Monday, 19 September 2011

'Cooking With Kids'

A story about how a celebrity chef deals with kids on set.

A relaxed Nancy Livingstone, obviously her 3 young co-stars were not present when this shot was taken.

From the legendary Sassy Bottoms. Two of the children have had their turn over Aunty Nancy's lap. Who is next?

Nancy's arsenal: slipper, hairbrush and wooden spoon.

Nancy Livingstone picked up her filofax, looked at Tuesday's entry again and groaned. She pursed her lips, shut the book, slapped it down on her desk and then opened up a drawer in her filing cabinet, she flicked through the file marked C, muttering "Contracts, contracts, where is the bloody thing? Aaaaahhhhh." she finished on a satisfied note and extracted a thick contract from the file. She opened it on her desk and resting her forehead in her hands began to meticulously read through the complicated legal document. An hour later she sat back in her chair, removed her reading glasses, set them on her desk, massaged her eyes, ran her fingers through her hair and swore vociferously "Shit! Shit! Shit! And triple shit!"

Nancy Livingstone was a tall, full figured, raven-haired beauty. She was a self confessed 'foodie'. She adored everything about food. Growing it, buying it, preparing it, cooking it, writing about it and of course eating it. Her figure while well proportioned with generous curves, was not fat, and that attested to her enjoyment of good food. She had qualified as a nutritionist at college and done her fair share of cooking, while she had never actually worked as a chef, her culinary abilities put many well-known and respected chefs to shame. Most were male and this also gave Nancy no small sense of satisfaction. She had submitted some restaurant reviews to well known culinary and gourmet magazines. They had been particularly scathing of the chef's work, but well received and in fact published by the periodicals to which they had been submitted. The enraged food artiste (as the attacked chef pretentiously styled himself) had been affronted and his pride and hair trigger temper had made him very publicly challenge Nancy to do better. He had told her via correspondence to one of the magazines that she was a critic and critics often criticized what they could not do. Due to the man's profile and popularity a televised 'cook off' had been arranged. Both Nancy and the chef had prepared their favourite meals with the camera watching. Most casual observers had believed that it would be a no contest. The professional versus the amateur. The chef was not only a professional chef with long experience in the restaurant trade, but also had a widely syndicated television show. Nancy had never worked as a chef and she had never appeared in front of cameras before, let alone cooked in front of them and a large unseen audience out there in TV land. Nancy's looks, her clear concise diction, her sense of humour, her straightforward manner and very importantly the meal she prepared and the way she prepared it endeared her to the audience, especially the male section of it. The critics who judged the meal had awarded the plaudits to Nancy. The chef had apologized and crawled off with his tail between his legs. Delighted TV executives had offered Nancy a show of her own.

The show they had proposed did not interest Nancy at all. They wanted her to do a very standard type of cookery show. It was the type of show Nancy despised. Smiling chefs in spotless kitchens, preparing complicated and expensive meals with exotic ingredients and using all manner of kitchenware to do it. The average person at home did not have the time, equipment or the money, let alone the inclination to prepare those type of meals. What Nancy proposed was a scaled back version of the regular program, showcasing simple, easy, quick and inexpensive meals of the type that viewers were more likely to cook, eat and enjoy. The first series: 'Cooking With Nancy' had been very successful and audience profiles had shown that Nancy was most popular with male viewers aged between 20 and 40. Nancy unintentionally helped this along. She was naturally sexy, she had a good body and as she liked to dress comfortably in the kitchen and this meant wearing clothes that accentuated her best features, the attraction of males was a natural by product. Bearing this in mind Nancy had suggested something different for her second series. Many males between 20 - 30 were recent home leavers and had trouble boiling water, let alone cooking a full dinner. What if Nancy found one such useless boy and devoted her season into teaching him to cook? The executives loved it and this 'Cooking With Derek' was born. Derek was actually a 26 year old actor, but he could barely make toast so Nancy's assistance was appreciated and the show had been a huge hit. That brought Nancy to her current predicament. She had taught mostly women to cook in her first series. She had taught men to cook in her second series. Why not broaden her appeal and conquer the last frontier: children? Nancy had initially baulked at the idea of 'Cooking With Kids', but money was good. However kids and kitchens did not mix, Nancy had learned that with her own two children, now both grown and out of her house, one at university and the other in her own apartment

Despite being railroaded into a concept that she was not entirely comfortable with Nancy was able to make a few changes that she wanted. While she always appeared to be comfortable, and acted as if she were, on set. Nancy had never really enjoyed cooking on set. She was far happier and more at ease in her own kitchen at home. She quite often did full dress rehearsals for the shows at home so she would feel more comfortable on set. <i>Cooking With Children</i> would be filmed at her home in her own kitchen. While it was a little difficult to accommodate a full crew once a week it made Nancy feel better and she also felt that she could keep a closer eye on the children chosen to appear on the show with her if she were in her own kitchen. Once the crew found out that Nancy herself intended to cater for them with mouth-watering delicacies that she had prepared with her very capable hands they were volunteering to work on the show.

That had been three months ago. They had filmed six episodes, the show was scheduled for twelve. The show itself was good, the food worked out fine Nancy just did not know if she could handle another six weeks of putting up with the 3 insufferable brats chosen as her 'assistants'. Any number of kids had nominated to be in the show, but the producers had chosen three: two girls and a boy. All three were seasoned actors, having appeared in TV commercials and catalogues from baby hood. They were Claire; an angelic looking blonde aged 9, Andrew; a slender, dark haired, good looking young man of 11 and Nicole or Nicky; a 13 year old strawberry blonde prima donna with an attitude.

Just thinking about the three children from hell gave Nancy the shakes. "Oh God!" she exclaimed. "I am letting those three brats ruin my life!" Nancy stood, moved around the desk, put ice in a glass and poured a healthy slug of scotch and knocked it back in one big gulp. She sighed, leaned against the bar and closed her eyes as she felt the smooth, soothing warmth of the alcohol slide down her throat and kindle a nice slow burn in her agitated stomach. "Annette," she said with a note of finality, "I'll call Annette and we'll see what we can do about this. After all that's what I pay her her ten percent for."

A few minutes later Nancy had her agent Annette Sherman on the phone. "What's up. Nance?" a bright, forthright voice floated down the line.

"The show," Nancy replied firmly.

"Oh dear," Annette said, she had had this conversation with her client before, "Nancy, the contract is tight, darling. I cannot get you out of it."

"Oh c'mon Annette, you helped write the bloody thing. I simply cannot put up with those little terrors any longer. They're ruining my life."

Hearing the note of desperation in her client's voice Annette took a more sympathetic tone. "Sweetie stay right where you are. I think we need to have this conversation face to face. I'll be there in half an hour." 

Thirty minutes later Annette; a petite, slender redhead with piercing green eyes was seated in Nancy's sunlit sitting room sipping at a cup of perfectly blended coffee and nibbling on a delicious home made biscuit. "Nance," she told the cook, "you could go into business marketing these biscuits, darling."

Nancy blushed and accepted the compliment, she sipped her coffee to hide her embarrassment.

"Now what is the problem with the show?" Annette asked cutting straight to the heart of the matter.
"There's no real problem with the show itself, Annie. It's the cast."

"The kids?"
Nancy nodded with an exasperated exhalation of breath, blowing a stray jet-black lock of hair out of her brown eyes and onto her forehead.

"What is it about them that drives you so nuts?"

Nancy fixed the agent with her eyes "Annette, you manage them too, you know what drives me crazy about them."

Annette winced, Nancy was correct, she had rarely met three more arrogant children in her life "Well, I know that they can be a hand full, but it's only one hour a week."

"Annette, it is NOT one hour a week, and you know it!" she set her cup down and launched into a full tirade. "The shoot goes all day! I have those kids from hell in my house from eight am until six pm. They look great on the camera. They're actors. What the camera doesn't see is what I'm thinking, which is usually my hands around one of their throats. I often have to prepare things four or five times because they've managed to mess it up behind the scenes."

"They are children, Nancy, you can't expect them to be expert chefs," Annette reasoned.

"I don't," Nancy insisted, "it's not the cooking they mess up. It's simple instructions, things like: don't touch that, don't sample this. If I say it they do the exact opposite. I'm sure they do it just to wind me up. Then of course there's the six to eight takes we have to do with any scene in which Miss Nicky Look At Me! Look At Me! Weatherley appears because she's concerned that she didn't look 'quite right' in the perfect take we just captured on film. No one cares what she looks like! It's about the food! However if we don't do the take she insists on she throws a full-blown tantrum. Two weeks ago Andrew came on to me?"

"He came on to you?" Annette asked, a smile playing across her lips. "That angelic little boy?"

"That 'angelic little boy' tried to cop a feel two weeks ago, Annette. He was lucky I wasn't holding a knife at the time. Then there's Shirley Temple Mark II; Claire."

"Okay, okay, I get the point." Annette said holding her hands up in surrender. "The contract is water tight, sweetie. You contracted for twelve shows, you do twelve shows. I'm sorry, but they will sue the pants off you if you renege. Now what do you want to do? You must have cooked with kids at some point. What about your two? You said that they were both pretty good cooks. I can't believe it's genetic."

"No," Nancy sighed, "I taught them."

"How did you handle them? They can't have been angels the entire time."

"They weren't, but if either of them tried the sort of shenanigans: Nicky, Andrew and Claire regularly get up to they would have wound up over my knee getting a damned good spanking."

Annette's eyes widened and she hid her eyes in her cup.

"Annette," Nancy reasoned, "don't act so surprised. I'm pretty sure you were spanked if you misbehaved as a child and I can remember I saw you dealing with Nicole once and I distinctly saw you mouth the words through tightly pursed lips: 'What this child needs is a soundly smacked bottom!'"

Annette opened her mouth and protested "I never?."

"Yes you did!" Nancy said with a laugh. "I remember it very clearly and I read lips very well."

"So you want to spank your co stars?" Annette asked.

"I would dearly love to," Nancy said with a sigh. "But in this politically correct day and age it would be impossible."

"Maybe not so impossible," Annette said licking a frosted pink lip, "let me make a few calls and get back to you."

Tuesday. The film crew arrived at seven in the morning and began to set up. Nancy liked to look after the crew and once they had done their work they were standing in her kitchen sipping steaming coffee and munching on freshly made warm muffins. Nancy herself was in her bedroom picking out an outfit and getting her hair and make up done by her make up woman: Janine.

"I love this bit of the shoot, Nancy." Janine told the chef, as she pinned an errant raven lock of hair, and then took a sip from her coffee.

"Is there any bit you don't love?" Nancy asked, sipping her own drink.

"Three bits," Janine sighed.

"You too?"

"Oh God yes! No matter what I do with Nicky it isn't right, you wouldn't believe a thirteen year old knew words like that. Andrew tried to squeeze my tits when I gave him a shampoo three weeks ago and Claire threw a full on tantrum because she didn't like the apron we picked out for her. Honestly they're out of control. If they were my kids they'd get a bloody good spanking and I don't even believe in corporal punishment!"

Nancy went into her bedroom to get some peace and quiet and chanted her own personal Tuesday mantra "I am not going to kill them. I am not going to kill them. I am not going to kill them."

"Nancy! Nancy honey! Are you here?" Annette's bright voice came from somewhere in the hall.

Nancy opened the door a crack, grabbed a handful of her agent's jacket and dragged her into the bedroom with a hissed "Shhhhhh! I'm hiding."

Annette smiled at her client and let herself be tugged into the bedroom "You may want to come out of hiding when you see what I've got for you."

"What? You got me out of my contract?" Nancy asked excitedly.

"Not quite darling," Annette said, reaching into her bag and extracting three fat contracts, "almost as good though. I hope you remember our conversation the other day, because I acted on it. Feast your eyes on these." and she laid the three contracts on the bed.

"Contracts? What have contracts got to do with anything, Annette?"

"Oh these aren't just any contracts. These are the contracts I have with Nicole, Andrew and Claire."


"Nicky, Andrew and Claire are minors. They cannot legally sign their own contracts. Their parents have to do it for them."

Nancy looked confused "I'm still not getting it, Annette." 

"Okay," Annette said with an impish grin, her green eyes sparkling, she flipped the three contracts open, "I would like to draw your attention to a new clause. Clause 16, henceforth known as the spanking clause."

"Spanking clause?" Nancy asked, comprehension starting to dawn as she remembered her last conversation with the agent.

"Read it and weep, although I doubt you'll be the one doing the weeping, sweetheart."

Nancy picked up the closest contract and her eyes shining scanned down to clause 16. Her heart started to beat faster as she read the words: 'I give permission for Nancy Livingstone to soundly spank my daughter Nicole Weatherley if she is disobedient or puts herself or any of her fellow cast and crew members in danger by any fault of her own.'

"Oh my God!" Nancy breathed. "Is this legal?"

"Tight as a fishes bottom and that is watertight. The other two are the same and I have six signatures. All parents signed. They know how their little 'darlings' can be."

"Then why on earth don't they administer a little bare bottom discipline?"

"Their children are celebrities. The tabloids would have a field day."

"And what are they going to do with me?"

"You, my dear, are a little different. After our meeting the other day I did a little research on who watches your little show."


"Well oddly enough it is most popular with young mothers. The type of young mothers who have little Nicky's, Andrew's and Claire's of their own. Spanking is a skill so rarely taught these days. I did a poll amongst this audience. The question was: which TV kid/s would you most like to see get a spanking and who would you most like to see administer it? Ninety nine percent of respondents answered: Nicky, Andrew and Claire from <i>Cooking With Kids</i> and the very patient and lovely host: Nancy Livingstone. Not only will you not lose points by exercising the spanking clause, Nance, you'll gain them!"

Armed with her new knowledge a very confident Nancy Livingstone marched out of her bedroom and back into the kitchen. The children were irritating one of her cameramen and the show's harassed female producer Tracey. "Oh God!" Tracey muttered, as Nancy ordered the children back into the kitchen and assigned them tasks to do with the preparation of the meal she intended to present. "I never thought I'd miss Derek. That man was about as handy as a pig with a musket, but at least he was professional."

Nancy winked at her "Don't worry. I think today may be the last we see of their bratty behaviour."

"I hope so," Tracey said, "but short of beating it out of them I can't see it happening."

"Stick around," Annette advised, "you may just live to see your words come true."

Half an hour later Nancy had had enough. Nicky had nearly burned her hand by refusing to use an oven glove on the grounds that it would cover up her new nail polish, only quick action from Nancy had prevented a trip to the burns unit for the young starlet. Nancy herself had almost spilled a saucepan of boiling water when an unexpected pinch from Andrew to her full rear end had startled her. Then Claire had nearly severed a finger by insisting on using a razor sharp knife to dice some vegetables and had decided to emulate a scene from The Long Kiss Goodnight.

Nancy was about to tuck Claire under her arm and spank some sense into her round little bottom when the girl let out a howl, as a handful of raspberries intended for a raspberry pie, thrown by Andrew flew through the air and hit her in the face. In retaliation of the assault on the younger girl Nicky picked up and slapped a handful of flour on the boy's head. Andrew whirled and tipped a jug of milk over her head. Nicky screamed in rage as milk dripped from her strawberry blonde locks.

Nancy stood in the middle of the kitchen looking on in delayed shock.

"That is it!" she shouted. "The next child to move will be the sorriest little boy or girl that ever drew breath!"

Shocked into silence and stillness by the normally unflappable cook's reaction the children stopped.

Nancy glared at them, her usually gentle brown eyes blazing.

"Now," she said in a stern tone, "you three are going to go into the bathroom and clean up. Janine can you please go with them and make sure that they do exactly that. I've got a mess out here, I'd prefer not to have one in my bathroom as well. I will be in to have a 'chat' once I have cleaned up out here."

The children stared at her.

Nancy moved quickly and administered a firm spank to each child's rear, each smack punctuated with a word "Quick," and Nicky yelped as Nancy's firm hand descended on her skirt, "march," Andrew gasped as the hand impacted on the seat of his trousers, "now!" and Claire squealed as the backside of her dress felt the weight of the celebrity chef's hand.

A smiling Janine ushered the three stunned and food stained children into the bathroom.

"Did you get all that?" a smiling Nancy asked a cameraman.

The surprised man nodded.

"Good," Nancy replied, favouring the man with a stunning smile, "which camera am I on, Trace?"

"Two, sweetie."

"Wonderful," Nancy sang, turning to face the designated camera and looking directly into its lens with shining eyes.

"Now I am sure that you all saw what just happened. Lesson one is that the kitchen can be a very dangerous place. The children are going to learn lesson two and that is that all actions have consequences. Sometimes those consequences can be less than pleasant. I'm going to clean up in here and then we'll check on how Janine is going with the children."

As Nancy busied herself cleaning up the mess in the kitchen she continued to talk to the camera. "You can't expect to keep a completely tidy kitchen when cooking and more so when working with children, but what has happened in here is inexcusable. What we're going to see today after I've cleaned up here is how to keep children better behaved in the kitchen and even in this enlightened day and age I believe that a sound spanking can work wonders."

Tracey gasped and looked at Nancy in stunned amazement.

Annette caught the producer's eye smiled, nodded and winked.

Nancy wiped her hands on a dishcloth and put it back in it's place then beckoned to the camera to follow her and went down the hall to the bathroom. A loud yell, that could only be Nicky's whiny voice emanated from the bathroom and was answered by Janine "If you don't hold still, I'll never get it out."

Nancy appeared in the doorway and inquired calmly "How are we going?"

Janine answered from the sink where she was holding Nicole's strawberry blonde locks under the tap and scrubbing vigorously with shampoo "It stings my eyes!" she complained.

"If I don't get it out," an exasperated Janine told her, "you are going to smell like a dairy. Do you want that?"

A sullen silence answered her.

Janine continued to update Nancy "The raspberry on Claire's face wasn't a problem. Andrew still needs his face and hair washed and once I've washed Nicky's hair she'll be right."

A very grumpy looking Claire, with a freshly scrubbed face sat on the edge of the bath "You hit me!" she accused Nancy.

Nancy smiled at the little girl "My dear that was just the beginning."

Then she turned to Andrew "You young man need a shower."

"A shower?" the boy gasped. "But I'd have to take off my clothes."

"Well yes," Nancy told him with a grin, "unless you usually shower with your clothes on. Plus that your top needs to be washed. Then again with what I've got planned your T-shirt should be more than sufficient. Now come on, off with the clothes."

"But, but?" the boy protested.

"Oh c'mon," Nancy sighed, "I've a son much older than you, you don't have anything I haven't already seen." with that she took a firm grip on the boy and began to undress him as he protested. She bundled him into the shower, shielding his nakedness from the camera with her body and as she had an opaque shower screen there was no problem there. She set the water at an acceptable temperature and told the boy "If you aren't sparkling when you get out of there I'm coming in with you!"

Nancy turned her attention to Nicky, ignoring the open mouthed Claire and asked Janine to make sure that the little girl did not get into any mischief as she enveloped Nicole's head in a towel and began to dry the girl's sodden tresses.
"Now," she said speaking to the camera, "a good spanking does not always require you to wash the ingredients, but if they've been in a food fight it is advisable. Otherwise you tend to get mess all over your clothes and you don't want that. It simply is not necessary and can be avoided by a quick trip to the bathroom. Some people like to baste the bottom with water to make the spanking sting a little more. I'm personally not a fan of this, if you're not very careful you can raise blisters and I find that both cruel and unnecessary."

As Janine was talking to Claire she did not hear what Nancy had said about spanking. Andrew was in the shower and Nicky's head was covered by a towel. At this point not one child was aware that they were about to given a good, hard, old fashioned, over the knee, bare bottom spanking.

Nancy removed the towel from Nicole's head and felt her hair "Hmmmm?still a little damp, but for what I have in mind that won't matter."

"Won't matter?" Nicole screeched. "That idiot put milk in my hair! It's still damp, I must look like a mess. I have my fans to think of you know."

Nancy took a firm grip on the teenager's upper arms and looked into her clear blue eyes "You young lady are thirteen years old. You will do what you are told and you will do it when you are told. Am I making myself clear?"

"Yeah?" the voice trailed off into a yelp as Nancy landed a stinging slap to Nicky's thigh.

"From now on it will be yes ma'am or Aunty Nancy. Am I understood?"

"Yes ma'am," a rather subdued Nicky answered.

"Now follow Aunty Tracey into the living room. You too Claire," she said looking at a shocked blonde nine year old who looked as if she were about to burst into tears.

When Claire made no move Nancy took a step towards her. The young girl scrambled up with a rushed "No, I'll do what you tell me Aunty Nancy!"

"Good. Tracey can we turn off the cameras for a bit please? I need to fix Andrew up and I don't think anyone really needs to see him in all his glory."

"Sure thing, Nancy. Uhhhh what am I meant to do with these two in the living room?"

"Send them to separate corners. I'll handle the rest when I come out."

"Corners? You're making them stand in the corner?"

Nancy nodded "Ask Annette to explain it to you."

"Andy?" Nancy sang "You done yet sweetie?"

"No!" came the sullen response.

"Oh dear," Nancy sighed, "we're going to play that game are we?" she slid the shower door open, took a strong grip on the boy's wet, slippery forearm and yanked firmly. With a yell of protest Andrew flew out of the shower and landed wet and surprised on the bathroom rug. "Not done," Nancy scoffed as she calmly turned the taps off, "you're telling fibs there little man. You look nice and clean to me."

Before Andrew could protest at the name she had given him Nancy wrapped him up in a big fluffy towel and began to vigorously dry him "Now doesn't this feel better? Better than having flour all over you?"

"No, it fucking doesn't!" the boy shouted, his voice somewhat muffled by the thick towel.

Nancy was silent for a minute and then she said in a low dangerous voice "What did you just say, young man?"

"You heard me, are you deaf you silly cow?"

"Oh, that is the living end," Nancy said in a soft voice.

She whipped the towel off Andrew and bent him over the edge of the bath then began to administer hard stinging smacks to his recently washed bottom. The sound of the blows reverberated around the tiles of the small room and were joined by Andrew's howls as his bottom pinkened under Nancy's firm palm. "You will keep a civil tongue in your head when you speak to me young man or we will repeat this with the bathbrush," Nancy told him as she continued to slap away steadily, "do you understand me?"

Andrew could not answer through his lusty yells.

Nancy repeated the question, punctuating each word with a hard smack "I" SPANK "said" SPANK "do" SPANK "you" SPANK "understand" SPANK "me?"

"Yes! Yes!" Andrew yelled, his legs kicking.

"Yes what?" Nancy asked continuing to smack the boy's now reddening behind.

"Yes ma'am."
"Better," Nancy said, resting her hand, "what do you understand?" she asked rubbing the boy's warm derriere gently.

"That I will speak nicely to you."

"Very good," Nancy said with a smile, lifting Andrew to his feet and guiding him to the basin.

"Now just to make sure that you have learned that lesson," Nancy turned on the tap and took a bar of soap, which she worked into a good lather into a washcloth, "we will clean your dirty mouth out."

Andrew struggled, but Nancy was too strong for him. She held him easily and worked the soapy washcloth into his mouth. She made sure that it was rubbed all over his gums, his teeth and his tongue. He had just began to gag when she removed the cloth. "Rinse." She ordered him, releasing him. The boy put his mouth under the tap and repeatedly filled it with water and spat trying to get the awful taste from his mouth.

Nancy faced him and said "Are you going to do what you are told from now on?"

"Yes ma'am," the boy replied.

"Good. Now that was for the language. Your actions in the kitchen have earned you something else. Put on your undies and T-shirt then join Claire and Nicky in the living room. I will be out directly to conclude this week's episode."

When Nancy came into the living room she was carrying three objects. One was an old fashioned wooden hairbrush, it was quite large and heavy, it was oval shaped and it was made of a light honey coloured wood that had been smoothly polished. One of the other objects was an old bedroom slipper. It was far too large for Nancy's dainty feet, it had to belong to a man, a man with a large foot. It had a hard leather sole. The final object was something that could be found in nearly every kitchen in the country. The humble wooden spoon. This spoon had a long handle and a large spoon area. It was a shallow depression with a flat back and in this case it was a broad back. Nancy smiled at the ladies in the room. Someone had made some tea and Janine, Tracey and Annette were happily sipping at their cups. Nancy placed the three items on her coffee table and looked around her cosy living room. Somebody had lit a fire and there was a bright, merry blaze in the small fireplace. Tracey had done as Nancy had requested and three of the room's four corners were filled with children. They faced the wall, hands by their sides. Andrew who was only wearing his underpants and T-shirt looked particularly darling. "Andy sweetheart," Nancy said softy, "put your hands on your head please."

"Why?" the boy asked.

Nancy sighed, she crossed to the boy and stood close to him and spoke softly in his ear "Because I asked you to," she underlined each word with a hard smack to the seat of his underpants, it made his already sore bottom considerably warmer and more uncomfortable, while still smacking the white underpants Nancy continued her lecture, "and from now on when you speak to me you will address me as ma'am or Aunty Nancy. Do you understand?"

"Y-yess Aunty Nancy," the boy said, fighting back tear,s and placing his hands obediently on his head.

"Much better," Nancy said, moving away from him and surveying the scene in the living room.

"Oh my God!" Janine exclaimed. "Do you know how long I've wanted to see that happen?"

"If you're anything like me," Tracey responded, "it's been from day one of the show."

Nancy turned to her make up lady and her producer. "I think I can handle it from here ladies. The children have a spanking coming to them and as it appears to be their first one I don't think we need any audience other than the cameramen, besides you'll all see the finished show. If you'd like to wait in the kitchen or the parlour and I'll call you in when I'm done."

The three women turned and left. Nancy looked at her sound people and the lighting men and raised her eyebrows, they gave her the thumbs up and then followed Janine, Tracey and Annette. She looked at the cameramen and said "Well roll tapes, thumbs up or whatever it is Tracey says when she wants you to start shooting."

"Now once you've done the washing you are part way done with the preparation of a spanking. The next part is not entirely necessary although I do like it. I find the children somewhat more compliant if they are given some time in a corner to reflect on what has earned them their spanking, as you can see Nicky, Claire and Andy are all doing that now. Some people like to give the corner time after the spanking, personally I like it before and after. I may not have time to adequately show you what a properly spanked bottom looks like after the warm up spanking, but fortunately I have one I've prepared earlier." She stood up, went to Andrew and calmly lowered his underpants to reveal a bottom that glowed rosily. "Get a close up on that please Steve." She pointed to the bottom, "Now see that lovely pink colour. That's most of the way there. I prefer it a shade darker after the warm up, but that is a matter of personal preference and Andy here has had a little bit of time to cool down. We'll leave those undies down for now. Pulling them up again would only contain the heat that my hand built up earlier.  I believe that for a proper spanking to be administered a number of things have to happen. It must be on the bare bottom, if possible it should be over the knee, at least one implement should be used; a warm up with the hand and then a dose of either the hairbrush, wooden spoon or slipper. Some like to use a belt or a switch, I find them a little too harsh and you can buy paddles and canes if you like, but I've chosen the brush, spoon and slipper because they are three things that you will mostly likely already have in your house and they're all multi functional."

Nancy took a seat in the middle of her large, luxurious three-seater leather sofa and looked at the camera. "Once you have washed the children, put them in the corner and decided what you're going to spank them with you are almost ready to begin the spanking. There are three more decisions you need to make. One is where to sit. Many people like to sit on a stool or a low backed chair, because it does not impede the swing of the arm. I myself prefer a sofa and there are a few reasons for this. I do not feel that the back stops me from raising or swinging my arm any more than a stool or backless chair would. One of the big advantages a sofa has is that it is large enough to support the child's body and yours. Their middle is comfortably nestled in your lap and the ends of the sofa support both their upper torsos and their legs. You will have to make sure that shoes are removed, because spanking produces kicking and you don't want your sofa marked by kicking little feet. The penultimate decision, and this is minor and depends on personal preference, is how you would like the children dressed for their spankings. Some like them to wear a particular outfit. I tend to favour underwear or pajamas if possible. Today that has not been possible, but the children will be fine to spank no matter what they are wearing, it is after all incidental, their bottoms will be bared. The last decision is again one of personal preference and that is whether you would prefer the children to bare their own bottoms or you would do it for them. It does depend on the compliance of the child. In today's case as these three have not been spanked before I will do the honours myself."

Nicky was swallowing hard in her corner, Claire was crying softly and Andrew shivered and wished that he could rub his aching bottom.

Nancy continued her business like instruction as the camera panned around the room lingering for a few seconds on each child in their corner.

Nancy's stern voice hit the air "Nicole Susan Weatherley!"

At the sound of her full name Nicky's head rose up straight, and she took a deep breath.
"Turn around and come over here to me."
Nicky did as she was told, and stood nervously by the older lady's knee.

"Now if you have elected to bare the bottom yourself that is what you now need to do. Nicole has made it rather easy by wearing a silly little skirt. Turn around please dear" when the girl did this Nancy reached down to Nicole's mini skirt and began to lift it up above her bottom, "How old are you Nicole?"

"Thirteen ma'am."

"Thirteen," Nancy mused as she lifted the skirt up and pinned it in place, "I'm going to need to talk to Janine about your clothes, this skirt is far too short for a girl of your age and what are these panties? Black lace! You are thirteen years old! White or blue regulation school knickers are what you should be wearing. Pink maybe if you are lucky."

"Please Aunty Nancy." Nicole wailed and squirmed, as Nancy hooked her thumbs into Nicole's panties and began to lower them to her knee hollows.
"Please what?"

"Please don't take my panties down."

"Didn't you listen to me sweetheart? You are going to be spanked and a spanking is not a spanking unless it is given on the bare bottom. Your bottom is not bare if it has panties on, is it?"

"No ma'am," Nicole agreed, her voice catching.

"Now let's get you up over my knee and put some colour into that naughty little bottom."

Nicole squealed with surprise as Nancy put a hand behind her back, took a firm grip on the wrist and jerked the girl over her knee. Nancy let go the wrist and put that arm around the girl's waist and hoisted her into the time honoured spanking position with her bottom in the middle of Nancy's lap it's round tender whiteness pointing towards the ceiling. Nancy hauled Nicole's legs up onto the couch and calmly removed her shoes placing them under the couch. She made sure that Nicole was lying across the couch and asked "Ready darling?"

"No ma'am," Nicole replied, her voice quavering.

Nancy answered that with a throaty chuckle "I rather thought that might be the answer my dear."

The brunette celebrity's hand descended on the upturned little buttocks multiple times. The spanks were firm and cracked crisply over the tight double bulge of Nicky's tender little behind. Nicole wriggled and squirmed her bottom to avoid the regular stinging impact, she could feel stingy, unpleasant little fires springing up all over her bottom. A bee had once stung Nicole and it felt as if a lot of the striped honey-cultivating insects were stinging her bottom all at once "Ooooowwwwccccchhhhhh!" she wailed and kicked her legs.

"My goodness!" Nancy exclaimed. "You do make a fuss. Thirteen years old and all this commotion over a childish little smackbottom."

Nancy spanked the derriere in her lap briskly, her hand scattering pink handprints like rose petals up and down the girl's bottom.
"Do you know why I am spanking you Nicole?"

"No Aunty Nancy."

At that response Nancy increased both the tempo and the impact of the spanks CRACK SMACK SPANK SLAP "I think you are telling me fibs there young lady." CRACK SMACK SPANK SLAP "I asked you to put an oven glove on earlier, you refused to do so because it would cover your nail polish. You very nearly gave yourself a very nasty burn on that hand and if I had been less vigilant that is what would have happened. Now I know that your bottom feels like it is on fire and it certainly looks and feels very hot, but it is nothing compared to what your hand would have been like if I had not stopped you from touching that handle without an oven glove."


"Now do you know why I am spanking you young lady?"

"Beaaaaahhhhhhcause oooowwwwww I uh I duh-dudh-didn't yyyyeeeeeoooowwwcccchhhhh put on aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh oven guh-glove."

"Partially, yes," Nancy agreed, stopping the girl's spanking and resting her hand gently on the now glowing red bottom, "the reason you didn't put on the glove was because of vanity and I'm afraid that if we don't spank that vanity out of you now sweetness you are going to grow into a rather unpleasant person and we don't want that do we?" 

"No, Aunty Nancy," Nicky cried.

"Good," Nancy said with a smile as she stroked Nicole's hot bottom, "now up you get," she assisted the contrite starlet to her feet, and hugged her before pointing her in the direction of the corner, "you go stand there with your hands on your head and think about what you've done and let your little sit down cool before you have a little talk with Mrs Hairbrush." with a gentle push she propelled Nicole back to the corner.

Nancy settled herself on the couch and her brown eyes looked at the camera "Now that is a demonstration of how to spank an older girl, the scolding is optional, but I find it helps. You really do need to reinforce to the child the reason that they are over your knee. Nicky will be turned over my knee again for a session with the hairbrush to really drive the lesson home and in between while she waits for that and I spank the other children I find that a little bare bottomed corner time focuses their minds wonderfully. Even if you are only spanking one child I think that some bare bottomed corner time in between punishments is of some benefit. It allows the sting to build in the bottom and leaves them nice and tender for the implement. Now for Claire's entrĂˆe." she turned to where a trembling Claire stood in the corner, and said clearly " Claire Heather Thornton! Turn around and come over to Aunty Nancy."

As ordered the blonde girl did turn around and faced the voluptuous, smiling lady seated on the couch, patting her lap, and cooing "C'mon sweetheart, let's get you up and over my knee."

Claire looked at Nancy, stuck out her lower lip and stamped her little foot "No!" she shouted.

"I beg your pardon?" Nancy asked politely. "What did you say, young lady?"

"No! Not coming!" Claire said hotly, reinforcing it with another stamp.

Nancy looked down so that Claire would not see her smile, when she raised her eyes, they were stern and so was her mouth "Why not?" she asked.

"You're going to spank me."

"Yes, I am Claire. You deserve it."

"Do not!"
"Yes you most certainly do. There are two ways we can do this young lady. You can stay there and I will get up, come over there, pick you up and bring you back here. If I have to do that you will be spanked and spanked very hard, you will receive a dose of the wooden spoon later on, which you are going to get anyway, and then after I have given Nicky her hairbrushing and dealt with Andy, you will be given another handspanking and another spooning," Claire's blue eyes widened and she began to cry silently, "that is the hard way. The other way is that you can come over here to me yourself, let me bare your bottom and bend over my knee. I will spank you just as I did Nicole and install you back in the corner. Later when you have cooled down you will feel the wooden spoon, but there will be no further spanking after that. It's up to you. You have until I count three to make up your mind. One," Claire looked anxiously around the room and shifted from foot to foot, "Two."

"Aunty Nancy!" Claire cried desperately.

"Yes dear?"

"I need to go potty." Claire said, and from the way she danced in the corner, she was telling the truth.

Nancy smiled at her, and called "Janine."

The blonde makeup lady appeared at the door "Yes?"

"Claire needs to go to the loo. Would you mind taking her and bringing her back here? Mind she doesn't take too long at it. She only needs to spend a penny."

Janine grinned at Nancy, and replied "My pleasure."

She went to a rather miserable Claire in the corner and took her small hand "Come along, sweetie." as she went past Nicole with her red bottom on display she murmured "My, someone will be sleeping on her tummy tonight."
Janine returned with a visibly more comfortable Claire and delivered her to Nancy's side "Thanks," Nancy murmured and then looked at Claire "feel better now, sweetheart?"

"Yes," Claire said in a small voice, remembering to add, "Aunty Nancy."

"Good. I would have been most cross had you wet yourself all over my lap." she turned to the camera. "That is bound to be a problem from time to time especially with younger children. I recommend making sure that there is toilet time prior to the spanking, a full bladder also tends to take the child's mind off the spanking itself and you don't want that."

She then reached down and lifted Claire's pretty dress, pinning it up at the small of her back. "My what pretty panties you have!" Nancy exclaimed. "Steve get a close up of these, they are absolutely darling."

Claire blushed furiously as the cameraman zoomed in on Claire's frilly pink panties, decorated with pictures of cartoon cats and mice. "It's almost a shame to take them down." Nancy mused as she hooked her fingers into the waistband.

"You don't have to ma'am," Claire said enthusiastically, seeing a chance to spare herself further humiliation.

"Oh yes I do, darling." Nancy replied, lowering the panties to Claire's knee hollows. "The only way to cook this dish is on your bare bottom." she easily lifted Claire up and deposited her in the center of her lap.

There was no further preamble Nancy began to spank Claire's plump, white, round little hemispheres with quick stinging smacks, the girl was soon wriggling and squealing "Why are you being spanked, Claire?" Nancy asked, her hand bouncing crisply first off one squirming reddening cheek and then the other.

"I was naughty," Claire yelped.

"What did you do that was so naughty?" Nancy pressed, her hand still steadily slapping the now rosy red bottom over her knee.

"Ooowwwww! Oooowwwwww! The knife!" Claire howled, her blond hair whipping about as she threw her head from side to side.

"What about the knife?" Nancy asked, delivering a stinging volley and making the fires flare up on Claire's bucking little derriere.

"I ooooooowwwwwwwwwwww used it yeeeeeeeooooowwwwwwccccchhhhhh dangerously! Oooooooaaaahhhooooooooo!"

"Are you sorry that you did not listen to me?"

"Yessssssssssss! Yessssssssss Aunteeee Nanceeeeee! I'll be good! Puh-puh-promise!" the girl wailed, her legs kicking frantically.

Nancy delivered one extremely hard full-armed slap that made the glowing red bottom over her knee bounce and jiggle. "Good girl." she said gently, assisting Claire from her knee and setting her down on her feet, before enfolding her in a motherly embrace and holding her tenderly as the little girl sobbed into her bosom. Nancy broke the embrace and led Claire, hobbling with her panties around her knees back to her corner. Nancy stood her there with the instructions "Now put your hands on your head, sweetie and think about why this happened and listen to Andy get his hiding."

"Andrew William Sharpe!" Nancy's voice rang out.

Andrew turned around and faced the lady on the couch defiantly.

"Still a little rebellious, are we?"

Andrew did not reply.

"I have a cure for that my boy." Nancy told him, picking up the big slipper and thwacking it loudly into her palm.

In spite of himself Andrew flinched.

"Oh you will get used to that sound, young man," Nancy advised with a throaty chuckle. "Now come and take your punishment like a man."

His underpants impeding him Andrew stumbled over to Nancy on the couch and the gentlest of pressure from her hand on the small of his back tumbled him over her lap. She put her arm around his waist and hauled him into position.

Nancy placed the slipper's sole on Andrew's still softly pink bottom and said "We're not quite so grabby or mouthy now are we, sweetheart?"

"No Aunty Nancy," Andrew mumbled into the sofa cushion beneath him.

"And why is that, darling?" Nancy asked, shaking out her lustrous black hair in a movement that made her impressive bosom bounce.

"Because," the boy's voice faltered and he had to swallow hard to get it back, "because you spanked me."

"Yes, I did, but that my dear was just the warm up. The spanking and the mouth soaping was for your language. This however is the main course. It will be long, it will be hard and you will cry."

Having said that Nancy tightened her grip, raised the slipper and brought it flashing down across the boy's bottom. Andrew howled, bucked in Nancy's firm grip and his now flaring red bottom clenched. Seeing that Nancy stopped mid swing and advised "I know it sounds silly Andy, but do try not to clench your bottom, it only makes it hurt more." As the boy's buttock muscles relaxed slightly Nancy cracked the slipper across it again. "You, young man," SPANK SPANK SPANK SPANK, "will respect," SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK, "women!" SPANK SPANK SMACK SMACK, "We do not," SMACK SMACK SPANK SPANK, "like being grabbed," SMACK SPANK SMACK SPANK, "or felt up!" SPANK SMACK SPANK SMACK. "You very nearly caused a serious accident in the kitchen earlier and I will teach you respect."

Nancy held the howling boy close as she whaled into his now blazing red bottom with the slipper. When Andrew had ceased to struggle and lay limply over her lap sobbing regularly, with his bright red bottom like a beacon Nancy put down the slipper and spoke gently to him "Andrew?"

The boy blubbered in reply.

"Andy?" Nancy asked softly.

"Yyyesss," Andrew cried. 

"Do you know what respect is now?"


"Tell me, please."

The boy swallowed his sobs and answered "Respect is not grabbing or swearing. Respect is doing what I am told to do."

"Good boy," Nancy smiled, lifting the boy over her lap and nestling his burning bottom into her maternal lap, resting his head on her breast and stroking his hair gently as he sobbed, "there, there sweetheart, all over. Aunty Nancy is proud of you."

When she let Andrew up, he was actually smiling, and he said with a hint of embarrassment "Thank you Aunty Nancy."

Nancy kissed him on the cheek, and answered "It was my pleasure darling. Now you get that naughty bottom of yours back in the corner whilst Aunty Nancy deals with Miss Nicole." Nancy then turned to the camera. "Cuddling and soothing is essential. No good spanking is given without love."

"Nicky come to me please, love," Nancy called.

Nicole turned to look at Nancy, and her face fell as she saw what Nancy held in her lap. It was a hairbrush, a heavy, broad backed, wooden hairbrush.

On unsteady legs, her blue eyes fixed on the implement in Nancy's ample lap Nicole walked slowly to the couch, her panties slipped to her ankles and caused her to stumble, she sprawled over Nancy's lap.

"My goodness!" Nancy exclaimed as her lap filled with an embarrassed thirteen year old. "One would almost think you were eager to get into position."

Nicole bit her lip, and said softly "I'm sorry, Aunty Nancy. I tripped. Could you help me up please?"

Nancy regarded the upturned, still softly glowing bottom over her lap and said "Maybe this is the position I want you in sweetheart."

Nicole held back tears, and said "Yes ma'am."

Nancy took pity on the girl and helped her up, she sat her on her knee, picked up the hairbrush and began to stroke it through the girl's lustrous strawberry blonde locks. "How does that feel?"

"Good ma'am," Nicky murmured.

"Just lie back and enjoy it," Nancy advised and as she brushed the starlet's hair she spoke to the camera. "That is the beauty of the hairbrush. It can brush a child's hair as easily as it can spank her bottom. My mother often used to brush my hair prior to a spanking with the very same brush. She used to say: "first it brushes your hair with the bristles and then the other side brushes your bottom."." she chuckled as she said it, although Nicky failed to see the amusing side of Nancy's mother's saying.

After a few minutes of brushing Nancy put the brush down, lifted Nicole to her feet and calmly and competently turned the girl over her knee "Okay darling, bottom up nice and high." she ordered the girl as Nicole was settled over her knee.

"Good girl," Nancy cooed, rubbing the brushes smooth, hard, unyielding and for now cool back over Nicole's waiting, goose pimpled bottom.

Without warning Nancy raised the brush and cracked it down hard. SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK. Four times it impacted on the upper part of Nicole's bottom. The flesh that felt the brushes kiss flared red. Nancy altered her aim slightly and smacked the brush across the crowns of Nicole's upturned bottom. SPANK SPANK SPANK SPANK. Nicole howled and bucked and jerked over Nancy's knee. Nancy tightened her grip and hauled Nicole in tight, so that she would not wriggle herself right off the knee altogether. Nancy narrowed her eyes, shifted her grip and concentrated on the crease where Nicole's bottom joined her thighs, the 'sit spot' or as Nancy preferred 'spank spot' As Nancy soundly spanked that tender area of Nicole's little sit upon she commented on it "Any proper spanking MUST, and I cannot stress this enough, MUST contain a concentrated set on the spank spot. That's this area where the thighs and the bottom join. It hurts and because it's where you sit it guarantees that the child will remember the spanking for some time to come, especially when they sit down for the next few days. SMACK SMACK SPANK SPANK SLAP SLAP SPANK SMACK SLAP SPANK. The brush beat a steady, painful tattoo on the ever so tender area where Nicole's thighs and bottom met. She screamed and howled as her thighs caught fire, twisted her body from side to side to avoid the brushes punishing back and tears streamed down her face to soak Nancy's couch.

Nancy set the brush down and placed the back of her hand on Nicole's fire hydrant red bottom. "Oooohhhh sizzling!" she exclaimed, quickly lifting her hand.

She allowed Nicole to lie over her lap, sobbing quietly and held the girl's wrists so that she would not attempt to rub the sting or the burn from her recently punished bottom. After a minute or two of steady sobbing Nancy helped Nicole to her feet and enfolded her in a motherly embrace. Stroking the girl's hair gently as she sobbed into Nancy's ample bosom.

"There, there, darling," Nancy whispered gently into Nicole's ear, "all over now. All over. Are you going to be a good girl for Aunty Nancy?"

Nicole nodded vigorously "Yes Aunty Nancy."

"No more tantrums about dresses or makeup?"

"No Aunty Nancy."

"That's my good girl," Nancy told her with a touch of pride. "Now let's get that pretty, glowing red hot bottom of yours back into a corner while Aunty Nancy shows your little friend Claire another use for a wooden spoon."

"Yes Aunty Nancy," Nicole said as she disengaged from the older lady's hug, she brushed an errant lock of hair from her tear stained cheek, put on a brave smile and surprisingly said, "thank you Aunty Nancy."

Nancy's face broke into a large smile, and she told Nicky "It was my pleasure, sweetheart. Off you go." and she gave Nicole a playful smack on her rear.
Nicole squealed, but with something approaching joy, then turned and walked proudly if somewhat stiffly to her corner, put her nose to the wall and without being bidden placed her hands on top of her head.

"Now that," Nancy told the camera, "is what a well spanked girl should look like and that is exactly how she should behave. For her first proper spanking Nicole has done very well and deserves a round of applause for her performance." there was sparse applause as the small crew clapped the scarlet-bottomed starlet in her corner.

"Claire," Nancy called to the petite blonde girl in the opposite corner, "you have a cooking lesson with Aunt Nancy's spoon. Turn around please and come over here."

Claire took a deep breath, swallowed sobs, turned slowly and walked on jelly legs to the couch. The girl's cornflower blue eyes were fixed on the coffee table where one object lay. Claire had seen wooden spoons before, she had used one often during the show. Nancy regularly assigned her stirring duties, but she had never seen one used for the purpose she knew that Nancy intended to use it for.

When Claire stood by Nancy's knee Nancy gave her an encouraging smile and inquired "How's your bottom sweetheart?"

"Sore and kinda warm, ma'am," Claire answered politely.

"Well that's no good," Nancy said warmly. "We don't want it warm. We want it good and hot, don't we?"

"I guess so, Aunty Nancy," Claire agreed with a shrug.

"Yes we do, we want you to have a good, hot, glowing red caboose." Nancy picked up the spoon and held it in both hands. "Do you know what this is Claire, sweetie?"

"Yes ma'am," Claire answered in a trembling voice.

"What is it?"

"It's a wooden spoon."

"Good darling. What does Aunty Nancy usually do with her wooden spoon?"

"She stirs things on the stove. Things like soup." Claire said in a faltering voice.

"That's right. After I've warmed the soup up I stir it with the wooden spoon. Well today it's going to be used for cooking as well. My hand has done the warming," she snaked an arm around Claire's slender waist and patted her still rosy bottom gently, "mmmmm?still simmering," she murmured, she guided the blonde child over her knee and moved her into position, bare roseate bottom over her lap and pointing up at the ceiling, "so now the spoon has to do the stirring. I'm making something I don't think you've ever had before darling. Have you ever had bottom soup?"

"No, Aunty Nancy," Claire responded with a sob.

"Well we'll soon see how you like the taste as Aunty Nancy cooks a hot, steaming bowl of bottom soup."

Nancy tightened her grip around Claire's waist, raised the spoon and smacked it down. One thing Nancy enjoyed about spanking with the wooden spoon was that the length of the handle enabled you to administer hard, stinging swats without taking a full-blooded swing. You could kindle an extremely hot little fire in a naughty child's bottom with very little effort. CRACK CRACK SMACK SMACK SLAP SLAP SPANK SPANK. The room filled with the unmistakable sound of a hard wooden implement meeting a bare bottom and Claire's responding howls and squeals as she cried and wriggled vigorously over Nancy's knee. "My goodness!" Nancy exclaimed, not breaking her steady spanking rhythm as her spoon heated up Claire's plump, round sit upon. "You wriggle just like a little worm and you're almost as difficult to hold."

Raising her voice slightly to be heard above Claire's commotion Nancy spoke to the camera "When you're spanking a naughty child I find one thing important. You don't want to spank any more or less than what you want and what the little one needs. The best two ways to work this out is by their sobs, although they can fake those, what they cannot fake is how red their bottom is getting. As you cook the little derriere over your knee you need to examine it from time to time to see how red it is getting and to check the temperature. Steve close up on Claire's behind. As everyone here knows I'm very particular about how my dishes present. Colour is very important a spanking is no different. What you're looking for is a bright, deep, rich red. See Claire's behind. That's how it should look all over. Just like two rich, red, ripe tomatoes. The spoon has made her bottom nice and shiny and you can tell just by looking at it that it is very hot indeed. Right now I can feel the waves of heat radiating from it. If I needed to cook some soup, sweetness," she told Claire, "I could just sit the pot on your bottom and it would be bubbling in no time."

Claire did not respond, but howled, cried and kicked as Nancy's spoon stung the tender spot between her thighs and her plump glowing red bottom. "One other way," Nancy instructed, "to check that the child has been sufficiently spanked is to use the back of your hand to see how hot the flesh is." Nancy put down the spoon and with the back of her spanking hand tested the temperature of Claire's steaming red behind. "You need to check more than one spot, not just the crowns, the entire surface should be quite hot to the touch. Claire has been well roasted and is now done to a turn."

Over Nancy's knee Claire blubbered "I-I-uh... I'm suh-suh-sorry I was such a... a... buh-brat Aunty Nancy."

"Oh darling," Nancy said as she felt her heart melt, "you're not a brat. Not any more." She lifted Claire up and settled the girl's sizzling red bottom into her lap gently, hearing the hissed intake of breath as the very tender, very hot, very sore, very red bottom made contact with her lap. She held Claire to her breast and stroked the girl's sweat damp blonde tresses as she soothed her. "Sssshhhh..ssshhhhhh?baby girl. All over now. You're Aunty Nancy's good girl now."

Once Claire had settled down Nancy lifted her off, set her on her feet, turned her to the corner and directed her to it "Thank you Aunty Nancy." Claire said in muffled tones, once she was staring at the wall, hands on head and blazing red bottom pointing toward the room. "You are welcome, dear." Nancy told her.

Annette entered the room with a steaming cup of tea, which she handed to Nancy. "Oh Annette, thank-you so much sweetie. You're a lifesaver." She took the cup gratefully, blew on the tea to cool it and sipped with a satisfied sigh.

"That's all from 'Cooking With Kids' for this week. Next week we'll see how to handle children that won't eat what they're given."

The camera showed the three glowing bottoms in the corners and faded to black with a close up of Nancy's smiling face.


  1. Aunty,

    Another just wonderful story, loved it and love the ending and last lines. Thank you for sharing. One thing however, I still enjoy a nice long panty spanking first, a spanking on the panty is a spanking but followed by the bare.

    Be well


  2. Thank you, Ron. You are most welcome. I know you enjoy panty spankings, it's never been my preferred method, but as you saw in the last Spank Shop story, it is something I have been experimenting with.

  3. Oh wow, aunty Andrea you have excelled with this post, if ever there is a celebrity chef that pushes all my buttons it is the very sexy Nigella Lawson. She is such a yummy mummy and I would be over her lovely lap so fast if she were offering to blister my bare butt. Oh yes the story is cracking as well


  4. Thanks Mario, I have always been attracted to the gorgeous Ms Lawson, so I was delighted when Seegee wrote this story.