Thursday, 20 October 2011

Ahhh there's the rub!

I'd like everyone to take a look at this photo from Punished Brats

Now this freshly spanked lass is doing corner time, with her bottom still bare. I think it looks positively delightful with her blouse just above it, but what made me frown was her hands. They're clasped to her burning cheeks, trying to rub away the heat and the sting that someone has just thoughtfully put there. They should be on her head or at her sides.

Do other people agree or disagree? Should rubbing be allowed during corner time, or not?


  1. Dear Aunty,

    I have never been allowed to touch my bottom during corner time.


  2. When I spank I let them rub after a few minutes as I think it is cute and sexy.

    Never been allowed to rub! Did once and received an extra dose of her brush.

    Good one


  3. A thought provoking question, Aunty Andrea. Like so many features of a spanking procedure, I can go in a variety of ways on this corner-time issue. To start, I'm biased because I enjoy the sight of someone rubbing their bottom after a spanking. It shows that the punishment is having its effect, and it is on both the mind and the behind of the culprit. OTOH, corner-time is a part of the ritual that wants to demand a rigid posture and demonstration of conformity and obedience, and if punishment is the intention, then what relief should be allowed?

    To answer the question then, I take every situation as unique. Who is being punished? Why are they? What should be accomplished? Some take rubbing as a matter of pride. They don't really want to do it or be seen doing it. Not every punishment is about respect or obedience, and corner-time may be simply a time for reflection rather than for discomfort. With more serious spankings, trying to rub away the sting isn't going to be very successful, and I would actually prefer that some soothing be allowed. But as I said, the situation may instead call for corner-time where rubbing is not appropriate. It's all part of the communication between a disciplinarian and their charge, where these kinds of choices convey the desired message.

  4. I thank everyone for the comments and for thinking on the matter. I have to say that I do allow rubbing, but not much. It's almost impossible not to do the spanking dance after your bottom has been well smacked, to be honest I think it's even a little cruel, but once they go into the corner hands leave bottom, and like Ron said if the spankee does rub, then back over my lap they go.

  5. Dear Aunty

    I cannot keep my hands away from my bottom immediately after its been spanked but once I'm in the corner there is a 'no touching' rule!


  6. Dear Aunty Andrea,

    I agree with you 100% !! No touching or rubbing allowed after all the trouble and effort we have put into properly roasting a backside.