Tuesday, 9 August 2011

The Spank Shop - Donna, Gloria and Martha and Bon Voyage!

This is a double post. I'm closing up the shop for a fortnight and giving Kimberley some time off. I am also going on vacation. Please do not be alarmed, it's not a permanent closure, but Aunty needs a break and will be back soon to spank all those deserving bottoms.

As a little bit of a going away present Seegee has just finished a Spank Shop story featuring not one, not two, but three sexy female bottoms over Aunty's lap. Please enjoy and behave until I return.

From Hot Girls Spanked. Donna's spanked bottom is caressed prior to her encounter with the butter paddle.

An old fashioned butter paddle similar to the one used on Donna Sullivan.

From Quality Spankings. Andrea lowers the panties for the second part of the punishment.

From Tushy Cash. Martha's very sensibly pantied bottom.

From Spank Empire. Three freshly spanked bottoms in the corner.

It was a quiet winter weekday afternoon in Clarkstown’s unique establishment; the Spank Shop. The shop’s receptionist Kimberley Kennedy worked busily away on her paperwork, and kept an ear out for the punishment in progress in one of the establishment’s two ‘spanking parlours’. The adolescent receptionist’s mother; Gabrielle, was steadily spanking fire into every inch of some unfortunate’s posterior, the silence of reception was occasionally broken by an exceptionally loud slap or anguished howl, that and the crackling fire, which kept the outside chill at bay. Kimberley glanced across to the other shut door and entertained herself with thoughts of what may be in progress there. Kimberley’s employer and owner of the Spank Shop; Andrea Mahoney, or Aunty Andrea as many of her clients referred to her, was currently in her parlour with three clients, and she had given express instructions that she was not to be disturbed for any reason whatsoever. Kimberley was by nature a curious girl, and had a tendency to formulate reasons to keep an eye on the punishment sessions, although she knew to do so on this occasion would mean great difficulty sitting down for the remainder of the week. Fortunately it was not a busy afternoon, and Gabrielle had no problems in holding the fort solo.

Three Clarkstown ladies were seated nervously on the couch, watching their hostess anxiously. Andrea’s green eyes sparkled as she regarded her guests. Donna Sullivan; a so called ‘yummy Mummy’ in her mid 30’s, the pretty blonde woman was the mother of teenage twins James and Courtney, two of Andrea’s most regular customers, she had also visited the shop for discipline herself. Next to Donna was Gloria Travers. The beautiful redhead was in her 20’s, having married a wealthy widower many years older than her, she was the step mother of 19 year old Jennifer, although the younger girl was an occasional visitor to the shop, her attractive step mother was not immune to a trip over Andrea’s knee, and her spendthrift ways gave her husband a reason to send her there. The final occupant of the couch was Martha Waynwright. Martha was the mother of two of Clarkstown’s most notorious teens; Darcy and Devon. Martha was not the sort of lady who ever thought she would visit the Spank Shop for correction, but nonetheless here she was.

Andrea was serving tea, and waited until everyone had been furnished with a steaming cup, before sitting back and regarding the ladies over the rim of her own cup. “This is cosy,” she said, a smile in her cultured drawl, “now why don’t we get to know each other by giving our reasons for being here?”
Donna, Gloria and Martha all gave each other embarrassed looks before becoming intensely interested in the contents of their cups.
“Oh, come on!” Andrea complained, setting her tea aside. “You’re worse than your children. I thought the three of you were adults and therefore could be punished in front of each other, and at least openly tell me why you’re here. It’s like drawing teeth with James, Courtney, Jenny, Darcy and Devon. I had at least thought their mothers might be a little more forthcoming. Now is someone going to be brave or does Aunty Andrea have to choose?”
The three women heard the threat in the chestnut haired disciplinarian’s voice, and knew that if she had to choose she would increase their forthcoming discipline.

Donna exhaled, and said “I’ll go first, ma’am.”
Gloria and Martha looked at the blonde woman. She had referred to Andrea as ma’am. The dynamic had been set, the process had begun, from now on they were no longer three adult women with children of their own, they were young girls who were expected to confess their crimes and accept punishment from Andrea, and they would be treated as such.

“Donna, I am delighted that you have shown some courage, young lady. Please tell us the story.” Andrea invited.
“I used bad language.” Donna said in a soft voice, a blush creeping into her creamy white cheeks.
“There’s a little more to it than that, Donna.” Andrea commented. “Please tell us the entire story.” she put emphasis on the ‘entire’.
“Yes, ma’am.” a slightly flustered Donna answered. “I used the language around my daughter.”
“And?” Andrea prompted.
Donna looked at Andrea in silent supplication, but was unsuccessful, the bewitching green eyes remained steady and stern.
“Courtney used the word at school.” Donna continued.
Andrea took over “The poor girl was sent here for her weekly spanking with a note from the school about the language. I washed her mouth out and gave her a good session with one of my little paddles. That extra was partially your fault, Donna.”
“I know ma’am.” Donna said, dropping her head, and letting her blonde hair hide her flaming cheeks.
“I’ll show you how we deal with little potty mouths in her soon enough, Donna.” Andrea promised, then sat back waiting for the next penitent to confess.

Martha and Gloria exchanged looks and somehow seemed to make a wordless decision. Gloria cleared her throat.
“Yes.” Andrea said.
“Ummmm…I’m ready ma’am.” the pretty young stepmother said.
“Very well, go ahead.”
Gloria looked around at the expectant faces, and started to blush. “I overspent on the credit card.” she whispered.
“Gloria, please speak up a little.” Andrea ordered.
Blushing even hotter Gloria repeated her offence louder.
“This isn’t the first time, is it, little girl?” Andrea probed.
“No, Miss Andrea.” a blushing Gloria admitted.
“I mustn’t have spanked you hard enough last time.” Andrea mused, her jade eyes shining with amusement.
“Oh no you did, ma’am!” Gloria was quick to say, her own eyes wide in shock. “It was the shoes.”
“Ahh yes, the Blahniks.” Andrea sighed, she reached down beside her chair and held up a pair of the designer shoes.
“They were on sale!” Gloria went on. “I’ve never had a genuine pair of Blahniks, and I didn’t know the card was that close to the limit.”
“I know how hard it can be to go without something Gloria, but what you did was still silly and thoughtless.”
“I know, Miss.” Gloria said contritely, lowering her eyes.
“What’s happened to the card?”
“Bob has confiscated it until I can prove I can use it responsibly.”
“So what if there’s something that needs doing while he’s travelling for work?”
“Ummmm….he gave it to Jenny, ma’am.” Gloria confessed shame faced.
“So your nineteen year old step daughter has custody of the credit card because you can’t be trusted to use it responsibly?”
“Yes ma’am.” Gloria admitted, almost in tears.
“Goodness Gloria!” Andrea exclaimed. “I can see I’m really going to have to scorch that pampered behind of yours, young lady.”

“Now Martha, you’ve seen what’s expected. Speak up, big girl voice, so we can all hear.”
Martha was looking decidedly nervous, and the tingling in her bottom made it hard for her to sit without fidgeting. She had witnessed Andrea discipline her twenty-year old niece and her teenage twins, at the time it had been rather exciting to watch, but she was not about to be on the receiving end then. Once again asking herself why she had ever agreed to this, Martha took a deep breath, and confessed “My niece Kathy was spanked by Miss Andrea, and it was my fault.”
Andrea smiled warmly “Only partially your fault, dear. Devon and Darcy had a lot to do with it.”
“I should have believed Kathy when she told me about Devon and Darcy, ma’am. I’m their mother and I know what they’re capable of. Maybe if I’d kept spanking them after they turned twelve, and not waited until I had to bring them to you they would not have framed their cousin in the first place.”
Martha’s face was bright red and near tears.
“Martha, that is a very mature attitude to take and I am proud of you. That does not however mean Aunty can let you off without a well smacked bottom, but you’ve done well. Is the arm completely healed?”
“Oh yes, Miss Andrea.” Martha answered, holding up her previously broken arm to show that it was fully back to normal.

“Donna,” Andrea spoke, “would you please take the tea things back to the kitchen, whilst I get your smackings ready?”
“Yes, ma’am.” Donna answered, rising and feeling as if she were a ten year old who had just been asked to clear the table after dinner.
Whilst Donna rinsed the cups and saucers, and put them in dish drainer to dry, she could hear Andrea speaking to Gloria and Martha, and wondered what was being said. Martha was a new visitor to the shop, or at least this was the first time she had attended to have her own bottom smacked. From what Andrea had said to Gloria it was her second visit, so that made Donna the veteran of the three, and probably why she had been asked to clean up.

When Donna reentered the room she was greeted with a red-faced Gloria and Martha, who had both stripped down to their underwear. On the coffee table was a small, light looking paddle, a supple soled sandal and Andrea’s favourite ebony hairbrush. Donna could not suppress a shudder as she spied the implements, and wondered who was getting what.

“Welcome back,” Andrea greeted Donna warmly, “as we’re all big girls here I thought we could dispense with the aprons and just get you down to bra and panties.”
Donna did not have to hear anything else, she knew what was expected, and began to disrobe, being careful to fold her clothes and place them on the couch. Andrea nodded her approval. As Donna removed her clothes, she took note of how her two partners in crime were dressed. Gloria had chosen to wear a lacy scarlet bra and panties set. Donna would not want to be in the redhead’s shoes. She had once worn a similar blue set to a punishment session. Andrea took a very dim view of the attire, and gave her extra for vanity. Donna would have been willing to bet that Gloria’s bottom would match the colour of her lingerie by the time she got off Andrea’s lap.  Donna was glad that she had thought to wear her sensible flesh coloured, rather aptly named Spanx bra and panties. Martha was dressed in a simple, old-fashioned white bra and panties, although they had pretty red roses on them. Martha had been embarrassed when Gloria undressed and her racy lingerie had come into view, but when she saw Andrea’s eyes flash and her jaw firm, she felt better about her more practical choice.

The ladies stood uncomfortably, and Gloria shivered. “Cold, Gloria?” Andrea asked rhetorically. “Never mind, darling. We’ll soon have you warm as toast, and I’ll need to discuss your underwear with you, too.”
Gloria winced. She had thought she would be wearing an apron and therefore her lacy underthings would not matter.

“Donna,” Andrea said decisively, and the blonde lady faced her, “I think we’ll have you first, sweetheart. Can you please take your clothes and the others through to the bedroom? Make sure you spend a penny. I don’t want any little accidents.”
The childish way Andrea spoke to her whenever she was there for a spanking always had the desired effect of making her feel like a disobedient pre teen, and hating herself for saying it, Donna answered “Yes, Aunty Andrea.” before doing as she had been told.

Kimberley was disappearing out the door back into reception, as Donna returned. “Feeling better?” Andrea inquired.
Donna nodded, and then her stomach did a flip flop as she saw what Kimberley had delivered. A bar of white soap, a toothbrush, a pitcher of water, a glass and a bowl. The young mother was tempted to utter one of the words that had landed her here in the first place, but knew what the likely result of that was, so refrained. “Before heating up your little buns, Donna we have the matter of a dirty mouth to deal with.” Andrea told Donna pleasantly, as the ladies mouth dried out, and the colour drained from her face.
“Come on, stand next to Aunty,” Andrea commanded, as she proceeded to scrape the toothbrush across the soap and get a good amount of it on the brush. She held the soapy tooth cleaner up to Donna’s mouth, and ordered “Open.”
Donna clamped her mouth shut, and shook her head frantically.
“Do you want me to ask Miss Kimberley, or Aunty Gabrielle in here to make you open your mouth?” Andrea asked crossly.
The thought of having the eighteen year old witness this, or even worse her mother, was too mortifying for Donna to contemplate. It was bad enough that Gloria and Martha were going to see it, but at least they were also going to have their bottoms roasted at some stage of the afternoon. Donna sighed, and meekly opened her mouth.
“Good girl.” Andrea cooed.

Andrea held the back of Donna’s golden head with one hand, while she used the other one with the toothbrush to thoroughly clean the woman’s teeth, tongue and gums. A horrified Gloria and Martha watched silently as their friend endured the humiliating and unpleasant punishment. Donna started to gag, and tears were streaming down her face, before Andrea removed the brush, and said “Rinse.”
Gratefully Donna poured herself a glass of water from the jug, and rinsed her mouth out. She spat into the bowl, and repeated the process twice more, before she actually sipped from the glass and swallowed.
“I want you to remember that every time you’re tempted to use bad language, Donna, especially in front of Courtney or James. If they do it again I want you to do to them what I just did to you, and send them to me for a good smacking at the first convenient opportunity.”
Her head down, Donna swiped at her teary eyes, and answered “Yes, ma’am.”
“Excellent.” Andrea rang through to reception. “Yes, Kimmy. Donna’s mouth is all clean now. Can you please come and remove the things, darling?”

“We’ll begin with a little panty warm up,” Andrea announced, seating herself on the couch, and pulling Donna over her lap. This was new to Donna, Andrea nearly always began spankings the way she finished them, with the recipient’s bottom bare. As Andrea shifted the young mother into position, Kimberley entered with a big smile on her face. The teenager did not say anything, she had been known to make unsolicited comments in the past, and they usually earned her a rebuke from her employer. Donna was willing to bet that she had done it once too often and been given a stinging backside for her trouble. Kimberley placed everything on a tray, and looked at Andrea quizzically. “I’ll ring if I need anything further, Kim.”
“Yes, ma’am.” the girl said obediently.
“How are things out there?” Andrea inquired.
“Oh, running like a top,” Kimberley answered with a grin, “Mum’s a spanking machine today. I think the twins gave her some lip this morning, and that really put her in the mood.”
Andrea laughed musically as the girl sauntered from the room, and only then seemed to realize that she had been absent-mindedly fondling Donna’s gym toned buttocks underneath her close fitting Spanx.

CRACK! Obviously the massage was over, Donna thought as Andrea’s firm palm stung the seat of her panties. Her other thought was that the spanking hurt every bit as much on a pantied bottom as it did on a bare one. The sheer material offered no protection whatsoever, it was slightly less embarrassing, but that was all. In fact as the chastisement continued, and Andrea’s hand rose and fell with metronomic regularity and precision, they held the rising heat in, so keeping them on may have been even worse than removing them.

Donna started to cry, and Andrea remarked “Tears? Already? From a childish smack bottom over panties? My goodness, Donna, I never knew you were such a baby. I’d keep those tears, young lady. You’ll need them later, that I can promise you.”
The scolding made Donna cry harder, and the ominous words sent ice down her spine, in total contrast with the smouldering fires under her panties.
Andrea brought the spanking to an end with two ringing smacks, one on each buttock. Donna squealed and kicked at each loud slap, then sighed in relief as she heard Andrea say “You’re done. Up you get.”
Donna carefully raised herself from Andrea’s warm lap, and winced as fresh heat flooded through her pants.

“Have a little dance.” Andrea told the young mother. “I’m sure you want to, and we could all use the entertainment.”
Her blue eyes showed gratitude, as Donna’s hands dived beneath the waistband of her Spanx, and began to vigorously massage the steaming globes. Andrea allowed her a few minutes to try and soothe her battered backside, and then ordered “Corner, hands on head.”
Donna minced to the corner, pushed in and laced her hands atop her golden tresses. Her bottom throbbed and pulsated. She heard Andrea stand, and stiffened as she felt long fingers hook themselves under the waistband of her underwear and slowly lower them to her knee hollows. “Oh they’re just lovely. So rosy,” Andrea purred, “you do colour up nicely, Donna. We’ll just put these back,” she replaced the panties, “don’t want you cooling down too much.”
“Gloria, you’re up, little miss spendthrift.”

Gloria made a face at the term of address. As this was the second time she had been sent to Andrea for the same offence she knew that she was really in for it. Andrea’s words about her underwear had done nothing to calm her fluttering nerves, either. Gloria pushed herself to her feet, and stood by Andrea’s knee as Donna had done a few minutes earlier. “What exactly were you thinking when you put these on, young lady?” Andrea asked, referring to the lacy lingerie, and arching one sculpted eyebrow.
“I uuuuhhhh…I don’t….I didn’t think…I thought we’d be wearing aprons.” Gloria tried to answer without feeling like a grade schooler in front of the headmistress.
“So you go around wearing this on a regular basis, Gloria?”
“Well, no, ma’am,” Gloria replied, her face heating up, “these are for the bedroom, but I was in a hurry this morning and…” the woman’s voice faltered as Andrea’s expression remained stern.
Andrea shook her head in dismay. “You just don’t seem to learn, Gloria. I shouldn’t need to do this with a woman your age. Over my knee, now!”

Gloria lowered herself over Andrea’s lap, lifting her long slender legs up onto the couch, without being prompted. Andrea’s long fingered hands smoothed the panties out over her silken hillocks, and fondled them gently. Gloria squirmed and moaned, then before the pleasure could reach its crescendo a loud slap echoed around the room, and the redhead yelped as her spanking commenced. Gloria rolled her scarlet clad buttocks from side to side, and kicked her legs lazily, as she tried to avoid Andrea’s hard, accurate palm. The chestnut haired disciplinarian made sure she got a good all over coverage, and smiled as the floodgates broke, and Gloria started to cry. “That’s it, darling.” Andrea encouraged her. “You have a good cry, that’s what little girls do when they get spanked. Cry like babies.”
That made Gloria cry harder.
“Oh, these are lovely, red and steaming, Gloria. Your little bottom is exactly the same colour as your scandalous and impractical panties. I’ll have you change into some proper underwear before you leave today. I’ll let Jenny keep these for you until Bob comes home.”
Gloria hung her head and bawled into her red tresses. This was so totally embarrassing.
“You’re cooked,” Andrea told the young stepmother, “you can get up, have a dance and join Donna in the corner.”

Martha had been sitting on the edge of the couch watching the punishments in progress with a mixture of feelings. When she had brought her twins to Andrea earlier she had actually enjoyed seeing the chestnut haired disciplinarian and her assistant Gabrielle spank her girls. They had behaved abominably and deserved everything they got. If her arm had not been broken at the time she would have set their rumps on fire herself. Even then she was no stranger to seeing a sound spanking take place. Her mother had been very strict and never hesitated to turn her daughters over her knee for a good hard smacking.  Martha witnessed the chastisements with mixed feelings, depending on the situation. If her sister had done something to annoy her, then she watched with some glee and had even encouraged her mother to spank harder, sometimes she felt sorry for Pauline, and had even been known to cry in sympathy. Then there were the other times, not dissimilar to this situation; when both girls were going to be spanked one after the other. The girl’s mother had always made them watch the other being spanked. It wasn’t quite so bad if you were spanked first, but to have to watch knowing that you were soon going to experience it, that was excruciating. The last time Martha had been spanked she was eighteen and it was her mother doing the honours, she’d moved out from under the parental roof not long after, so that was her last spanking…until now.

Andrea smiled at Martha, her generous red lips curling upwards “It’s never much fun to go last, your bottom stays cool longer, but the nerves do flutter. Up you get, sweetheart.”
It was an effort for Martha to get to her feet and take the few nervous steps to stand by Andrea’s knee. “Oh you’re an old hand at this I can see, Martha!” Andrea exclaimed. “Amazing how it all comes back, isn’t it?”
Martha did not trust herself to speak, so nodded.
“Now, hands away from your sides, Martha, while Aunty has a look at you.”
Swallowing hard, Martha moved her hands, and stood trying to control her trembling, as Andrea turned her and examined her underthings. “These are sensible,” she said in a conversational tone, as she examined the older ladies underwear, “not like what Gloria was wearing. Can you imagine that silly girl, thinking that would fly here?” she scolded.
“No, ma’am.” Martha whispered.
Andrea took pity on the woman. Martha was making atonement for what she had put her niece through, and Andrea appreciated how difficult it had been for her to come here and do this.
She put her hand on the small of Martha’s back, and guided her over the lap. Again Martha’s experiences at the hands of her martinet mother came to the fore, and she draped herself easily over the lap with a grace borne of plenty of practice. Andrea did not tease or scold, she simply shifted Martha into position, and commenced slapping her upturned bottom smartly.

The two crying women facing the wall in opposite corners could hear the slaps ringing out around the room, and Martha’s squeals and yelps as she wriggled vigorously over Andrea’s lap. Andrea continued to spank at a steady pace, ensuring that her firm palm produced a good all over heat across Martha’s wobbling buttocks encased in the sheer panties. Martha’s struggles had lessened, and the tears were streaming down her face before Andrea could feel the heat shimmering off her soundly smacked rear end through her panties, and decided to bring the spanking to it’s conclusion. She helped the still sobbing Martha off her lap and hugged her briefly, with a stolen rub of the simmering backside before sending her to the corner with a slap and a whimper.

Andrea checked the temperature of the teapot, and was pleased to find it was still warm. She poured herself a cup, and sat back to admire her handiwork in the corners. Andrea did not often allow her guests to keep their panties, but this had been quite effective with the girls, and she could see by their stances and occasional noises of discomfort that not only were their bottoms sore, but the undergarments were effectively holding in the heat from the smackbottoms. Andrea sipped her tea, sighed serenely, and surveyed the three implements on the table. It would soon be time to call the ladies out for the second part of their discipline.

“Okay girls,” Andrea announced, clapping her hands, “you may turn around and you are also allowed to rub your cheeks a little, not too much, though.” She cautioned. There were sighs and six hands plunged beneath their panties to rub their steaming tails. Andrea allowed it to continue for a moment or two, and then ordered them to stop and leave hands by sides.

She examined three nervous faces, her green eyes shining, and licked her lips. “Now who to go first?” she mused, and her eyes lit on Donna shifting from foot to foot. “Do you need to go potty, Donna?”
“No, ma’am.” Donna replied, her face turning the same colour as Gloria’s knickers.
“In that case you can come here and get the rest of your spanking.”
“Yes, ma’am.” Donna answered, fighting back the tears.
Once Donna was by her side, trying to quell the tingling in her backside, Andrea pointed at the table, and indicated that odd paddle Donna had seen earlier. “Bring me that, please sweetie.”
Donna picked up the paddle, and examined it, it was very light, rectangular and smaller than your average paddle. One side was smooth and the other had ridges.
Andrea watched her face and then asked “Do you know what that is, Donna?”
“No, Aunty, I don’t.”
“Martha does, don’t you dear?”
“Yes, miss.” Martha replied with a nod.
“Could you please enlighten Donna and Gloria, darling?”
Martha cleared her throat and spoke “It’s a butter pat. You don’t see them much now, they used to use them to shape the freshly churned butter. The ridged side gives the block of butter a nice looking ridge on the top.”
Donna looked at the implement in her hand, and shuddered.
Andrea grinned “I think Donna is getting the idea, thank you Martha. You and Gloria stand behind the couch and watch Donna’s smacking, please.”

Andrea looked up at the blonde woman standing in front of her, and said “You just hold onto that pat, sweetie, whilst Aunty gets you out of these pretty little Spanx.”
Donna coloured as Andrea hooked her fingers into the waistband of her underpants, she had not been aware that the beautiful willowy woman knew of the brand or its unusual name. She forced herself to stare directly ahead as she felt her panties slide over her hips and down her legs, there was a little murmur of appreciation as Donna’s thatch of downy light curls came into view. Donna shuffled a little, hoping to hide the view. Andrea took the blonde mother’s wrist and coaxed her into a prone position over the demurely clad lap. Donna felt the paddle pat her twitching cheeks a few times as Andrea got the feel of it. Then the ridged side started to scrape her rosy bottom, and Andrea spoke “I’ve been waiting for a chance to see what this little toy can do ever since I bought it at a garage sale.”

CRACK! The first blow of the paddle sounded loud in the confines of the parlour. Donna hissed out an expression of pain. That was the ridged side, too. One of her friends had been spanked with a Spencer paddle when growing up. Donna had been lucky enough to avoid the fearsome implement, but had often thought how excruciating the addition of those holes must make it. The ridged side of this butter pat was similar. As it flashed up and down, and Andrea moved it competently up and down Donna’s bottom, and even lit up her thighs, she felt the burn start to really settle in and knew she would be sitting on a pillow that evening. Andrea paddled away steadily, and watched Donna’s legs cross and uncross furiously as she desperately attempted to relieve the sting somehow. Donna cried out, as the pain reached a crescendo, and started to bawl. Andrea spun the paddle, and began to spank the angry red, welted bottom with the flat side. Donna grit her teeth and sobbed, her legs kicked madly and her buttocks rolled from side to side, once her backside had caught fire even though the butter pat was light the flat side stung like crazy and made her feel like she was sitting on a nest full of enraged fire ants. Andrea kept at it until Donna’s movement had stopped, and she lay limply over Andrea’s lap sobbing incoherently and promising to never swear again. “Don’t be silly,” Andrea said firmly, “you will, it’s human nature, Donna. Just think about it and please don’t say it where Courtney can hear it, young lady.”
Donna sniffled and cried, as Andrea set the little paddle aside, and began to gently massage the steaming globes nestled pathetically in her lap.

Once Donna was standing in the corner, pulsating red bottom shining, and hands laced over her sweat sodden blonde locks, Andrea crooked her finger at Gloria “Over here little Miss Spendthrift.”
The redhead winced, but went to Andrea and stood by her, hands clasped in front of herself and head down.

Andrea looked at her and said “Head up and look at me, young lady.”
Gloria lifted her head, and looked at the stern lady seated on the couch, her green eyes shining with unshed tears.
“No point in crying now, Gloria,” Andrea said scornfully, and even Martha flinched at the tone in the chestnut haired woman’s voice, “you should have thought about that when you spent your husband’s money on an unnecessary pair of shoes.”
“But they were Manolos and they were on sale.” Gloria wailed.
“Oh Gloria, you’re a grown woman, with a husband and an adult step daughter, not a spoilt teenager, although I am now starting to think if your adolescent buttocks had been heated up more often then we would not be where we are right now.”

Gloria swallowed hard. She did not know Andrea did it, but she was a world-class scolder and just her words had the ability to induce tears. Even Gloria’s stepdaughter Jennifer had said she’d rather be spanked than endure another scolding from Andrea ever again.
“No ma’am.” Gloria said softly.
“Bring me the sandal on the table, please.” Andrea commanded.
Gloria picked up the sandal, thinking about how that smooth leather sole was going to hurt. She held it between forefinger and thumb as if it were going to bite her.

“I thought this was rather fitting for you, Gloria.” Andrea said with a grin. “It was a pair of shoes that brought you here, so it’s somewhat ironic that another item of footwear will be used to punish you.”
Gloria shuddered as Andrea removed her lacy scarlet panties. “I’m sure these cost more than the material could possibly justify, Gloria.” Andrea said, examining the insubstantial garment, while the woman squirmed and used the sandal to shield the flaming curls between her legs from view. “It’s very pretty, but entirely inappropriate. I dread to think what my mother would have done to me if she bared me for a hiding and I was wearing something like this. I think Mr Tawse would have certainly made an appearance.”

Gloria gasped, and even Martha on the couch squirmed. Her mother had tawsed her, and it was not a memory she liked revisiting.
“Over Aunty’s lap.” Andrea commanded Gloria.
The redhead lowered herself over the indicated lap, and even shifted herself into position, so that her upper body and legs were supported by the couch, then let herself sink over Andrea’s thighs, and pushed her buttocks upwards. Andrea made noises of encouragement.

Once Gloria had been locked into position, Andrea leaned down and picked up something that had been placed by the couch. Gloria’s eyes widened as she caught sight of what Andrea was holding. It was her shoes, the designer ones that had caused all the trouble. Andrea set them down by Gloria’s nose where she could see them. “Maybe having them in the line of your sight whilst I scorch your bottom will drive the message home, young lady.”
Gloria sniffed miserably, as she felt the first tear slip out her eye, and start to trickle down her cheek. She shivered as Andrea glided the slipper’s smooth sole over her still rosy bottom. While Andrea teased the redhead over her lap she examined Gloria’s still pert rear. She was beginning to enjoy married life, and that meant her gluteus maximus was starting to lose the condition that her teenage cheerleading days had given it. Andrea raised the sandal and brought it down firmly across the right hemisphere. Gloria stiffened as the leather sole struck home, yelped and then kicked her legs.

The assault had begun. Andrea used her free hand to hold a frantically kicking and wriggling Gloria Travers. Andrea concentrated on the right cheek and only the right buttock. The heat and sting building up as volley after volley spanked her right globe became unbearable, and Gloria was soon howling. “Please Aunty Andrea! Please spank the other one! I’ll be good! I won’t overspend again, please spank my other cheek!”
“As you ask so nicely, sweetheart, I’m happy to oblige.”
Andrea switched sides, and continued to blister the left hemisphere until the two buttocks matched, they looked like overripe tomatoes and Andrea could literally feel the waves of heat radiating upwards from them. All the fight had been spanked out of Gloria. She lay limply and sniffled, strands of red hair plastered to her cheeks with a mixture of sweat, snot, tears and saliva. That was until Andrea attacked the upper thighs. Then Gloria roared her displeasure, and her crimson hindquarters flamed and bounded over Andrea’s silken thighs. Gloria’s bottom and thighs were positively steaming when Andrea set the sandal down. Gloria lay across the lap, hiccupping and whimpering, fervently wishing she had never been given access to a credit card or heard of Manolo Blahnik and his shoes. Said shoes could only be viewed through a blurry veil of tears.

“Do you think your bottom has paid the price of that footwear, young lady.” Andrea said.
Gloria heard the words through the blood roaring in her ears, sniffed and blubbered “I…I huhhope so Aunty Andrea.”
Andrea had to laugh, although it was not at all unkind “I think you’re well and truly done, sweetheart. Let Aunty help you up.”
Gloria sighed as Andrea’s strong arms encircled her waist, assisted her off the lap and set her on her feet. She looked at Andrea, tears streaming down her face. Andrea nodded at the unspoken question of if Gloria could rub her sizzling cakes. Andrea watched indulgently as Gloria danced and furiously tried to rub the fire out of her bottom. Martha usually enjoyed a good spank dance, but knowing that it would soon be her doing the ‘hot bottom boogie’ somehow took all the fun out of the spectacle.

As Gloria minced her way to the corner opposite a still sniffling Donna, Andrea’s emerald eyes fixed a squirming Martha, and beckoned the mother of two over. “Do you understand why you’re here, Martha, in this position?” Andrea asked.
Not trusting her voice, Martha nodded.
“How is Katherine?” Andrea inquired of Martha’s niece.
“Oh, she’s well, An…ma’am,” Martha replied, just catching herself before she addressed Andrea by her name, “she’s at college here and getting good grades.”
“Is she a help around the house?”
“Oh yes, she’s a Godsend.”
“What about with the girls?”
Martha hid a smile “I arrived home the other day to two glowing behinds. They’d apparently got on her nerves.”
Andrea smiled broadly “I’m glad that she can now punish the girls on her own without risking a spanking from me.”
“I’ve seen the error of my ways there, Miss Andrea.”
“Excellent. I’d like to see the girls from time to time, though. Can’t let you and Katherine do it all.”
“Oh rest assured, ma’am. I’ll be booking them in before I leave here today.”
“Wonderful! Well, we had best get down to business. Let’s have these panties off and get you bottoms up over Aunty’s lap.”

No stranger to a spanking, Martha obligingly helped Andrea arrange her once she was draped over the discplinarian’s lap. “I wish all my clients were as helpful as you, Martha.” Andrea complimented the woman. “If you can be a big brave girl for Aunty then this will all be over in two shakes of a lambs tail.”
Martha rather doubted that her spanking would be over that quickly, and she knew that she would be sitting gingerly on a hot posterior for the remainder of the day. Her bottom tingled as her muscle memory recalled the occasions over her mother’s lap having the back of a wooden hairbrush applied vigorously to the tender flesh.

Andrea began to glide the back of her ebony hairbrush over Martha’s twitching rosy globes, and interrogated her. “When I had Kathy here, darling, what happened to her?”
Ears in the corners pricked up at the question and the prospect of some gossip.
“She got a spanking with your hand and then the brush, but she only got a few swats with the brush, ma’am.” Martha answered.
“The spanking was interrupted because Darcy had a pang of conscience and owned up to her and Devon’s deception.”
“Yes, ma’am. I was mortified that the girls lied.” Martha said, tears springing to her eyes.
“However if you had believed young Katherine in the first place it would never have been necessary. Do you think you’re deserving of the same punishment that Katherine got, Martha?”
“Yes, Miss Andrea.”
“Very well, but be warned, young lady, no one will interrupt this spanking for you.”

Andrea settled Martha deep into her lap, and raised the brush.
SPLAT! The report of the brush across Martha’s broad womanly buttocks rang out around the room. Donna and Gloria both jumped and Martha yelped and bucked. Andrea delivered hard, deliberate spanks to Martha’s bottom as it flamed and bounded over her thighs. Each smack landed in a new spot, and Andrea methodically covered the entire surface of the glowing rump across her lap. Martha’s resolve broke at the third slap, and she started to cry, she sobbed loudly and wailed with each stinging blow of the hair care product. Andrea knew how ashamed Martha felt about the chastisement, the actions of her daughters, and the position she had put her responsible niece in earlier, so did not scold her during the punishment or make any belittling comments the way she had with Donna and Gloria, who had both acted childishly to earn their bottom warmings.

Andrea brought Martha’s spanking to an end with a flurry of sharp hard smacks to her upper thighs. Martha kicked violently, and set up a constant squeal as the backs of her legs caught fire under the ebony brush. Andrea set her brush aside, and gently lifted the sobbing older woman into a sitting position in her lap. Martha blubbered and whimpered. Andrea drew the woman’s head to her bosom and held her there, letting her cry onto the shoulder of her blouse while speaking softly and soothingly to her, and rubbing her back to settle her down.

Andrea moved Martha’s head once she had calmed herself and got her breathing under control. “My goodness!” she exclaimed. “Aren’t we a sight? Let me clean this up for you honey.” Andrea competently and gently cleaned Martha’s face of tears, snot and saliva, brushing sticky strands of hair back over her ears. “Now you can stand in the corner for a few minutes to reflect while Aunty puts her implements away again.”

As Andrea sat in her favourite chair by the crackling fire, legs crossed, one swinging idly she admired her handiwork on display in three of the room’s corners. There was something so incredibly right about freshly spanked red bottoms in corners. It reassured Andrea that things in the world were as they should be.

At length Andrea released Donna, Gloria and Martha from their penance in the corner, and sent them to the bedroom to soothe their bottoms and get dressed. Andrea called Kimberley for fresh tea for herself and cocoa for the girls. The three women took their time and Andrea knew that they were availing themselves liberally of the cold cream she kept in the bedroom for the purpose of easing aching behinds.

The three Clarkstown ladies minced out of the bedroom, and sat gingerly onto the couch, where Kimberley had thoughtfully placed three big soft pillows, one for each soundly spanked bottom. They fell gratefully on the large mugs full to the brim with steaming hot cocoa.

As they sipped their hot beverages Andrea discussed their offspring with them. “I haven’t checked,” Andrea directed the comment at Donna, “but I’m assuming that I have Courtney and James booked in for their regular appointments tomorrow.”
“Oh yes,” Donna reassured her friend, “I’m expecting two hot bottoms at home tomorrow evening. I usually have them in the corner when they get home until supper for some cool down time, and then we tuck them into bed early. It makes for a very relaxing evening.”
“It’s been a while since I saw Jennifer.” Andrea said to Gloria.
The redhead lowered her mug, tendrils of steam wreathing her pretty face, and said softly “She’s been pretty good, but getting a bit snippy. I think she could use a refresher. I’ll speak to her about it tonight.”
“You said Devon and Darcy are going to be booked in?”
Martha nodded “Kathy does a good job, but sometimes they need an expert’s touch, Andrea.”
“Sounds like the children will keep me even busier than the mothers.” Andrea laughed.

Andrea stood in the doorway of her parlour watching Donna, Gloria and Martha pay for their whackings, and in the case of Martha arranging to have her twins make a visit to the shop in the near future. As the ladies departed the shop with their buttocks smouldering under their clothes Andrea brought up the image of those glowing cheeks so recently displayed in the parlour’s corners, and was reminded once again why she so loved her job.


  1. Terrific story Aunty Andrea. It is exciting and a bit scary to watch someone being spanked knowing thay you are next.

    I hope that you enjoy your vacation.

  2. Have a wonderful time and enjoy, guess your hand needs a rest? Lol. Be well and enjoy your time.

    Amazing story, thank you.

    Best wishes

  3. Thank you so much Joey and Ron. I wasn't able to get to your comments before I left and had no time at all whilst I was away. I'm back on deck, but will take a day or so before I can formulate a proper post.