Thursday, 27 October 2011

The Wonderful Clare

I have made it no secret here that I am quite a fan of Miss Clare Fonda. I found these pictures of CF Shots and just had to post them for you all.

She begins over skirt and panties, this is just the warm up and Clare looks to be genuinely enjoying herself. Judging by the glowing red lower buttocks of the young woman over her lap and her facial expression I don't think she's experiencing the same emotion.

Down come the panties and Clare's firm palm really heats things up. She's still smiling, but the naughty girl is grimacing and tears can't be far away.

Clare examines an very unusual set of panties, the lacing up the top is definitely different. The bottom over her lap has been nicely toasted and will no doubt decorate one of Clare's corners very soon. The distinctly unimpressed expression on the brat's face would probably earn her a longer trip over my lap if she were at the shop.


  1. Thank you Aunty for posting the pictures.

  2. Aunty,

    Being over her lap would be an honor. She is awesome and a switch which I love so much! But a lovely lap she is.

    Thanks, be well

  3. Oh yes, Clare is truly amazing, Ron. I prefer her as the spanker, not the spankee, though.