Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Rising Heat

Sometimes you just see a picture that speaks to you and demands to be shared, like this one from Spanked Sweeties.

I don't know what it was about this one that said: post me! I guess it was a number of things. I adore the expression on her face, this is obviously a girl being spanked very soundly, and none too happy about it. I often get that look of horror from my clients when I inform them that the hand is just the 'warm up'. I must confess to liking the spanker's shirt. I'm not normally a fan of Hawaiian shirts, I find them gauche, but we're having a wet cold start to Spring, and that shirt reminds me of warmer climes. The colour also matches her derriere. Just an image that warmed up a cool day for Aunty.


  1. Aunty Andrea,

    Terrific picture and wonderful expression on the girl's face.

    Thank you,

  2. Thanks Joey, it's just a great expression. One I always like to see.

  3. Aunty, Heat is rising from my bottom now after a long seesion over my stepdad's knee...for procrastination.

  4. Sophie, I am sorry that you had to get a spanking, sweetie, but hopefully it will inspire you not to procrastinate in the future.

  5. Aunty

    I love her bottom, wow.

    Procrastination is a sure bet for a glowing bottom.


  6. Yes, Ron, procrastination earned me plenty of hot bottoms growing up.