Thursday, 8 September 2011

Redheaded Rita

As Kimberley mentioned yesterday I've not been feeling the best the last day or two, slowly getting better, at least I hope so.

One thing I like to do when I'm poorly is cuddle up in bed with a good old movie. I love the old 40's and 50's screen sirens. I think I may have been born into the wrong era.

Yesterday it was the turn of the lovely Rita Hayworth. Seen here in her prime.

Ahhh...sultry Rita, with her mane of flaming red locks.

Seeing her yesterday reminded me of an old photo I had seen of her. I couldn't locate it when I looked for something to illustrate this post. It was taken during WW II, and she had been voted best Mom away from home by the troops. She had a young soldier over her knee and was stitching his trousers. Lucky young man! I rather thought she should have removed his trousers and undertaken another maternal duty while she had him in that position. I can't imagine it would have taken long for her stern palm to turn his bottom the same colour as her much loved hair.

They don't make movie stars of the same stuff any more.


  1. Truly one of the greats. Love that red hair.

  2. The awesome and best red head ever and yes remember that photo. Great memory.

    Get better!

    Be well


  3. Thank you Joey and Ron. She was a truly gorgeous lady. Ron, thank you so much for remembering the photo, I was starting to think I dreamt it.

  4. Is this the image you're looking for?

    Lucky guy!

  5. Bowler and brolly thank you so much for your comment and the image. It wasn't quite the one I remember, but it is very close. They must have taken a few shots on the day.