Saturday, 8 October 2011

'Foster Mother Rules'

Hello one and all! Today I'd thought I'd share another of Seegee's stories with you all. This is a tale of what happens when a promising young athlete doesn't do as his foster mother tells him.

The images below are all from Clare Spanks Men. They seem to correlate nicely with the story.

Jenni Hartley's maternal lap beckons for Michael O'Brien.

The bottom is getting rosier as the pants are completely removed.

Jenni really teaches Michael that it's best to do what 'Mum' tells you.

Lena looked around at her friends and sighed. She blew a breath out through tightly pursed lips and angrily brushed a strand of long light brown hair away from her face and tucked it behind an ear. What was wrong with these girls? She gave them a perfect set up and they were ruining it!

Lena was a regular panel member on an increasingly popular cable show on the sports network devoted to the popular Australian sport of Australian Rules Football. 'The Girls' as the show was colloquially known was the only show on the network that did not concern itself with the actual game itself. The panel show's real name was At Home With Football, but because of its all female panel and viewpoint it had become known as 'The Girls'. Panel members needed only two qualifications: they had to have a close relationship with a current or past footballer and they had to be attractive. Lena, being married to one of the competition's leading lights and an extremely pretty woman, was in on both counts. She had taken an active interest in her burgeoning media career and she took the show very seriously. It was for this reason that she was upset with the way things were working out.

Each week the show featured a guest; generally a current or former player. This week Lena had booked the guest. The guest was different for a few reasons; the guest was female, she did not and had never played the game and she was not the wife, girlfriend or even mother of a player, she was however very attractive for her age. The lady seated across from Lena and in between fellow panel members: the statuesque, raven-haired Louisa and pretty, petite giggling blonde Debbie, was in fact an ordinary housewife and mother. She was a strong team supporter and for that reason she quite often took in young players who had moved from the country or even interstate. She was a very maternal woman and regularly became a surrogate or foster mother to these uncertain, talented, young men. Lena had met her through a club function as her husband played for the same club and been intrigued by the lady, then pressured the show's producers to bring her in as a guest as she believed it would take the show in a different direction and give it a little more credibility, which it lacked, being seen as a light entertainment show up against more serious shows that previewed and reviewed the weekly games and the events around them.

There were always four girls on the panel and they varied from week to week. Lena was on more weeks than she wasn't, as was Louisa. Lena had formed the closest working relationship with the three girls she was teamed with tonight: Louisa, a tall statuesque former model with a mane of lustrous, jet black hair with sparkling eyes and a lovely tanned body. Debbie, a pretty, petite blonde with a cheeky smile and a mischievous look in her clear eyes and Barbara a tall, slender girl with long straight black hair and a cute sharp featured face, Barbara was the only panel member who was not married, she was however the fiancÈ of her chosen player. Lena herself had an open heart shaped face, long, straight, brown streaked blonde hair and large full breasts. Lena and Barbara shared old-fashioned views about sex and discipline and she had whole-heartedly agreed with many of Lena's reasons for engaging their current guest. Louisa liked to embarrass both girls, but at heart she too was an old fashioned lady despite her wicked side and sense of humour. Debbie was harder to read, but her views as a mother and wife tended to mirror her fellow panel members, she was also the oldest of the four and tended to take on a <i>big sister</i> role in many ways.

Lena frowned at Debbie's current line of questioning. She was asking their guest; Jennifer 'call me Jenni' Hartley something about washing the clothes of the young men she looked after. Lena rolled her wide brown eyes. Debbie was trying to be amusing, but she doubted the viewers really cared about how to clean football uniforms. They wanted to know more about the players lives, the real incident. Jenni had mentioned a much more interesting topic when Lena had chatted to her at the club function a few weeks ago. Lena glanced across at the show's producer. He too was looking bored. Lena grimaced, if Jenni bombed as a guest then her influence over the show would be considerably lessened and Lena was not about to let that happen.

"Jenni," she broke smoothly into Debbie's giggling question, "how do you keep the boys in order?"

"In order?" Jenni asked with a smile.

Jenni Hartley was a tall, vivacious blonde lady with a voluptuous figure, she was fun to be around, but there was a definite maternal streak to her and around the club her nickname was 'Mum', she mothered a great number of the young men and more than a few had stayed with her in the early days when they first moved to the city.

"Discipline," Lena murmured, to prompt her guest.

"Oh that," Jenni laughed. "I spank them, what else would I do?"

"You what?" a stunned Louisa stammered when she could speak. The rest of the panel including Lena had been shocked into silence. Even Lena, who knew the answer, could not believe that Jenni was so candid when the camera was on her. The producer looked interested now, very interested. He knew who currently boarded with Jenni Hartley. The boy was odds-on to be named recruit of the year. If he had been spanked by his foster mother then it would be front page news and he wanted that exclusive. He didn't care if the show ran over time, they were rolling until they'd wrung every bit of information out of Jenni and the lady appeared to be prepared to talk.

"I spank them," a rather bemused Jenni repeated, tossing her head and making her blonde hair bounce. "That's the only way to deal with unruly children, especially boys."

"Yeah, but," Debbie took up the interview, "that's with little kids. Mine are two and four and I spank them sometimes, but surely you don't mean you spank some great strapping eighteen year old?"

"Why not?" 
"Size and strength would be a consideration," Barbara said. "I know some of them aren't as big as a five year veteran, but they're definitely bigger than any of us and they do spend a lot of time in the gym."

"Maybe it is not the sort of spanking we're thinking of," Lena suggested, "I always associate spanking with being turned over the knee. You don't do that do you, Jenni?"

The pretty foster mother nodded "Well actually I do, it depends on the boy and the offence, but generally they are upended bare bottom over my knee."

"Bare bottom!" Louisa squealed. "You couldn't possibly!"

"I can and I do," Jenni asserted, "there really is no other way to give a spanking and as for their ages, they may be eighteen and considered adults legally, but in many ways, Debbie, they are a lot younger than your toddlers and more deserving and in fact needing of a proper maternal spanking."

"How do you manage to get a boy of that age and size to meekly bare his bottom and go over your knee?" Barbara asked, imagining her fiance's reaction if she attempted to do that to him.

"Why do you assume he submits?" Jenni asked, a smile playing across her lips.

"Oh c'mon!" Louisa exclaimed. "I'm married to a footballer. I can just see what would happen if I tried to take him over my knee. I know who would end up getting spanked and it certainly wouldn't be him."

"Surely you must get some level of cooperation, Jenni." Lena prompted.

Jenni laughed "I actually do, Lena. When the boys come to live with me they do sign something that says they will obey my rules and accept whatever punishment I deem is necessary. If the production of that document has no effect then a quick call to the coach does the trick."

"The coach knows about this, too?" a wide-eyed Debbie asked.

"Oh yes," Jenni replied, "he's a whole hearted supporter of my methods. He also needs to know when it happens."

"Why?" Louisa asked.

"Well, I'm not sure if you've ever been properly spanked, Louisa," Jenni began, making the former model blush furiously, "but they do hurt and you walk a little gingerly the next day if it's done properly. If the coach intends to use the boy in a game the following day then I may have to put off the spanking until after the game or if he's training the day after the spanking it lets the coach know why he may be unable to participate in certain training drills."

"What if the call to the coach doesn't help?" Barbara asked.

"Oh it always does," Jenni assured the raven-haired panel member. "If the young man in question doesn't want to submit willingly then he is threatened with suspension or docking of pay."

"I see," Barbara nodded.

"Who have you spanked?" Lena asked with a cheeky grin.

"Oh dear," Jenni responded, "let me see. I've had so many stay with me over the years and like all boys away from home for the first time they can be rather naughty." then she listed five current players eliciting gasps and giggles from the girls as they heard the names.

Hiding a laugh Debbie asked "Michael?"

Michael O'Brien, the hot tip for recruit of the year was currently staying with Jenni, and everyone watching wanted to know if he had been turned over his pretty foster mother's knee and had his bare, muscular, young bottom spanked to a scorching fire engine red. The girls suspected that their female viewers too would be interested in hearing about it more than their male ones. Michael O'Brien was a very good-looking young man and Lena, Louisa and Debbie had him on their shortlist for best looking bottom in the competition.

"Yes," Jenni answered firmly, "I have spanked Michael, he got his first one just a week ago."

Hardly daring to breath Lena whispered "Oh you just have to tell us the story."

Jenni grinned and said, "I would be delighted."

Michael O'Brien stepped out of his late model Holden Commodore, closed and locked the car, his pride and joy, and slung his training bag over his shoulder. He opened the door and strolled in. He exhaled as he walked in the door, that had been a tough session, but fair enough they were playing the top team on the weekend and he was more than likely going to be selected. If they were to have any chance of winning then they all had to be at their best. An early night would be good today, he thought, a quick snack and something to drink and then bed. He had early classes tomorrow and the day after was game day. Paula, his pretty, blonde, foster sister interrupted his thoughts "Is that you, Mickey?"

"No, it's a burglar. Of course it's me," the boy answered with a laugh.

"You might wanna come in here and watch the telly."

Michael frowned "What for? I had a tough session. I wanna get something to eat and drink and hit the mattress.”

"'The Girls' are on," the fifteen year old replied.

"Hey it's Davo who has a thing for Lena Lacey, not me." Michael told her.

"Mum is on tonight," Paula advised her foster brother.

"Oh ok," Michael answered, remembering that his foster mother had been scheduled to appear on the show. Lena's husband Mark had mentioned something about Lena setting it up. He had not known it was this week, though. Generally Michael did not watch the show, but he supposed if Jenni was on it, he should at least make the effort. She was a nice lady and had taken good care of him, so if she was getting her fifteen minutes of fame then he could at least do her the courtesy of taking some notice of it.

He headed toward the big, comfortable family room where Jenni Hartley insisted the house's only television stayed. His fifteen year old foster sister; Paula Hartley was in her pajamas seated cross-legged on a beanbag, eyes on the screen. "If you want some ice cream help yourself," Paula told him, indicating an untouched dish of mint choc chip on the coffee table, "I made two bowls, because you always want some after training."

"Thanks, Paula," Michael told her, his eyes going to the frozen confectionery, "you trying to put your Mum out of a job?"

Paula giggled and turned to look at her famous foster brother, she frowned as he dumped his training bag on the floor and flopped onto the couch.

"Are you going to just leave it there?" she asked.

"Yeah, well until the show is over," he answered unconcernedly.

"Michael," she sighed, "you know how Mum is about putting things away."

"She's not here," he told the girl, using his spoon to point at the TV screen where Jenni Hartley was seating herself after meeting the girls on the show tonight.

"You remember what happened last time you didn't clean up after yourself?" Paula asked, and then turned to remove the ice cream dish from his hands and command. "Put it away and then come back, the ice cream won't melt."

Michael's face went white as Paula's comment made him remember his foster mother's actions when he allowed his room to become untidy and refused to clean up after himself. He stood up, rubbed his firm buttocks in their 501s and meekly went to the laundry, removed what needed washing from his training bag into the washing machine, and then took the bag to his room, put everything else in its rightful spot and stowed the bag tidily away before rejoining his foster sister in the family room.

Michael settled back down on the couch and took his ice cream from Paula again. He had two foster siblings; Paula and her younger brother Kevin. Kevin, a twelve year old was away at a school camp this week, although he doubted that the boy would have been allowed up this late to watch the show anyway. Jenni Hartley was very strict about things like bedtime. Michael focused his thoughts back on the TV. If Jenni happened to ask him about the show he at least wanted to get a partially correct answer.

Paula's exclaimed "Oh my God! I cannot believe she said that!" brought all of Michael's attention back to the screen.

The words "I have spanked Michael, he got his first one just a week ago," coming from Jenni Hartley's soft pink lips echoed around the room and Michael O'Brien's spoon stopped halfway to his mouth as he stared at the television, a furious red blush creeping up his neck to set his cheeks aflame. Paula turned and looked at Michael to see his reaction, her own mind going back to just over a week ago as Jenni explained the incident to the girls on the panel.

Being talented at sport had been a great thing for Michael O'Brien, it was something his father had encouraged from a very early age and the better Michael did at sport the less he was expected to do around the house. His mother and sisters did everything for him. All Michael had to do was train and perform. His cooking, cleaning and washing were done by his mother and his sisters. Jenni Hartley's view was somewhat different.

Michael had mixed views on living in a foster home when he went to the city to try his luck in the big leagues. He had harboured thoughts of sharing a place with another young player or two, somewhere they could be complete slobs and live on fast food. On the other hand Jenni Hartley had a nice neat, comfortable house and it was not that far from the team's ground or university and she would provide him with three nutritious meals a day. Both his parents and his coach pushed him towards the foster mother option. Michael did not really mind giving up his dream of sharing with other young players, Jenni was cute for her age and her daughter seemed nice and her son idolized the young players that came in and out of their house.

Paula was the first one to inform Michael of the consequences of not living up to Jenni's high standards. She expected 'her boys' to pick up after themselves and to keep their rooms spick and span. She also expected good sportsmanship. She could not control their behaviour on the field that was up to the coach but at home it was a different matter. Paula told Michael the story of Tyson Harvey. Tyson was a promising young player who was in his third year now, but had stayed with Jenni and her family in his first year. Michael did not know Tyson that well, but he had seen that the third year player was intensely competitive. Too competitive according to Paula. He had been playing Nintendo with Kevin and losing when he suddenly exploded. Rising to his feet, shouting with rage and flinging the game pad across the room. Jenni had come running in from the kitchen wiping her hands on her apron, she had ordered Kevin out of the room and ordered Tyson to sit. Jenni had turned off the machine and asked Paula to get her hairbrush. Whilst Paula had been fetching the brush Tyson had the riot act read to him. By the time Paula had returned Tyson had been lying across Jenni's knees kicking and yelling as she spanked a blazing fire into his bare upturned bottom. Jenni had spanked him with her hand until it grew tired, she had then picked up the brush and turned young Tyson Harvey's bottom into a glowing hot red ball of pain. He had slept on his tummy that night and been unable to attend training the next day. Paula told Michael that it was rare for any player to last an entire year in the Hartley household without getting at least one good pants down spanking from Jenni. 

Michael had been pretty determined to be one of those rare players. He had never been spanked before in his life, although he had had one female P.E teacher who had remarked that a good spanking might be just what he needed to improve his attitude. Michael had laughed at her and said that he would like to see her try. Had her job not been on the line she may have just tested that out. For the first few months at the Hartley house Michael had kept his nose clean. The sportsmanship had never been an issue, whilst Michael was competitive and hated losing he had enough self control not to lose his temper about it, he always congratulated his opponent for the contest win or lose and if he lost it only made him more determined to do better the next time. Michael's upbringing had left him with one failure, he was lazy, not on the field, and he always gave that one hundred and twenty five percent, but at home. He never made a bed, he never put his own clothes in the washing machine, he never washed his own dishes, and he never picked up after himself. It had always all been done for him. Jenni Hartley was understanding about it at first, Michael was not the first young man who had been given everything and never had to lift a finger to help himself that she had had come through her household. Not having a husband Jenni required the young men who stayed with her to help her out in other ways. She often asked them to pick up groceries or to mow the lawn, just things that needed a man.

At first Jenni would remind Michael to put his dirty dishes in the dishwasher and put his clothes in the washing machine, to make his bed, to keep his room tidy, to pick up things for her, mow the lawns and put out the trash. That was fine for a month or two, then Michael started school and claimed between that and training he was too busy. Jenni accepted that initially, but after things settled down and she realized that despite his commitments the boy still had a lot of time on his hands she confronted him about it, this time his excuse was that he would do it 'later', later never came. She and Paula were forced into picking up his dishes, finding what needed to be washed in his room and making his bed. Then when Michael started to forget to pick up groceries and to mow the lawn and put the trash out Jenni decided that a lesson needed to be taught.

Michael and Paula both stared transfixed at the TV as Jenni Hartley related the story to a panel of attractive, smiling young ladies.

 "It was early Sunday evening. We had just finished dinner and retired to the family room to watch the review of the weekend's games when I noticed that Michael had yet again 'forgotten' to put his plate in the dishwasher. While Michael and my daughter Paula, (my son Kevin was staying at a friend's house) went into the family room to watch the TV I wandered past Michael's room and peeked in. As I expected it had not been cleaned, although I had asked him to do it three days ago. The lawn that he had promised to mow that day was untouched and the trash that was due out that night was still in the wheelie bin in the garage. It was time for a confrontation."

Michael blushed deeply as he remembered that confrontation and Paula grinned. It had been a very interesting Sunday night. Michael had just flopped bonelessly onto the couch and Paula had curled up in her beanbag. Michael directed the remote at the TV and the screen had filled with highlights of the Friday night game. "Ooooh!" Paula remarked as an image of Michael leaping onto another players back, arms outstretched to receive the ball and bring down a spectacular catch flashed onto the screen "Nice move, Michael. That has to be the grab of the week."

"Hope so. There's a car on offer for the best one of the year," Michael grinned cockily at her. 

The remote was snatched from Michael's hand and the pictures on the screen suddenly disappeared as an angry Jenni Hartley turned it off. "Mum!" Paula protested and the stopped at the look in her mother's normally placid blue eyes. She knew that look, someone was in for a bottom warming and she was pretty sure that it was not her.

"Hey, what the hell did you do that for?" Michael protested as he sat up on the couch.

"Michael Joseph O'Brien, what did I ask you to do three days ago?" Jenni snapped.

Michael gulped, although he had never been spanked, he had been in trouble and when a maternal figure used all three of your names then you were in big trouble.

"I dunno, that was three whole days ago. I had training on Thursday night and played on Friday, yesterday I studied and slept?" Michael's voice trailed off.

"Michael Joseph O'Brien!" again with all of his names, he was in huge trouble, "You can remember every minute of every game this season crystal clear, but you cannot remember a simple request I made three days ago. I don't think so, young man."

Michael frowned and mumbled," I was meant to clean my room."

"Yes. Is it clean?"

"Well, see, I have a filing system. That big pile of stuff in the middle of the room, I know where everything?.Ouch!"

Jenni had moved quickly and slapped Michael's jean clad bottom hard.

Michael stood there rubbing his bottom while Jenni read him the riot act. "Do not be smart with me, young man. That sort of smart alec behaviour may confuse an umpire on the field, but it does not wash here with me. What did you promise to do this afternoon?"

"Ummmm?I don't? I was watching the game, we're playing them next week."

"I don't actually care who you play next week Michael. You promised to mow the lawn, it isn't that big a lawn, you could have done it and still seen the game."

"Ummmm? I'll do it now," Michael offered, moving to the doorway.

"You will mow it, but you will not do it now. It's dark you silly child! Right now my boy you and I are going to have a long talk about actions and responsibilities."

"Hmmmmm? is it that late?" an obviously uncomfortable Paula said looking at the clock. "I might just get to bed. School tomorrow, night all."

"Paula!" Jenni's voice cracked sharply. "It is not at all late and I want you to stay and watch this, you may find it instructional."

Paula closed her eyes, dropped them and said meekly "Yes Mum," as she went back to her beanbag and sat down.

Jenni seated herself in the middle of the couch. "Come here please, Michael."

Paula sighed and raised her eyes to the ceiling. She knew what was coming. From the confused look in Mickey's clear green eyes he obviously did not. 'Stupid boy!' she thought angrily. She had told him the Tyson Harvey story for a reason and he had obviously forgotten it. Paula liked Mickey, he was nice, he did not treat her like a little kid and he did not condescend to her in the way some of the other players had, he was not arrogant either and he was only too happy to sign things for her which she then sold to girls at school, who were besotted with the good looking young player, besides he was cute. "Ummmm? what for?" Michael asked.

Jenni's eyes flashed, "I told you to do something Michael Joseph, I expect you to do it, no argument."

Michael shrugged and slouched over to the couch to stand in front of Jenni.

"Oh dear," she sighed, reaching out and taking a firm grip on his hips and maneuvering him so that he stood by her right knee, "you are a novice at this, aren't you?"

"At what? Being told off?" 

Jenni had to suppress a laugh, Michael was a very good footballer, but he really was not all that quick on the uptake "Being spanked," she replied simply.

"Being what?" Michael blurted out.

Paula shook her head, hopeless, he was totally hopeless.

"Michael," Jenni began in an instructional tone, "let me explain something to you, dear. Whilst you are staying here, I am responsible for you, just the same way your mother is at home. On that, sweetheart, until further notice I would like you to call me Mum, not Jenni, is that understood?"

"Yes Jen? Mum," the boy quickly amended as he saw the look in his foster mother's eyes and noticed her hand draw back for another smack.

"Good. Now when you do something wrong at home, or in this case, don't do something that you have specifically been requested to do, what does your mother do?"

Michael shrugged again, "I dunno, she never asks me to do anything."

Jenni frowned, "That's part of the problem, I think. Well when Paula or Kevin misbehave or I ask them to clean up their room or put their dishes in the dishwasher and they do not do it, then I deliver a little reminder and that is in the form of a bare bottom spanking over my knee. As I consider you as much my child as Paula or Kevin then I intend to treat you the same way."

"Bare bottom?" Michael trailed off, staring at Jenni's firm, maternal lap, the he stood up straight and said loudly "Spanking! Uh uh, no way. You can't!"

"And why not, young man?" Jenni asked, the challenge in her voice and up tilted chin.

"Well, I'm too old, firstly and besides I'm Michael O'Brien. I'm a rising star nominee, not some naughty little kid!"

"No Michael you are NOT too old and you are a naughty child. This is the sort of behaviour I would expect from a ten-year-old brat, not a mature young man of eighteen on his own for the first time. You're lucky I've let it go this long. I can't imagine too many prospective wives putting up with this either, my boy."

Back at the studio as Jenni came out with that line Lena mused, "I may have to use this on Mark next time he doesn't want to do the washing up." 

Across the table Debbie laughed "If I applied Jenni's rules to Roger he'd be over my knee every single day!"

Barbara chuckled "I wonder if it will keep Steven in line on the honeymoon."

Louisa murmured to herself "I wonder if a spanking would make Peter get up for the two o'clock feeding."

"I can't let you do this, Jen?ummm Mum," Michael said seriously, his big hands firmly on the buttons of his jeans.

"Mickey," Jenni said in a reasonable tone, "I can do this and I will. I don't do it for enjoyment. I do it out of necessity and it appears to me that it is long overdue."

Michael shook his head firmly.

Paula sighed, he was just making it worse.

"Michael," Jenni said sternly, "when you came to live with me, you signed a form that gave me authority to discipline you as a I saw fit. I can show you the form and it will hold up in a court of law."

"It can't be legal," an increasingly worried Michael muttered, "I was only seventeen and I had to sign so many things, all I wanted to do was play footy."

Jenni took a little pity on him and gentled her voice "Michael, do you want to talk to the coach? He'll back me up, he has before."

"Oh God no!" Michael exclaimed, the worst thing he could think of was other people involved with the team knowing about this.

"Will you take your spanking like a big boy then?" Jenni inquired, her green eyes looking deeply into her foster son's brown ones.

Michael ran a hand through his thick, dark hair and murmured "I guess so, Mum.”

"Good boy, now let's get that bottom bare.”

Jenni's nimble fingers competently undid the buttons on Michael's fly, the boy blushed and thanked his stars that his foster brother was not here to see this. Kevin idolized Michael. Michael liked that and he could not imagine it continuing if Kevin saw him so meekly submitting to such a juvenile punishment as a spanking. Jenni hooked her fingers into Michael's waistband and with a smooth, practiced movement yanked them and his underpants down to his knees. Michael gasped as he felt the air on his now bare bottom. Then he heard a giggle from Paula, he looked down at his groin and saw to his everlasting embarrassment that he had a raging erection. His hands flew to cover it and he squeezed his eyes tightly shut.

"Move your hands please, Mickey," Jenni instructed.

"But, but Mum," Michael pleaded, looking down at his groin.

"Yes, yes, I know. I've seen them before," Jenni told him, "you're not the first little boy to get overexcited before a trip over Mummy's knee. However you are not meant to be excited, you are meant to be ashamed and sore. So we'll just have to fix that before we start. Move your hands!"

Michael quickly moved them as Jenni slapped them sharply.

Michael O'Brien stood in front of two women, one a pretty teenager who had not ten minutes previously had a great deal of respect for him and the other a vivacious, maternal woman who he felt as close to as his real mother, his cheeks burned with embarrassment and he was upset that his own body had betrayed him. Jenni stood up and ordered "Step out of your pants please, Mickey."

"But?but?" Michael protested weakly. "OW!" as Jenni's hand smacked his now bare bottom smartly.

"No arguments, young man. When I give you an order I expect to be obeyed. Step out of your pants. We are going to the bathroom and I don't want you tripping over them and hurting yourself."

With a sigh Michael awkwardly stepped out of the jeans and underpants tangled around his ankles.

"Paula, would you please put them away while I deal with our excited little man." 

"Yes Mum," Paula said with a smile as she sprang to do her mother's bidding.

Jenni put a slender hand around Michael's firm, stiff shaft and tugged gently.

With Jenni Hartley's hand wrapped around his member Michael O'Brien had little option, but to follow. "There is one good thing about your little thing getting all stiff and hard, it makes a very useful handle to drag you around by,"  Jenni chuckled to Michael's everlasting shame.

Jenni positioned Michael so that he was standing in front of the bathtub, still holding his erect penis gently she leaned across Michael and snatched a hand towel from the towel rack on the wall. Jenni placed the towel over Michael's groin and one hand slipped around behind him and cupped his testicles gently whilst the hand on his penis began to pump smoothly "How does that feel, darling?" she whispered into his ear.

"Ummm?uuuhhhh good." Michael croaked, his throat suddenly dry.

"Oooohhhh your balls are getting hard and tight and your little thing is growing bigger and throbbing in my hand, how does that make you feel?"

Michael could feel tears of shame pricking his eyes and he knew that he was close to climaxing "I feel ashamed," he murmured.
"As you should, sweetheart," Jenni cooed. "Imagine a big boy like you having to be 'milked' before going over Mummy's knee to have his naughty little botty soundly smacked. Disgraceful!" Jenni removed her hand from his testicles and she delivered a sound spank to Michael's bottom with each syllable of the last word.

Michael yelped and gasped and shuddered as he began to cum in spurts with each ringing smack. His sticky white seed soaked the towel and Jenni's experienced hand.

Jenni kept her hand there until he stopped cumming and his penis shriveled and went limp. She dropped the sopping towel into the bathtub and cleaned her hand on a washcloth. She then soaked and soaped up another washcloth which she used to clean Michael's sticky, cum spattered groin, legs and stomach. She dried him off, tutting about how messy boys were. "Are we feeling somewhat relieved now?" she asked.

"Yes Mum," Michael answered, realizing that he did feel a lot better, although he still had butterflies about the coming spanking.

Jenni took Michael's hand and she led him unresisting back to the family room. Paula was nestled back in her beanbag and she had moved it so that she was facing the couch. Jenni sat down, settling herself comfortably on the middle cushion of the long couch. "Come on Michael," she encouraged her 'surrogate' son, "stand by Mummy's knee."

Michael shuffled to Jenni's waiting knee, hands clasped over his privates, cheeks burning in shame. "Does Paula have to be here, Mum?" he mumbled.

Jenni looked up, blue eyes sparkling with amusement. The boys were always funny when they were going to be spanked for the first time. "Yes, Michael, she does. She puts up with you boys being so big and grown up all the time. It's only fair that she should see that you aren't so big and grown up that you can't be put over your Mum's knee for a soundly smacked bottom. Besides one day Paula will have boys of her own and this will be good experience for her to learn how to handle them."

"Yes, Mum," Michael whispered, dropping his head.

Jenni took his hand again and gently drew him over her knee. Michael fell rather awkwardly and sprawled over the lap of his vivacious foster mother. Jenni loved this couch. It was so perfect for spanking the boys. At 5'4" Jenni was not a tall lady and many of the boys were big. Michael was a good foot taller than his foster mother. She grunted as she lifted his legs onto the couch. The couch was so big that it enabled even a boy of Michael's height to lie comfortably stretched out across her lap with nothing dragging on the floor.

Jenni shifted Michael into perfect spanking position, his upturned bottom lying directly over her lap, pointing up at the ceiling. Jenni ran her eyes over the smooth, white, round, firm buttocks nestled in her lap and licked her lips. She placed her hand on one muscular hemisphere and smiled as it flinched involuntarily. "Not yet, darling, not just yet." she whispered as she glided her hand across the cheek, pinching and squeezing it gently. Michael wriggled a little and gasped as Jenni ran her nails teasingly across his waiting bottom. Michael was beginning to wonder when the spanking was going to begin and relaxed his buttocks when suddenly CRACK CRACK! Two loud, stinging spanks rang out, both striking dead centre on the pristine white cheeks, two matching red hand prints blooming almost immediately. Before Michael's yelps had died on the air Jenni's hand was rapidly smacking his bottom with a smooth steady rhythm. "In my house, young man," Jenni scolded reinforcing each word with a hard slap to the rapidly reddening bottom squirming from side to side in her lap, "you pull your weight. When I ask you to do something you do it. You will clean your room unbidden, you will put your clothes away, you will place your dirty clothes in the machine, you will clean your dishes, you will do what I ask you when I ask you no SPANK, if's SPANK ands SPANK or SPANK buts!" SPANK.

Michael lay there and yelled. Michael O'Brien was no stranger to pain. He had taken plenty of hits from big, solid bodies on the field, but he had never had such a concentrated barrage on the one area ever before.

Jenni rested her hand and leaned down to Michael's ear and asked softly "Do you understand me Michael?"

The boy simply sobbed and Jenni unleashed another blistering volley across his now glowing bottom and repeated the question.

"Yes! Yes Mummy! I understand!" Michael shouted through his sobs.

"Good," Jenni said firmly, "I think we now need to reinforce the lesson somewhat." she turned to her daughter wide eyed in her beanbag "Paula, honey, can you please fetch me the swatter and the strap?"

Paula nodded, scrambled out of her seat and ran to get the implements for her mother.

Michael lay limply over Jenni's knee the tears flowing unchecked down his cheeks. Jenni gently smoothed her hands over the hot, glowing red bottom soothing it. Slowly what Jenni had said to Paula filtered through to Michael's pain filled mind. "Strap?" he stammered.

Jenni soothed him with her words "Ssshhhh?darling boy?ssshhhhh. Mummy is just going to give you a little strapping, sweetheart. I find it reinforces my words so effectively. From now on all I have to do to get you to do what you're told is mention my strap and I think you'll jump to it, sweetness."

Paula returned, the short, broad strap hanging from one hand and in the other was a novelty fly swatter with a thick rubber hand making up the swatter part of it. Jenni took the swatter from her daughter's hand and joked "This hand gives Mummy's hand a rest. It's a multipurpose swatter, not only used to swat flies, but to swat bottoms. Keep the strap for the moment, Paula. I'll ask for it when I want it."

Paula nodded and settled back into her beanbag. Michael's nervous, tear filled eyes remained on the short length of leather lying harmlessly in the teenager's lap and then he howled as his full attention was taken by the swatter smacking down firmly across his bottom and reigniting the fires that had just began to bank slowly. Michael kicked and yelled as Jenni used the swatter's long handle to flick that stingy flexible rubber hand across every inch of his bottom. The colour changed from a deep rich tomato red to a flaring crimson and then a dark angry cherry red. "Oh my goodness!" Jenni exclaimed as she sternly swatted the bouncing bottom on her lap. "I can feel the heat from here. Michael, I think you might even burst into flame."

Michael cried steadily and Paula giggled. 

After punishing the boy's bottom with the swatter for a good ten minutes by which time even Michael felt as if his bottom were going to catch fire, he knew that it was a good deal hotter than the log fire that was currently crackling in the fireplace. "I'm sorreeeee Mummeeeeeee!" he wailed. "I'll duhduhdo wuhwuhwhat you tuhtuhtell meeeee!"

"Of course you will darling," Jenni said with a sigh, setting the swatter down lengthwise across his hot, burning, stinging, throbbing, scarlet bottom, "it's a pity that it took a good spanking from Mummy to get you to say that though."

Jenni removed the swatter and put her arms around Michael's trembling body, she gently coaxed him to his feet. She held his arms to his sides and warned "No rubbing."

Jenni looked up at Michael and her blue eyes gazed into his streaming brown ones. Paula stared at the pulsating red bottom in front of her. She did not think she'd ever seen a bottom so red or so hot. She could actually feel the heat radiating from Mickey's bottom where she sat. "Michael, I know that you feel you have learned your lesson, but Mummy's strap has something to say to you, yet. Go around the back of the couch please young man. Bend over it and push your bottom up good and high."

Michael tried desperately to control his breathing and the tears and partially succeeded. He straightened his shoulders and walked stiffly to the back of the couch. He bent over it wordlessly and with a grunt of pain pushed his bottom up high to receive the strap.

"Paula," Jenni said to her transfixed daughter, "the strap please."

A startled Paula lifted the length of leather from her lap and handed it to her mother. "Thank you dear. Can you please go to Michael and stand in front of him. You know what I want."
Paula nodded, uncoiled herself from the beanbag and stood directly in front of the couch facing the distressed young athlete. She held her hands out to him and said gently "Hold hands, Mickey."

Michael did not seem to know what she meant.

Jenni prompted "Give Paula your hands, Michael."

Michael sighed, but did as he was bidden.

Paula took his big hands firmly in her slim girlish ones and smiled encouragingly with the words "It'll all be over soon."

Jenni spoke again as she dragged the strap across Michael's flinching fire engine red rear "You will count each stroke Michael. I will not give you another stroke until you count the previous one and if I were you I'd concentrate on keeping accurate count, because if you do not I will begin all over again."

Michael nodded in understanding and took a deep breath.

Jenni drew back the strap and let it fly, it swathed white-hot fire across Michael's already sore, super heated bottom.


Jenni cracked it down smartly across the lower part of the boy's buttocks.

"Aaaaaahhhhhhhh TTTTWWWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOO!" he bellowed, desperately trying to keep position.

Jenni swung the strap so that it smacked the tender area where thighs and bottom join Michael squealed in pain and rose onto his toes, Paula's thighs were jerked into the couch as the strong arms tugged at her. "Oooooooouuuuuuucccccchhhhhhhaaaaaahhhhhh TTTHHHRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEE!"

Jenni whipped the strap across the centre of Michael's thrust out bottom. Michael howled loudly and Paula winced as her hands were squeezed tightly. Jenni stood behind Michael the strap dangling from her hand. The searing pain had made him forget to count. Paula looked directly at him and mouthed "Four." Michael blinked and then sobbed "Fuhfuhfour."

Jenni spanked another scalding stroke across the crease between bottom and thighs. Michael wailed and closed his eyes tightly as tears leaked from them "FIFIFIVE!" he stammered.

Jenni nodded approvingly, set her feet, raised the strap high and put all of her weight behind the next full-armed swing. KKEEERRRRRAAAAAACCCCCKKKKKKKK! The sound of that vicious stroke echoed around the room following by Michael's screamed "SSSSIIIIIIIXXXXXXXX!"

Jenni dropped the strap on the couch. Michael saw it through tear blurred eyes and collapsed in sobs over the back of the couch. Paula let his hands go and he lay there bawling. Jenni allowed him to cry and then helped him to his feet and guided him to the corner with the order "Now you stand there like a good little soldier with your hands on your head and think on why Mummy had to spank you and how silly and ashamed you are that she had to do it."

Jenni returned to her seat on the couch as Michael pressed into the corner, his hands clasped over his disarrayed and sweat soaked hair, tears flowing down his cheeks, snot streaming from his nose, hiccoughing sobs shaking his body and making those firm well spanked crimson globes wobble fetchingly. Paula stood back and looked at the now changed young athlete his bottom standing out like a beacon. "Paula," Jenni said, "spanking makes me awfully thirsty. I'd love some hot chocolate and I'm sure Michael could do with a cup. Would you mind?"

"No Mummy," Paula replied, going to the kitchen to make some of the hot, sweet drink.

Paula returned a few minutes later with three mugs of steaming hot chocolate in her hands. Jenni accepted hers with murmured thanks and motioned to her daughter to set another one on the coffee table. Paula returned to her beanbag and curled up in it with her hot chocolate clasped in her hands, blowing on it to cool it and sipping delicately. "Michael," Jenni said clearly, "you may leave the corner now and sit in Mummy's lap."

Still crying Michael turned and limped over to Jenni, with her help he settled his burning, scorched, red bottom into Jenni's warm lap and snuggled into her body with her arms around him. She kissed his cheek and used a tissue to wipe his nose and then kissed the tears from his eyes. She handed him a mug of hot chocolate and he cuddled in his foster mother's lap, sipping his chocolate and feeling loved and protected as Jenni stroked his hair fondly and whispered soothingly in his ear.

The camera swung to Lena, her face was flushed and like all her panel members she was obviously excited and flustered. "Well," she gasped, brown eyes shining, cheeks glowing, "that was very instructional and interesting, Jenni."

The other girls gave their guest a generous round of applause.

At the Hartley house Paula giggled and furiously blushing Michael O'Brien put his blazing face in his hands as Louisa announced, "Join us next week when Jenni gives us a practical demonstration of how to handle a footballer. Michael O'Brien will be our special guest and will 'assist' his foster mother with her demonstration.”


  1. Aunty Andrea,

    Thank you for recounting in so much wonderful detail this very intersting episode of "The Girls."

    Well done,

  2. Thank you, joey. It was an enjoyable vignette.

  3. Absolutely a great story, I'd love to trade places with him. But like my Wife always says be careful what you wish for!!

    Again great story Ma'am.


  4. Thank you James, and your lovely wife is quite correct. Naughty young men should always be careful what they wish for, they just might get their wish.

  5. Aunty,

    Wonderful story, just terrific and the pictures are perfect.

    Despite the warnings, makes me long to be over a lap feeling the ebony hairbrush.


  6. Thank you Ron. Jenni doesn't have an ebony hairbrush, but I do and it gets plenty of use.