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Twin Paddles - Glowing Globes Gazette

Glowing Globes Gazette

Before I post this story, some explanation is required (it's Kimberley Susan by the way, Aunty Andrea is ill and has left the running of the shop in the capable laps and hands of myself and Mum, while she is tucked into bed with a hot water bottle and a good book). The more eagle eyed amongst you will have noticed that there is a different young ladies roasted rear adorning our masthead. This is both mine and Aunty's idea, variety is the spice of life after all. The image comes from Firmhand Spankings. On with the article, which was written by Aunty Andrea herself and is the tour of a rather unique establishment she found on her recent travels.

Twin Paddles Resort

Whilst on vacation in Florida I was invited to Orlando as a guest of the Twin Paddles Resort and the attached theme park Over The Knee.

Orlando, Florida is the theme park capital of the world. It is home to Disneyworld, the network of theme parks owned by the Disney Corporation and the many resorts that the company also runs and owns. Along with this network there are also the twin Universal theme parks and Seaworld. There are a number of others and Over The Knee is fairly new, catering to the niche market of holiday seekers with an interest in spanking.

When compared to the larger parks such as Disney and Universal, OTK is definitely smaller in every respect, but no other park in the world offers entertainment and holiday opportunities for spanking enthusiasts.

The resort attached to the park; Twin Paddles, has a bit of a monopoly. Entry to the park can only be obtained by being a guest at Twin Paddles and Twin Paddles will not accept any guest under the age of eighteen years old. They do also offer regular and free shuttles to the other parks, but I found that most guests spent their time at the resort itself availing themselves of the very unique services they offered.

The Spankingest Place On Earth

A public spanking at Over The Knee's beachfront.

When guests first enter Over The Knee they do so by means of an open town square. It appears to have been modeled on the Magic Kingdom’s Main St. The shops sell clothes and souvenirs, there are also places to eat. The various sections of the park branch off from the square.

The shopfronts have displays of spanking situations. From a good old fashioned bottom warming over mother’s lap to a paddling at school to a public birching. Guests can also purchase all sorts of spanking implements at what I considered very reasonable prices.

One of what the park refers to as it’s ‘Spanking Lands’ is ‘Schooldays’. It’s set up like a British boarding school and park guests can witness canings and paddlings, which are staged and also part of the various rides and walkthroughs. I particularly liked the way they did things in a restaurant called School Dinners, where clients who did not eat everything on their plate were scolded by attractive young waitresses and taken up the front for six of the best across their bent over bottoms. The canings weren’t particularly serious, but the young ladies certainly seemed to know what they were doing, and proper bare bottom sessions in the headmasters or mistresses study could be purchased if someone wanted to. Advance bookings are recommended as it appeared to be quite a popular option.

Another land I thought was extremely amusing and delightful was Mother Gooseland. The old rhymes and stories are a source of spanking related material for many a young boy or girl and the park has taken advantage of that. You can witness the Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe whipping her ‘children’, in fact if someone so wished they could be one of the ‘children’! Polly Flinders, who spoiled her nice new clothes by sitting too close to the fire and getting cinders on them is given a bare bottom spanking with the hearth brush by her indignant mother hourly. Guests can also opt to be Polly and be taken to a back room for the same punishment. This was not as popular as some of the other spankings for sale and I suspect that the fearsome looking hearth brush put a number of prospective customers off, rather in the same way an especially scary ride can deter possible riders. A number of other rhymes such as Jack and Jill have been altered slightly to include spanking. The Old Dame Dob in Over The Knee’s rhyme does patch Jack up, but spanks the boy for getting himself into the situation in first place and Jill also gets her seat warmed for laughing at Jack’s predicament.

The Old Woman in the Shoe whips her many children.

One thing that the park does offer that I really liked was a nightly Shakespeare play performed on the stage in the middle of the town square. They initially did Taming of the Shrew because of the obvious reason, but then adapted other plays to suit their focus. The night I went they were performing Romeo and Juliet and it was immensely satisfying to see the whiny and bratty Miss Capulet having her seat warmed a number of times. I’ve always thought the original play could use a few spankings, especially for Juliet, who I consider one of the biggest brats to ever stride through the pages of Shakespeare. The play concluded with a spanking and as that it brought to it’s blazing crescendo, with Juliet’s shrieks echoing around the park that is when the fireworks kicked off. I think the young actresses derriere was every bit as red as the explosions that painted the night sky above the park.

A Family Vacation

After touring the park I spent the night at the resort and was invited to meet with the manager the following morning.

Twin Paddles resort by night. 

Terry Olmez is a neat middle-aged man who wears a sharp suit and speaks enthusiastically about the company that employs him. He admits that he is a lifestyle spanker, as most of the employees at the resort and the attached park are.

Once he has seated me behind his imposing desk he asks if I would like coffee and when given an answer in the affirmative, it isn’t long before his pretty olive skinned secretary; Maria, enters with a steaming cup. She places it wordlessly next to me, leaving milk and sugar with it for me to add and then minces painfully out. I raised an enquiring eyebrow at Mr Olmez, I know the walk of a recently spanked young lady when I see it.

“Ahhh yes,” the hotel manager said with a small smile, “she was late twice this week. She visited one of our spanking mistresses before work this morning. The hairbrush, you know.”

My brief experience in Orlando had shown me that this was a town people visited with their families for a holiday and the Twin Paddles over 18 rule would surely interfere with that?

Terry Olmez assured me that nothing could be further from the truth. “We actually find that we do get a lot of families vacationing here. This is a place that parents can visit with their adult children and many do so. The majority of out guests are in that situation, Ms Mahoney.”

“Andrea, please.  What percentage of the clientele are families?”

“I’d have to log into the database to get the exact figures for you, but it’s close to 50 percent I believe, it’s a seasonal fluctuation, as is the tourist business in general. The rest of the guests are couples, we have everything from honeymooners, to one older couple that are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary with us. There are also a smattering of singles. We have a big party every Friday at the Red Tail (one of the resorts bars) and people do meet and start relationships due to their shared interest. Next week we have two singles who met at one such function getting married here.”

I had to admit that they had a varied and attractive sounding clientele.

I wondered how well the concept was doing, surely what they were catering too was a niche audience.

“That is true,” Mr Olmez admitted with a smile, “but it’s a larger niche than you might think. Twin Paddles and Over the Knee have been relatively successful. The company is looking into purchasing an island on the Great Barrier Reef to offer our clients a tropical holiday getaway where the sun is not the only thing that will warm their bottoms. Negotiations are also underway in Great Britain to buy a castle and give guests an old country experience with a difference. We feel that will be very popular among our USA based clients.”

Options for guests

Something that the resort manager mentioned earlier in relation to his secretary and her tardiness had intrigued me. The girl had been sent to a spanking mistress to pay for her lateness. What exactly was that and was it something that also applied to guests?

Terri Olmez grinned at me, his obviously capped teeth white against his brown skin. “The mistresses and masters are something we pride ourselves on here at Twin Paddles. Any guest may avail themselves of the services of our ladies and men here. As you saw I utilized one of them myself for young Maria. I had anticipated that you would like a tour of the facilities and as soon as you have finished your coffee Rosemary; one of our apprentice spanking mistresses, will be at your disposal and we may even be able to arrange for you to speak to a guest or two, with their approval of course.”

As I finished my coffee a pretty blonde girl with a Florida tan appeared at the door.  “Mr Olmez?” she inquired gently.
“Rosemary,” he greeted her, “this is Ms Mahoney,” by way of introduction.
“Pleased to meet you, ma’am.” Rosemary curtsied.
“Call me Aunty Andrea, dear, I find it so much more cosy.”
Before addressing me again Rosemary looked at her employer who nodded. The girl smiled, and said “Thank you Aunty Andrea, if you would like to come with me we can get the tour underway and I can explain a little about Twin Paddles in Orlando.”

I followed Rosemary through a long atrium, it was sun filled and airy and furnished with exotic tropical plants. I had to admit Twin Paddles was exquisitely appointed and had a very pleasant holiday feel to it.
“You’re an apprentice?” I asked the girl.
“Yes ma’…Aunty Andrea.”
“What exactly does that entail?”
“I’m not old enough to be a Mistress,” the girl had recently completed college and was twenty one years old, “so I’m learning from one of the Mistresses and being shown every facet of the business. It’s more like being an intern than anything else. You’ll really like Emily, my Mistress, she’s lovely.”

Emily was a redheaded English girl from Exeter. The girl was 27 years old and had come to the resort by a rather circuitous route. After completing university she had worked in an office for two years to get some money to go on a world back packing journey. Prior to making her way to the United States she held a position as a governess for a United Arab Emirates family looking after their 5 daughters aged between 7 and 17. She had been rather stunned when she found out that part of her duties was to spank the girls if they misbehaved.

“I’d been spanked by Mum sometimes growing up of course,” Emily explained to me, “but having a 17 year old front me and ask to be spanked was rather trippy. I later found out that while I spanked quite soundly, going over my knee was far more preferable than winding up in their Dad’s study being punished by him. Only the two older girls had ever experienced it, but I think he used a cane and really walloped them.”

I asked how she came to find herself spanking bottoms for a living in a Florida resort.
“It’s quite extraordinary, isn’t it?” the twenty seven year old said brightly with a giggle. “People would think you’re daft if you told them about it. I originally thought I’d pick up shop girl work at one of the parks, but I saw an advert in a paper asking for someone to work at Twin Paddles and they specified that you had to have spanking experience. I fitted the bill and once I’d administered my first spanking, actually to Mr Olmez’s secretary…”
“Ahhh…you’ve met her then. Between you and I, Andrea, I think she enjoys it. I’ve never met anyone who seems to able to find as many reasons as she does to have her employer send her to us. She’s been over the lap of every single Mistress on staff at least once.”

What was the work like?
“It’s actually rather fun. I’m one of the younger Mistresses, so I tend to get the younger clients.”

But there aren’t any under the age of 18?
Emily shrugged “There don’t have to be. I get the offspring of the guests, it doesn’t matter that they’re 18 or 20, they’re still considered children by their parents. I also get a few of the young couples and singles. I deal mostly in spanking, but other girls specialize in caning or strapping. One of the girls told me she had a client last week who wanted her to break the skin when she caned him. That’s not my scene at all.”

Was she kept busy?
“Oh don’t you believe it! Sometimes I think I would have been better getting a job at Magic Kingdom. I’m rushed off my feet here sometimes. I’ve got a client due in a minute or two. Her name is Deborah, she’s from England. Her Mum and Dad have sent her to me for a tanning. Rosemary will show you into one of our viewing booths and you can watch the session. You’ll be able to see everything, but we can’t see you. They’re also soundproof. A lot of the parents and partners like to be able to see the punishment they’ve ordered.”

Emily from Exeter

I entered the viewing booth, Rosemary ensured that I was comfortable and then went to escort young Deborah in for her session with Emily.

Deborah was an attractive nineteen year old. She was average height, with a slim body, in keeping with the tropical temperatures the brunette wore an off the shoulder t-shirt, and a pair of fashionably ripped and aged denim shorts.

Emily smiled up at the nervous teenager, and said “Hello Debbie, I’m Miss Emily. Mummy’s sent you to me for a smacking, is that right?”

Deborah nodded quickly, and whispered “Yes, Miss Emily.”

“Oh so polite, you’re adorable, darling, now come to Miss Emily and we’ll get you out of these cut offs and over my knee.”

The young English tourist had a beautiful white bottom, and while her skin showed the signs of sunbathing since she and her family had come to Florida, her buttocks were still pristine white and looked very tender.

Emily shifted the girl into position with an ease borne of long practice, and began to smack the bottom over her lap soundly with one firm palm, whilst holding her charge in place with the other hand. After a dozen or so slaps Deborah’s rump took on a pink hue and started to kick and squeal as she was warmed up.

Emily looked up at Rosemary and nodded, the younger girl left the room, and Emily continued to redden Deborah’s bottom. Rosemary soon returned holding a large old fashioned carpet slipper. Emily gave her assistant a reassuring grin, and then brought the hand spanking to a crescendo, saying “Well that’s warmed your bott nicely, Debbie, but I’m afraid that Mummy has also asked that you get a good slippering.”

Deborah started to cry harder at that news, Emily accepted the slipper from her assistant and applied it vigorously to the brunette’s wildly squirming cheeks. The sound of the leather sole of the slipper striking the scarlet teenage hillocks rang out around the room, and after a particularly lusty swipe and yelp from Deborah, even Rosemary flinched, Emily put the slipper aside, allowed Deborah to lay limply over her lap and sob for a moment or two. Emily helped her client to her feet, and held her gently, saying “There, there, Debbie. We’re all done now. We’ve taken some lovely photos to show Mummy. Now Miss Rosemary will take you to a cool down room where you can do your corner time, and then we’ll take you back to your room where you can have a little nap before lunch.”

A guest sobs in her room after an encounter with Emily from Exeter. Picture provided by Dallas Spanks Hard.

A massage with a difference

Rosemary escorted me to the resort’s spa after witnessing Emily in action. She had arranged for me to meet with a guest. She was a vivacious 32 year old brunette, with a ready smile and a giggle. He name was Theresa, or as she preferred to be known; Terri.

“My husband and I have stayed at other resorts, and they all have a spa. We enjoy massages, but they’re nothing like what you get here at Twin Paddles.”

In what way did the Twin Paddles massages vary from the others the couple had experienced?

“You can be massaged together, but we decided to have our first ones apart. They have male masseuses for the ladies and female ones for the men. Unless there’s an objection they do you two at a time. The lady next to me was Melissa. The massage was lovely and relaxed us both beautifully, then they started spanking. They’re good masseuses, but they’re even better spankers. Melissa and I were soon howling and kicking like a couple of naughty teenagers. My hubby can spank, but these young men really knew their business. I don’t think he’s ever burned my behind like that with just his hand. Melissa and I became quite friendly. There’s something about being soundly spanked together that bonds us girls.” Terri finished with a giggle.

From Real Spanking. Two ladies do corner time after a massage.

“Hubby had a really nice spanking from the girls, too, although I think I was spanked harder. Melissa introduced John and I to another couple. We had drinks and a lovely triple spanking session in our room last night. I can’t recommend Twin Paddles highly enough. Marvelous weather, friendly staff, you make friends and get a red bottom all at the same time!”

I chanced to look in on an in progress massage as Terri was getting ready for her second one in two days, and made a mental note to book myself in for one before I departed.

All around a good place for a family holiday

I spent the rest of the day touring the resort and enjoying the surrounds and checked what it had to offer. I found a lovely refreshing cocktail at the bar, the previously mentioned Red Tail, and thought that I may attend the weekly party that Friday.

The spankings and spanking related services did not stop when the sun went down either.

I was having dinner and observed one mother furiously scolding her grown son. A waitress approached and advised that one of the restaurants spanking rooms was available if she would like to use it.  The mother took her son’s ear and led the unfortunate young man to the recently vacated room.

The spanking rooms are another innovation of Twin Paddles. They’re soundproof and located just off the restaurant. They’re also stocked with everything anyone could want to discipline a derriere, from wooden spoons to canes.

I enjoyed my time at Twin Paddles and I plan on returning at my earliest convenience, this time with a partner.


  1. I hope that Aunty Andrea recovers quickly.

    Great post. Next week I will be at a resort for a spanking weekend. No children at this resort. And, spanking services are available 24 hours a day.

  2. Please tell Aunty to feel better!

    Wonderful post, thank Aunty for a great story and well done Kimberly!

    Wow, Red that is awesome, have fun!

    Regards to all


  3. Thank you Joey and Ron for your well wishes, I'm not totally back to tip top form, but am recovering.
    Joey, this goes without saying, but you have a spanking good weekend and come back refreshed and with a healthy glow to your cheeks!

  4. Aunty! I didn't know you'd been ill! Glad to hear you're getting you "glow" back. Take care of naughty Joey and Ron; if you're ever under the weather and need some help handling those young gentlemen, you know where to find me.

    Warm regards,

    Aunt Carla

  5. Lovely to hear from you, Carla. I picked up a bit of a bug, but am back to tip top shape. You'll be the first one I call if young Ron and Joey become too unruly for just one lap.