Wednesday, 19 October 2011

'Hairbrush Heaven'

This is a Seegee story about a very unique hairdressing establishment and how it was anything but heaven for a young employee.

A brush not dissimilar to those sometimes used by hairdresser Theresa for more than one purpose.

From My Spanking Roommate. A punishment not unlike that meted out to young Candy.

Also from My Spanking Roommate. A freshly spanked apprentice stands in the corner to cool her glowing buns.

Theresa opened the door and strolled into her hair salon, she was the first one here and as the owner she generally was. It was early and there were no appointments for at least thirty minutes. That would give her time to make herself a hot cup of coffee and relax before tackling her first client for the day. She shook out her luxuriant mane of long, wavy, flame red hair. She looked around the salon and her cool green eyes narrowed in a frown. One of the workstations was absolutely filthy. It looked as if a very complicated session had taken place there, given the amount of equipment piled up on the table in front of the mirror. Theresa went over to take a closer look "Oh for God's sake!" she exclaimed. "It hasn't even been wiped down!"

"Hi Theresa." a pretty, willowy blonde lady called as she walked in the door.

"Morning Mandy." Theresa replied, still looking at the workstation with annoyance.

"What's up?" the other woman asked.

By way of reply Theresa pointed at the workstation.

Mandy's eyes widened, and her mouth dropped open before she remarked "Oh my God!"

"Who was supposed to clean up last night?" a thin-lipped Theresa asked.

Mandy closed her blue eyes as she tried to remember the roster, then replied "Candy. It was Candice's job last night."

Theresa pursed her lips and let out a long exasperated breath "Why did I even have to ask? Of course it was Candy, when is it ever anyone else?"

Mandy gave her employer a sympathetic look "C'mon if we clean it up together we'll have it done in no time and then we can have a cuppa."

Theresa sighed and nodded "You're right. Thanks Mandy."

The blonde hairdresser was correct. Working together it did take them no time to clean up the workstation and they did have enough time for a quick cup of coffee. Theresa was an experienced hairdresser and she had opened the salon about five years ago. She and Mandy were similar in age and the blonde lady had been the first person she had hired. Mandy was a competent and talented hairdresser, she had no ambitions to ever own a salon, she claimed that she did not want the headaches that came with business ownership, and was almost the perfect employee. Punctual, thorough, good with customers and good at her job, she also never complained. She was a good friend to Theresa and had helped her and the business through some tough times in the early days.

Theresa's Italian heritage was not obvious in her appearance, but it showed in her temper. Theresa was not tall, she stood around 5'4" in her stockinged feet, she had a full figure with large breasts and a plump, round bottom that was not quite as pert as she would like. Her real crowning glory was her long red hair and she took pains to keep it well styled. Mandy was the only one of 'her girls' she trusted with it and her green eyes set it off perfectly. In the five years since Theresa had opened the salon; Hairbrush Heaven she had built it up from a small two person operation into a much larger concern and it was considered to be the best salon in Pines mall. She employed three other fully qualified hairdressers and had four apprentices working for her. She had even leased a part of the shop to a beautician who did nails and makeup and that lady too had an apprentice. Whenever any visitor to Pines mall wanted a good cut and style Hairbrush Heaven was where they went.

Theresa had very strict rules for 'her girls' as she referred to all her employees. Everyone was allowed three mistakes per day and you started off with a clean slate the next day. Theresa hated to fire anyone and she herself knew how hard it was to get by on a weekly pay packet, so she disliked docking pay. She felt that she had one other option open to her to punish infractions of the rules. It was something that she explained to all of her staff when she employed them. If they did not agree to abide by it, then she did not hire them and they signed a legal document at the time of employment. Theresa spanked her girls for three infractions of the rules. A long, hard, over the knee spanking on the bare bottom with both Theresa's hand and a hairbrush. The spankings were generally given at the end of the workday in the privacy of the salon. Everyone from Mandy to the newest apprentice; Candice had experienced at least one uncomfortable session over Theresa's capable knee. Mandy joked that if Theresa cut hair as well as she spanked bottoms then she could charge whatever she wanted and no one could complain that they were being overcharged.

Theresa and Mandy finished their coffee and other employees began to arrive. Mandy and another apprentice; Hayley were hard at work on their first appointment of the day and it was five minutes past nine when Miss Candice Clayton made her arrival at work. Theresa had an unofficial uniform for her girls. The colour was basic black and Theresa had no real problem with what was worn as long as it was black, functional, comfortable and suitable for working with clients. Theresa herself had three pairs of snug black leggings, which she wore with a simple black t-shirt. Occasionally someone wore a dress or slacks with a blouse. If you did not have a black outfit for the day then you could wear one of the black aprons, emblazoned with the saloon's logo in simple white printing, that Theresa kept in the back room. The girls occasionally wore them to keep their clothes clean. Theresa was dressed in her usual leggings with black sneakers and a t-shirt. Candice had been warned more than once about her mode of dress. She generally got the colour right and she claimed that her clothes were comfortable, but they were not at all suitable. This day she was dressed in tight black hipsters that clung to her shapely legs and firm, pert, round bottom, a pair of black low-heeled shoes. Theresa was not all that keen on the hipsters, while she did not personally like the style other girls wore them, but Candy's seemed to be that little bit lower on the hips than the others and they were most definitely tighter, it was what Candy wore on top that went over the boundaries of what Theresa permitted to be worn; a little black crop top that barely covered the teenage apprentice's full, high riding breasts and left a generous section of her flat, tanned stomach bare. Candy breezed into the salon, smiled at her co-workers, said her good mornings and shook her long, curly blonde hair.

"Candice," Theresa said as the girl was busy showing her new navel ring off to Hayley, "can I have a word, please?"

Candy gave Hayley the 'oooohhhh who's been a bad girl?' look at which the other apprentice giggled and trotted off after Theresa to the backroom where the girls put their equipment, took their breaks and made coffee and tea for the clients. Theresa leaned against a bench and looked the girl up and down. She looked at her watch and asked "Candy, what time are you meant to start work?"

Candice shrugged and answered "Nine, I think."

"What time is it now?"

Again Candy shrugged her shapely shoulders and then replied "Nineish."

Theresa took a deep breath and met the apprentice's challenging blue-eyed look with a steady green-eyed one of her own "Candice Clayton you are meant to be at work at nine sharp! Not nineish and not five minutes past nine. I don't mind if you get here earlier, but I will not continue to tolerate tardiness. Candy, it's the second time this week and it's only Wednesday."

"Okay, okay," the girl replied, "geez, don't have kittens." she muttered under her breath.

Theresa heard the comment, but decided to let it go. "What are you wearing?"

"Hipsters and a crop top. You said I could wear hipsters." Candy whined.

"Yes, I did, but that top is simply too brief. It barely covers your breasts and while you have a very nice stomach, I wish mine were that flat, I don't think all the clients need to see it."

"But I just got my belly button pierced. It looks great and besides it hurts to put anything over it." the girl complained.

"Put an apron on. It will preserve modesty and it shouldn't press against your piercing. I'm surprised your parents let you get it."

"I paid for it. It's my money, I earned it and I can do what I want with it."

Theresa sighed, what Candy said was unfortunately true, the girl had spirit and she could be a good hairdresser, but she was so defiant and scatter brained. She had only been working for Theresa for three months and had already had three trips over the hairdressing salon proprietor's knee. Theresa could not remember having ever had to administer that many spankings in that short a space of time with any of her other employees. It was obvious that Candy needed a firmer hand and Theresa had promised herself that the next time Candy had to have her bottom smacked it would be a bottom warming that she would remember for quite some time.

Despite her complaints Candy put on an apron, as she tied it around her slender waist she asked "Can I go now?"

"Not quite yet, young lady. Were you on clean up duty last night?"

"Yes," Candy replied hesitantly, "why?"

"When I came in this morning I found one of the work stations in a shocking state. Mandy and I had to clean it up before anyone arrived. Is there any reason as to why you left it that way?"

Candy raised her eyes heavenward and swore under her breath, she had hoped that it would not be Theresa who found that workstation. Any of the other girls would not have told on her.

"Well," she began, "I had an appointment to get my belly button done and if I'd cleaned the work station then I would have missed it."

"No," Theresa said firmly, "that is not good enough I am afraid. You had a job, you do it, it does not matter if you were going to be late. If that was the case you should have approached me, if I'd left you could have called me and explained. I have my mobile phone and you know the number. More than likely had you called me I would have excused you. I don't like little surprises like the one I got this morning."

"No, I guess not, you cow." Candy muttered.

"What was that?" Theresa snapped, her eyes flashing.

"No, I suppose not, ma'am." Candice said quickly straightening up.

"You know my rule Candy."

"The three mistakes rule?" Candy asked, her hands reflexively going to her bottom. "I've got three chances, Theresa. That was last night."

"True, but coupled with the lateness and the inappropriate dress you have just earned yourself your first mistake of the day. Two more and you know only too well what will happen. I'll be keeping a close eye on you my girl. Maybe it's been too long since you went over my knee."

Suitably chastened by the veiled threat Candy scurried from the room and straight away went to work sweeping the offcut hair from the floor. Theresa stalked out after her and immediately replaced her frown with a welcoming smile as she spied her first client of the day entering. She guided the lady to a chair and inquired if she would like coffee or tea while they went over what she wanted done.

The day went quickly. Theresa kept a close eye on Candice and the girl worked hard, she even worked through her lunch hour. Theresa's spankings hurt and she had no desire to get another one. Candy was no stranger to spanking. It was her parents preferred method of punishment, but they were nowhere near as severe as Theresa. If she misbehaved she got a smacked bottom, it was that simple. She was smacked when and where the offence occurred. There was no ceremony about it. Just a hard, swift wallop on her amply padded derriere. Her parents generally administered no more than six smacks and always on her covered bottom. Some of Candy's friends received the whole over the knee, bare bottom thing, but Candy had only ever had that happen once at a friend's slumber party by the friend's mother and even then it had not hurt all that much.

School was not something Candy had ever excelled at. She was not unintelligent, but not motivated. School and lessons bored her, you had to take work home and you did not even get paid for it. Her older sister; Monica was at university and her parents thought that the sun shone out of her, Candice just could not do it. Her father had hit the roof the day Candy came home and announced "Mum, Dad, I'm leaving school and you can't talk me out of it."

Eventually they had relented and allowed her to leave school on the proviso that she had a job to go to. One of Monica's friends had worked for Theresa part time before going to university and had put in a good word with Theresa for her. She was the right age for a first year apprentice and she seemed to have a genuine like for the business of cutting hair. She was very proud and particular about her hair. Prior to employing her Theresa had had Candice in the chair on more than one occasion. She also did not bat an eyelid when she was advised about the spankings, merely signed the form and said confidently "You won't need to do that to me, Theresa."

Those had been famous last words Theresa thought at the time, Miss Candice Clayton was not the only young lady to make that boast and have it proved untrue.

It was not just the fact that Theresa's spankings hurt, it was that they were on the bare bottom, they were not always in private and she used that bloody hairbrush. That was what really hurt. Her hand was hard enough, but the pain and sting that rotten hairbrush inflicted was excruciating. The first time Theresa had spanked her Candy had spent an entire half hour before hand reciting "I will not cry. I will not cry." She had witnessed Hayley turn into a red bottomed, squalling six year old over Theresa's capable lap only three days previously. To her credit Candy had held out until Theresa applied the hairbrush to her behind. She had tried to hold the tears back since that time on the next two spankings, but no matter how hard she tried once the hairbrush came into play the tears flowed freely, she just could not help it. She suspected it was partly due to the fact that she was bare bottomed as well, that she had been very well warmed up before by Theresa's hand and that she felt at sixteen she was far too old for such a childish punishment. Her parents had last smacked her at the age of twelve.

Theresa was grudgingly having to admit that Candy was going to prove her wrong this day and get out of the shop at home time with an unspanked rear. Candy had been an absolute model apprentice since her telling off earlier that day. That was until Theresa noticed one of her clients sweating under the drier. Theresa approached the florid red-faced woman and asked "How long have you been under?"

The woman gasped and held up her fingers four and a half times to indicate 45 minutes.

"Oh good God!" Theresa exclaimed and turned the drier off and examined the lady's hair concernedly. She was cooked. Theresa could fix it, but it would not be what the client wanted and they would not be able to charge her for it. "Who put her under there?" a thin-lipped Theresa interrogated the apprentices in the back room. Two of them squirmed from foot to foot uncomfortably. One; Genevieve, had been spanked just last week and her bottom tingled, even though she knew she was not responsible. Candy groaned "That was me, Theresa."

Theresa let out a long breath and her hands clenched and unclenched, if she had them around Candy's throat at that moment she would have throttled the girl. "Why didn't you set the timer?"

Candy shrugged "I forgot."

"," Theresa was robbed of speech by her amazement, "you forgot. That poor lady was under there for 45 minutes! If she'd been of a mind to she could have sued the shop and all because you forgot to set a timer."

"She was Sasha's client!" Candy tried to defend herself.

"I don't know if you've noticed this little girl," Theresa told her, "but Sasha is a fully qualified hairdresser and she was dealing with three clients at once. You are the apprentice, it is your job to set the timer on the drier. That's two today young lady, one more and I can promise you that you will leave here today with the sorest bottom you can possibly imagine. Do you understand me and that goes for all of you."

Four heads nodded and four pretty young apprentices murmured respectfully "Yes, ma'am." three sets of hands briefly clutched bottoms in remembrance of past spankings over their strict employer's knee. In an act of defiance Candy was the only one that did not do so.

Theresa looked at her watch; 4:30, they closed at 5:00 and if Candy managed to get through the next half hour without another bungle she would be off the hook. Theresa dearly wanted to spank the girl for the hair drier fiasco, but she could not break her own three mistakes rule. There was only one client left. An attractive, mature lady by the name of Pamela Rushton. Pamela was in her mid forties with a lovely mane of silver hair, she had gone grey when she was in her thirties, but it suited her, she had not attempted to colour it and Theresa had encouraged her to not to do so. It looked much better natural and as long as she kept it cut stylishly it looked fine. Mandy was just giving her the finishing touches and Hayley was bringing her out of a cup of coffee. Hayley was walking carefully, the coffee was hot and she had filled it to the brim, she did not want any to spill. That was something Theresa frowned upon. As a result Hayley kept her eyes on the steaming cup and not on the floor. Her foot struck something lying there and with a squeal she pitched forward, the cup went flying and hot coffee spilled all over Pamela Rushton's new red designer dress. Pamela leapt to her feet brushing at the hot liquid all over her dress. An utterly miserable Hayley brushed hair out of her eyes as she surveyed the scene with dismay from where she sat on the floor. "I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Oh God! I'm so sorry!" she apologized as she got to her feet.

Pamela Rushton fixed her with a hazel gaze "This dress, young lady, cost more than you earn in a week, I very nearly got scalded."

Hayley burst into tears "I didn't mean it! There was something on the floor. I tripped." she wailed.

Theresa rushed in "Mrs Rushton I am very sorry. We will pay for the dry cleaning on the dress. Please sit down and Amanda will finish your cut. I will deal with Hayley." she took the sobbing girl's elbow and marched her to the backroom.

Amanda took over out in the salon with Pamela Rushton. "The dress is ruined." the woman complained, looking at the coffee stains.

Mandy ran a critical eye over the dress and said "I don't think so, Mrs Rushton. The dry cleaner here is very good, he's done miracles with some of my stuff. If we get it to him quickly, we can get it done tonight. Candy go and get an apron. Mrs Rushton if you don't mind taking your dress off here we can cover you up with one of the aprons and your dress can be cleaned while I finish your cut."

The elegant lady frowned at the blonde hairdresser, but began to disrobe. Once she had taken the dress off Amanda handed it to one of the other apprentices: Sandra. "Take that to the dry cleaner, tell him to put it on Theresa's bill." When the petite brunette hesitated Mandy snapped "Quickly!" and gave her a smart slap on her pert bottom to hurry her along.

Candy gave an apron to Mandy and Pamela Rushton put it on and sat back down in her chair. Mandy snatched up her scissors and began to work on Mrs Rushton's hair again. As she snipped at the well-kept gray hair she noticed something on the floor. Her eyes narrowed. It was a vent brush. What was it doing lying there? She picked it up and asked loudly, while holding the brush up "Whose is this?"

The other girls in the salon busied themselves with menial work and tried not to notice what was going on. A breathless Sandra re entered and slapped a dry cleaning ticket down on the front counter  "What?" she asked as Amanda fixed her with a sharp eye "Is this yours?" the blonde asked.

Sandra took it from Mandy, looked at it and said "No," then she showed the handle to Amanda, "look it's got CC on the handle. It's Candy's. Hey Candy! You left your vent brush on the floor...again."

"She's done it before?" Amanda asked.

Sandra shrugged "Sure. It falls out of the pocket of the apron. You can't help it. She just forgets to pick it up sometimes."

"This is what Hayley tripped on."

Sasha came over to join the discussion "Mandy, you better get in the back room and let Theresa know, because I think Hayley is about to go bottoms up over her knee."

"Oh God!" Mandy ran for the back room, calling over her shoulder "I'll be back in a second Mrs Rushton and Candice if you move so much as a muscle then the spanking I give you will make the one Theresa gives you seem like a massage."

In the back room Theresa was blistering Hayley's ears. "Do you know how valued a customer Pamela Rushton is?"

A miserable Hayley nodded and tears collected at the tip of her nose to splash on the floor.

"You not only damaged her dress, you could have scalded her and then we get sued for personal injury. That could have ruined the business."

Hayley sobbed "I tripped on something. There was something on the floor."

"Oh, c'mon girl!" an angry Theresa raged. "It's not the first time you've spilled things. Don't make up some fictional object to get yourself off the hook. I know I have the three mistakes rule, but in view of the seriousness of this infraction I'm going to have to waive that." she sat down on a backless hairdressing stool. "Go fetch your hairbrush. You're getting a good hard spanking on your bare bottom, right now!"

"No!" a shocked Hayley wailed. "It was an accident."

"Get the brush now, Hayley and just count yourself lucky I don't do this in front of Mrs Rushton and ask her if she wants to help."

"But, but..." Hayley tried to stall.

Just then Amanda entered with Candy's vent brush "Theresa." she began.

Theresa's blazing green eyes were turned on her senior hairdresser "Mandy, please, can't this wait? Hayley's about to get a hiding."

Amanda winced, her own bottom remembered the last spanking Theresa had given her, she had not been able to sit down to do hair for the following two days "That's kind of what it's about."

Hope in her eyes Hayley gazed at Amanda and Theresa frowned at her "In what way?"

"If Hayley told you that she tripped, then she did. Someone left a vent brush on the floor, that's what Hayley tripped on."

"Who is someone?" Theresa asked her green eyes narrowing dangerously.

Amanda took a deep breath, held the brush out to Theresa and said softly "Candy."

Theresa filled her lungs and bellowed "CANDY! Get your behind in here, NOW!"

Amanda took a stunned Hayley's hand and exited the room quickly.

Amanda looked at the other employees as a startled Candy ran into back room and Theresa's summons. "Look, Mrs Rushton is our only customer. I'll finish her cut and clean up tonight. The rest of you go, because what is about to happen will not be at all pleasant."

Hayley sniffed and cast a glance into the back room where they could hear the scolding Theresa was giving Candy. "I don't think it's going to be all that unpleasant for me."

"Hayley, I'm sure I can arrange for you to be side by side with Candy if that's what you want." Mandy told the affronted apprentice.

"No, ma'am!" Hayley gasped.

"Then do the smart thing and take an early mark."

"What about Theresa?" Sasha asked as she gathered up her things. "Won't she wonder what happened to the rest of us?"

"Probably," Mandy answered as she went back to work on Pamela Rushton's hair, "but I've known her the longest. I know how she works. It won't be a problem. Now go!"

The dark girl gave Mandy a look of 'thanks' and disappeared out the door.

"What exactly is going on?" a confused Pamela Rushton asked from her chair.

"Well, Mrs Rushton," Amanda explained, "Hayley tripped on a vent brush that Candy left carelessly laying on the floor which made her spill the coffee all over you. Theresa takes a very dim view of that sort of thing. This is Candy's third such misdemeanour of the day. Theresa has a way of dealing with girls who make three mistakes in the one day."

"And that would be?" Pamela Rushton asked, arching an eyebrow.

"That I think I'll let Theresa explain. You know you're just about done. What do you think?" she said showing the lady her reflection.

Pamela Rushton nodded "Not bad, not too bad at all considering."

Mandy chuckled "Would you like a coffee while you wait for Theresa to sort all this out for you?"

"That would be lovely."

"White and two isn't it?"

"Yes, it is, Amanda."

Amanda walked in on Theresa reading the riot act to a crying Candy "The third silly mistake of the day! You, young lady will be lucky if you can sit down by this time next week. This won't be just any little spanking my girl. This one will really count! Hello Amanda."

"Hi," Amanda said brightly and wagged a stern finger at Candy, "naughty little thing! I've finished Mrs Rushton's cut. I'm just going to give her a coffee and then go and collect her dress. I had Sandra drop it in at the cleaner across the mall. She's pretty confused though. You're going to need to explain all this to her."

"Oh, I will," Theresa promised as Amanda put the kettle on, "believe me I will and so will Miss Candice Clayton. Won't you young lady?"

"Yeah." Candy mumbled.

Theresa's loud "What?" was accompanied by the crack of a tight young bottom receiving a hard slap.

"Ouch!" Candy squealed and responded "Yes ma'am."

"Better." Theresa approved.

Amanda giggled as she prepared Pamela Rushton's coffee and then took it out to the lady.

"Amanda, what exactly is going on?" Pamela Rushton asked as she accepted the steaming cup of coffee from the pretty blonde hairdresser.

Amanda smiled at her client "Theresa will be explaining it all to you soon, Mrs Rushton. If you'll excuse me I have to go and pick your dress up."

"Of course. Thankyou."

As Mandy slipped out the door Theresa emerged from the back room, she had a sniffling Candice held tightly by the hand. "Hello Mrs Rushton. I am terribly sorry about this afternoon."

"Well no real harm was done," Pamela conceded, sipping her coffee, "as long as my dress is cleaned properly. Amanda did a wonderful job with my hair, but I am rather confused as to all the kerfuffle after Hayley spilled the coffee on me, though."

Theresa favoured the older lady with a gentle smile "I do apologize for all of that, we do things slightly differently here, don't we, Candy?"

"Yes, ma'am." the girl mumbled, keeping her eyes on the floor.

"Now isn't there something you want to say to Mrs Rushton?"

"Ummm, ow!" Candy yelped as Theresa's free hand descended firmly over the seat of her apron. "The vent brush that Hayley tripped on was mine. I'm sorry."

"I see," Pamela said, regarding the girl over the rim of her cup, "that was rather careless of you, wasn't it? Do you often leave your tools lying on the floor?"

Candy's eyes flashed, but she saw Theresa's tight-lipped expression and held her temper "Yes, it was ma'am, no I don't and I will do my best to make sure that it does not happen again."

"The fact that it happened at all has rather inconvenienced me and I'm sure it gave your colleague a scare." Pamela Rushton told the young apprentice.

"I said I'm sorry, what more can I do?" Candy complained and then howled as Theresa's hand slapped her thigh swiftly.

"Firstly my girl, you are going to pay for the dry cleaning bill on Mrs Rushton's dress out of your wages..." Theresa told her.

"But I wanted to get a new navel ring!" Candy whined.

"Candy," Theresa said evenly, "do you ever want to sit down again?"

"Yes." Candy muttered, lowering her head.

"Then just listen to me and stop interrupting and carrying on like a five year old."

Pamela Rushton did not say anything, but the look in her cool grey eyes was most definitely approving. She had brought up three daughters and could well remember having similar conversations with them over the years.

"You will pay for the dress and right now you will go and fetch your hairbrush and report back here to me quick smart."

"But...but Mrs Rushton is still here." Candy said uncertainly.

"Your point is?" Theresa asked, arching an eyebrow.

Candy said nothing, cast Pamela a rather quizzical look, spun on her heel and stomped to the backroom, huffily blowing air out of her pursed lips.

Amanda reentered carrying Pamela Rushton's dress. She handed it to the older lady with a smile. "Here we are, good as new."

Pamela put down her coffee and inspected the dress "My," she remarked, "it is as good as new. That cleaner of yours is a miracle worker."

"Oh, he's great." Amanda agreed.

"Do you want to stay for a coffee, Amanda?" Theresa asked.

The slim blonde lady cast her pretty blue eyes up at the ceiling and considered the offer "I think I will. I can report on things for Hayley. I doubt she'd get much out of you or Miss Clayton tomorrow."

"You're right about that," Theresa grinned, "just don't embellish too much. I don't want to be reported to the union."

"May I ask what all this cryptic conversation is about?" Pamela Rushton said from her seat.

"Of course Mrs Rushton."

"Theresa please call me Pamela, you're making me feel like my mother in law with all those respectful Mrs Rushtons." 

"Thank you Pamela," Theresa laughed and Amanda giggled as she went to the back room to put the kettle on again, "I do things a little differently at my salon. I have a method of keeping discipline amongst the girls. It's a little unusual, but I find it works. I apprenticed under an extremely strict lady, whenever any of her apprentices, or qualified hairdressers for that matter, transgressed then she marched them into her house at the back of the salon, bared their bottom and gave them a good old fashioned blistering with the back of her hairbrush." Theresa winced and rubbed her own bottom in remembrance of those stinging pants down brushings over her old employer's knee.

Pamela nodded approvingly and said "I never would have thought of doing it in the work place, but my three daughters were no stranger to a good hairbrushing if I thought they deserved it."

"Well it worked so well for her, that I thought it must have merit. I hated it so much at the time that I never thought I'd put it into practice, but it was better than being sacked or docked. One day I was faced with sacking an apprentice and I gave her a choice: a spanking or the sack. She chose the spanking and it worked so well and she improved so much that I started to use it for any girl I employed. I don't discriminate. It doesn't matter if you're a young apprentice like Candy or a grown, experienced hairdresser like Amanda if you make three mistakes in the one day you get turned over my knee for a good, hard, old fashioned bare bottom spanking with the hairbrush. The leaving of the vent brush on the floor was Candy's third and final mistake today. All the girls have their own personal hairbrush for their spankings, and that is the only purpose it is used for. I purchase it when I hire them, but they pay for it. Candy is just fetching hers. I hate to say it, but hers sees more use than the others."

Pamela picked up her coffee and sipped, hiding her smile in the cup, this was turning out to be the most interesting haircut that she had ever had.

"Generally the spankings are administered in private after the shop has shut and the customers have left, but with Candy's last mistake inconveniencing you personally I thought you may like to stay and watch, perhaps even assist."

"Theresa I thank you and I would be delighted to accept your kind invitation."

Candy came out of the backroom carrying a large, rectangular, wooden hairbrush in her hand. It was made of a light blonde wood and had the name Candy burned into the handle. Theresa held out her hand and Candy placed the hairbrush in it, a worried frown wrinkling her smooth brow. "Why the name?" Pamela asked.

"I buy them in bulk," Theresa explained, "as you can imagine I use a few and this way I know which hairbrush belongs to which girl. They're quite sturdy and impart a good healthy smack."

"May I?" Pamela requested, holding out her hand.

"Of course." Theresa responded giving the older lady the brush.

Pamela weighed it critically in her hand and then smacked it firmly into the palm of her hand. The sound made Candy jump and Pamela wrung her hand as she returned the brush to Theresa. "Quite a sting."

Theresa nodded and said "You may even get to see how Candy will respond to it in your hand if you'd like."

"Oh no! Theresa! Please! Not that!" the girl begged, shooting glances at Pamela, her face bright red with embarrassment.

"We'll see." Pamela demurred. "I'm sure it's 'Candy' that she is not at all eager for."

"It is indeed." Theresa laughed as Amanda emerged from the back room with a cup of coffee and pulled up a ringside seat.

Theresa settled herself onto a low backed chair and looked critically at Candy "Take the apron off please Candice."

"Do I have to?" the girl whined, shifting uncomfortably from foot to foot.

"You didn't want to wear it this morning." Theresa reminded her.

"I wasn't going to be spanked then. Please, Theresa does it have to be in front of Mrs Rushton and Mandy?"

"Yes, it does. Mandy's seen you spanked before and I'm sure your pretty little tush is not the first one Mrs Rushton has seen spanked."

"Nor is it the only one I've spanked." Pamela added.

"Yes, ma'am." Candy sighed, undoing the apron and taking it off and letting it fall to the floor.

"You're just going to leave it there, are you?" Theresa asked, looking at the crumpled heap of black cloth on her salon floor.


"Pick it up and hang it on a hook in the back room. Honestly, girl, I'd hate to see your bedroom. Maybe I should speak to your Mum about the occasional smack bottom to bring you into line at home as well."

Candy compressed her lips into a thin line as she bent down to pick up the apron, then yelped as Theresa planted a firm smack on her temptingly thrust out bottom.

"Ouch!" Candy complained, rubbing the abused derriere.

She returned the apron to a hook in the back room, casting angry glares back at Theresa as she did so. The older lady saw the glares and promised herself to roast Candy's bottom for them, but said nothing as she chatted easily to Amanda and Pamela.

Candy returned to Theresa and stood by her knee.

"Good girl, now let's get these hipsters down." she calmly unbuttoned and unzipped the fly on the tight pants and then eased them over the girl's bottom with a practiced move. Candy gasped as they slipped down her shapely legs and she felt the air on her bottom.

Pamela chuckled. The girl was wearing the smallest pair of panties that she had ever seen. She knew about thongs, but it was the first time she had ever seen one. The girl would have had more protection with a pocket handkerchief.

Theresa shook her head and said "It's hardly worth taking them off, but come off they will, young lady!"

The skimpy under garment soon joined the hipsters around Candy's ankles and she squealed as she was upended over Theresa's capable lap.

Theresa positioned the girl in the middle of her lap. Candy was a small girl and fitted comfortably over the fiery redhead's knee. Her feet were an inch or two off the ground and her hands were just able to touch the floor. As Candy wriggled and squirmed Mandy moved in a little closer to see better and licked her lips in anticipation. "I don't know what to do with you, Candy." Theresa scolded as she sprinkled hard, crisp slaps all over the girl's squirming white behind. "I've spanked you more than any other girl I've ever employed and you continue to make these silly and quite frankly, dangerous mistakes." Theresa's spanking hand did not miss a beat as she castigated her frantically wriggling employee both verbally and physically.

"My, she pinkens up beautifully." Pamela remarked, beginning to enjoy the show.

"She reddens nicely, too." Amanda told the older lady.

"Ow! Ow! Owch! Oooooohhhhoooowwwww!" Candy squealed as she felt the fires of a properly administered spanking kindle in her firm, round, bottom.

"Maybe if you had thought and been a little more careful you would not be squealing with a fiery red bottom over my knee, right now." Theresa scolded, continuing to scald the girl's upturned bouncing bottom with her strong right hand and holding her easily in place with the other arm.

"I'm sorrreeee!" Candy wailed, desperately trying to blink back the tears that were threatening to stream from her eyes.

"Would you have been saying that if Hayley were the one who had found herself over my knee, young lady?" Theresa demanded, her green eyes still flashing.

"I don't know." Candy sniffled.

Theresa let fly with a blistering volley in response to the admission.

Candy howled and desperately tried to squirm off Theresa's lap.

"Candy, I have had just about enough of wearing my hand and arm out on your tough, little bubble butt. Maybe being turned over someone else's knee will cure you of your thoughtlessness and laziness."

"Someone else's knee?" Candy repeated warily, gasping as Theresa's hand stopped spanking her and glided gently over her steaming bottom in smooth circles soothing the abused flesh.

"Pamela since you were one of the injured parties would you like to do the honours with the brush?" Theresa offered.

The woman's grey eyes sparkled and a smile lit up her face as she replied "I would be delighted, Theresa."

Candy did not need to hear any more. She scrambled up off Theresa's lap and clapped hands to her sore, throbbing bottom. "No!" she protested vehemently. "Not her! Please Theresa, please!"

"No, Candy, I think you need this and did I tell you that you could cover your bottom up?"

"No, ma'am." Candy replied, dropping her head.

"Then remove your hands, go to Mrs Rushton, give her your brush and ask her nicely to spank you." Despite her resolve not to cry fat tears crept out of Candy's cornflower blue eyes and slid down her face.  

Candy took the brush from Theresa's hand and hobbled the short distance to where Pamela Rushton sat, one long shapely leg crossed over the other. With a trembling hand she offered the horrid brush to Pamela. "Puhpuhleese Mrs Rushton would you," the girl sobbed and faltered, "would you...uhhhh spank me?"

"Sweetheart," Pamela told her with an encouraging smile, "I would be honoured to turn you over my knee and roast that disobedient bottom of yours for you. This will help you immeasurably in the future, darling," Pamela told her as she guided the girl over her knee, she settled Candy's nubile young frame over her stern knees and told her, "I know it doesn't feel like it now, Candice, but this is a good thing for you," the girl burst into fresh tears, "that's it," Pamela cooed, "cry it all out and Auntie Pamela will give you a good, old fashioned spanking."

Pamela held Candy firmly in position with one strong arm and raised the one holding the brush and smacked it sharply down across the centre of the teenager's glowing red backside. Candy's wails hit the air at the same time as the back of the brush impacted with her bottom. Mandy sipped her coffee contentedly and Theresa sat back in her chair and smiled as her client disciplined the apprentice. Pamela Rushton certainly knew how to deliver a good spanking. Candy squealed, yelped, howled, cried, squirmed, wriggled, bucked and kicked, but Pamela missed not a beat as the brush scorched first the crowns of the girl's bouncing red bottom, then scalded the fleshy crimson part and last of all seared the still white sit spot, where thighs and bottom met. Candy's protests scaled new heights as the brush visited what Theresa had always referred to as the spank spot. Theresa and Mandy could not help but wince as Pamela applied the brush to that oh so tender area and painted it the same sizzling red as the rest of Candy's pert dancing bottom.

Pamela delivered one last stinging stroke and then rested the brush's steaming back on the equally burning hot bottom. Candy lay limply over her knee blubbering continuously. Pamela held the brush out and asked "Would anyone else like a turn?"

Candy wailed "Nooooo! Please noooooooo! I'll be gooooooddddd! I promise!"

Mandy shook her head with a grin and placed her empty cup in its saucer with a soft click.

Theresa took the brush, put it aside and said "I think Candy has learned her lesson. Haven't you Candy?"

"Yes, ma'am." the girl gasped, trying to swallow her sobs.

"Are you able to stand up?"

Candy nodded.

"Then please raise yourself from Mrs Rushton's knee and thank her for your spanking."

Candy was too tired and sore to argue, she levered herself awkwardly off Pamela Rushton's knee. She stood in front of the older lady, tears still streaming down her face, sniffed and wiped her nose on her forearm. Pamela smiled and produced a tissue from her handbag, she beckoned Candy to her and gently wiped her nose. "There you are, much better."

Candy stood up and said slowly "Thank you for spanking me Mrs Rushton. I am sorry that you had to."

"It was my pleasure, darling. Theresa, if she ever needs it again, don't hesitate to send her over. I'd be only too happy to continue the discussion we had this afternoon."

"I'll bear that in mind. Candy you know the drill, corner, hands on head and I will let you know when you can leave it."

Still crying Candy shuffled to the corner and stood there with her hands clasped on her head and her stinging, throbbing, burning bottom displayed to the three women in the salon.

Sipping coffee and casting smiling glances at the contrite, well spanked young lady in the corner the three ladies discussed hair cuts and spankings of the past, both administered and received. As Pamela paid for her hair cut she asked Theresa "Do I have to book for my next spanking now or can we arrange another one on the day?"

Theresa chuckled and replied "If you spank another of my apprentices as well as you did Candy I'd have to pay you, Pamela."

Candy just sobbed and dreamed of the day when she had her own salon and was able to spank her apprentices.


  1. Dear Aunty,

    Thank you for a wonderfully told story. I hope that Candy has learned her lesson.


  2. Aunty,

    This is an amazing story, thank you! The brush is the best but this is a story to reread!!
    Thank you

  3. Joey, pleased you enjoyed. Somehow I don't think that will be Candy's last spanking.
    Ron, thanks, I know of your fondness with the brush.

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