Saturday, 3 September 2011

Old Favourites

I found myself thinking about the old TV shows that I used to watch as a child (mostly American sitcom reruns) and remembered that I used to watch these shows then and even now thinking about spanking opportunities. Some of the ladies I used to want to spank and others I wanted to be spanked by. I'm going to post a few pics here, give my thoughts and see how you feel.

These two pictures are from Bewitched, both feature the marvelous, much missed, late Elizabeth Montgomery. One as the level headed married housewitch Samantha Stevens and the other as her mischievous naughty brunette cousin Serena. I always wanted Sam to babysit me and my sister and hopefully have to spank us. Serena on the other hand, well she needed a warmed bottom, hopefully delivered by her more sensible cousin. Even now I cannnot conceive of ever spanking Sam, but I still wish she could spank me.

The scantily clad Barbara Eden as the cheeky, head nodding Jeannie from I Dream of Jeannie. This particular picture seems to be from inside her bottle. Barbara Eden also played a dual role at times, portraying Jeannie as we all knew her and her identically named cousin, the only difference was that Cousin Jeannie was a brunette and from memory usually wore green as opposed to Blonde Jeannie's preferred pink. Jeannie was one I always saw as a spankee (both of them), and I did wonder why Major Tony Nelson never did it. However on the occasions when she tried to be a 60's girl about town the addition of the suit made me see her more as a prospective spanker.

Both of these photos feature the talented Sally Field as Gidget and The Flying Nun. Sally Field was one of those rare actresses that made a successful transition from TV to film. As the surf loving, meddling Gidget, she was always asking to be spanked, and famously was by her sister and brother-in-law in one episode. I had conflicted feelings about Sister Bertrill in The Flying Nun, as a novice nun she was in a position to spank some of her students, but also in the firing line for spankings from senior nuns or the mother superior.

Marcia, Marcia, Marcia. Maureen McCormick as one of TV's most famous teens; Marcia Brady. I could always see Marcia spanking her younger siblings, in fact I think Greg could have used a trip over his younger step sisters knee as well. I'm sure there were a few teenage boys and girls out there who longed to be spanked by Marcia Brady. As I got older my palm itched to spank her myself.

The stunning Susan Dey as Lori Partridge. Lori regularly used to look after her younger siblings and whilst it was never stated I always got the feeling that she had permission to spank the three younger ones, and God knows Danny needed it. Lori was another one I could never see myself spanking, but I ached to be spanked by her even as I got older, by then Susan Dey was playing a grown up herself on LA Law.

Finally we come to Gilligan's Island, where I pose the age old question Ginger or Mary Ann? Whilst I saw Mary Ann as very cute and far more spankable, the haughty Ginger was the one that seemed to need her pampered rear end roasted. I never really thought of spanking or being spanked by either one, although I tend to lean towards Mary Ann, but I did want to see one spank the other or even them both spank each other. There was a well known picture floating around the internet for years which had captions. Mary Ann complained to the Skipper and the Professor that Ginger had spanked her, to which Ginger retorted: 'And I'm not finished yet, get back over my knee!' ahhhh if only.

So who were your favourite spankers and/or spankees. What shows fired and continue to fire your imaginations?


  1. Dear Aunty Andrea,

    My wife is the oldest of six and she and her siblings likend themselves to the Brady Bunch. Years later they still joke that they used to be the Brady Bunch and never missed the show. As the oldest, my wife helped keep law and order in the house in any way necessary. She sometimes tells me that Marcia was her favorite character and her family used to call her Marcia when they play acted the Brady Bunch.

    So I guess my favorite is Marcia Brady. And since my wife spanks me, I guess I will almost experience my dream TV spanker.


  2. Joey, you are a lucky man, not only to have a loving wife who gives you what you need, but also allows you to live your dream.

  3. Aunty,

    One of my favorite posts, wow. Bewitched was so under rated and continues to fascinate me on the reruns. Samatha has the most goegeous and sexy laegs and lap!! She is just amazing. I too always wished I could be bottom up over her lovely knee and lap. She is just so hot.

    So well done this post, floods of memories of watching these shows. Yes the beautiful Lori Patrige over her mom's knee, wow.

    Thank you


  4. Elizabeth Montgomery as Sam is one of my fantasy spankers and Susan Dey as Lori is also someone I can watch over and over and dream about.

  5. Just watched a Bewitched this morning, wow, Serena in a tight and very short black skirt standing in the corner!! Oh my.

    Also yesterday Samatha in a short blue miniskirt, sat down to talk to Tabitha on a wooden straight back kitchen chair, amazing lap.


  6. I want Marcia Brady to spank my bare bottom with a wooden spoon until my fanny is very red and sore!!!