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A model tradition - Debbie Downunder

I find it rather unusual that as an Aussie girl born and bred, the first time I visit a national icon it is not for it’s intended purpose, but to see the crowning of the winner of a talent contest.

I know you’re thinking what on earth is that Debbie girl going on about now? Spent too much time under the blazing Australian sun, has she? That could actually be true, but it’s beside the point.

In my last article I was lucky enough to interview the beautiful Sarah Murdoch to discuss the latest season of her successful reality TV show Australia’s Next Top Model. Ms Murdoch had given me tickets to the show’s final, held at the world famous Sydney Opera House. I’d seen the Opera House before, you can’t visit Sydney and not do so, but this was the first time I’d ever actually been inside it.

Sarah had done me proud. I had thought tickets meant I’d be entering with the rest of the people lucky enough to score them. A limousine picked me up at my hotel and dropped me off at the red carpet. I got to walk up the red carpet! Admittedly people kept thinking I was model Lara Bingle. I have simply got to change my look somehow!

Amongst the celebrities I noticed designer and judge Alex Perry (seriously he wears those sunglasses on his head, even at night. I think they’re surgically attached), and last year’s winner of the show Amanda Ware. That puzzled me, because she was only person from previous seasons; contestant or winner, that I spotted.

Designer Alex Perry with his ever present sunglasses perched atop his head.

I got a seat nice and close to the front and was able to see proceedings really well. Unlike last year, where the show was marred by Sarah being given the wrong contestant’s name as winner, things went off without a hitch.  I would have preferred that they spoke more with the contestants, and dropped the musical number by local band Shortcake, but you can’t have everything. After what happened last year Sarah made certain that everything was tight. I think there may have been red faces and red bottoms amongst the production staff if not.

As expected Melbourne beauty Montana Cox took out the prize. I was kind of pulling for the bubbly Queensland brunette Liz Braithwaite, but Montana had consistently brought it week after week and was a ready made model already. Liz had the height and looks, but still needed work before she could strut international cat walks. I know it’s mean of me, but I was secretly delighted that the bratty and arrogant Simone was ruled out of the running early. Simone regularly topped the poll of Contestant You Most Want To See Get Spanked amongst my friends when we got together to watch the show on Monday evenings. The fact that I knew Simone had been spanked at least once by Sarah herself when the girls went to Paris, was of comfort to me during some of her ‘moments’ during the season. If ever any aspiring model needed her bottom toasted it was Miss Simone Holtznagel.

A bikini shot of the 3 finalists. From left: Liz Braithwaite, Montana Cox and Simone Holtznagel.

My pass got me backstage after the show, and the girls were all happy to talk to me. I think Sarah had told them to, and the girls seem to be a little frightened not to do as Ms Murdoch asks. I spoke most to the tall, shy Rachel Riddell. Rachel had made the top four of the competition, but she was very uncertain of herself, and I had the feeling her height was what kept her in the competition as long as she’d been there. In person she was much chattier and I liked her more than I thought I would. She didn’t want to talk about the spankings the girls received from Ms Murdoch and co-host Charlotte Dawson in Paris, but she was happy to discuss some of the near calls throughout the show’s filming. Apparently Simone’s rudeness had pushed the pink haired Izzy Vesey a little too far and she very nearly got turned over the older girl’s knee. Liz and baby of the contest Hazel O’Connell had a play fight and Liz had Hazel over her lap, but the slaps weren’t very hard and Liz burst into laughter after about the sixth smack.

I saw Amanda Ware enter at the back of the room, she had a large, oval, wooden hairbrush in her hand. The room was cleared of all, but contestants and hostesses. Sarah made sure that I got to stay, though and told me that I was about to witness a tradition that she had implemented at the end of her first season as hostess.

Australia's Next Top Model Season 6 winner; Amanda Ware made a surprise appearance at the final of Season 7.

Amanda set up a chair in the middle of a circle with all the ladies watching. She sat down and crooked her finger at Montana. The recently crowned model had no idea what was going to happen, although she did cast nervous glances at that ominous hairbrush in Amanda’s hand.
“You got spanked in Paris, didn’t you, Monty?” Amanda asked the younger girl.
Wordlessly Montana nodded.
“Then you should know what do, dear. Over my lap please.”
As Montana lay her long legged form across Amanda’s waiting lap, Sarah Murdoch smiled. Montana gasped as her dress was lifted and arranged well clear of her pantied bottom,then the pants were slipped down over her slender buttocks and rested at her knee hollows.

I have to admit that Amanda certainly knew how to spank. Hard and fast she applied that brush vigorously to Miss Cox’s bucking flaming mounds. Both sets of Australia’s newest Next Top Model’s cheeks were glowing by the time Amanda set the brush down, and tears trickled down Montana’s flawless face. She had howled, kicked and made quite a spectacle of herself. I heard Simone make a scornful comment that she could have taken it with a lot more dignity than Montana.

The winner of Australia's Next Top Model Season 7; Montana Cox.

While her fellow contestants were helping fix Montana’s ruined make up I spoke with Amanda. “Monty actually took it pretty well. She’s lucky it was me who spanked her and not Tahnee.,” she said in reference to Tahnee Atkinson, the winner of season 5, who would have spanked Amanda last year, “she may smile a lot, but man can she spank! I spent the rest of the evening standing up.”

Towards the end of the evening I found myself sharing a glass of bubbles with Sarah Murdoch. I thanked her for the tickets and a wonderful night, and asked about her tradition and who spanked Tahnee at the end of her first season.
Sarah grinned, tossed her blonde locks and said “That was me. Tahnee was raised traditionally and that firm little bottom of hers was no stranger to a good spanking.”
I asked why the winner of season 4; Demelza Reveley, hadn’t done the honours.
Sarah’s face darkened and she referenced an incident during Demelza’s season in which the eventual winner and two other girls had dubbed themselves the ‘bitchketeers’ and bullied another contestant. “If I’d been hosting that year,” Sarah said (seasons 3 and 4 were hosted by former model and swimwear designer Jodhi Meares), “then Demelza and her two fellow bitchketeers would have had their bottoms smacked and been sent packing. I was outraged that she was allowed to win the season, and I had no intention of allowing her to spank Tahnee’s backside. Tahnee’s a lovely girl.”
I mentioned Simone’s earlier comment during Montana’s smacking, a smile played across Ms Murdoch’s lips and she murmured “I may see if Monty wants to remind Simone of those words when the girls get together in a few weeks for a reminiscence session.”

Sarah Murdoch; the lady who made this article possible.

Australia’s Next Top Model will return in 2012. Fingers crossed I can stay on Sarah Murdoch’s good side and report on the contest again.

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