Friday, 30 September 2011

Views from the corner

I found this picture on Caring Dom's blog, and it made me think.

Firstly let me state that the corner is the best place for a freshly spanked girl, or boy for that matter. What made me think was how these two ladies have been displayed. Judging by the looks of the room they've been spanked in separate locales.

The girl on the left is at home, and while her bottom is certainly pink, it is nowhere near as red as the young lady on the right, so I'd guess she got away with a hand spanking. She has been sent to the corner, but has been permitted to rub her stinging backside with her hands. I never permit this unless they're doing the 'dance', and I do not allow 'dancing' for very long.

The young woman on the right appears to have gotten it at school. She's been given a good spanking, and I suspect she got hand and an implement, there's an absence of cane marks, so she escaped the ultimate sanction. She has been installed in the corner with her hands on her head, so that anyone present is getting a good eyeful of her well reddened buttocks. It is to be hoped that her parents won't decide to follow up her school spanking with one at home.

Just the difference in positioning got me thinking.


  1. Terrific pictures of corner time. Have a wonderful weekend Aunty Andrea.

  2. Aunty Andrea, I know you do like corner time, I hate it!!!!!
    Having to stand in the corner with my nose pressed into the corner and my hands on top of my head, the very real threat of double what I only just received a short while ago is a thought too awful to contemplate. Fortunately Aunty Shan and Aunty Nita both don't use corner time and they allow me to rub my poor tush. Speaking of which I am going to be spanked tonight so I am sitting while I can

  3. Thanks Joey, you have a good weekend, too, darling.

    Mario, I am sure you earned your spanking, young man and I hope your Aunty's take a leaf out of my book and put you in the corner aftert to think about your behaviour.

  4. I'm a big fan of corner time too - so long as it's other people who are subjected to it ;).

    I guess insisting that hands are clasped behind the head is a pretty effective way of concentrating the miscreant's mind on what's just taken place: "You've been spanked, and you're going to stand there and endure the sting, and anyone who cares to look is going to have a nice uninterrupted view of your hot, red bottom!"

  5. You can also have your hands by your sides or in front of you, but there's a lot of temptation to rub your bottom that way, and I respank for rubbing without permission. Hands on the head also increases the feeling of vulnerability, plus as you said, sweetness, it does give an unimpeded view for the spanker to enjoy. Thanks for the comment and I hope you continue to enjoy your stay at the Spank Shop.

  6. Aunty Andrea, fortunately only my mom uses corner time on me. The problem is that standing in the corner means I cannot rub my bum to try douse some of the fire mom's trusty hairbrush has just finished lighting on my poor defenceless tush. Aunty Nita deferred my spanking the other night so I am able to sit down.
    I have tried to be good, although mom had a go at me last night, seems she thought I was a bit cheeky when she told me off for not resting.

  7. I can almost hear the girl on the left gasping a long, tearful "Ooooooh!" as she clutches her stinging cheeks in that picture; such an emotive pose of post-spanking distress!

    The girl on the right is a real cutie! Her position - and the angle of her hips - makes me think she's shifting her weight from foot to foot here, in stinging frustration (and is possible on display to her whole class!). She does strike me as 'tougher' than the poor girl on the left, though! :)

    I agree with Underling, that "hands on head" is the perfect cornertime position. It really does make the spankee feel more vulnerable, chastised and "on display". being made to clasp their forearms behind their back is another good 'pose', too.

    I also agree with Aunty Andrea that the temptation to rub if hands are left unoccupied - by the sides or in front - is too great!

    As much as I personally hate cornertime (more than a spanking, mostly), I think it's a very effective punishment addition, either before, mid-way through, or after a spanking. A great chance to take stock of what is going to/has happen(ed) to them, and reflect on their behaviour.

    Incidentally, I always enjoy reading SeeGee's stories where a Spank Shop visitor has to do post-spanking cornertime in the waiting room (supervised by Kimmy) or parlour (while Aunty nonchalantly sips her tea). The perfect end to a memorable visit! :)