Saturday, 22 October 2011

'A Hot Bath'

Yes, it had to happen sooner or later. Seegee had to write something that could actually be termed a short story. I present for your enjoyment A Hot Bath.

A rather ominous looking bath brush.

Chloe enjoys her bath before David ruins it.

From Vixen Ladies. A bath brush spanking is administered with the bristle side of the brush.

Chloe padded across the slick black tiles, shedding her light, white robe as she made her way to the steaming spa bath. Her long, lean, tanned form was silhouetted in the fading light streaming through the large windows at the end of the bathroom. The tall beauty slipped gracefully into the frothy water and luxuriated in the suds, the bubbles lapping gently at her full, high breasts, she closed her eyes in bliss and inhaled the fragrant steam.

There was very little that Chloe enjoyed as much as a hot, relaxing, bubble bath. She had been promising herself this treat all week and now that it had arrived she was determined to enjoy it. With her eyes still closed, her brow furrowed as she heard running steps on the tiles. Before she could even open her eyes, or shout a protest, a muscular, tanned male figure burst into the room, leapt into the air, curled himself into a tight ball and hit the water with a spectacular splash. Water flew out of the bath, and soaked the tiles. A huge wave flowed across the deep bath and slapped Chloe into the face, spoiling her long awaited tranquillity and saturating her hair, leaving it hanging in tangles around her shocked face. Chloe squealed in indignation, as her husband; David, stretched one strong arm out of the bath, and snatched up one of the stubbies of beer in the nearby ice bucket, he uncapped it and took a long swig, before grinning at his affronted wife and demanding "What?" at her frosty glare.

Chloe took a deep breath and then exhaled, trying to remain calm, she looked at the cake of soap laying on the floor outside of the bath, and considered bouncing it off David's forehead, but then discounted that as an action that he would expect and one that would teach him next to nothing. Chloe was from old money, she did not have to work, but she ran a number of charities and she worked hard at it. David had been a top level sportsman, he worked in the media as a commentator, and he was known for his good nature and his love of practical jokes, even his comments were better for their comic value and irreverence than any insight into the game he was talking about. Chloe supposed she should have known this when she married him, his parents were irresponsible. They rarely punished him, even when it was well deserved, so he had grown up without any thought of consequences for his actions. Chloe's parents, while loving, had been strict and she had learned at a young age the painful results of disobedience. Chloe did love David, and he was magnificent in bed, but his thoughtlessness irritated her. A casual statement his mother had made at a family barbecue not long before they married should have alerted her. David, as was often the case, was horsing about quite dangerously. Chloe passed a comment on it and his mother had laughed it off with: 'Oh yes, he needs a spanking, but how could you ever consider spanking someone so gorgeous?' Doted on, spoiled and unspanked, a dangerous combination.

Chloe fixed her infuriatingly still grinning husband with blazing green eyes, and unleashed a tongue lashing "How could you be so bloody stupid?"

"Stupid?" he repeated. "What do you mean, sugar?"

"Don't sugar me, you clown! Did you even consider how dangerous what you just did was? You could have easily slipped on the tiles and broken your neck! If you'd miscalculated that jump you might have hurt yourself or me!"

David shrugged, brown eyes sparkling "Babe, I don't make mistakes."

"Oh yes, you did my dear." Chloe promised as an idea came to her.

She rose from the water, David examined the wide shoulders, the full breasts, the flat stomach and those long luscious legs appreciatively as his wife stood. He sighed with happiness, she was a true Venus rising at this moment. Chloe stepped out of the bath and onto the now saturated tiles, she picked her way daintily around the bath, picked up a chair near the towel rack and set it down in the middle of the room. David frowned, his wife was not given to public displays of her beauty, but right now he could not think about anything except the stripping scene from Flashdance, they'd used a chair in that and Chloe was, to his way of thinking, a damn sight better looking than Jennifer Beals.

Chloe stepped up to the bath and reached down, she took a firm grip on her husband's upper ear, holding it tightly between a perfectly manicured forefinger and thumb "Hey!" David yelped. "Chloe!" he protested as she hauled upward, he was forced to rise, the grip she had would rip his ear off if he did not. "What the fuck do you think you're doing?" he demanded.

"Something your mother should have done years ago, darling." Chloe informed him sweetly as she hauled him towards the chair and then warned. "And if the f word crosses your lips again you can eat a cake of soap. I do hope I am making myself clear."

"Crystal." a worried David replied as she seated herself and dragged him in a graceless sprawl of arms and legs across her firm thighs.

"Chloe?" a worried David asked as his wife shifted him into the centre of her lap, his bottom pointing up at the ceiling "What's going on?"

"What do you think it is, my dear?" Chloe asked in a teasing tone.

Feeling very vulnerable and starting to realise how powerful his wife really was he replied in a small voice "It feels like a spanking."

"Oh, you're such a perceptive boy." Chloe sang and punctuated her words with hard, crisp slaps across her husband's firm round, upturned buttocks.

David bucked, jerked and squealed at the unexpected feeling. "Okay. You had your fun." he told her. "I'm sorry I ruined your bath. I was a naughty boy. I won't do it again."

"No," SLAP, "will" SMACK, "NOT!" SPANK.

"Chloe, dammit! That hurts!" her husband complained as the sting in his bottom started to build.

Chloe settled into a steady rhythm her slender, hard hand rebounding sharply from one cheek to the other with firm smacks that echoed loudly around the high ceilinged bathroom. "A spanking is supposed to hurt, silly boy." Chloe told her husband, thoroughly enjoying the feeling of power she was getting from the experience and the sight of his twitching reddening cheeks under her rising and falling palm.

"Chloe, let me up." David said firmly.

"Not until I think you've learned the error of your ways." Chloe said, her spanking arm not losing a beat.

"I...ouch....have. For God's sake! I'm...ooowwwww....not...eeeeaahhhh....a little.....ooohhhh....kid!"

"No, you are not. I can feel that," Chloe said as she felt her husband's member stiffen and press insistently against her thigh, David groaned as his body betrayed him and his face turned as red and hot as his buttocks were rapidly becoming, "however if you behave like a child, you will be treated like one."

David had no rejoinder and the way he had behaved stupidly and was now paying the price, so he lay across his beautiful wife's lap and tried to endure the spanking as stoically as possible.

Chloe frowned, looked down at David's brightly glowing, steaming hot globes and listened him grunt and watched his legs wave lazily about. He was accepting his punishment, that was good, but it was not really having the effect she had hoped for. She wanted him broken and sobbing, the same as a little boy after a good, hard spanking, besides his muscular buttocks were starting to hurt her hand. Her eyes cast around the room for something that would make more of an impact and she saw the bath brush. It was normally used to scrub each other's backs, but it had a long handle, a broad flat back and it was made of wood, it would pack a healthy sting. She reached out and picked it up then ran the bristles lightly across David's super sensitive bottom "What is that?" he asked, bottom flinching involuntarily.

"What do you think it is?" Chloe asked, a smile in her voice.

"Something I'm not going to like." David responded.

"Oh, my little boy is so clever today." Chloe complimented her husband, raising the brush and bring it cracking down across his rear end, he rewarded her with a loud howl and a frantic wriggle.

Chloe cracked the brush down again and again over her husband's pulsating backside, appreciating the deeper, richer, hotter shade of red that it painted the squirming globes and the wild kicking and roaring that applying to it to the crease where thighs and buttock joined created. One last stinging stroke across the centre of David's cherry red glowing bottom got the sobs she was waiting for. Tears ran down David's cheeks and his nose was also streaming, his body and hair had been wet when she had begun and they still were, but now they were soaked with sweat as well as bathwater. She helped her blubbering husband to his feet and gave him a long hug, then offered him a hand towel to dry his eyes and blow his nose. He cleaned his face up and then thanked Chloe. She stood and said sternly "You made the mess in here, David. You can clean it up and then join me in the bedroom."

Wordlessly David nodded.

Chloe looked down and noticed with a wicked grin that his member was standing stiffly to attention again. "You can bring that with you," she told him, patting his roasting hot bottom playfully and reminding him, "and if he doesn't behave himself my hairbrush is sitting on my bedside table within easy reach."


  1. Excellent story. Thank you.

  2. I second joeyred, excellent story, hope the Wife doesn't read it. Do not want to give Her anymore ideas then She come up with on her own. lol

  3. Thank you joey and James. James I'm sure your wife and Chloe would get along splendidly.

  4. Aunty,

    Oh my, an awesome and very hot spanking, so well writen, I felt like I was there or wished I was. So nice with a hand warm up then the bath brush and my, the threat of the hairbrush. A keeper story!

  5. I rather thought you may enjoy, Ron. Being spanked on a wet bottom with the bathbrush. Ouch!

  6. I do hope Chloe tells his mother, after all it was her idea!


  7. Unfortunately R, I think David's mother is part of the problem.

  8. Oh Aunty Andrea, My mom has only once used the bath brush on my bottom, to make matters worse when she was done blistering my wet bottom with the brush she bent me over the bath and used a thick leather belt on me to finish off the spanking. It hurt so much, I cried for hours afterwards.


  9. Oh yes, Mario the bath brush is wicked. A strap after, too, you must have been a very naughty boy to make your mother do that.

  10. Yes Ma'am, I am afraid I was very naughty that day. Mom put a stop to that very quickly.

  11. Not happy that you were so very naughty, but I am pleased that your mother took corrective action.

  12. Yes ma'am, Since then I have been very good, since then I have only had my normal maintenance spanking each month.