Wednesday, 5 October 2011

An itchy palm

I do hope young Kimberley kept everyone entertained in my brief absence. I thought the story she posted was delightful and so romantic.

I saw this photo in the news today

and it made my palm positively itch! I'm not a prude and I think cut offs are nice and practical for the hot weather, but so many young women wear them too tight and small. Bottoms are not to be seen peeking out cheekily from tight shorts and skirts in public. I wish I had this lady in the shop facing me, she'd soon be out of those cut offs and over Aunty's lap having a fire built in her chubby little rear!


  1. In the US, we call them "Daisy Dukes" after the star of the Dukes of Hazard. Yes this young woman could use some red in those cheeks.

  2. Dear Auntie,

    How is dear Debbie. I hope her leg has mended well after her accident.


  3. I would still get spanked good and hard if I went out showing my bum like that. And I'm 25!!

  4. I don't like the direction this post is taking, you get an itchy palm and my bum starts twitching in sympathy. lol

  5. @ Joey, thanks for the comment. I do remember Daisy Duke, how I'd love to spank some of the sass out of that young lady.
    Debbie is healing well, just in time for Spring Racing Carnival, and she's working on some pieces which will be posted soon I hope.

    @ Sophie, welcome to the Spank Shop, dear. Aunty is pleased to hear that you have been properly raised and are subject to suitable discipline even at 25.

    @ Mario, as long as you behave, sweetness Aunty won't have to spank you and put in the corner, will she?

  6. True, therein lies the problem, I seldom behave myself.

  7. May she please come over my lap next!!!


  8. If you're not careful Ron, you'll be the next one over MY lap, young man!

  9. Wow, even my palm itches looking at that picture, Aunty!!!

    Then again, I've got a huge fetish for super-short denim cutoffs on a girl, spanker or spankee. :)