Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Employee of the Month

Seegee gives us a story of a firm employer who has an interesting 'rewards' program for her staff.

These pictures from Clare Spanks Men help to set the scene.

Natalie takes her hairbrush to Allen's cheeks.

A freshly spanked young man clutches his burning buttocks.

Natalie relaxes with the 'view'.

Allen Miles looked at the spreadsheet figures in horror. How could have made such a colossal mistake? Mentally the young accountant retraced his steps on Friday. He had sat down to work on the monthly figures in the afternoon.....Suddenly a light bulb went off. He had done the work on Friday following lunch, Friday was generally the day he met a few friends, they usually had lunch at a nearby pub and beer was consumed with the meal, on some occasions lunch was just the beer, as his friend Charlie was fond of saying: 'Eatings cheating.' In fact it had recently become common for Allen and other friends to spend three out of every five lunchtimes at the same pub. Allen was such a regular that the barmaid only had to spy him entering and by the time he reached the bar she had the beers poured and waiting. Friday had been a six beer lunch. Allen had still been fuzzy when he sat down at his desk and opened up Excel to work on the spreadsheet. Allen shook his head and tried to work a way out of this.

"Hey Terri!" he called to the office's administration assistant.

The blonde turned and asked "What?" the question was a little more abrupt than the original greeting warranted, Allen was harmless enough, but regular propositioning had become wearing, it was unlike even Allen to start this early on a Monday morning, though.

"Have you sent the figures to Natalie, yet?"

"Yes, why?"

"Oh crap!" Allen muttered, and then asked desperately "Can you recall them?"

"No can do, she's already started to read them."

Allen's eyes went skyward and he let out a long breath, murmuring "I am so dead."

Natalie Carpenter was a self made woman. She was of average height with a curvy, but not plump, figure, in her mid forties she had held her looks and with her mid length, straight fair hair and arresting hazel eyes she was a beautiful mature woman. She had built the human resources company from nothing. She took her work seriously and what she saw in the figures submitted by one of her junior accountants; Allen Miles, made her brows knit and those hazel eyes flash. Natalie pushed the chair back from her desk, rose gracefully and strolled to the door of her office, she opened the door, scanned the busy floor, looking for Allen's blond head. There he was, chatting at the coffee station with one of his friends, the curly headed brunette Charlie.

"Allen!" she said clearly, her voice carrying over the low hum of an inner city office in full swing. "May I see you for a minute, please?"

Charlie grinned "Someone's in trouble with Miss. Seeya at lunch, mate, over a frothy or two."

Allen returned his friend's smile with a weak one of his own and turned to face his less than happy employer.

"What can I do for you, Natalie?"

"I would prefer Ms Carpenter, Allen. Please step into my office, we need to have a little chat about last week's figures."

Allen felt sick as he stepped past his bosses pleasing figure and entered her inner sanctum.

Although his legs were weak and he really wanted to sit down he felt he should wait until asked and remained standing. Natalie seated herself behind her desk, looked up at the obviously nervous Allen and pushed a printout across the desk at him. "What is that, Allen?"

"It's last weeks figures, Ms Carpenter."

"Very good, now take a careful look at them and tell me what's wrong." Natalie ordered.

Steeling himself, Allen picked up the sheets of paper and scanned them, even though he knew the answer to the question, mouth suddenly dry, he answered slowly "They're out."

"Out by a considerable amount." Natalie clarified.

Allen nodded.

"When do I want the monthly figures, Allen?"

"Last Friday of the month, Ms Carpenter." Allen replied, shuffling nervously.

"It is now Monday."

"Yes, Ms Carpenter."

"You are going to rectify those figures now, I don't care how long it takes."

"I have to work on the account for McLeods." Allen protested, mentioning one of the firm's clients.

"I could care less about that, Allen. You will fix the monthly figures and you will work on the McLeods account."


"Do you have something more important than your job, Allen?"

Allen sighed "No, Ms Carpenter."

"I didn't think so. Get to work now, we'll discuss this further, later."

Two hours later Allen was still at his desk, eyes glued to his computer monitor, trying to rectify the mistakes that he had made while working with his 'beer goggles' on Friday afternoon. Physically it was not taxing, but mentally it was hard work. The phone rang, it's jangling tones jarring him from the world of spreadsheets and figures. He barely glanced at the screen displaying the caller's number before snatching the receiver up and answering in distracted tones "Allen Miles."

Charlie's irreverent voice answered him on the other end "That's pretty formal, mate. You comin' down the pub? Miranda'll have a coupla coldies lined up on the bar for you."

Allen's mouth literally watered as he pictured the cold glasses full of beer sitting on the bar, their foaming heads atop the refreshing amber liquid and droplets of condensation slowly sliding down the glasses surface. He reluctantly put the seductive image aside and answered "Nah, mate. I can't make it."

"What?" an incredulous and disappointed Charlie asked.

"I've gotta work."

"Work?" Charlie said as if it were a foreign concept. "Come on mate, priorities."

His friend's comment made Allen's mouth quirk up at one side and he started to say "Okay, one qui....." then he looked across to Natalie's office. His boss glanced from her computer monitor and lowered her rectangular reading glasses down her nose, giving Allen a meaningful look. Allen sighed and said "Sorry, mate, no can do."

"Miranda'll miss you." Charlie said sadly, and that one comment made Allen even more sorry that he couldn't go. The cute barmaid had indicated more than once that she was interested in getting to know Allen from the other side of the bar and Monday was a quiet day at the pub, so it was easier to talk to her when buying rounds.

Allen looked up from his work, and saw with a shock that the time was seven o'clock. He was usually well out of the office by that time of evening. In fact there were only two people still working; Allen and Natalie. Allen pushed his seat back from his desk, stood up and stretched, he had been so absorbed in his work and so desperate to finish it that he had not moved for some hours and had stiffened up, a sudden pain reminded him that he also needed to empty his bladder. He went to the bathroom and then picked up his printouts on the way back. He knocked gently on Natalie's door. "Enter." her cultured voice said softly.

Allen poked his head in "Ms Carpenter?"

"Mr Miles."

"I've redone the monthly accounts." Allen told her and held out the printouts.

"No mistakes this time?"

"No, Ms Carpenter."

"Hmmmmm," Natalie murmured, her attention again on what was on her screen, "there had better not be. Send them in an email attachment."

"Okay." Allen nodded and turned to leave.

"Allen?" Natalie's voice made the young man pause. "Did you also complete the McLeod's work? I had a query from them today about it."

"Yes, Ms Carpenter."

"Good, send that to me, too. You can leave after that, but I want you in my office first thing tomorrow to discuss this incident, young man."

Allen could not say why but the tone of his employer's voice and the words she used sent a shiver down his spine and set up a tingling in his backside.

Although Allen got in a few minutes early the following morning Natalie was in the office before him. She caught his eye as he put his briefcase on his desk and crooked a finger at him. Allen blew out a long breath and muttered to himself "I haven't even had a chance to fart yet and she's already hassling me." Angrily he jabbed at the on button of his computer, before turning and striding to his bosses office.

"Well, I am pleased to see that you are in the office on time today, Allen." Natalie said, with her back to him, looking at the view from her window.

"Thanks, Ms Carpenter."

"I want to see the McLeod's figures later today. I've reviewed your monthly account figures and they were a vast improvement on what I received yesterday."

Allan let out a heartfelt sigh of relief. He had been certain that if the figures had been incorrect again Natalie would have been handing him his marching orders for sure.

"That, however does not let you off the hook, Allen. I expected those figures on Friday and I expected them to be correct. Not receiving the complete report until after close of business on Monday has altered my week significantly and whilst I appreciate the work you went to yesterday I do not appreciate the inconvenience you and your somewhat lackadaisical attitude has caused me, Allen."

"Yes, ma'am." Allen said, straightening up. He felt like a high school student called in front of the principal for a telling off.

"You will report back to me on Friday after work and we will then work out a suitable and appropriate disciplinary measure to ensure that there is no repeat of yesterday."

"Friday night!" Allen blurted out, he had planned to go to the football, but if he had to stay back there would be no chance of him getting to the game on time.

"Is there something else you had planned, Allen?"

Allen sighed and ground his teeth "No, Ms Carpenter."

"Good," the attractive career woman said with a smile, "I'll see you just after five here on Friday then, shall I?"

"What do you mean you can't make the game?" Charlie demanded in the pub that afternoon, setting his beer glass down more violently than he had intended, and making the amber liquid within slosh around and some spill out the top and pool on the bar.

The pretty barmaid; Miranda, gave him a look of admonition before deftly wiping up the spillage and scolding playfully "Spilling good beer, that's unlike you, Charlie."

"Sorry Miranda, Allen has just piked on Friday night's game."

The girl raised an eyebrow and asked cheekily "What's her name?"

Allen chuckled and then replied with no little amount of bitterness "Natalie."

Miranda looked a little hurt and said "I was only kidding. There really is a woman behind it?"

"She's our boss." Charlie explained. "Ms Natalie 'do what I say or will have your balls' Carpenter."

All three laughed at the somewhat irreverent description, then Allen dropped some money on the bar and said "Two more, 'Randa. Charlie and I have enough time for one more shout before we have to go back to the salt mines."

Allen could not help feeling nervous all of Friday and as five o'clock approached the nerves continued to jangle discordantly. Generally people in the office complained that Friday afternoons seemed to last forever and Allen usually agreed with them, this particular Friday afternoon was different. Every time Allen looked at the wall clock, the one on his computer screen, or his watch it seemed as if fifteen minutes had passed when he thought it would have been five. One part of Allen wanted to get the meeting with Natalie after work over and done with, the rest of him, though, wanted it to never happen. As Allen wondered what Natalie had in store for him his mind went back to some previous Friday afternoons. It occurred to him that there had been other employees who had acted nervously in the past, and from what he remembered those particular people also had an appointment with Natalie following work. Terri was one instance he could recall very clearly. The girl had been rude to a client on the phone. The client complained and Terri was called into Natalie's office for a stern talking to. She emerged in tears and Allen overheard her telling a friend that she had PMS which is why she had been rude to the client. Terri had been ordered to stay behind after work and see Natalie. The girl had been very reluctant to discuss exactly what did take place that evening or what punishment Natalie had assigned. With a sigh Allen tried to concentrate on what was on his screen, but his mind was not on it and after a few minutes he found himself looking around the office aimlessly, he happened to see Natalie at her desk, she looked up, caught Allen staring, held up her wrist and tapped the face of her watch meaningfully. Allen again felt that now familiar tingle run down his spine and end up in his buttocks.

Allen looked up at the wall clock and the long hand was on the twelve and the small hand on the five. Allen took a deep breath and then let it out slowly as he attempted to compose himself. A female voice cut into his consciousness "Allen, it's gone five. I thought you would have bolted out of here by now." It was Terri.

Allen was about to reply when Katrina, another girl in the office, and one of Terri's closer friends remarked "He would have except he's got to see Natalie."

A smile spread across the pretty blonde's face "Ohhh who's been a naughty boy then? Got to see Miss after school. Don't worry Allen, it won't hurt.....much."

Before Allen could ask the girl what the last comment had met, she had shrugged on her coat, slung her bag over her shoulder and left the office with Katrina. Allen looked around and sighed, he was the only one there, that was except for Natalie, who was in her own office, face hidden behind her computer screen.

Heart pounding Allen stood up and walked to Natalie's office, a wild thought went through his head, she had not called him in, she seemed to be focussed on what was on her computer screen, maybe something else important had come up, maybe she had forgotten about their appointment, maybe she had only been trying to put the wind up him. Trying desperately to slow his racing mind he stopped at the doorway of Natalie's office and called softly "Ms Carpenter."

Without taking her glance from the screen Natalie's voice replied "Allen. Right on time. Please come in."

Mentally Allen swore and entered the office.

Natalie pushed her wheeled chair away from her desk, leaned back, crossed her legs and then laced her fingers over her flat stomach, she looked up at her employee and a smile flickered across her generous lips.

Allen suddenly felt his own mouth dry up.

"Do you know why I called this rather intimate meeting, Allen?" the attractive employer asked.

"Because I sent you the figures for the Friday report on Monday and they were wrong."

"That's part of it, true." Natalie admitted. "It's not the whole of it, though Allen."

The widening of the young man's eyes and the raising of his eyebrows indicated that he had thought that was the entire reason for the meeting.

"You did eventually get me the figures and you worked back to make sure that they were correct. I think you've paid for that particular misdemeanour and I am confident that it will not happen again."

Allen let out a sigh of relief, then he wondered what exactly he was doing there if the figures were no longer an issue.

"I can see by your expression that you are at a loss to explain why I have asked to see you after work, Allen." Natalie went on.

Allen did not speak, he knew that he was not required to.

"Whilst the figures were the catalyst for this conversation they were not the only factor, young man."

Allen's ears pricked up and he stood straighter as his attractive employer referred to him as 'young man'. Like most men around the world Allen knew that he was in serious trouble when a woman called him young man.

"You're a very good employee, Allen, or rather you were," Natalie started, "then you got comfortable and began to take advantage of the leeway I grant my employees, the standard of your work began to drop, culminating in the mess you made of the weekly figures, you started to come in late and leave early, you frequently took long lunch breaks and often showed the signs of heavy drinking. Is any of this sounding at all familiar, Allen?"

Allen swallowed and dropped his head, everything Natalie was saying was very true, he had known it was happening and kept telling himself to stop doing it, but had been unable to do so, "Yes, ma'am." he mumbled at his feet.

Natalie's lips pursed "We'll have to see if we can't do something about opening up those lungs of yours."

"Now, Allen," Natalie asked, her voice all business, "what do you propose I do about your laxness?"

"I don't know, Ms Carpenter." Allen replied softly.

"You don't know? So I should just let it keep happening? Is that your proposal?"

Allen wanted to say yes, but knew that would probably get him fired, so said nothing.

"It's a shame you're not a naughty schoolboy and I'm not your headmistress." Natalie mused.

"What?" Allen could not help himself from blurting out at the seemingly bizarre comment.

"Well if a schoolboy turned in unsuitable work, was frequently late to class, ditched school early, got back from lunch late, or unthinkably returned drunk, then I would think his headmistress would give him six of the best across the backside, or spank him soundly at the very least."

Allen could not believe what his ears were hearing, and he could feel from the warmth on his face that he was blushing furiously.

"You weren't ever spanked at school, Allen?" Natalie asked, the smile playing across her lips again.

"Ummmm....once," Allen stammered, "I was ten."

"Shame I didn't go to your school," Natalie murmured, "we were spanked at the drop of a hat. Also a pity I wasn't your headmistress, if I had been we may not be here, right now."

"They weren't allowed to hit us." Allen tried to explain.

"Oh yes, I sometimes forget how young many of my employees are. You all grew up in these enlightened times when teachers aren't allowed to provide proper, old fashioned discipline."

Allen could not help himself "I thought corporal punishment had been outlawed in school for a long time." he said.

"Maybe you'd like to hear a story of my school days, Allen." Natalie offered.

Allen was too stunned to reply. Taking his silence as acquiescence Natalie continued "I went to a strict all girls school. We were spanked for pretty much any and every offence. The punishments tended to be graded depending on who disciplined you. If it was a teacher then it was generally done in front of the class and it was a ruler on the backs of the legs or panties. If you got sent to the headmistress, then she made the decision on what to give you, one thing was non negotiable, it was always administered to a bare bottom. If you were very lucky then it would be over her lap for a brisk hand spanking, more often the hand spanking was a warm up for her hairbrush, or in cases of very bad behaviour it was six of the best with the cane. Six of the best was a relative term, it was never less than three and it was usually eight." Natalie's hazel eyes fixed the squirming young man standing in front of her and said coolly. "You would have been given the cane, Allen, for your recent behaviour."

At the pronouncement Allen swallowed hard.

"I have to admit although I experienced my share of trips to the front of the class and received plenty of stinging legs and heated panties, and was over the headmistresses lap and under her cane on a few occasions, I had it easy compared to the boarders. I got to go home at the end of the school day and my parents were nowhere near as strict as the teachers. The poor girls who boarded got it from matron, the house mothers and the prefects. I expect that was somewhat different to your schooling, Allen."

Thinking back to his own school days Allen was forced to agree "Yes, ma'am."

"You did say you were spanked once, though." Natalie reminded her employee. "Tell me about that."

Allen blinked, he had been picturing an adolescent Natalie Carpenter bare bottomed over a stern school mistresses lap, her delightful buttocks turning a rosy red as the teacher cracked a hairbrush across the bouncing mounds, Natalie's voice brought him back to the present and made him aware of an ever growing member in his trousers, he desperately willed his rising erection away before his boss noticed it and answered dry mouthed. "Pardon?"

"You said you were spanked at school," Natalie repeated, "I want you to tell me about it. After all I shared my experiences, Allen. It is only fair that you share yours."

Allen sighed and cast his mind back to the incident. He had been ten years old and in the Fourth Grade. Allen was a bright, popular boy, who excelled at sport. The success that he achieved so easily made him rather precocious and extremely cheeky. Allen's teacher that year; Miss Carroll was young, but strict and she was determined that no one child would be allowed to disrupt an entire class. Allen Miles was the disruptive force in her class. The boy was smart and he knew it. He did not have to work hard to achieve good marks and this lack of challenge often led him to make smart remarks or distract his class mates from their own work. Felicity Carroll tried a number of the disciplinary measures open to her and when they did not work she contacted Allen's mother. When the pretty young teacher's voice cut across the laughter that Allen's most recent quip had caused it was no surprise to the class clown that he heard "Allen Miles! See me after school, we need to have a chat." Allen even looked across the head of the boy sitting next to him to roll his eyes and wink at his best friend. Felicity Carroll hid a smile of her own, she sincerely doubted Allen would be so cheeky after their 'chat'.

Corporal punishment had largely been banned in schools some years before Allen had begun primary school, however with the consent of the child's parents or guardians it was still permitted. When Felicity Carroll had exhausted the other options open to her without them having any effect on Allen she had contacted his mother. Although Allen's mother and father had not spanked their son beyond an occasional warning smack, she knew what a brat her son could be, and thought that a formal spanking at the hands of his teacher may be exactly what Allen needed. She promised to discuss the matter with her husband and get back to Felicity. It was unfortunate for Allen that his teacher had received a phone call from Mrs Allen that morning and the green light had been given for a soundly smacked bottom if it was required. It was fresh in Felicity Carroll's mind when Allen had become a distraction again.

As the rest of the class filed out when the bell went that afternoon, Allen remained seated, and then got to his feet and sauntered up to Miss Carroll's desk. Seeing the cocksure smile on the boy's face clarified the thought in Felicity Carroll's mind that she was doing the right thing. The young teacher had never before spanked a child. They had emphasized at teacher's college that corporal punishment, if it was permitted, was only to be used as a last resort. Felicity found that rather silly, what worked for some did not work for others. In some cases detention or lines may have the required effect, but in others the only thing they understood was a hot, sore, stinging bottom. As a child Felicity was generally well behaved and consequently rarely spanked, although like Allen, she had gone through a period of being a disruptive force in class, something that had stopped when the teacher had asked her to remain after class. The precocious child had been placed over the teacher's lap, her skirt had been lifted and panties lowered and the teacher's wooden ruler had been firmly applied to her bottom until it was glowing red and she was sobbing pitifully. She had been sent home with a note to explain the state of her rear and her mother had administered another spanking with her hand and then put her to bed early. Idly Felicity wondered if Allen's mother would do the same to him.

Allen believed that the teacher was going to make him write lines on the board. It was what she generally did when she made a student stay after class. "So what would you like me to write, Miss Carroll?" Allen asked, looking at the board.

Felicity leaned back in her chair, regarded the boy coolly and said "Nothing today, Allen. Making you write on the board just doesn't seem to have any effect. neither does setting you lines to write at home, so I think we may have to use an alternative punishment this time."

Allen frowned, this was an unexpected turn of events. Writing lines was what every teacher made you do when you played up in class. Either that or picking up papers in the yard, and as this was taking place after school there would not be any yard duty until the following day. What else could she have in mind for him?

Without saying anything the young teacher stood, and moved a chair into the middle of the room. She seated herself on it and requested of her student. "Come here and stand by my side, please Allen." As Allen complied with the order Felicity's heart began to beat a little faster. Although she had suggested this particular discipline, she had never done it before and, she was now doubting her ability to follow through on it. 'Okay,' she told herself, 'it can't be that hard. Mum just used to pull me over her lap, that's all I have to do with this little brat and let's face it I've been wanting to do this to him almost since the first day we met.' She reached out and putting a hand in the waistband of Allen's school trousers dragged him closer to her. Allen pulled back and slapped at the hand "Hey! What are you doing? Let go!"

"Oh no, darling," Felicity smiled, "I need you in nice and close for this."

"What's going on?" Allen asked, crossly, as Felicity snaked an arm around his waist and held him by her side.

"Allen," the teacher told him seriously, "when I was your age I was a lot like you. I was smart and I used to horse around because I didn't have to work as hard as the other kids. That was fine for me, but it didn't make it any easier on my classmates. Do you know what my teacher did to cure me of it?"

"No." the boy replied, rudely.

Felicity let the sullenness of the reply slide, his attitude would smarten up once she was reddening his bottom. "She put me over her knee and gave me a good, hard spanking with her ruler."

Allen's first reaction was for his mouth to drop open, and then he struggled against Felicity's arm with a frantic denial of "You can't do that! You're not allowed!"

"Actually, sweetheart," Felicity explained, "I can and I am allowed. As long as your parents say it's okay."

"They never would!" Allen exclaimed, knowing full well that they probably would, it was only last week that his exasperated mother had told him 'What you need, young man, is a jolly good spanking.' His parents would never raise a hand to him, it was just how they were, but if someone else offered to administer the corporal punishment maybe they would give it the go ahead.

"Your Mum said that if I had exhausted other avenues and you acted up then to please spank you. It won't do you any harm and in the long run may do you an awful lot of good. Now this will be easier for everyone if you just accept that your behaviour has been dreadful and if you take your punishment like a man. Can I trust you do that, Allen? Either way you're going to get a good, hard, old fashioned spanking, it's up to you how difficult you make it."

Allen knew there was no way out of this, he considered crying, but that was for girls and sissies and he was neither of them, just get it over with was the best way to go. "Okay," he said, "you can spank me, Miss Carroll. What do I have to do?"

Felicity smiled at the pretty blond boy in front of her so meekly accepting his chastisement and said "My goodness! This is all new to you, isn't it?"

Allen scowled by way of reply.

Realising that this was hard enough for the boy and she did not need to make it any more traumatic than it would already be the young teacher took pity on him.

"Well, first I need you to kick your shoes off and dropping your pants would help."

Allen's eyes went wide, he started to kick his well worn school shoes off and then said "Why do I have to take my trousers off?"

"I need to see your bottom, Allen, to see how red it's getting, so I don't overspank you."

"No," the boy said firmly, "I'm not doing that."

Felicity sighed "So, you're not going to be a big boy for me? They're coming down one way or the other, Allen. You can lower them yourself or I can do it. If you do it yourself I'll let you keep your underpants up until you're over my lap. How's that for a deal?"

Allen actually had words that he was not supposed to know, and that he suspected would get his mouth washed out if he were to tell the teacher exactly what he thought of her compromise, but he was smart enough to realise that this was the only concession he was going to get so said quietly "Okay."

"Good boy." Felicity complimented him as small fingers unsnapped buttons and unzipped a fly, allowing the thick grey corduroys to slide down his skinny, white legs and puddle around his ankles.

Once this was done Felicity's hand encircled Allen's wrist and she placed her free hand on the small of Allen's back. She pulled him over her waiting lap with a gentle tug and then pushed on his back to bend him over. "Scoot up." she encouraged the boy. Allen lifted himself a little and then Felicity positioned him in her lap, so that his underpant covered backside pointed at the ceiling and all his weight was resting on her. The boy was not tall enough for his hands or feet to reach the floor, and they dangled either side of the chair. "So far, so good." Felicity breathed to herself. "Now, Allen I just have to lower your briefs so that they are below your bottom, okay?"

"Okay." Allen said in a shaky voice.

"Can you lift up a little, dear, so I can do that, please?"

With a grunt of effort Allen raised his middle. Quickly Felicity lowered the back of his underpants so that his bottom was completely bare.

There was a gasp from both teacher and student. Allen because it was brought home to him very clearly that he was going to be spanked and because he felt the whisper of the afternoon breeze on his naked and vulnerable rear end. Felicity because Allen's was one of the few nude male backsides she had ever seen and it was so plump and white and tender looking. She could not help, but, wonder what the change of colour as she smacked it soundly would make it look like.

Felicity placed the palm of her hand on one of the upturned cheeks in front of her and marveled at how warm and soft the boy's buttocks felt. As the teacher's hand fondled his right cheek, Allen frowned and squirmed as he felt an unfamiliar, but not unpleasant stirring in his groin. Felicity blinked and then came to with a guilty start as she realised that she was enjoying the sensation of playing with the child's bottom and that she was inadvertently arousing him, she lifted her hand and stared down at the alabaster globes displayed so fetchingly in her lap.

Allen wriggled as his bottom tingled in anticipation of what was going to happen to him. He had never been spanked, but he had class mates who were and their vivid descriptions of the experience always mentioned stinging and heat. Felicity's small soft palm closed around her wooden school ruler. The ruler was a thin slat of wood twelve inches long. Felicity knew from bitter experience that they stung when applied with some force to a young rump. She lifted the ruler, lined up Allen's backside and brought it down quickly. There was a loud crack as the ruler landed across the centre of the waiting bottom. At first Allen only heard the sound and then he yelped and bucked over Felicity's lap as the stroke bit in. Felicity stared down at the bright red stripe the ruler had left across Allen's buttocks and then she placed another stroke underneath it, there was another squeal from Allen and he rolled on her lap, in an attempt to avoid the next stroke. Felicity tightened her grip a little and held the boy in place. The spanking continued until Allen's bottom was a uniform bright red all over from multiple smacks of the ruler. As Felicity reached across him to put the ruler down she could feel the heat from the freshly spanked buttocks raising up and warming her breasts. Allen was sobbing and sniffling, when Felicity helped him to his feet and stood him in front of her she held his arms to his sides so that he would not be tempted to rub his bottom, tears trickled down the boy's cheeks and his nose was running. Felicity put her arms around him, talked to him gently in soothing tones, wiped his eyes and blew his nose, then she let him rub the sting to his hearts content and made him stand in front of her while she lectured him on his behaviour and why she had felt driven to take the action she had. It was the only spanking Allen had ever received at school, he had behaved for the rest of that year and in the following two years whenever Allen threatened to go back to his previous smart alec ways the teacher only had to suggest that he have a 'talk' to Miss Carroll after school to ensure that he smartened up. For his part Allen had found the entire experience extremely humiliating and never spoken of it to anyone until now.

Natalie smiled up at the nervous, blushing young man in front of her, hazel eyes sparkling behind her fashionable rectangular glasses "I'd say Miss Carroll made quite an impression on you, Allen. I wonder if I could contact her now, make her your supervisor, maybe. I doubt you'd be in this position right now if that were the case, eh?"

Allen closed his eyes and felt his cheeks catch flame all over again as he replied softly "No, ma'am."

Natalie spoke again and Allen opened his eyes "As Miss Carroll is not here I suppose I had better stand in for her."

'Stand in?' Allen thought, Surely his attractive employer did not mean to spank him? The entire idea was preposterous. He was a grown man in his early twenties, not a smart mouthed ten year old child.

"Ms Carpenter?" Allen spoke quietly and politely.

"Yes, Allen." the woman answered, an amused smile playing across her pink lips.

"You're not actually suggesting that you want to spank me, are you?"

"Why not, Allen?" Natalie asked. "You certainly deserve it."

"But I'm too old." Allen protested.

"Do you honestly believe that?" Natalie queried.

"Yes!" Allen replied firmly.

That infuriating smile was never far from the woman's lips "I only believe that you are as old as your behaviour indicates, Allen. If you behave like a child then you deserve to be punished like one. Do you think your recent behaviour has been that of a mature adult, Allen? Please answer truthfully."

Allen's eyes dropped, and he studied the tops of his shoes as he thought about the events that had landed him in this position, and he replied softly "No, ma'am."

"I am pleased that you can at least recognise that, young man."

As it became more and more obvious that Natalie Carpenter did indeed intend to spank him Allen blurted in desperation "You can't legally do this!"

Natalie looked up in surprise and then she let out a rich, throaty chuckle that made the hairs on the back of Allen's neck stand up.

"I was wondering when you'd try that one."

"It's true, isn't it?" Allen demanded, despite the fact that the building's air conditioning kept the office at a comfortable twenty two degrees, he felt a trickle of sweat slide down his neck past his collar.

"Yes, Allen," Natalie replied, "it is unfortunately very true that unless you agree to allowing me to spank you I cannot do so, even though I think you desperately need a smacked bottom."

Allen was wondering why the woman had just put him through this entire humiliating episode when she had admitted that she was not legally entitled to follow through.

"I am, however," Natalie continued, her tone rather ominous, "allowed to take alternative action when an employee does not perform up to standard. I could put you on probation," Allen was about to open his mouth to protest, when Natalie spoke again, "but there's a lot of paperwork and it's rather tedious. I think I'd be punishing myself more than you."

Allen began to breathe a sigh of relief, it was looking like all Natalie was trying to do had been to put a scare into him.

"May I go now, Ms Carpenter?" Allen asked, thinking that if he left now he would still be able to make the game and meet Charlie.

"We're not done, Allen, not by a long way, young man. You stand there and hear me out. I'm not going to put you on probation and as you have pointed out I can't spank you unless I have your permission. You've made it quite clear that this permission will not be forthcoming. I cannot, however, simply ignore your recent performance and allow you to get away with it, thus sending out a message to the rest of my employees that they can break rules, turn in substandard work and no action will be taken. I like to think I run a relaxed office here. I allow my employees leeway with when they arrive and when they leave, as long as the time is made up somewhere along the way. I regularly turn a blind eye to people returning late from lunch, as long as it doesn't happen all the time. Do you know that I could, if I were of a mind to, insist that no employee drink alcohol during work hours, that includes lunch?"

"Uhhhh no, ma'am, I didn't." Allen said, the colour draining from his face.

"I can, it's an occupational health and safety requirement."

"But we don't operate heavy machinery."

"No, that is true, but if you were to have an accident here, say you tripped and broke a bone or knocked yourself unconscious, and you were found to have alcohol in your system I would be held responsible for it, if it was deemed that alcohol had contributed to your accident in any way. Of course if I do ban consumption of alcohol during work hours and cut out the long lunches and the late starts and early finishes, it would not be just for you, Allen, it would have to apply to everyone. I would not mention you by name when I announced the new conditions, but I am sure people would soon work it out."

Allen started to sweat genuinely now. Natalie Carpenter had put him between a rock and a hard place. He could just imagine Charlie's reaction to being told that he could not have a beer at lunch time. His own workmates would make his life a living hell.

"So, you see the situation that puts me in, Allen. You can either be a man and take responsibility for your own actions and accept the deserved penalty as decided by me, or you can be a coward and everyone gets penalised because of you. What will it be?"

Allen took a deep breath and looked down at the seated woman with the bewitching hazel eyes, with a shaky voice Allen whispered "I'll take the spanking, ma'am."

Natalie's face broke into a broad smile and she said "Allen, you have just made me very proud of you, and that's something I have had far too little reason to say of late. We've wasted more than enough time on the preliminaries. Strip down to your underwear."

"Strip?" an incredulous Allen asked.

"I do hope I'm not going to have to continue to explain things to you, Allen. It is becoming rather wearying. This spanking is going to be administered over my lap. Your suit looks expensive, it will be rumpled and may even get damaged once you start wriggling...." Natalie held up a hand to forestall the protest on Allen's lips, "and you will wriggle, young man, that I can promise you. Please also take off your shoes, I'd rather not have one fly off and hit me in the head when you kick and I intend to make you kick, too."

Unable to prevent the flush from his cheeks Allen took off his jacket, undid his tie and began to unbutton his shirt, when Natalie's voice halted him.

"Do you normally leave your clothes laying around on the floor, Allen?"

"No, ma'am."

"Then why have you done it here?"

"I didn't know....the hanger...." Allen answered lamely.

Natalie shook her head, she rose gracefully from her chair, crossed to the closet on one wall and opened it. "I have hangers in here. Please use them. Your clothes will thank you for it."

Shamefaced, Allen hung his jacket on a hanger, stripped off his tie and draped it over the same hanger, quickly undid his shirt and put that on a different hanger, he kicked his shoes off and arranged them neatly against the bottom of the closet, then acutely aware that Natalie's eyes were on him, he took off his trousers and hung them on the hanger that held his shirt.

"Very nice," Natalie pronounced as her wayward employee stood before her wearing only his boxer shorts, "do you work out, Allen?"

"Not really, Ms Carpenter, only training for footy and cricket."

"Such a lovely flat stomach, of course you won't keep that having six beer lunches." the woman remarked.

Allen's mouth dropped open and he asked "How did you....?"

"I'm not an idiot, Allen." Natalie laughed delightedly. "Besides Charlie's voice tends to carry when he's had a few beers."

Allen stood uncomfortably while Natalie admired his body wordlessly. After a few moments she spoke "Before we get started I could use a cup of coffee."

When there was no response from the near nude employee Natalie prompted gently "Allen, the correct thing to say is: how do you take your coffee, Ms Carpenter?"

Realising that his boss was asking him to get her coffee Allen repeated the question.

"Thankyou for asking, Allen. White and one, please."

Allen turned to the door and then stopped.

"Yes, Allen?" Natalie queried.

"Ummmm....can I have my pants please, Ms Carpenter?"

"Whatever for?"

"Well....I have to go out on the floor to the coffee machine."

"Yes. That's where it is."

"What if someone sees me like this?"

"Allen, everyone has left the office."

"A cleaner or someone."

"It's up to you what you tell them, Allen, but I would like a cup of coffee and I would like it soon. Please go out there and get me one. I want it fresh and hot, too. Not something that has been stewing in the pot all afternoon."

Given that sort of order Allen felt compelled to obey, he tentatively left Natalie's office and then scurried across the floor to the sink where the coffee machine was.

Allen suppressed a groan when he saw that there was hardly any coffee in the pot. Even with Natalie's admonition he had thought he could get away with pouring a cup of already heated coffee. Now he was going to have to make a fresh pot and wait out here in his boxer shorts while it brewed. As he waited for the coffee to heat up he wondered if Natalie had done this deliberately, knowing that there was no pre made coffee, and that he would have to make it for her, standing out here wearing virtually nothing.

Allen reentered Natalie's office bearing a steaming mug of coffee. Natalie had moved her wheeled chair back behind her desk and was seated on a wide low backed chair in the middle of the room, she had also removed her glasses. A broad, oval, long handled mahogany hairbrush sat on Natalie's desk. The blonde woman held her hand out for the mug. Allen handed it over. Natalie accepted it and wrapped both hands around it, before settling back into her chair and blowing gently on the steaming liquid to cool it before sipping and sighing in pleasure "Lovely! I do so enjoy a fresh hot cup of coffee, Allen. Such a simple pleasure, but so relaxing. Now I want you to go and face the wall in the corner to think about what you've done and why you're about to be turned over my lap while Aunty Natalie enjoys her coffee."

Allen did as he was told. Standing in the corner he could not do anything but think about what was going to happen to him very soon. As he thought about it his mind raced and his bottom tingled uncontrollably, he also felt stirrings of arousal in his groin and desperately tried to will them away as his member pushed insistently at the front of his boxer shorts. Natalie sipped her coffee and watched as Allen's bottom flinched and trembled under his thin shorts. This was how she liked to see proud young men, women too for that matter. It was hard to decide which part of this process she enjoyed more. The acceptance that a spanking was needed, the embarrassment of having to disrobe, the humiliation of being made to get her coffee, the pre spanking corner time, the actual spanking itself as the naughty one squirmed and wriggled over her lap while the bared buttocks turned red under her stern palm or the after spanking corner time, whilst the freshly spanked bottom shone red from the corner like a beacon.

Natalie finished her coffee and set the mug on her desk with a soft click, then she returned her attention to the man in the corner. "Allen you may now turn around and come to me, dear."

Allen took a deep breath, turned around and walked slowly to where Natalie had seated herself. He was painfully aware that his erection had not disappeared as he would have preferred and the sight of the attractive Natalie seated in the middle of the room, with one leg crossed over the other did not help as her skirt had ridden up and was showing a generous expanse of one shapely, silk sheathed thigh.

Natalie looked Allen and up and down, her gaze stopped at his tented shorts and her lips pursed. Allen followed her gaze and let out a small groan. "I can't help it, ma'am. It won't go away." he tried to explain.

Natalie shook her head "It always amazes me that even big boys can't control themselves adequately. If I were you, young man, I would do my utmost to ensure that it does not start spurting all over my lap, because I promise you the consequences will not be at all pleasant."

Despite the image in front of him, the words, the tone they were delivered in and the thought of what may happen to him if he displeased Natalie, made his erection shrivel up and immediately lowered the front of his boxer shorts.

"Much better," Natalie smiled, then she reached out and hooked her fingers into the waist band of Allen's boxers dragging him closer to her, "now come here you!"

"Ms Carpenter!" Allen exclaimed. "What are you doing?"

"Taking your pants down, you naughty boy." Natalie informed her employee as she dragged the shorts down his firmly muscled legs.


"Well, young man," the woman said in a businesslike tone as she hauled him over her knees, "I don't know how you've been spanked before, but Aunty Natalie always spanks bare bottom, it just isn't a proper spanking otherwise."

Allen moved obligingly as Natalie shifted him into the middle of her lap, with his buttocks pointing toward the ceiling. Despite the situation Allen still contrasted this with the last time he had found himself in this position and was far happier that now his hands and feet could touch the floor, even when Natalie crossed her legs to raise his bottom higher.

Natalie looked down at the globes now displayed so fetchingly in her lap and sighed. Allen may not be the best employee she had, but he certainly was possessed of a lovely backside. Firm, round, white, perfect. Natalie laid a hand on one alabaster hemisphere and stroked it, amusing herself with the way her hand left a trail of gooseflesh and how Allen flinched at the contact. "Not yet, my dear, not yet." she cooed, continuing to fondle and caress.

Allen squirmed on Natalie's lap and fervently wished that she would commence the spanking and stop making him wait or at least stop the fondling, because his erection was starting to return.

Natalie felt the pressure from Allen's returning member and frowned, she knew how to get rid of that. Her hand rose high and fell quickly, cracking down hard across Allen's right buttock. Allen heard the report of the slap before he felt the sting, once it bit in, he yelped and jerked, as he lowered himself onto Natalie's lap again there was another loud smacking noise and the second spank struck home across the left side of the bottom over the stern ladies lap. There was another squeal from Allen and he bit down on the swear word that came readily to his lips, knowing that it would not be well received by Natalie. Once she had delivered the first two smacks and seen them impact across the firm, round globes and watched her handprints bloom, Natalie settled herself into a steady rhythm, cracking across the right buttock, then the left and then one in the centre. She fancied it was the slaps in the middle that stung the most, going over as they did, already spanked areas. It was those that got the most vigorous reaction from the young man stretched across her knees. Allen's bottom had taken on a roseate hue all over and he was squirming involuntarily as he writhed from side to side, trying to avoid the slaps, but succeeding only in offering unspanked areas of his glowing backside to Natalie's punishing palm. Allen's yelps and squeals had turned into soft grunts and the occasional curse from between gritted teeth, which Natalie ignored, knowing that her victim was not doing it deliberately, he had kicked a little, but when he had seen that it was doing him no good and he could not escape her grip he stopped doing that, the thoroughness of the chastisement, aside from setting his rear aflame and reddening his rump, had also chased any thoughts of arousal out of his mind and he was totally focussed on what Natalie was doing to him.

Natalie turned her hand and rested the back of it on Allen's throbbing buttocks. "Ohhhh yesss!" she whispered. "They are positively simmering. You are primed beautifully, my darling boy. Up you get."

Allen only heard the voice dimly as if it came from a long way away, he could feel his backside pulsing and was aware of a smouldering heat behind him. The ache had not started yet, but it soon would. Allen was proud that he had not cried, although it was a near run thing, he wondered if Natalie knew how near she had been to breaking him.

Natalie for her part knew exactly how close Allen had been to tears, the shortness of breath and the grunting was an indication that tears were not far away. Natalie had not wanted Allen to cry, not yet. The hand had just been the warm up, but Allen did not need to know that. Allen lifted up off Natalie's inviting lap and stood stiffly, his hand immediately flew to his stinging buttocks, but were stopped by Natalie's warning and her wagging finger "Uh uh, not yet, little man. Not until Miss Natalie says so. You march yourself into the corner and stand there with your hands on your head and wait for me to call you."

During his sojourn over Natalie's lap Allen's boxer shorts had slid down his legs and were now around his ankles. Not wishing to incur the lady's wrath Allen made no move to untangle his ankles, and instead hobbled to the corner before doing as he had been told and lacing his hands atop his head. Natalie watched him go, fighting back laughter, freshly spanked boys were so funny, Allen looked ever so cute limping to the corner, bottom glowing brightly and his boxers around his ankles. While Allen stood to attention in the corner, hoping that this incredibly long afternoon was over Natalie rose from the chair and stretched. Although she was a tall, strong lady Allen's struggling weight had not been easy to hold and her legs had stiffened up a little. Once she had worked out the kinks she picked up the hairbrush from her desk and then seated herself again, holding the brush, bristle side up in her skirted lap. She settled herself and contented herself by admiring her handiwork on Allen's twitching tail. "Allen, you may remove your hands from your head, do not attempt to rub your bottom, and then turn around."

With a relieved sigh Allen lowered his hands to his sides, keeping them from rubbing his aching rear end by clenching them into fists and then he turned slowly, being aware that Natalie could see his manhood on display. Natalie noticed her employee's embarrassment and told him "You have nothing to be ashamed of there, my dear, nothing at all. In fact I'm rather flattered."

A frown crossed Allen's face and he looked down to see his member sprouting hard and proud from his nest of golden curls. "Not again." he moaned.

"It does seem to have a problem staying asleep, doesn't it?" Natalie asked rhetorically.

Allen shook his head miserably.

"Well, I wouldn't ordinarily do this, but seeing as I don't want a lapful of semen and that you were such a good boy during your warm up spanking, I think you deserve a treat. Bring me my handbag, please. It's under my desk."

Allen fetched Natalie's handbag and presented it to her. Natalie accepted it and fossicked through it for a moment, her hand emerged with two items, a soft towel and a small packet of tissues. "Don't be so shy," Natalie admonished a curious Allen, putting her handbag beside her chair, reaching out with her free hand and being rewarded with an astonished gasp as that slim hand closed around Allen's rampant penis and drew him closer to her with a gentle tug, "come to Aunty Natalie for your treat."

As Natalie began to pump the turgid shaft of throbbing flesh in her hand she placed the towel around it. Allen shifted from foot to foot and squirmed, this time in sheer pleasure. "That's it, Allen," Natalie encouraged the young blond man, "now you just let yourself relax and release, the sooner we're done here, sweetie, the quicker we can have you back over my lap for your hairbrushing." Allen was too busy concentrating on the waves of pleasure that Natalie's competent hand was sending through his body, otherwise he would have reacted to the news that he was still to be given a spanking with the brush in Natalie's lap. Allen shuddered and let out a low moan, Natalie felt hot jets of semen soak her hand and the towel she had wrapped around Allen's penis. "Good boy!" she complimented him. "You get all of that sticky boy milk out and then we can give you a good, hard old fashioned spanking with the brush." Natalie continued to pump Allen's member until he was flaccid and no longer leaking seed. "All done now," she cooed, "good boy." she used the tissues to clean Allen's shaft and her hand, then wadded up the sopping towel and placed that in the plastic bag the tissues had been packaged in. "Feeling better now?" Natalie asked Allen with a beaming smile.

"Yes, thankyou ma'am." Allen said breathlessly.

Once Allen had recovered his composure Natalie picked up the brush and used it to motion to her lap "Back over you go." she ordered sternly.

Allen stared first at the lap and then the brush "No." he said in a quavering voice. "No, please, Ms Carpenter."

Natalie's lips pursed and she looked up the young man "Allen, I have been more than patient with you, young man. You admitted that you have misbehaved and you agreed to accept a spanking, you yourself know that little episode with the hand was in no way sufficient, your eyes were as dry as dust when you went to the corner. Over my!" The last word had genuine authority about it and Natalie's hazel eyes were flashing. Allen felt his knees go weak and lowered himself across his employer's lap.

"Much better, you silly boy. I'll have to spank this naughty little bottom up good and hot for that bit of defiance."

Allen lay miserably and obediently over Natalie's lap. His bottom tingled in anticipation of the brush. He had never felt it before, but he could see by the size and the weight of it that it would pack a considerable amount of force. To the waiting boy's surprise he did not feel the expected smack, but instead the flat cool back of the hairbrush. Natalie dragged the brushes back in slow ever widening circles around Allen's twitching strawberry red rump. "How does that feel, Allen?" Natalie asked kindly.

"Smooth, cool and flat." Allen stammered, his anus puckering.

"Heavy?" Natalie inquired.

"Yes ma'am. Heavy, too."

"When I was a little girl, at school," Natalie told Allen, flipping the brush and beginning to tease his bottom with the bristles, tickling softly, "and I was naughty I'd be sent to the headmistress. I was often very nervous, but before long she made me feel right at home by lifting my skirt, taking down my panties and turning me across her knee for a long hard spanking with a hairbrush just like this one. Can you imagine how I felt, Allen? Do you think I kicked, squirmed, screamed and cried?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"Oh, you bet I did," Natalie agreed, lifting the brush and tightening her grip around it's handle, "just like you are going to do, right now."

Allen had never thought that anything would hurt like that hairbrush did. Natalie cracked it down across the tight double bulge of Allen's upturned buttocks. He was howling from the first stroke and started kicking and vigorously squirming right away, anything to escape the raging bonfire that Natalie's brush was stoking on his rear. "Tears, darling," Natalie said, raising her voice a little to be heard above Allen's wailing, not skipping a beat in what was an expertly delivered hairbrush spanking, "I need tears to know that you have learnt your lesson. You'll feel better, too, if you break down and have a good long cry. I always did."

Allen's legs were a blur of scissor kicking motion as the brush rose and descended with metronomic precision across his backside. Natalie built the punishment perfectly. The brush would smack across one section of Allen's tail with three or four loud spanks before Natalie would then concentrate on a different area. The wonderfully round, firm hemispheres were glowing a deep, rich cherry red when the floodgates broke. Natalie had been about to deliver her first blistering volley to the still creamy white tops of Allen's thighs, intending to scorch them to the same lobster red as the rest of the pulsating bottom in her lap. The woman knew from bitter experience how tender and sensitive the upper thighs, where buttocks and legs joined, was, because of it's positioning and the animated reactions spanking that area caused, it was often called the sit spot or the spank spot. Natalie paused with the brush raised in the air as she heard the first sob emerge. "Wonderful!" she whispered and then visited fire on Allen's sit spots, he wriggled, kicked and squirmed, he howled and screamed, tears flowed from his eyes and streamed down his cheeks, his nose started to run, he had turned from an overly confident young professional in his early twenties to a soundly spanked, hysterically crying, scarlet bottomed little boy. Natalie had done her job well. She did not stop there, but continued to smack the wicked brush into Allen's upper thighs until they glowed a fiery crimson and he no longer fought to avoid the spanks, but simply lay limply over her knee and bawled.

Natalie put the brush down and let Allen lay there and cry while she admired what she had done to his saucy bottom cheeks. She placed the back of one hand gently on them and marveled at how hot they felt to the touch "Positively steaming." she murmured, she realised with a brief shock that she was becoming moist within her panties. Well, he was a pretty boy. "Allen," Natalie said softly, waiting for a tearful response from the freshly spanked young man over her lap, the continued, "you may get up now."

Allen sobbed a "Yes, ma'am."

"Do you need my help, sweetie?" Natalie asked kindly.

"Yes, please Auntie Natalie." Allen blubbered, sounding for all the world like a repentant pre teen child.

Natalie put her strong arms around Allen's slender waist and assisted him to his feet. Once he stood in front of her, she held his arms to his sides and looked at his face. His eyes were red from crying, although he had stopped now, she could see the tracks his tears had left down his cheeks and the lower part of his face was covered with tears, saliva and snot. "We have made a mess of ourselves, haven't we?" Natalie asked softly, her hazel eyes shining. She let go of Allen's arms and plucked some tissues from her bag. She cleaned Allen's face, firmly, but gently and wiped his nose for him. "All better now?" she asked, looking into Allen's still wetly shining blue eyes.

Allen nodded slowly and then asked "Auntie Natalie, may I please rub my bottom? It hurts."

Natalie broke into a smile "Of course you may, darling, but only for a few minutes and then back into your corner, while I recover."

Allen's shoulders rose and fell briefly with a big sigh and Natalie saw the relief flood his face before hie hands flew to his abused backside and he hopped around the room, hands clutching and rubbing his aching rear end. Natalie crossed her legs and leaned back, watching the display, with a growing grin. The hot bottom boogie was always a joy to watch and freshly spanked boys were about the funniest thing in the world, hands furiously rubbing their wonderfully round, red, hot cheeks and their little thing bobbing up and down as they danced around.

"Alright Allen," Natalie called after what she felt was a long enough dancing time, "you can stop that silly rubbing and get back into the corner while Auntie Natalie relaxes. Hands on heads, please darling."

With a somewhat regretful look Allen did as he was told. Natalie had broken his spirit and completely tamed him, he would do whatever he was ordered for some time to come now. Natalie picked up her coffee mug and took it out to the coffee machine, she refilled it and went back to her office. Allen was still obediently standing in the corner, his hands clasped on top of his sweat sodden blond curls.

"Good boy." Natalie murmured, patting his bottom proprietarily before taking her steaming mug of coffee back to her desk and leaning back in her high backed office chair admiring Allen's twitching crimson bottom over the rim of her mug while she sipped her coffee.

Natalie finished her drink with a noise of satisfaction, put her cup down and told Allen calmly "You may turn around now, Allen and you are also allowed to put your clothes back on."

Allen removed his hands from his head, turned slowly said "Thankyou ma'am."

Natalie watched while her employee retrieved his boxer shorts from where he had kicked them during the hairbrushing and slipped them on, wincing as the waistband made fleeting contact with his still stinging hindquarters. Allen quickly put his suit back on, even retying his tie, for once he felt that he was rather fortunate that he had to wear a suit with the thinner, looser pants, as opposed to the tight denim he preferred when not at work. The thought of those jeans not only contacting his sore rear, but retaining the heat that Natalie's hand and hairbrush had put there, was not at all a pleasant one.

"How do you feel, Allen?" Natalie asked, once her recalcitrant employee had redressed and stood in front of her desk.

"Sore." Allen replied with a wince.

"Just that?" Natalie inquired, one sculpted eyebrow raised.

"No, ma'am," Allen said politely, "I feel stupid and ashamed that you had to do what you did and that you did it so well."

Natalie nodded "I am sorry I had to do it, Allen, but it was necessary. I hope I don't have to ever do it again. I may not give you the same option, young man. It will definitely be probation."

"I understand, Ms Carpenter."

"Let me give you some advice about what to do with that very sore bottom. When you get home tonight take a hot shower, as hot as you can stand it. Ensure that plenty of the steaming water ends up on your rear end. It'll come up really, shocking bright red, but it will cut down bruising and will help you to sit more comfortably in the near future."

Allen looked surprised and Natalie laughed "Believe me, Allen. I know of what I speak. My headmistress made sure of that."

Allen nodded "Thankyou Ms Carpenter. See you on Monday morning."

"Yes, see you on Monday morning, Allen, on time, this week."

"No worries there." Allen called over his shoulder as he left the office, picked up his case and headed for home.

Natalie waited until she knew Allen had left, turned on her computer and accessed the employee files. She found Allen's file, went to the employee photograph, a grinning face that she had just seen looking much less happy with tears tickling down his face and snot streaming from his nose. Natalie copied the picture, opened up another folder called Employee of the Month and under a picture of the pretty blonde Terri, she entered Allen's details, what he had been spanked for and what sort of chastisement he had been given, then pasted his picture there. She saved the file, made sure that it was password protected and sat back in her chair, hands laced over her tummy. She did so enjoy her Employee of the Month program. 


  1. A wonderful effort Aunty, well done


  2. Thank you R, the credit here goes to Seegee, it's his work, but I enjoyed it and if we had more employers like Aunty Natalie, maybe the unemployment rate would drop.

  3. Thank you very much for your comment, lawyer. Pleased that you enjoyed the story.

  4. One of the best, I want to work there. Well worth going back to read again! Thank you

  5. A reread is a great compliment, Ron.