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Pounding the Beat - Bared Affair

This post from Bared Affair's archives looks at a community who put old fashioned policing back on the streets.

A look at how one town has handled loose morals exhibited by their youth

ROLLING HILLS (Minnesota), U.S.A. - This Midwestern town looks like a nice place to live, and it is particularly noticeable how polite and demure the young women are. One could be forgiven for thinking that they had walked onto the set of a 50's sitcom. However, this was not the case comparatively recently in this quiet little county seat of Medina County.

"In 2004, the girls of Rolling Hills were, to put it bluntly, out of control," said former mayor Sarah Fitzgerald. "They wore their pants far too low, flashed a great deal of flesh, many of them sported tattoos and piercings, despite the fact that most were underage. The town's tattoo and piercing parlour was one of its most successful businesses, along with the strip club," the one-time mayor said. But things changed when Janice Dickerson was elected as Medina County Sheriff.

"It was sad," Ms Dickerson said, "to see what had happened in Rolling Hills. This was my first posting as a young police woman, twenty years ago. Back then this was a lovely place. People were proud of their town and young people, especially the young ladies, knew their place and acted accordingly.

A pretty young secretary walked into the office and set down coffee for the tall, imposing Sheriff and her guest from the press. "Elaine," Sheriff Dickerson said, gesturing at the elegantly dressed blonde secretary as she left the office, "is one of my success stories. You might not guess it to look at her, but she used to think the only way she could make a living was to take off her clothes for strange men." To clean up the town, the imposing police officer explained, she had to get rid of a number of "unsavory" businesses. "The two biggest offenders were the strip club and the tattoo parlour. This was not the first town I had whipped into shape."

Sheriff Dickerson, 44, sipped her coffee delicately and continued her tale. "Tattooists and piercers have to obey and satisfy a number of health regulations, it was not hard to prove that the local parlour had not done so. The strip club took a little more work, but regular raids found that they had breached local liquor licensing regulations and that they had underage girls giving lap dances and pole dancing." Ms Dickerson's revamped police force chased them out of town. and the premises are under going renovation to reopen as a family friendly cinema.

Rolling Hills finest on parade.

How We Do Things Around Here

In the busy police station outside her office, Sheriff Dickerson introduced Sharlene Baker, a tall brunette who was dressed in the uniform of a patrol woman. "I will leave you in Officer Baker's capable hands to explain how we do things around here these days," she said crisply.

The dark-haired 30-year-old smiled and took a breath before explaining a form of law enforcement unique to Rolling Hills. "Sheriff Dickerson formed the 'beat squad'," the young officer said with a grin, "right after she ran the sleazy business owners out of town. Here on the force we had a backlash on our hands. It appeared that a bunch of the young ladies (I use the term loosely) that we were trying to protect had not taken too well to our initiatives."

Officer Baker chuckled as she compared her town's "beat squad" with the policing methods of older days. She explained that the town's female officers patrolled the streets, looking for girls aged between 16 and 25 who were flouting county morality laws. "Wearing their hipsters too low, flashing their breasts at passersby, being intoxicated, overly enthusiastic displays of affection in public, all those kinds of things," Officer Baker illustrated.

"Fortunately one of the local judges is a good friend of Sheriff Dickerson's and wanted this place cleaned up as badly as we did. If we brought in any girls on morality charges they were given an option. They could accept the beat squad's penalty or go up before the judge." Three cases of girls being given time in the lockup soon had the miscreants begging for the alternate penalty.

A petite blonde officer of 25, Rachel Carruthers, remarked as she walked past. "All the younger girls hate 'Spanking Sharlene'."

Officer Baker chuckled and said, "I am your superior officer, Rachel. Don't think I'd hesitate to paddle your pretty little patoot!"

Officer Carruthers rolled her eyes and winked at her colleague before putting her cap on and heading outside on her patrol. "The girls were told that they could take a spanking or go up in front of the judge," Miss Baker advised. "We had specialty items made, paddles, hairbrushes and even a strap. I only think one girl was ever strapped. After it got around, no one else ever wanted to do something bad enough to get it."

Three young ladies from Rolling Hills pay the price for their misbehaviour.

Just remembering the incident made Officer Baker wince. "Sheriff Dickerson strapped the girl, and she can really lay it on. What Rachel said is right, I was one of the first members of Sheriff Dickerson's beat squad and I do spank hard." Looking at Officer Sharlene Baker's firm toned thighs in her tight police pants gave one the impression that she was not lying when she made that claim. The young police officer then directed her attention to a punishment in progress.

From Girl Spanks Girl. Sherriff Dickerson does a demonstration for the local high school class.

Madison Arrowsmith, a twenty-year-old shop assistant, wailed out her displeasure as Officer Carol Henderson held her firmly across her lap and used a determined hand to spank the girl's chubby white cheeks to a scorching lobster red. "Can you hand me the brush please, Sharlene?" Officer Henderson asked, pausing in her chastisement to push a lock of her short brown hair out of her eyes.

Miss Arrowsmith's howling had quieted to soft sobbing while Officer Henderson rested and got herself ready to administer the remainder of the girl's punishment, taking the sturdy looking oval hairbrush that her colleague held out to her. The concert of squeals and yells recommenced with the first crisp smack of the brush across young Madison's tender glowing hindquarters.

"Madison was brought in for wearing a pair of hipsters that showed off pretty much most of her backside," Officer Baker explained as the girl jumped and squirmed over Officer Henderson's lap and under the flashing brush. "Ordinarily a hand spanking would suffice for that, especially as Carol can really spank up a storm once she gets a head of steam going. But this is the third time in a fortnight for Miss Madison and you really have to break the stubborn ones down! Besides, she was wearing a thong when we got her hipsters off, and she knows that they haven't been allowed since Sheriff Dickerson arrived in town."

Purpose Made Paddles in Action

A blubbering Miss Arrowsmith was escorted from the spanking chamber to put her cherry red bottom on display in the corner and cool down in an outer office. "I'll take our next customer, Carol," Miss Baker told her fellow officer. She took one of the purpose made paddles down from the wall and seated herself in the short backed chair that had just been vacated. As she prepared to deliver the next penalty, one of the waiting girls gave a different perspective on things.

Helen Carlson, 18, a brown haired high school senior, sighed when confronted with her imminent punishment. "I honestly don't know what the big deal is. I was kissing my boyfriend. Yes, there was tongue involved, but it wasn't that bad."

This poster found around town is believed to be the work of Helen Carlson.

"It was out the front of the diner, young lady," the recently returned Officer Rachel Carruthers reminded the high school student, "which is across from the playground. Do you want every child in this town to think that what you and your boyfriend were doing is acceptable behaviour in public? Wait until I get you into the chamber, my girl. My hairbrush is really going to roast that sassy little heinie."

"This is sooooo stupid!" Helen whined quietly and then jumped as a particularly loud crack of the paddle and answering howl from its unfortunate recipient came from the chamber. In the corner Madison Arrowsmith also jumped and her scarlet globes jiggled fetchingly. "We get spanked for everything," the teen continued. "You can't even buy hipsters in town any more. I wish I was registered to vote, because then Sheriff Dickerson would be out of office so fast it'd make your head spin!"

"It's not really that bad, Helen," argued Julia Maler, an attractive curly haired dark skinned seventeen year-old. "You just don't accept that what you did was wrong."

"Easy for you to say, Julia. You're just going to get a hand spanking from Officer [Jill] Hennessy for back chatting her."

"Yes, and it is going to hurt," Julia said, with a look at the long-limbed Miss Hennessy, a 23-year-old rookie patrolman. "But I like what Sheriff Dickerson has done. I didn't like the drunks and other unsavoury types coming out of the club at all hours. The tattoo parlour had bikers hanging around it and the piercing I got for my ears got infected and I had to have it redone. So you can't buy hipsters, big deal, they're on the way out anyway."

"It still sucks!" Helen Carlson retorted as she was hauled to her feet by Rachel Carruthers and dragged to the spanking chamber out of which was exiting a sobbing girl, furiously rubbing her crimson bottom before occupying the corner that had recently been vacated by Miss Arrowsmith.

From Hard Spanking Vixens. It's not just the young ladies who find themselves on the wrong side of the officer's paddles.

Rolling Hills a town where law enforcement is doing its best to win the battle with immorality and where pounding the beat takes on a whole new meaning.

Originally published in Bared Affair, Issue 4.06


  1. Bared Affair hits the mark once again, nice post, thanks and would love to move to that town!!

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  2. Thank you, Ron. We need more towns like Rolling Hills. I know my friend Constable Tania Wheeler would fit right in on their force.