessica, Emma and Sally opened the door to the adjoining room and walked in. There were a couple of startled yelps and a strident protest from Gordon "Hey! Have you ever heard of knocking?" It turned into a surprised expression of pain as the sound of a paddle cracking against a firm set of buttocks floated out of the room before the door closed.

The girls remaining outside crowded close to the door and tried to hear what was going on.  Emma was giving most of the orders and her voice had taken on a strict school mistress tone. It appeared that the boys were being quizzed on the rules and every incorrect or incomplete answer earned them a swat from their particular mistress. Colin was obviously paying attention because he rarely made an error and Amy being Amy administered lighter smacks than her three sisters. Matthew was getting a hard time from Jessica, she gave him little time to answer before swinging the paddle and the meaty thwacks and squeals from the boy made more than one of the girls on the other side of the door wince from time to time. Gordon was doing his best, but his brain was not made to concentrate and his natural male stubbornness kept surfacing, Emma spanked hard, but not without reason and as Gordon's athletic backside was better built to take the punishment he grunted and groaned, but did not give the impression that he was going through the same ordeal as Matt. Pat got the occasional answer wrong and that usually elicited a giggle and a firm splat from Sally's paddle. The blonde girl had not thought she would be so into this, but after having been on the receiving end so often recently, being on the other end of the paddle was quite an enjoyable novelty.

The boys walked stiffly out of the room with moist eyes and hands surreptitiously rubbing the seats of their scarlet briefs. As they walked the gauntlet of the girls sitting in the common room comments rang out: "Cute buns!", "Aren't they darling?", "I can't wait to smack those.", etc....

The boy's cheeks turned the same colour as their underpants and were probably every bit as hot as the bottoms under them. Amy, Jessica, Emma and Sally holding their paddles proudly, like symbols of rank followed the boys into the kitchen.

In the kitchen Heather was waiting by the sink and just after they entered Georgette came in fully laden with dirty dishes, plates and cups, she dumped them all in the sink and Heather gave her a smile. "Thanks girls." Heather said, eyes twinkling. "You can go and get dressed I'll take it from here."

The four girls grinned at the red headed sophomore and exited the room promising the four first year boys that they would soon return.

"I've been given the task of introducing you young men to kitchen duties," Heather said primly, "we have had an extended breakfast here in honour of your arrival and created quite a mess. Ordinarily it would be up to Amy, Jessica, Emma and Sally to clean it up with help from some of their older sisters, you have changed that for this week. Do you know how to clean dishes?"

The boys nodded and Gordon emitted a put upon sigh, which became an 'Ooowwwwwwww!' as Heather reached out and planted a firm slap on his exposed thigh. "A simple nod was enough Gordon, I don't care about how you feel about the duty, so just keep your sighs to yourself, young man."

The athlete schooled his face with difficulty and ground out from between gritted teeth "Yes, Miss Heather."

"Much better," Heather said with a smile, "now you four get to work and I'll be back to check soon. Oh, and by the way if you don't do a good job Aunty Heather will spank." and as she left the kitchen she took the large, flat bottomed wooden spoon with her.

The boys looked at each other and then at the pile of dirty dishes, they sighed and set up a small production line. Pat and Matthew donned rubber gloves and stood at the double sink, Gordon and Colin armed themselves with tea towels and started drying as Pat and Matt washed. "You really got the rough end of the pineapple." Gordon remarked to Matt.

"Huh?" the brown haired boy asked, his pony tail bobbing.

"Sterling," the gymnast replied, "she is busting your behind, literally. What did you do to her?"

"Nothing." Matthew muttered, glaring into the soapy dishwater.

"Nothing." Pat echoed. "I don't know her that well, but she obviously has an issue with you for some reason."

"He got her in trouble." Colin remarked quietly.

Matthew whirled and glared at the bespectacled boy.

"How do you know?" Pat asked.

"Lovers talk." Gordon chuckled and Colin's cheeks flamed.

"Amy did tell me." he confessed.

Gordon shook his head "Matt drew the short straw and you got lucky. If there is a softer girl in this place than Amy Mathieson I don't know who it is. The rest of us won't sit for a week and you'll walk out of here with a butt in better shape than when you came in."

The look on Colin's face said that he obviously did not agree with the athlete, but he directed his attention on drying the plate in his hands rather than argue the point.

"What exactly did you do to Jessica?" Pat asked Matthew.

"I saw her coming in late one night."

"So?" Gordon queried and then understanding dawned on his face. "You didn't rat on her?"

Matt looked uncomfortable "She made me look really bad in a class the day before."

"You are an idiot." Pat pronounced.

"Who did you tell?" Gordon asked.


"Her big sister? The dippy cheerleader?"

Matthew nodded.

"No wonder she wants your backside."

Angrily Matt flicked water at Gordon.

In retaliation Gordon snapped his towel and hit Matt on his unprotected thigh. Matt yelped and snatched Colin's towel from his hand and wound it up before snapping it out at Gordon, the gymnast danced away from it and Matt went after him. Bobbing and weaving Gordon backed away from his friend. Pat kept up a running commentary as if it were a boxing match and Colin laughed at the spectacle, and then his eyes went wide behind his glasses. Gordon gave him a look and then stopped as he bumped into someone. Standing behind him in the door was Heather, her eyes were hard and she did not look at all happy.

The girl's green eyes flashed, she reached out and with thumbs and forefingers took a firm grip on the ears of Matthew and Gordon, she twisted sharply and both boys gasped in pain and Gordon said "Leggo!"

"I will not!" Heather told him and then in a sing song voice "My, my, my, when the cat's away the mice will play. You two will answer to Miss Jessica and Miss Emma." she directed her emerald eyes at Colin and Patrick. "You will stay there and not move a muscle. It appears that you cannot be trusted to do a simple task without supervision. I will be back and Mrs Wooden Spoon will be joining me, so I would strongly suggest you do exactly as you have been told."

Wide eyed the two boys at the sink nodded wordlessly and then Heather effortlessly controlling Matt and Gordon by virtue of the painful hold she had on their ears, whirled them around and swept back into the lounge room.

Emma and Sally were giggling as they discussed the boys and Denise was giving Jessica some advice on how best to handle Matt. The strawberry blonde and the tall brunette turned as Heather entered with the two frat boys in tow. "What did they do?" Emma asked, her eyes hard

"I left them in there to clean the dishes and came back in to find them horsing around the with the tea towels." a less than impressed Heather told the first year.

"Colin wasn't involved, was he?" Amy asked, her face creased in worry.

"No, Amy," Heather reassured her fellow redhead with a smile, "he was there, but neither he or Pat were actually joining in."

Jessica gave a miserable Matt a predatory grin and said "You just make this so easy, Matt my dear."

"He does, doesn't he?" Shauna pronounced a rhetorical question as she glided past the other girls and calmly took Matt's free ear.

"Ow! Ow! Ow!" Matt yelped as Shauna ascended the stairs.

Gordon fared no better as Emma took hold of one ear and Denise had possession of the other. An eager eyed Jessica followed.

Shauna reached the landing and made for a backless stool that was against one wall "Jessie, can you be a darling and go get my brush?"

Jessica nodded and darted into the room she shared with the blonde cheerleader.

Matt's eyes went wide at the mention of the brush and Gordon's face paled.

Shauna released Matt's ear and settled herself on the school. She smoothed her short, pleated cheerleader skirt over her thighs and grinned up at Matt, who stood in front of her, rubbing his ear ruefully. A number of other girls, Amy, Naomi, Sally and Veronica amongst them, had gathered to watch the upcoming chastisements and stood waiting expectantly. Shauna smiled at her audience and reached out to take hold of Matthew's wrist, she drew him close to her and then guided him over her lap. "We'll just get these out of the way," she said conversationally as she lowered the boy's scarlet briefs to just below his bottom so that it was bare and vulnerable, "ordinarily I would begin with a hand spanking to just warm things up, as Jessie can well attest." Jessica, who had just emerged from the bedroom she shared with the cheerleader, blushed and handed the brush to her 'big sister'. "Thanks, sweetie." Shauna beamed, taking the long handled, broad backed, oval, wooden hairbrush from the tall brunette. "However," Shauna continued for her the gathered sisters, "young Matthew has already undergone an extensive warming, as you can see from the lovely pink blush his plump cheeks exhibit," Matt trembled and whimpered as Shauna patted his upturned buttocks firmly with her hand, "so I believe the brush directly applied to his bottom will be more than sufficient to teach him to do as he is told in the future."

The last time Matthew had felt the hairbrush he had been in grade school and on a school camp. He and a friend had been dared to raid the girls cabin and had been caught by the female teacher; the pretty French teacher Mademoiselle Cetoupe. The young teacher had dragged the boys into the camp's recreation hall and one after the other placed them over her knee and taken her hairbrush to their bottoms. They had only been wearing pajamas at the time, so their backsides had not been afforded a lot of protection. The spanking had stung a little, but that was the only real effect and both boys had only pretended to cry to bring it to an end. Although Matt was under no real illusion that Shauna would spank a good deal harder than the nervous and birdlike Mademoiselle Cetoupe he doubted her hairbrushing could match the weekly paddlings he and the other Phi Sigma boys received at the hands of the fraternity's 'big brothers'. After all it was only a hairbrush, not a paddle.

For her part Shauna was gently teasing the boy by gently rubbing first the bristles and then the brush's smooth back against his twitching bottom. The sensation was somewhat arousing and to his shame Matt felt his member growing hard and erect against Shauna's toned, silky thigh. Shauna's blue eyes widened and then she giggled "You naughty, naughty boy!" smacking the brush down hard with each utterance of the word naughty. Matt's eyes also flew wide and he kicked a little, that brush stung and it also had the effect of immediately chasing away the pleasurable erotic thoughts that the gentle rubbing had inspired and he felt his organ shrivel. "What you need to do," Shauna continued her lecture, raising her voice to be heard above the cracks of the brush as it contacted Matt's tender, sore glutes, and the boy's yells, "is make sure that you smack firmly and at a steady pace. You don't want to concentrate on the one area too long, just make sure that you get an even, all over coverage. Space the spanks out, so that he can feel the sting of each one before you deliver the next and in no time at all you should have a fiercely glowing bottom just like the one over my lap right now."

Matt wailed and kicked as that horrid brush lit a fire on a bottom still sore from the paddlings earlier that morning. After what seemed an eternity, but was in reality only a few minutes, a few frantic and painful minutes to be certain, but no longer, Shauna set the brush aside. Matthew's legs stopped their wild scissoring and he lay limply over the blonde girl's long, slender legs, crying, tears mingling with snot, sweat and saliva. Shauna put her arms around Matt's waist and gently coaxed him off her lap and onto his feet. "Doesn't he look a picture?" she cooed, smiling.

"It's always nice to see them red at both ends." Veronica laughed.

"Oh yes," Shauna agreed, "but this weekend isn't just for us big girls. The younger ones must have some fun and learn a little too. Jessie you take my seat, darling."

A glint appeared in Jessica's hazel eyes as she realized what Shauna was about to do and she settled onto the stool. Matt too had listened carefully to Shauna's words and he had an inkling of what was going to happen, his abused rear began to tingle uncontrollably and there was a giggle from one of the girls as she saw it twitch in anticipation of the coming ordeal.

"Call your little man over, Jessie." Shauna prompted the brunette, who was licking her lips.

"Matthew," Jessica sang, crooking a finger to beckon the boy to her, "come to Miss Jessica, sweetie."

Raising his eyes heavenward and taking a deep breath Matthew shuffled to Jessica, the scarlet underpants had slipped down to his ankles during Shauna's hairbrushing and they significantly impeded his forward movement.

Jessica made a noise of exasperation and reached out to grab hold of the boy's flaccid member and drag him close quicker. Matt's eyes flew wide open and he gasped. The soft, warm female hand around his penis immediately brought it to life and it swelled and throbbed in her grip. Jessica let out a delighted laugh and tugged a little harder. Matthew tripped over his briefs and ended up sprawled across the girl's lap.

"Interesting technique," Shauna commented, "but effective. Now you have him where you want, Jessie, paddle that butt!"

"Yes ma'am!" Jessica said happily, picking up the brush and cracking it across Matthew's twitching crimson orbs.

Gordon took a deep breath and desperately tried to drag his eyes away from the scene in front of him and shut out the sound of his fraternity brother's howls, but he couldn't and he suspected that the strawberry blonde beside him and the stern faced brunette with the cap of dark brown curls standing directly behind him wouldn't allow him to do so in any case.

"Aaaaahhhhoooohhhhooowwwwwww!" Matt bawled, tears streaming down his reddened cheeks as Jessica put the brush to the tender crease where thighs and buttocks met.

"That's it, Jessie." Shauna encouraged her 'little sister'. "Really sear that sit spot."

Matt kicked vigorously and almost twisted off Jessica's lap.

"If he does that, Jessica, and tries to wriggle his way out of it, then grab his hand and push it up behind his back, that should keep him there."

Nodding at the older girl's words, Jessica put her arm around Matt's waist and grunted as she hauled him back into the middle of her lap, then she reached down, took his wrist and as Shauna had instructed pushed it up behind his back before continuing her sizzling of the boy's hindquarters.

Jessica dumped Matt unceremoniously off her lap, he tumbled to the floor and whimpered as his sore bottom hit the polished boards. Shauna frowned at Jessica. "That was mean, Jessie." she scolded. "If I catch you doing something like that again Matthew will not be the only one tasting my hairbrush, young lady."

"Yes, Shauna." Jessica said, bowing her head and then held her hand out to Matthew, who took it gingerly and pushed himself to his feet.

"Into the corner with you!" Jessica commanded and delivered a healthy swat to encourage the well punished, extremely humiliated frat boy into the indicated corner. Matt pushed in and his hands hovered over his blazing backside. "Touch them and you can have a roasting with my sorority paddle." Shauna warned sternly.

Sighing Matt laced his hands over his head.

"Well, that's half of the terrible two dealt with," Denise said, leading Gordon by the hand and sitting on the stool, "I do hope you ladies can remain for a tutorial in Slippers 101."

Hearing that Emma's eyes lit up and she immediately scampered to her room to fetch the slipper. Gordon did not say anything and he also did not make any noises, knowing that he would not be doing himself or his poor aching behind any favours, but his eyes darting nervously around the eager, smiling faces and dancing eyes betrayed his true feelings. "No, darling," Denise told him kindly, "there is nowhere to run, so just lay over Auntie Denise's lap and let her spank all the naughtiness away." she guided the gymnast's hard muscled body across her lap as she said it.

Gordon trembled as he was told to 'lift up' and his embarrassing scarlet briefs were slipped over his still warm and rosy bottom, down his legs and secured with a deft twist around the backs of his knees. "It keeps the kicking down to a minimum." Denise confided to her audience as if she were delivering a dissertation on her thesis. Gordon shivered as Denise's hand glided gently across his bottom and she watched rows of gooseflesh rise up with a smile. The girl's smile widened as Gordon's body betrayed him and a further effect of her teasing became evident. "Oh, I will soon have your attention concentrated elsewhere, young man." she told him ominously in a low, sexy voice. She accepted the slipper from a grinning Emma as she uttered the words.

Before arriving at the sorority house that morning Gordon would have snorted derisively if anyone had told him that he was going to be spanked with a slipper and it was going to hurt. Slippers belonged in nurseries and private girl's schools, but not what Emma had presented Denise with. It was doubtful that this item of footwear had ever been used for its intended purpose. It was very large and broad, whoever it had been made had an extraordinarily large foot. The sole was made of leather and it had been polished smooth by firm application to many a naughty bottom. Denise gripped it around one end, raised it high and brought it screaming down.

Gordon yelped and bucked as the slipper bit savagely into his abused backside. "Stings, doesn't it?" Denise asked conversationally, adjusting her grip and swinging the slipper so it caught the tender underhang of the boy's rear.

Hating himself for doing it Gordon squealed and rose up onto his toes.

"I asked you a question, young man," Denise said sternly, as she swiped the slipper's sole across the glowing red buttocks presented so saucily across her lap and getting a howl of pain in response, "and you have not yet answered it." Denise cracked the slipper smartly down over the pulsating derriere crowns in front of her and Gordon wailed as the tears started to flow. "Does this sting?" she punctuated her question with another scorching stroke from the slipper's smooth and hard sole.

"Yyess." Gordon blubbered.

"Yes what?" Denise's voice was stern as she swiped the slipper over each fire hydrant red cheek.

"Yes, ma'am." Gordon sobbed.

"Much better." Denise cooed and then tightened her grip on the crying gymnast as she unleashed a blazing volley with the slipper.

Emma's eyes shone as they were fixed on Gordon's frantically pumping, tight, round, firm, muscular, shimmering crimson globes.

Denise paused, took a deep breath and wiped the back of her hand across her forehead to remove the slight sheen of perspiration that had built up during her vigorous slippering. Normally a mere slippering would not require this much effort, but Gordon was a well built and strong young man and holding him in place as she stoked the furnace building in his rump was hard work. Denise leaned forward and sighed happily as the heat in Gordon's bottom radiated up and warmed her full breasts. "You're primed nicely." she told the boy. Gordon whimpered, his mind was mostly focused on the fires burning in his hindquarters, but he did hear what the curly haired PGB senior had said and the words seemed to indicate that his ordeal was far from over.

"Up you get!" Denise said in a businesslike manner as she stood and hauled a miserable Gordon to his feet. "Em', you take my spot." she told her sorority sister.

Emma needed no further encouragement, in a flash she was sitting on the stool, beaming up at Gordon. "Emma, I think you said you administered a few of these at school, didn't you?"

"Yes Denise, I did, but Gordon's bottom is a lot different to the girls I slippered at school."

"You were a prefect?" Gordon asked incredulously.

"Yes, I was," Emma answered with a smile, and taking Gordon's wrist drew him close to her and then smacked his bottom smartly, scolding, "and that is Miss Emma to you, young man."

While Gordon was gasping and wishing that these girls would stop using his rear end for target practice he found himself skillfully upended and laying over Emma's thighs, eyes focused on the floorboards.

"I don't think Emma needs any practice," Veronica remarked, a smile in her voice, "that was a textbook turning over the knees."

"Let's see if she can spank as well as she performs the preliminaries." Shauna challenged.

Emma looked up at the blonde cheerleader as her hand closed around the slipper. She ran the sole over Gordon's twitching, rosy backside, teasing him with "Oooohhhh Miss Denise really heated these up for you, didn't she, sweetie?"

Remembering what had happened the last time he failed to answer a question quickly enough for the girl's liking Gordon said softly and with as much respect as he could muster "Yes ma'am."

"Yes ma'am." Emma repeated, eyes shining. "He called me ma'am." she announced to her audience. "Maybe he's learning quicker than we gave him credit for."

Emma seemed to be relishing her role as the disciplinarian and enjoying the teasing, Gordon was trying to think of ways he could drag it out and maybe even get out of the second date with the slipper.

"Owwwww!" the gymnast howled as Emma brought the slipper across the crowns of his buttocks, snapping that wicked sole across both cheeks.

Before the first yell had died on the air Emma had stung each of Gordon's firm globes with ringing smacks of the slipper. Just as he had over Denise's lap Gordon was soon kicking and bouncing whilst Emma really scorched his bottom with her slipper. Emma held him securely on her lap. Some of the girls she had slippered at school struggled, although Gordon was stronger than them. "Gordon," she warned, taking a breather, "if don't stop all this silly wriggling about I'll ask Miss Denise to restrain you and I can promise you will not enjoy that one bit. Now just settle down and take your slippering like a big brave boy!"

Denise's heart swelled with pride as Emma delivered that little speech and followed it up with a blistering round of swats from the slipper. Her 'little sister' really knew how to roast a cheeky male bottom.

Gordon was sobbing steadily and his nose was running. Emma assisted him to his feet and saw the state he was in, she warned him not to rub his burning bottom and then took a tissue from the nearby dispenser, she held it to Gordon's nose and instructed "Blow." Gordon blew his nose into it noisily and stood obediently whilst Emma wiped his nose and face, after disposing of the tissue, she put her hands on his broad shoulders, turned him towards the opposite corner where Matt was still sniffling and pushed him in that direction landing a playful, but still painful swat to encourage him to move quickly.

"I think we can trust these two for the next few minutes." Naomi said. "I need a drink after that." The other girls agreed and as they headed down the stairs Veronica announced. "The bathrooms need cleaning and the hall has to be dusted. Just the thing to occupy two naughty young men for next few hours." Matthew bit back a groan and Gordon let a sigh escape his lips. Stopping at the entrance to the stairs Veronica told the boys "I will be supervising and let me assure you that the bamboo handle of a feather duster stings like you would not believe, so there will not be any slacking off."

As the girls settled back in the recreation room Colin and Patrick emerged from the kitchen bearing trays of sandwiches and liquid refreshments for lunch, they were followed by Heather, the outsized wooden spoon in her hand twitching dangerously. The boys set their trays down quickly and retreated. Colin's bottom literally twitched in anticipation of a smack from the flat of Heather's spoon. The boys stood nervously by until at least one of the girls had nibbled a sandwich and sipped from a frosty glass of iced tea. "Mmmmm....," Fiona murmured around a mouthful of sandwich, "this is good."

Colin and Pat sighed, and their shoulders slumped with relief. Heather lowered her spoon with a smile. Amy patted the couch next to her and invited Colin to come and sit by her and have some lunch. Veronica and Sally made space between them for Patrick.

The number of sandwiches on the plates decreased rapidly. Veronica excused herself and said that she had better check on Matthew and Gordon. "We should leave some sandwiches for them." Amy suggested and this was seconded by Naomi.

Jessica was the only one to voice an objection "Why? It's not our fault they decided to act the fool and miss lunch."

Emma took a sip of her lemonade and fixed the tall brunette with a strong look "Did you like it when Nicole did it to us, Jessica?"

Jessica squirmed in her chair uncomfortably and whispered "No."

Nothing further words were needed, sandwiches were kept for the two boys cleaning the upstairs bathrooms and hall.

The rest of the day and evening progressed uneventfully enough. There was plenty of good natured teasing and the occasional playful smack given to the boys as they went about their duties around the house as directed by their 'mistresses' for the next week. Jessica administered a world class 'bathbrushing' to Matthew's unfortunate rear end before putting him to bed in his cot in the room she shared with Shauna. The fraternity boy's crime had been taking a shower without permission or first checking that no one else was using one of the other showers. The second Matt turned on the water an outraged scream came from the other upstairs bathroom and a dripping wet Jessica, wearing a towel, emerged from the room and stalked purposefully towards the other shower room.  Matt's shout of surprise soon turned to howls of anguish as Jessica hauled him out of the shower and over her knee while telling him that she was going to deliver the scalding she had narrowly missed, and meted out a protracted dose of the back of the long handled wooden bathbrush to his wet buttocks.

It was late and Naomi and Amy were the only two girls still awake. They were sipping hot chocolate in the kitchen and chatting softly. "Do you like Colin?" Naomi asked.

"He's a sweetie." Amy confessed, smiling at her big sister through the haze of steam rising from her mug.

"Is that why you don't spank him as much as the others do?"

Amy frowned "No, he's not as naughty as the other Phi Sigs."

Naomi chuckled and sipped her chocolate before answering "I think he probably is, Amy, it's just that you don't see it because of your feelings for him."

"He isn't!" Amy insisted.

"Watch your tone, young lady." Naomi warned sternly. "This is some sisterly advice, sweetheart. You're not doing Colin any favours by going easy on him."

Amy opened her mouth to protest, but the tall brunette forestalled her with an upraised finger. "I'm not saying you need to be cruel like Jessica or stern like Emma or even carelessly mean like Sally, but how do you think his fraternity brothers are going to react when Colin gets paddled less than they did because he got the 'soft' PGB girl? He'll get a lot of teasing and not all of it will be good natured."

"I'm not soft." Amy muttered into her mug.

"I know that, darling, but don't let your feelings for Colin cloud your judgement. Be just a little bit tougher and don't hesitate to put him over your knee or under the paddle for the smaller things. He'll respect you more if you do."

As she got ready for bed that night Amy looked at the sleeping Colin in his cot, chest rising and falling evenly, a lock of dark hair carelessly across one eye, she smiled at him and then slipped under her cool crisp sheets with a contented sigh.

The boys were woken early and told to wash quickly and get into the kitchen. The girls of Phi Gamma Beta would expect Sunday breakfast to be well under way by the time they arose and four bottoms would sizzle if this was not the case. Grumbling, Gordon stumbled into the kitchen, wiping sleep from his eyes, he put a hand under his scarlet briefs and scratched his backside and Pat sniggered. "Gordo, go to the sink and wash your hands again. I don't think the girls will thank you if you give them some sort of disease because you prepared food with the hands that just picked your butt."

By the time the girls began to drift into the kitchen bacon and eggs were frying and coffee was brewing. Pat was looking after the cook top. Matthew was handling beverages and that included squeezing oranges for juice. Gordon was ferrying plates to their recipients and Colin was asking the girls what they would like.

Colin was very proud of his memory, it was one of the things that had always helped him in class and especially exams. For that reason, although he had a pad to write down what the girls were ordering, he preferred to commit it to memory. Naomi and Amy sat down. Colin appeared at their table and asked what they wanted for breakfast. Naomi was first to order whilst Amy smiled at the bespectacled frat boy. "Coffee, juice, bacon and eggs sunny side up."

Colin nodded.

"Aren't you going to write it down?" Naomi asked.

Colin grinned "I don't need to Miss Naomi. I can remember it."

Naomi sniffed and shook her long dark hair "Well as long as you understand that it's your bottom that will fry for breakfast if you get an order wrong."

Colin blanched but did not reply, just turned to Amy.

The redhead smiled up at him sunnily and said firmly "Tea, toast thinly spread with butter, no bacon, scrambled eggs."

Colin committed it to memory and went to relay the orders to Pat and Matthew.

Gordon set down plates in front of Naomi and Amy, Naomi immediately fell on her breakfast with a will. Amy frowned down at the plate in front of her and said softly "Gordon?"

The gymnast turned gracefully, one eyebrow raised and answered politely "Ma'am?"

"This isn't what I asked for." Amy told him, as Naomi looked up from her meal.

Gordon glanced down at the plate and asked "What did you want?"

"Toast and scrambled eggs. This is bacon, sausages, fried eggs and I don't see any toast here."

A worried look appeared in Gordon's eyes as he tried to explain "I don't cook it or order it. I just deliver it."

"Where did you get the food, Gordon?" Naomi asked, sipping her coffee, whilst the blond boy answered

"From Pat, he's the one who knows his way around the kitchen."

"And where does Pat get his food orders from?" Amy pressed, a strange glint in her bright green eyes.

Gordon raised his eyes to the ceiling, he knew that by answering truthfully he was saving his own behind, but condemning one of his frat brothers to a hot bottom, he sighed and said "Colin."

"Thankyou Gordon," Amy said slowly, "you may leave."

"Colin!" Amy snapped and there was genuine authority in her normally gentle voice.

Stevie had just walked into the kitchen and sat down, she looked across at Amy and a slow smile spread across her face, one of the boys was going to find out that even a kitten had claws.

Colin appeared in front of Amy, grinning.

"Look down at my plate, Colin." Amy commanded, her voice cold.

Smile slipping, the boy did as he was told "What is on it?" Amy asked.

Colin told Amy the contents of the plate

"What did I order?"

"I....ummmmm....not that...." Colin faltered.

"No, not that." Amy confirmed. "What did Miss Naomi say to you when you took our orders?"

"Ummmm....I.....can't remember....." the boy stammered, going weak at the knees and feeling an unpleasant tingling in his bottom.

"That is I cannot remember, ma'am." Amy said sharply. "And I think you can. She wondered why you weren't writing the orders down. You proudly said that you could remember it. This proves that you cannot and pride often goes before a fall, young man."

Heads were turning to Amy and eyes were lighting with amusement and admiration. No one had ever thought that the softly spoken redhead would be such an effective disciplinarian. This was a first class scolding and Colin was squirming under that piercing emerald gaze and his cheeks were flaming with embarrassment. "That fall," Amy continued, without skipping a beat and taking hold of Colin's slender wrist, "will be over my knee." Amy jerked the wrist and Colin found himself sprawled awkwardly across Amy's lap.

Colin gasped as his red briefs were whisked to his knees and a small, hard hand began to briskly slap his upturned buttocks, still flushed with pink from the previous day's attention. "When a girl in this house makes a suggestion, you respond to it, boy! You do not make some cheeky, smart alec response that implies that you know better than she does!" Each and every word was underlined with a stinging slap and Colin was soon wriggling, kicking and yelping.

Amy continued to spank Colin's bottom soundly and it did not take long before the gentle pink flush was a hot pulsating red and tears were rolling down the boy's cheeks. Amy grunted and hauled Colin in tight to her lap as he threatened to wriggle out of position. The redhead wiped the back of her hand across her forehead, to rid herself of the thin film of perspiration that had formed there. "Stop wriggling!" she ordered Colin, landing a really hard slap right on his sit spot.

"Owwwwwwwww!" the boy howled, bucking up and down and wailed "I can't help it Miss Amy, it hurts!"

"It's a spanking, you foolish boy." Amy told the miserable student over her lap. "It is meant to hurt."

"Amy," Naomi said softly to her 'little sister', "try this." she suggested and lifted one of Amy's legs so that it locked into position over Colin's. "That should cut down on the kicking."

Amy looked down and tried an experimental smack, right on the boy's sit spot, he squirmed, but could not kick and Amy was easily able to hold him where she wanted him. "Cool!" she pronounced and then looked across at a beaming Naomi. "Thanks Naomi."

Colin looked down at the tiled floor and watched a tear drop slip from his nose and splash on a tile. This was both painful and humiliating. Amy had stopped spanking and Colin felt his bottom throb. The redheaded girl seemed to be searching for something. "Would you like something, Amy?" Stevie asked politely.

"I was looking for an implement, ma'am." Amy answered. "One of those metal spatulas with the holes would be good," Colin's eyes opened wide as he heard that and he desperately tried to lever himself off Amy's lap, but the leg clamped in position over his thighs effectively prevented him, "but Pat has used it to cook with." Amy finished in a disappointed tone.

"I think I can help out here." the black housemother said with a smile, as she delved into her handbag and came up holding a wicked looking rubber paddle, which she handed to a radiant and flushed Amy.

There was a hissed intake of breath from many of the girls. Amy had just accepted the infamous Miss Sting from the housemother. Nearly every girl had felt the horrid paddle and it was not something any of them were eager to experience again.

Amy placed the paddle gently on Colin's bottom and began to move it in slow teasing circles. "This is Miss Sting, Colin." she told the boy.

"Yes, Miss Amy." Colin gulped.

"Why do you think we call it Miss Sting, Colin?"

"I don't know, ma'am." Colin answered with a shaking voice.

"Oh, I think you do, Colin. A smart boy like you. I think you're telling fibs and in this house little boys who tell fibs get spanked good and hard."

Colin was not given time to apologize or talk his way out of it. The rubber paddle smacked down hard across his stinging buttocks with a loud CRACK that made the other three boys jump, some of the girls flinched and Colin roared. "When I give you an order, Colin," Amy said, Miss Sting slapping noisily across the boy's rolling, jerking crimson backside and Colin bawling and yelling trying to get Amy to stop the chastisement, Amy raised her voice to be heard over the din, "I expect it to be done and I expect it to be done properly. Do you understand?"

Amy paused in her paddling to let Colin answer, he dangled over her lap, blubbering incoherently. There was no answer forthcoming. Colin was only dimly aware that a question had been asked, most of his mind was totally focused on the raging fires blazing through his hindquarters.

Amy frowned and her jaw set resolutely. There was a hiss of indrawn breath from some of the watching girls as the petite redhead raised the paddle again. CRACK SMACK SLAP WHAP the horrid implement splatted down solidly across Colin's upturned bottom. He wailed in misery and anguish, Amy had the paddle hovering over the boy's steaming rump and asked quietly and gently "I asked you a question, young man. When I give you an order I expect it to be done without complaint and I expect it to be done properly as I have told you. Do you understand that?"

Colin winced and gasped as another wave of uncomfortable heat flooded through his nether regions, he sniffled and got out an unsteady "Yes, ma'am."

Amy nodded with a smile and asked "What do you understand?"

"That when I am asked to do something I do it properly or else I will be spanked."

"Good boy." Amy complimented the frat boy over her lap as she put the paddle aside, and then said "You may get up now, Colin."

Painfully Colin managed to get himself off Amy's lap. He looked down at Amy, eyes and nose streaming.

Amy beamed up at him and made a small noise of sympathy, she took a tissue from a box on the table and held it up to the boy. Colin pressed his nose into the offered tissue. "Blow." Amy instructed.

Cheeks aflame with an embarrassed flush Colin blew noisily into the tissue.

Amy discarded it and used another one to wipe his eyes. She gathered him into her arms and hugged him tight saying fondly "There all over now. You go off and help the others and bring me my proper breakfast this time."

Colin nodded and began to look for his underwear. Veronica, who had picked them up when Colin's histrionics over Amy's lap had kicked them off his ankles and across the room, held them out to him. With a sigh of relief Colin took them from the tall brunette and began to step back into them.

"Colin," Amy said firmly, "I do not believe you were given permission to put your briefs back on, were you?"

The scarlet pants still around his ankles Colin turned to the redhead and responded "No, ma'am."

"No, you were not." Amy clarified. "Give them to me, please. They will be returned to you when I have decided that you will have them back."

Holding back a disappointed sigh, Colin removed the small pants from his ankles and handed them to Amy. "Good boy." she said, and then giving his sore, swollen bottom a playful pat, sent him back to Patrick, Matt and Gordon.

Amy basked in the approving glow of her sisters as she ate a leisurely breakfast and sipped contentedly at her tea. Girls started to filter out of the kitchen and Heather began to order the boys to clean up. "Heather," Amy asked, setting her empty cup in its saucer, "may I borrow Colin?"

Heather looked at her fellow redhead, but shrugged and said "Yeah, sure. The other three can handle this just fine, can't you boys?" hearing the menace in the girl's tone Pat, Gordon and Matthew nodded vigorously.

Amy dimpled at them as she rose and took Colin by the hand "You come with me, sweetie. Aunty Amy has something for you."

Feeling like a child, Colin allowed the pretty girl to lead him out of the kitchen, past the girls relaxing in the common room, up the stairs and into the room that Amy and Naomi shared.

"Lay down on your cot, sweetness." Amy ordered.

Colin began to lower himself gingerly onto the cot, face screwed up in anticipation of how the surface would hurt when it came in contact with his aching derriere.

"Not that way, silly." Amy giggled. "On your tummy."

With a sigh of relief the academically inclined boy stretched out on his stomach.

Colin frowned as he heard Amy leave the room, but the fires still raging in his bottom convinced him not to do anything other than lay there. Amy returned, she went to Colin's front and knelt so that she was facing him "Dear me, you did make a mess of your glasses, Colin. They're all streaked and smudged. I'll take them for now." Amy reached out and gently removed the boy's glasses, placing them on a bedside table, lenses up. She stood and moved to his twitching backside. Colin sighed and felt his erection press hard against the cot's thin mattress as soothing lotion was tenderly rubbed across his sore bottom cheeks. "Bet that feels better, doesn't it, darling?"

"Oh yessss, Miss Amy." Colin moaned.

Amy began to wipe away the grease left by the lotion with damp cotton balls and felt a shudder go through the boy's body "Now, Colin," she scolded playfully, "if you make a mess Aunty Amy will have to spank you again and you do not want that."

As Colin luxuriated beneath the girl's tender ministrations he marveled at how strong an impact mere words could have on one's emotions and body. At hearing the promise of a spanking if he lost control of himself he felt his turgid member shrivel and all thoughts of what had promised to be an explosive orgasm were simply washed away like the grease that Amy was wiping from the crimson bottom pointing at the rooms ceiling.

Amy patted Colin's bottom dry with a fresh, clean towel and then said "Up you get."

Slightly confused and a little disappointed Colin got to his feet and faced Amy nervously.

Amy drew back the sheets on her bed and pointed to it. "For a little man, you've had a big morning and I think you deserve a nap. In you hop."

Colin's eyes widened. Yes, Amy had spanked him quite soundly and he felt that she had been mean about it, but now she was being very nice and offering him her bed to have a nap in was something he could not imagine any of the other three first years doing with their charges. "Thankyou, Miss Amy." he said, truly grateful for the kindness and wincing only slightly as the crisp, cool sheets contacted his stinging sitmedown slipped into the bed. Amy smiled down at him, tucked him in, then planted a tender, chaste kiss on his forehead and whispered "Pleasant dreams." as she left the room. The last thing Colin heard before slipping away was the soft click of the door as Amy closed it behind her.

Later that day things had settled down considerably from the morning. Colin had woken from his nap refreshed and feeling much better. He and Amy were seated on a couch, laptop computer shared on their laps, exchanging smiles and laughs as they looked at a website.

Jessica had pressed Matthew into service on the verandah and he was ferrying drinks and refreshments to the girls who were relaxing in the balmy afternoon. The sisters enjoyed the attention and the service and were not above teasing their attractive young waiter or smacking the chubby cheeks encased in their embarrassing scarlet briefs as he went about the duties he had been ordered to undertake. Jessica sat back, sipped iced tea from a tall frosted glass and her eyes sparkled as Matthew blushed furiously at first to teasing from Georgette and then a sharp slap to his bottom to send him on his way. He would not tell tales about Jessica again.

Gordon and Emma were upstairs in her room. Emma was tutoring the gymnast for a class that he had confessed difficulty in understanding and she was a hard taskmistress. Gordon was often ordered to his feet to bend over the back of his chair for hard spanks from a long, sturdy wooden ruler to his bared buttocks. Passersby could hear the loud reports of the ruler cracking against Gordon's firm bottom and his answering grunts of pain.

In Sally's room things were rather more relaxed between the bubbly blonde first year and the stubble chinned dancer. "How does someone like you get into dancing, anyway?" Sally asked, lying on her tummy on her bed, looking at Patrick as he lazed in a chair.

"My mum was a dancer, she taught dance. It looked kind of silly if her own son didn't even take lessons."

Sally giggled "Yeah, I guess that would have done people's heads in. Didn't you get teased about it, though?"

"At first." Patrick answered, rubbing a hand across his rough jaw.

"At first?" Sally echoed. "What stopped it?"

"I took karate as well as dance." Patrick replied shortly.

Sally's eyes widened "No!" she gasped.

"Yeah." Patrick nodded.

"So you beat people up if they teased you?"

"Well, not exactly. I did have a couple of fights with the odd idiot or two, but I didn't just go around beating people up for calling me a sissy or something. The two; dancing and karate complemented each other. Karate helped my dancing and dancing helped my karate."

"You never used it for an advantage?" Sally pressed.

Patrick bit his bottom lip with his upper teeth and flushed a little as he confessed "A little, in senior year. I took to tucking a pair of ballet slippers in my back pocket and made sure they were visible, just taunting someone to make an issue of it, knowing that I could more than take care of it."

"Naughty naughty boy!" Sally scolded, bouncing off the bed and taking a firm grip on Patrick's ear as she hauled him up off his chair and out of the room.

Pat had no idea what was going on, but with the hold Sally had on his ear he had no alternative, but to stumble along behind her. The sometimes scatter brained blonde dragged the stubble chinned boy into at bathroom and pushed him into a chair. Patrick stared at her as she rummaged around in a drawer on the vanity. "What are you looking for?" he asked.

"A razor." she replied, continuing to rifle through the drawer.

"What for?"

"What do you normally use a razor for, silly?" Sally answered the question with one of her own.

"Shaving?" Patrick hazarded a guess.

"And people say that you're not bright." Sally giggled.

"You can't use one of your razors on me, Sally, they don't work."

"Why do you think I'm looking for one? If I were going to use one of ours I'd know where to find it. Got it!" she proclaimed triumphantly, holding up a straight razor.

"Oh God!" Patrick said, suddenly dry mouthed. The prospect of Sally Fairweather wielding a straight razor anywhere near him was an extremely frightening one.

Sally turned and smiled at Patrick, a glint in her eye. At that point Veronica entered. "What's happening?" the tall brunette asked.

"I'm going to give Patrick a shave, he looks so scruffy." Sally told her 'big sister'.

Concern entered Veronica's eyes. She knew Sally meant well and Patrick could indeed use a shave, but using a straight razor was a tricky business unless you genuinely knew what you were doing. "Honey, give me the razor. I think I know where there's a safety one, okay."

Sally looked disappointed, but handed the razor over. Veronica took it and rolled her eyes at Patrick, he held back the laughter, but his answering look was filled with gratitude.

"Sal', you lather him up and I'll come back with the razor."

Licking her lips, with her blue eyes sparkling Sally stripped off Patrick's t-shirt and whistled appreciatively at the broad, well developed, hairy chest and the rock hard abs that were revealed. She held a shaving brush under the water to wet it, and then lathered it up thoroughly before rubbing it vigorously over Patrick's jaw and cheeks. Veronica returned with the safety razor which she handed to Sally. Sally began to carefully remove Patrick's painstakingly cultivated designer stubble. "Stevie will be so impressed," Veronica remarked as Sally shaved Patrick's face smooth, "she remarked to me only yesterday how scruffy Patrick looked and how she wished that only clean shaven boys like Colin, Matthew and Gordon represented Phi Gamma Beta."

Patrick did not move as he did not want Sally to nick him, but he blushed at the comment, it was humiliating the way the girls treated he and the other three boys as if they were about five years old.

"Do you know Veronica," Sally said conversationally, continuing to run the razor over Patrick's face, "Patrick told me about something very naughty he used to do in high school. Would you like to hear what it was?"

"Oh yes!" Veronica answered, sitting on a stool to watch the shaving and hear the gossip.

"Patrick has a black belt in karate." Sally began.

"Oohhh." Veronica cooed appreciatively, her eyes sparkling.

"When he was in senior year he used to walk around with a pair of ballet slippers in his back pocket trying to provoke fights."

Veronica's eyes narrowed and she said in stern tones "That is a very naughty thing to do, Patrick."

Patrick tried to avert his eyes as Sally patted his now smooth and clean shaven face dry.

"Do you agree?" Veronica pressed.

Pat took a deep breath and murmured "Yes ma'am."

"Yes ma'am." Veronica echoed and turned her attention to Sally. "What happens to naughty little boys who provoke fights in this house, Sally?"

"They get spanked, Veronica." Sally replied, fighting to keep the glee out of her voice.

"How are they spanked?" Veronica asked.

"Good and hard, right on their bare little rumps." Sally gave the response.

"Very good." Veronica complimented her 'little sister'. "Were you spanked for what you did, young man?"

Feeling a tingle in his bottom Patrick answered "No ma'am, I was not."

"Then this is long overdue. Stand up and get those pants down, now!" Veronica's voice had taken on an authoritative tone that brooked no argument.

Patrick did as he had been told and began to lower his skimpy scarlet briefs over his slim hips and tight, muscular buttocks in front of a lip licking Sally and a gently smiling Veronica. "Sally," Veronica told the blonde, "sit down in that chair."

"Come on, boy!" she chided Patrick. "Get them down!" and reached out to plant a stinging slap on one of Patrick's thighs. Patrick grunted, but did take his underpants down quickly due to the urging.

Patrick stood, pants around his ankles, painfully aware of how exposed he was, but not daring to cover up.

"Over Miss Sally's knee." Veronica told Patrick, arms folded over her impressive chest.

With a sigh Patrick lowered himself over the blonde girl's lap. "Oooohhhh, this feels nice." Sally giggled and rested a hand on one of Patrick's firm cheeks. At the gentle contact of the girl's soft hand another part of Pat's anatomy responded. Sally's blue eyes opened wide as she felt the insistent pressure of the engorged member against her thigh. "Oh!" she exclaimed. "You too, too naughty boy!" she punctuated each word with a hard spank that echoed and rang out through the tiled bathroom.

Veronica watched approvingly as Sally started a steady rhythm, her small palm rebounding crisply first off one rapidly reddening cheek and then its twin. To Sally's disappointment the spanking actually diminished Patrick's erection, however the feel of smacking his bottom and the growing heat was a pleasurable sensation as was the boy's squirming on her lap as he gyrated his backside to avoid the slaps. "You keep that up, sweetheart." Veronica told Sally. "I'll just go and get you a good paddle to really roast that rump."

Sally gratefully took the sorority paddle that Veronica offered on her return. It was a broad, solid implement. The business side was a smooth, polished light coloured wood. The other side was painted bright red with the sorority's Greek initials picked out in a vivid yellow, as this one was Sally's personal paddle it had the girl's name written on the handle. Sally's hand curled around the traditional implement's handle and as she raised it she looked down at the bottom stretched out across her lap, it was glowing hotly and her hand spanking had Patrick positively simmering. He would not need much of the paddle to be reduced to a well spanked, blubbering mess. CRACK, hard wood met tender buttocks, and Patrick howled lustily again. Veronica leaned against the wall, her arms folded resolutely under her large bosom, a smile played across her full lips as she watched Sally concentrating intently tongue poking out from between her lips while she lined up which part of the boy's rear she wanted to scorch with the paddle and brought it swinging down to contact the offered rump with a meaty thwack. The room filled with the sounds of the paddle's firm smack and Patrick's roars of pain. After twenty solid spanks Pat lay limply over the blonde girl's lap, sobbing and his bottom almost purple, it was slightly swollen and waves of heat radiated up off it. Sally had the paddle raised for yet another swat when Veronica spoke up "Sally, hon, I think Pat has had enough."

Sally looked across, her azure eyes shining and slowly the light of reason returned to them, she gazed down on the boy's obviously very sore gluteal area and breathed "Oh wow!"

Veronica helped a blubbering Patrick to his feet, took a tissue from a dispenser on the table, held to the boy's nose and instructed "Blow." Patrick blew into it noisily and Veronica disposed of the tissue, using a fresh one to clean Patrick's sweat, tear, saliva and mucus covered face. The tall brunette guided the dance major into a spot near the corner, but one where he could see his face in the mirror "Now you just stand there like a good little boy and contemplate what happens to nasty children who provoke confrontations. Aunt Sally and I are going to have a cup of tea whilst you think about that. Do not even think about rubbing your bottom. Miss Sally will be up again soon to let you out of the corner."

As the girls left the room, the door remained open. Pat was tempted to try and rub some of the fire out of his backside, but Veronica's warning was clear in his mind and if one of the other girls chanced to walk by and saw him rubbing he had no doubt that the dark haired senior with the big chest would make certain that sitting down became a distant memory for him.

The four boys settled into life in the sorority house. They were allowed to dress normally once they left the house for classes, but when they returned they were expected to don their humiliating t-shirts and the skimpy red panties. Colin and Pat probably had it easiest. After the Sunday morning breakfast paddling Amy only spanked when it was necessary and even then it was generally with her hand, although Colin did earn himself one appointment over Naomi's long tanned thighs which was administered with her hairbrush. The slender, shy boy had not been aware that anyone could heat a bottom to that temperature without it actually bursting into flames. He ate his supper standing up that night. Sally didn't often spank, and nothing as serious as the paddling she administered in the bathroom on Sunday afternoon, when she did put Patrick over her knee there was always a playful side to it. They stung and left his bottom with a hot, uncomfortable prickly feeling, but he knew that compared to Matt and even Gordon he had it pretty good. Most of Gordon's spankings were for his intellectual failings. Emma tutored him often and she was only too eager to get him over her knee for a stinging session with her slipper. The gymnast was glad that she had not been a prefect at his school, he would have had to attend most of his classes standing up. It was worse when Denise conducted the tutorials, the curly headed academically inclined girl was stern and she was as good at spanking as she was in the classroom. The girls in the sorority tended to think that Naomi was the most talented spanker in the house next to Stevie, but if they ever had a contest Gordon would have been willing to bet a few dollars on Denise. Matthew was the real hard luck story. Jessica spanked for any and every infraction, she watched the boy like a hawk and she would put him over her knee at the drop of a hat. Shauna generally backed her on these chastisements. It was Jessica who implemented the nightly bedtime spankings for Matt, these were for anything she may have missed during the day. Matt was sleeping permanently on his tummy and usually cried himself to sleep.

By Monday night the boys were settled in and the schedule had been established. The four fraternity boys woke early, washed, dressed and prepared breakfast for the ladies of the house, then they were allowed to change into their usual clothes and head off to class. The rest of the day was spent attending tutorials, lectures and any other activities that the boys were involved in on campus, such as sport. Once back at the house they had to change back into their t-shirts and underpants, were permitted time to study or complete any assigned work and then helped prepare and serve dinner. After cleaning up from dinner they washed before being put to bed, or in Matt's case being spanked and put to bed.

Emma rolled over, opened her eyes and looked at the clock radio's luminous dial, 2:15 blinked at her. 'Way too early.' Was the thought that ran through her mind and she was about to turn over and go back to sleep when she noticed that Gordon's cot was empty. The strawberry blonde came fully awake and started to wonder as she stared at the empty cot. The boy had probably just gone to the bathroom, but if any of them was going to sneak out it would be Gordon. He was headstrong, sure of himself, independent, rebellious and he loved pushing the limits. With a sigh Emma got out of bed and padded into the hall.

A light went off in one of the bathrooms and Gordon emerged....stark naked. Emma's eyes opened wide. She had seen him nude below the waist before, every time he was spanked in fact, but like this was different. He was a magnificent physical specimen. With his tanned, gymnast's body and those large and well defined muscles, the short blond hair and the regular features he looked like a statue of a Greek god given flesh, he was not aroused down below, but as Emma saw the penis and testicles in their nest of springy blonde girls she felt a not unpleasant heat in her own sex and her breath was short. "Get it together, Casey!" she told herself and then confronted the boy.

Blue eyes blazing Emma launched into Gordon "What exactly do you think you're about?" she demanded.

"Don't have a coronary," the blond boy retorted, "I had to take a whiz. Is there a law against that in the house now?"

Emma's eyes narrowed, she did not like the tone of voice and she had not missed the fact that he had very deliberately left off an honorific. Gordon knew that they were the only two in the house awake and that Emma would not want to wake anyone else. She was going to have to handle this one solo. "No, Gordon there is not," she answered in measured tones, "but would it have been so hard to put on a pair of shorts?"

Gordon shrugged "I'm not ashamed of what I've got." and he thrust his groin forward suggestively.

'Keep pushing it, boy.' Emma thought. 'That only makes it easier for me.'

"No, it's a very nice package, although I've seen better," Emma said, scoring a mental point as Gordon reacted visibly to the 'I've seen better' comment, "however I don't know if this has escaped your attention young man, but this is a house full of women. We do not expect to be confronted by naked boys cavorting about at all hours."

"I wasn't cavorting. I was taking a piss...." Gordon began.

"That's it!" Emma snapped, she took hold of Gordon's ear and hauled him in the direction of the bathroom he had just departed.

"Firstly you leave the room and go wandering about the halls in all your naked glory," Emma scolded as she turned on the taps in the basin, "then when I do ask what you're about you are deliberately confrontational, rude and insolent," she dropped a washcloth and soap into the water, "there was no need for vulgar language and it simply will not be accepted." Emma lathered up the washcloth and instructed "Open up."

Gordon's eyes widened as he realized what Emma intended to do "No way." he said, backing off a step.

"Gordon I cannot just let this slide, I don't want to wake Stevie up over this, but I will if I have to."

Gordon's face paled at the mention of the housemother. There was something about that lady that you just didn't mess with. She was like something out of a Kyle Onstott novel, only she was tougher than most of them.

"Are you going to open up, sweetie?" Emma inquired.

Gordon's shoulders slumped and he opened his mouth.

"Good boy." Emma cooed as she thrust the soapy washcloth into his mouth and began to wash it out thoroughly, making sure that his tongue, teeth and the roof of his mouth got a good soaping. Gordon gagged and tears began to spill from his eyes, Emma knew that he had had enough and removed the cloth. "Rinse." she instructed.

Gordon lunged at the cold tap, turned it on and gratefully filled his mouth with the cool, clean water, once he had rinsed and spit vigorously a number of times Emma turned the tap off and ordered Gordon to stand up. "Do you have anything you want to say to me, young man?" she asked.

Gordon glanced nervously at the soap on the edge of the basin, within easy reach of the plump strawberry blonde and mumbled "I'm sorry Miss Emma."

"I'm afraid you'll have to do better than that, Gordon. A little louder and with a lot more sincerity." Emma said, genuine menace in her tone.

With the taste of the soap still in his mouth Gordon tried again "I am sorry Miss Emma. I will not do it again."

"What won't you do again, boy?" Emma demanded, placing a forefinger under Gordon's chin and pushing it up so that he had to look at her.

"I won't go to the toilet without putting something on first."


"And I'm sorry for being rude to you, ma'am."

"There now," Emma said brightly, "that wasn't so hard, was it? Amazing what a little bit of soap and water can accomplish."

She rinsed the washcloth out and hung it on a rail over the bathtub to dry out. Then she took Gordon's hand and led him out of the bathroom.

Gordon started to worry when they went straight past the closed door of the room he and Emma shared with Denise. "Ummmm...Emma where are we going?"

"Shhhh....," the girl cautioned, a finger over her lips, "don't want to wake anyone up."

Gordon frowned, but let Emma lead him along, the last thing he wanted was for Denise or even worse Stevie to come out and ask what was happening. No matter what he said he was sure that it would result in an extremely painful bottom for him.

Emma reached a door at the back of the house and on the ground floor, no one slept on that floor. She opened the door and guided Gordon inside as he stepped in she switched on the light. Gordon looked around. Washing machine, dryer, clothes basket, stacks of folded towels and cleaning products and implements. The laundry. Why had she brought him to the laundry? He doubted she wanted him to spend the rest of the night doing laundry. Emma smiled at Gordon reassuringly, then swung a stool around so that it was in the centre of the room and sat down on it. "Come on." she urged patting her lap.

The girls in this house only had one thing in mind when they did that and Gordon was not at all certain why Emma wanted to spank him, she had washed his mouth out and he had apologized.

"Miss Emma are you going to spank me?"

"Of course I am silly boy, why else would we be here? Now get over my lap, it's late. I must say having you nude makes things easier, although not that we let you have much to take down with your little spank panties."

Gordon blushed at the mention of the horrid scarlet briefs and the childish, humiliating name the girls had for them.

"Why am I being spanked, ma'am? I said sorry and had my mouth washed out."

"That was for your language and very rude manner, my boy," Emma explained, "this is for wandering around the in the altogether and then questioning me quite aggressively about it. One thing that you and your friends need to learn is that in this house we ladies are always right and are not to be challenged, if it takes a few sore bottoms to learn that, then so be it. I won't tell you again. Over my lap!"

Knowing he had no option Gordon lowered himself over Emma's lap, bottom tingling in anticipation of what was to come.

"Aren't these just adorable?" Emma cooed, running her hand across Gordon's upturned buttocks. "They're like a statue, I bet by the time I'm done you'll be wishing they were really made of marble."

Gordon grunted as Emma's hand smacked smartly across his left cheek, the sound echoing around the room, there was an intake of hissed breath as she repeated the action on the right one. As she settled into a steady rhythm Emma scolded "I honestly don't know what you were thinking of, you silly boy, wandering about the house like that."

She directed a sizzling volley on the left globe which opened up Gordon's lungs. "Imagine if someone sweet and innocent like Amy or even worse Stevie had seen you."

The right hemisphere got the same treatment as its twin and elicited the same loud and animated response from the unfortunate gymnast. "If Stevie had seen you parading naked through the house we probably both would have been spanked. Then to respond so rudely to me, well that was just totally unacceptable!" each syllable of the last word was accented with a stinging open handed slap to the tops of Gordon's thighs which made him wriggle and yelp.

Gordon lay over the girl's lap, trying to get his breath back and hoping that it was over, but knowing that Emma rarely finished with a simple hand spanking. Emma reached across Gordon's bottom, smiling as she felt a wave of heat on her breasts under a thin nightdress. Her plump hand closed around the long handle of a heavy, broad backed wooden brush which was used on clothes, someone had conveniently left it on a stack of towels. A shudder went right through Gordon's body as Emma teasingly drew the bristle side of the brush across his bottom. Before he could react to that the flat side of the brush swiped across both cheeks and Gordon roared, two strokes later both eyes and nose were streaming freely. Emma was merciless and continued to cover the entire surface of Gordon's bottom, making sure that the crease where thighs and bottom joined, the so called sit spot and the tender tops of his thighs got plenty of attention. Gordon lay miserably over the girl's lap and blubbered incoherently. Emma put the brush aside and helped Gordon to his feet. He looked at her and sobbed. "There, there," Emma murmured soothingly and used a towel to clean his face and dry his tears, "you come with Aunty Emma, baby." she led him stumbling out of the room and installed him in a corner of the kitchen whilst she put some milk on to boil for hot chocolate. When the chocolate was made she let Gordon out of the corner and he stood by her sipping the hot drink before they both went back to bed.

 It was a sunny afternoon and three of the boys: Matthew, Gordon and Patrick had been put to work doing some painting outside the house. Colin was involved in a lab with Amy, so was not there, but the other three were better suited to this sort of work in any case. They had been allowed to wear overalls as it was outside work and involved paint, so there was no point in ruining their t-shirts. The overalls still had Property of Phi Gamma Beta written on the back. Because it was enjoyable work and the conditions were fine they received more than a few enviable looks from other passing male students, although the presence of some of the girls sunning themselves on the lawns may have helped with that. Matthew was doing the fiddly bits on the window sills because he had more skill than the other two. Pat was finishing off a downstairs window and Gordon was up the ladder doing the upstairs. Matt frowned and he realized that he needed a brush that Gordon had. He looked up the ladder and shouted "Hey Gordo! I need your other brush!"

"Whaddaya want me to do about it?" was the retort.

"Throw it down!"

"Your legs painted on or something? Come up and get it!"

Matt stared at the ladder, he had a problem with heights and didn't trust the ladder. In frustration he shoved the ladder which made it sway dangerously "Watch it! I'm still up here!" Gordon yelled.

Pat stood up to intervene and at that moment Gordon threw the brush down, it hit Patrick in the back of the head. "You're a dead man." He vowed and started up the ladder towards Gordon.

Matt picked up the brush and seeing the opportunity to have some fun with the other two loaded it up with paint and got ready to fire it. The ladder was now in great danger of falling as Gordon and Pat tried to avoid each other, it started to fall and paint fountained through the air. Matt backpedaled as Gordon and Pat both jumped clear, he thought one of them had gotten behind him, spun around and sprayed paint at the presence behind him. He stopped dead as he realized he had managed to spatter Phi Gamma Beta's formidable housemother Stevie with paint.

The housemother looked at the three boys, the ladder, the streak of paint on the lawn and her now ruined paint covered clothes and said shortly "Finish what you were doing, clean up, put your t-shirts and panties on and come see me in my study. Jessica, Emma and Sally make sure that they do just that." She told the three girls who had just emerged from the house to see what all the fuss was about.

Heads down Matthew, Gordon and Patrick shuffled into Stevie's study, they were followed by grim faced Jessica, Emma and Sally. Stevie was seated in her armchair by the fireplace, although the fireplace itself was now cold owing to the pleasant weather. Stevie sipped her tea and set the cup down with a click in the saucer. "Please sit down." She extended the invitation to the girls and directed a withering glare as the three boys also went towards the couch. "Not you three. You can each get your noses into a corner."

The girls sat uneasily on the couch and the boys did as they were told without a word of complaint. Stevie offered the girls tea and discussed how things were going with the boys before ordering them to turn around and stand in front of her. Staring at their toes they did so.

"I had thought you were adult enough to be allowed to do something that was a little more fun, obviously I was mistaken." Stevie said in her soft voice, although there was steel in it.

The boys shuffled and kept their heads down.

"Look at me when I speak to you!" Stevie barked, her eyes flashing. The boys raised their heads. "What you did was not only stupid and childish it was also dangerous. Patrick either you or Gordon could have been seriously injured. I will not tolerate this sort of behaviour at Phi Gamma Beta. You are all going to be soundly spanked and I will be informing Howard of this as well, do not be surprised if he is waiting for you with his paddle when you arrive back at Phi Sigma Magna."

The boys raised their eyes skyward, the ordeal would not end when they left the Phi Gamma Beta house.

Stevie stood up and crossed the floor to her desk, she opened a drawer, reached into it and her hand emerged holding a small, thick rubber paddle that all of the boys had seen a few days previously. Miss Sting, the feared and fabled paddle sent a shiver of ice down the boy's spines and got their bottoms tingling. "As you have brought the shame of your actions upon the girls who have been kind enough to look after you whilst you are here I think that your bottoms should first be warmed by them before I and Miss Sting 'chat' with you. Matthew you may go first. Jessica you can use my chair for this."

Jessica settled into Stevie's chair by the fire and crooked her finger at Matt, whose legs had started trembling. He walked to her wobbly legged and whimpered "I'm sorry, Miss Jessica."

"Oh you will be, young man, you will be. I can promise you that" Jessica promised as Matthew began to cry.

Jessica took his wrist and jerked him over her long legs. She settled him expertly into position and whisked his crimson briefs to his ankles before unleashing a powerful and stinging set of smacks across his upturned bottom. Matthew jerked up and down and wailed miserably as the hornets in the tall, slender girl's palm bit into his rapidly reddening rear. "Miss Jessiieeeeeeee!" Matthew howled. "It hurtssssssssss!"

"As it should, you naughty, disobedient boy, fancy splashing Miss Stevie with paint like that." Jessica scolded, actually spanking harder and faster as she did. Matthew kicked and rolled his bottom frantically from side to side. When his struggles became a little too vigorous the girl reached down, grabbed his pony tail, hauled his head up and whispered in his ear, he quieted down a little and accepted the rest of what was a fierce spanking with a little less resistance. Jessica slapped his bottom and ordered him into the corner, shaking her head at his sheer stupidity.

Emma took the spot vacated by Jessica and said to Gordon "I think you know the drill by now, front and centre, pants down and over my lap."

Gordon did as the girl ordered and Emma said nothing more as she began to brusquely slap the firm, round buttocks over her lap. The temperature soon rose and Gordon was gasping for breath, an indication that tears were close. Emma kept up a steady pace and her small hand covered the entire surface until Gordon's rump was a shimmering scarlet and he was crying constantly. Emma helped him to his feet, pointed him in the direction of the corner and gave him a gentle shove.

Sally gave Emma a wink as she exchanged places with her and said to Patrick "Dance your way over here, young man."

Trying to look a good deal more confident than he felt Pat sauntered over to the bubbly blonde.

"None of that." she said in an authoritative tone as he tried one of his sexy looks on her.

She reached out and took hold of his slim dancer's hips and dragged him close to her. She rolled his underpants over his bottom and tugged them to his knee hollows before turning him over her knees. She hauled him into position so that his bottom pointed up at the ceiling and was in the right position for her hand to smack it good and hard. "I can't believe you did this!" she said crossly before commencing the spanking. Sally spanked slow and hard. She let her hand linger on his bottom just long enough for the sting to build before lifting off and cracking it down across the other cheek. Once the crowns were glowing and the dancer's resistance was breaking down Sally repeated the process on his thighs, which started the tears, she delivered a blistering session to his sit spots that elicited howls and made the sobbing quite steady. Sally stopped and allowed Pat to sob for a moment or two over her lap and then whispered into his ear "Up you get now and go to the corner like a good boy for Aunty Sally." Blubbering Pat levered himself up and minced to the corner, lacing his hands over his head once he got there.

Sally seated herself back on the couch with Jessica and Emma and helped herself to a cup of tea. Georgette had brought in a fresh pot whilst the boys were being spanked. "Well now that the preliminaries are over and done with it would appear to be time for the main event." Stevie said as she rose and went to the chair by the fire, Miss Sting in her hand.

"You should have just about cooled down by now, Matthew. Over you come."

Eyes fixed on the horrid paddle in Stevie's hand Matthew walked slowly to the housemother. She patted her lap and Matthew lowered himself over it. He felt Stevie's hand place gentle pressure on the small of his back and tried to relax into the lap beneath him. CRACK! The report of the paddle sounded around the room and even the girls flinched. Both Gordon and Patrick's bottoms twitched with the sound and Matthew's howl of sheer anguish did nothing for their confidence. Each time the paddle cracked solidly across a buttock Matthew's squeal rose in volume and intensity. His buttocks felt as if they were about to burst into flame. He did not know how many strokes he received, bottom pumping up and down in a haze of white hot pain. After what seemed to be an eternity Stevie set the paddle down and said to Matthew "Go and see Aunty Jessica for some comfort, darling."

Still sniffling Matthew stumbled over to Jessica and fell into her outstretched arms then snuggled up as she put her arms around him and reveled in the feeling of the steaming bottom nestled into her lap.

"Gordon." Stevie called.

Blowing a long breath out to steady his nerves Gordon turned and went to Stevie. "Lap time." she smiled at him.

Gracefully Gordon lay over the indicated lap.

"I do hope you'll be a big brave boy for me, Gordon and not try and struggle too much." Stevie said, raising the paddle and lining up the centre of Gordon's bottom. He was soon roaring as Stevie determinedly spanked fire into every single inch of the rolling writhing hindquarters spread out across her ample lap. SMACK CRACK SPANK SLAP! With every loud report the paddle lived up to its fearsome name. Gordon's rear could not have been stinging anymore if a nest of fire ants had been let loose on it.            Gordon was crying constantly and could also taste that his nose was running. "No more, Miss Stevieeeeeeeee! No more!" he screamed.

Stevie administered one more healthy slap and marveled at the burnished crimson globes still pulsating over her lap, she assisted Gordon to his feet and pushed him towards Emma. The girl gathered him into her arms and had him sitting partially on the couch and partially in her lap. She shushed him gently and kissed away the tears on his cheeks.

Patrick stood at attention in his corner, waiting for the call and it came "Lucky last, Patrick."

Wanting to get it over and done with Patrick marched over to Stevie and lay himself over her lap. "Well done." Stevie complimented him and knew that this one would take something special to break him. Stevie glided the paddles now warm surface across Pat's bottom and watched him shiver. Pat was waiting for the paddling to begin and the way Stevie was doing it kept him guessing, then CRACK! Pain exploded across his right cheek. He tensed expecting the left one to get the next spank and it didn't. Stevie kept unerringly smacking the horrid piece of rubber onto the same spot again and again. Eventually Pat wailed "Please Miss Stevie! Spank the other side!"

"Since you ask so nicely Pat I will do so."

Pat lay and kicked and cried as Stevie repeated the process on the left globe and it soon was the same furnace temperature as his right buttock and both were a roasting hot red. They looked like two overripe tomatoes about to burst when Stevie finally set the paddle down and Pat limped over to Sally who took him in her arms and let him rest his tear stained cheek on her breast.

The three boys climbed the stairs to their bedrooms and clambered into their cots to sleep on their tummies. When Colin and Amy arrived home they were regaled with the story after dinner which amused Amy and horrified Colin.

The long standing tradition on Friday nights in the houses of Phi Gamma Beta and the aligned fraternity of Phi Sigma Magna was that it was paddling night. The usual pattern was that all the members would be gathered in the common room following dinner and everyone except for the four senior sisters would be required to bare their bottoms for a sound paddling administered by the seniors, the rest of the girls would then be sent to bed and Stevie would apply her paddle to the rears of Naomi, Denise, Shauna and Veronica. Tonight because of the presence of the Phi Sigma Magna freshmen the ritual would be altered slightly. The boys would be paddled first and then put to bed before the girls had their turn under the paddle. As it would be the boy's one, and likely only Friday night paddling at the sorority house, the decision had been made to make it similar to the initiation paddling that all the girls experienced when joining the sorority. It was a stern punishment comprised of approximately eighty solid swats from full size sorority paddle. In a standard initiation paddling the girl received a swat from each of the sisters, excepting the four senior sisters, then they would get ten strokes from each senior sisters and were polished off with twenty more from Stevie. The total number of strokes varied depending on the sisterhood's membership from year to year. At present including the four first years and the four seniors there were twenty eight girls in residence.

Four nervous young men descended the stairs and looked at the assembled women, they all wore broad smiles and nightwear ranging from warm flannel pajamas to diaphanous nightgowns that left little to the imagination. Matthew made the fatal mistake of looking up and the messages that his eyes sent to his brain and then to another part of his anatomy let every girl watching know that he appreciated the view. The skimpy scarlet briefs that was part of what he was required to wear in the house left little to the imagination. There were giggles and Matt closed his eyes and tried frantically to think of less enjoyable things, but it was too late. Jessica made a noise of disgust and muttered "I do not believe this!" she rose from her chair, strode over to the furiously blushing boy, grabbed his hand and snapped "Come on! Let's get this sorted out first!" and hauled him upstairs.

The other three made it to the couch that they were required to bend over for discipline and were ordered to stand quietly until Jessica returned with Matthew. Amy asked Colin shyly if she wanted him to put his glasses somewhere until after they were completed with the spankings. The studious boy gratefully accepted the redhead's offer. Amy removed his spectacles and set them lenses up on a table at the foot of the stairs so that he could retrieve them on his way to bed with a throbbing posterior. The room fell silent as with knowing looks and smiles the girls glanced at each other and their ears strained to hear Jessica 'relieving' Matthew. There was Jessica's voice first, sweetly imploring "Come on, baby, get it good and hard for Aunty Jessica." There were gasps and groans from Matthew and then Jessica exclaimed "Good boy! That's it, you just get rid of all that sticky boy milk."

Matthew emerged from the bathroom, cheeks still flaming, and then yelped and hurried down the stairs to stand by his fellow fraternity brothers as Jessica planted a hard smack on the seat of his briefs.

Stevie took centre stage. The tall, elegant housemother rose and said to the boys "Lower your briefs, children, and bend over the couch. Brace your legs back firmly and push those lovely bottoms out, get them up nice and high for the attentions of our ladies and their paddles."

All four boys knew better than to complain or protest. The humiliating spank panties were lowered and formed crimson puddles around their ankles. They bent over the back of the couch and thrust their bottoms out as ordered. Colin's buttocks sported a gentle pink flush which told the assembled onlookers that Amy had extended to the boy the same courtesy that her 'big sister' Naomi offered the angelic redhead, a light pre paddling spanking that warmed up the bottom slightly and made the paddling just that bit easier to take. "That was why you were smiling when you came down." Emma whispered to Amy, who gave the blonde a shy grin.

"Ordinarily on Friday nights the senior sisters administer the paddlings to the younger ones," alarms bells entered the minds of the four young men bent over the couch, they all had experience of how well the senior sisters could swing paddles and none of them wanted to feel that again if they could help it, "however," Stevie continued, and the boys relaxed slightly, "as tonight is special each sister will be allowed a swat, nothing serious girls. I will be watching and if I see any 'bunbusters' I and my paddle will be having a long chat with the girl doing it and Miss Sting may also play a part in that conversation. This is meant to be as much for fun as it is for punishment, am I understood?"

There were mumbled "Yes, Miss Stevie." around the room while the girls agreed to the conditions.

The boys were starting to feel quite good about this, twenty eight swats was not to be sneezed at, but none of them were meant to be that hard and they had all undergone worse than that this week.

"Our four first years; Amy, Jessica, Emma and Sally," Stevie went on, "will not participate in the initial paddling, but will administer ten strokes each to our guests,"

The boys did the mental arithmetic and their bottoms began to tingle, "then, I will give each one my twenty to finish them off." Stevie concluded.

The boys sank into the cushions. It had started promisingly, but ended ominously. Matthew mentally resigned himself to yet another night of sleeping on his stomach.

"I think we'll have the sophomores up first," Stevie decided with a smile at the girls, "bottoms up nice and high boys, we all want to see them glowing brightly."

The first girl stepped forward, paddle held tightly in her hand and four smacks rang out answered by yelps from the boys who all had backsides that had been progressively tenderized throughout the week by regular application of hand and implement to them.

On and on the paddling went. The room filled with the hard crack of unyielding wood against tender, buttock flesh and the answering yelps and squeals of the miserable recipients. In their time at the house the boys had already experienced at least one slap from every girl there, but most of those had been playful and from their hands, this gave them the opportunity to compare and assess how these ladies could paddle. They were all different. Unless the girls spoke or the boys were able to glimpse them out of the corner of their tear filling eyes they did not know exactly who was swinging the paddle, but they could compare technique. Some brought the paddle whistling down with a double handed grip, others held the paddle single fisted and swung it from way behind themselves, some girls twisted their wrists as they struck, some of them liked to flick the paddle across the bottom flesh, others followed through with each stroke, some spanked upwards, others spanked downwards. Some were hard and some were not so hard. One thing they all had in common was that the longer the spanking went the more the boys upthrust bottoms burned and the harder it became to hold position. Although they had long lost count by the time Naomi, Denise, Shauna and Veronica stepped up the boys still knew who was cracking those paddles down. There was something about the way those four paddled that said very clearly they knew what they were doing.

Colin was first in line and was still trying to catch his breath from the mass paddling when Amy picked up her paddle and took up position behind him, her bottom teeth worried her upper lip as she tried to decide exactly where to hit. The first swat struck home and the watching girls chorused "ONE!", which drowned out Colin's howl. By the time the ten had been given Colin was laying limply over the back of the couch blubbering and Amy moved onto Matthew as Jessica continued Colin's ordeal. Hearing the others get theirs had the bottoms of Gordon and Patrick tingling uncontrollably. Stevie called "Ten!" and Jessica looked up quizzically "Really? I don't think he's had anymore than seven, ma'am?"

Stevie raised an eyebrow and told the tall brunette with the shimmering chestnut locks "I counted ten, young lady. If you want to continue this argument you can take Colin's place and receive the twenty he has coming from Emma and Sally and the twenty I will also give the boys."

Jessica paled and said quietly "No ma'am," she turned her attention to a sobbing Matthew and said "get ready, boy, because this is going to really scorch your backside after how you embarrassed me earlier with your silly, little erection."

Amy had already begun paddling Gordon and he was writhing under the attention with a renewed respect for the petite redhead. Patrick stood patiently and waited. Emma was firm with Colin, but not unnecessarily so and Jessica was doing her best to set Matthew's bottom alight as Sally stood by itching for her turn.

Hating himself for doing it Patrick bawled as Sally swiped his bottom one last time and stood with her three 'sisters' all of whom were perspiring lightly and breathing heavily. "That was fun, eh?" she said brightly to Emma who smirked and replied using one of Sally's catchphrases "Yeah, Betty, just about did my head in."

Stevie stood up, hand wrapped around the handle of her own personal paddle. "Girls perhaps you would like to help your young men through what will be an ordeal, I am certain."

The girls looked surprised, but went to the other side of the couch and bent down so that they were level with the boy's tear stained faces, and as Stevie took up position behind Colin, Amy spoke gently to him "Colin, sweetie? Look at me please. I know it hurts and your bottom is all hot and stingy, but Aunty Stevie is going to spank you good and hard and it will just be easier for you if you concentrate on me and what I'm saying, okay?"

Colin's answer was a howled "YES!" as Stevie landed home her first spank. Amy continued to talk and reassure the boy as the housemother paddled him sternly. Amy gathered Colin in her arms when Stevie was done and led him to the couch where she and Naomi made a fuss of him and settled his burning globes in their laps.

Jessica looked at Matthew, who was crying, and said "I thought you were braver than this, Matthew. All this fuss over a little paddling. I got worse when I pledged, you know. I got this on a butt that had only the previous day been spanked, paddled with Miss Sting and hairbrushed. Just count yourself lucky that I didn't wallop the daylights out of you for not being able to control yourself earlier." SPLAT! Stevie cracked the paddle down hard and Matthew jumped and roared. "Honestly!" Jessica exclaimed scornfully. "Suck it up, princess!" Matthew was a crying mess when Stevie was done. Jessica jerked him to his feet and dragged him to stand behind her chair with instructions to not dare rub his bottom.

Emma smiled at Gordon kindly and said in soft tones "Gordon, baby look at me. Yes, I know you can't see me very well, I'm all blurry from the tears, but you need to push those burning cheeks up good and high for Aunty Stevie, now you just be a big, brave boy for Aunty Emma and it will all be over soon. Good boy." She complimented the gymnast he did as instructed and pushed his bottom high and proud to receive Stevie's paddle. Emma had him sit  between her and Denise, and gently cleaned his face of sweat, tears and snot with a tissue as she gentled him down after Stevie had administered a firm paddling.

"You're lucky last, huh?" Sally smiled at Patrick.

"Yeah," the dancer managed, "I like an audience." and he was able to force a smile.

Even Stevie had to hand it to the boy, the other three had been totally broken down by the previous paddlings, but this one was capable of making a wisecrack at the end of it. Pat grunted as the paddle slammed home "One down, nineteen to go." Sally said.

"Thanks, Miss Sally." Patrick gasped, tears forming in his blue eyes. "That makes me feel so much better."

Sally had to giggle, but somehow her quirkiness and her blue eyes looking into Patrick's during the walloping did make it easier to take, he was still crying at the end of it, but sitting on the couch with his bottom in the bubbly blonde's lap and his face nestled into Veronica's bosom things did not seem to be so bad at all.

The boys limped up the stairs and heard Stevie order the girls into position. There would be plenty more paddling before this night was done. The four boys drifted off to sleep to the sounds of wooden paddles cracking across tender female buttocks and the owners of those same buttocks crying and pleading as they were set on fire by the senior sisters.

Each boy had different feelings for the girl that had picked them. Colin genuinely liked Amy and always had. He had wanted to ask her out before this week, but never had the courage. Although she had disciplined him severely this week he had deserved it and she had been nice to him most of the time, she never mistreated him the way Jessica had Matthew. Colin had spent a lot of time with Amy and determined that at his next opportunity he would invite her to the mixer that Phi Sigma Magna had coming up.

Matthew had to admit that despite the hell she had put him through this week he found Jessica Sterling attractive. Yes, she had been a bitch, no denying that, but he knew that before this week. He had also known that telling tales on her could rebound badly on him in the future which it had. Maybe, just maybe, he needed a girl like Jessica to take charge and control him in the way she had.

In ordinary circumstances Gordon would not have given Emma a second look. She was cute in some ways, and she knew way more about boys than he ever would have given a girl's only boarding school educated chick credit for, but she just wasn't his type. However he had no illusions about his lack of academic aptitude and Emma had helped with that. She also had the ability to motivate him which had been a problem in the past. He doubted this week would be the last they saw of each other.

Patrick and Sally were an odd couple. However the giggly, slightly ditzy blonde was good company, she had a wild streak that appealed to the dancer and she wanted to learn karate. It would be interesting to follow that up and see her in a situation that he controlled and could quite literally kick her butt for her.

After breakfast, which was again prepared and served by the boys, each girl kissed the cheeks of their guests before they departed. Even Stevie kissed each boy soundly in the French manner, a kiss on each cheek, which surprised all four of them. At the door they said their goodbyes to the girls that had cared for them and disciplined them for the past week and made plans for the future. "See you in lab on Monday." Amy told Colin, the boy blushed and said "Sure thing."

"Library, four o'clock tomorrow." Emma told Gordon sternly.

"It's a date." the blond boy said confidently.

A flush appeared in Emma's cheeks and she murmured "Yes, I guess it is."

"Karate class?" Sally asked Patrick.

"Oh yeah," Patrick confirmed. "wear something loose and I'll do your head in, babe."

"Thanks, Miss Jessica." Matthew told the tall girl rather formally.

"My pleasure, Matthew." Jessica replied with a smile.

"Uhhhhh....yeah, seeya." and he turned to leave. The other three were favouring Amy, Emma and Sally with gentle kisses to their lips. Jessica looked disappointed, but turned with a sigh and disappeared into the house.

Later that day Jessica was moping about the house when her three fellow first years came to see what was wrong. "Hey, Jessie," Amy began brightly, "what's up?"

"Nothin' much." the girl said morosely.

"You got a real long face for nothing, Betty." Sally told her "Bevvies and tuk tuks tonight?" she invited, which in Sallyspeak meant dinner and drinks.

"No thanks, Sal'." Jessica demurred.

"Is it Colin?" Emma asked perceptively.

Jessica nodded.

"What did he do?" Amy asked.

"Maybe she's just upset she hasn't got someone to beat the crap out of anymore." Sally laughed.

"The rest of you all got kissed!" Jessica burst out, near tears. "All I got was yeah...seeya."

"Jessica," Emma said, settling down next to her friend, "what Sally said was right, sweetie. You blistered Matt's bottom every time he turned around. You can hardly expect him to be particularly happy with you for that."

"Well, I didn't mean to, but he ratted me out to Shauna that time...."

"You got one spanking for that." Amy pointed out.

"It was a really hard spanking." Jessica countered.

"But you spanked Matt to death." Sally told her.

"I know," Jessica replied miserably, "but once I started I just couldn't stop. I'd never been spanked before this place. I join up and suddenly I'm getting spankings for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Come on admit it, you all got a kick out of spanking the boys. It was a buzz." the blushing faces surrounding told her that she was correct. "Besides he had a really cute bum, it was just made to spank."

Jessica was still brooding about how she had messed up a chance of starting a relationship with Matt, who was the submissive type she seemed to like, and a really nice guy along with it. Her arms were filled with books as she made her way to class. "Jessica! Miss Jessica!" a voice called.

The girl spun to see Matthew jogging up behind her. "Carry your books?" the pony tailed boy asked

"Sure." she responded, loading him up.

"I was able to sleep on my back last night." Matt told her as they walked down the corridor.

"Oh?" Jessica asked.

"I kinda missed sleeping on my tummy." Matthew said with a wink.

"I'll let you buy me a coffee after class and we can discuss that, young man." Jessica said with a broad smile and patted the boy's bottom proprietarily as they turned a corner.


  1. Amazing Aunty, just terrific story and can't wait to read it again in a moment. Just love it.

    Thanks and be well


  2. I somehow thought you may enjoy this, Ron, and due to it's length to hear that you're going to read it again brings a wide smile to my face.