Thursday, 27 October 2011

Awakening - a reader's experience

Hello darlings! One of my wonderful followers has sent me this real life experience from his youth and it may go to explain what awakened his feelings for spanking.

I've used a two images from classic spanking artists to illustrate the story. The incomparable George J Churchward and the delightful Sassy Bottoms.

Our hero may have been greeted with similar sights on that balmy afternoon.

I was in 8th grade, and it was a lovely fall afternoon. I spent the day at school, and it was a day that had no distinguishing memories, except for what happened at 4:00pm that afternoon. What followed was a true awakening, and set the standard of what spanking had become to me. I did not know this was about to happen. I had some inkling as the comics, cartoons and infamous McClintock scenes stirred some strange feelings in me, but I was not sure why and to what extent.

As it was a pleasant day, I and my friends were all in shorts. A group of us had gathered in my back yard for some fall whiffle ball play. We were all happy, making the teams and setting out the rules, when my good friend Scott strolled down the hill into my yard. Our yards were back to back, and our families were very friendly. In fact I had been spanked a number of times by Scott’s mom, and Scott had been spanked by my mom. Scott’s mom was a true spanker, and no nonsense mom, but was always nice to me. We were all very close.

Scott came up to us, and asked what team he was on? We were all yelling and doing the things a bunch of 8th grade boys do before a competitive game. As we were getting ready to play, Scott announced his sister Sally was about to be spanked in their basement, and that he had left the window behind the house open. He told us we could get a very close look at her spanking. He told us that she was caught with cigarettes at school, and that his mom was furious. This was a big time “no no” growing up. Not because of the medical issues with cigarettes, but smoking was considered the same as drinking, especially for ladies.

Now Scott’s sister, Sally, was a junior in high school. She was one of the hot older girls in the neighborhood. Her bra, slip and panties occasionally hanging on the clothesline outside was a sight for all of us to enjoy as we matured.

Before he could say anymore, I was off up the hill like I had been shot out of a cannon. I was the only one, but it did not matter. I was not sure why, but I had been spanked in the basement by Scott’s mom, and I had seen and heard Scott being spanked there, so I knew what sort of view I should get.

I slowed as I reached the house; I slowly crept up to the house, and leaned against the wall. I heard crying, and Sally’s mom lecturing her about smoking. There was no spanking yet, but I could tell it was coming. The voices faded as Sally and her mom headed down the stairs from the kitchen. I took this opportunity to crawl along the edge of the house, around the corner, and slowly inched up to the window. It was a large window, and about a half a story above the basement. The view was through a screen window, but was as clear as day. I saw the chair sitting in the middle of the room.

I jumped back when the door flew open, and in marched Scott’s mother, now quiet, but pulling the hand and arm of the crying Sally. The teenager was in tears. The only words Sally’s mom said was that she would give her a real reason to cry. With that her mom sat down on the chair, she was facing me slightly, but within a moment, Sally was over her knee, and her bottom right line of sight. Sally’s mom had a large hairbrush in her hand. Sally had started to cry again was, but her mom ignored her.

Then the moment of moments in my life. Sally’s mom took her shorts down to her ankles, and there in front of me was Sally, over her mom’s knee with her bottom high on her mom’s lap. Her bottom was encased in just a lovely light blue pair of panties. Within moments the spanking started, to this day I always feel like it was the hardest spanking I ever saw. Her blue pantied bottom just wiggled, shook and moved to avoid the brush, but her mom knew how to spank. The panties never came down, they did creep up a little, but the spanking was so fast, and hard she was screaming and crying the entire spanking. It was a true sound panty spanking.

To me the spanking ended as quickly as it started, but Sally was crying so hard. Her mom hauled her back on her feet, panties on fire. She stood, and told her daughter never ever to smoke again, or she will get it worse. Then which was our life back then, she hugged her daughter, for the longest time she held her in her arms, while Sally cried out the brushing. Then to my shock, she took her hand, marched her into the corner and told her to stay there until she was given permission to come upstairs. I had another moment to stare at the blue pantied bottom, with red blotches peaking out, and then had to run, and her mom was on the way back to the kitchen.

I crept away from the house, and sat down on the ground away from the windows. I looked at myself, and saw and felt some very strange things happening to me. I was scared and confused, but by 8th grade I figured it out quickly. I was shocked that my body reacted this way to this spanking but it did.

I remember this day like it happened an hour ago. This is the day that truly altered the course of my life to a certain extent, and a day I grew up and was awakened!


  1. Bravo reader, nice story and thanks for sharing. Hope others will follow with stories about their awakening.

    Thanks Aunty

  2. Ron, that's a wonderful idea. Okay, we're putting it out there, people. Anyone willing to take up Ron's challenge and share their awakenings with us?