Sunday, 11 September 2011

'Big Sister'

This is the first of a number of standalone stories written by Seegee that I will post here from time to time.

This is by the wonderful spanking artist Barb, it's very close to one of the scenes in the story.

Mistress Lina makes an admirable 'big sister'

And this from Girls Smacking Naughty Boys       

Jeff pulled up to the small townhouse, stopped the car and sat back to look at the place for a few minutes. It was his, it was really his. He had owned the place since the day he outbid everyone else at the auction and signed the papers, but now settlement was over and he was moving in. Now it really was his place. He sighed happily, then popped the boot and climbed out of the car. He picked up one of the sealed boxes, heaved it onto his shoulder and started to carry it inside. As he walked up the low steps he felt the full weight of the carton and wondered what on earth he had packed in it to make it that heavy. He was trying to balance the carton on his shoulder and fumble around for the keys to the door all at once. With alarm he felt the carton slide back on his shoulder, and he began to stagger backwards.

"Whoa!" came a bright female voice behind him, and he felt a steadying hand on the carton, he righted himself, and dropped his keys.

"You might want to put the box down before you try that again." Jeff's unseen saviour advised.

"Thanks." a blushing Jeff muttered, as he put his other hand on the carton, and gently lowered it onto the porch, then turned to look down into a pair of sparkling, bright green eyes. 

"Hi," said the owner of the eyes, thrusting her hand at Jeff, "I'm Bobbi, we're neighbours." 

"We are?" Jeff answered rather stupidly as he took the slim, outthrust hand.

"Uh huh," the girl replied, "I live there," and she jerked a thumb at the adjoining townhouse, "I saw you at the auction, but didn't get a chance to introduce myself."

"Oh great, thanks, nice to meet you. I'm Jeff."

"Hi Jeff," Bobbi smiled.

Jeff stared at his pretty new neighbour. She was a petite girl. Jeff was not tall, but Bobbi only came to his chin, which put her at about 5'1". She was slender, but there was strength in her small body, she had a lovely even tan, and a cloud of golden hair floated around her perfectly formed face.

"Would you like me to open the door while you bring that inside?" Bobbi asked kindly.

"Oh yes, thanks."

Jeff bent to pick the carton up again, and Bobbi stood there regarding him with some amusement.

"Jeff," she prompted.

"Yeah," Jeff grunted as he lifted the carton. 

"I need the keys." 

"Oh yeah," Jeff said, cursing his social awkwardness inwardly, put the carton down again, and handed the keys to Bobbi. 

"Thanks," the girl said and calmly opened the door.  As Jeff followed the pert bottom encased in tight faded blue jeans, he began to think that buying the townhouse was one of the best moves he had ever made.

Jeff put his carton down inside, and Bobbi asked "How many more of those have you got?"

"Lots," Jeff replied.

"Is anyone helping you?"

"The movers will when they get here."

"Well, I'll tell you what. I've got nothing better to do today, so if you can promise me at least a cold drink out of the fridge that I see you already have here, I'll give you a hand."

 "Deal." Jeff said, with a grin.

Bobbi was as good as her word. She spent the entire day helping Jeff move in. She even directed the movers where to place some of his furniture when they arrived with their truck. It was late afternoon and Jeff's loungeroom was full of opened and unopened cartons. Jeff and Bobbi lounged in Jeff's armchairs, each with a tall, frosted glass of lemonade. Bobbi sipped her lemonade, looked at the mess in the loungeroom, and commented "You don't realize how much stuff you accumulate until you move, do you?" 

Jeff cast an eye over it all, and agreed "No, you don't."

"What are you doing for dinner tonight?" Bobbi asked.

Jeff shrugged "I dunno. I don't have much food here yet. I was just gonna order a pizza, I guess."

"Oh no you're not," Bobbi told him. "You're coming next door for a good home cooked meal." 

"Bobbi, I can't," Jeff protested, "not after all the help you've already given me." 

"Nonsense!" the blonde girl exclaimed sternly. "You can, and you will. Besides you'll be helping me prepare it. Now get your little behind into your bathroom and wash up before coming over."

Despite her diminutive size there was something about Bobbi that told Jeff she was not a girl to argue with.

Bobbi also turned out to be quite a good cook. Jeff helped prepare the vegetables, and he uncorked the wine and even set the table, but Bobbi did all the cooking. Dinner was over, and they drank coffee on Bobbi's couch as they learned about each other. "I was the first one born," Bobbi told Jeff, "and my Dad had his heart set on a boy."

"So that's why you're called Bobbi?" 

"Sort of," the girl smiled into her coffee cup, "my real name is Bronwen. My Dad wanted to call me something androgynous, but Mum wouldn't have it. Dad shortened Bronwen to Bobbi." 

"Not Bron?" Jeff posed. 

Bobbi's eyes narrowed "Calling me that is the best way to get yourself in my bad graces, young man. That and interrupting me during Buffy The Vampire Slayer."

"You like it too?" Jeff asked with genuine excitement.

"Doesn't everyone? Did you see that episode where she staked..." and the two of them discussed the finer points of the popular fantasy comedy drama until late in the night.

As Jeff eased himself into bed that night he said to himself "You sure picked the right neighbourhood to live in Jeffrey boy."

Jeff himself was relatively average. He was around 5'10" with a slim, boyish build, his complexion was fair and smooth, he only needed to shave twice a week, and he had very little body hair. His hair was dark brown and neatly cut, he had never changed the style. He parted it on the left and brushed it across to the right. He often had to flick up an errant lock that tended to fall into his clear blue eyes. He was in his mid twenties, but looked younger and was regularly asked to provide id when buying alcohol or going to nightspots.

Over the next few months Jeff and Bobbi developed a very close friendship, and learned a good deal about each other. The blonde girl was four years older than Jeff, and soon became the big sister he had never had. Jeff was an only child and Bobbi, the eldest of six, regularly teased her younger friend about it. The most common insult was 'spoilt brat'. Jeff was very much unspoiled. He had been an extremely well behaved and levelheaded child, and while he never needed for anything, nor was he given everything he wanted. Being the eldest Bobbi had often looked after her younger siblings, and she had become quite the 'little mother', it was how she had perfected her cooking skills. While Jeff could cook, he did not even come close to matching the petite blonde in the kitchen, and Wednesday night, when he went to her house and she prepared dinner before they both settled down to watch Buffy The Vampire Slayer, became his favourite night of the week. While they always spent Wednesday's together, it was not their only social activity. Bobbi was an active woman of the 21st century, and she kept that slim body in trim by twice weekly aerobics and a Pilates session. She also played volleyball, and despite Jeff's pleas that he was hopelessly uncoordinated she still coerced him into joining her team. They also regularly attended films and occasionally went to dinner. Despite the fact that Bobbi was most definitely a modern woman she had some very old-fashioned views. They seemed to be formed from her baby sitting sessions with her siblings, and were modeled on her parents philosophies of life. Jeff soon learned that swearing around her was very much forbidden. The first time earned him a sharp reprimand, the second a stinging smack on his bottom, and the third got the smack and a threat to wash his mouth out with soap if he ever did it again. Jeff found it hard to believe that Bobbi could follow through on that threat, but he was not prepared to test her out and watched his language around her. The other thing that you never did around Bobbi was discuss sex. She found the fact that magazines of sexual content such as Playboy and Penthouse were easily available at newsagents scandalous and gave Jeff a fearful tongue lashing when he confessed to having on occasion read one or two. She found some of the magazines when he was unpacking and burned them.

Despite their close friendship there was one secret Jeff never told Bobbi about. Jeff did not really know why, but from a very young age one subject had fascinated him. It was the subject of spanking. When Jeff first realized that the subject interested him, and actually aroused him, it scared him, because he thought it was weird. None of his friends found it exciting, especially those that were spanked, although they were in the minority. Very few of his friends and acquaintances were spanked. It was not an accepted form of discipline, and Jeff himself was never spanked at home. The most he could ever remember getting was an occasional smack from his parents when his behaviour went too far. He was well behaved, and those occasions were extremely rare. However whenever he heard the word 'spank', or saw it written, or saw scenes that featured it in movies he never failed to become excited. He looked the word up in the dictionary and found related words via the thesaurus, he even looked at the discipline sections of parenting books to see if he could find references to spanking or smacking. He loved watching old TV shows and movies that had spanking scenes or references, and reading old comics and cartoons where spanking was often the way of dealing with the hijinks of the characters. There was something about seeing someone turned over the knee of a determined man or woman, and having their bottom repeatedly slapped that pushed Jeff's buttons. He later learned it was a sexual kink, but never did anything further to act on his fantasies. He did however try to work out from where the fascination stemmed.

The earliest memory Jeff had of being excited or aroused by the subject of spanking was when he was eight years old. That was the year Jeff had Mrs Pintocevic as his teacher. He believed the two things were related. Mrs Pintocevic was a tall, slender, attractive, dark haired, elegant woman of European extraction in her late twenties. At Jeff's small Catholic primary school the accepted form of discipline was spanking. It was not really classical over the knee spanking as depicted in countless books and stories. A spanking in class usually consisted of a few slaps by hand on the backs of the legs, or some stinging smacks with a wooden school ruler in the same area. The strap, which was really a broad metre long ruler, was also in use, but only the headmistress; a tall, matronly nun, was permitted to administer it and it was usually done in private in her office. Jeff never got it, but he knew others that had, and it consisted of a walloping across the outstretched palms of the hands. All teachers, be they lay teachers or nuns, were allowed to administer corporal punishment to students if it were deemed necessary. Mrs Pintocevic was an acknowledged expert in that area. While the elegant teacher was attractive, and could be very nice if a student performed well, or was in her good graces, she was also extremely strict and woe betide the boy or girl who displeased her. There was something about the combination of Mrs Pintocevic and corporal punishment that excited Jeff. He was at a loss to explain what it was. He had had other teachers who spanked, in fact they all did, but none of them had the effect that Mrs Pintocevic did. When Mrs Pintocevic hauled an unfortunate student up the front of the class ,and scolded them severely before administering a stinging volley of swats to their upper legs and bottoms with her trusty ruler, Jeff felt himself becoming breathless, and knew he was watching the punishment with brightly shining eyes. He had seen it happen before in other classes, but only Mrs Pintocevic produced that reaction. Jeff got plenty of opportunities in her class, as hardly a week went by without a public chastisement taking place. The woman was inventive as well. The boys wore thick, long trousers made of corduroy, and Mrs Pintocevic felt on one occasion that a well-known troublemaker needed to feel the sting of her ruler on his bare skin. While the school gave her carte blanche to spank the children as she saw fit, and whilst this particular boy was a regular recipient of his father's strap at home, Mrs Pintocevic knew that taking the boy's trousers off in front of all his classmates would be overstepping the bounds of her authority, however the ruler on the seat or upper legs of those thick cords had absolutely no effect. The teacher took a firm hold on the boy's upper arm and dragged him out of the front of the class. She stood him with his back facing the class, and still keeping a grip on his arm, began her scolding. What she saw infuriated her, Jeff saw her lips compress in anger from where he sat in a desk near the front, the little brat was smiling! Although she did not say anything, Jeff could almost hear her thinking 'I'll give him something to smile about.'. While continuing her tongue-lashing she bent down, and to the boy's consternation, began to roll up the bottoms of his trousers. When she had exposed his calves almost to the knees, she pushed down his socks, and commenced his spanking. The ruler smacked against those marble white calves quick and hard. In no time at all the boy's calves glowed red, and the rest of the now completely silent class could hear him crying quietly. Mrs Pintocevic finished the spanking. She unrolled the boy's trouser legs, and ordered him back to his seat. Tears were still streaming down his cheeks as he walked stiffly back to his desk. It was quite some time before he had another encounter with her ruler.

Jeff used to dream up spanking fantasies that centred around the classically beautiful teacher. She had never spanked him, and it was unlikely that she ever would. He was one of the most studious, best-behaved boys in her class, and to tell the truth she considered him her 'pet'. For his part Jeff, while he wanted to be spanked by Mrs Pintocevic, did not want to commit an offence that would have him dragged up the front of the class, and have her scorch the seat of his pants with her well-used ruler. The teacher liked him and he liked her. Besides the sort of spankings she administered in class was not what he was looking for.

What Jeff really wanted from Mrs Pintocevic was a good, hard, old fashioned, over the knee, bare bottom spanking. Preferably with her hand, there was something about the thought of bare skin contacting bare skin that excited the boy even more than a spanking with an implement. The spankings at school were rarely ever on bare skin, rarely with the hand, and never over the knee or on the bare bottom.

Although Jeff had no real idea about Mrs Pintocevic's home life he did not think that she was as strict at home as she was at class. Her son had given Jeff and every other child in the class reason to believe that. She had a very young son, who was only around three years old. He was a nice, little kid, and generally stayed with an aunt during the day, while his mother worked, but sometimes he came to school with her, and behaved like an absolute brat and completely out of the strict teacher's control. Despite his general naughtiness she never raised a hand to him.

Jeff did not take her more relaxed attitude to discipline at home into account in his dreams about the woman. The most common fantasy had him being looked after by Mrs Pintocevic. His parents had gone away for some time and he had been left with Mrs Pintocevic. He would be in her home for the duration of his parents trip, and be treated the same as her children, which meant that he was subject to the same discipline. 

While staying with Mrs Pintocevic he had done something naughty, exactly what it was he never specified, it was just very naughty, naughty enough to earn him a spanking over Mrs Pintocevic's knee. At bedtime that night the teacher led him to his room, and ordered him to change into his pajamas, and come out when he was changed. Jeff did as he was told, and Mrs Pintocevic took his hand, and led him down the hallway to her bedroom. She took him inside, and sat on the bed. She smoothed her skirt out over her silken thighs, and sternly ordered Jeff to come and stand by her knee. The boy did as told and stood nervously by her knee. Mrs Pintocevic scolded Jeff, telling him how disappointed she was and how naughty he had been, and that in her house there was only one way to deal with naughty little boys and that was a hard spanking over her knee.

She leaned across, and with a smooth practiced movement she whisked his flannel pajama bottoms to his knees, then before he could protest put one hand on the small of his back and the other gently on his stomach, then turned him easily over her shapely legs. As he squirmed a little, she hoisted him higher so that his bottom was dead centre in her warm, maternal feeling lap. He lay there with his head resting on the bed, and his feet nearly touching the pillow. He shivered as Mrs Pintocevic's smooth, cool palm brushed over his bottom. She rubbed the soft, tender, round, goose pimpled buttocks over her knee, and cooed gently "Such a naughty boy." 

"I'm sorry ma'am," Jeff mumbled into the coverlet.

"Oh you will be, darling," Mrs Pintocevic told him ominously, as her hand lifted off his bottom, "you will be." she repeated, tightening her grip around his waist.


The two stinging spanks rang out like gunshots in the room .as Mrs Pintocevic slapped his waiting bottom hard. "Oooowwwwww!" Jeff squealed as twin pink handprints bloomed on his previously alabaster skin.

"This (SPANK) is (SMACK) what (SLAP) happens (SPANK) to (SMACK) naughty (SLAP) little (SPANK) boys (SMACK) bottoms (SLAP!)" Mrs Pintocevic scolded, as she worked herself into a steady rhythm with her strong right arm spanking a hot little fire into Jeff's previously unspanked bottom.

Jeff could no longer hear the scolding, all he was able to concentrate on was the hard, warming palm that soundly spanked his defenceless bare bottom. That, and the growing heat and sting of that bottom.

When Jeff was crying hard, and his previously steady kicking had stopped, and he had soaked the coverlet with his tears he felt Mrs Pintocevic's now steaming palm rub gently across his burning bottom.

"Is it over, ma'am?" he blubbered.

"Yes, my darling boy, it's over."

She lifted him off her lap, and hugged him tightly to her "I'm sorry, sweetheart, but naughty little boys have to learn a stern lesson, I'm afraid."

"Yes ma'am," he sobbed into her maternal breast.

"Now let's get you into a corner, and then bedtime."

She led him to a corner ,and stood him there with a strict instruction not to rub his hot stinging bottom, which he was sure looked like a couple of overripe cherries.

After his corner time, she pulled his pajama bottoms up, and tucked him into bed, where he slept on his stomach.

That pleasant fantasy warmed up many a cold night for Jeff. 

Mrs Pintocevic was not the only source of his fantasies. He could sit and watch a repeat of Bewitched, and wish that the pretty witch Samantha Stevens was his neighbour or even his mother ,and had reason to turn him over her knee and spank his naughty bare bottom soundly. He also had fantasies about Marcia Brady being his babysitter, and giving him a good hard bare bottom spanking before bedtime. He sometimes dreamt about seeing Ginger from Gilligan's Island giving the sweet all American girl Mary Ann a good, old fashioned, over the knee, bare bottom spanking. Television fuelled his fantasies for years.

When he reached his teens, and he discovered that spanking still excited him he became confused. Surely that wasn't normal. One day while sneaking a surreptitious look at a Playboy in the newsagent he saw a letter referring to spanking as a sexual turn on. He sought out things like that, and realized that he shared his obsession with many men and women. It was not the accepted form of sexual behaviour, but he was in no way unique. That calmed him down somewhat, but he still had no way of acting on his urges, or any way to even look at it regularly, that was until he discovered the internet. 

He had been connected to the 'net for some time before he even thought of using it to satisfy his urges. One day quite by accident he stumbled across a sex site. The site mentioned fetishism and that set off a red light in Jeff's mind. He went to his favourite search engine, and with trembling fingers typed the word 'spanking' in the search bar, and holding his breath hit 'submit'.

In a few seconds screen after screen popped up. Jeff's eyes scanned down to the bottom of the page, and his eyes popped. The amount of pages and sites that his one word search had found was incredible. He scrolled down until he found something that sounded like what he wanted, and clicked on the link. Jeff spent the next four hours clicking on links, and looking at spanking sites. It suddenly dawned on him that he was not alone. There were obviously countless numbers of people out there who enjoyed being spanked or administering spankings. They had all sorts of experiences and reasons. They were all ages, and they came from all walks of life. Although Jeff still felt it was wrong he book marked a number of pages and visited them regularly to look at pictures, read stories and comments that other visitors had made. He also found a number of chat rooms and forums, but did not have the courage to visit them.

Bobbi too was interested in the internet, but Jeff felt that she used it for far different reasons to his own. She mainly used her connection for email and downloading music, she played the occasional online game, and kept up with news information that interested her. Someone had started a site for their volleyball team, and she and Jeff liked to go to that and have a laugh about the contributions from themselves and other team members.

One night after dinner Bobbi and Jeff had a conversation that Bobbi probably forgot not long after they had it, but that Jeff never did. Jeff wandered into the lounge room while Bobbi made coffee in the kitchen. Jeff picked up a copy of the day's paper that Bobbi had left lying on the couch. He sat down, and began to look idly through it. Suddenly his eyes fell on a headline that captured all his attention 'NO SMACKS FOR KIDS'. Jeff started to read the article. It appeared that a number of anti child abuse activists had suggested that the law in effect in Sweden, which had outlawed spanking of children there, be adopted in Jeff and Bobbi's country.

Bobbi sauntered in with the coffee, and set the tray down on the table. "Oh isn't that ridiculous?" she remarked as she sat back with her coffee, and stirred milk and sugar in.

"Uh yeah." Jeff stammered as with shaking hands he poured himself a cup of coffee, and quickly sipped it to draw attention from his odd behaviour.

"Jeffrey!" Bobbi squealed, as Jeff raised his steaming cup to his lips. "Be careful! That's hot!"

"Ouch!" Jeff gasped, and nearly dropped his coffee cup.

"Silly boy!" Bobbi scolded, but was trying to hold back laughter, as an obviously embarrassed Jeff tenderly touched his burned lip. "You okay?" she asked solicitously.

"Yeah, I think so," Jeff replied, feeling rather stupid.

"Good," Bobbi chuckled. "What on earth were you thinking of?"

"I dunno. Guess my mind was somewhere else."

"It sure wasn't here. Lucky you didn't spill it on my couch, young man, because you would have been cleaning it up, and maybe I would have had to even punish you."

"How would you have punished me?" Jeff asked curiously.

Bobbi sipped her own coffee, and regarded her neighbour over the rim of her cup "Well, my youngest brother spilled red wine on our couch at home one night when I was looking after him. I helped him clean it up as best we could, and then I put him over my knee and gave him a good, hard spanking!"

"You did what?" Jeff blurted.

"I spanked him," Bobbi replied calmly.

"You were allowed to?" Jeff asked.

"Of course I was. I had five younger brothers and sisters, Jeffrey. I looked after them a lot. How else was I supposed to control them? Besides Robbie really deserved it that night. Not only did he ruin the couch, he was nine years old, what was he doing sneaking a drink of red wine?" she looked at Jeff with mischief sparkling in her green eyes. "I bet you were never spanked in your life, you spoiled little brat." 

Jeff felt the blood rushing to his cheeks, and he retorted "Yes I was!" 

Bobbi settled back and sized Jeff up "Oh, I gotta hear this. Tell Aunty Bobbi all about it." 

 Jeff put his coffee down and tried to work out how to tell the story. "I had a cousin who was older than me."

"Most of us do," Bobbi commented.

"We played a sort of game. She was about eight years older than me. I guess I was eight at the time. The game was pretty simple. I teased her and she chased me. Normally when she caught me she tickled me."

"Not this time, huh?" Bobbi asked, her green eyes shining.

"Not exactly," an obviously embarrassed Jeff replied, "I must have pushed it too far this day. She chased me like usual, and the same as always it took a while for her to catch me. She cornered me in a bedroom. She grabbed hold of me. I was almost helpless with laughter and the excitement of the chase by this stage. I thought she was going to tickle me so I didn't really resist, but she sat down on the bed, dragged me over her knee and started to smack my bottom really hard. I didn't even realize what she was doing at first. It wasn't until the third slap and it really started to sting that I figured out it wasn't just part of the game, and that she was really annoyed.

"How many did you get?" an obviously interested Bobbi asked.

"Not many," Jeff answered, "maybe three more after that one. By that stage it had begun to actually hurt. I think my adrenalin rush was over. I wriggled off and she let me go. I think she wanted to continue, but my parents were there, and so were hers, and I think she thought if she kept going she'd get in trouble. We never played that game again." 

"I'm not surprised," Bobbi said, sipping her coffee, "if you'd been my cousin it would have been a lot longer and a lot harder ,and you would have been one very sore, very red bottomed, very sorry little boy."  Jeff quickly glanced down at his crotch, as he felt himself come to life with Bobbi's last statement, he gave a sigh as he saw that nothing was noticeable.

"Did you cousin bare you?"

"Bare me?" a confused Jeff asked.

"You know," Bobbi explained, "bare your bottom."

"Oh God no!" Jeff exclaimed.

"Pity," Bobbi sniffed, "a spanking just isn't effective unless it's given on a bare bottom." 

 Jeff nearly exploded on Bobbi's couch when he heard that. He quickly finished his coffee, made an excuse and left. That night in bed, he masturbated himself to orgasm with a spanking fantasy. This time the fantasy featured Bobbi, and she took the part that had for years been occupied by Mrs Pintocevic. Jeff became intensely interested in Bobbi and her spanking experiences. When he could manage it without it appearing weird he attempted to steer the conversation around to spanking and Bobbi's experiences with it.

In Bobbi's home, unlike Jeff's, spanking was the accepted form of punishment for most offences. Bobbi remembered receiving her first spanking from her parents when she was three years old. They had continued for the next fourteen years. Her last spanking, for getting drunk, had been administered by both her mother and father. She had been turned over her mother's knee for a warm up by hand, and then a lengthy encounter with the back of her mother's hairbrush. She had been sent to the corner to dwell on what she had done, and then a trip over her father's knee for another hard hand spanking and then over the edge of her parent's bed for a dose of her father's strap. Bobbi had said that that was her worst spanking and it was the only time that both her parents had spanked her at once. Bobbi was relatively well behaved, although she said she never got a spanking she didn't deserve. You had to be really naughty to end up over her father's knee. Her mother handled most of the spankings and did a very good job, but occasionally someone was naughty enough for Daddy to step in. Jeff expressed surprise that at the age of seventeen Bobbi was still being spanked. Bobbi told him that her sister was still getting spankings at eighteen, and one of her brothers was spanked a few days after his twenty first birthday, although most of her siblings stopped getting spanked at the age of sixteen. When she started sitting her younger siblings at the age of fourteen she was given spanking privileges, and she did not hesitate to exercise that right. If she told her parents that she had to spank one of her brothers and sisters, then they got another one so she often kept that information from her parents as she felt that one hard spanking from her was usually sufficient to induce good behaviour for some time. She said that the redness and heat, not to mention the tears from her little brothers and sisters certainly attested to that. In fact her youngest brother insisted that Bobbi spanked harder than Mummy. Jeff could not believe what he heard, but it never stopped him from quizzing Bobbi all the more each time she talked casually about her adolescent spanking experiences.

It was Sunday evening, and Jeff was on the internet casually surfing through some of his favourite spanking websites when the doorbell rang. Jeff's eyes opened wide. He was not expecting anyone, and he could not just shut the computer off. He called out "Coming." so that the caller would not go away, and quickly activated his screen saver. He answered the door, and a smiling Bobbi stood on his doorstep. "You're on the 'net aren't you?" she asked, flipping her blonde hair out of her eyes.

"Uh yeah," Jeff hedged, "I was just checking my email. How did you know?"

"I tried ringing and it was engaged. You've been on for ages to just check email."

"I uuuhhhhh... played a couple of games as well."

"Oh okay," Bobbi accepted the lame explanation, and then asked, "can I borrow some coffee? I'm completely out. I knew I needed to get something else at the supermarket last night and I forgot all about coffee."

"Oh sure," said a relieved Jeff, "c'mon in I'll just get you some."

"Thanks," Bobbi replied, following Jeff into his house.

Bobbi stayed in the lounge room , while Jeff went into the kitchen to arrange some coffee for his neighbour.

The girl went over to the compute,r and called out "Do you mind if I check the 'net? There was an update on the volleyball site. I think there's a shot of you doing that spike last week." Before Jeff could protest Bobbi had hit a key, disabled the screen saver and brought up the last site Jeff had been on. 

The blonde girl's eyes opened wide, and she gasped as presented before her in glorious technicolour was a full screen picture of a naked woman over the knee of another naked woman having her bottom soundly spanked. The bottom of the spankee was a bright crimson. In the kitchen Jeff prayed that he had put the screen saver password on when he activated it. Bobbi frowned and navigated the cursor up to the address bar, and clicked on the down arrow on the right hand side. All the sites Jeff had recently visited came up. The volleyball site was about halfway down the screen. Bobbi did not recognize any of the other URL's. Although most of them had names like: hot bottoms, glowing red behinds, spanked girls, etc... Bobbi clicked on one that was entitled:

Immediately a screen that welcomed her to the site came up accompanied by a picture of a fully-grown naked man, stretched out over the knee of a stern, but attractive looking woman administering a hairbrush to a rapidly reddening bottom. 

Jeff reentered the room with a small jar of coffee. He took in the scene that faced him, and his heart fell into the soles of his feet. "I... ummm... got... uuuhhhhh... y-your c-coffee." 

Bobbi's cool green eyes regarded Jeff, and she asked levelly "What is this, Jeffrey?"

The younger man knew by the tone of his attractive neighbour and the fact that she used his full first name that he was in trouble.

"It's a website," he stammered.

"I can see that. What I'm wondering is why it's on your PC."

Jeff desperately searched for an explanation, and then inspiration hit him "Spam!" he exclaimed.

"Spam?" a confused Bobbi repeated.

"Yeah, you know all that rubbish email you get with offers to replace your hair and free credit and invites to sex sites and stuff."

"What does that have to do with this?" Bobbi asked, gesturing at the picture of discipline displayed on the screen.

"Well I clicked on one accidentally instead of just deleting it and this is what came up."

"Oh I see," Bobbi said calmly, "well of course that explains it." then she rounded on Jeff, and said in a cold, controlled voice. "Jeffrey Patrick Summerton, do you think I am a complete and total idiot? I may not know as much about computers as you do, but I do know how to use the internet. You have an entire screen full of this filth kept in your history folder, young man! This wasn't the first site I clicked on, it was a long way down that disgusting page. You're going to tell me exactly what you were doing and why you visit those sort of sites. I don't want to live next door to a pervert!"

Jeff's face crumpled, and he actually started to cry.

Bobbi stared at her normally cheerful young neighbour in astonishment. She knew she had gone too far. She had not really mean the pervert comment, she had just been so shocked to see Jeff, of all people, looking at something like that. Her expression softened and she crossed the few steps to Jeff. She gently took his hand in hers, and led him to the couch "Okay, Jeffrey, sit down honey." The boy did as she asked, and he had begun to hyperventilate. Bobbi seated herself next to him, and patted his hand "C'mon baby," she cooed, "calm down, breathe, in through the nose, out through the mouth."

Jeff did as she told him, and slowly his breathing began to return to normal, and his tears dried "I'm not a pervert." he mumbled.

Bobbi nodded her golden head "I know you aren't Jeffrey, honey. I'm sorry. I was just shocked by that. What was that garbage really doing on your computer, and don't tell me you got there by accident." she warned.

Jeff took a deep breath, and looked into her steady green eyes.

"I dunno why, but spanking does things to me," he confessed.

"Does things?" Bobbi asked.

"You know," Jeff replied hesitantly blushing furiously, "excites me." and he could not help dropping his eyes to his crotch. 

"Oh." Bobbi replied, her own cheeks catching flame. Despite her rather old-fashioned views and dislike of even soft pornography Bobbi was not totally naive. She had heard stories of people who enjoyed spanking, she just never thought she would meet one. Looking at Jeff next to her on the couch, Bobbi was struck by a few things.

She was four years his senior, Jeff had always looked younger than he actually was and the expression on his face and his posture at this moment put her in mind of one of her brothers when they were about nine years old, and about to be spanked. Maybe the fact that Jeff had never really been spanked was why the subject fascinated him so much. If he were spanked, and not just the once, but whenever he needed it he would not be so obsessed with it, and it may even help him outside of that. Jeff was pretty good most of the time, but he could be a little forgetful, and occasionally Bobbi had to push him into doing things, more than once she had had to almost force him to do his housework, and she had also dragged him out of bed a few times on the weekend. Possibly some good spankings would cure that. Besides he needed a spanking. He had never told her about this strange interest of his, and had just given her an almighty scare. That sort of thing always earned her brothers a ride over her knee, and he had lied to her about the sites. Lying had meant an instant spanking in her house. She looked sternly at Jeff, and said in a maternal sounding voice "Jeffrey Patrick Summerton." Jeff raised his head, he knew he was in trouble, even to someone who was never spanked the full name with the middle name always meant trouble. "Stand up." Jeff stood. "Go to your room and put on your pajamas, then come back out here." Bobbi ordered.

"My pajamas?" Jeff queried. "Why?"

Bobbi's eyes flashed, and she commanded "Don't argue with me! Just do as you are told, young man! Now scoot!" and she reached out, turned him towards his room, and sent him on his way with a firm smack to his behind.

In his room Jeff was already half way into his pajamas, before he wondered what on earth he was doing. He was an adult. He had been looking at naughty sites certainly, but it was nothing that was illegal, and he had been doing it in the privacy of his own home. He had not invited Bobbi over, she had just looked at his computer without his permission. He should go out there and tell her that, and let the cards fall where they may. He went so far as to take off his pajama pants, and pick up his trousers, when Bobbi's stern voice floated into the room "Jeffrey! You're certainly taking your time young man. Don't make me come in there!"

Jeff gulped and his shoulders slumped, he dropped his trousers and completed changing into his pajamas.

Bobbi was seated on the couch, her shapely legs crossed, a steaming cup of coffee on the table in front of her. Jeff noticed for the first time that she was wearing a skirt, and that her legs were encased in smooth nylon stockings. Jeff cast his mind back over the years ,and came to a startling realization that Mrs Pintocevic had worn the same kind of pantyhose. Bobbi sipped her coffee, and studied Jeff up and down. Her own mind went back a few years. The scene was remarkably reminiscent of one five years ago when she had administered the last spanking to her youngest brother. At sixteen he had been as tall as Jeff, and as well developed physically. Just like Jeff she had ordered him into pajamas prior to his spanking, as her eyes traveled the length of Jeff's body she spotted one difference. The thought of Mrs Pintocevic and her silken thighs had excited and aroused him, and it showed through the flannel material of his pajama trousers. Bobbi looked into her coffee cup, and her lips compressed into a tight line.

When she looked up Jeff's bulge had thankfully disappeared. "Do you know exactly what's going to happen, young man?" she asked.

"Not really," Jeff admitted, "why am I wearing pajamas?"

Bobbi smiled "Because, silly boy they're so much easier to take down for a spanking."

"What?" Jeff blurted, his hands reflexively covering his pajama clad bottom.

Bobbi was unable to suppress a giggle, he behaved exactly the same way her brothers had, and they knew what a big sister spanking felt like.

"You heard me, Jeffrey. You were a very naughty boy. Looking at nasty things on the internet and keeping your interest from your big sister, then lying to me about that site. There's only one way to deal with that sort of behaviour my boy and that is with a good, hard, sound, old fashioned, over the knee, bare bottom spanking."

Those words were something Jeff had never thought he would hear, and the words were like electricity to his mind and body. He straightened up, and he felt a tingle begin in his bottom. He gulped, and looked into Bobbi's green eyes. There was no softening of them. They were strong and steady. She was not joking. She meant this. Jeff was going to be turned over her knee and have his bare bottom soundly spanked... at last.

Bobbi finished her coffee, put the cup on the small side table in front of her, picked up the table and moved it to one side where it would not be contacted by kicking legs. Bobbi knew what a spanking did to a young man, or at least she knew what her spankings did, and she made legs kick. Jeff had to be punished, but she didn't want him accidentally breaking his own furniture in the process.

"Come here, Jeffrey," she ordered, crooking her finger at him.

Jeff walked slowly to her on unsteady legs, keeping his eyes downcast. He stopped when he stood in front of Bobbi, and kept his head down. "Look at me, please Jeffrey." Bobbi requested.

With effort Jeff raised his head, and looked shyly at Bobbi. She noted with satisfaction that his cheeks were blazing. The embarrassment of being discovered doing something that he really knew he shouldn't be doing, and her treatment of him like he was a naughty ten year old was having the desired effect. In Bobbi's opinion soon to be spanked children had to be humiliated to an extent.

"Do you know what's going to happen?" she asked.

"Yeah," he mumbled.

"What?" she snapped, and quickly slapped his leg.

"Ouch!" he yelped, and jumped, even though through his pajama pants he had not really felt the smack.

"What did you say, Jeffrey?"

"I said yes," he told her.

"No you did not," she clarified, "you said, yeah. I do not care for your tone at all, young man. When I ask you a question you will answer me promptly and politely, and until you have earned the privilege of using my name you will call me ma'am. Do you understand?"

"Yes ma'am," Jeff answered immediately.

"What do you understand, little boy?"

"I understand that I will answer you quickly and politely ma'am."

"Better," Bobbi purred, relaxing a little into the couch, "now let's try that again. Do you know what's going to happen to you?"

"Yes ma'am," Jeff answered, his hands reflexively clenching and opening by his sides.

Bobbi had seen that reaction before, it was an expression of his anxiety at knowing he was going to be spanked and being made wait for it to happen. She could barely wait to bare his bottom and see the goose pimpled flesh. She knew from her own experience on both sides of the spanking that his bottom would be tingling in anticipation of his spanking, and that the flesh would be pimpling up a treat.

"Please enlighten me sweetheart."

"You're going to spank me ma'am."

"Yes I am, darling, but your description needs a little work. I'm going to pull down your jammie pants, bare your sweet little bottom, take you over my knee and spank your adorable white little bottom until it's all red and hot and stingy, and you're bawling your little lungs out."

Jeff caught his breath. That description made his heart beat faster, his bottom tingled like crazy and if his legs would have obeyed him he would have run and locked himself in his bedroom.

"Why am I spanking you, my dear?"

"Because I was naughty, ma'am. I looked at naughty things on the internet. I did not tell you about it, ma'am and I lied to you about it."

"Very good, Jeffrey. You're learning already. I think it's time we completed this lesson over my knee. Come and stand by my knee, right side."

Slowly Jeff moved to Bobbi's knee, and stood there with his head downcast. Bobbi looked up at him and smiled. He was the very picture of a naughty, about to be spanked, little boy. She looked him up and down. What was needed to complete that picture was a bare bottom with a pair of flannel pajama bottoms puddled around his ankles. She reached out, took a firm grip around his hips and drew him very close to her knee, then she inserted her fingers into the waistband of his pajamas and with a smooth practiced movement lowered them to Jeff's knees. Jeff gasped at the shock of it, his cheeks flared bright red, and Bobbi noticed that another part of his body was standing stiffly to attention before a mortified Jeff was able to clap his hands around his privates. Bobbi said nothing, although her lips compressed into a tight line, and she thought 'He may be excited at the moment, but the pain of a well earned spanking will soon melt that away once he's over my knee. I'll make sure that the only thing he can concentrate on is the fire I'm building in his bottom.' and with that thought her palm actually began to itch.

Bobbi placed one hand on the small of Jeff's back, and with the other gently coaxed one of his hands away from his aroused member, and took hold of his wrist. The hand on the back pushed lightly and she pulled him smoothly with the one around his wrist, as Jeff sprawled awkwardly over the petite blonde girl's lap, he quickly moved the hand in front of him so that it would not be trapped between his body and Bobbi's leg. He steadied himself by putting that hand on the floor. Bobbi released his other hand, and he flattened that on the floor as well to balance himself. Bobbi grunted as she put her arm around his waist, and hauled him closely into her body, at the same time she managed to lift his legs so that they were on the couch. "Move up sweetheart." she coaxed him, and he was able to lift his upper body so that it too was supported on the couch, he stretched his arms out beyond the end of the couch. "That's my big boy." Bobbi said with just a touch of pride in her voice.

Bobbi's attention was then devoted to the bare bottom spread out over her lap. She looked down at it and admired it. Jeff really had a lovely bottom. It was very white, and as she had expected waiting for his spanking had given him lots of gooseflesh. It was round and firm, and she could barely wait to spank it. However Bobbi was far too experienced a spanker to simply whack away. "Now, little man," she told Jeff placing her palm gently on the goose pimpled flesh, and stroking, making him squirm, "I'm going to warm this naughty little bottom up for you. It's something that in my opinion is long overdue."

Jeff gasped, and wriggled as Bobbi's firm palm ran teasingly up and down the surface of his bottom. She squeezed and kneaded, and smiled at Jeff's reaction. She could feel his organ growing, swelling and getting harder and harder as it pressed insistently against her leg. That growing presence against her leg was what told her that it was time for Jeffrey's spanking to commence.

When she judged that the boy was just about ready to pop, she removed her hand, and poised it above the trembling white globes over her knee. "Think," SPANK, "that," SPANK "this," SPANK "is," SPANK "enjoyable," SPANK "do," SPANK "you?" SPANK she asked punctuating each word with a hard, stinging smack.

When there was no reply, Bobbi let go with a blistering volley that reddened up Jeff's twitching bottom, and had him squealing and bouncing vigorously over her knee, as she spanked and scolded "I asked you a question young man." Spank smack slap spank smack slap spank smack slap spank smack slap. "I expect an answer!" Spank smack slap spank smack slap spank smack slap spank smack slap spank smack slap.

"No ma'am!" Jeff howled, as his bottom thrashed from side to side to avoid the hard slaps. "I don't think it's fun!"

"Good," Bobbi said matter of factly, holding Jeff firmly over her knee as she briskly spanked his bottom steadily. "Spankings are for punishment, not fun. Good boys don't get spanked, naughty boys do, and you, my dear are most definitely a naughty boy."

Bobbi concentrated on the middle of each of Jeff's cheeks, making sure that they glowed hotly under her punishing palm.

"Feeling a little hot are we?" she asked, without breaking her rhythm.

"Yes ma'am!" Jeff yelled, bouncing up and down on her knee.

Bobbi could see that Jeff's bottom resembled two shiny red apples, and knew that he was not lying. That bottom would be very hot by now, she had been spanking him for nearly ten minutes. Holding him close, and listening to his gasps, which indicated that his tears were ready to flow freely Bobbi stopped spanking, and shook her hand to cool it down and get some feeling back into it. It had been some time since she had administered a severe spanking, and her hand was not as used to it as it had been. She reversed her hand and laid the back of it on Jeff's glowing red bottom. "Oooohhh!" she exclaimed, lifting her hand. "They're sizzling. I bet you feel like you just sat on the stove."

"Yes ma'am," Jeff whimpered. 

"Can you stand up, sweetheart?"

Jeff nodded silently.

"Stand up please, darling."

Jeff rolled awkwardly off her lap, and yelped as his sore bottom hit the floor. Bobbi smothered a giggle. Boys were always so funny when they were spanked. Jeff clambered to his feet, slightly hampered by the pajama pants that were tangled around his ankles. He stood looking at Bobbi, his eyes lowered, he was not concerned about her seeing his privates anymore, and both hands were at his backside, rubbing vigorously in an attempt to extinguish the fires that Bobbi had lit in it.

Bobbi looked sternly at Jeff, raised up from the couch, grabbed his hands, spun him around and planted six firm spanks on his already stinging, hot bottom. "I did not give you permission to rub young man!"

"But it hurts!" Jeff wailed.

"It's a spanking, silly boy. That's the point. They're supposed to hurt. Now march that blazing little bottom into the corner, stand there with your hands on your head and do not even consider moving so much as a muscle until I tell you to do so."

With his head hanging, Jeff shuffled slowing to the indicated corner, affording Bobbi a perfect view of his flaming red bottom. Once there he faced the corner, placed his hands on his head and stood there as told "Now, you just be a good little soldier for big sister, and we'll soon have you finished off, sweetness." Bobbi told him as she admired her handiwork on his previously unspanked bottom.

Jeff desperately wanted to rub his hot stinging bottom, but didn't dare do so without permission, he also wanted to turn around and look at Bobbi, but he was a little frightened to do that without the girl's say so. He stood there, sniffling and feeling his bottom sting more and more by the second, it was just dulling to a continual warm ache when he heard a noise behind him. Bobbi was standing up. To Jeff's alarm she went towards the door, he heard the door open and felt the air from outside waft across his bottom with the relief of blessed coolness. Where had she gone? Thank goodness the house's entrance was shielded from the street and no passersby could see in. Jeff turned his head, and saw no Bobbi there at all. He stood there and debated with himself what to do. If she had gone for the night then he was standing in this corner for no reason, on the other hand if she had just gone briefly and he moved then he shuddered to think what her reaction might be. As he stood there, his head turned to look at the empty couch, Bobbi returned. She breezed in the door, and held something in her hand. As she saw Jeff staring at the couch her expression changed to one of anger "Jeffrey!" she shouted, slamming the door shut behind her. "Did I say that you could get your nose out of the corner?"

"No ma'am!" Jeff replied smartly, turning back to face the wall.

Bobbi stood directly behind Jeff and punctuated each of her words with a scorching spank to his bottom, alternating cheeks "No," SPANK "I" SPANK "did" SPANK "not!" SPANK

Jeff jumped and squealed as Bobbi spanked his still aching bottom.

Bobbi seated herself back on couch, and said in honeyed tones "Jeffrey seeing as you so badly want to get out of the corner I am going to give you your wish. Turn around and walk to me, but do not rub your bottom."

Jeff turned and shuffled over to Bobbi, his pajama pants still pooled around his ankles, keeping his eyes down and his hands over his privates to give them something to do other than rub his sore bottom, and to preserve what little dignity Bobbi had left him with. Jeff's eyes widened as he saw what rested in Bobbi's lap. She had a hairbrush, an old fashioned wooden hairbrush. It was large, looked very sturdy and had a broad wooden back that Jeff knew would easily span one of his tenderized bottom cheeks.

Bobbi grinned up at Jeff "See what I have here?"

"Yes ma'am," Jeff stammered.

"What is it, young man?"

"It's a hairbrush."

Bobbi nodded "Very good. What are hairbrushes used for?"

"Brushing hair," Jeff replied then scrunched his eyes shut, because he knew that Bobbi would have another answer.

"True, that is one use for them," Bobbi conceded, her green eyes sparkling, "however they also serve another important purpose. They spank disobedient bottoms."

Unable to help himself  Jeff took a sharp, hissed in breath.

"Now, Jeffrey. You lied to me and that was very, very naughty. Now I've given you a good bottom warming with my hand, but now you're going to feel the sting of big sister Bobbi's bad boy brush. Stand by my right knee again, darling."

Feeling tears prick his eyes with just the imagined sting of that big, heavy hairbrush, Jeff shuffled to Bobbi's right knee. Bobbi set the brush down beside her ,and as before she gently guided Jeff over her knee, and positioned him so that his still bright red bottom pointed up at the ceiling. She lifted her leg a little, picked up the brush and placed it on Jeff's waiting bottom. "How does that feel, Jeffrey?" she asked solicitously.

Jeff winced, and answered "Heavy, hard and cool."

"Cool?" Bobbi mused. "Your bottom has cooled down some since my hand heated it up, but it's now time for the brush to kindle a hot little fire down there."

Jeff felt the brush lift off his bottom, and then howled as Bobbi smacked it down hard and fast onto his tenderized flesh.

Bobbi beat a steady tattoo on the upper part of Jeff's bottom, she watched the colour change from red to scarlet in that area, and held Jeff firmly as he wriggled and squirmed and his legs kicked frantically. SPANK SPANK SPANK SPANK "Lie to me, will you?"

"Nooooooo! Noooooo! I din't mean tooooooo!" Jeff wailed pathetically.

Bobbi moved her spanks down to the middle of the roasting bottom, and spanked it to the same cherry red as the upper part SPANK SPANK SPANK SPANK SPANK SPANK SPANK SPANK SPANK "I love you Jeffrey, but I will NOT," SPANK SPANK, "I repeat NOT," SPANK SPANK, "let you lie to me!"

Jeff howled his misery out and thrashed from side to side "Owwwwww! Owwwwww! Waaaaaahhhhhaaaaaaaahhhhhhh! Huuuuurttttsssssssss!" as tears streamed down his cheeks.

"Do you understand me Jeffrey, sweetheart?" she whispered into his ear.

Jeff nodded, and blubbered "Yes."

As Bobbi rubbed the brushes back in slow circles over Jeff's abused bottom flesh, she asked gently "What do you understand, sweetness?"

"I won't ever lie to you Bobbi."

"Good boy. Now let's just finish you off with a good hard brushing right on your sit spot." and she aimed for the crease where Jeff's thighs and bottom joined, right where he sat.

Five minutes and many hairbrush spanks after Jeff sobbed uncontrollably as he lay limply over Bobbi's knee, and wished his bottom would stop stinging. Bobbi put the brush down, and then put her hand on Jeff's glowing, crimson bottom, which was scarlet all over and very very very hot to the touch. "Ouch!" Bobbi exclaimed, quickly removing her hand. "They're sizzling! I could cook my dinner on those."

Jeff bawled.

"Oh darling!" Bobbi said with affection, as she helped Jeff to his feet, and walked him over to the corner, she placed his hands on his head and told him "Now you just stand there for me for a few minutes, and then you can have a good long cuddle on my lap. Won't that be nice?"

"Yyesss," Jeff cried.

While Jeff stood there the sting and burn penetrating every inch of his bottom, Bobbi went to the kitchen and made herself another cup of coffee. She came back into the lounge, sat there to sip her coffee, and admire the very well spanked, glowing hot bottom in the corner. When she finished her coffee she put her cup down, and called Jeff over. He shuffled over to her, and she held her arms out. He fell awkwardly into them, and she hauled him up into her lap. She rocked and cuddled him, and gently kissed the tear tracks on his face. After a good long cuddle she asked "How do you feel now, darling?"

"Sore," Jeff whispered.

"Anything else?" Bobbi asked, laughter in her voice.


"Good? Good and spanked?"

Jeff shook his head, and then replied "That too, but you just gave me something that I've needed and wanted forever."

"I'm glad I could help, Jeff my dear."

Bobbi helped Jeff off her lap and pulled his pajama bottoms up, then she took him, to the bathroom, supervised while he brushed his teeth, and then put him to bed. She tucked him in and told him "From now on whenever big sister decides, young man you're going to get a spanking."

Jeff smiled up at the petite blonde, and murmured sleepily "Yes please."

Bobbi giggled, she kissed Jeff's forehead and said "Goodnight darling." Before turning out the light and shutting the door. 

Safely tucked in his warm bed with an even hotter bottom to keep him company, Jeff smiled and thanked his lucky stars for his big sister.


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  2. Thank you Aunty Andrea and Seegee for a wonderful spanking story.

    Also, Buffy Summers is high on my list of fantasy spankers.

  3. Hi
    Great story, definitely had a beginning, middle and end. Will it continue?
    Michael M

  4. My bottom tingles from imagining being in his place over Bobbi's lap.

  5. Where can I meet Bobbi, wow what a wonderful story. Hot.

    Love the Barb drawing, amazing just amazing.

    Off the read this again

    Also please remember all those who lost their life 10 years ago today.

    Best wishes

  6. Thank you all for commenting. It is appreciated.
    Joey, I think Buffy rates highly on many fantasy spanker lists.
    Michael, you would have to ask Seegee about a continuation. I have, he simply smiles and tells me that he never says never, but doesn't have anything planned.
    Styx, welcome to the Shop and I am delighted you enjoyed the story.
    Ron, Barb is a wonderful artist and captures the feelings that so many of us have very well.

  7. Aunty Andrea, having been in a similar situation where I was punished by my big sister, I read this story with a sense of deja-vu. Big sisters rock!Lovely

  8. This has always been, and will always remain one of my favourite stories. I regard Joelle as sort of a big sister to me, and she behaves exactly that way.