Monday, 5 September 2011

'Phi Gamma Beta #5'

In this, the 5th of the Phi Gamma Beta sorority series the girls hold a mixer hosting the boys of brother fraternity Phi Sigma Tau.

From Clare Fonda. Two of the girls deal with a misbehaving sister.

From Clare Spanks Men. One of the PGB girls punishes a naughty Phi Sigma Tau brother.

Miss Jessica. A pose that Matt from Phi Sigma Tau know well from his girlfriend Jessica.

It was early on Saturday afternoon and the Phi Gamma Beta sorority house was a hive of activity. Saturday was often a day of rest for the girls in the sorority, a day they took to go out with friends, participate in non academic activities, catch up on study or just hang out at the house, but this was a special day. Tonight the girls would host their male counterparts, the members of the Phi Sigma Tau fraternity, in the annual mixer. Last year the boys had held the event in their house and done an outstanding job, so the girls felt honour bound to try and top it. The Phi Gamma Beta girls, or PGB as they were often known, were no strangers to holding parties. They had hosted morning teas for members of the faculty, a lunch for the mothers of current sisters, afternoon teas for some of the charities supported by the sorority and a dinner for former sisters. This night was different, tonight was a real college mixer, where the girls could mix with boys their own ages and with some of the same interests. It was to be an alcohol free party and would also be strictly chaperoned by Phi Gamma Beta's strict housemother Stevie and Phi Sigma Tau's equally stern housemaster; Howard. Both girls and boys had had the riot act read to them before their regular Friday night paddlings, and been told that any infraction of the fraternity or sorority rules and those of the college would result in immediate expulsion from the event, and punishment to follow.

The hub of the sorority house was the large country style kitchen. A number of the girls were in the kitchen preparing snacks and drinks for the party that evening. Overseeing proceedings was a pretty red haired sophomore by the name of Heather. Heather was majoring in nutrition, she actually enjoyed cooking and was the house's self appointed 'Mistress of the Kitchen'. For these reasons the sophomore had been put in charge of preparing the refreshments. Heather had delegated most of the work and it was the other girls who were doing it while the redhead gave orders. Capturing most attention at the time was the preparation of the punch. A giggling blonde first year by the name of Sally bounced into the kitchen and made her way to the bench where a large punchbowl was being filled. Sally held up a bottle filled with clear liquid and asked loudly "Will this do?"

"Stoli!" Carole; a creamy complexioned, dark haired junior gasped as she saw the distinctive, white, gold and red label of the expensive vodka. "Where did you get Stoli?"

Sally laid one finger alongside her nose, winked and said solemnly "I have my ways, Betty. I have my ways."

Carole had to laugh at Sally's unique patois, in 'Sallyspeak' all girls were 'Betty' and all boys were 'Barry'. "So does it go in, Heather?" Sally asked, uncapping bottle.

"Yes!" Heather snapped, her green eyes flashing. "For Gods sake put the bottle down! You don't want Stevie or the big sisters finding out about the 'special' punch."

"Yeah," a broad shouldered blonde sophomore called Johanna agreed, "if they do the only thing being served at the mixer will be fricasseed rump."

"Okay." Sally said abashed, and discreetly poured the vodka into the mixture, she had just finished when fellow first year Jessica rushed into the kitchen bearing a bottle of Gilbey's gin. Heather did not need to be asked, just said "Put it in, Jessica."

After the bowl was filled, brunette medicine major; Shania walked past, stuck a finger into the liquid and licked it "Oh wow!" the girl said, her eyes going wide. "That stuff is rocket fuel."

Johanna wrinkled her nose "The fumes are making my eyes water. There's no way this is going to get past Stevie."

Heather shook her head at the worried faces and furrowed brows of her fellow Phi Gamma Beta sisters "Trust in Aunty Heather, girls. I've got to dilute it with other ingredients and then it won't all be in the one bowl. Once we've done that and put it in separate bowls it'll be strong enough to give everyone a decent buzz, but not so obvious that we'll get busted."

"You better be right," Carole said ominously, "because if I get blistered over this I have a paddle with your name on it, Heather."

Shauna; leading cheerleader and one of the sorority's 'big sisters' shook out her mane of curly blonde hair and worried her lower lip with perfect white teeth as she stared at the photographs on the wall. "Put them higher, Naomi." she ordered her fellow big sister.

The tall brunette looked around and said in exasperated tones "Shauna, the only reason you're getting me to do this is because of my height."

"Yes, and because Heather had already snapped up Johanna." the cheerleader clarified.

"Sweetie, I don't know if this has occurred to you, but not everyone is as tall as me."

"I do know that, Naomi."

"If I put the pictures where you want them then only Johanna and I can reach them and even some of the Phi Sigs are going to stretch."

"Oh right." Shauna said as it dawned on her. "Lower then."

Naomi shook her head and pinned the photographs where she had originally placed them.

"I don't get it though, Shauna. Why do you have pictures of our pledges and the Phi Sig pledges taken from behind. What sort of game is this?"

"Ever play pin the tail on the donkey?" Shauna asked.

"Of course, when I was about six years old."

"This is my variation." Shauna beamed. "It's called pin the paddle on the pledge. We'll blindfold the participants, spin them around to get them good and dizzy and then give them a paper paddle which they have to try and pin on the backside of one of the pledges. We'll have all eight pledges bent over in the perfect paddle position. If the contestant can attach the paddle to a bottom then they get to give the pledge a swat, if not they have to accept a swat from the pledge of my selection. Girls paddle boys and boys paddle girls."

Naomi laughed "Shauna, babe, that is the craziest game I have ever heard of! It sounds like loads of fun, though. We made the right decision when we appointed you games mistress."

"It's going to be great!" the blonde enthused. "I have a Twister tournament planned and a limbo competition. This is going to be the funnest mixer of all time."

It seemed like an almost interminable time, but eventually eight o'clock arrived and there was a knock at the door. Stevie went to answer it, her girls trailing in an excited, giggling, whispering group behind her. The tall, elegant black housemother opened the door and saw a smiling Howard, the housemaster of Phi Sigma Tau standing in front of it, behind him were arrayed a large group of well groomed, grinning young men. "Boys," Stevie greeted the fraternity, "welcome to Phi Gamma Beta's mixer. Please come in and enjoy the soiree my girls have planned."

Most of the girls lined up as the boys entered. Once the last one had gone through the door and it was closed behind him, one of the sorority's juniors; Georgette hit the play button on a CD player and the strains of Pink's 'Let's Get The Party Started' hit the air. Immediately the ice had been broken and all the guests began to dance and mingle. Howard and Stevie, exchanged looks and Howard shrugged. Stevie exclaimed "Kids!" and both of them dissolved into laughter.

The party progressed beautifully and after about half an hour Stevie and Howard could see that the big sisters and brothers had things well in hand and that their presence was virtually extraneous. "The boys are behaving themselves." Stevie shouted at Howard to be heard over the music.

"Oh yes," the housemaster agreed, "they were warned what would happen if they weren't on best behaviour."

"So were the girls." Stevie told Howard.

The man snorted "I rather think the boys have more to fear on that score, Stevie."

"What do you mean?" the housemother asked, her eyes narrowing dangerously.

"Oh c'mon, Stevie!" Howard scoffed. "The boys don't want a paddling from me."

"The girls don't exactly volunteer to receive my paddle either." Stevie retorted.

"Stevie, I'm 6'3" and I used to play football. No disrespect, but I think the boys would rather bend over for a taste of your paddle than mine."

"Have you asked Colin, Matt, Gordon and Pat that question?" Stevie asked hotly, recalling the time that the four Phi Sigma Tau first years had stayed in the house for a week and found themselves on the business end of Stevie's paddle.

"You put them through their paces I know, but we're men, we naturally hit harder."

"If you think I'm that easy on the girls would you like to put your money where your mouth is tough guy?"

"What are you suggesting?" Howard asked, this was beginning to sound interesting.

"I'll give you a paddling and if I can get you to cry then you pay for dinner at Chez When."

Howard winced as the housemother mentioned the name of the nearby town's most expensive and exclusive restaurant, with it's eclectic mix of French and Asian cuisine "So what happens if I don't?" he probed confidently.

"You get to return the paddling I gave you and I'll buy dinner."

"Sounds fair." Howard agreed. "Where and when?"

"No time like the present."

"What about the party?" Howard hedged.

"We won't be missed. We'll be gone for thirty minutes at most. Naomi, Veronica, Shauna, Denise, Scott, Kyle, Ben and Jim have this all in hand."

Howard looked at the seniors who were considered second in command to he and Stevie and had to agree that they were doing a very good job chaperoning the event. "What about location?"

Stevie's smooth ebony brow furrowed "That's more problematic. I usually give the paddlings in my study, but there's too much chance of being inadvertently discovered there. I don't think it would be appropriate to use the deserted Phi Sigma house...." her voice trailed off and then her dark eyes lit up with inspiration. "The woodshed!"

"The woodshed?" Howard asked.

"We have one. It's clean and has an electric light, it's far enough away from the main house that it's unlikely that we'll be seen or heard. It's perfect." Stevie chuckled "And being a genuine woodshed it seems somehow fitting, young man."

Howard blushed.

"Cover for me while I go get my paddle."

Howard did not have long to wait. Stevie was quick about it and she soon returned carrying a large drawstring bag. Howard cast a suspicious glance at it. "I had to hide it somehow," Stevie explained, "be interesting to explain why I was carrying my paddle around with me."

Howard nodded in agreement.

"Shall we go?" Stevie asked.

Howard looked around the party and could see that the older members of his fraternity and Stevie's sorority had everything well in hand. The rest of the kids were too wrapped up in dancing, talking or preparing for the games to even notice that they were missing. Although Howard did not really think Stevie's paddle could genuinely hurt him, he still found himself suddenly nervous about what was going to happen. He took a deep breath, linked his arm through Stevie's and replied "Yes, we shall."

Stevie chuckled throatily and led Howard outside.

It was a cool, but clear night, as they stepped out they could see the blazing lights in the sorority house and hear the music and hum of conversation. Although the lights were on in the house and the outside lights had also been left on the woodshed was at the back of the sorority house and this area was not lit. Howard had to be guided by Stevie. They came to the shed itself, Stevie pushed the door open and stepped inside. Howard looked back towards the house. It was close enough that the lights could still be seen, but far enough away that no noise could be heard. Stevie had chosen well. There was a click as Stevie reached up and pulled the string that turned on the single bulb that lit the shed up. Howard entered the shed and gazed around it. Cords of wood for the sorority house's open fire places was neatly cut and stacked up along one wall, an axe rested against a stack. Gardening tools were arranged against a side wall and the broom that was obviously used to sweep the shed's dirt floor was with them. The middle of the shed was dominated by a large wooden tree trunk with a flat top. The trunk was very wide and tall enough that if Howard were to bend over it it would support his body, but not force his feet off the ground. Howard looked down at it and swallowed hard. He had been raised with corporal punishment and was no stranger to the feel of his father's belt or paddle and even had a nodding acquaintance with the cane, but he had never been tanned in an actual woodshed. Stevie noticed him looking at the gardening implements quizzically and said "Our gardener uses the shed to store his tools, he also cuts the wood for us. When I was a sister we had to do that ourselves. In a way I think it's good that my current crop don't have to. I could just imagine Sally with an axe in her hand, she'd probably cut off someone's foot and say it 'did her head in'!"

Howard simply nodded, he knew the bubbly blonde Phi Gamma Beta pledge, but was not well enough acquainted with her to know about her unusual patois.

"You want me to bend over that?" Howard asked indicating the tree trunk.

"Unless you want to go over my knee and I'll sit on it." Steve suggested, then seeing the alarmed look in the buttoned down housemaster's eyes, followed up with, "obviously not, so yes you'll have to bend over it."

"I'm going to have trouble explaining dirt on my clothes." Howard prevaricated.

"You know, Howard," Stevie said sweetly, "anyone would think you were trying to get out of our bet. However what you say does have some merit, so I came prepared." the attractive housemother reached into her bag and produced a picnic blanket which she spread over the stump. "How's that?"

"Good."  a dry mouthed Howard said, staring at the now covered trunk.

"Excellent." Stevie pronounced, withdrawing her paddle from the sack. "Now drop them and bend over!"

Howard undid his buttons and unzipped his fly, then let his trousers fall to his ankles and started to lower himself over the stump.

"What do you think you're doing?" Stevie asked sharply.

Confused, Howard looked back at her.

"I don't know how you do it in the Phi Sigma house, but I always paddle my girls on the bare."

"Oh please Stevie, this has gone a little too far." Howard said, using his authoritative voice.

"You made a bet, if you want to forfeit that's fine, otherwise I want those boxers down around your ankles young man!"

"Stevie...." Howard began, his face growing red.

"Oh, don't be embarrassed, dear. I don't want to burst your bubble or prick your manly pride, but you do not have anything I haven't already seen. I grew up with brothers and Mama always spanked bare and didn't have any issue with doing it around us girls. You may also remember that I only recently hosted four of your pledges and they spent more time in our house with their pants off than they did with them on."

"I....uhhhh.....damn!" Howard swore and then lowered his boxer shorts before quickly turning around and bending over the stump. Although he was hoping Stevie had not noticed it he had a rampant erection, it was not the thought of the paddling that was turning him on, but more the thought of who would be administering it and what she may look like doing so. Howard found Stevie to be a very handsome lady and she was never more alluring to him than when she was being dominant.

"You better keep that behind in the air, boy and ensure that you remain in position. Count yourself lucky that I choose to ignore your little outburst, otherwise you'd have a soaped out mouth to look forward to as well. You will be getting extra for that and your earlier foolishness." Stevie ordered, her voice stern and firm. She stepped back and raised the paddle.

Howard felt a little thrill go through him at the tone of the housemother's voice and her words, his erection grew and pressed painfully against the rough bark of the stump he was bent forward over, the paddle then struck home before he could think of anything else. CRACK! the sound of the wood impacting against muscular buttock flesh echoed around the room. As the pain flared through Howard's rear end he hissed in reaction. Howard had not been paddled since his senior year of college, although he had handed out countless beltings since, and he had forgotten exactly how it felt. Stevie looked down at the attractive rounded male backside draped over the tree trunk and watched with sparkling black eyes as the paddle sent a ripple through the gluteal muscles. The paddle flashed through the air and splatted solidly against Howard's bottom, it pushed him against the stump and he braced his legs to remain in position, again that hiss of indrawn breath. His previously white rump was beginning to change colour to a soft pink in hue.

Howard had lost count at the fourth stroke. Stevie really knew how to swing that paddle, he had not realised how physically powerful she was and because he towered over her it had never occurred to him that for a woman she was quite tall and it gave her paddle swings extra strength. He was fighting hard to stay bent over and keep his bottom well presented for the paddle's attention. Stevie could hear his breath coming hard and fast and knew from experience that she would definitely be able to break him down and make him cry. She could usually reduce the girls to tears inside twelve swats, she had thought it would take more with Howard and his earlier behaviour had given her what she felt was an entirely valid reason to increase the paddling by an extra six strokes. She had to admit he did well, held out until the fifteenth impact of the three quarter inch thick cedar board, then he broke and the tears began to flow. Howard squeezed his eyes shut tight initially, hating the fact that his own body had betrayed him and caused him to lose the bet, then he allowed the emotion to overtake him and relaxed, simply laying over the stump and sobbing. "That's my boy," Stevie encouraged him with her next swat, "you have a good hard cry for Aunty Stevie. I know it hurts, baby, but a paddling is meant to do that, sweetie. Just two more spanks, be a good little man for me and make your Aunty proud of you."

Tears rolling down his cheeks, Howard forced himself to remain bent over, and pushed his bottom up high as Stevie brought the paddle flashing viciously down to sizzle across his hindquarters.

As if she were a long distance away Howard heard Stevie say "You may get up now Howard."

Howard took a deep shuddering breath and used his hands to push himself upright, his hands immediately started to go to his stinging cheeks before Stevie said "Uh uh, not until I say so, unless you'd like another conversation with Mrs Paddle."

With effort Howard stilled his hands backwards movement and then angrily wiped at his tears.

Stevie clucked maternally and held out a tissue. Howard took it with a mumbled "Thank you, Miss Stevie." then used it to dry his eyes.

"Well done, dear." Stevie said, smiling warmly. "You may rub now if you'd like and you can pull your shorts back up, too."

With a flush of embarrassment, Howard realised that he had forgotten to cover himself up, and he immediately pulled his boxers over his aching backside before using his hands to vigorously try to rub some of the sting and fire out of it.

"Dinner will taste nice, thankyou Howard." Stevie said, folding the cloth she had placed over the stump and stowing it back in her bag along with her paddle. "What night should I expect you to pick me up?"

Howard laughed and replied "In a few days when I can sit down comfortably again."

The housemaster and housemother held hands as they made their way back to the Phi Gamma Beta house and the mixer that was in full swing.

Shauna had begun the first game of the evening and that was the Pin the Paddle on the Pledge game that she had been organising earlier with Naomi. The pictures of the eight pledges, or at least their backsides, had been stuck on the wall and the pledges in question were bent over, their bottoms clad in tight white shorts, Shauna had really wanted them bare bottom, but to the relief of the eight first years Stevie and Howard had put their feet down over that and insisted that shorts were to be worn. The shorts did little more than preserve modesty, they were tight and made of thin cotton, they offered virtually no protection from the unforgiving wooden surface of a traditional sorority or fraternity paddle. The participants were lined up in front of the wall. The girls were attempting to pin the paper paddles on the photographed rears of Colin, Matthew, Gordon or Patrick and the boys were trying to do the same to Amy, Jessica, Emma and Sally.

As in the more traditional Pin the Tail on the Donkey game on which Shauna had based her version the participants were first blind folded and then turned around a few times by the other contestants to make them dizzy and given a gentle push in the general direction of the photographs. The prize for accuracy was the major variation. If someone was successful in attaching the paddle to a pledge's photograph, and Shauna judged whether they had actually managed to pin the paddle on the bottom and not some other part of the anatomy, then they got to give one paddle swat to the unlucky pledge, if not then the contestant had to bend over to receive a whack from a pledge of Shauna's choosing.

Although having to stand in the time honoured bent over position, bottom stuck out, hands on knees, in front of everyone was humiliating, it was all part of being a pledge and the forfeit was not actually that bad. It was a game and everyone treated it that way. The boys weren't hitting that hard and the girls for the most part weren't going full strength either. After three girls had managed to pin Colin, the last one being Johanna, the tall swimmer's swat did make him squeal and he was rubbing his backside afterwards. Emma, a veteran of being punished physically since her strict boarding school days, was always on the look out to make things easier on herself, so she let out a yelp the first time she got paddled, which had the effect of making the fraternity boys take it even easier on the girls. When it came time for the pledges to administer a stroke of the paddle, more the rule than the exception, Shauna tended to favour Gordon and Pat from the Phi Sig pledges, both boys were strong and athletic, they also had plenty of scores to pay after the week they had spent not all that long ago in the Phi Gamma house where it seemed that they had wound up over the knee and under the paddle of every single girl in the sorority, thinking back on that week Shauna surmised that it was more than likely that they had. Of the girls Amy was too soft and Sally could barely stop giggling long enough to swing the paddle, so Shauna generally turned to Emma, who had experience as a prefect at boarding school, and Jessica, who although she was a huge baby about her own paddlings, relished the prospect of being on the other end.

As the game broke up with laughter, handshakes, hugs and rubbed bottoms Jessica collared Matthew while he was zipping up his jeans. Since what the boys referred to as Hell Week, the two pledges had become close and although neither of them openly admitted it, they were regarded as boyfriend and girlfriend. If the truth were known, it had gone beyond that and the two had spent more than an occasional night together. The week at the sorority house during which Jessica had physically dominated the sensitive Matthew regularly had awakened something in the first year arts major. On more than one level some part of him had enjoyed what Jessica had done to him and had even come to look forward to it. Jessica herself had not realised until that week how naturally dominant she was. The fact that Matthew got a kick out of it suited her down to the ground. "Let's go." she murmured to him, her brown eyes sparkling with a hint of mischief.

"Go where?" Matt asked, rather cluelessly.

"The Phi Sig house." Jessica said.

"Why? The party is here."

Jessica grinned "We could have a party of our own over there, dear boy."

"I dunno Jessie, I don't think we're meant to be there."

"That's what makes it fun, Matthew. Come on, no one will even know we're gone."

Matthew did not resist as the tall, slender brunette with the shimmering chestnut locks pulled him out the door and in the direction of his fraternity house.

Matthew used his key to let them both into the silent, darkened house. "We're alone." Jessica said, pushing past her boyfriend into the deserted fraternity house.

"Wasn't that the idea?" Matthew asked, closing the door and pocketing his key.

Jessica turned to face the pony tailed boy and her brown eyes hardened as she warned sternly "Are you being smart, boy? You know how cross Miss Jessica gets when you cheek her. What happens when Miss Jessica gets angry?"

"Matthew's bottom gets burned." the Phi Sigma Tau first year answered, a flush creeping up his neck and into his face, and he felt his member rising uncontrollably. It did every single time Jessica hinted at corporal punishment. There was something incredibly arousing about being laid across her creamy thighs and having his defenceless bottom cheeks set on fire.

"Where's the study room, Matt?" Jessica asked, looking around the house.

"It's downstairs."

"The basement?"

Matthew nodded. "Howard thinks the environment down there promotes study. It's quieter than the rest of the house."

Jessica thought about the housemaster's logic and agreed "He's probably right. Denise and Emma are always complaining that the only place they can get any real study done is at the library because the house is nearly always too noisy." her manner became commanding again. "Go down there and wait for Miss Jessica, young man."

Matthew took a deep breath and felt the familiar finger of cold anticipation run down his spine, he turned and did as his girlfriend had ordered him.

Matthew was seated at a desk when Jessica entered the room. The study area itself was set up very like a schoolroom, it even had an old fashioned blackboard. The room's last occupant had been studying literature judging by the references to one of Shakespeare's better known works on the board. "Where are your books, Matthew?" Jessica's voice asked as she entered.

Matthew murmured "I dunno."

Jessica stopped and her clear brown eyes glared at him "I dunno." she repeated. "Is that how you address your teachers, young man?"

"Ummmmm....I don't....." Matthew mumbled, his cheeks flaring red.

High heels clicking on the basement's stone floor, Jessica crossed to Matthew and put one red lacquered nail under his chin, she pushed upwards gently, forcing him to look her in the eyes. "I asked you a question, boy, and I expect a proper answer. Now again, how do you address your teachers?"

"Ma'am or Miss, ma'am." Matthew gulped.

"Now you see you can do it when you put your mind to it." Jessica said with a smile, taking her finger away and asking "Where are your books, Matthew?"

"I don't know, Miss Jessica."

"You don't know?" Jessica asked rhetorically, seating herself on Matthew's desk, her skirt riding up and treating him to a view of a generous expanse of luscious white thigh. "So you came down here for a tutoring session on Shakespeare and you forgot your books. Did you mean to waste my time, Matthew?"

"No, ma'am." Matthew replied, his pony tail bobbing as he moved his head to illustrate his answer.

"You say one thing, but your actions tell me something else. You neglected to bring your books, and look at me when I am talking to you, boy!" Jessica's voice cracked like a whip, as she became aware that Matthew's attention was on her thighs and not what she was saying.

Matthew immediately dragged his eyes away from the appealing view and looked up into the girl's blazing brown eyes.

"Seeing as you enjoy looking at my thighs so much young man, maybe you would like laying over them."

"Oh no, miss, please." Matthew begged as he realised Jessica was suggesting a spanking.

Although Matthew protested, the fact of the matter was that the two of them were playing a game. They had played the stern school mistress and the disobedient student before. It always ended up with Matthew getting a stinging hot rear end and usually an orgasm. Jessica hopped off the desk, went to a chair and carried it to the centre of the room. She crossed quickly back to where Matthew sat, trembling. "Up we get, young man." she said sternly, taking a firm grip of an ear lobe between finger and thumb and hauling the teenager to his feet, she dragged him across the room and seated herself on the chair.

Matthew was soon sprawling in an undignified tangle of arms and legs over Jessica's lap. "Not quite so clever, now are we?" Jessica asked.

"I'm sorry ma'am." Matthew apologised, wriggling over his girlfriend's lap.

"Oh you will be, dear boy. You will be." Jessica promised, experienced fingers and hands competently undoing his jeans and dragging them down to ankles.

"What are you doing, Miss Jessica?" Matthew asked desperately as he felt his shorts being lowered to his knee hollows.

"Baring your bottom." Jessica replied matter of factly, massaging the twitching bottom cheeks under her hands.

"Why, Miss Jessica?"

"Because all proper spankings are given on the bare bottom, silly boy." Jessica informed him, her palm slapping down hard first on one cheek before rebounding crisply across the other one.

It was not long before Matthew was squirming and wriggling over the tall, slender sorority girl's lap as her hard palm spanked hot fiery pain into every inch of his rolling buttocks. Matthew's bottom had a soft pink flush to it when his pants and underwear first came down, this was a result of the game in the sorority house. Under Jessica's 'tender' ministrations that pinkness soon changed to a hot glowing red and Matthew gave vent to the feeling of rising heat and sting with loud yells and squeals. The spanking was not the only thing that gave Matthew a feeling of discomfort, by the time Jessica had dragged him across her shapely thighs her manner and words had aroused him considerably and he had a growing erection. Despite what her hand was doing to his defenceless backside the erection was not diminishing, if anything it was growing larger, he could feel it pressing insistently against Jessica's thigh as she rained firm, hard slaps onto his upthrust rear. Although it took his mind a little away from the discipline it also worried him, it happened nearly every time he found himself across Jessica's lap getting what she termed 'a good old fashioned pants downer', but he knew from bitter experience if he came against her thigh she was not at all happy, he would receive a second spanking with an implement and be scorned for the remainder of the evening. Jessica brought the hand spanking to a flaming crescendo as Matthew felt the first tears trickling down his cheeks. The girl rested her hand on her boyfriend's steaming bottom and asked in a sweet voice "Has my little boy learnt his lesson?"

"Yes ma'am." Matthew said in an unsteady voice.

"Let me help you up, sweetness." Jessica offered, putting her arms around his waist as he lifted off her lap and she assisted him in regaining his balance and steadying him on his feet.

"Well part of you certainly enjoyed that." the girl said, laughter in her voice, as the raging erection stared her in the face.

"Sorry, Miss Jessica." Matthew apologised, using the back of his hand to swipe at the tears.

"I bet your little bum cheeks feels like they're on fire." Jessica mused.

"They do." Matthew confessed, hopping from foot to foot in attempt to douse the flames in his nether regions.

"I'm sure you'd love to do the spanky dance right at the moment." Jessica continued to tease.

"Yes ma'am." Matthew said, longing in his voice, knowing that if he even moved his hands towards his stinging rear he would be soon be bent over feeling a strap or a paddle being applied to his backside.

Jessica nodded "Off you go, darling boy. Rub to your heart's content."

Gratitude in his eyes, Matthew's hands flew to his bottom, and cradling his aching buttocks he began to dance and desperately tried to rub the sting away. Jessica sat back in her chair and crossed one leg over the other, a smile playing across her lips, as she watched Matthew do the 'hot bottom boogie', spanked boys were very amusing, particularly when their hard thing bobbed up and down in time with the dance. "Okay, darling," Jessica said, running a hand through her shimmering chestnut tresses, "that's enough of that silly dancing and rubbing. Aunty Jessica didn't go to all the trouble of bringing your bottom to the boil just for you to rub it away. Besides your little thing is telling me that you need some hand attention from Miss Jessica in the bathroom, and I wouldn't be at all adverse to your clever fingers showing me how talented they are, either."

Ten minutes later Jessica exited the downstairs bathroom at the house, wiping her hands clean on a towel, she tossed the soiled towel over her shoulder with the instructions "Make certain you leave the bathroom as we found it, Matthew. I know you don't want Howard or any of the big brothers finding out what we did. Not only will your bottom burn under their paddles Stevie will probably want to have a chat with my bottom and Miss Sting and I'll take that out of your hide, sweetie."

While Jessica and Matthew were playing school, the party was continuing at the Phi Gamma Beta house and Shauna was announcing the second game of the evening. "Okay guys we're about to start the Twister tournament. This is going to be in pairs so if you signed up earlier then you need to find a partner. There's still room and time to jump in so hurry up. Remember the winners get out of a Friday night paddling courtesy of Howard and Stevie."

The housemaster and housemother smiled and nodded their agreement as heads turned to them for confirmation of the prize.

Shauna herself was particularly proud of having been able to secure the exemption. The weekly Friday night paddlings were only ever missed due to illness or absence for an official reason. Even in the case of absence the absent member of the sister or brotherhood was usually paddled immediately on their return to make up for the one they missed. Shauna had had to do some very persuasive talking to obtain the prize and this was what made the tournament one of the most popular events of the evening.

Gordon sidled up to Emma. The gymnast was fairly confident that his ability in his chosen field would stand him in good stead to have a shot at the prize. His stiffest competition would come from fellow Phi Sig first year Pat, who as a dancer had long flexible limbs, he had teamed up with Sally Fairweather, who had recently taken up dancing and would be hard to beat. Of all the PGB girls Gordon had to choose his first option would have been Jessica Stirling, the girl was tall and loose limbed, she had also recently started as a cheerleader, no doubt from the influence of her big sister; Shauna, the captain of the cheerleaders. Unfortunately for Gordon Jessica was nowhere to be seen. Up until the week he had spent at the sorority house Gordon would not have even considered Emma Casey as a partner, but he had come to know the girl, they were study buddies and he doubted that his grades would have improved as much as they had without her guidance. His love of sport had rubbed off on the girl and she had recently taken up lacrosse. She took it seriously and worked out in the gym regularly, the result was that she had lost some of her puppy fat and become a good deal more flexible. Gordon would get them over the line, but Emma would be a useful partner in their endeavour to win the tournament.

It was a well entered contest and despite Gordon's confidence he had some serious competition. Fellow first year Phi Sig Pat was a talented dancer and also held a black belt in karate, both afforded him a good deal of flexibility. Pat had teamed up with Sally of PGB. Sally, while frequently appearing airheaded, was a fit young girl and also danced, so was used to stretching. Some of the seniors were equally determined to win. Phi Gamma Beta big sister Naomi; one of the school's leading volleyballers, and Phi Sigma Tau big brother Scott; the football captain, had formed a team and were going to be hard to beat with their natural athleticism and competitive natures. Sophomore Johanna; a tall swimmer, had teamed up with one of her sisters, big sister Veronica and there were whispers that they were serious about winning as was another all boy pair featuring a starting member of the basketball team.

As the games mistress Shauna was in charge of the wheel that determined the fate of the contestants, she also adjudicated as to whether or not a move had been successfully completed or was legal. It didn't take long to separate the serious contenders from the also rans and after much hilarity and good natured teasing; even Stevie and Howard laughed from the sidelines, it came down to a final between Gordon and Emma versus Scott and Naomi. Gordon and Emma went first and Gordon soon found his limbs fully extended and barely managing to make moves even with his gymnastics training. There was a groan as Shauna gleefully announced where the wheel had landed for Emma. Emma bit back a curse, and instead gritted her teeth and stretched every inch of her left leg to get her toes on the brightly coloured circle, the giggles from the watching audience as the move required her to wrap her body around Gordon's did not help her in the least. Blushing brightly, she heaved a sigh of relief as Shauna told Gordon what his next move was, and it made him unwind from her a little, it also caused the two of them to collapse on the plastic mat in a tangle of arms and legs. "Okay!" Shauna declared. "You two are done, but that was pretty good. Gordon you did things I didn't think were humanly possible." Gordon blushed and then bowed as he clambered to his feet and hauled a disheveled Emma up with him. "Scott, Naomi, you're up. You'll have to be on your games to beat that, though. Don't let us seniors down. Have to show these young whipper snappers a thing or two."

Scott and Naomi did put up a valiant effort and Naomi's long limbs assisted them greatly, but neither of them had Gordon's ability to almost literally tie their bodies up in a knot and they fell apart one move before the total that Gordon and Emma had amassed. The gymnast and the strawberry blonde were declared the winners and Howard and Stevie presented them with their voucher to get out of one Friday night paddling.

Scott headed to the punch bowl after the Twister tournament with the intention of quenching the thirst the exertion and stress that the friendly, but tense contest had given him. He noticed one of the Phi Sigma sophomores, a big blond by the name of Brad, lurking around the punch bowl,as Scott approached he saw Brad slip a flask out from under his jacket and proceed to empty the contents into the bowl. Scott hid a smile and shook his head, it happened without fail at every function someone always tried to spike the punch. So intent was Brad on the task at hand that he did notice the big brother coming up behind him until Scott's hand closed around his wrist as the last drops from the flask were dripping into the bowl of brightly coloured beverage. "Bad move, Brad."

"Oh hi, Scott." the boy tried to brazen it out.

"What part of alcohol free event did you not understand?" Scott asked, taking the hip flask from his fraternity brother and showing it to him.

"What do you mean?" Brad asked innocently.

"You mean to tell me that this was not full of booze?"

Brad did not answer, but shrugged his shoulders.

"Okay have it that way." Scott gave the flask to Brad, who immediately concealed it back in the inside pocket of his fraternity jacket. Scott then dipped a finger in the punch and stuck it in his mouth. His eyes widened momentarily and he gasped "That's a hundred proof!"

Brad frowned, he had tipped a flask of whisky into the punch, but it should not have been that strong, he put his own finger into the drink and sucked it. "Oh wow!" he exclaimed. "I swear Scott, someone else has been at this. There's no way that's all my stuff."

"So you do admit you spiked it?" Scott probed.

Knowing that he had been caught completely red handed Brad nodded shame facedly.

"So what are we going to do about this, buddy?"

"I dunno."

"If I tell Howard that's the end of the party for you and I wouldn't count on sitting down for a while."

Brad's face fell.

"On the other hand I don't have to tell Howard."

"No?" Brad breathed, willing to hang his hopes on anything.

"I can handle it here and now."

"Here and now?" Brad asked. "I don't want everyone here seeing me get it and how will you stop Howard from finding out?"

Scott laughed and caught Denise's eye.

The curly haired academic bounced over "What's up, handsome?" she asked Scott.

"Caught young Bradley here spiking the punch."

Denise's eyes narrowed, but they still sparkled with fun as she wagged a finger at the nervous Brad saying "Naughty, naughty, someone is going to have their little bottom toasted"

"You can bet on that, Den." Scott said sternly. "The thing is I don't really want Howard wearing him out for something like that. I was hoping we could handle it in house, so to speak."

Denise nodded, her curls bouncing, "No problem. You can use my room. There's enough noise down here that no one should hear anything and there are two paddles in there. Mine and Emma's."

"Sorority paddles." Scott said doubtfully, wrinkling his nose.

Scorn in her voice Denise said "I honestly don't know where these things get started. Sorority paddles and fraternity paddles are exactly the same. Believe me you give Bradley a going over with my whacker and he'll feel it just as much as if it was Friday night at the frat house."

"Okay, thanks."

"I'll arrange to have the punch removed before Stevie or Howard can taste it."

"You got something to say to Miss Denise?" Scott asked Bradley.

"Thankyou for letting us use your room, Miss Denise."

"My pleasure sweetie. I just hope Scott really sets your rear end on fire. Fancy spiking our punch!"

As Scott and Bradley headed upstairs Denise went in search of Heather.

"What do you mean you want ALL the punch removed!" the redhead exclaimed indignantly. "Do you know how much trouble I went to to make it?"

"I understand, Heather." Denise tried to placate the sophomore. "It's been spiked."

"Spiked!" Heather squeaked, her voice rising in hysteria. If she and the others were found out then the consequences were going to be extremely unpleasant.

"Scott caught one of the Phi Sigs doing it. The idiot is having his backside scorched as we speak, but we don't want Stevie or Howard tasting it. It would be just the sort of thing they'd use to ban any further mixers."

"They're having fun at this one." Heather countered.

"They do still get put under pressure from the board about it, Heather. You know how the rest of the campus feel about us Greeks."

"That's just because we have more fun than them." Heather smirked, as she went to arrange removal of the punch and replacing it with big buckets of soft drink in ice.

Brad's eyes still shone with tears, as Scott closed the door behind him. "I hope you learned a lesson, Bradley."

"Yes sir." the boy said, giving the seat of his pants a rub.

"Go and enjoy the rest of the party, and not too much rubbing, eh? We don't want too many people knowing about this."

"Yes sir. thank you Scott."

"Off you go then." Scott said, patting the sophomore on one solid shoulder, and watching him limp into a crowd of fraternity and sorority members.

"Coke?" Heather asked, holding a frosty bottle up.

"Oh thanks Heather, you're a life saver, babe. I was dying for one of these." Scott thanked the girl, accepting the bottle uncapping it and putting it to his lips with a blissful sigh.

"Paddling's hard work?" Heather asked.

Scott nodded, removing the bottle from his lips.

"Taste better without the vodka?" Heather inquired.

"Vodka?" Scott asked, looking hard at the mischievous redhead.

"Ummmm....yeah." Heather said uncertainly, mentally kicking herself for babbling when she should have just kept her mouth shut. It was Scott's fault, he was so darned cute that she took leave of her senses around him.

"Why would you say that, Heather/"

Cursing herself and her big mouth the redhead tried to think of a way out of the hole she had dug for herself "Well, Denise said the punch was spiked and I just assumed it was vodka."

Scott was certain the girl was lying, she knew as well as most people that if the Phi Sigs carried anything in their hip flasks it would not be vodka, the drinks of choice over at the frat house were bourbon, scotch or whiskey. He thought back to the experimental taste he had of the punch prior to administering a paddling to Brad. He could isolate the whiskey the frat boy had poured in, but there had been other alcohol present.

"It was whiskey, Heather." Scott told the redhead.

"Oh okay. Thankyou."

"My pleasure."

"Brad was silly though, wasn't he?" Heather asked.

"Very." Scott agreed, draining his Coke.

"The punch at every mixer I've been to has been spiked."

Scott's eyes narrowed as he examined Heather "Are you saying that the punch was spiked before Bradley got to it?"

He knew, Heather was positive that Scott now knew the punch was spiked before Bradley had emptied his flask into it. If she did not come clean he was going to keep at it until he found out and eventually everyone would be found out and it was going to be an enormous mess. If she took the blame she may be able to at least save the others and stop Stevie and Howard learning about the infraction of the rules. "Have you ever know the punch not to be spiked at some stage, Scott?"

Scott had to chuckle before replying, Heather was right. The punch at an alcohol free college mixer was nearly always spiked before the night was out. "You prepared the punch, didn't you, Heather?

"Of course." Heather replied proudly.

"And you had alcohol added into it?"

"It's tradition." Heather tried to brazen it out.

"I paddled Bradley for that!" Scott said indignantly.

"You caught him red handed." Heather countered.

"But it was already spiked!"

"That's not my fault."

"If you spiked the punch you should get the same as Bradley." Scott informed the girl.

"I'm not one of your frat boys, you wouldn't dare!" Heather challenged the Phi Sigma big brother.

"Wrong move, little girl." Scott told her, advancing on her in a threatening manner. Before Heather could protest further Scott had picked her up and carried her back to Denise's bedroom, he kicked the door open, dumped Heather on the bed and shut the door behind him.

"You are a pig!" Heather spat, scrambling up off the bed and launching herself at Scott. He caught her wrists and held her strongly. "Don't act injured now, Heather. You did something you knew was against the rules and you got caught."

"You're not going to spank me." Heather stated.

"Want me to go out and tell Stevie and Howard now."

Those words stopped Heather in mid tirade.

"Thought that may be the case. We can handle this here and now and it won't go any further."

Heather bit her lower lip and she was obviously assessing her options.

"What are you going to do?"

"I paddled Brad, but I think a going over with my hand would teach you a lesson you wouldn't forget in a hurry."

Feeling an uncomfortable tingle rise up her bottom and hearing the sound of Stevie's feared rubber paddle Miss Sting impact across her tender exposed cheeks in her mind decided Heather that Scott's hand was most definitely the lesser of two evils.

Scott seated himself on the bed and said to Heather "Skirt off and pants down."

"No way." Heather said flatly.

"I paddled Brad on the bare."

"That's his problem. You're not seeing me in the altogether."

"Should have thought of that before you spiked the punch."

"I'll take my pants off and you can lift my skirt once I'm over your lap." Heather suggested, thinking back to how her father had spanked her and her sisters once they reached puberty.

Scott nodded, the bottom being bare for hot, stinging discipline was the most important thing.

Blushing furiously, and feeling Scott's dark eyes on her, Heather slipped her panties down her legs and removed them, putting them on a chair in one corner of the room. With an ease born of long experience Heather lay herself over Scott's waiting lap, lifting her legs off the floor and letting the bed support most of her weight. Scott lifted her skirt well clear of the buttocks beneath it. Heather rubbed her legs together and the cool air in the room sent goose pimples across the exposed flesh. Scott gazed down at the plump, creamy white posterior and thought at how different an experience it was to seeing the Phi Sig guys well muscled rear ends. Heather was far from the first girl Scott had seen spanked, the girls in the sorority were not shy about walloping the girls bare bottomed in front of visitors, especially the first years during pledge week, but he had never actually had a girl over his own lap for correction. Scott put a hand on Heather's left cheek and caressed it, Heather trembled and her buttocks clenched. "Put your feet together." Scott ordered, knowing this would make it very hard for Heather to tense her gluteal muscles. With a whimper Heather did as she was told. Scott raised his hand and brought it down across the tight double bulge in the middle of Heather's derriere getting a loud crack, two pink spots and a yelp from the sorority sophomore over his lap.

Downstairs at the party Denise was puzzled. She knew Scott had finished paddling Brad, the boy was with a group of his fraternity brothers, no doubt nursing a sort backside under his trousers. The senior boy was nowhere to be seen, though. Even odder was that after Heather had arranged for the punch to be taken into the kitchen and replaced with soft drink she too had disappeared. "Georgette?" Denise stopped the petite brunette as she went past. "Have you seen Heather?"

"Since she had kittens about the punch?" the other girl asked.

Denise nodded.

Georgette shook her head "Nope." and one of the Phi Sigs grabbed her and started dancing with her, preventing further conversation.

Denise stalked over to Brad, maybe he would know what had become of Scott.

"Bradley." she said at the boy's shoulder.

The boy was so surprised he nearly dropped his drink. "Yes ma'am." he squeaked politely.

"Have you seen Scott recently?" she asked.

" ma'am. not since he...." the boy stopped, a flush rising into his face as he tried not to let anyone else know what had happened and at the same time answer the Phi Gamma Beta senior's question.

"I saw him talking to Heather earlier." one of the other Phi Sigs, rescued his brother. "They were near one of the drinks tables."

"Thankyou Phil." Denise said as she drifted away and her brown eyed gaze turned to the upstairs bedrooms.

Denise ascended the stairs, wondering exactly where Scott and Heather had gotten to, and what they were up to. She was quite positive that both of them being absent at the same time was not coincidental and that they were together. Once on the landing Denise looked around, teeth worrying her lower lip as she tried to work out where the Phi Sigma senior and the PGB sophomore were. In her mind there were two options, one was Heather's room and the other was Denise's. She considered Heather's room and quickly discarded that, if she barged into Heather's room and caught the two up to something how was she going to explain her presence? On the other hand if they were in her room then she had every right to walk in there unannounced. The curly haired senior's hand was on the doorknob when she heard the unmistakable sound of a hand striking bare flesh, then Heather's squeal. Denise frowned, Heather made that exact same sound every Friday night when she was paddled. Someone, probably Scott, was spanking Heather. Denise's lips compressed into a thin line and she threw the door open.

Although Denise had expected what confronted her she was still surprised. Scott was sitting on the edge of her bed and Heather was arranged over his lap, her pink bare bottom pointing at the ceiling. Scott landed another slap and Heather yelped and jerked. "What exactly do you think you're doing?" Denise demanded loudly, spots of angry red colour standing out on her cheeks and her eyes flashing. Heather's head shot up and she rolled off Scott's lap, hit the floor and scurried to a corner of the room, stood there, one hand rubbing her bottom under her skirt, cheeks flushed a deep red.

Scott shook his head, stood up slowly and turned around "She spiked the punch." he told Denise calmly.

"I thought Brad did that." a confused Denise replied.

"She'd already done it before he poured the whiskey in, she did every bowl, too, not just the one."

Denise processed the information, it made perfect sense. Heather had prepared the refreshment, she had also been very secretive about doing so. Given her place in the house kitchen, she was someone who could have gotten away with it. Again Denise could not be sure, but she had a hunch that Heather had not been alone in the endeavour, armed with this information it gave Scott a reason for his actions, but did not excuse them.

"Heather," Denise calmly addressed the embarrassed redhead, standing with her back to the window, "get out of here, but do not imagine this is over by any stretch of the imagination. You and I are going to have a good long conversation about this at a later date."

Heather's eyes widened, but she dropped a curtsey and bolted from the room.

Scott was glaring at Denise "What did you do that for? She's going to get off scot free now."

Brown eyes still flashing Denise shot back "I can assure you that she will not get off scot free, in fact I can foresee that sitting down is going to be rather uncomfortable thing for young Heather in the very near future. I may even get her accomplices."

"I was handling it." Scott continued stubbornly.

"And that my boy is the problem." Denise told him.

"What do you mean? I paddled Brad for it, I was only doing the same to Heather."

"It's not your place, Scott. Brad's one of your boys, you have the authority to paddle him as you see fit. You do not have the same authority where Heather is concerned."

"What was I supposed to do?" Scott demanded hotly.

"You should have come to me, Naomi, Veronica or Shauna. The girls are our responsibility and they answer to us and Stevie for their actions, not you."

Scott's stance and face softened as he accepted Denise's point "Okay, I'm sorry. I'll find one of you four next time."

Denise raised an eyebrow and echoed "Next time? There won't be any next time, Scott. It's going to need more than sorry."

Scott chuckled "What are you going to do? Spank me?"

"And who said jocks weren't very smart?"

The silence in the room was deafening until an incredulous Scott broke it "Are you completely insane? Spank me for doing what needed to be done to Heather. What makes you think I'm even going to let you?"

Denise held up a hand and ticked off points on her well manicured fingers "Firstly I am NOT crazy. Secondly what you did to Heather needed doing, but not by you and thirdly you will let me take what action I deem necessary as I don't think you want Howard and Stevie to hear that I found you in here with a half naked sorority sister over your lap."

Scott let the implications of Denise's words sink in and only just managed to bite back the words 'You bitch!' He knew Denise, she would indeed tell his housemaster and her housemother what had happened in the bedroom and it would have far reaching implications, not just for him personally, but the rest of the fraternity and sorority. In sporting parlance Scott was going to 'have take one for the team', besides how bad could it be? Denise was not an athlete like Naomi, she could not possibly spank that hard.

Scott spread his arms and opened his hands "Go on, do your worst."

"I rather think I'm going to give you my best, young man." Denise said as she seated herself on the bed where not long ago Scott had been tanning Heather's backside.

Unsure of what to do now Scott stood awkwardly in front of Denise and started to bend over her lap. "What do you think you're doing?" the girl asked.

"You're going to spank me, don't you want to do it over your knee?"

"Yes, I do, but you're going to lose the jeans first."

Scott stood up and stared at Denise "You have got to be joking."

Denise put her head to one side and looked up at the frat boy "Do I look like I'm joking?"

Scott sighed "No."

"Lose the denims, Scotty."

Huffing and puffing Scott unsnapped the buttons on his jeans, dropped them to his ankles and then kicked them off.

"Pick them up and put them on a chair." Denise directed.

Scott frowned, but did as he was told.

"Now the boxers." Denise ordered.

"No." Scott said flatly.

"You spanked Heather on the bare bottom." Denise told him.

"That was different." Scott protested.

"I fail to see how."

"It was." Scott insisted.

"We'll make a deal, get over my knee, then I'll pull them down, so your rear is bare."

"Okay." Scott agreed and settled himself across Denise's waiting lap.

"Such a baby," Denise clucked to herself once the boy was draped across her thighs, "doesn't want Aunty Denise to see what he's got." she put her fingers into the waistband of his boxer shorts and folded them back  so that Scott's bare bottom was exposed.

Scott could feel Denise's warm thighs through the thin material of his underwear and another part of his anatomy was becoming uncomfortably aware of the feel. Blushing furiously Scott felt his manhood rise and begin to push insistently against Denise's leg.

Denise felt the pressure and frowned as she realised what it was, but told Scott calmly. "I'll soon put your thoughts elsewhere, naughty boy."

Denise treated herself to a good look at Scott's firm, round muscular behind, which still bore some pinkness from the fraternity's regular Friday night paddling and then brought her slim hand down hard across Scott's right buttock, she left the hand there for a second to imprint the sting of the blow. It had hurt more than Scott had expected, but he was not going to give Denise the satisfaction of any reaction other than a grunt. The sound of Denise's hand impacting across the left cheek rang out around the room and Scott again grunted, he also felt his member begin to shrivel rapidly in his pants as his mind was made clearly aware that this was not a pleasurable activity.

As Scott's backside reddened and heated under Denise's mercilessly hard and accurate palm the boy began to squirm involuntarily and his grunts had turned into gasps. The girl was stronger and a far more talented spanker than he ever would have given her credit for. No wonder the four first years who had spent a week at the sorority house earlier in the year were so deferential to Denise and her three fellow big sisters, they knew just how seriously these ladies could burn a bottom. Denise was finding it difficult to hold Scott in place, he was bigger than any of the girls and stronger, now that he was wriggling she was hard put to keep him over her lap, she stopped smacking, caught her breath, wiped perspiration from her brow with the back of her hand and said "I hope you're learning your lesson, young man."

"Yes, Denise." Scott replied, grateful that she had paused in her smacking, then he yelped "Owwww!" as her hand stuck his upper thighs hard and she reprimanded him "That is ma'am or Miss Denise until I tell you otherwise, Scotty."

"Yes ma'am." Scott ground out from between gritted teeth.

"You may get up now, but do not cover up or attempt to rub your bottom." Denise told him.

Scott maneuvered himself off Denise's lap and stood in front of her, feeling an uncomfortable sting and burn in his hindquarters.

"I do hope you now know the consequences of overstepping your authority." Denise said primly.

"Yes, Miss Denise." Scott replied contritely. "I won't do it again."

"Good. Now turn around so Aunty Denise can have a good look at her handiwork."

Scowling Scott turned obediently and stood at attention while Denise cooed and made remarks over the state of his rump, she even squeezed each cheek gently with her non spanking hand commenting "Oh, they're simmering nicely."

Scott stood there for some time, wondering how long she would keep the humiliation up when the girl said "Go to my dresser please, Scott and bring me the slipper on top of it."


Scott's eyes snapped open, this sounded ominous "The slipper ma'am? What for?"

"So I can slipper your bottom, silly boy, Whatever else would I want my spanking slipper for?"

"We're not done?" Scott asked, fighting hard to keep the disbelief from his voice. "I only hand spanked Heather."

"You're not Heather and who knows what you would have done to her had I not come to investigate. You're going to get extra for failing to address me as ma'am or miss, too."

"The slipper, but I... my bottom... Miss Denise..."

"You're being very childish about this, Scott. Now bring me the slipper and get back over my lap, you can lose the shorts as well, they're just going to get in the way."

Scott was going to argue as he felt Denise was taking this way too far, but then she murmured "I wonder what a double paddling would feel like? One from Howard and one from Stevie. Stevie paddles dreadfully hard you know."

The mention of the two rulers of the houses was all it needed to break Scott's firming resolve. He let his boxers slide down his legs and stepped out of them, picked up the slipper from the top of the dresser and head down handed it to Denise. The girl accepted it with the comment "See how easy it is when you do what you're told, sweetie?"

Denise patted her lap "Back over you go,young man."

Breathing hard, Scott lowered himself over the curly haired girl's lap again. Denise shifted so that she had his glowing bottom where she wanted it. Scott squirmed in an effort to shield his buttocks from the slipper's sole and was rewarded with a hard slap to his thighs for his troubles. Scott let out a hiss of pain and heard Denise's scolding voice "You move when I tell you to move, do you understand me, Scotty?"

"Yes ma'am." the boy whimpered.

"Good, now settle down and get comfy because you're going to be here for a while."

That sounded rather ominous to Scott, Denise was an experienced spanker, not only the actual administration of the slaps and familiarity with the implement/s and positions, but also the scolding and the control words. She must have gotten a lot of practice in the house, possibly she had younger siblings or cousins. As he was shifted into position and felt the slipper's flat, hard, but flexible leather sole dragged teasingly across his still throbbing buttocks Scott remembered the last time he had found himself in this position over a lady's lap. He had still been in grade school, he could not remember the grade or even the teacher's name, but she had been a pretty, young brunette, she had often joked about spanking her students, but no one thought she would ever really do it. Scott pushed her a little too far and found out that she was not all talk. Scott was the only child she spanked that year, but he heard that at least one of her students ended up over her lap on the wrong side of her slipper each year. Idly as he waited for Denise to commence the slippering he wondered if she was as good as that teacher had been at it and how humiliating this particular way of being disciplined was at his age.

Scott heard the impact of the slipper before he actually felt it, then a fiery flash shot across his left buttock. The fraternity boy let out a yelp and then kicked his legs as Denise slapped the slipper's hard, but flexible sole across the left cheek. The hand spanking had not only warmed his bottom up it had also tenderized it, the rest between paddlings had only served to intensify the slippering. Denise settled into a steady rhythm. Right cheek, left cheek, then one stinger in the middle. Just as Scott was gauging the tempo and beginning to roll his glowing backside to avoid the bulk of the impact Denise switched target areas, smacking her slipper smartly across the boy's upper thighs. Scott could not help it and his tears started to flow.

"You are moving far too much, young man!" Denise told the boy over her thighs, punctuating each word with a stinging stroke from the slipper, then she placed one of her legs over Scott's kicking ones and effectively clamped him in place, preventing further kicking. After some time Denise heard Scott's sobbing, she set the slipper down and asked "Are you crying, darling?"

"Yes, Aunty Denise." Scott blubbered.

"Oh you poor baby. You've had a good hard spanking and have learned your lesson." she removed her leg and used a tissue to wiper brow, she was perspiring, spanking boys was hard work. "Up you get." she helped Scott to his feet and then giggled as she saw his penis sticking out hard and proud in front of him. "Well not all of you didn't like the slippering." Scott blushed deeply. "Go to my bathroom, take care of that, then come back out and stand in the corner. If you're good maybe I'll soothe that steaming heinie for you."

While Scott was going through his ordeal upstairs, Phi Gamma Beta first year Amy Mathieson was plotting. The sweet natured redhead had a fledgling relationship with Phi Sigma Tau first year Colin Williams. The bespectacled science student was a good fit for Amy, but at times she wished he would take more initiative. Her friend Jessica had a similar thing going with Colin's frat brother Matthew, but they had taken things to the next level. Amy and Colin kissed and cuddled, but Colin seemed almost frightened to go beyond that point. Amy wanted more and she had decided that the only way it was going to happen was if she drove it. She had picked tonight as the night to do this.

Colin was standing on one side of some of the dancers, swaying in time to the music. Amy danced over and came up behind Colin, she put her arms around him and blew in his ear. There was a delighted giggle from the redhead when the shy boy jumped and nearly spilled his drink.

"Colin, put the drink down and turn around." Amy commanded. Colin frowned, but did as he was told. Amy was a very nice girl, but Colin had seen and experienced first hand what she could do if she were pushed and it had not been a pleasant experience or one he was keen to repeat.

"We need to talk, darling." Amy told her boyfriend, clear green eyes holding him in place.

"What about?" Colin asked, licking suddenly dry lips and wishing that he had kept his drink.


"Us?" Colin echoed.

A smile played across Amy's pink lips "Let's go upstairs and finish this talk in my room."

"Aren't the rooms off limits?"

"Only to you, silly boy. It's my room, it's not off limits to me and I've invited you, so as my guest it's not off limits to you any more, either."

"Won't people wonder where we are?"

Amy gestured around the party "Do you honestly think anyone will even notice we're not here?"

"I guess not." Colin conceded.

Amy took Colin's hand in hers and began to pull him up the stairs urging "Let's go!"

Colin followed, but was obviously nervous, continually looking around to see if anyone else was watching them. Amy found it necessary to keep tugging on his hand to encourage him up the stairs. Colin relaxed a little once they arrived on the deserted landing, and hurried behind Amy to get to the relative UNSEEN safety of her room. Once inside Amy shut the door and leaned against it, watching the fidgeting Colin with amusement, her green eyes sparkling mischieviously.

"Why do you think I brought you up here, Colin?" she asked demurely.

"You said to have fun." a confused and nervy Colin answered, unconsciously fiddling with the arm of his glasses.

"What do you think fun means?"

"I dunno," Colin whined, "Amy, can't we just....."

"Colin!" Amy snapped, losing patience, he could not possibly be this dense!

"I know you're nervous, but nothing will happen, no one will find us. Do you want to take our relationship to the next level?"

Behind his spectacles the boy's eyes widened and he asked in a whisper "You mean...?"

He did not have to finish the question before Amy nodded enthusiastically.

"Oh wow!" Colin exclaimed in awed tones. "How are we going to do it?"

Amy rolled her eyes, but replied as patiently as she could "Colin, we're in a bedroom. There are two beds here, admittedly they're both singles, so it may be a little squishy, but it'll work. I'd advocate doing it in my bed, because Naomi is likely to ask some questions if we mess up her bed. If you want to do it somewhere else I guess we could try the floor, but I think it may be uncomfortable and we don't want to stain the rug."

Colin had to laugh. That was something he and Amy had in common, they both tended to run off at the mouth when they were nervous. It made him feel better to know that despite her exterior appearance Amy was as nervous as he was.

Colin looked at the neatly made waiting bed and wondered out loud "Do we both get undressed or what?" Amy's perfect white teeth worried her lower lip. Beyond getting Colin into her room she had not thought this out at all. The girl was no stranger to male nudity, the boys had regularly been stripped for punishment in the week they had spent in the house, but this situation was totally different.

"Ummmm... maybe if I get under the covers and strip there while you get down to your boxers and we'll take care of the underwear once we're in bed." she suggested. Colin nodded slowly. That seemed to be the most sensible course of action.

Colin began to disrobe while Amy slipped into bed and divested herself of all clothing apart from her bra and panties. Colin stood in his briefs and shivered a little, then smiled at Amy, who was laying back in the bed seductively. Amy's green eyes looked at him, then she crooked a finger at him, summoning him under the covers with her. Colin slid in beside her and almost the moment his skin contacted hers his member came to life.

"Colin!" Amy squealed.

"Sorry." the boy muttered, his cheeks aflame.

"Well, it is what I wanted." Amy giggled. The two of them cuddled for a moment and kissed. Amy reached behind her back, and with deft practiced movements of her fingers unsnapped her bra, and tossed it onto the floor. Colin felt the girl's small, but nicely formed breasts press against his chest and gasped "Oh my God!"

"Easy, easy." Amy cautioned, hoping that he would not get too excited too early. "Do you want me to help you off with your briefs?" she queried.

"Uhhhh no," Colin croaked, "I don't think that would be the best idea at the moment, Amy."

At first the redhead was confused, then feeling his hardness press insistently against her thigh through the thin material of his underwear she understood what he meant and moved away as far as the narrow bed would allow to give Colin time to compose himself a little.

Naomi looked around and wondered where her 'little sis' Amy was. Shauna was getting entrants for the limbo competition and the PGB senior thought her first year 'sister' may like to enter, but she had gone missing. Strangely enough Colin was also nowhere to be seen. They had to be together. Naomi was sure of that, but where were they? She doubted they would have gone outside or to the fraternity house. Colin's natural paranoia and fear of being discovered and that punishment for leaving the sorority would likely be more severe than if they remained in it would have seen to that. The most likely place the two youngsters would have gone for a private canoodling session would have been to the room that Naomi shared with Amy. Naomi turned and headed up the stairs.

Colin and Amy were in each other's arms again and Amy had just whispered "Pants off now" to her boyfriend when the rooms door flew open and a shocked Colin looked up to see a less than impressed Naomi entering. As the words "What are you two up to?" left the tall brunette's mouth, Colin shot out of the bed, and fled to the window where he stood shivering, quailing under Naomi's blazing glare.

"N'omi!" Amy exclaimed, so shocked by her 'big sisters' unexpected appearance that she unconsciously used the childish nickname that she generally only uttered when it was just the two of them.

"Get out of the bed, Amy." Naomi commanded.

"I'm not wearing my bra." Amy shyly confided to Naomi.

"Then put it on, silly girl."

"Ummmm..." Amy prevaricated, "it's over there." and she waved a hand vaguely in the direction of the window. Naomi looked across, and saw the discarded item of underwear on the floor near Colin's feet.

"Colin?" she asked. The frightened boy looked at her. "Amy's bra, please dear, toss it over here." With a gulp, Colin picked up the bra and held it like a live snake, before throwing it to Naomi. The volleyballer caught it and handed it to Amy. The redhead murmured her thanks, put it on and then scrambled out of bed to join her boyfriend by the window.

Naomi regarded them both, let out one long breath and said "Well, well, well." Both Amy and Colin gulped, and a familiar tingle went through their bottoms. It was the same tingle that they experienced on Friday nights just before they were paddled. "Did you honestly think you could get away with this?"

"We didn't really think, ma'am." Colin offered.

"I'm sure you didn't Colin, but I bet my little Amy did. You planned this, didn't you, young lady?"

"Yes, Naomi." Amy admitted, looking at her toes.

"That will be ma'am or Aunty Naomi until this is done, little girl. Do you understand me?"

"Yes ma'am." Amy whispered, knowing that she was going to be very soundly spanked very soon.

Naomi took a seat and regarded the two first years, then she began her lecture.

"I'm going to spank the both of you, make no mistake about that. It's going to be long and hard and it is going to hurt, but before I set your bottoms on fire I want you both to understand exactly why you're being punished." Colin and Amy were confused. As far as they understood, there was one reason they were going to have their backsides smacked to a hot, scorching lobster red, and that was because they had attempted to have sex with each other. "How far did you get?" Naomi asked. "I'm assuming because Colin still has his briefs on that no actual penetration took place."

"No, ma'am." the two replied, their cheeks catching flame at Naomi's direct language.

"Well, that's one good thing." the raven haired senior said. "I'm not spanking you for trying to have sex. That's a pretty natural urge at your age. Frankly I'd be worried if you weren't at least thinking about it. What you need to learn is that there is a time and a place for this sort of thing and that some forethought needs to go into it. The time and the place is not in the middle of a party at the sorority house. If you feel the need for some intimate time together then try to find a time when you are absolutely sure that the sorority house or the fraternity house is going to be deserted, and for God's sake make sure that someone else, preferably a senior knows what you're planning, because can you imagine the consequences if Stevie or Howard walked in on you?" A visible shudder went through both Colin and Amy at the thought of being busted by the strict black housemother or the stern housemaster. "I see that you can." Naomi stated, seeing the reaction. "I would suggest not using either of the houses if it can be avoided. You'd be better off getting a motel room for a few hours or even see if there's a friend, preferably off campus, who can loan you their room for an afternoon or something." Amy's mouth dropped open at how openly Naomi was discussing this. "Oh, shut your mouth, Amy!" Naomi snapped. "You'll catch flies. I'm not a virgin and I'm not an idiot. That brings me to my second point about making plans. Colin do you have any protection?"

"Protection, ma'am?" the boy stammered.

"French letters, rubbers, condoms, prophylactics." Naomi reeled off.

"Ummmm no, Miss Naomi." Naomi shook her head despairingly "Of every boy in that house you are probably the only one who doesn't carry at least one around in his wallet. Go and buy some, Colin." the boy blushed. "You can get them over the counter in supermarkets," Naomi advised, "and if you are too shy then just ask one of your frat brothers for one. I'd be very surprised if Pat and Gordon don't have at least a few they can spare."

"Yes ma'am." Colin replied.

"Good boy," Naomi complimented him before turning her attention back to Amy, "as for you, young lady. I know you're not on the pill. We're going to rectify that on Monday. I know a good doctor. I'll take you to him and we'll get that sorted out."

"Yes, Aunty Naomi." Amy said obediently and then interjected "Colin and I haven't got anything, though. We're both virgins."

"Amy!" Colin squealed.

"Well, I know I'm one and I don't care if Naomi knows."

"Amy, sweetness, I think Colin, being a young man, is a little more sensitive about the matter being broadcast to me than you are. It's okay Colin, sweetie, I won't tell anyone, promise. For your information Amy I wasn't concerned about either of you giving the other an STD. I don't think you want to get pregnant?"

"Well no, ma'am."

"No, if you had fallen pregnant, and do not dare say it won't happen to me, I'm sure the welfare offices are full of teenagers who said and thought that, what would you have done then?"

"I'm not sure. Keep it, I guess, ma'am."

"Keep it? So you'd be willing to give up the sorority and school? Because I know Stevie wouldn't have let you remain in the house, we're not set up for it, and you couldn't keep up your studies and look after a baby at the same time. Would you have done the right thing and looked after your girlfriend, Colin?"

"Yes ma'am!" Colin answered very definitely and proudly.

"Then you would have had to give up school too and get some dead end job just to make ends meet and the two of your probably would have wound up resenting each other and the baby that caused it all. Do you see what I'm getting at?"

"Yes, ma'am." Amy and Colin chorused.

"Good," Naomi said firmly, "because now you know why you're very soon going to be two extremely sorry first years."

"Aunty Naomi?" Colin asked, even putting his hand in the air. Naomi suppressed a smile, the bespectacled first year was absolutely adorable in the way he behaved.

"Yes, Colin."

"I need to go to the bathroom, ma'am."

"Of course you do, sweetheart. Off you go, I'd rather you take care of it now than lose control over my lap. Amy, once Colin has returned you can do the same. I know you're prone to bladder problems when you're being spanked." As Colin went to the toilet, Amy's face turned the same colour as her hair. She had wet once when being paddled, it was a hot day and she had drunk a lot of water. Admittedly Stevie had been very nice about it, although Amy had been put in diapers for the night.

Once both Amy and Colin had emptied their bladders, and Colin's glasses had been placed lenses up on the dressing table, Naomi sat on the bed and regarded the two of them. "I know it's normally ladies before gentlemen, but on this occasion we can alter the tradition. Come to me, please Colin." On wobbly legs Colin walked to Naomi. The tall volleyballer had spanked him before, he had taken a journey over her lap during his week in the house, he doubted there was a girl in Phi Gamma Beta who could spank harder, it was not an experience he had ever wanted to repeat. Naomi hooked her index and forefingers into the waistband of the slight boy's briefs and drew him closer to her.

"Do they have to come down, ma'am?" Colin asked, knowing what the answer would be.

"Is that a rhetorical question, dear?" Naomi said, her clear green eyes looking at the boy.

Colin sighed, "Could you please wait until I'm over your lap, ma'am?" Colin requested.

"You're shy. Isn't that sweet? Okay, darling, yes I can do this once you're bottoms up. Let's turn you over now." and Naomi expertly up ended the boy into her lap, settled him into the centre and then ordered gently "Lift up." Colin raised his hips obediently, and whimpered as Naomi eased his briefs over the taut slightly pink globes of his buttocks, noting that they still bore the flush of the fraternity's Friday night paddling and his participation in the Pin the Paddle on the Pledge game, and settled them around his knee hollows. "Good boy." she complimented him on his obedience. "You can lower again." As Colin relaxed into Naomi's warm lap, the girl looked up at Amy, "Get your nose into the corner Amy Diane and do not let me catch you peeking." Amy turned and stared at the wall.

Naomi slid her hand across the round, slightly pink pair of cheeks in her lap, and then squeezed each hemisphere gently. Colin squirmed and the senior felt the boy's member harden in his briefs. Naomi frowned, and then realised that she was the cause of the arousal, and should concentrate on the task at hand. Her palm swept down and cracked hard across the centre of the young man's buttocks. The area turned white and then flared red. The spank made a sound like a gunshot and Amy flinched in the corner. The second blow landed just as the sting from the first one registered. Colin gasped, but did not cry out. As Naomi's hard experienced hand bounced from one cheek to the other, the bottom under her stern ministrations began to glow, and Colin wriggled to try and extinguish the fire that had been lit there, he also grunted with each sizzling smack. Naomi knew that he was trying to be brave and not cry. She did not intend to stop warming the boy up by hand until he broke down and gave her some tears. Colin was attempting to prove that he was as tough as his frat brothers, most of whom would stoically refuse to allow a mere girl to make them cry with just her hand, he was also doing this to impress Amy and make her own punishment a little easier to endure. "There's no shame in crying, sweetheart." Naomi informed Colin sweetly. "You just let it all out for Aunty Naomi." she coaxed. Hearing the voice and feeling the rising heat and burning sting Colin could not help it, and as Naomi spanked on, his resolve broke and a tear slid from one eye and trickled down his cheek, it was soon followed by a twin from the other eye. A smile lit Naomi's determined face and she stopped spanking, resting her palm on one smouldering buttock.

"Amy," the stern senior said clearly, and the trembling girl lifted her head, "you may leave the corner. Go to the lingerie chest," hearing the word 'lingerie' Colin's shaft came back to life over Naomi's warm lap, the woman mentally kicked herself for not referring to the item of furniture as a tall boy, "pick up my hairbrush and bring it to me." Naomi had two hairbrushes, one was used for brushing hair, the other was used for smacking bottoms. Amy's small hand closed around the shaft of her 'big sisters' satinwood hairbrush, it was a light coloured wood that had been polished to a high sheen and contrasted nicely with a bottom that had been spanked to a rich glowing cherry red. "Thank you, Amy." Naomi said politely as she accepted the brush. "Go back to your corner, please." Head down, Amy turned and plodded back to the corner, pressing in when she got there. Colin felt the brushes smooth, flat, cool back glide across his steaming buttocks, and started to cry harder immediately, knowing what was coming.

Naomi did not see any point in teasing or prolonging the boy's agony and diligently began to apply the back of the brush to his buttocks. In no time at all Colin was bucking and roaring over Naomi's lap and she had to work hard to simultaneously hold him in place and administer the brush. Tears streamed down his cheeks and his nose started to run, his legs flailed wildly, although their movement was hampered by the underpants tangled around his knees. Colin's buttocks were soon a scorching, shimmering lobster red, as the brush scalded them mercilessly.

"I'm soreeee Aunteeee Naomi!" Colin wailed.

"What are you sorry about, young man?" Naomi asked, the swinging brush not missing a beat.

"For not taking precautions and skipping out on the party." Colin blubbered.

"Good boy." Naomi said warmly, setting the brush down on the boy's roasting backside. "Just cry it out, darling." she told him as he lay limply over her lap and bawled. After a few minutes Naomi judged that crying time was over, lifted the brush and helped Colin to his feet. She held his arms by his side and looked into his face. "My, don't we look a sight?" she asked. Colin sniffled by way of reply. Naomi plucked a tissue from a nearby box, she wiped Colin's tears away and cleaned his face, she disposed of the tissue and got another one. She held this to Colin's nose and instructed gently "Blow." Colin noisily cleared the contents of his nose into it and Naomi threw that one away as well. "Into the corner now." when Colin hesitated unsurely, Naomi turned him around and sent him scurrying to the corner with a firm smack to his superheated rump and the command "Scoot!"

Amy had hated hearing her boyfriend being spanked, but now that it was over it meant there was nothing to delay her own chastisement. Naomi's voice sounded like the knell of doom. "Turn around, Amy Diane and come to me, please." Amy took a deep breath and walked to where her 'big sister' was perched on the side of the bed. Naomi's expression was stern, and Amy knew that she could expect no mercy. Naomi was extremely irritated with her 'little sister'. She knew that this entire episode had been Amy's idea, and that the normally well behaved redhead had engineered this, and gotten her sensitive boyfriend spanked into the bargain. Naomi intended to really scorch the girl's tender rear end.

Amy looked down at Naomi and started to cry, tears slipping out from under her lashes, and trickling down her cheeks. Naomi shook her head and said ominously "I'll soon give you something to cry about, young lady." Amy sobbed as Naomi hooked her thumbs into the waistband of the younger girl's panties and slid them over her shapely buttocks and down her legs to puddle around her ankles. She took hold of Amy's slender wrist and tugged gently with the words "Over my knee, little girl." Amy obediently bent over Naomi's firmly muscled thigh and obligingly shifted up so that Naomi could arrange her with the bottom in the centre of the waiting lap.

Naomi looked down and saw that Amy's soft pink orbs were twitching in anticipation of the stinging, burning pain that was soon to be visited on them. CRACK! the first slap rang out and Amy's left cheek flattened under Naomi's hard palm and a perfect handprint flared red across the hemisphere. Naomi's second slap was delivered across the redhead's right cheek and it soon had a hot red handprint to match it's twin. Naomi spanked methodically. Left cheek, right cheek, centre, but she kept Amy guessing by varying her pace and landing the spanks on different parts of the rapidly reddening, madly wriggling bottom.

Although Naomi derived no enjoyment from spanking her 'little sister' she was determined to make this a long hard punishment for the girl. Amy's tears were flowing steadily and she could feel the temperature swiftly rising in her squirming hindquarters, which Naomi's efficient palm had turned a fetching strawberry colour. The shade of Amy's pert behind almost matched that of her mane of short flaming red hair, and if Naomi had anything to do with it the bottom would soon be a good deal redder than the hair.

After what seemed like an eternity Naomi's hand stopped smacking Amy's superheated backside. Amy sobbed and breathed a sigh. Her relief was short lived and the tears began anew as the bristles of the satinwood spanking brush were drawn teasingly across her glowing nether regions. "No, Naomi," she wailed, "not the brush. Not that. Please!"

"Young lady," Naomi told her in a loud voice, "you, unless I miss my guess, were more to blame for this than Colin and he was brushed very soundly indeed. Why should I spare you that?"

"You shouldn't, ma'am." the girl murmured, sounding ashamed.

"Seeing as we agree on that point, Amy Diane, why don't you ask me nicely for your spanking with my hairbrush?" Amy closed her eyes tight and took a deep shuddering breath. Naomi had phrased it as a request, but it was a command. She could disobey it, but that would only earn her a longer, harder spanking. Amy stammered out "Can you please spank my naughty bottom with your hairbrush, Aunty Naomi?"

"I'd be delighted to do that, darling." Naomi responded, as she lifted the brush high.

For the next few minutes the only sounds that could be heard in the room were the splats and cracks that the brush made on it's downwards journey to the boiling bottom cheeks nestled in Naomi's lap and the lusty howls of it's miserable occupant. Amy's world had narrowed to the burning scarlet balls of pain that were her buttocks and the searing kiss of the horrid brush. That was until Naomi decided to go to work on Amy's 'sit spots'; that tender area where thighs and buttocks met. Amy roared and rolled as she desperately tried to avoid the brush and protect her upper thighs. Once the creamy white areas were the same shade of crimson as the rest of the bottom Naomi set the brush down. Amy lay over her lap, hiccoughing and sobbing, hoping that her ordeal was over.

"Stand up, please Amy." Amy got to her feet stiffly and stood shakily mumbling "Oh thank God."

"I wouldn't be doing that just now, darling. We're not done yet." Naomi told the well spanked girl. Amy's face fell. "Go fetch your paddle, please, Amy." Naomi ordered.

"Do we have to, Naomi?"

"We don't have to do anything, Amy, but I'll lose a good deal of the respect I have for you if you don't accept your punishment like an adult. You've already acted like a foolish child once this evening." Amy stood there, and the tears started to flow again, she felt truly ashamed and angry with herself for letting Naomi down. Wordlessly she turned and shuffled across the room to her bed, where on the wall above it hung a red sorority paddle, the sorority's Greek letters were picked out in yellow and the handle had the neat lettering Amy on it. Amy took the paddle down and holding it in both hands offered it to Naomi. "Thank you, dear. Bend over the bed, please and push your bottom up good and high for Aunty Naomi." Amy did as she was told and felt her backside ache as she straightened her legs, which tightened the abused gluteal muscles.

Naomi stood behind Amy, legs spread, feet planted, paddle dangling carelessly from one hand as she examined the target and tried to decide where to strike first. "You will count them and thank me for each one, Amy. Do you understand?"

"Yes ma'am." Amy whispered, her voice barely audible.

"What do you understand?"

"That I will count each stroke and thank you for them, Miss Naomi."

"Good girl." Naomi said approvingly, raising the paddle.

The blade of wood sang through the air and solidly connected with Amy's blazing bottom solidly. There was a loud thwack and a howl from Amy.

"One! Thank you, Miss Naomi."

"Keep careful count, sweetheart. If you miss we'll have to start over again and you don't want that." The next stroke caught the under hang of Amy's buttocks and lifted her onto her toes "Two!" she roared and sobbed "Thank you, ma'am." Naomi gave Amy the benefit of eight bottom roasting strokes and was pleased to see that her 'little sister' held position, managed to count them all correctly and remembered to thank her for each one. It was a feat that she doubted any of her fellow first years, except maybe Emma, could have replicated.

Naomi stepped back and looked at Amy's buttocks, which now resembled a fiery sunset. "Do you know why I did what I just did, Amy?" Naomi asked.

"Because I made Colin get into bed with me." Amy whimpered.

"And?" Naomi prompted gently. "And I didn't think about the consequences and was rude to the sorority by leaving the party."

"Good girl, very good girl." Naomi complimented Amy warmly.

"Is my paddling over?" Amy asked in a small voice.

"Yes, it is darling." Naomi informed her. As the tall volleyballer returned the paddle to its usual place above Amy's bed, Amy collapsed over Naomi's bed and soaked the duvet with her tears. Naomi let her cry and then instructed "Go and join Colin in the corner, please Amy. I will let you both know when you can come out."

Naomi took a bottle of water from the little bar fridge that the girls had in their room, poured herself a glass and sat in the rocking chair, to sip her water and admire her handiwork on the two twitching fiery red bottoms in the corner, as Amy and Colin served their corner time. When she had finished her glass of water, she set the glass down and said "Amy, Colin, turn around and face me." The two first years turned and looked at Naomi. She smiled at them both and "Come to Aunty Naomi." she held her arms out. Colin and Amy gratefully ran to the comfort of the senior's embrace. Naomi cuddled both of them for a few moments, enjoying the feel of the wet cheeks on her bosom and occasionally rubbing their still steaming cheeks fondly.

Once the two of them were dressed again and their faces had been scrubbed free of the evidence of tears, Naomi explained what their next move was. "Colin, I'm going to tell anyone who asks that you have an upset tummy. Amy and I will escort you back to the frat house and put you to bed. Amy, after that you and I will return here. You will tell everyone that you have a headache and I will put you to bed."

"But I was going to go in the limbo competition!" Amy protested.

"Amy, you have a very sore bottom right now, I can make it a good deal sorer. Do you want that?"

"No ma'am." Amy replied, looking at her feet and drawing a circle on the floor with a toe.

"There will be other parties and other games, Amy sweetness. You made a silly choice tonight and your aching tush and an early bedtime are your penance."

"Yes, Aunty Naomi."

"Let's get you home, Colin, and tucked into bed." Naomi said brightly as she took each first year by the hand and left the room.

After tucking Amy into bed Naomi went downstairs to rejoin the party, and met Shauna, who was busily organising the limbo competition. "Is Amy okay?" the blonde cheerleader asked her fellow senior.

"She'll be fine, it was a headache, it's been a full day for her."

"Oh good!" Shauna exclaimed brightly. "Amy's such a honey! I'd hate for her to be sick. Are you in the limbo competition?"

"I was planning on it."

"Great! Everybody thinks Pat will win it, but with Emma and Gordon taking out the Twister tournament someone has to uphold the seniors pride."

The boy Shauna had mentioned; Pat, was a dance major at the school, he also held a black belt in karate, something that had helped him growing up when anyone decided to take issue with his dancing. Pat was tall and slender, with long, well muscled dancers legs, he was a good looking boy with a carefully cultivated stubble on his square jaw. He fully expected to win the competition, but he was not without opponents that he had to take seriously, despite his usual self confidence. Naomi was one of the threats, she was tall and slim, her athletic pursuits gave her strength and flexibility. Pat expected the most serious competition, though to be provided by two other first years. One was his frat brother Gordon, his gymnastic ability gave him the flexibility required in the dance competition, but the game of Twister earlier had taken the edge off the blond gymnast. The other first year was one of the PGB girls' Sally Fairweather, the bubbly blonde sister was definitely scatter brained at times, but she had taken up dancing in a serious way and she had trained for this competition, she had voiced her intention to defeat Pat at his own game more than once.

To spice up the game there was more at stake than pride. This was another of Shauna's initiatives. The winner received a 'slave' for the week. Anyone who competed was eligible to be chosen as the winner's prize. To Shauna's surprise, and some of the contestants delight, Stevie and Howard had elected to try their luck. They were not expected to win, so this made them possible 'slaves', although anyone unwise enough to select them could well find themselves subject to retribution in the future.

Once the game had been set up, and the music ready to go on the iPod that had provided most of the mixers music, Shauna clapped her hands to get everyone's attention. The cheerleaders clapping did not quell the din and Howard was forced to use his loud voice to bellow "A bit of shush, please!"

"Thank you Howard." Shauna told the housemaster with a blush and then stepped in front of the limbo pole to tell everyone about the contest. "The rules are pretty simple. After each pass we lower the pole slightly. If you touch the pole with any part of your body on the way through you're out. The winner is the person who is the last one left still alive. The part of the game I know you all want to hear about is the prize for the winner." Shauna grinned at her eager audience. "Everyone who competes is eligible to be chosen as a 'slave' by the winner. Only one person is allowed to be chosen as the 'slave'. The period of servitude is for one week and it can be taken from any point the winner wishes. The 'slave' must do as instructed by his or her master or mistress for a week, 'slaves' are not allowed to perform any duties that are illegal by the laws of the campus or the state and they can request exemption from a duty that may affect their studies, Stevie and Howard can be called in to adjudicate if it is deemed necessary. Everybody clear?" there were nods from the assembled crowd. "Cool." Shauna said and then shouted "Let's limbo!"

It only took a few passes to separate the genuine contenders from the also rans. It had become apparent to most observers that Pat, Naomi, Gordon and Sally were the ones to beat. As the game continued and the pole got lower and lower the numbers of contestants were progressively thinned out until only those four remained.

"Go get 'em, kiddo!" Shauna encouraged Naomi as the pole was lowered another rung and the music started again. Naomi looked at the height of the pole, took a deep breath and started her approach. She knew some of the seniors were depending on her, but it was just a game and she had been lucky to make the last height. Pat, Gordon and Sally had all passed under it comfortably. Naomi's breasts had just cleared it when the girl realised her mistake, she had begun to lower too soon, she felt her legs go out from under her and landed on the floor with a muffled curse.

"You're out, Naomi." Shauna called, a regretful tone in her voice. "We're down to three people."

Gordon, Sally and Pat all made the height that had retired Naomi and got themselves ready for the next pass. Gordon could not help a sigh when he saw how low the bar now was. He had struggled with the last height and his body was beginning to feel the strain, both Pat and Sally looked fresh and neither of them had looked troubled yet. Gordon slid his head to get by, realised that he had turned too far, tried to correct himself and his shoulder hit the bar, dislodging it.

"That's your night, Gordon." Shauna told him. "Two to go."

Sally and Pat both slid past the height. Sally barely made it, but Pat still had room to spare. "You're going down, karate boy." the girl taunted the cocky dance major.

"Your butt is mine Fairweather and you know it." he retorted. As the final two contestants lined up and the bar was lowered again the girls were whispering encouragement in Sally's ear and the boys were slapping Pat's shoulder and wishing him luck. The honour of the houses was at stake.

Sally managed to get past her neck, but was unable to lower her chin quick enough and caught the bar with it, then lost her balance and fell flat on her back. Shauna stopped the music and announced "If Pat makes this height then he is the winner of the inaugural Phi Gamma Beta and Phi Sigma Tau limbo contest."

Pat looked at the bar with a good deal more confidence than he was actually feeling. He had practiced for this contest, but the pole was now lower than anything he had made in practice. This was not going to be easy. The dancer focussed on nothing but the bar, his legs swayed under it,then he concentrated on lowering his centre of gravity without overbalancing and dropped his hips to get past the bar, he sucked in his stomach and slid that by, squared his shoulders and his chest went under the length of dowel, step by step Pat eased his way past the obstacle. He felt his stubble actually contact the bar as his head went by the pole with agonising slowness. He heard Shauna shout "Winner!" Pat stood up gracefully, grinned at the clapping crowd and then punched the air with a triumphant "Yes!"

Shauna stood by Pat as the contestants lined up for him to choose his 'prize'. Although Pat had known from the moment the contest was announced that he was going to choose Sally he decided to make a few people sweat. Although Sally had been the one who gave him most grief in his week at the PGB house her 'big sister' Veronica had been in on it and he had also been on the wrong end of Stevie's paddle on more than one occasion. He eyeballed all three of them steadily as he walked past, he could not swear to it, but he was almost convinced that Stevie mouthed the words 'I dare you to do it, boy.' as he held her dark eyed gaze. Pat made two passes before tapping Sally on the shoulder and saying "You're mine, Betty." Sally gave a resigned sigh and stepped forward.

Shauna took the two of them into Stevie's study and produced a form for them to sign. "What is this?" Pat asked suspiciously as Shauna handed him a pen.

"It says that you will abide by the rules and that you won't ask Sally to do anything illegal or improper."

"Sounds fair," Pat said, as he leaned forward to sign it and then stopped asking, "what happens if she won't do something I ask her to do?"

"Such as?" both Shauna and Sally said asked simultaneously.

Pat shrugged "I dunno. Something reasonable, like carry my books, get me lunch, take notes during a lecture, that sort of thing. If she refuses can I punish her?"

There was a gleam in his eye that Sally definitely did not like. "Well, technically speaking she is breaking the contract and should expect punishment."

"So I can punish her?" Pat pressed.


"How?" Shauna looked flustered and Sally was worried, at that moment Stevie entered "Everything going well?" she inquired.

"Yes ma'am, but Pat has just posed an interesting question. I've told him that if Sally refuses to do something reasonable then he can punish her, but he wants to know how."

Stevie chuckled "Well, if she were a young lady under my control and she did not do as she was told I'd give her a good old fashioned seat warming."

"Stevie!" Sally wailed, alarm in her clear blue eyes.

"You agreed to fulfill a bargain Miss Fairweather, you accept the consequences of said bargain." Stevie told the flighty blonde, her dark eyes stern.

"Yes, ma'am." Sally said her eyes downcast, as she accepted the pen from Pat and signed the contract.

Once the contract had been signed Pat grinned and said to Sally "You might want to think about going to bed after this."

"Why?" the girl asked, her tone guarded.

"I was thinking of going for a run early tomorrow morning and I'll want breakfast waiting for me when I get back to the house. Eggs over easy, bacon, coffee and orange juice. You got that or do you want me to write it down for you?"

"No, I'll remember it," Sally replied through gritted teeth, "believe me, Patrick, I will remember it."

As the girls stood in the doorway of their house waving goodbye to their guests they all agreed that for good or bad it had been a mixer that would long live on in the memories of all members of both the fraternity and the sorority and that the boys would be hard pressed to better what the girls had achieved that evening.


  1. Auntie,

    Just amazing, have read this a number of times and just gets better and hotter, great story, wow.


  2. I'm so pleased you enjoyed it, Ron. I know how enamoured you were of the Spank Shop stories, so that you're reading these more than once and liking them is very important to me.

  3. Just read it yet again, same results, wow.


  4. Ron, even though I am not feeling the best today that comment puts a big smile on my face.