Saturday, 6 August 2011

Snow Fight! - A reader's experience

Hello darlings! I have another reader's experience to share with you today. Please enjoy Snow Fight!

A snow ball battle in progress. It's all fun until someone gets spanked!

An old fashioned hairbrush spanking from classic spanking artist P. Beloti.

Women Spanking Men give us some idea of what our hero faced.

Living in the northern hemisphere one was used to snow in winter, maybe not Norman Rockwell paintings snow, but a lot of snow. Being the youngest of three boys, my job was to assist in the shoveling. I remember one bad day in the winter when my dad was away on a business trip. We were all given breakfast, and then sent out to clear the driveway and sidewalks. I was 6, my brother was 10, and the eldest brother was 14. My middle brother was trouble all my life and my oldest was, and still is, my best friend. However when the time came that any of us needed help, all three of us where there for each other. The older brothers were cranky and tired of the snow, I was not.

It took a few hours, and as usual there were words of anger and teasing amongst the three of us. There was some language that mom would not have liked as well.

As we came close to finishing I decided to add some fun to the morning. I fashioned a snow ball and took aim at my oldest brother. My low slow change up pitch turned into a raising fast ball that landed splat on the back of his neck. Not my goal, but I had to laugh as I saw the snow ball disintegrate down the back of his collar. Oh boy! To my shock, my brother turned and started yelling at not me, but the other brother, who for one of the few times in our lives was innocent. He told the oldest I did it, walked over, picked me up and threw me across the walk into a snow bank, ouch! but I was fine.

Let the brawl begin. Gloves came off, hats were tossed aside, fists flew, and the three of us brawled like a pub full of soccer hooligans. I was actually laughing I was told, but as noses became bloody and the language got worse, one of the neighbors called mom.

We heard the voice tell us to stop and get into the house. As we came into the basement, sniffling, bleeding, and wet and exhausted from not only the work, but our brawl, mom stood there whacking us on our way with her spatula. As we entered the house my big brother told me not to tell mom that I started the fight, but not to worry the younger one told her. She was steaming not so much at the brawl, we always brawled, but at the scene we created and the language. She smacked away and then told us not to bother putting pants on, but to march up to her room immediately. That stopped all the bickering, and I even shouted out it was my fault, but there would be no reprieve, spankings were coming.

In a few minutes the three of us stood in the hall outside mom’s room, t shirts wet and soaked from snow and sweat, and white underpants. No one said a word. We stood there for ever it seemed, then mom came out and lectured us about our behavior and language. Me in particular got the ‘I am surprised at you’ speech. We were then walked into the room.

Middle brother was first, over mom’s knee while she sat on her vanity bench, underpants came down, and we watched her spank him long and hard with her brush. Now he was a big boy for his age and tough, like we all were, but eventually mom wore him down. His bottom was bright red, glowing and she spanked him until he kicked and cried. He was then sent out of the room, and into a corner in the hallway.

Oldest brother went next, first mom walked out of the room to check on her second youngest son, but also came in with one of my Dad’s belts from his closet. He knew what was coming, and laid over the edge of mom’s bed, his butt elevated by the bed’s edge. He knew the drill. Mom lowered his underpants and applied the first strapping I ever saw. I cried for my brother before he did. It was not a violent strapping, but she spanked him hard. He cried after I guess what was about 20 spanks with the belt. Off he went to the corner, and my middle brother was allowed to go clean up and take a shower.

I was petrified as now it was me, mom, a brush and a belt. But thankfully she took my arm, and pulled me over her lap, as she sat back on the bench. Down came my underpants and I received a long hard hand spanking on my bare bottom. I cried and cried but it was over it seemed  relatively quickly. I was led out to the hall. My big brother's bottom was blazing red with the marks of the belt. He went to his room, and I was placed in the corner tears flowing.

After a few minutes I was sent to my room, sore and crying. I cried out my spanking, showered, and all three of us stayed in our room for the day,

Again, we all earned it, and when we were called for dinner, we were each greeted with a smile and a hug from mom. While we all had trouble sitting, we had a warm and caring dinner, helped clean up and then off to watch the TV with mom. It was a caring home, full of love and some times sore bottoms but we all had a wonderful evening.

My oldest brother and I laugh about this episode a lot when we talk about growing up. He still teases me about all the crying and how mom let me off with her hand. No resentment, just smiles. We knew we were loved.


  1. Loved those snowball fights. Great story. My mom used a belt.
    Thank you for sharing it with us.

  2. Thank you for your thoughts and memories, Joey.

  3. Great psoting love these and enjoy knowing many of us grew up with spankings.

    Love ya