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Update from Kimberley Susan: Bared Affair

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Kimberley Susan.

We examine spanking as a motivational and self-improvement tool

Studies and anecdotes show that spanking - as well as being a mother's best friend and most useful discipline tool - is now proving its effectiveness in training elite athletes. Not only that, in helping women stay motivated at the gym, it gives overweight ladies a reason to lose weight and helps anorexic teens eat again.

A visit to one of Australia's most progressive gyms proves the point. Leesa Osborne, the 39-year-old manager of Just Us Gals Fitness Center, explained her unique new fitness and weight loss method. Ms Osborne is a tall, perfectly toned lady with thick, curly brown locks and large, expressive, deep brown eyes. Before opening her women's only gym on Queensland's Gold Coast, she was a champion aerobics competitor and won two silver medals in world competition.

Asked why her gym only admitted female patrons, she considered the question briefly. "A lot of people ask me that. It isn't some sort of reverse sexism, and it is not because I'm a lesbian. It's for the comfort of my clients. I see a lot of women who come here to lose weight or gain confidence. Having to work out with a bunch of sweaty, muscle-bound guys throwing weights and crude comments around does not help, and tends to drive ladies away."

Ms Osborne smiled and explained how corporal punishment fit into the picture. "I had a particularly difficult client named Claire. She was in her early forties and wanted to lose weight. She was fine when she was in a session, but once out she did the wrong things and dropped off her diet. There was also the issue of her blowing off a session for the most trivial of reasons. I threatened to stop training her and she begged me not to. I had to think about a way to impress upon this woman that this was not a joke, and I wanted her to stick to it. When I first started out in competitive aerobics as a teen I had a coach who spanked me to motivate me. I didn't enjoy it, but I must confess that I performed better with a recently reddened bottom or the threat of one hanging over me."

Ms Osborne had nothing to lose, she explained, so she suggested a spanking to the lady client. "To my immense surprise she shrugged and said, 'OK, if that's what it takes to keep you as my trainer.' I took her into disused weight room, sat down on a bench, pulled her over my knee and spanked her until she was glowing through her tights and leotard, and a blubbering mess. The odd thing was I saw improvement almost right away. She trained hard, stuck to her diet and never missed a session. Any time she did slide we went into the weight room for a good, old fashioned spanking and she was right as rain for months. She now works for me in reception, and even takes the odd aerobics class. She's a living advertisement for the gym and my skills."

From Punished Females, Leesa Osborne deals with one of her fuller figured clients, while another instructress observes.

She laughed and explained the entry in the aerobics schedule called a 'Paddle Class.' "That's Claire's idea, the lady I just told you about. She had friends the same age and body shape as she was who had the same problem staying motivated to lose weight and keep fit. I soon had so many of these ladies as clients that I was spending more time with them over my knee than I was in training them. It kept me pretty fit and it's great exercise, but it wasn't doing them a lot of good other than giving them what I suspect were some well overdue sore bottoms. So I began the Paddle aerobics class. The women bring their own paddles and I sell them here at the gym. We incorporate a good spanking with an aerobics class and I insist that all of my weight loss clients over the age of 30 attend at least one Paddle class a month. We've had quite a few inquiries about it, and with Claire helping me out, I may have to start a class for some of my younger members as well."

On a tour of the gym afterwards it was impossible to miss the fact that some of the more mature ladies sat on their weight training machines somewhat gingerly. There was the telltale sound of wooden paddle meeting bare flesh emanating from a closed door with the sign 'Paddle Class in Progress.' And wandering through the changing rooms, one could see the flash of some well reddened rears coming out of the showers and sauna.

A Novel and Somewhat Radical Programme

Leesa Osborne was not the only person to discover the benefits of an old fashioned bottom warming as a physical training aid. Three years ago the University of Southern California became concerned with the poor performance of many of their female sporting teams.

The university's Dean of Psychology, Dr Pamela Underwood, was put on the case. Dr Underwood, remembering a case study comparing the work ethic of a patient who was spanked as a child and one who was not, decided to implement a novel and somewhat radical programme.

She established two basketball squads at the school. One squad would be trained using the school's current methods; the other would add spanking for poor performance. If the girls on the spanking team trained hard and did well, then their bottoms remained cool and white. On the other hand, if even one girl was not up to her potential, then the entire team had to bend over in the changing room for a session with the coach's paddle. Punishing all the girls for the shortcomings of one team member had the added effect of the team encouraging each other to perform at a high standard to avoid the after training paddle session.

Dr Underwood charted both teams' performances over a training period. At the end of six weeks the spanking team and the non-spanking team played each other. The spanking team beat their opponents soundly, and went on to perform well in the season proper, making the third round of NCAA tournament. Following this success, every one of the college's female sporting teams adopted spanking as an addition to their established training methods.

Cheryl Cambridge, 21, was a member of that first basketball squad. "None of us liked the spankings when Dr Underwood first started the study," Miss Cambridge remembered, "but when it came time to play the other team we were so sick of getting our own butts blistered that we decided to paddle someone else's butt, so to speak," the college senior beamed.

Coach Peg Hayes also remembered the introduction of the spanking therapy. "I almost fell off my chair when Pamela made her suggestion. I paddled my own kids when they needed it, and when I coached high school ball, I was the school's designated paddler, but college age girls ... I just didn't think it would work. Fortunately for the school it did, and I think the paddlings also helped me form a closer bond with my girls. When they won their opening round at the NCAA's in an upset, I was so proud I could have just about burst. We framed the paddle, you know, and even made it an honorary member of the team!"

From Firmhand Spanking. The University of Southern Carolina also incorporated the tawse into their program after a Scottish exchange student advised them of the implement's effect and here it is in use on the bottom of an under performing athlete.

Dr Underwood published a well received and detailed paper on the positive effects of spanking as a motivational tool for female athletes at college level. The United States Olympic team is currently studying the paper seriously and thinking of commencing a study to test the effectiveness of Dr Underwood's theory.

Meanwhile, in England's industrial valley, Birmingham native Karen Heathcote is a slim brunette in her late twenties, although it has not always been that way. "I was the size of a whale as recently as four years ago," she confessed with a blush.

To back the claim up, she produced a pair of trousers that have a big enough waistband to fit three women. "I'd had a problem with overeating ever since I was a child. My mother loved cooking and she loved seeing people eat what she prepared, and she prepared a lot of it. I was an only child and expected to clean everything on my plate. I also didn't do a lot of exercise, and this led to me soon becoming classified as obese. I tried everything I could to lose weight - Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Nutrimetics - you name it, I tried it. I can name every fad diet there is, and I never lost any weight. If anything, I put more on."

Miss Heathcote became emotional at this point, and brought out some of what she refers to as her 'fat photos.' The change in that oversized woman and the one she is now is remarkable, and she says that it is not just a physical change. When she was overweight she was shy and withdrawn and very depressed - she had gotten locked into a vicious circle. Being overweight made her feel as if she was a freak and unattractive so she found solace in food.

Unfortunately the more she ate the larger and more isolated she became. The new Karen Heathcote is attractive and laughs a lot; she is also outgoing and has recently become engaged to a handsome, successful, young businessman. How did she lose the weight?

"Gloria, my mentor at Weight Watchers, commented about my lack of self control. You know how you fill in the chart? Well, I filled it in, but I lied about it. It wasn't hard to work that out." Miss Heathcote dropped her blue eyes and blushed at the confession.

Her older companion, Gloria Sheldon, a tall, athletic 41-year-old brunette took up the story. "I told Karen that if she was going to lie to herself that was her business and she could stay fat, but I would not have her lying to me. I also told her that if she were my daughter I'd give her a good hiding. That got her attention, right enough."

Miss Heathcote smiled. "I'd never been threatened with a spanking before, but I thought that if I got punished for not sticking to my diet or my training program then I'd have a real reason to do so. I never noticed putting on weight, but once Gloria spanked me, and she spanks damn hard, I found that it hurt when I sat down, so every time I sat I remembered what had caused it and it became motivation not to do it again."

"It took plenty of sore bottoms and the odd aching arm," Mrs Sheldon remembered with a grin, "but Karen started to show improvement and she eventually transformed into the svelte young woman you see before you today."

"In fact, it was so successful," the younger woman continued, "that Gloria and I started our own weight loss business: Fat Burners. We call it that because we tend to burn the fattest area on most women's bodies - the bottom. Our chart is similar to the Weight Watchers one. We have two lists: the good food and the bad food. Along with the calories, the bad food lists how many spanks you can expect to receive for eating it. We also have a list of what spankings skipping training can get you."

"There is another benefit from spanking," Mrs Sheldon added with a shake of her midnight tresses, "and that's calorie burning. You would be amazed at what sort of a physical workout a woman can give herself when she's kicking and wriggling during a good old fashioned smack bottom. It also has the added effect of keeping myself and Karen in good shape. Holding a full figured woman over your lap whilst spanking her squirming reddening bottom is as good a cardio-vascular workout as any aerobics class can give you."

A glance at the full client list for Fat Burners was evidence that many woman had discovered, just like Karen Heathcote, that a sore bottom was the fastest road to a trim, taut and terrific physique.

From Spanked Sweeties. A weight loss session at Fat Burners in progress.

Hands-On Cure for Eating Disorders

Watch What You Eat (WWYE), an independent research group that studies the results of various diets and organisations like Miss Heathcote's and Mrs Sheldon's, has done a study comparing the results of Fat Burners to their other better known counterparts, and the statistics make interesting reading.

"Fat Burners has a 50% better success rate than Weight Watchers, and a 63% better rate than Jenny Craig," said WWYE spokesperson Nicole Horntopper. "Fat Burners also works out cheaper than many of the larger organisations, as there is no need to purchase expensive pre-packaged food. Its results are all achieved by its members willpower to stick to their diets and exercise programs, assisted by trips over the knees of Gloria and Karen," she added with a smile.

Fat Burners was also found to achieve results 75% quicker than three other well known weight loss programs. "Interviews with Fat Burners clients found that they gain a greater sense of achievement when they lose the weight, because they do it themselves, without the help of specially formulated food," Ms Horntopper said. "And regular return visits help them keep the weight off, as returning members can find themselves receiving a stinging, bare bottom reminder if they backslide."

Whilst Miss Heathcote found out that spanking helped her lose weight, across the pond in Canada, Glenda Pinciotti was using it for the opposite reason. Mrs Pinciotti is a Toronto housewife and the mother of two teenage girls: Sophie, 17, and Tessa, 14.

"I became concerned, obsessed really, with my weight when I was sixteen," Mrs Pinciotti admitted, self consciously smoothing her short, dark hair. "I tried to eat less, but my eagle eyed mother soon spotted that and made sure that I ate every morsel on my plate. I got around that by making myself sick afterwards. I exercised continuously to lose weight and the thinner I got, the better I felt. As a final resort I was hospitalised and a good shrink made me see what I was doing to myself. Tessa takes after my husband and has never experienced the problem, at least not yet, but Sophie seemed to have inherited her vanity from me."

"Mom!" her older daughter squealed from the couch.

"It's true, young lady," Mrs Pinciotti told her offspring, fixing her with a stern warning eye. "Because I had been through it myself, I picked up the warning signs of anorexia early with Sophie. Not wanting her to go through what I did, I wondered how best to get through to her. I knew from how I felt back then that talking does no good. One of the girls who spoke to us in hospital had said that whenever she slipped, her Mom turned her over her knee and spanked her good and hard. Then I made her eat a full meal on a tanned bottom and put her to bed immediately, so she had no chance to get rid of it in the way that I had."

From Quality Spanking. Glenda Pinciotti gives her anorexic daughter a bedtime spanking.

On the couch Sophie blushed and rubbed her own bottom unconsciously.

"I decided to try it with Sophie," Mrs Pinciotti explained, "and it worked a treat. Whenever I saw her exhibiting any of the signs I knew signalled an attack, I took her by the hand, led her into my room and a pants-down butt burning followed. I sat her down at the kitchen table, her bottom still throbbing from its most recent chat with the business end of my hairbrush, and fed her up. Then I put her to bed with a warm rear and a full belly for company. After a few of those she decided that her size was just perfect and now she actually lectures other anorexics on the dangers. I'm very proud of her!" The woman beamed.

Toronto General Hospital commissioned a study of girls with eating disorders after hearing about Glenda Pinciotti's unusual but very effective method with her daughter. Of the study group comprising fourteen girls, only two had been spanked and then infrequently, and not once since they developed their disorder.

The case workers for the girls started to implement spankings as part of their treatment, and the girls began to eat more normally almost right away. Their mothers were encouraged to spank the girls if they saw diversions from normal eating patterns. In no time at all, the entire study group of fourteen made full recoveries and became happy, healthy girls without weight problems or eating disorders.

Further research is being conducted, but in many areas the smart money is betting that the link between loving corporal punishment and weight control is not a coincidence. All around the world, stock prices in firms who are investing in the timehonoured technology of spanking have risen 10 to 20% faster than the markets as a whole.

Nicole Horntopper of Watch What You Eat puts it most succinctly. "We don't think it's an accident that well-spanked girls show more will power." In the end, this new approach to weight control is as old as parenting itself.

Originally published in Bared Affair, Issue 3.01


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