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This is another one of Seegee's rare M/F spanking stories. I find it a wonderful tale, romantic, amusing and sexy all at the same time. I hope you agree with me and enjoy Hypnotised.

From Firm Handspanking. Laura may have gotten a lot more than she wished for.

A hypnotised hand impacts firmly on a reddening bottom. From Platinum Fetish.

From Spanked Sweeties. Laura gets a scolding before the inevitable spanking.

Laura Edwards lay over her husband's muscular thighs, stared at her neighbour's bedroom carpet and winced as Kevin Edwards broad, hard hand impacted forcefully on her tender, bare and very vulnerable buttocks. Laura kicked and yelped, her mane of fiery red hair bouncing and flying upward as she did so. 'How exactly do I get myself into these things?' the attractive 34 year old wondered as the spanking continued to scorch her bottom.

For as long as she could remember spanking had fascinated Laura. She had often wondered where the interest came from. She had not, beyond an occasional, well deserved, she had to admit, swat from her parents, ever been spanked. Certainly not the spankings she fantasized about. The sort of spanking where a handsome, well built man stared at her with his piercing eyes, scolded her firmly and called her young lady before drawing her over his knee, lifting her dress, lowering her panties, then applying the flat of his hand to her bare bottom until it was the same shade of red as her hair, felt like she had sat on a lit stove and was throbbing and stinging uncontrollably. She would sob like a little girl before she was lifted and settled gently into the same lap she had just been laying across, and held tenderly by the same hands that had so soundly spanked her. The very thought of that could make Laura go weak at the knees and produce a warm wetness between her thighs. As a child Laura would look up the word spank in the dictionary and wonder at the thrill seeing it in print would send coursing through her body. In her teens she read romance novels because they sometimes featured the kind of masculine chastisements that haunted her dreams, and had her waking with a shortness of breath and that deliciously wicked, wet feeling between her legs. She had a crush on a lecturer in college and often dreamt about ways she could provoke him into spanking her after class, in the end she had not possessed the courage to go through with any of her plans, and the fantasy had remained just that.

Kevin Edwards was the kind of man Laura had read about in those novels during her adolescence. He was tall, with broad shoulders, brilliant blue eyes that hardened dangerously when he was angry, curly black hair that was graying slightly at the temples and gave him a distinguished look. He was a successful architect and provided well for his vivacious wife. The result of this success was that Laura had no need to work and filled her days with other pursuits. The one thing that marred their seemingly perfect marriage was Laura's interest in spanking. Kevin was not unaware of his wife's desire; Laura had confessed her fascination before they were married. Unfortunately for the redhead her husband did not understand it. He had only ever been spanked once as a child by a grandparent and had not enjoyed the experience one bit; he felt if Laura had genuinely been spanked then she would have no desire to repeat it. Despite this feeling he could not bring himself to put Laura over his knee, he could not see how smacking his wife's ever so delightfully pert white buttocks until they were a glowing red and hot to the touch would be enjoyable for either of them. The other thing was Laura's longing to be treated like a child. There was just something odd about that. Spanking was a juvenile punishment and although Laura sometimes acted childishly she was definitely not a child. Spanked or unspanked their sex life was adequate, so why take a chance on spoiling it?

Laura had done everything she could to get Kevin to spank her. She had hidden work from him, she had left chores undone, she had taken his car without permission, and she had overspent on the credit card, all to no avail. Kevin would look at her sadly and often get her to make restitution, but he would not spank her. Unfortunately one of those disappointed looks from her husband could reduce her to tears and make her feel worse than any spanking ever would. Eventually she gave up the naughty child act and at the same time on her dream of experiencing the heat and sting of a properly spanked bottom.

The only other person she could discuss her innermost thoughts about sexual fulfillment through corporal punishment with was her neighbour Susan Kelleher. Susan was a petite blonde with a wicked sense of humour, the two ladies were the same age and had become fast friends from the time that they had both moved into the neighbourhood as newly weds. Susan and her husband; Alan, had been in their current house for six months when Laura and Kevin bought the house next door. Alan was a stockbroker and like Kevin Edwards good at his profession. It was not just Susan and Laura who got on well, their husbands were also good friends, and golfed together on a weekly basis. The couples spent a lot of time socializing, regularly hosted barbecues at each others houses and often went out to dinner at local restaurants.

"How's the pottery going?" Susan asked Laura after a hotly contested set of tennis, mopping at the perspiration on her brow, and sipping from her long glass of iced tea.

"Not bad." Laura replied. "I wish I could get Kevin to shell out for a potter's wheel, though. It's not like he ever uses his shed, that would make an ideal little pottery."

Susan giggled at the irreverent way Laura spoke about her husband's workshop. She was actually correct. Kevin had ideas of using it to build model houses, but had never gotten around to doing so. "You know," Susan remarked, "if Kevin heard you talking that way about his beloved workshop you might get that spanking you're so set on."

Laura wrinkled her nose "You think I haven't tried that?"

"Maybe trash his tools?" Susan suggested, not at all serious.

Laura sipped her own drink, and sighed "I'd do that if I thought it would work."

"It wouldn't?" Susan said with a raised eyebrow, and then mused "If I did that to Alan I can imagine I'd wind up over his knee quick smart."

"Kevin's not like that. He'd be really disappointed, lecture me at length, and then cut my allowance off until they were all paid for."

Susan shook her head, and laughed "Honestly, darling, I don't know why you keep on about this spanking thing, you have the best man in the world."

Laura's green eyes shone as she tried to explain to her best friend "Susie, I know how wonderful Kevin is and how lucky I am, but have you ever had an itch you just couldn't scratch?"

A few days later Laura was leaving her pottery class when she saw a notice on the adult education college's notice board. She stopped and read through the message, advertising an upcoming course, as she read an insane idea began to form in her mind. She reached out and with a trembling hand removed the notice from the board, folded it neatly and tucked it into her purse, saying to herself "I absolutely have to tell Susie about this!"

Susan Kelleher read the piece of paper, frowned and handed it back to her friend. "I don't get it." she said.

"It's a course on hypnotism." Laura explained, flipping the ends of her red hair.

"I can read, Laura." Susan snapped, eyes flashing.

"Haven't you ever watched those shows on TV where a hypnotist makes people act like chickens and things?"

Susan rolled her eyes, and replied "I try not to. Those shows make me feel embarrassed and angry for the poor audience members they make fools of."

"Imagine if I could do that to Kevin?" Laura tried to explain.

"You want to make your husband act like a chicken?" a bemused Susan asked.

"No, silly!" Laura exclaimed. "I want to get him to spank me!"

"I'm still not with you, hon."

"Those things work on a keyword," Laura began, "I did some research on the 'net. You put someone under and give them a keyword, when you use the word, they perform the action."

"So you're going to hypnotise Kevin into spanking you?"

Laura nodded vigorously, green eyes sparkling mischievously.

"What if you can't get him to stop?"

"You have to use two words; one is to make the person do what you want, and the other is to snap them out of it again."

"Don't you have to be qualified or something to do this?"

"That's why I'm taking the course." Laura finished as Susan took the kettle off the stove, and offered the other lady tea. 

Susan still thought Laura was mad, but she did not comment further, as she knew how set the redhead was on being spanked. Laura threw herself into the course, devouring the material, taking copious notes at the lectures and always volunteering first for any practical work. At the end of three months she passed her exam with flying colours, and was given a certificate saying that she had successfully completed an introduction to hypnotism. Her instructor even offered her a place in an advanced class which would eventually lead her to become a qualified hypnotist. Laura was flattered, but refused the offer. She had taken the course for one reason and one reason only, and she now felt confident that she could achieve her aim. She just had to work out exactly when to put her husband under her spell. 

Laura received her opportunity one night a week after the end of the course. Kevin had arrived home very tired after work and wanted nothing more than to have dinner and watch some TV, before retiring for the night. His mind was open to suggestion. After dinner Laura suggested that she put her hypnotism to work to refresh him a little. Kevin raised an eyebrow, and asked "You can do that, Laura?"

His wife nodded, the soft dining room lights flashing off her scarlet locks "I sure can. You'll feel great. Trust me."

Kevin caught the twinkle in the jade eyes, and muttered "Why do I always get worried whenever you say that?"

As Laura busied herself in the kitchen, cleaning up after dinner, she called to Kevin "You go into the living room and settle down on the couch. Get comfy, but don't you dare fall asleep Kevin James." she warned.

Kevin chuckled as Laura used both of his first names, and said "Yes ma'am."

Kevin settled into the couch, lay his head back on the cushion and sighed, before closing his eyes. Laura appeared in the living room, drying her hands on a dishtowel, she finished off, and tossed the towel back into the kitchen, where it landed untidily on a bench. She frowned at her husband who was about to doze off, and scolded sharply "Uh uh, naughty boy. No going to sleep!"

Kevin opened his eyes, and looked around a little guiltily.

Laura moved a chair in front of the couch, and sat down facing Kevin.

"Don't you need a watch on a chain or something?" Kevin joked.

Laura rolled her eyes, and remarked "You've seen too many bad movies, dear. Now close your eyes, relax and just concentrate on my voice."

"You are floating," Laura's voice said calmly, "your mind is drifting. Just let yourself go. The only thing that matters is my voice. Let the waves of relaxation carry you away."

Although he had not said anything Kevin had been extremely skeptical of Laura's ability to hypnotise him. He was a strong willed person, and he doubted that any hypnotist, even an experienced one, let alone a novice like his wife, would be able to have any affect on him. He played along with Laura because he loved her and had no wish to hurt her feelings, she had worked so very hard on this course.

"Now, Kevin," Laura continued in that same soothing tone, "you will sleep, but continue to listen to me." she watched her husband's body slowly relax, and listened to his deep, even breathing. "When you awake you will remember nothing of this and you will not act on it until you hear the word spank. When I say that word you will speak to me sternly, call me young lady, bare my bottom, put me over your knee and smack my bottom until it is fire hydrant red and I am begging for mercy." Laura was pondering what to use as her stop word when the phone rang.

Cursing silently at herself for not remembering to take the phone off the hook, Laura scurried to answer it, she was concerned that allowing it to simply ring would bring Kevin out of his trance, and that would ruin what she had just done. It was a telemarketer. Laura hung up on them before they could even get through their full opening spiel, and then disconnected the phone. She returned to the couch where her husband appeared to be sleeping deeply, she went back to trying to think up a stop word, and then the doorbell rang. Laura rolled her eyes and answered it. It was a neighbour come to discuss what to do about a tree that was on their property, but had branches hanging into the neighbour's yard. Laura realized that events were conspiring against her, and gave up. She needed Kevin to handle this in any case. Asking the neighbour to wait she brought Kevin out of his trance, and briefly explained the situation.

It took another thirty minutes before Kevin and the neighbour had come to an arrangement about the tree. Kevin farewelled the man, and then turned to his wife. "Hon', I hope you don't mind, but I'm going to hit the sack. I don't think that hypnotism thing worked. I'm still exhausted."

Laura nodded, and gave Kevin a sad look before kissing him goodnight and telling him to go sleep, and she would be in later. 

The following days were busy ones for Laura and Kevin, and the redhead had no further opportunity to practice her recently acquired skills. A week and a half after her first abortive attempt at hypnotising her husband they were invited to dinner and drinks at the Kelleher's. It had been a stressful week for Laura, and she was pleased that she had a night off from making dinner or entertaining.

Dinner went well, although Kevin monitored his wife's alcohol intake closely. Laura was by no means a lush, but she did not drink often, and could not handle it well when she did drink more than was good for her. She was not an obnoxious drunk, and she was not a particularly funny one, although she often thought that she was, and had a tendency to say embarrassing things when she imbibed too much.

The after dinner drinks when Kevin was separated from Laura was where the night became interesting for the Edwards'. Laura was talking to a property developer with whom Kevin often did business by necessity. Despite the fact that they lived nearby and moved in the same social circles there was no love lost between Kevin Edwards and the developer. Kevin was initially alarmed to see that his wife was talking to the man, and became even more worried when he realized that Susan Kelleher was nowhere nearby, their blonde neighbour had more natural common sense than Laura, and she also acted as go between on the occasions when Laura drank more than she could handle. Kevin was listening with one ear to what the person he was speaking with was saying, and watching Laura closely, she was most definitely tipsy. The architect made an excuse, and headed for his wife. As he heard the conversation he suppressed a groan. The vivacious redhead was animatedly telling a story about Kevin, it was an embarrassing one. If she had been telling it to the Kelleher's or some of their other friends Kevin would not have minded, but he could see the developer taking it all in and filing it away for future use in business meetings. The man was a born needler, it would not hurt business, but it would make dealing with him an even more unpleasant experience for Kevin than it was currently.

Kevin took Laura by the elbow, and said quietly "Laura, may I have a word please?"

His wife blinked at him owlishly, then pulled her elbow away and said "Later, Kevin. I'm talking to Jim here."

Kevin smiled tightly at Jim, and replied "Well, I'm sure he won't begrudge you speaking briefly with your husband."

Jim chuckled "She was telling such an amusing story. Did you really toss a golf club into....?"

Before Jim could complete the question, Kevin answered "Yes, and it really wasn't that funny. Laura, I thought you said you wouldn't tell anyone else that story after the last time."

"But it's hysterical darling." Laura giggled. "Whatcha gonna do about it? Spank me?"

With the utterance of the word 'spank' a change seemed to come over Kevin Edwards. His eyes glazed over briefly, his face hardened and his blue eyes became stern "Maybe that is exactly what I should do, young lady." he told Laura firmly.

Laura's green eyes showed her shock "What?" she asked, her throat suddenly dry.

"We need to talk." Kevin insisted. "Privately." his hand closed around her wrist, and he dragged her away from the other guest.

"Kevin!" Laura squealed as she realized her husband intended on them leaving the party. "We can't leave now, it would be rude."

Kevin mulled that over for a moment, and agreed "Yes, it would."

Laura's wrist still firmly in his grip, he made a beeline for Susan. "Laura, Kevin!" she exclaimed, then noticing Kevin's annoyed expression, and Laura's somewhat surprised one asked "Is there something wrong?"

Before Laura could reply, Kevin spoke "No, we just need to have a conversation in private."

Susan nodded, and immediately offered "Okay, you can use our room, you know where it is."

The last view Susan had of Laura as Kevin hauled her upstairs was the redhead mouthing the word 'help' at her.

Once they were in the bedroom, Kevin shut the door behind him, and flicked the light on. He sat on the bed and dragged Laura over his lap. From her undignified position a rapidly sobering Laura asked "What is going on?"

"I asked you not to tell that story Laura Stacey." Kevin said as he flipped her dress up, leaving her clad only in a pair of sheer lacy panties below the waist.

Laura's head snapped up at the use of her full name, the only time people did that she was in trouble.

Kevin hooked his fingers into the waistband of his wife's panties, and began to lower them, exposing her pert white buttocks.

"Not the panties!" Laura wailed.

"If you behave like a little child, young woman, you will be treated like one." Kevin scolded.

Even knowing what was about to happen, with her bottom tingling uncontrollably in anticipation, Laura still felt a delicious shiver run through her body at her husband's tone and the words he was using.

"You know how you behave when you drink, and yet you still chose to get drunk and embarrass me in front of a man I have to deal with. You're about to learn that your actions have consequences, Miss."

With that last word Kevin's hand came down smartly across Laura's upturned derriere. It landed dead centre across both cheeks, there was a loud rubbery crack, the handprint bloomed pinkly, and then Laura felt the sting, yelped, bucked and kicked over her husband's lap, but the hand around her waist held her firmly in position.

Laura examined the pattern on Susan's bedroom carpet, and wondered what alternate universe she had fallen into. As her bottom reddened under the barrage of crisply administered slaps, and she felt the heat rise throughout it, the pieces began to fall into place. The hypnosis! It had worked. She had given Kevin the keyword of 'spank', but then been interrupted. When she had dared him to spank her she had inadvertently triggered Kevin. Laura racked her brains for the stop word as her legs kicked and her mind kept wandering to the fire that Kevin was expertly stoking on her backside. She tried to avoid the stinging smacks by rolling her hips and rear, but all that did was give Kevin fresh areas to spank.

"Kevin James Edwards!" Laura said with as stern a voice as she could muster given the circumstances, hoping her anger would bring him out of the trance. "I demand you stop this right now!"

"You demand?" Kevin chortled. "I don't think you are in any position to demand anything, young lady." and he administered a fresh volley across her bottom making her roar and wriggle furiously.

"Oh no!" Laura bawled as she realized she had not given him a stop word. The stupid phone had rung, and then the neighbour had arrived.

Kevin leaned across Laura's simmering hindquarters, and picked up a wooden hairbrush from Susan's dressing table, it was solid with a broad oval back, and made of a dark wood. Kevin rested the back on his wife's bottom. Laura whimpered. "What is that?" she asked in a small voice.

"Guess." Kevin said as he smacked it down across Laura's now glowing backside.

Laura howled, and tears spilled from her eyes "Oooooh GOD! That hurrtttttttsssss!" she wailed.

"That is the point of a spanking Laura Stacey." Kevin informed her brusquely, as he unleashed a further volley to the crease where Laura's thighs and buttocks met, the so called sit spot. Laura made no further protest beyond tears and inarticulate moans and squeals. She lay over her husband's lap and accepted her punishment. She was aware of a building warmth and moisture in her loins; she could also feel a growing hardness in Kevin's groin. "Oh Kevin." she moaned throatily.

Kevin looked down at his wife's bottom, he could feel the heat radiating from it and it was the same shade of red as a fire hydrant. "Done." he murmured. He set the hairbrush down and lifted Laura, settling her steaming buttocks in his lap and closing his eyes in sheer pleasure as the warmth seeped through his trousers and into his groin and his manhood stiffened at the contact. Laura laid her head on Kevin's broad chest and sobbed into his shirt soaking it with her tears. Kevin held her tenderly and gently stroked her sweat sodden flaming tresses. After a time Laura ceased her crying, raised herself off her husband's comforting lap and examined herself in Susan's mirror "Oh God!" she giggled. "I look a fright. I'm going to freshen myself up and redo my makeup. You may want to put a jacket on darling, unless you want to answer some curly questions about why your shirt is wet." Kevin watched her go, smiling as she nearly tripped over the panties tangled around her ankles before she reached down and took them off. Laura winced as her dress fell back down and the material made contact with her abused rear.

Kevin and Laura reappeared at the party, Kevin's arm around his wife's shoulders. They made their apologies and pleaded Laura feeling poorly before leaving. It did not go unnoticed by Susan Kelleher that Laura appeared less than comfortable and she also noticed the blush that crept into Laura's cheeks when Kevin gave her bottom a proprietorial pat.

Once in their own house Kevin and Laura could not stay away from each other, they left a trail of clothing from the front door, up the stairs and down the hall to their bedroom and both of them had to agree that the love making session they then enjoyed was the most explosive sex either of them had ever had as they orgasmed over and over.

"Phew!" Laura exclaimed rolling onto her back and barely even feeling the slight pain in her cheeky rump as she did so. "I need coffee." she said matter of factly, green eyes sparkling. She bounced off the bed and went to the kitchen. Kevin laced his hands behind his head and grinned as he watched her rosy cheeks jiggle out of the room. He looked up at the ceiling and wondered if he should tell Laura that her hypnotism had not worked on him at all.


  1. Thank you Seegee for a wonderful and very creative spanking story. Very nice twist at the end: Kevin not really being under the influence of hypnotism.

    Thank you Aunty Andrea for sharing this well written story with us.

  2. Thanks Joey, as I said it's a personal favourite of mine, so I was very happy to share, and yes the twist was priceless.

  3. Great story! Bacall and I both enjoyed it.

  4. priceless indeed.


  5. It is lovely to have my taste vindicated by people such as Bacall and yourself OBB and of course R. I do hope the lovely K has also read the story, R.