Saturday, 17 September 2011

Lose the panties!

The below picture from CF Shots just spoke to me and I felt I had to give my impressions of it. I am aware that it's one capture from a longer sequence and the whole thing is explained in that, but this is just looking at the one picture in isolation.

The dark haired lass has obviously earned the ire of her mother or aunt. I suspect that the correspondence on the table may have something to do with it. I love her skirt, if I don't intend to put a girl in an apron or strip them totally I want them dressed in a skirt like that. Mum/Aunt favours the straight backed chair for spanking, I like these too, although I find if the back is too high it impedes your swing, a short divan is good and a big ottoman is also excellent. For older girls and boys I prefer a couch, as that supports the body and allows me to hold them firmly in position while being safe for them to kick and carry on. You can also position the target right in the middle of your lap. In this picture the girl's panties are taking the southward journey and Mum/Aunt is sensibly twisting them around her knee hollows to cut down on the kicking. Judging by the redness of the young lady's derriere I'd say she's had the seat of her panties warmed before moving onto the main course which will be on the bare bottom.

It's just a lovely picture of domestic discipline that made me pause and think.


  1. Lovely pictures. As a bottom, I like the couch for comfort, but the chair is so retro.
    Great stuff,

  2. Thanks Joey. I just saw that one and it got me thinking. You're correct the chair is a very retro touch.

  3. The photo strikes a cord inside me, the pose is one my son finds himself in all to often I am afraid. The older he has gotten the more I seem to have to spank him. Note to self, must have a word with his wife, methinks she may need a reminder as to who runs the home


  4. When a spanking is (as I believe all should be) given entirely bare-bottomed, the moment when a spankee's underwear is pulled down is for me the real "point of no return"... the "event horizon" of spankings. Until that moment, even if they're already laying over their disciplinarian's lap, there can seem even the slimmest chance that their spanking might be averted, a last-minute reprieve given and/or the sentence somehow commuted. Once they feel their underwear being peeled down, however, they know: a spanking is coming for certain... right now!

    I think that's part of why I tend to prefer "partial clothes" (or at least "socks and underwear") spankee states of (un)dress for a spanking rather than totally nude. If a spankee starts out naked, there's nothing to pull down and no "final frontier" to send them toppling into that "ohmygodimreallygoingtobespanked!" headspace in that moment. :)